Yesterday's End-41

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

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Chapter 41


Josh felt the evening's coolness as he walked out onto the balcony, closing the door behind him, the music-filled room behind him silenced.

His eyes looked towards Lucas, the young man standing in the corner of the balcony, staring out into the darkened New York skyline, lights twinkling in the darkness.

The night was cloudy, the darkness shrouded.

Josh walked across the balcony, standing beside Lucas, his hands going to the stone railing.

"It's quiet out here, my love. And cool."

Lucas' violet eyes turned, Josh seeing a soft glow in their violet centers, the young man beside him moving against Josh, Josh's arms going around him, Lucas' head going to his chest.

Josh smiled, feeling his man's heat against him.

"The heat that always warms me." he said, Lucas snuggling more into his body.

"Sometimes a heart can never find warmth." Lucas softly said, Josh's arms tightening around him.

"Everything okay, my Lucky?"

Lucas raised his head, his lips meeting Josh's, Josh feeling a lot of need and love in that kiss.

The two kissed deeply, Lucas slowly pulling away.

"I'm with you, Joshua. That makes everything okay."
Josh smiled, Lucas lightly kissing his lips.

"You seemed a little quiet there for a moment, my love. I hope you didn't think that my staring at Sheridan in any way made me desirous. I only meant that I wanted you so much because you look so beautiful to me."

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips softly.

"There is no jealousy in my heart when you look at others, Joshua. I know your heart and soul belong to me, and I know what I do to you."
Josh smiled, his lips meeting Lucas' again, the two kissing a soft kiss of total togetherness.

"I need only you, babe. So, what thoughts are running through that beautiful mind of yours?"

Lucas stared into his blue eyes, a soft sigh coming from his lips, his head going to Josh's shoulder, Josh hugging him tighter.

"Just taking it all in, my love. I think it's all settling in now. The starting of fame, the beginning of my dreams. My path moves forward."

Josh smiled, feeling the soft wonder flooding Lucas' soul.

"Ah, the dawning of acceptance and reality. It can be a daunting feeling, my love. I remember the night of N*Sync's first concert. After everyone had gone out partying I settled down by myself and had time to think. The enormity of what I'd just gone through sinking into my soul. The music, the crowd, the energy. What that night meant for my future."
Lucas smiled, raising his head, staring into Josh's blue eyes.

"Our souls mirror our lives, my love."
Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' lips.

"I kind of felt your gradual realization of the present's truths, Lucas. I saw the signs."
Lucas smiled, his man smiling back at him.

"I guess I'm a novice at this."
Josh smiled, his fingers going to Lucas' cheek.

"You are a natural, my love. Yes, the newness and magic and euphoria of the moment--the intensity of it--makes you feel so alive, and yes, scared as well."

"You see so much in me, my Beamy."
Josh smiled again, Lucas smiling at him.

"I can honestly say I can feel your feelings now, Lucas. Is that strange?"
Lucas smiled, snuggling against his man.

"No, Josh. It's not strange. It's the uniting of our love and our two souls. We're in sync with each other."

Josh chuckled, Lucas blushing softly.

"Sorry, weird choice of words."
"No, babe. You nailed it perfectly. And I'm so happy that we're that close."
Lucas smiled, his arms going around his man.

"You're my fiancé, Joshua. Get used to me being a part of you. Get used to feeling all of me."

Josh smiled, his hands slipping down, cupping Lucas' ass cheeks.

"I don't think there's anything that I haven't gotten used to, or used. And I'll always want to feel you."

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at his showing happiness.

"There's the man I love. My happy Lucky."

Lucas smiled, the two men looking into each other's eyes.

"And here's the man I love. My happy, horny Beamy."

Josh laughed, his lover's smile sinking into his soul.

"We should get back, Lucky. Justin will think we're avoiding him and Sheridan."

Lucas nodded, Josh smiling at him.

"So what do you think of him?" Lucas asked.

"He's very handsome and cute. He seems sophisticated, well-mannered. And he seems to make Justin happy. They're both showing private, cooing eyes." Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"That's what's important, Josh. Justin needs to be happy."
Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek again.

"I want him as happy as I am."

Lucas smiled, nodding.

"Time will show that." he said, Josh smiling and taking his hand in his.

"Let's get back in there then and show them what real love is like." he said, Lucas smiling.

"I shouldn't have dressed then."

Josh laughed, his smile filling Lucas' soul with happiness.

"I'll be right in, Beamy. I just want to enjoy the coolness for a few moments more."

Josh nodded, his lips meeting Lucas'.

"Hurry in, my love. You know I'll miss you out of my gaze."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh softly on the lips, releasing Josh's hand, his lover walking back into the condo, his smile beaming at him as he closed the balcony door.

Lucas stared after him, the young man leaning against the railing, staring into the condo's lit windows.

He saw Justin with Sheridan, the two smiling and talking to Lance and Josh, Lucas' violet eyes staring at the man beside Justin, his arm around his friend.

I'm sorry, my love.

Fame isn't what's bothering me.

Lucas' eyes stared towards his lover, his violet pools then moving to two blue eyes staring at his lover as well.

I don't know who you are but I feel your aura, Whitecastle--if that's your real name.

And I don't like what I sense coming from you.

I knew there was an inkling of something not right before I met you.

I just now have to find out what it is.

Who are you Whitecastle?

And why are you with my Justin?

Lucas sighed, the young man standing erect, staring into the condo.

He now stared at Justin, his friend wearing a large smile, Sheridan's arm around his waist.

Lucas' eyes darkened, the man's mind focusing.

Alright, let's see what you have to say.

And I know someone who may help me find out who you are.

The real path begins.

Lucas' violet eyes softly glowed, the young man slowly walking back into his condo.


Josh smiled as Lucas walked up to him and Lance, Justin and Sheridan smiling at Lucas.

"I was wondering where you'd gone, Luke. Joshy said you were getting some fresh air."

"Yes, sorry, Justin. It's been a long, wonderful day. Just needed to gather my thoughts by myself." Lucas said, Sheridan smiling at him.

"A mind gathers its greatness in seclusion and quietness." he smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Mr. Whitecastle. I've held the same belief."

"Please, I'm just Sheridan." he said, smiling at Lucas, the young man smiling back.

"Justin tells us you're an antiques dealer, Sheridan." Lucas said, the man smiling.

"A retriever of the past, a collector of artifacts, yes that I am. I love the richness of discovery. The past holds many mysteries and surprises."

"Yes, the past can reveal the truth in many ways." Lucas said, Sheridan smiling at him.

Justin smiled at Lucas, Sheridan smiling at him.

"Yes, that's true. Although the present has its surprises as well. Such as those I have found in Justin's friendship." the man said, Justin beaming.

Lance and Josh smiled, Lucas' violet pools staring at both men.

"I'm sorry I missed your engagement tonight, Lucas. Justin let me hear your music disc. You're very talented, all four of you together. Orion will go far, if it's any indication of your greatness." the man smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, Sheridan. Our music is our soul. We find greatness on the stage and in life."

The man smiled, looking at Josh.

"And I see you've found your own happiness, both of you. Justin informed me of your private relationship. I am a man of honour and discretion." the man smiled, Justin smiling at Lucas and Josh.

"I hope you're okay with that, guys? Sheridan is very special to me. I want him to know all my friends, you two especially. And you too, Lance."
Lance and Josh smiled, Lance staring at the blond-haired man.

"We're fine with that, Justin. We trust that Sheridan will be discreet." Josh said, his arm going around Lucas, Sheridan smiling at both men.

"I must say Justin's description failed in comparison to the real you, Lucas. You are stunning in your looks and smile. And I'm beginning to see even more so in your giving hospitality." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am only myself. I don't put on airs or try to idolize myself. As long as my Josh loves the real me I'm happy."

"Then you'll always be happy, Lucky." Josh beamed, Lucas smiling his Josh only smile at him.

"Lucky? Indeed you are, Lucas. A beautiful boyfriend, a blossoming career and a surrounding happiness. Kudos on your succeeding so greatly so young in life." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Josh is actually his fiancé, Sherry. They're newly engaged." Justin said, smiling at his two friends.

"Congratulations, Josh and Lucas. I see you indeed now have everything your heart needs." the man said, staring at Lucas with a smile.
Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"That I have." Josh said, Lucas smiling and looking at Justin's boyfriend.

"And you have our Justin's friendship and happiness." Lucas said, the man smiling at Justin.

"I'm hoping for so much more, Lucas. God willing." the man smiled, his arm going behind Justin, the man practically beaming.

Lucas remained silent, knowing where the man's hand was.

"I'm hoping also." Justin said, the man winking at him, Finn walking up to the five men.

"You haven't hit the bar, Lukey. You must be parched!" he smiled, two glasses of beer in his hands, offering one to his friend, Lucas smiling and taking it, the man's intrusion stopping the conversation.

"Parched I am, Finny. I figured you'd be three sheets to the breeze by now." Lucas grinned, his friend's arm going around his shoulder, Lucas smiling at the obvious inebriated happiness showing on his friend's face.

"Still blowing wet, Lukey! My Sky's going to air dry my ass later."

The men laughed, Finn grinning.

"Yeah, I'm sure she'll agree to that. More like she'll leave you wet and passed out somewhere." Lucas laughed, his friend grinning.

"Bottom's up, Joshy's pet." Finn said, raising Lucas' glass for him, the young man smiling and chugging the beer quickly.

"That's the pub barfly I remember, Lukey!" Finn grinned, patting his back.

"Something tells me you're on a mission, my friend." Lucas smiled, wiping the foam from his lips, Finn smiling at him.

"Tonight we stood in the starlight, mate! I'm beyond frigging happy!" Finn smiled, the men all seeing his total happiness.

"I wanted to thank you, Lukey." Finn said, tears suddenly showing in his eyes.

"Now none of that, Finny. You're a big part of Orion's success as well. The four of us together, remember?"

The man nodded, patting Lucas' shoulder.

"Forever, Luke."

Lucas smiled, Finn then grinning at him.

"Time for a challenge, my friend!"

Lucas laughed, nodding at his friend.

"All comers, as well." Finn said, looking around at everyone, the man's voice raising.

"All comers and all present, may I have your indulgence." he voiced, his voice louder now.
Everyone smiled towards him, Sky and Trish seated on a couch with Tracy and her boyfriend Matt.

"This should be good for a laugh. Finny's got that look." Trish smirked, Sky rolling her eyes, the two standing up, Tracy and Matt smiling and rising as well.

The backup band and all the crew smiled at the Welshman.

The band's parents all smiled as well, looking at Lucas and Finn.

"It is a longstanding tradition in Welsh society that a day of happiness should be toasted threefold." he said, raising his glass, everyone reaching for their drinks, waiting for his toast.

"One for the happiness of the present, one for the knowledge of the past, and one for the hopes of the future." the man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"The past is over, the present is joyous, and the future holds many hopes and yet unfulfilled happiness. I raise my glass to all of us. Here and dear, and far and away. May these days bring joy and happiness to all of us. To life!"

Everyone raised their glasses, Finn downing his full pint of Guinness.

He smiled at everyone, glasses clinking together, the man looking at Lucas, a grin on his face.

Lucas smiled, knowing that look.

"Lead on, McDuff!"

Finn laughed, patting his back, smiling around at everyone.

"Now for some fun! I have a challenge to all of you. There's an old game of Welsh tradition called Flask and Cackle."
Henderson and Sean burst out into laughter, Finn grinning at his father and Lucas'.

Henderson walked over to the bar, searching for something, waving a hand towards Andrew, the young man smiling, walking over to the bar as well.

"As the older generation just attested, it's a game of merriment I wish to have. You American darlings ain't seen nothing yet!" Finn grinned, his blue eyes looking at Justin, Josh and Lance.

"Care to tell them the rules, Lukey?"

Lucas laughed, smiling at his friend.

"It's rather simple really, everyone. You have to drink a flask of ale, while your friends try to make you laugh." Lucas said, everyone smiling at him.

"Hence the 'Flask' and 'Cackle', Luke?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Beamy. If you drink all the ale you get to choose who's the next victim of the game."

"Where's Chris when we need him?" Lance chucked, Lucas laughing.

"Ah, a drinking game. I'm sorry, I'm not much for ales. I have a more refined taste." Sheridan smiled, Finn smiling at him.

"No worries, it's not a mandatory indulgence. You can be one of the jokesters." he smiled at the man, Sheridan nodding his head in quietness, a soft smile on his face.

"I nominate you as the first challenger since you suggested the game, Finny." Lucas grinned, Andrew walking up to them, a long beer glass in his hand, the glass flask over a foot long, filled with ale.

Josh and Justin looked surprised by the flask's length, sensing it held at least three pints of ale.

"My father's pride and joy. He carries it everywhere with him. He is an old ace at this game." Lucas said, smiling at his father, Henderson giving his son a thumbs up from the bar.

Lucas smiled, looking at Drew carrying the long-fluted glass.

"Not the good stuff, Drew! We'll use the wimpy American brews for this! Keep the Guinness for celebrating our victory!" Lucas laughed, Drew smiling at him.

"It's Pabst Blue Ribbon, Luke."

Finn laughed, winking at Lucas.

"What am I? A show horse?"

"Well I know you're not hung like one." Lucas quipped, Finn staring at him.

Everyone laughed, Lucas patting his back.

"Save the jokes for my turn, Finnegan. Let's start. When I raise then lower my hand you down the flask."

Finn nodded, everyone smiling at the two friends.

"When Finn starts drinking, throw him your best fun! No touching him, that's against the rules. Use only words, jokes, taunts and funny faces. If he laughs he soaks himself. Word of warning, he hasn't lost a Flask and Cackle yet." Lucas grinned, his friend smiling at him.

"Until now." Lucas grinned again, Finn smirking at him, his blue eyes focused on the task at hand.

"Bring it on, Beamy's bitch!"

Lucas laughed, raising his hand, everyone encircling the two men.

Lucas smiled at Finn, lowering his hand, the Welshman putting the flask of beer to his lips, beginning to drink, tilting his head back.

People began to make faces, shouting and laughing, Finn staring straight ahead, the man downing the flask fast.

Lucas smiled, seeing his friend's smooth focused drinking, the young man walking right in front of Finn.

He stared right into his blue eyes.

"If I suck your left nipple will the horsey neigh?"

Finn looked surprised, gasping, the drink almost choking him, but the man still able to focus, drinking again steadily.

"Almost, Lukey!" Justin laughed, the singer making googly eyes at Finn.

The man ignored him, his eyes closing for a moment, the man still drinking.

"No closing of eyes, Finnegan!" Lucas said, the man opening his blue pools, staring at his friend in front of him.

Lucas smiled, a soft smile coming to his face.

"I've heard the hair on your ass is thicker than on your head, Finny. But less matted."

Finn choked, the man spewing beer all over himself, everyone bursting into laughter.

Josh high-fived his man, Lucas grinning, staring at Finn's beer-soaked face.

"No fair, Luke! You're twisted!"

Everyone laughed, Lucas handing his friend a towel Drew had handed him.
"I only said two sentences. I was fair. What's the matter, Finny? Too close to the truth?" Lucas said, batting his eyes, his finger going to Finn's chest, gently rubbing his shirt where his left nipple was.

Finn stared at him, then burst into laughter, the man patting Lucas' shoulder.

"Neigh. . .neigh, neigh!" he screamed, his horse talk making everyone laugh loudly.

Everyone smiled at the two, Lucas smiling at Finn.

"You don't have to show that hairy ass though." Lucas said, Finn laughing.

"You wish, pervert!" Finn laughed, he and Lucas smiling at each other.

"You lost, my friend. You don't get to name the next challenger. I knew I was your original target."

Finn nodded, smiling at his friend's mirthful smile.

"Okay, Luke. You pick the next victim as well."

Lucas smiled, looking around the group.

His eyes met Lance's green, Lucas smiling at him.

"Care to take a drink, Lancy?"
Lance smiled, nodding his head.

"I'm up for the challenge." he smiled again, Lucas smiling back at him.


Lance smiled around at everyone, Finn grinning at him.

"This is going to be too easy! You aren't a beer chugger, my friend!" Finn laughed, clapping his hands together.

Lucas smiled at Finn, the young man leaning into Lance, whispering something in his ear.

Lance nodded, staring at his friend.

Lucas backed up, standing behind Finn, smiling at Lance, the young man raising his hand, Henderson handing Lance the freshly filled flask.

"Don't choke, Lance. It's only fun." Henderson smiled at the younger man, Lance smiling at him.

"I won't, sir. I love a challenge."

Lucas smiled, staring at his friend.

Lance nodded, Lucas lowering his hand.

Lance raised the glass, beginning to swallow the cold beer.

Everyone taunted him, Finn screaming at him right in front of him, Lance staring behind him.

Lucas smiled behind Finn, the young man not moving.

Lance stared at him, the man focused on something.

"Lancy! I got a hot tongue for you!" Finn screamed, making faces, Justin and Josh making faces as well, others screaming and whistling, laughter all around the green-eyed singer.

Lance's green eyes were focused on only one thing.

A red stone lay on Lucas' chest, shown through his open neck shirt, its soft glow mesmerizing him.

The man continued to drink, oblivious to his surroundings.

Lucas smiled, watching the beer disappear quickly.

Finn stared at Lance in shock, the man upping his game.

"I got twelve for you, Lancy! Hard and hot! And I know you like hairy ass!" he grinned, blowing kisses at Lance.

Lance tilted his head further back, the flask emptying, Finn staring at him with shock.

Lance pulled the flask from his lips, wiping them.

He smiled at Finn, then suddenly belched.

Lucas burst into laughter, Lance's face only inches from Finn's.

"Gees, Lance! That freaking reeked!" Finn said, everyone bursting into laughter as well.

Lance covered his lips, another soft belch coming from him.

"Oops! Sorry, Finny. I guess no kiss then?"

Finn stared at Lance, the man now laughing, Lucas walking up to Lance, patting his back with laughter.

"Well done, Lance! You are so up to the challenge!"

Lance smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Thanks, Lucas." he smiled, everyone patting his back, Finn staring at Lucas, then Lance.

The man folded his arms, staring at both.

"What gives? I sense something devilish." he said, Lucas smiling at him, leaning forward and kissing Finn's cheek.

"Only angels here, Finny. And we both want to take the horsey for a ride.  You said something about twelve inches?" he said, batting his eyes again, Lance laughing loudly, everyone joining him.

Finn blushed, Lucas smiling at him, Finn smiling softly back.

"Alright, Luke. Okay, Lancy! Who's the next victim?" Finn said, Lance smiling at him, looking around the room.

His green eyes looked at Finn, the man staring at him with anticipation.

Lance smiled at him, his green eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I guess turnabout is fair play. I challenge you, Lucas."

Lucas looked surprised, Finn grinning widely, high-fiving Lance, the man smiling at Lucas.

"Sorry, angel man."

Lucas looked at him, then smiled.

"Touché, Bass! You ain't no fish!"

Lance smiled, Henderson smiling at his son.

"I'll fill the flask again, challenger."

"Make it a lager. Lukey hates lagers!" Finn laughed, Lucas smiling at him.


Lucas stood in his living room's center, a large flask of beer in his hand, his violet eyes staring around at everyone.

"I see it's filled with lager. Thanks, Finny!" he said, Finn smirking.

"Remember the last time we did this, Lukey? You almost choked to death when I dropped my pants and mooned you."

Everyone laughed, Lucas staring at Finn.

"That's only because I thought someone had let a baboon into the house." Lucas grinned.

Everyone laughed again, enjoying the banter between the two old friends.

"Ha. . .ha. This is going to be so sweet!" Finn grinned, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, it will be."

Finn clapped his hands together, nodding at Lance.

"Raise and drop your hand, Lance. And then he's mine!"

"Not in your wildest fantasies, Delaney!" Lucas said, Josh laughing, Finn eyeing him.

"You want to be next, Chasez?" he said, Josh laughing.

"Ooh, the big Welshman's got me in his sights! Should I be flattered?"

Lucas laughed, blowing a kiss to his man.

Josh smiled, Finn looking at Lance.

"Go ahead, Lance."

Lucas nodded, Lance smiling at him, raising his hand.

Lance dropped his hand, Lucas bringing the long flask to his lips, drinking in the cold lager.

Everyone began to scream, laugh and make faces, Trish standing right in front of Lucas, her face filled with silliness.

Skyler and Finn were there as well, making faces, Finn screaming at his friend.

"Lukey going to pukey with beer in his rear! Josh's going to have a wet willy!"

Lucas remained calm, the barbs meeting the wall of his mind.

Josh smiled at his man, seeing the focus on Lucas' face, the beer level lowering in the raised flask, half gone now.

Lance smiled as well, Justin and Sheridan at Lucas's side.

"I got more than twelve, Lukey! Let Finny go first!"

Finn laughed, licking his lips outlandishly.

Lucas sputtered for a moment, Justin grinning.

"Almost there, Finny! Drop those pants!" Sheridan laughed, his blue eyes staring at Lucas.

Lucas' violet pools stared at the man, their centers beginning to glow.

The collector's eyes changed, the man stepping back a bit in surprise.

Lucas' mind focused, the young man zoning in again on the waterfall showing in his mind's eyes.

He drank deeply, the beer in his throat tasting like fresh spring water.

He downed the flask quickly, all those around him applauding, Finn looking forlorn.

Lucas brought the flask down, wiping his lips.

"Not bad for a yucky lager." he grinned, Finn staring at him.

"You. . .you did something, Lukey! I saw your eyes flash!" he said, Lucas looking at him.

"I focused on my waterfall, Finny. No mirth or mayhem could remove me from my sanctuary."

Sheridan stared at Lucas, the young man's violet pools staring back at him.

"A waterfall, Lucas?" the man said, Justin looking at his friend.

"Yes, Sherry. Lucas sees waterfalls in his mind and dreams."

The man looked surprised, his eyes going back to Lucas.

"A watery haven from life's pain, perhaps?" he said, Lucas staring at him.

"The solitude and peacefulness of my soul." he said, Josh smiling at him, his arm going around him.

"Well done, Lucky. You and Lance are pros!"

Lucas smiled at his lover, then at Lance.

"I think that's enough fun, everyone. Let's get back to the good food, beverages and music. A well-enjoyed game, Finny."
The Welshman smiled, patting his friend's shoulder, smiling at Lucas.

"Kudos to you and Lance, Lukey. You bested me."
Lucas smiled, Sky's arm going around her man.

"Come on, Finny. I want to dance." she smiled, Finn nodding and walking off with her.

Josh smiled at Lucas, the man's violet pools staring at Sheridan.

"Kudos indeed, Lucas. You are a formidable opponent."

"I'm just myself, Sheridan. You'll soon see that." he said, the man smiling back at him.

"Let's get some food, Justin." he smiled at Justin, the two walking towards the laid out buffet table.

Lucas stared after the two, his thoughts his own, his Josh kissing his cheek.

"To the victor goes the spoils."
"You are in no way spoiled, my love. Your beauty is fresh and tasty."

Josh smiled, pulling his lover towards the dance floor.


Justin smiled, the man staring at the handsome man seated beside him, Sheridan driving his Porsche through the late night Manhattan streets.

"A wonderful night, Sherry. I think my friends really liked you."
"I think so too, Justin. I liked them as well. Especially Lucas. . .and Josh too." he smiled, glancing at Justin.

The man smiled, his hand going on top of Sheridan's hand on the stick shift.

Justin smiled at him, the man smiling back.

"A wonderful night. I hate to see it end." Justin said, the man's blue eyes meeting his.

"It doesn't have to end, Justin. I could come in for a quick drink." he said, Justin smiling at him as he saw them turning down the street where his condominium was.

"That would be wonderful. Or we could do more."

Sheridan's blue eyes met Justin's blue, the singer showing a deep look in his blue pools.

"Are you asking me to spend the night, Jus?"

Justin squeezed the hand in his, the man smiling.

"Yes, Sheridan. I want to spend the night with you. We can do whatever you like." he said, their eyes meeting again, Sheridan pulling up to the curb in front of Justin's building.

The two stared at each other as Sheridan shut off his car's engine, silence descending on both men.

"I want to make love to you, Justin. I've wanted to do that since the first moment I fell into your arms in that convenience store that night." Sheridan said, Justin staring at his rugged handsome face.

Sheridan's hand let go of Justin's, his fingers going to Justin's cheek.

"You're beyond beautiful, Justin. And I'm going to show you what your body needs."

Justin felt a desire flood his soul, the man beside him pulling his head towards him, the two kissing deeply, Justin feeling the man's tongue part his lips, searching into his mouth.

The two French kissed for a few moments, Sheridan breaking the kiss.

Justin sighed, his whole body trembling.

"Lead the way, my love." Sheridan said, Justin smiling, climbing out of the Porsche, the other man getting out as well.

The man locked the car's door with his key button, walking around the car, Justin smiling at him, the two walking towards Justin's building, Sheridan holding the door open for him as Justin walked into his building.


Justin opened the door of his condo, feeling the man's breath on his neck, two arms wrapped around his waist.

The two had kissed again in the elevator, Sheridan's hands on Justin's ass, the man kneading both cheeks.

Justin had been lost in the kiss, not hearing the elevator doors open, the other man gently guiding him out of the elevator towards his condo door, the man's arms around him.

The two walked into the condo when Justin finally got the door opened, Sheridan closed the door quickly behind them, pushing Justin up against the closed door, their lips meeting again.
Justin moaned, feeling the need in the man's lips.

Sheridan broke the kiss, the man's eyes opening as Justin's opened, the two staring into each other's blue pools.

"That was amazing, Sherry." Justin softly said, Sheridan's lips going to his neck, his mouth by his ear.

"I can be more than amazing, my love." the man said, Justin trembling.

Sheridan backed up, the man smiling at Justin.

"God, you're so beautiful. I want to see you naked." he said, his hand going in Justin's, the singer smiling, moving towards the hallway leading towards his bedroom.

Sheridan smiled, walking with him down the dark hallway, the man's blue pools staring at the man beside him.

I'm going to enjoy this.

You look like a tasty morsel, Justin.

You've never had anyone like you'll have me, Timberlake.

And then you'll be hooked, craving me completely, and then I'll be invited into his inner circle.

I'm coming, Carver.

Inside your friend tonight, and then into your life.

And I'm going to find out the truth that is you.

And then maybe I'll play with all of you.
Yeah, you and that singer slut of yours will be mine.

But first I have to own your friend.

Justin's eyes met Sheridan's as Justin walked him into his bedroom, Justin flicking on the light switch by the door, the room's two lamps on each side of the bed lighting instantly.

Sheridan smiled, looking around the room, taking in its beauty, his eyes going to the large king size bed in the room's center, a dark blue covering over it, as well as lots of pillows.

Justin hit another switch by the light switch, the fireplace in the room's corner coming to life, a fire burning there.

"Very cozy. And roomy, Justin." Sheridan said, the man pulling Justin against him, their lips meeting again, Justin lost in the kiss, Sheridan's tongue duelling with his again.

The two broke the kiss, Justin staring into Sheridan's mesmerizing, icy blue eyes.

"You're on fire, Justin! How long has it been for you?"

Justin stared at him, the man's head lowering.

Justin moved, walking over to the bed, Sheridan staring at him.

"Are you alright, sweetie?"
Justin stared at Sheridan, the man walking across the room, sitting down on the man's bed, his arm going around Justin.

"Are you a virgin, Justin? A virgin with guys?"

Justin looked surprised, shaking his head no.

"No, Sherry. In fact I'm. . .I'm the opposite."

Sheridan looked confused, Justin's blue pools staring at him.

"I've led a secret life of lustful conquest, Sherry. I've slept with a lot of guys, paying some actually."

"Ah, I see." Sheridan said, their eyes locked on each other.

"But the last time. . .the last time wasn't of my doing."

Sheridan looked at Justin, a thought coming into his head.

"Oh, Jus! You weren't. . .you weren't raped?" he said, looking shocked.

"Not in the truest sense of that word, Sherry. But I. . .I was helpless. I was trapped by my own lust. I. . .I met up with an old lover of mine and he. . .he deceived me. He tricked me into joining him in a threesome. And then I was trapped. And then they invited others over."
Sheridan's arm went around Justin's back gently, the man staring at him.

"Oh, Jus. I'm. . .I'm sorry you had to endure that. Were you physically hurt. . .or only emotionally?"

"Physically, no. Emotionally yes. My friend Lance saved me that night. His love and friendship guided me to a healing acceptance of who I am, of who I want to be." Justin said, his eyes meeting Sheridan's.

"I respect you, Justin. I would never hurt you like that." the man said, his thoughts congealing in his mind.

Timberlake's a bottom slut.

How delicious that fun would have been that night.

I bet he can take it good.

I'll learn who those men were, Justin.

No worries, my new pet.

I'll train you even better.

Haven might like to taste you, that I'm certain of.

I'll convince you of a greater need within you.
Yes, that life will be enjoyable for you and many others.

The man smiled at Justin, Justin lost in the beauty of the man's handsome face.

"I. . .I want something more. . .I want love not sex, Sherry."

The man nodded, his hand going into Justin's.

"Sex is nothing when against love, Justin. Lovemaking joins souls."
Justin smiled, nodding.

"I'm sorry you had that experience, Justin. I've never been in that kind of situation." the man said, his own mind flooding with memories of countless orgies he'd organized.

"It wasn't your doing, Sherry. Don't feel bad about my past. It's the future I'm focusing on."

Sheridan smiled, the man staring at Justin.

"I hope you want me to be a part of that?"
Justin smiled, the man leaning forward, kissing Sheridan's soft lips, the man remaining still.

"I want you in my future, Sheridan."

"It's Sher, Jus. I'd like you to call me Sher."

"You don't have long black hair, babe."

Sheridan laughed, realizing Justin was referring to the famous singer Cher.

"I got you, babe."

Justin smiled, looking into his blue eyes.

"You do, Sher. Tonight I'm yours."

Sheridan stared at Justin, the man releasing him and standing.

"No, Justin. I. . .I can't make love to you if you're uncertain about the past and that last time. Its freshness I still see within your eyes." the man said, moving towards the bedroom door, not looking at Justin.

Justin didn't see the smile and leering anticipation on the young man's face, his blue icy eyes filled with lust.

"Wait, Sher! Please don't leave me!"

The man turned, his face showing a look of total love, Justin unaware of its falseness.

"I'll never leave you, Jus. I only want you to love me."

Justin stood up, walking up to the man.

"I know, Sher. And I want you to love me. And I want to love you."
The young man teared up, Justin staring at his fake tears.

"Make love to me, Sher. Wipe away the pain and past from my soul."
Sheridan moved, the man pulling Justin against him.

"I won't hurt you, Justin. I'll only ever love you. And tonight it isn't you that will be used. Tonight I'm here for only you. I am the passion, the desire and the need you must have. Make love to me, Justin. Make me yours forever."
Justin teared up, the man's lips meeting the younger man's, the young deceiving man letting Justin take charge.

Justin moved, pulling the man back to his bed, the two falling down on top of it.

Justin's hands moved over Sheridan's chest, the man opening his buttoned down shirt while they continued to kiss.

Sheridan's exposed muscled torso was revealed, the two breaking their kiss, Justin staring at his smooth chest, remembering the beauty of it that night it was first revealed to him.

"You are so beautiful, Sher. I want to explore every inch of you." Justin said, the young man raising his head, their lips joining again.

"I am yours to discover, Jus. Make love to me, make me yours."

Justin stared into his blue eyes, the man's face showing a needful smile.

Justin lowered his head, his lips finding Sheridan's left nipple, the man gasping, Justin continuing his downward exploration.

Above him two blue pools stared at him, a smile of satisfaction showing on the man's leering face.


Sheridan slowly moved, unwrapping himself from the naked singer laying against him.

Justin's strong arms were wrapped around the man's naked body, his hands laying in the man's center.

Sheridan moved, finally breaking Justin's tight grasp, the younger man slinking out of the dishevelled bed.

He stood beside it, staring down at Justin.

The man moved, now laying on his back.

Sheridan's eyes glanced over his smooth muscled body, taking in his tattoos and his blemish-free skin.

His eyes stared at the large cock laying in Justin's center, the man smiling, remembering its delicious taste and the richness of its offered seed.

You were delicious, Timberlake.

As was the need I felt within you as you tasted all of me.

And you're not a bad top either.

The man smiled, remembering Justin's entering him, the young man giving into the man's total need.

Justin had possessed him, as so many others had.

The delicacy and experience of the man's offered body guiding the singer to two climaxes.

The young man smiled, remembering Justin's needs.

You were on fire, Justin.

You really enjoyed me.

And now, in a few minutes, I'm going to have my fun.

But first I need to make a call.

The young man searched the bedroom's floor, finding his pants, pulling out his cell phone, quietly walking out of the bedroom, closing the door behind him, then he quietly walked down the hall to the living room.

He glanced around the expensive dark condo, sitting down on a leather couch.

He opened his cell phone, hitting a few numbers, glancing down the darkened hallway.

"Hello, Haven." he said, Haven's voice on the other end of the call.

"Sheridan? It's three in the morning!" the older man said, Sheridan smiling.

"And I hear no sleep in your voice. Banging an intern, are we?"

He heard a soft chuckle on the other end of the phone.

"Two new clerks actually. You know I'm gregarious." the man said, his eyes glancing towards two young men engaged in a sex act beside him in his large bed.

The man laughed softly, staring towards the hall again.

"I'm sure they'll leave happy and filled."

"They shall. Where are you? How did the party go? You've met him?"

Sheridan's eyes darkened.

"Yes, I met him. He's not quite what I expected. Sure he's handsome and well put together, but there's more there. And I think it will surprise me."
"You keep focused on what your job is, Sherman."
"I am focused, Haven. The first part went smoothly."
"You're with him? Tonight?"
"Yeah, tonight. He's not bad either. I think you'd really enjoy him." Sheridan said, smiling, hearing the lust in the man's next words.

"Great. Make it happen."

"I will. The man's nothing if not an easy target. He's even experienced a submissive lifestyle. He'll be easy to manipulate. I've done it before."
Haven grinned on the other end of the line, his eyes staring at a young face staring back at him, the other young man behind him, his cock buried in his best friend's ass, both men staring with lust at the older man.

"I want Timberlake's ass. And you find out what Lucas' game is. I need to know, Sherman. My other informant isn't as trustworthy I believe."


"You leave my business to me. Get close to Lucas and find out what he knows. You can fuck Timberlake for fun. Get him trained and then he's mine. Goodnight."

Haven hung up his cell phone, staring at the two young clerks before him in his bed.

"Justin Timberlake? You know Justin Timberlake?" the one named Trent said.

"A friend of mine does. And he's going to arrange a get-together with him for me."

The two young men showed eyes of wonder, the other named Phillip climbing off his best friend, moving up to the older man's side.

"Justin Timberlake is gay?"
"I don't know about that. All I know is he loved cock."
Trent smiled, climbing on top of the older man's legs, Haven Marlowe staring at him.

"I'd give anything to fuck him." Phillip said, Haven meeting his gaze.

"Me too! I bet he'd love my tight ass." Trent said, his hand going to Haven's cock, stroking the older man into life again.

"What would you two sluts give for that chance?"

The two best friends smiled, Phillip's lips meeting Haven's.


The older man smiled, staring at both of them.

"I'll have your souls first and then your asses."

Both young men looked confused, Haven moving with a burst of strength, the older man knocking both men on their asses, Trent falling to the floor, Phillip landing on his back on the bed.

Haven moved with lightning speed, falling on top of Trent on the floor, the young man staring up at the man on top of him, Haven's brown eyes glowing like fire.

The young man gasped then screamed, the man above him possessing him.

Haven moved off him, his glowing brown eyes staring at Phillip on the bed, the young man's eyes wide with shock and dawning fear.

"What. . .what the fuck are. . .you?" he said, Haven moving again with speed, his hand going around the young man's throat.

"I'm not someone to be trifled with, spy." he said, the young man shocked and trembling.

"Who sent you?" he said, staring at the young man, the youth staring into his golden, sun-filled eyes.

"I. . .I work for. . .IRS." he said moaning, lost in the man's control.

Haven released him, staring at him.

"Get up." he said, the youth rising up from the bed, remaining still.

"Rise up, Trent." Haven said, the young man on the floor stood.

Haven rose out of the bed, staring at the two young men.

He hadn't been that surprised when the two men had walked up to him as Haven was leaving the office that evening.

Haven had seen the two young men throughout the week, their eyes constantly meeting his.

He knew something was up, and that they were more than just interested.

They'd asked him if he'd like to get a drink, the two introducing themselves as IRS agents working in his office.

Haven had smiled, asking both to his condo for drinks, all three sensing more was happening.

Here now a couple of hours later the three were naked in bed together, Haven's control having started the moment they'd walked into his home.

"Tell me the truth, Trent. Who do you work for?"

The young man stared at him.

"Our employer is Grayson Wainwright."

The man smiled, his fingers rubbing the young man's cheek.

"The old fox. Planting spies in the IRS. Emerson's nothing if not thorough."

Haven stared at both naked young men.

"Get on the bed on all fours, Phillip."
The young man moved immediately, climbing back on the bed, his naked ass right in front of Haven.

"I'm going to fuck the life out of you, Phillip." he said, his eyes staring at Trent.

"While I do that, you're going to tell me everything you know, Trent. And then you're going to eat your friend's face."
The young man nodded, beginning to speak, Haven moving forwards, sinking into the young man's ass, the young man screaming, but remaining still, lost under Haven' control.

Ten minutes later Phillip's screams were cut off by Trent sinking his teeth into his best friend's throat.


Sheridan opened the bedroom door quietly, his blue eyes staring towards the bed, Justin's naked body laying across it, having not moved from where he'd left him.

Sheridan smiled, walking to the bed's edge, staring down at the sleeping naked singer.

You've had your fun, and Haven's having his.
Time for my fun.

His eyes scanned Justin's naked body, the man's own naked body climbing back into the bed.

Sheridan moved, snuggling against Justin's naked side, his arms going across the man's naked chest.

He smiled staring at the naked man's sleeping face.

His hand wrapped around Justin's flaccid cock, gently stroking it, the shaft coming to life.

I'm going to wake you now, Justin.

And then I'm going to own you.

Sheridan released Justin's now hard cock, sitting up beside him.

Sheridan lightly slapped Justin's nose, the man murmuring in his sleep.

Sheridan turned his body away from the singer, the man then lightly elbowing the man in the ribs.

Justin jerked awake, looking around his bedroom.

His blue eyes glanced at Sheridan's naked back, the younger man sitting on the bed beside him.

"Sheridan? You okay? What time is it?"

The man didn't answer Justin, Justin staring at him.

Justin slowly sat up, his arms going around his torso, his chin leaning on Sheridan's shoulder.

"You okay, my love?"

The young man turned around, Justin staring into his blue wet pools, the man's face covered in tears.

"Oh God, Jus! You were. . .you were so beautiful." he cried, Justin surprised, the young man sinking against his naked chest, Justin hugging him close.

"Oh, Sher. Really? You were that moved?"

The man's head raised, staring into Justin's blue pools.

"I've never had that great a love, my angel. You were beyond anything I've ever experienced."

Justin smiled, hearing so much love in Sheridan's words.

"Oh, Sherry. I'm only as good as the beauty I have to work with."

The young man smiled, his face then changing, lowering his head.

"What's wrong, my love?" Justin said, raising his lover's head.

"Oh, God. You're so beautiful, Jus. I so. . .I wanted to. . .oh God I so wanted to make love to you."

Justin smiled, the young man burying his head into Justin's smooth chest, tears showing in Justin's blue eyes as well.

Justin held him as the young man calmed down, the two close and together for a few moments.

Sheridan broke their hold, the young man moving back, staring at Justin's handsome face.

"I'm sorry you saw that, Jus. I've been sitting here for over an hour just staring at you. That you did that to me tonight, that you possessed me, it's sent my heart reeling."
Justin nodded, staring at his lover.

"And looking at you laying there, so beautiful, so smooth and beautiful, I wanted to please all of you. But. . .I. . .I know you can't. . ."

Justin moved forward, his lips joining Sheridan's, the young man's words cut off.

Justin moved back, his fingers going to the man's smooth cheek.

"I love you, Sheridan."
The man stared at Justin.

"I. . .I love you, Justin."
Justin smiled, moving back, the man returning to the bed's warmth, laying back against the pillows, his smooth naked body on full display, Sheridan's blue eyes staring at him.

"Take all that you need, Sher. I am yours and I love you. Please love me now. Please make love to me." Justin said, his blue pools filled with tears of love.

Sheridan moved, his naked body moving on top of Justin's, their blue eyes staring at each other.

"Are you. . .are you sure, Jus?"
Justin moved upwards, their lips meeting, Sheridan feeling the man's hardness against him throbbing more.

"I am yours, Sheridan. Love all of me?"
Sheridan moved again, their lips joining, the young man's hands beginning to move, exploring all of Justin's smooth warm body.

Justin became lost in the man's touch, in the tongue snaking into his mouth, in the man's beginning passion.

And Sheridan was lost in his own happiness.

For his mind was filled with desire.

I have you, Justin.

And I'll have Lucas and Josh.

I'll own and possess all of you.

The man smiled, lowering his head towards Justin's center, Justin lost in the man possessing him.



End of Chapter 41


And so Sheridan's possessed our misguided Justin.

And the man's begun his mission.

To own Justin and gain access to Lucas' world.


Does Lucas know more than he's saying?
Will he fall prey to Sheridan's beguiling good looks and smooth talking?


Haven's showing his true colors, the monster within him coming out.

Grayson's planted spies have revealed themselves, much to their own demise.

What will Haven do now?


Onward the path continues, the time draws near to Lucas' voyage into his past.

Kurucu's Haven awaits.


Hugs, Angel.