Yesterday's End-24

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Chapter 24


Josh looked towards the passenger seat, the door opening, Justin climbing into the vehicle, closing the door behind him.

Their eyes met, Josh pulling out from the curb, doing a u-turn, heading back towards Lucas' condo.

"How did it go, Justin?" Josh said, their blue eyes meeting.

"It went well, Josh. Jessica and I both talked long about our feelings."
Josh nodded, his eyes glancing at his watch, seeing it was after midnight.

Justin had called late, Josh and Lucas snuggled on the couch awaiting his call, Lucas sending Josh alone to pick him up.

"I'm proud of you, Justin. You just showed a lot of maturity dealing with your own truths. I hope the two of you can still be friends?"

"We can, Josh. We agreed that we have deep love for each other. My love's just not as deep as Jessica needs. We want to keep our friendship."
Josh nodded, looking at his friend.

"I do love her, Josh. But not as deeply as she loved me. She's accepted that. I was surprised how openly we both talked. I told her everything."
Josh's eyes met Justin's again, Justin softly smiling at him.

"She's accepted my past, and what I want for the future. We love each other but it can only be as friends. My heart needs a greater love."

Josh nodded, a silence going between the two.

"I need to thank Lucas, Josh. His understanding guided both of us to our hearts."

Josh looked over at Justin, Justin seeing a soft look of pain in Josh's blue eyes.

"What's wrong, Joshy?"

Josh sighed, his eyes going to the road ahead.

"It hurt Lucas greatly, Jus. Jessica's hitting him hurt him. Not the physical hurt of it, but the emotional. He let her take out her anger on him, in the hopes that she could see the truth before her. He used her pain to make her focus on the truth. But he told me it hurt his soul to do it."
Justin lowered his eyes, looking out the window.

"I'm sorry she hit him, Josh. I saw the emotion in his violet eyes. I never imagined she'd hit him, and what he'd do with that hurt." Justin said, Josh's blue eyes meeting his.

"I love Lucas, Justin. It hurts my soul when someone hurts him. I don't blame Jessica for that. I blame you."
Justin lowered his head, Josh staring at him, keeping a eye on the road as well.

"You should have told her a long time ago, Justin. Long before you went so deep into the relationship. And before you involved myself and especially Lucas."

"I'm sorry, Josh. I never meant to throw him into the middle of this."

"He was already in the middle of it, Justin. Your need for him thrust him dead center."
Justin's blue eyes looked at Josh, Josh sighing.

"This has to end, Justin. Your constant need to flaunt yourself at us. You need to grasp onto reality. Lucas and I love each other. End of story. There's no way you can cajole yourself into our love. That's not going to happen. I love Lucas, Justin. And he loves me. We don't need you or want you inside that soul of our joined love. We love you, Justin. But only as the friend we both see. I'm sorry, but you have to finally realize that."

Justin lowered his head, Josh staring at him.

"I love you, Justin. I've loved you for a long time. But that love changed. The tenderness, want and need of it is gone. What remains is a loving friendship. I only want and need my Lucas."

Justin nodded, his blue eyes moving and meeting Josh's.

"You're so damn lucky, Josh! Lucas is so beautiful, giving, amazing."
Josh smiled, nodding his head.

"Yes, he's all that. And I am indeed lucky."

"When can I find that kind of person? How can I stop these feelings I have for him? I love him, Josh! Just as much as I love you!"

Josh sighed, hearing the truth and need in Justin's voice, his hand going to his friend's shoulder.

"I don't know when you'll find that kind of person, Jus. I only know that Lucas or I can't be that person. I'm sorry, but you have to focus on reality and on life. Someone out there will show you that deep love you need. That's all that I want for you, Justin. I want you to be as happy as I now am."
Justin nodded, wiping his now tearing eyes.

"I want that, Joshy. I want that love you now have."
Josh pulled the vehicle over, parking in the parking lot of the condo's building.

"You'll find it, Jus. I've felt that deep love of yours. Anyone would be lucky to have it."
"Why can't you and Lucas have it, Josh?"

Josh sighed again, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"We love you, Justin. But not as you want."

Justin nodded, their eyes meeting again.

"It's time I said this, Justin."

Justin stared at Josh, seeing a deep truth in his blue eyes.

"I love Lucas, Jus. You need to understand that. What we once had is over. And I don't give a damn how much that hurts you. He's mine, it's that simple. And I won't let you hurt him. The flirting, flaunting and dreaming has to stop."
Justin stared into Josh's blue eyes, seeing the deep love there.

"I love you too, Justin. As a friend, only as a friend. So you can put your body back in its clothes, your mind back on your own life, and your hopes on someone else. It isn't going to happen. Lucas and I are a couple. End of story. So deal with it in your own way. I'm sorry, but that's the truth."

Josh opened his car door, closing it behind him.

Justin quietly got out of the car, Josh staring at him from the sidewalk.

"I. . .I love you, Josh. I always have. And I love Lucas. How do I stop those feelings?" Justin said, staring at his friend.

"By finding someone else, Justin. You need to focus on life, on love and what you want from that love. Lucas and I will always be here for you, but only ever as friends. You need to find your own love. Ours is ours alone. Understand?"

Justin nodded his head, Josh's hand going to his shoulder.

"I've said my peace, Justin. And Lucas has said his already. All that remains is our friendship. Keep this need of yours up and you'll lose even that."

Justin's eyes teared, Josh's showing soft tears as well.

"I would die if I lost your love, Josh."

Josh smiled, patting his friend's shoulder.

"You won't lose it if you give only your friendship back."

Justin nodded, Josh looking up at the building.

"I've said my peace, Justin. I didn't want to voice it as an ultimatum, but you've left me no choice."
Justin nodded, their eyes meeting.

"I want our ironclad friendship again, Justin. And I want that for Lucas. I want him to love you as much as we always have. The love of brothers."

Justin softly smiled, Josh smiling back.

"I have to get back to my Lucas. I'm lost without his love."
Justin smiled, the two men walking together into the building, Justin's blue eyes focused on Josh's handsome face.

He saw the look of longing need there.

Why can't I find my own Lucas, Josh?
Why can't I wear that look of total love and devotion, and need?
God I feel so alone.

Jessica's freed me but I have nowhere to soar.

I need love so bad.

Justin sighed, following his friend to the elevator.


Josh gasped, the man's body trembling, Lucas' smooth body collapsing on top of him.

Lucas' lips met Josh's, their kiss flowing with sensual afterglow.

Lucas pulled out of Josh, the young man snuggling against his lover.

"Amazing, my Josh. Your body stokes my soul. My love feels all of you." he softly said, Josh's arms wrapping around the younger man, Lucas' head laying between Josh's small nipples.

"Your love feeds my soul, my beauty. That. . .that was amazing. I felt every inch of your need."
Lucas smiled, lightly kissing Josh's left nipple, the man softly shuddering.

"Thank you, Joshua. For giving me all of your love."
Josh smiled, leaning his head forward, kissing Lucas' forehead.

"I knew you needed all of it."
"The pain's gone, Josh. Your love dissipated it."
Josh smiled, tightening his arms around the young Adonis.

"My love will always try to ease the pain and hurt of your soul."
Lucas smiled, moving his head upwards, their lips meeting again, Josh lost in the love he felt in the kiss.

Lucas pulled back, snuggling against Josh's body again, his head resting against Josh's shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"How did Justin take your ultimatum?"

Josh looked surprised, Lucas smiling and kissing his lips again.

"I knew you'd talk to him again, Beamy. I knew your love for my feelings would address your feelings to Justin. I hope he took your love and determination with good grace?"
Josh sighed, his head leaning against Lucas'.

"I told him the truth, again. That you and I love each other alone. And I told him that he had no chance of anything with us other than friendship. And if he can't accept that then he'll lose that friendship."
Lucas stared at Josh, his finger rubbing his cheek.

"Friendship or nothing. A final ultimatum." Lucas said, sitting up beside Josh.

Josh sighed, sitting up as well, Lucas' arms going around him.

"I'm tired of it, Lucas. Of his wanting us to want him. Of his flaunting himself at us. I'm glad he's moving back tomorrow. I don't like him so close."

Justin had informed them that Jessica was moving back to Los Angeles, and that Justin would be moving back into his condo.

"Temptation too close, my love?" Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Oh God no, Lucky. That's not what I. . ."
Lucas kissed Josh's lips, silencing his lover's words.

Lucas' fingers went around the stone hanging around his neck, the young man smiling at Josh.

"I know your feelings for Justin, Josh. I know deep down buried in your soul is that old fire you once had for him."
"Lucas. . .I. . .I love you."
"I know you do, Josh. I know that is the greatness of your soul right now. And I do love you, and I trust you."

Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at him, Josh's head going to his chest.

"Why does he keep trying? Why can't he just let us love each other?"

"Because he loves us, Josh. He loved you greatly once. That love's grown again. He desires you again. What's not to desire?"
Josh smiled, hearing Lucas' need for him.

"And he's come to love me, too. That surprises me, as I feel I'm so out of his league."

Josh's head raised, staring into Lucas' violet eyes.

"You are not, my love. You are in a league of your own."
Lucas smiled, feeling Josh's need for him.

"He loves us both, Josh."
Josh nodded, Lucas sighing.

The young man rose up out of the bed, Josh's blue eyes on every inch of his young tight body, the young man walking to the window in the bedroom, staring out into the darkness.

Josh stared at him, the young man's beauty showing.

"Do you want him again, Josh?"

Josh moved, his body joining Lucas' at the window, the man turning him towards him, their eyes meeting.

"No, Lucas. I want only you."

"He's so beautiful, Joshua. He's everything that I am not."

Josh's brow furrowed, his arms pulling the young man against him.

"That's so not true, my Lucky."
Lucas sighed, Josh looking into his violet eyes.

"The pain's still there, Lucas. I can feel it. The pain of your own self-doubt. That slap really echoed into your soul, didn't it?"
Lucas slowly nodded, his eyes casting downward.

"Will I. . .will I always invoke pain, Joshua? Will you. . .will you hurt me, too?"

Josh felt the tremble in Lucas' body, and the truth in his trembling words.

"Now you listen to me."
Lucas' violet eyes raised, focusing on Josh's blue, staring into two orbs of glowing love.

"Cast those doubts aside, my Lucky. Damn the world, the past, and life. There's only one thing you need to focus on."
Lucas stared at Josh, seeing the masculine authority showing on his rugged, beautiful face.

"What's that, Josh?"

"You love me, Lucas. And I love you. You just made love to me, possessing me. I want only that forever. Justin Timberlake is nothing when compared to the depth of your love, of your sensual love. I am lost when I am in your arms, and I am lost when I am out of them. You possess me, Lucas. You own me. I am yours and only yours. No other need offer themselves to me. I want and need only you. You are my life, my love and my everything."

Lucas pulled the man against him, Josh feeling the young man's need to hold him.

"I love only you, Lucas. Only you. And it would destroy my soul if I ever hurt you!" Josh said, his voice laced with emotion.

Lucas pulled the man closer to him, feeling the warmth of the man's truthful heat.

"I love only you, Joshua."
"I'm sorry that tonight brought all that pain forward in your mind again. Plus seeing Jake again. I know the pain flooded your soul again."
Lucas smiled, looking into Josh's blue eyes.

"That pain never stood a chance against your love, Joshua. Right now your words just destroyed all of it. I have my life back again, Josh. Your love possesses me."

"We possess each other, Lucky."
Lucas smiled, his hands going downward, each latching onto one of Josh's round butt cheeks.

"I love you, Josh. Every beautiful inch of you. Inside and out. Physical and emotional. You're right. I do own you. And I want only you. And you own me. We are together forever."

Josh smiled, Lucas gently kissing his lips, kneading both of his butt cheeks, Josh softly moaning.

"I've been to the Hills of Chasez and I've climbed their love."
Josh softly chuckled, Lucas smiling at him.

"I love you, Lucky."
"Show me how much, Beamy."

Josh smiled, pulling Lucas towards their bed, the older man pulling the younger down.

Josh rolled Lucas over, his strong muscular body on top of his.

Lucas felt Josh's lips moving across his chest, the man beginning his possession of all of him.

Lucas' violet eyes stared up at the ceiling, a smile forming across his face, those orbs softly glowing.


Justin pulled out the pan of hash browns from the oven, setting them on the stove's top.

"Something smells heavenly." a voice said, Justin's eyes going to the kitchen doorway.

"I woke up early, thought I'd start breakfast for everyone." he said, Finn smiling back at him, the young man standing in the room's doorway, his arm against the door frame.

Justin smiled at him, taking in the young man's hairy muscled chest, Finn wearing only a pair of pyjama bottoms.

Justin's eyes trailed over his muscled chest, taking in the hairiness of his raised armpit, his muscled arm flexing.

"Coffee ready?" Finn said, Justin smiling and nodding towards the coffeepot.

Finn smiled, walking across the room, pouring two cups of coffee while Justin flipped over the hash browns, returning them to the oven, setting it on warm.

The two sat down at the table, Finn smiling at Justin, handing him one of the cups of steaming coffee.

"You came in late, Justin. I hope everything went well with Jessica?"
Justin nodded, sipping at his cup.

"Yes, we talked our troubles through. We came to a mutual understanding. She's giving me my condo back and she's moving back to Los Angeles. We've parted as friends, and we'll continue to be friends."
Finn nodded, patting Justin's hand.

"I'm sorry, Justin. I know you loved her."
"I did, Finn. But we grew apart. It wasn't the love we both needed."

"I understand, Justin. I believe you needed something more."

Justin's eyes met Finn's blue, the young man smiling at him.

"I'm not that naive, Jus. I've always liked to sit back and take in life. Watch people and their souls. These blue eyes see through the glamour and the fakeness of life."

Justin lowered his eyes, Finn smiling at him.

"No worries, Jus. We follow our own paths."
"How. . .how much have your figured out?"

The man smiled, patting Justin's hand again.

"Which part? The part where you're in love with Luke, or the part where you and Josh once had an intense relationship?"

Justin looked stunned, Finn smiling at him.

"You. . .you figured that all out?"

Finn laughed and smiled, Justin staring at him.

"Almost, but thanks for verifying it."

Justin lowered his head, Finn staring at him.

"I've seen your gaze towards Luke, Justin. And I've seen the gazes between you and Josh. I know or believe you both once had a deep love."

Justin softly nodded, Finn patting his hand again.

"So what are you? Bi? Straight, maybe curious?"

Justin sighed, Finn quietly looking at him.

"I try not to label myself, Finn. I like men and women. I've had relationships with both. Lately I've been leaning towards men. Hence my break up with Jessica."
Finn nodded, staring at his friend.

"Understandable. And Josh?"
"We did at one time have a deep love, but I was too scared to see it through. Our friendship didn't change after."

Finn nodded, Justin looking into his blue eyes.

"I like you, Justin. But I love Lucas. I don't want you to hurt him or Josh."
"I. . .I would never do that, Finn. I love them both too much to ever hurt them."

Finn nodded, their eyes meeting.

"I take it Josh and Lucas both know of your feelings?"

Justin nodded, Finn looking at him with compassion.

"They both have voiced the same sentiment. They love each other and I'll only ever be their friend."

"I'm sorry, Justin. But at least they both still love you. You'll always have their loving friendship."

"I know, Finn. I just wish they. . .they could. . ."

Finn moved, the young man sitting down in the chair beside Justin, his arm going around the man.

"They love you, Jus. It's just not the total love you're seeking. Can I offer you some advice?"

Justin nodded, staring at the handsome blond singer.

"Alright, Finn. I'll take whatever you have to give."
Finn smiled, Justin's eyes glancing over his hairy muscled chest.

"You're an exceptional, giving, loving, together guy. Any man or woman out there would be happy to have you. It's time you focused on your own life, on getting out of it your own happiness. Everyone has a soulmate out there. We just have to find that person ourselves. Whether they're a man or a woman shouldn't matter. It's the love that counts. I'm lucky, I found my Skyler easily. Or rather, she found me."

Justin nodded, smiling at the young man, Finn smiling back at him.

"She was the lucky one."
Finn grinned, flexing his muscular arms, Justin blushing.

"Hey, I know I'm fine. You can look all you want. I've given Lucas lots of free shows."
Justin laughed, still blushing, Finn laughing.

"It's okay, Jus. I see you like the package. I'm just sorry Sky's its owner."

Justin smiled, Finn winking at him.

"Otherwise I'd be all over your fine ass."

Justin blushed, Finn grinning.

"I like to look too, sexy."

Justin laughed, Finn smiling more.

"She can have you. Too much hair!"

Finn laughed loudly, Josh and Lucas walking into the kitchen, Justin smiling at both of them, Finn smiling as well.

"Morning guys. Have a good night?" Finn smiled, rising up and heading to the coffeepot again, filling two more cups.

"The best, Finny!" Lucas said, his arms going around Josh, both men wearing shorts and t-shirts, Finn handing both of them a cup of coffee.

"I'm sure it was. I saw the cracks in the plaster walls in the hallway." Finn laughed, Josh blushing, Lucas smiling.

"What can I say? I love throwing my Josh around." Lucas smiled, Finn laughing.

Josh blushed again, Lucas kissing his cheek, Josh relaxing, meeting Finn's smiling eyes.

"When I ride my stallion's greatness, I'm always thrown around by my bucking bronco."

Finn burst into laughter, Lucas smiling at him.

Justin smiled from the table, Finn smiling at him.

"I'm going to pop into the shower, then wake Sky. Justin's made breakfast." he said, smiling at Justin.

"Care to wash my back, Justin?"

Justin blushed, Finn laughing, patting his shoulder.

"You boybanders are born blushers. I'm going to have a blast!" he laughed, the man walking out of the room, Josh and Lucas smiling towards Justin.

"He. . .he saw through my facade. He's clued into my liking guys." Justin softly said, Lucas smiling at him.

The two men sat down at the table, Justin looking at both of them.

"I guess I don't hide in very well."

"No worries, Jus. We're all your friends. Your privacy we'll all respect." Lucas said, Justin softly smiling.

"Thanks, Luke." Justin said, his blue eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"I want to apologize to both of you. Your words last night entered my soul, Joshy. I'm sorry for trying to interfere with your love, with your relationship. It's just. . .I see you. . .your love. . ."

Lucas' arm went around Justin's shoulders, the young man smiling at him.

"You see the greatness of our love, the happiness we share together? And your heart hungers for that."
Justin nodded, Josh's hand going into Lucas', Josh smiling at his friend.

"I'm sorry I gave you that ultimatum last night, Jus. But it was the only way I could see to make you see the reality of what you see before you."
"I know, Joshy. I know how much you both love each other. I'm sorry I tried to interfere with that. Please don't leave me guys! I'd be lost without your friendship!" Justin said, lowering his head, Josh's eyes meeting Lucas'.

Lucas moved forward kissing Justin's lowered cheek, the man's head raising, both men seeing the tears in Justin's eyes.

"You'll never lose our friendship, Justin. No matter how crazy you act up." Lucas smiled, Justin's eyes widening in surprise, his eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"Lucas is right, Jus. I've known you for a long time. I've always known that you are a love addict. You hate being alone. Lucas and I will always be here for you. We'll just have to deal with your needful love as it happens."

Justin nodded, Josh leaning across the table and kissing his cheek, Lucas smiling at both.

"I'm sorry, I won't be so open with my need. I never meant to flaunt it so much."
Lucas smiled, looking at Josh.

"Hey, I saw Justin Timberlake in the flesh. A nice sight for lonely nights when my Joshua's away."

Josh laughed, Lucas smiling at Justin.

"You know you could have the real thing?"

Lucas laughed, patting Justin's head.

"No thanks, Jus. Josh says you fart a lot in bed."

Josh burst out into laughter, Lucas joining him, Justin smiling at both.

"Again, I'm sorry guys. Let's start our friendship anew."
Both men nodded, Justin smiling at both.

"I love both of you, your friendship I really need."
Both smiled, nodding.

Lucas' hand went on top of Justin's, his violet eyes meeting his blue.

"It's here until something greater enters your soul."
"Do you know when, Luke?" Justin said, Josh's blue eyes looking at his boyfriend as well.

"I've seen your future self, Justin. Your face was that of deep happiness. When you fall in love you will fall hard. And the newness of it will be like nothing you've ever experienced."

"Do you know. . .when or who?" Justin softly said, his eyes entranced by Lucas' soft voice, Lucas softly sighing.

"The fog on that truth was heavy, Justin. But I caught a glimpse of truth amid the shadows."

Josh stared at Lucas, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're not going to tell me, are you?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him now.

"No, Justin. Half the happiness is seeing with your own eyes the love you've always needed."
Justin smiled, Lucas and Josh smiling at him.

"Thanks, Lucas. You just gave me hope."

"That's all a heart needs, Justin. Your best friend is the realization of my own hope. His love I always hoped for."

Josh smiled, leaning forward, his lips meeting Lucas', Justin smiling at their tenderness.
"Not over the food guys!"

Josh and Lucas smiled, breaking their kiss, their eyes going to the kitchen doorway.

Andrew smiled at all three, his arms around his fiancée, he having been the voice heard.

Behind them Skyler was yawning, Finn's arms around her, Finn now wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

"No worries, Drew. I'm sitting at Finn's plate!" Lucas said, Josh laughing.

"Ugh! I'm steaming that plate!" Finn said, laughing as he walked into the room, his friends following.

Justin smiled, getting up from his seat.

"Sit down everyone. The coffee's ready and so's my breakfast. Can you give me a hand, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, nodding, standing up and heading to the counter with Justin, everyone else sitting down.


Everyone smiled around the table, sipping coffee, the breakfast meal delicious and plentiful.

Everyone gave Justin words of praise, the man smiling at all.

Here now they were relaxing, breakfast finished.

"I'll help you with the dishes, Jus." Skyler smiled, Finn kissing her cheek.

"You relax, my love. I'll help Justin." Finn smiled, looking at Justin, the younger man beginning to stand up.

"One second, Finn. I'd like to say something." Justin said, Finn nodding, sitting back down.

Everyone smiled at Justin, Justin smiling back, looking around at everyone, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"As you all know, I spent some time last night with Jessica. We talked through all of our problems."
Everyone nodded, Trish patting Justin's hand.

"That's private, Justin. We respect your privacy."
"Thanks, Trish. And I respect all of you as my friends, new and old." he smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"Our relationship has ended. Our friendship hasn't, but our romance has. I couldn't find in her the love I needed. It never was her fault, it was mine. I shouldn't have led her on, I should have been honest with her. Last night I was totally honest. She's accepted my life and what I want out of it. I want to be honest with all of you as well. I've found a great friendship in all of you, Lucas and Josh especially. It's time my life went forward, on the path I want it to go."
Everyone nodded, quietly looking at Justin.

"I should start that path with open honesty. I can't hide my past when I want my future to be my own."

Everyone stared at Justin, Lucas' face showing a soft smile of encouragement, Justin smiling at him.

"I'm bisexual. I'm attracted to both men and women. Right now it's a man that I believe I need to love." Justin said, his eyes lowering a bit, Trish's hand going on top of his again.

"That took courage, Justin. And it doesn't change how we feel about you. Your friendship we cherish, as ours you'll always have."
Justin raised his eyes, everyone smiling at him, his eyes looking at Josh.

"This is the first day I can truly say I've seen you totally open, Justin. I'm proud of you."
Justin softly smiled, everyone smiling at him.

"You're my friends, I wanted to be open with you. As I know I'll have to be with my family."
"One step at a time, Justin. It gets easier. When you find that true love it will unbelievable. I know the feeling." Skyler said, smiling at Finn beside her, her man kissing her cheek, Finn winking at Justin.
"But hands off my ass, okay?"

Justin burst into laughter, Luke joining him, Josh smiling at his lover and his best friend.

Their friends joined them, Justin smiling around at everyone.

I feel free, for once in my life I feel free.

Now I just need that special someone.

His blue eyes went to Lucas, the young man quietly smiling at him.



Belmont Industries, New York City


"Have the dogs left for the day?" Haven Marlowe said, his back to his secretary, the man staring out at the New York skyline from his office window.

"Yes, sir. The agency has just finished sealing all the file rooms. The company records are on lockdown. I am not aware of any of their findings yet, sir."
"Nor would you be, Vanessa. That they'll divulge next month at the governors' meeting." Haven said, still staring out the window.

The older woman stood behind him, remaining silent, long aware of the man's habits.

"Has my four-thirty appointment arrived yet?"

"Yes, sir. He's waiting in the waiting room. Shall I send him in?"

"Give me five minutes, Vanessa. Then you can head home. Take the afternoon off. I'll be heading home after this meeting." Haven said, his brown eyes looking back at her face, a soft smile showing on his face.

"Thank you, sir. I'll see you in the morning then?"

"Yes, I'll be here at nine. Good night, Vanessa."
The woman said good night, quietly walking out of the large spacious office.

Haven sighed, the man walking over to the lavish bar set up against one wall, pulling out a bottle of scotch whiskey, and pulling down two glasses, opening the ice bucket, filling both glasses with ice.

His eyes scanned the far wall, staring at the portrait hanging there in its center behind his desk.

He set the glasses down, pouring scotch in both, the door of his office opening.

"I don't like meeting you here, Haven. This is too public."
The man's eyes met two blue pools, a handsome man staring back at him.

"You're unknown to anyone, Sherman. Save my trustworthy Vanessa." Haven said, sitting down on the couch beside the bar, the man closing the door behind him.

The man walked across the room, going to the bar, picking up the remaining glass of scotch, the other in Haven's hand.

"I know that, Haven. I still don't like being in this building. Especially with the mob of federal agents I saw downstairs. And if old Belmont or Grayson were ever to come in here he'd clue into me immediately."

"I know that, Sherman."

"It's Sheridan now. Sheridan Whitecastle." the man said, sitting down in the chair across from Haven's couch.

"A faggish English name, Sherman. Have we gone cosmopolitan?" Haven said, seeing the well-tailored expensive suit the younger man wore.

"Personas need to be presented, Haven. You know I am very careful."
"Yes as I've just learned from Wales."

The man smiled, sipping at his scotch, smiling at the older man.

"I leave no residue or traces, as you well know. The big man fell from grace quickly. I'm sure he's toasty in hell as we speak."
The older man nodded, sipping at his drink as well.

"I could have used you twenty years ago when I needed the trash taken out."

"Yes, Bart was very shoddy in his dealings. I found evidence of his transgressions all over his path."
Haven nodded, staring at the younger man.

"And did you find the trail again?"

"I have a few feelers out. I've followed Barrister's path back through England and Turkey. He was very sloppy in his eradicating Belmont's friends. The artisan's dead, the good reverend blind and disabled. Very sloppy indeed."

"I know of Barrister's doings, Sherman. What of the Carvers?"

"Nothing much there. Vivian is back with her husband, the two staying with friends. She took a trip up to northern Wales last week, but nothing too interesting."
"Northern Wales? What did she go there for?"

"Nothing that I could make out. Visited a small tourist island, I assume for something to do with her academic career. I searched the area, no sign of anything amiss. That touristy religious crap is not of my flavour. They are leaving tomorrow for New York actually, joining their son and daughter here."

"Yes I know Lucas is here in New York."

The man smiled, his blue eyes sparkling at Haven.

"Have you met him yet? He's a delicate morsel. Very beautiful."

"You've been trailing him?" Haven said, his brow raising.
"I took a foray into his world, just to see him. He's surrounded by some famous friends. It could be difficult to continue surveillance of him, if that need arises. Or if some other finality needs to occur." the younger man smiled, Haven staring at him.

"Lucas Carver is not to be touched. Understand me?"

The man smiled at Haven.

"Wanting to sample the sweetness yourself, Haven? I'm sure he'd be delicious."

Haven stared at the man, their gaze locked.

"It isn't his beauty I want, Sherman. It's his soul."

The younger man smiled, setting his glass down.

"Shall we go over the results of my findings? I'm sure something might open itself to you. You know your friend's life better than me."
Haven sat more erect, Sherman putting his briefcase on the table.

"He was never my friend, Sherman. Tristan Belmont has always been a thorn in my side. Within his own family and within my ascendancy. I want him wiped from the face of the earth. Understand?"
The younger man smiled, nodding his head.

"Understood, Haven. He shall be found by myself. There isn't anyone who can hide from me. And there isn't anyone I can't eradicate from life. If the price is right." the man said, Haven nodding.

"We've already covered the financial aspects of our endeavour, Sherman."
"I know, Haven. And you've been more than generous." the young man's hand going to his briefcase, Haven's hand going on top of his.

"Not here, Sherman. Let's go back to my condo."

The younger man smiled.

"Why sir? What kind of man do you think I am?" the young man winked, Haven downing the rest of his glass of scotch.

"You're a contriving slut, Sherman. Ever since the day that I christened your ass."

"Yes, it was a memorable sixteenth birthday. Fifteen years ago. My how time flies."
Haven stood up, the younger man rising from his seat.

"Well discuss the results of your foray. Then if you've intrigued me, then perhaps I'll take that ass again."
The young man laughed.

"My, if Emerson knew how devious you'd been back then."

Haven's eyes darkened.

"He's soon to be added to your list as well, Sherman. Once I have my path fixed, you shall do much."
The young man smiled, their eyes meeting.

"I do love the exquisiteness of a fresh hunt. Dining on terror feeds my soul. Barrister gave me no nourishment. His death was too easy."

"No worries, Sherman. You'll feed till you're full."
The young man laughed, his eyes scanning Haven's suited form.

"And I think you'll feed tonight."
Haven smiled, the two men walking out of his office.




End of Chapter 24


A chapter of revealing love.
Justin's now opened up to his friends.


Will he indeed take Josh's ultimatum at full value?
Will he leave Lucas and Josh's love alone?


Sheridan Whitecastle, also know as Sherman, has landed in New York.

He seems to be a ruthless, dapper person.

Seems he's been following Vivian, and watching Lucas.

What's on his and Haven's agenda?

Murder? Vengeance?


Mysteries still abound, trust in me to shed light upon all of it.

Just keep reading, lol.


Hugs, Angel.