Yesterday's End-28

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Chapter 28


Vivian's soft blue eyes opened, two violet pools staring back at her.

The woman lay on the couch where she'd been sitting, Lucas having moved her back, the woman staring up at her son.

Her eyes scanned around her, seeing everyone surrounding the couch, Henderson behind the couch, his hand on her shoulder.

Karen sat on the couch's edge by Vivian's head, the woman holding a wet towel against her forehead.

"Rest easy, Vivian. You fainted, dear." Karen said with kindness, removing the towel, Vivian softly nodding, her eyes focusing on her son seated beside her.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't mean to shock you."
"Luke. . .Lucas. . .where did you. . .that name?!" she softly said, Lucas' hand rubbing her arm gently.

"It's a long story, Mom. Let's just say I've been given some new guidance."

"But that name, Lucas? It's. . .it's the name of. . ."

"The name of what, Mom?" Lucas said, his eyes staring at her with quiet calmness.

"I. . .I can't. . .you should never know. . .it's not safe, Lucas!" she said, her body trembling, Lucas' leaning forward and kissing his mother's wet forehead, staring at the tears in her blue eyes.

"The past is the past, Mom. I didn't have any say in what happened then. You carry deep secrets in your heart, of that I'm certain. And I know you carry them for a reason. I don't know what happened to you and my parents so long ago. Only you can shed light on that, whenever you're ready to do that. All I want to know is who or what is this Kurucu?"

"I can't give you a true answer to that question, Lucas. For I myself don't know the true meaning behind that name." Vivian said, staring into her son's violet eyes.

"Where did you hear the name, Mom?"
Vivian sighed, slowly moving upwards, Lucas moving, his arm going around his mother's shoulders as she sat up, everyone giving her room except Lucas.

Henderson looked down at his wife, Vivian softly smiling at him.

"I'm alright, my love. It was just a surprising shock, edged with an old fear." Vivian softly said, Lucas staring at his mother.

"Fear, Mom?"

Vivian's eyes met her son's.

"Fear of the unknown, Lucas. You don't know the depth of your family's mysteries, Lucas. I don't want you walking into danger. As your mother and father once did. As we all once did. That name is cloaked in danger. I don't even think Emerson knows the full extent of it. And he's in danger as well, but refuses to see it. Even after. . ." Vivian said, catching her words, her head lowering.

Lucas sighed, tightening his arm around his mother.

"What happened so long ago, Mom? It had to have been traumatic if it ruined your friendship with my grandfather.  And then it sent my mother and father fleeing. Grayson said there were others as well. A group of close-knit college friends. What happened to all of you?"

Vivian's eyes raised, looking into her son's violet pools.

"We saw the truth, Lucas. The truth even Tristan didn't realize existed. That truth sent your father on his fleeing journey of danger. And that truth solidified in my soul my fear for them, and now for you. Please, Lucas. Walk away from that part of your life. From the past that hides in that man's soul. Don't be drawn into Emerson Belmont's web of lies."

Lucas sighed, the young man staring at his mother.

"Please tell me what happened to you, Mom. To your soul and your sister's life."

Vivian lowered her eyes, everyone quietly looking at her, Josh's family staring at the woman with quiet wonder.

"I cannot, Lucas. We swore a pact of loyalty to both of them. My sister Savannah's unwavering love for your father guaranteed my own acceptance of the truth we saw, however confusing it was, and however terrifying it was." Vivian said, Lucas watching her face, seeing the fear still etched across his mother's blue eyes

"A pact of loyalty given to two whom all of you loved with your souls. The group of you must have been so beautiful together. Friends of ironclad loyalty, of giving love and truth."
Vivian smiled, then looked at her son.

"We were, Lucas. Young friends at the beginnings of our own paths. Hoping for a future of greatness and purpose. Who knew then what we'd be drawn into. But our love for each other never wavered."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his mother's cheek.

"To see you so young and beautiful would have been so wonderful."
Vivian smiled, kissing her son's cheek.

"No one was more beautiful than your mother, Lucas. And an even greater beauty shone in your father's eyes when he looked upon her. We were all there when we saw the dawning of that union of love. That union never wavered throughout the years after."

"How many were there of that group of giving friends?" Josh said, Vivian smiling at him.

"There were six of us, Josh. Four friends of scholarly union and two others of sibling union, myself one of those." Vivian said, her blue eyes staring forward, Lucas sensing she was reliving the past in her mind.

"A group of loving friends." Lucas said, Vivian's eyes meeting his.

"Yes, Lucas. Your mother, your father and myself. And two other men of giving love and happiness. Jacques Gambon and Lewis Saunders. We were all in school together. The Pompous Darlings your grandfather called all of us, when we met your father's father that last time at Belmont Hall."

Lucas nodded smiling at her.

"And the sixth? The other one of sibling union?"

Vivian's eyes softened, Lucas seeing a flash of that fear again, and uncertainty.

Her blue eyes stared at Lucas, the woman sighing.

"That would be your uncle, Lucas. Well, not really your uncle, but your father's brother nonetheless. A man by the name of Haven Marlowe."


Lucas looked confused, staring at his mother.

"If he's my father's brother then he would be my uncle, Mom. But why does he have a different name?"

Vivian sighed again, looking around at everyone, Lucas' hand going in hers.

Their eyes met, Vivian staring into his usual shiny gaze of love.

"For all purposes and love, Haven was your father's brother, Lucas. In Tristan's heart it was a bond of unshakeable truth. In reality Haven wasn't Tristan's brother but actually Emerson Belmont's ward. A young man Emerson had taken into his home at the tender age of seven, raising him with love alongside Tristan, the two ironclad in their sibling love. They were brothers in each other's eyes, steadfast in their loyalty to each other.  Tristan was the older, Haven two years younger, the younger man my own age. A similarity between myself and my sister. We both idolized our older siblings. Tristan and Savannah welcomed both of us into their group of love. We became a union of friendship, and later love. The aforementioned Pompous Darlings."

Everyone smiled, sensing a group of loving people.

"My mother and father's love blossomed under that friendship?"
Vivian nodded, smiling at Lucas.

"Yes, Lucas. Their love shone before all of us. Two of the group became closer than our love ever intended. We all stood by and saw it unfold. And in all of our hearts we knew the truth of its giving beauty. Tricky and Beauty became as one of love." Vivian smiled, her eyes showing that love shining.

"Tricky and Beauty?" Finn said, seated on the couch's armrest, Skyler's arms wrapped around him, standing at the end.

Vivian smiled, looking at her son.

"We all had nicknames for each other. An ironclad posse of uniting love. Your father was Tricky, Lucas. Your mother, my sister, Beauty."

Lucas smiled, staring at his mother.

"My mother's nickname is obvious in its meaning, but what of my father's?"
Vivian smiled, a soft chuckle coming out of her, her hand squeezing Lucas'.

"Your father's sense of humour was giving and contagious, Lucas. He could make you see the mirthfulness of his devious pranks, his love for you shining through. He played many tricks of joy and happiness on all of us. He was the leader and trickster of our group."

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at his lover.

"I see where you now get your sense of humour, Lucky."
Vivian smiled, kissing her son's cheek.

"And the rest of you? Your nicknames?"
Vivian smiled, looking at her son again.

"I was Vivacious. Because of my bubbly energy and determined outlook on life, and all its mysteries. I always had to know the truth in everything."
Lucas smiled, knowing of his mother's opening, inquiring heart.

Everyone remembered Grayson Wainwright calling his mother by that name.

"Jacques was Frenchie, for the obvious reasoning. He was a Frenchman, with a heart of giving friendship and artistic beauty. He could draw, write and create masterpieces of showing beauty. He became a successful businessman I have heard, but he's long since vanished. Lewis we called Lewd. For his humour was as infectious as your father's, albeit a little more saucy. But there was no lewdness in the love shining in his heart. He later became a minister of the faith, residing, last I heard, in England." Vivian said, her eyes looking downward, her mind lost in her old friends' lost friendships.

"I haven't seen either in years. So was our pact of truth."

Lucas nodded, his arm going around his mother again.

"A pact built on necessity and loyalty."
Vivian's eyes met Lucas'.

"I see in your eyes the loyalty and love shining through, Mom. I know the five of you were ironclad in your loyalty to each other's love. I know the three of you were instrumental in my parents' trek of secrecy. The three of you kept them hidden for years, hidden from the danger following them."

Vivian's eyes lowered again, Lucas kissing his mother's cheek.

"The three of them, Lukey? What about Haven? Didn't he aid them too? Tristan is in all ways his brother as you said, Vivian." Finn said, everyone staring at Vivian.

The woman stood up, Henderson at her side, everyone staring at her with concern.

"I'm alright, my love." she said, the woman walking over to the windows staring out into the late day's sunshine.

Lucas stood up, his hand going to his father's shoulder, their eyes meeting.

Lucas walked up to his mother, standing beside her.

"A sibling's love sometimes shatters against the truth echoing in the past. And the truths that sometimes take over souls."

Vivian's eyes turned, staring into Lucas' violet.

"We called him Puck, after the Shakespearian character. A mirthful, gregarious, intriguing rascal. Into everything and all things. Haven was different. It was your mother who'd picked up on it, Lucas."

Lucas nodded, his arm going around his mother.

"My uncle went against the other five, Mom?"

"Yes, Lucas. There was a hidden anger in the man. A dangerous underlying anger. We all saw its hidden danger. We just didn't sense how dangerous it would become."
"Where is my uncle now, Mom?"

"He's still here in America, Lucas. Last I heard he was running your grandfather's vast empire. The youth of bravado became the lion of commerce. He took over for your grandfather at the helm of that empire, after your father disappeared. Tristan was originally being groomed for that powerful post. I think Emerson now treats Haven more like a son than he ever thought on your father's love."
Lucas nodded, kissing her cheek again, Vivian feeling his unfaltering love.

"Be wary of Haven Marlowe, Lucas. The man's dangerous."

"Why did or do you sense he's dangerous?"

"Because of what he did, Lucas. They thought it was accidental, I've always felt in my heart there was a greater purpose in his intervention."
"Intervention, Mom? What did my uncle do?"

"Your mother saw it first, Lucas. She sensed the truth long before we did. If only. . .if he hadn't. . ."

Lucas felt his mother's fear rising again, the young man wrapping his arms around her.

"I don't know what he's done, or what all of you did. I only know I love you, Mom. As I sense I could have loved all of them."

Vivian looked into her son's violet eyes.

"They all would have loved you, Lucas. Your love would have fired all their souls. And I sense it may well do that in the future. I sense the others may one day be called back to their love."

Lucas nodded, Vivian's eyes looking out into the sunshine.

"You're right, Lucas. The past has to come around again. What we experienced may have to be faced again. I only hope you can think kind on all of us. On both sides of the pain and uncertainty."
Lucas smiled, turning his mother to him, their eyes locked in love.

"I could feel nothing but love towards all of you. On both sides of the lineage of my destiny. The past is just that. The past. The future holds a greater truth. Whatever happened to you six--and my grandfather--will play itself out later. I love you, Mom. And I know in my heart I'll love them as well."
Vivian smiled, looking into Lucas' unchanged loving eyes.

"In your eyes I see the love of your mother's beauty, Lucas. And the tenacity of your father's giving resolve. You are a composite of their souls, my son."
"And I am a creation of your love, Mom."
Vivian smiled, kissing her son's cheek.

"You hold both sides of your parents' heritage, Lucas. I cannot stop you from walking the path to that place. To that house or its hidden truths. We once walked into a house of love, Lucas. We never realized what greater truth lay hidden there, and still lays there. I still can't understand it and I've thought long and hard on it for years. That's what I fear most, Lucas. And that one day you may be faced with its truth. I fear that truth still resides there."

"Resides where, Mom?"

Vivian's eyes met Lucas' again, the woman sighing.

"At Belmont Hall. It's a part of your family's historic home, Lucas. And a part of the greater wooded estate of the Belmont family."

"The greater estate, Mom? What is that vast estate called? Is it Belmont Hall?"

Vivian sighed again, Lucas staring at her.

"No, Lucas. Belmont Hall is just the building at its center. It's the ancestral home of your grandfather Emerson Belmont. It's called Kurucu's Haven, Lucas."


Finn stood up, staring at Lucas and his mother with surprise.

"The key, Lucas! It says Kurucu's Haven on it! It has to open something there!"

Lucas stared at his friend, Vivian looking confused.

"Key? What key?" she said, Lucas sighing, the young man walking over to the end table beside the couch where Finn stood.

He opened the drawer, pulling out a leather-bound book and a silver key.

He looked at his mother, raising the key in his hand.

"I have been given these two artifacts, Mom. A key to something called Kurucu's Haven and an ancient journal laced with invisible writing that only I can see."
Everyone looked surprised, Josh's arm going around Lucas, Vivian walking up to them, staring at the items in her son's hands, Lucas staring at her.

"Do you know what these are, Mom?" he said, placing the key in Vivian's hand, the woman staring at it.

She looked it over, staring at its silvery embossed writing.

"No, Lucas. I have never seen this key before. There are many doors in Belmont Hall and in Kurucu's Haven that this could open. The mansion is vast, not all of it have I seen."
"A skeleton key to perhaps reveal the skeletons of your family's past." Roy said, Lucas smiling towards him.

"Perhaps, Dad." Lucas said, Vivian staring at the book, Lucas opening it before her, everyone staring at it and its revealing blank pages.

"You see writing there, son?" Henderson said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Dad. It's old black-inked writing, written by a man named Emmanuel Joshua Belmont." Lucas said, staring at his mother, a look of surprise coming across her face.

"Emmanuel Belmont was one of your ancestors, Lucas. As was Joshua Belmont. Emerson told all of us about his family's historic past, Lucas. Of the lineage which began with Emmanuel Belmont, who was born in Europe well over five hundred years ago, up to and including Joshua Belmont, who was a Civil War hero who founded Belmont Industries, your grandfather's now vast empire, finally ending with your grandfather Emerson."

"A long line of historical heritage, Lucas." Drew said, Lucas nodding at his friend.

Lucas stared at the book, looking deep in thought.

"Which of those ancestors wrote that book, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his.

"That I'll have to read on, Josh. I sense this book will shed light on many things." he said, his eyes meeting his mother's again.

"You never answered my original question, Mom?"
Vivian's eyes met Lucas'.

"Who or what is Kurucu? He or it must have been of great importance for the Belmont family to name its home after the name."

"I asked your grandfather that same question, Lucas. So many years ago. The look on his face sealed in my mind that the name was steeped in fear, mystery and mysticism. He only ever said one thing to me about it. It was on the first night I visited that mansion, as all of us sat around the dining table at dinner."
"What did he say, Mom? I sense anything could help in this puzzle."
Vivian's eyes met Lucas' again.

"He said 'A monster in any shape hides behind the name it instills with fear.'"

Everyone looked surprised by Vivian's words, Lucas staring at his mother.

"Did you see that monster, Mom?"

Vivian's eyes widened, the woman stepping back a bit.

"I. . .I saw a monster, Lucas. A monster that I had developed a great love for."
Lucas walked up to her, staring at her.

"My grandfather, Mom? Emerson Belmont?"

Vivian's eyes lowered, Lucas sighing.

"I love you, Mom. And I need to know the truth."
Vivian's head raised.

"No, Lucas. Not now. One day that truth may show its own head. I swore to your parents I would abide by their oath. It is up to them to share that truth with you, as they requested, as your father requested."

Lucas nodded, his hand going to her shoulder.

"Loyal until the end, my mother of love."

Vivian teared up, Lucas kissing her lips this time.

"I love you, Mom. And I love your loving them. I see it easily."
Vivian softly smiled, Lucas looking at his father.

"Mom needs to rest, Dad. Take her to my room."

Henderson nodded, Lucas smiling at his mother as his father walked up to them.

"Rest, Mom. Your son and daughter are shining in the world's eyes tonight. We'll wake you before dinner."
Vivian nodded, about to speak again, Lucas kissing her cheek.

"Love you, Mom."
Henderson smiled, gently guiding his silent wife out of the room, everyone watching the two leave.

All their eyes turned back to Lucas, the young man standing alone.

Josh walked up to him, his arm going around him.

"Are you alright, Lucas? Is she alright? There seems to be so much mystery surrounding her past and your parents. Talk of monsters."

Lucas stared at Josh, the young man looking around the room.

"My grandfather had it right. A monster in any shape hiding behind names of illusion." Lucas said, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I'm sorry everyone, for covering the room in shrouded concern. My mother will be alright. The past rights itself on its own path. Right now I need to get the buffet ready. Please everyone, relax and soften your worries. I have softened mine with my mother's love. Her past can't stand against my love."

Lucas smiled, quietly walking into the kitchen, Trish walking up beside Josh.

"Lucas seems calm, Josh. That speaks volumes in my mind. Yes, there is mystery and uncertainty behind his past and my mother's. I trust your Lucky in drawing it all out. Look what he just drew out of Mom. He's a special man, Josh."
Josh smiled, kissing Trish's cheek.

"I know that, Trish. That's why I fell in love with him."
Everyone smiled at Josh, the man excusing himself, walking into the kitchen to find his Lucky.


Lucas felt the strong arms wrap around him, feeling the moisture of his man's lips against his earlobe.

"Not over the food, sweet cheeks. Finn will have a fit."
Josh smiled, his lips meeting his lover's, turning the man in his arms,  Lucas holding a knife in his hand, a carrot in the other.

"Need some carrots, Bugs?" Lucas said, lost in the love he felt from his lover.

"No, I need some energy. The energy of your love."

Lucas smiled, Josh's lips kissing his again.

"The calming beauty of your love, Joshua. Thanks for loving me."

Josh smiled, his arms still around his lover.

"I'll always calm you in times of concern. Are you okay?"

"Yes, Josh. I am fine." Lucas said, setting down the knife and carrot, his fingers going to Josh's smooth cheek.

"An interesting exchange of words, my Lucky. Your mother seems worried about the past."
Lucas sighed, his head going against Josh's chest, the man holding him close.

"She's worried that what she lived through waits for me. That it awaits my coming."
"That sounds sinister, Lucas. Are you sure this isn't dangerous?"

Lucas raised his head, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"Life is dangerous in so many ways, Josh. But we still have to live it."

Josh nodded, seeing only calmness in Lucas' violet pools.

"I love my mother, Josh. As I'm beginning to love my parents, and the others."
"Do you know what's going on with them? With your mothers and their friends so long ago?"
"Not all of it, Josh. But I'm beginning to see into the darkness."

Lucas moved from Josh's embrace, walking across the kitchen and picking up a card pinned on a corkboard on the wall by the cordless phone.

He stared at the card, picking up the phone, punching in some numbers, pinning the card back onto the corkboard.

He waited for a moment, then spoke into the phone.

"Hello, Grayson. It's Lucas Carver calling. I've decided on a date to visit Kurucu's Haven. I shall walk into my ancestral home on July first. I have to create my own musical life before I can sing the next aria of destiny. Inform my grandfather that I shall walk into his life as a melody of truth. And tell him the waterfall's music will soothe both our souls. You have my numbers."

Lucas hung up the phone, staring at Josh's confused, staring face.

"Answering machine. He wasn't home." Lucas said, placing the phone back on the stand, walking back to his Josh.

"So you've decided to go there, Luke?"

"Yes, Josh. I could never remain from that path. I always knew I'd have to visit there. To bring an end  to the path. Or perhaps to start the next one."

Lucas' arms went around Josh, pulling him close, their lips meeting.

"Will you go with me, Beamy? I need your love."
"Yes, Lucky. I would never let you walk into destiny or danger alone."
Lucas smiled, looking at the food he'd begun to lay out on the counters.

"Hmm. . .I'll be there for Independence Day, Josh. I think there will be some interesting fireworks this year. My love is going to explode everywhere."

Josh nodded, Lucas turning back to his carrots, beginning to peel them, Josh quietly staring at him.


The buffet was large and delicious as usual, Lucas' culinary delights drawing all to full stomachs.

The group ate, talked and laughed, the calmness again returning to the condo and its inhabitants.

Lucas' mother returned to the group, her son attentive and loving, guiding her often to smiles.

After the large dinner, everyone gathered in the games room, the large big screen television turned on, the group awaiting Orion's moment of debuting fame.

"I'm so nervous! I wonder what the reaction will be?" Finn said, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"I still say we should have went with my original idea. You and I half naked would have had the teenage girls and boys drooling!"

Finn burst into laughter, Lucas's humour calming his friend, Finn patting his back, others laughing as well.

"Yeah right, Lukey! Next stop Playgirl!"

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at his obvious calm happiness.

"Nah, Finny. They can only airbrush so much."

Skyler exploded into laughter, Trish joining her, Finn blushing, but smiling, the man diving on top of Lucas who sat beside Josh on one of the couches.

"I'd double you inch for half inch, teeny tiny gay boy!" Finn laughed, Lucas exploding with laughter as Finn's tickle onslaught began.

"Stop, Finny! I'll pee my pants! Save me Beamy!!" Lucas screamed, Mavis' hand hitting her son's backside.

"Leave off Luke, Finnegan!" Mavis said, Finn looking back at his mother.

"Yes, Mom." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"His weakness, Lucky! We've found his kryptonite! He's a momma's boy!"

Finn blushed, climbing off Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

Mavis' arms went around her son, kissing his cheek.

"He'll always be my little boy." she said, Finn blushing more, a smile showing on his face.

"Yep, Finny's Mamma Mavis' pride and joy. And he's my best friend." Lucas said, the man smiling at him.

"Forever, Lukey."

Lucas smiled, his friends sitting down around him, all eyes focusing on the television.

The video show came on MTV, all eyes on the video debuting at number twenty-five.

Canyon of Love from Orion.

All eyes watched the video unfold, the music vibrant and melodic.

Lucas stared at the television, his eyes and mind following all the images and music.

Josh smiled seated beside him, watching Lucas and his three bandmates absorbed in their first vision of stardom.

His blue eyes met Justin's, the man smiling at his best friend.

They both felt that old familiar feeling of musical love, their eyes taking in the surrounding happiness and hopefulness.

For five minutes the group watched the video, proud parents looking towards their children of beginning fame.

The video ended, Lucas hitting the mute button on the remote, his eyes looking around at everyone.

"Well, any thoughts?" he softly said, staring at Justin.

"Right on spot, Luke. It was perfect."
Lucas smiled, his eyes looking towards his parents.

"Mom, Dad? Your thoughts?"
Vivian smiled, wiping tears from her eyes, Henderson smiling at Lucas and Trish.

"Our babies shone like stars in the sky. Orion today became the greatest galaxy in music's universe." Henderson said, Lucas and Trish both smiling.

Everyone moved, standing up, the four bandmates surrounded by congratulatory hugs and kisses.

The four felt their friends and family's love and happiness for them, Josh's arms going around his Lucky.

"Awesome, my love. The first of many more to come. Orion's going to shine for a long time."

Lucas smiled, his lips meeting Josh's, everyone smiling at their showing love.

"It begins, my Beamy. Your man's becoming a pop star. I hope you're okay with that?"

Josh smiled, his hand going to Lucas' backside, patting it gently.

"His ego I can deflate." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

Finn kissed Josh's cheek, smirking at him.

"I think he's got something else he'd like you to inflate." Finn grinned, his laughter filling the room, Josh blushing now.

Lucas smiled, one finger raising in Finn's direction, the man laughing more.

"No worries, Finny. Josh's pump can inflate me fast."

Josh blushed even more, Lucas' laughter joining Finn's.

"My loving man of blushing truth. I love you."
Josh smiled, his embarrassment forgotten, his arms tightening their hold on his Lucky.

"But first before the music overcomes us, I'm heading to Los Angeles with my man. A week in the sun with my surfer boy." Lucas said, kissing Josh's lips, the two sitting down again, Lucas in Josh's lap, his parents smiling at both.

"I'm not much into surfing, Luke. But I love swimming in the ocean. I also have a large pool at my home."

"Ah, my Josh's sunlit home of love. I'm sure it's beautiful."
"It sure is, Luke." Justin said, sitting down beside Josh.

"Josh took three years to decorate it to his tastes. I think you'll love it."
Lucas smiled at Josh, seeing the smile on his face.

"My Josh has excellent taste. Hence his picking me."

Everyone laughed, Josh smiling at Lucas.

"Oh, I picked you, did I?"

"Nah, I let you have me."

Josh laughed, his fingers going to Lucas' underarms, the young man screaming with laughter as Josh dumped him on the floor.

"That's where I like you, Luke. On the floor! You'd make a great bear-skinned rug."

Finn laughed, the man sitting down on top of Lucas, smiling down at his friend.

"Your man's into bestiality, Lukey! And he has a filleting fetish!"

Lucas' laughter filled the room, everyone smiling at his smiling happiness.

"And you need to lose weight, Finny! You're squeezing the life out of my stomach!"

Finn laughed, Lucas moving with a burst of speed, flipping the man off him, Finn falling on top of Trish and Andrew, the two having been sitting on the floor relaxing.

"Get off us, Finny!" Trish screamed with laughter, Finn struggling to climb off them, his face in Andrew's lap.

"Sky, Finn's at it again! Can't you neuter him?" Lucas screamed, everyone bursting into laughter, Finn and Andrew both blushing.

"You did it, not me, Lukey! You and your strength!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend, the young man still laying on the floor, Josh moving off the couch and climbing on top of him.

"Can anyone ride this bronco?"

Lucas smiled, the man's hands going to Josh's firm ass, squeezing both cheeks.

"Anyone with lots of stamina." he smiled, a hand slapping Josh's butt, the man jumping.

"Off your horse, Josh. It's Mother's Day. You still have to pamper me." Karen said, smiling down at both men.

Lucas and Josh both smiled, Josh climbing off Lucas, standing up and extending a hand to Lucas.

The young man smiled, rising up, smiling around at everyone.

"You heard Mom. How about ice cream sundaes all around? I make a mean banana split!"

Finn opened his mouth, Trish's hand going over it, the man staring at her.

Trish smiled, winking at Skyler, the two women laughing as everyone stood up.

"I wasn't going to. . ." he said, Skyler's lips meeting his.

Lucas laughed, walking towards the doorway.


Justin smiled, waving goodbye to the four standing at the hotel's entrance, the man pulling into the late night traffic.

He'd just dropped off Lucas' and Josh's parents at their hotel, the four waving farewell to him.

Justin smiled, going over the evening's happiness.

The food had been great, the company great as well.

He and their parents had parted with love and happiness, hugs and kisses given by everyone.

Lance had driven Josh's siblings back to their hotel, Justin driving the parents.

Lance and Justin had hugged each other goodnight, Justin feeling a sadness at his friend's departure.

Last night's moments had entrenched Lance's familiar love in Justin's soul again.

He knew tonight he'd have to spend the night alone, Lance stating that he had meetings in the morning.

They'd arranged a dinner date for Monday night, the two steadfast in their friendship.

Justin smiled, driving the busy lit streets of New York.

His mind went over the debuting video they'd all watched earlier that night.

Justin's phone had gone off a few minutes later, Jimmy and Robert both calling him, the early feelers showing promising hope.

MTV had been inundated with radio requests and television spots, the video showing promise.

Justin knew it was the beginning of a greater promise.

The video was drawing immediate attention, Orion's outlook very promising.

Justin smiled, knowing how that would affect Lucas' soul.

His mind thought on the young man, and the day's revelations and evening's showing love.

His mind took in the beauty of the man's image, and the deeper beauty of the young man's giving soul.

Justin felt his image of Lucas was changing.

The intense need he'd once felt for the young man was beginning to wane.

Oh he was beautiful, that was a given.

He still held envy in his heart for his best friend's happiness, but it wasn't steeped in need any longer.

Justin's love for Lucas was changing.

His friendship was coming to the foreground of their relationship.

He sensed he'd always hold some desire for the young man but he'd never go against his love for his best friend, or his love for the remarkable young man.

Their friendship was overtaking his needs.

Justin smiled, his thoughts on his best friend's beautiful face.

His Joshua was beyond happy.

He saw it in those beautiful blue eyes.

Joshua was deeply in love with Lucas.

Justin smiled, sensing he'd been one of the last to see it.

And that look would forego him from ever attempting anything with either of them.

He loved both enough to never risk his friendship with them.

Justin smiled, the man feeling his stomach growling.

The banana split had been heavenly, but that was three hours ago.

Justin looked ahead, seeing an all-night convenience store.

He was familiar with this location, the store only walking distance from his own condo.

He pulled into the parking lot, climbing out of his SUV, closing the door behind him, hitting the lock button on his keychain.

He walked around his vehicle, seeing a black Porsche pull up beside his own vehicle, Justin taking in the car's sleek beauty, the man walking into the store, forgetting it.

Justin greeted the clerk behind the counter, the two acquainted, the older man smiling at him.

The man never fawned over Justin's fame, Justin appreciating the man's respect for his privacy.

For that reason alone, Justin stopped here regularly for his snacks.

Justin walked down the aisles, selecting junk food, his arms filling.

He hummed to himself, pulling out a large bottle of ginger ale from the refrigerated cases.

He juggled the bottle in his arms, bags of chips and pretzels already there, along with a box of Twinkies.

He searched the shelves nonchalantly, the man finding all he needed, turning and heading back towards the register at the front of the store.

Justin rounded the corner of the aisle, the man colliding with someone walking around the other side, the two running right into each other.

The man in front of Justin flew backwards, Justin stumbling forward, all the treasures in his arms flying forward on top of the man.

The large bottle of ginger ale flew in the air, crashing down between the man's outstretched legs, the plastic bottle exploded when it contacted with the tile floor.

The ginger ale flew everywhere, covering the man's chest, center and legs.

Justin stared in shocked horror at the wet young man staring up at him, two blue eyes staring into Justin's blue.

"Oh God, I'm so sorry!" Justin stammered, staring down at the ginger ale-soaked man, chips laying all over him, the man struggling to sit up, Justin kneeling beside him.

"Are you alright? I hope you're not hurt!" Justin said, his words edged with worry, Justin seeing the clerk rushing down the aisle.

"No, I'm okay, I think. But I'm soaked, well and good! Ginger ale, I believe?" the man said, Justin catching an accent in the man's voice.

"Yes, I'm so sorry. Here, let me help you up." Justin said, offering the man his arm, Justin staring at his handsome, smooth face.

The man was younger, his now wet blond hair showing a curly wave, his eyes piercing blue and mesmerizing.

The younger man rose to his feet as the clerk reached them, the man looking concerned.

"Is everything alright, Mr. Timberlake? Did this man attack you?" the clerk said, staring at the younger man with judging concern.

"Timberlake? Justin Timberlake? I never even recognized you. I was heading for the Haagen-Dazs cooler." the young man said, brushing crushed chips off his black leather jacket, which was now sticky with ginger ale, as well as his buttoned shirt and pants.

"It was my fault, Ronnie. I ran into him, wasn't watching where I was going." Justin said, the young man staring at him, a soft smile coming across his face.

"I'm a fan of your music, Mr. Timberlake. But I wouldn't have gone this far to meet you."

Justin laughed, the man smiling at him, his teeth perfect and sparkling white.

"Please, it's Justin. And I'm so sorry."

The man smiled again, looking at his clothes.

"I was on my way home anyway. Laundry was scheduled for the morrow."

Justin smiled, seeing the man wasn't hurt.

"Please let me buy you your ice cream. It's the least I could do."

The man nodded, smiling at Justin, pointing to the cooler.

"I was hankering for some chocolate."

"Chocolate it shall be."
Justin smiled, heading for the cooler.


The two men walked out of the convenience store, Ronnie holding the door open for both of them, the clerk bowing to both, smiling his farewell.

Justin had paid for the younger man's ice cream, as well as the damaged goods, the clerk filling two bags for Justin with replacements.

Within ten minutes the men were out of the store, the younger man walking gingerly, his pants and shirt soaked with the beverage.

"It's getting sticky. It shall be a tedious short trip to my condominium, I'm afraid. Unless I do the unthinkable."

Justin looked confused, the young man smiling at him.

Justin took in his blue eyes, his face etched with beautiful features.

"Is this your vehicle, Mr. Timberlake? I mean, Justin."

Justin smiled, nodding, the man looking at the black Porsche.

"My little car. Could you help me for a moment, Justin?"

Justin nodded, the man walking towards his car, hitting his locking button, the car beeping.

He walked between the two vehicles, opened his car's passenger door, setting the paper bag containing his ice cream down on the seat, closing the door again.

"Could you open your car door, Justin?"

Justin nodded, looking confused, hitting his button on his key chain, the young man walking ahead of his driver's door.

Justin opened the door, the young man standing behind it.

Justin released immediately what the young man was about to do.

The young man pulled off his leather jacket, unbuttoning his satin shirt, his smooth muscular torso coming into view, Justin taking in every inch of the man's Adonis-like features.

The man's hands went to his belt, the pants coming off in moments.

He stood before Justin in only a pair of black boxer briefs and Adidas sneakers, Justin's eyes glued to the man's revealed beauty.

The man ran his shirt over his chest and down his legs, drying the sticky beverage off his chest and legs.

"There, that's better. I shall be able to drive without feeling sticky." the man said, Justin's eyes scanning over his revealed beauty again.

"Comfort before decorum, I'm afraid. My condominium is private so I shouldn't flash too many, unlike yourself." the man said, a soft smile on his face, watching Justin's blue eyes taking in his muscled physique.

"No worries. You just surprised me with your openness."

"I like to be comfortable."

Justin nodded, the man smiling and pushing Justin's driver door shut, Justin staring at the young man now walking up to him.

"Again no worries, Justin. It was an accident."
"I feel I should still make it up to you. A tub of ice cream doesn't seem enough."

The man smiled widely, Justin smiling back.

"The ice cream is sweet, but you seem even sweeter." he said, Justin smiling more with a soft blush.

The man's hand went into his pants pocket, which he still held in one hand with his shirt and jacket, the man pulling out a card from it.

He handed it to Justin, Justin's fingers touching the man's, Justin's eyes meeting his piercing blue.

"That's my card. I'm actually new in this grand city. I'd love to meet you again. It would be nice to at least know someone. Coffee perhaps?"

Justin smiled, nodding his head.

"I don't live that far away. How about I call you tomorrow? And please, any expenses for dry-cleaning please let me know."
"Posh, it's only clothing. Your welcoming friendship is free, no expense in that."

Justin smiled, the man extending his hand, Justin taking it, the two shaking hands.

"I'll call you tomorrow then." Justin said, the man smiling, walking around the front of his car, Justin's eyes following his black brief covered butt, Justin feeling a soft desire flood his soul.

The man smiled at him, opening his driver door.

"What's your name?" Justin said, the man smiling back on the other side of his Porsche.

"It's on the card, Justin. I'll await your friendship and call. And anything else we'd like to discover." he said, the man winking then smiling, climbing into his car.

Justin stood in silence beside his vehicle, the man pulling his car back out of the parking spot, gunning it and driving out of the parking lot.

Justin stared after him, watching him disappear around the corner, his blue eyes lowering, staring now at the white card in his hand.



                                                Sheridan Whitecastle


                                                Antiquity Acquisitions


                                        New York, London and Madrid





Justin smiled, his mind on the beautiful face of the man he'd just met, and the man's final words.

Justin pocketed the card, smiling.

I think we could discover quite a bit, sexy.

Justin climbed into his vehicle, his mind and smile on tomorrow's opportunities.




End of Chapter 28


Justin seems to have met a new friend.

But not so new to my readers.

What's that sinister man doing around Justin?


Lucas has drawn some truth out of his mother, more still to come.

Will Vivian give into Lucas' searching love?

What is the mystery surrounding the name Kurucu?

Is it a person, place or something else?


Coming up next: Josh and Lucas head for the city of angels.

Drama, romance, fun and perhaps other things await.


Let me, your guide, show you the way.


Hugs, Angel.