Yesterday's End-53

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Chapter 53


Lucas yawned, his violet pools glancing to his right, his man's head laying against his shoulder, Josh's arms wrapped around Lucas' waist.

Lucas smiled, feeling the warmth of his man's body against him.

The two had moved during the night, Josh now laying slightly on top of Lucas.
He sighed, his eyes glancing towards the nightstand, the clock seated there showing six-thirty.

He sighed again, moving his body a bit, Josh's arms tightening around him, pulling him closer.

"Mm, it's early, babe." Josh murmured, his lips moving to Lucas' shoulder blade, softly kissing it.

"I know, babe. But I have to pee." Lucas said, Josh's blue eyes slowly opening, a soft smile crossing his face.

"Sure, babe. Hurry back." Josh softly said, closing his eyes again, his arms loosening from around his man, Josh moving onto his back, Lucas smiling and sitting up beside him.

Josh softly smiled, Lucas watching as his breathing relaxed again, a soft snore coming from beside him.

"You'd sleep through a hurricane, my angel." he softly said, leaning forward and kissing his man's lips, Josh remaining still.

Lucas smiled, climbing out of bed, pulling on his robe and walking into the bathroom.

A few minutes later Lucas walked out of the bathroom, crossing the room and sitting down on the bed's edge.

He smiled at his lover, Josh's smooth chest laying in full view, the blankets covering his bottom half.

Lucas smiled, remembering the passion and love they both shared last night, their love flowing as always.

His eyes closed for a moment, his mind filling with the surrounding love echoing through his soul.

He smiled, feeling a great newness flowing through his soul.

"Two hearts will heal, my friends will find their happiness." he softly said, his mind suddenly focusing on someone else.

Lucas stood up, closing his eyes.

He searched his mind and soul, a presence walking across his heart.

He opened his eyes again, a soft glow showing in both irises.

"Who are you, lost one?" he softly said, Lucas' hands going to his robe, pulling it off his body, his eyes going to his sleeping Josh beside him.

Lucas quietly walked over to the closet, pulling out a black golf shirt, briefs and socks, and a pair of black jeans, the man dressing quickly, slipping on a pair of loafers.

He stared one last time at his man, walking back over to the bed, leaning down and kissing his lips softly.

"Be right back, my love. Mystery calls me." he softly said, Lucas walking quietly out of their bedroom, closing the door behind him.

He crossed the suite's living room, picking up his room keycard off the stand by the door, then quietly walked out of the suite.


Lucas' violet eyes scanned the hallway, no one shown anywhere.

His hearing focused, the man hearing no one surrounding him.

He did hear the faint sound of soft snoring, the sound coming from Finn and Skyler's suite, the young man smiling.

"Too much spirits, my old friend. You always snore loudly when flowing in liquid happiness." Lucas smiled, the young man walking down past his friends' suites, stopping at each door, listening to their silence, feeling their love.

He smiled standing at Justin's suite door, the love coming from there rather intense.

"I love both of you." he smiled, Lucas continuing down the hallway, reaching the elevators.

He stood at their doors, his eyes scanning behind him, both closing for a moment.

Lucas opened them again, his violet eyes taking in the blue shadows showing all around each door.

"My love guards your sleeping love." he softly said, the man hitting the elevator button.

A few minutes later Lucas walked out of the elevator, the young man walking into the lobby.

The night clerk at the desk looked towards him, Lucas walking towards him.

"Good morning, Mr. Carver. You're up very early." the young man said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am, Mason." Lucas smiled, looking at the young man, remembering him from the morning before, Lucas assuming he worked the graveyard shift.

"Anything I can help you with, sir?" he said, Lucas smiling at him again.

"I'm the same age as you, Mason. I'm not a sir."
The young man blushed, smiling back.

"It's common courtesy, sir. You are our guest."

Lucas nodded, smiling back.

"You can help me with something, Mason. Is there a garden here?"

The young man nodded, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"Yes, sir. On the west side of the hotel. It's very beautiful. Seeking some fresh air, sir?"
"Something like that, Mason. While I'm here, could I book a private room in one of the restaurants for my friends and myself this morning?"
"Certainly, sir. The main restaurant has two separate rooms for private entertaining. The Lido Room is available this morning, it looks out into the gardens I just mentioned." the young man said, bringing up the reservations menu on his computer.

"Perfect. I'll take it for nine to eleven."
"Certainly, sir." he smiled, finishing the reservation, Lucas smiling at him.

The young clerk gave Lucas quick directions to the gardens, Lucas smiling at him, pulling his wallet out of his pocket.

"No charge, sir. As you said, we're the same age. Friends of conscience." he smiled, Lucas smiling back at him.

"Diana will be very happy, Mason. She's gaining a wonderful fiancÚ."

The young man's eyes widened with surprise, Lucas smiling at him, walking away towards the gardens, the young clerk staring after him with shock.


Lucas found the glass doors to the gardens, walking out into the early morning greyness.

The sun was rising slowly in the east, its shiny ball just beginning to crest over the foliage showing around Lucas.

A soft mist seemed to be showing in the air, the trees ahead of Lucas surrounded by morning fog.

Lucas walked down the stone path leading into the garden's center, the young man finding benches, and a fountain in its center.

He looked around, hearing no sound except the soft chirping of some birds in the overhead trees.

Flowers were showing everywhere, the colors vibrant and festive.

The morning dew was feeding their awakening leaves, their buds opening.

He smiled, walking towards a bench in front of the fountain, the young man sitting down on its dewy covered mahogany boards.

He scanned towards the fountain, watching the water falling into the bottom basin, flowers floating on its rippling surface.

His mind flooded with that sensation again, the young man sighing softly.

"You need not hide in the misty shadows. It is you that has summoned myself here." he softly said, his voice softly echoing in the morning quietness.

He heard movement behind him, a presence sensed behind him.

His head turned, taking in a vision standing to his left, his eyes widening with soft surprise.

"I was not hiding, young man." the soft voice said, Lucas' violet pools staring into two green pools, a beautiful feminine face staring back at him.

He stared at the young woman staring back at him.

"Who are you, please?" Lucas said, his voice calm and direct, the young woman smiling at him.

"I have heard of your beauty, of your giving love. They told the truth." she said, her voice calm and direct as well.

"Who told the truth?" Lucas said, the young woman smiling at him, walking across the garden's center, quietly sitting down on the corner of the bench Lucas sat upon, about three feet separating them.

"She is coming, Lucas. And you need to guide her to her soul." the young woman said, Lucas staring at her with confusion showing on his face.

"Who is coming?" Lucas said, the young woman's green eyes staring towards the water fountain.

"I always liked swimming, the freshness of water, and its coolness. I miss it." she said, Lucas' violet eyes staring at her.

"I know of a place where you can swim in coolness and sunshine." he said, the young woman turning her eyes towards him.

"They told me of your sanctuary." she said, Lucas nodding.

The woman's eyes lowered.

"She's forgotten the past, Lucas. You need to make her focus on that." she said, Lucas nodding.

"I will, if you'd only tell me what you mean, and who you speak of." he said, the young woman smiling at him.

"We haven't much time. Listen to my story, Lucas. Judge all of us on our truths." she said, the young woman beginning to speak, her body moving slowly towards Lucas on the bench, Lucas quietly listening to what she had to say.

A few minutes later Lucas stared at the seat beside him, the bench he sat on empty of anyone else.

His eyes raised, looking around the garden, the birds chirping overhead, the sun now shining fully across the gardens, the area brighter and showing its morning happiness.

He sighed, rising from his seat, looking down at it, his eyes scanning the fewer shadows now showing.

"Thank you for the path I'll have to walk. I hope she does take the interference in good stride. I applaud your courage, and your love." Lucas said, looking around and seeing no one.

He quietly walked back down the path, entering the hotel again, walking back towards the elevators.

Mason at the desk stared after him, Lucas softly smiling and nodding at him as he walked past the desk.

Lucas walked up to the elevators, a woman standing in front of them, Lucas quietly standing beside her.

The elevator doors opened, Lucas allowing the older woman to walk in first, the two standing inside the elevator, Lucas watching as she hit the button to his own floor.

Lucas' eyes moved sideways, staring at the woman whose eyes were focused ahead, ignoring him.

Lucas stood in silence, his own mind flowing with thoughts.


A few moments later the elevator door opened on the thirty-seventh floor, Lucas smiling at the woman, allowing her to walk out first.

He quietly watched her walking down the hallway, his eyes following her every move.

She walked door to door, staring at the numbers, a look of anxiety showing in her eyes, a glaring determination showing there as well.

"Can I be of assistance, Madam?" Lucas said, standing in the hallway, the woman's eyes going to his violet pools, her face changing to a soft confusion.

"I've. . .I've forgotten the room number. Do you know which suite is Justin Timberlake's?" she said, her voiced laced with determination.

"You're looking for Justin?" Lucas said, the woman staring at him.

"I just stated that. Who are you? You look familiar." she said, staring at him.

"My name is Lucas Carver. I'm in Justin's new band, Orion." Lucas said, the woman nodding.

"Oh, yes. The young singer who was shot. You seem to be alright now." she said, her eyes glancing over his body, Lucas smiling at her.

"I've healed, yes. With God's love and my friends'." Lucas said, the woman staring at him.

"Where's Justin?" she said, the young man staring at her.

"At this early hour, I'm sure he's asleep." Lucas said, the woman nodding her head.

"Yes, he does sleep late." she said, Lucas nodding.

"My name is Lynn Harliss. I am Justin's mother." she said, Lucas staring at her.

"Ah, yes. Justin's spoken often of you. He loves you deeply." Lucas said, the woman nodding her head.

"He's my world, Mr. Carver. That's why I'm here." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"If you'd like to come into my suite, I'm sure I can find Justin for you." Lucas said, the woman's eyes fixed on him.

"Alright, Mr. Carver. I'll give you that opportunity to get Justin awake." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"My name's Lucas, Madam."
"My name's Lynn, Lucas." she said, Lucas walking up to his suite door, opening it, extending his hand towards her.

"Good morning, Lynn." he said, the woman walking up to his door, looking into the suite, then walking into it.

Lucas offered her a seat, the woman sitting down on the sofa, her blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"I'll see if Josh is awake." he said, the woman's eyes looking in confusion.

"Josh? You mean Joshua Chasez? Josh is here, in your suite?" she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Josh and I are good friends. He stayed here last night, after we'd all celebrated a little too hard last night."
"Celebrated? Celebrated what?"

"My best friends got engaged last night. We were out celebrating."
The woman nodded, staring at Lucas.

"I'll be just a moment." Lucas said, the woman nodding again, Lucas walking down the hallway, her eyes following him.


Lucas walked into the bedroom at the end of the hall.

He saw that the bed was empty, the bathroom door opening.

His eyes met a vision of wrapped beauty, Josh walking out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist, his naked body showing mostly.

Lucas smiled as Josh's arms wrapped around his waist, his lips meeting Lucas', the young man feeling his love in that kiss.

The two parted, Josh smiling at Lucas.

"I awoke to an empty bed, my angel. My angel flew away to heaven without me." Josh said, a soft pout showing on his face, Lucas smiling and leaning in again, the two gently kissing.

"Sorry, my Beamy. I awoke early and went for a walk."

Josh nodded, his fingers rubbing Lucas' ass, kneading each cheek.

"You're way overdressed, my Lucky. I'm in need of your beautiful skin." Josh said, his fingers going upwards, trying to pull Lucas' golf shirt out of his pants.

"We can't, my love. We have a guest."

Josh's eyes furrowed, looking towards the closed bedroom door.

"Who's here, Lucky?"

Lucas sighed, looking into Josh's blue pools, Josh seeing a soft worry showing in Lucas' violet ones.

"Justin's mother is here, Josh."

Josh's eyes widened in surprise.

"Lynn's here? For what reason?"

"I'm not sure, Joshua. But I don't think it's an encouraging visit." Lucas said, Josh nodding.

"I'll change quickly, babe. Keep her here. We've got to warn Justin." Josh said, the man releasing the towel he wore, his naked body showing fully, Lucas smiling.

"I'd sooner stay here, beautiful." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"Passion after drama, sweetie. I know Lynn's being here isn't a good sign." he said, Lucas nodding.

"I'll be out there beguiling her, babe. Try not to be too long." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him.

"You would beguile the honey out of a bee's heart, my angel."
Lucas smiled, the young man walking out of the bedroom, Josh watching him close the door.

His mind focused on the woman waiting in the living room.

What are you doing here, Lynn?

Why now when Justin's finding happiness?

I don't think it's going to be a happy visit, indeed.

Josh sighed, quickly dressing.


Lucas smiled at the woman sitting across from him, the two having been talking quietly, Lucas telling her of his life and the band's beginning happiness.

"Justin always had an eye for talent, Lucas. If he's signed you then you are indeed talented. My son doesn't settle for anything less than perfection." she said, Lucas smiling at her.

"Our music is our souls, Lynn. We sing as one soul. It seems to bring happiness to others. We're glad Justin had faith in us. We've all accepted his friendship and guiding expertise. We owe him a lot."

The woman nodded, looking at the young man sitting before her.

She'd been surprised by his youthful looks, the beauty of his smile warming her soul.

He reminded her of someone.

She was mesmerized by his eyes, their violet hue holding so much warmth.

"If your music is as fetching as your looks then you will indeed succeed." she said, Lucas blushing softly.

"I sing with my heart, not my looks, Lynn. My heart I've always thought was more beautiful." Lucas said, the woman smiling at him.

"Its beauty shines always."

Lucas' and Lynn's eyes moved to the hallway, Josh walking into the room, having spoken.

"Joshua! There you are!" Lynn said, rising from the sofa, Josh walking up to her and hugging her gently, the woman kissing his cheek, the two smiling at each other.

"Hello, Lynn. I'm surprised to see you here, in Chicago, and so early!" Josh smiled, his eyes glancing at Lucas.

"I've always been an early riser, you know that Barney." she smiled, Josh smiling at her, a soft blush showing in his cheeks.

"Barney?" Lucas said, smiling at his Josh, his violet eyes gazing at Lynn.

The woman smiled, kissing Josh's cheek again.

"Fred and Barney, I always called Justin and Josh. They both were always getting into trouble, Justin the usual leader of the clan. Hence his being Fred, Josh being Barney." she said, Josh smiling.

"I always followed him with love, Lynn." he said, Lynn smiling.

Josh's eyes met Lucas', the man seeing a mirthful smile on Lucas' face.

"Barney Rubble, always in trouble. I like it! Yabba Dabba Doo! " Lucas chuckled, Lynn smiling at him and then Josh.

"I've been talking to your young friend here, Josh. He seems like a very down to earth, intelligent young man. I think our Fred's finally found something real and genuine."

Josh smiled, his eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Yes, Justin found something real indeed." Josh softly said, Lynn looking at him.

"What brings you here so unannounced, Lynn? Justin didn't say anything last night about you coming." Josh said, the woman folding her arms, looking at him.

"My son's been avoiding me, Joshua. I've left messages with no responses, or very little response. I took it upon myself to come down here and see what's going on. I've been in Chicago for the past three days, business meetings and such. When I learned from Johnny that Justin was here in town I decided to act upon my suspicions." she said, Lucas quietly staring at her, Josh looking at her as well.

"Suspicions, Lynn?" Josh said, Lynn staring at him.

"Yes, Josh. I found out from Jessica about their break up, and the cancellation of their wedding. My son didn't even have the good grace to inform me. Why's he hiding, Josh?" she said, staring at him, Josh seeing her usual determined gaze.

"I believe you should talk to your son to find out those answers, Lynn."

Lynn's eyes went to Lucas' violet, the young man having spoken.

"That's why I'm here, Lucas. I'm here to find answers." she said, Lucas staring into her blue piercing eyes, seeing the steady gaze of a woman not to be trifled with.

Lucas sighed, then smiled at her.

"I'll go find your son, Lynn. I'll get him up for you." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Josh's.

Josh saw a calmness in Lucas' violet pools, that calmness settling his own troubled soul.

"Sit down, Lynn. I can ring down for some coffee or breakfast if you need it." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I've reserved the private dining room for all of us for breakfast at nine, Joshua." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him, Lynn staring at both men.

"You're welcome to join us, Lynn. It's just my bandmates, Josh, Justin, Lance and myself." he said, Lynn smiling at him, looking at Josh.

"Lance is here as well?" she said, Josh's eyes lowering, Lucas smiling at her.

"Yes, he's been a good friend to all of us as well." Lucas said, the woman smiling at him.

"Yes, thank you, Lucas. After I've talked to my son, I may take you up on the offer of breakfast. Unless the meeting goes long, or dramatic." she said, Lucas nodding at her, her blue eyes meeting his.

"My son is famous for his pouty tantrums, Lucas. But I know what needs to be said to make him focus on what's real."
Lucas nodded, staring at her.

"Your son is real, Madam. And his love hasn't changed in regard to you. I think that's what you need to focus on." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"I'll go and find Justin. Be right back, Josh." Lucas said, the young man smiling at both, walking quietly to the door, closing it behind him.

Lynn's eyes went to Josh's blue.

"That young man's very direct, Josh. And I sense there's more there than meets the eye. Oh, the package is amazing, but there's definitely more there." she said, looking towards the closed door, Josh smiling inside himself.

"Yes, Lynn. There so much more." he said, Lynn's eyes taking in the smile on her son's old friend's face.

She mulled something over in her mind, her own soul hardening.


Lucas lightly tapped on the suite door, then knocked a little harder.

He heard movement behind the door, the door eventually opening, two green pools of love meeting his violet through the door's crack.

"Let me in, Lancy." Lucas softly said, Lance opening the door wider, Lucas walking into Justin's suite.

Lance's and Lucas' eyes met, Lucas seeing a new look shining there, the young man smiling.

Lance wore only a robe, Lucas sensing he'd awakened him.

"I'd say good morning, but we both have different definitions on how good it really is." Lucas smiled, Lance softly blushing, his green pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"You. . .you know, don't you?"
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Lance on the lips, the man softly surprised.

"I taste his love on your lips, Lance. And perhaps all of Justin." Lucas smiled, Lance blushing more, Lucas' arm going around him.

"It feeds your soul, Lance. And I know you fed his last night. I'm sure his eyes hold just as much love for you."
Lance smiled, looking towards the hallway leading to Justin's bedroom.

"It was. . .he was. . ."

Lucas smiled, kissing Lance's cheek.

"Your love is your own, Lance. Private and real, and giving. I know you both hold a greater love in your souls for each other now. That love was enough to wake me last night. I was wrapped in its greatness."
Lance smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"We love each other, Luke."
"I know, Lance. I've known that since the days I met both of you. You've always carried that love."

Lance's smile widened, Lucas smiling back at him.

"Is the treasure of your heart awake?" Lucas said, Lance smiling more.

"He grumbled when you knocked, but I think he's probably sleeping again."

"Your love is too passionate, my old friends. You old timers have to slow down. Your recovery time ain't the greatest!"

Lance rolled his eyes, Lucas laughing, Lance smiling again.

"With age comes experience. And passion is passion, regardless of age."

Lucas smiled, raising a finger, rubbing Lance's cheek.

"I'm sure you're a tiger of love, Lance. Justin's so damn lucky."
Lance blushed again, but softly smiled.

Lucas sighed, smiling at his friend.

"Unfortunately this isn't a booty call, Lancy. You need to wake Justin. His mother's waiting in my suite." Lucas said, Lance's eyes widening in surprise, looking at Lucas.

"Lynn's here? Now?!" he said, Lucas' hand going to Lance's shoulder sensing the worry flood Lance's soul.

"Courage, my friend. Your Justin's been avoiding her. I take it those were the messages he received last night?"
Lance nodded, looking towards the hallway.

"Yes, Luke. One from her and one was from his father. Lynn's been chasing him about his break up with Jessica. He hasn't told her the truth in that regard."
"Or the truth in the newness of his own new self?" Lucas said, Lance nodding.

"She won't be happy, Luke. She's a very domineering woman. She's always focused on Justin's career, not so much on the love he's needed."
"I know, Lance. But I also know that she loves him. I see that behind the determination. Perhaps today's the day that love shines most."
Lance stared at Lucas, the young man staring back at him.

"What. . .what do you mean, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, kissing Lance's cheek again.

"Courage lays in standing up for your own heart, Lance. Justin needs to see that, and you need only stand beside him. You are his courage. And love will do the rest."

Lance nodded, not totally sure of what Lucas was saying.

"Wake up the blond god back there. I'll give you twenty to get presentable, then come over to my suite. I'll keep her calm, tell Justin that. And tell him I'm here for both of you, and for love." Lucas said, the young man smiling and walking back out of the suite, closing the door behind him, Lance standing in silence, mulling over Lucas' words.


Justin murmured, two lips kissing his lips.

His blue eyes opened, staring up into two green pools of love, the face around them shining with beauty.

"Am I in heaven? I didn't know angels were so damn beautiful and sexy."
Lance smiled, his lips pulled forward, Justin's meeting them again, Justin's hand on the back of Lance's head, the two lost in the kiss.

They parted, Justin's fingers going to Lance's cheek.

"I love you, Lance."
Lance smiled, staring into Justin's blue pools.

"And I've always loved you, Jus."

Justin smiled, his mind flowing with the remembered love he'd experienced last night.

He'd given into Lance's love completely, the man taking him to a new level of passion and love.

Each touch, each kiss, each wet moment of passion had lifted Justin's soul onto another plane.

His life felt real, his heart felt whole.

"Thank you for last night, Lance. For making love real. For making me feel real. You were unbelievable." Justin said, his fingers going into the neck of Lance's robe.

"You were the same, Jus. Your passion ignited my soul. You gave me all and you made me give all. I love you."
Justin smiled, his hand going to Lance's, guiding the man's hand under the blanket covering his chest and lower regions.

"I'd love more of that giving love, Lance. Please love me again?"

Lance smiled, leaning forward and kissing his man's lips again.

"I want to explore every inch that is you, my love. Especially in the daylight. Your revealed beauty in light would be even more beautiful."
Justin smiled, the man feeling his passion and love rising for this beautiful man above him.

Lance sat up, staring into Justin's blue eyes of love.

"Unfortunately we don't have the time, Justin." Lance said, his hand going into Justin's, squeezing it gently, love showing in his green eyes.

"Your Mom's here, Justin." Lance said, Justin's eyes widening with surprise, the man rising up from the bed, sitting up.

"Mom's here? Now? It's so early! What's she doing here?"
"I don't know, Justin. But I believe you've run out of manoeuvring space, Jus. The time has come to face her. I think she's on the hunt for the truth." Lance said, seeing a widening fear showing in Justin's eyes.

"What. . .what do I say, Lance?" Justin said, his voice soft with fear.

Lance moved, his arms going around Justin, Justin feeling his surrounding love.

"You tell her the truth, Jus. What's true deep within your heart. You're a grown man, Justin. It's time you face that truth with a man's courage. I love you, I'll be there in any way you need. If you can't face that truth to her, I will understand. Just tell her the truth of why you ended your relationship with Jessica. Our love you don't have to reveal until you're ready, Jus. I'll stand at your side today as your friend, first and foremost your friend. Our love is still growing. It's new to you and to myself. It would be even newer to her. Lucas said something that confused me a few moments ago."

"What. . .what did he say?" Justin softly said, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"He said to tell you that he'd keep her calm, and that he's here for both of us, and for love." Lance said, Justin staring at him.

"He knew, didn't he? That you and I joined our love?"
Lance nodded, smiling at Justin.

"Does that surprise you?"

Justin softly smiled.

"No, Lance. That doesn't surprise me at all."

Lance smiled, nodding.

"I sense he knows something about this, Jus. About your mother being her today and what you have to say to her."
Justin nodded, looking into Lance's green eyes.

"I.  . .I love you, Lance. You're right, you're both right. I have to tell the truth. It's time I faced my own life, and my own family."

Justin moved, the man rising out of the bed, Lance taking in each muscled inch of Justin's defined body.

Justin stared down at him, taking in the look on Lance's face, his green eyes scanning all of Justin's body.

"It's yours, Lance. Now and forever I am yours alone."

Lance smiled, the man rising out of the bed, removing his own robe, Justin taking in every inch of Lance's sculpted smooth body.

"As I am yours, Jus. Now and forever."

Justin smiled, pulling his man into his arms.

The two kissed again, this kiss cemented with joined love.

"Let's get you dressed, my Jus. I think something blue and khaki, to bring out your blue eyes and fair complexion."
Justin smiled, Lance's arms going around his nude body, his man guiding him to the closet.


Lucas stood by the door, staring at Josh and Lynn, both quietly talking on the couch, awaiting Justin's arrival.

A soft knock came to the suite's door, Lucas' eyes meeting Josh's, Lynn's staring at him as well.

Lucas sighed, the young man's body going erect, the young man walking over to the door, opening it.

Into the room walked Justin, Lance walking in behind him.

Lynn stood up, Justin walking across the room, smiling at his mother.

"Mom! I'm so surprised! What are you doing here so early?" he said, hugging him mother gently, kissing her cheek, she returning the kiss, moving her son away from her, staring into his blue eyes.

"I was worried, Justin. You've been so silent for the last month, it was as if you were avoiding me." she said, Justin's eyes lowering, looking towards Josh.

"I wasn't avoiding you, Mom. I was just busy, dealing with stuff."

"Too busy to tell your mother about what's happened in your life?" she said, her eyes going towards Lucas.

Lance walked up to her and Justin, the woman smiling at him.

"Hello, Lance. Josh told me you were in town as well." she said, Lance smiling at her and hugging her close, the woman patting his back.

The woman separated from him, Lucas quietly staring at her standoffish look at him, her body showing a soft reluctance at his holding her.

"It's nice to see you again, Lynn. What brings you to town?" he said, Justin's eyes meeting his.

"Everyone seems to want to know why I'm here. I'm here to see my son. Justin and I need to talk privately." she said, her eyes staring at her son, Justin's eyes glancing elsewhere.

"These are my friends, Mom." Justin said, Lynn staring at him.

"Fine, Justin. Have it your way." she said, the woman sitting back down on the sofa, Justin glancing at Lance for a moment, the man sitting down beside his mother, Lynn's eyes glancing around at everyone.
Lance sat down on Justin's other side, Lucas sitting down on the other sofa with Josh, Josh's blue eyes glancing into his violet pools.

Lucas smiled at him, the young man focusing on Justin and his mother, his hands folding on his knees.

Justin's blue eyes met his mother's blue, Lynn staring at him.

"I was shocked by Jessica's news, Justin. Why did you walk away from the greatest happiness you've ever had?" she said, staring at her son, Justin's eyes moving to Lance's, the man sighing and looking at his mother again.

"It wasn't the greatest happiness, Mom. Our relationship was doomed from the start. Because I couldn't be truthful with myself through it."
"Truthful about what? About being a child and not focusing on the love she easily gave you?" Lynn said, her eyes showing determination and focused attitude.

"She did love me, Mom. I knew that. I. . .I just couldn't give her everything she needed. And she couldn't give me what I was searching for."

"And what's that, Justin? The wildlife? The parties and random sex? You're a grown man, Justin. It's time you settled down and raised a family. Jessica is willing to give you that. Call her and make this right. Become the man your father and I both always wanted for you. A family and a life of happiness. Do it today, Justin." Lynn said, Josh and Lance hearing the usual ultimatum in Lynn's voice, the woman always forceful with her son.

Justin's head lowered, another voice cutting through the rising tension in the room.

"That isn't the love you want or need, Justin."

Lynn's blue steely eyes moved, meeting two violet pools of calmness, Lucas having spoken.

Justin's blue eyes were locked on those violet pools as well, Justin seeing the love shining towards him.

Justin sighed, focusing on his mother, the man feeling a hand rub his back, Lance's love close.

"Jessica wasn't the one I wanted to love, Mom. I confessed that to her. And it's time I confessed the doubts flowing through my soul. It's time you knew the truth of your son's pain."

"Pain, Justin? You have no pain. You're young, famous, focused and have the world at your feet. You had her and your dreams fulfilled. It's time you focused on life." she said, the woman glancing at Lucas again, his eyes staring at her with calm reflection.

Justin stared at his mother, those last few words she'd spoken focusing in his mind.

"I want to live, Mom. And to do that I have to tell you and Dad the truth."

Lynn stared at Justin, the man's hand going into Lance's beside him, Lance's eyes widening with surprise, Justin's blue focusing on his green.

Justin's eyes turned again to his mother, the man seeing the surprise registering on her face.

"I'm bisexual, Mom. And I've fallen in love with Lance."


Across from Justin and Lance, Lucas softly smiled, then sighed, his mind focusing.

Lynn stared at her son, Justin's eyes lowering at her steady glaring gaze.

Lynn's eyes moved to Lance, the man staring at her.

Lynn rose from her seat, staring down at her son, her blue eyes focusing on Lance.

She moved with a sudden surprising speed, her hand flying, slapping Lance across the face, the man falling back in shock.
Justin, between them, moved on his own, his arms going around his mother, pulling her back from Lance.

"You did this! You seduced my son and ruined him!" she screamed, Justin fighting to hold her back, Josh at their side now, helping Justin to contain her anger.

"You've tainted my son's mind, you pervert!" she screamed, Justin pulling her back, Josh's arms going around her.

"Calm down, Lynn! That's enough!" Josh said, his voice edged with worry, staring at his friend, Justin's eyes going to Lance, the man holding his cheek, his eyes lowered.

Justin moved from his mother, sitting down beside Lance, looking at him.

"Are you okay, Lancy?" he said with love, Lance's green eyes meeting his blue.

"I'm okay, Jus. I'm alright." he softly said, Justin's blue eyes turning and meeting his mother's glaring blue.

"Lance has nothing to do with this, Mom. Other than showing me the truth of my soul and the love I always needed."

"You can't love him, Justin. He's a man! He's a gay man! My son's not gay!" she said, her voice loud and filled with anger.

Justin stood up, staring at his mother, seeing the anger in her eyes.

"Your son's gay, Mom. I'm gay, not bisexual. I love Lance. That is the path I've now walked on. It's a path of love and beauty. I've finally found the love I've always searched for. I couldn't find it in the women I dated, in the women I had relationships with. I tried to find it in anonymous meetings with other young men, with men I even paid. I finally realized it wasn't sex I was searching for. It was love. And I've finally found that love in this man. I love Lance, Mom. He didn't seduce me or guide me on a path of false need. He showed me his love, his total love. He loves me."
Lynn stared at her son in shock, Justin never having spoken to her with such authority before.

"What. . .what's gotten into you, Justin? You've never spoken to me like that before. Have all these men warped your mind?" she said, her eyes going to Josh and Lance.

"I can see easily that you're involved with this young singer here, Josh. You've been making gooey eyes at him all morning. And I know of Lance's past. Are you two trying to drive a wedge between my son and his family? Are you both playing some sick game with him?" she said, the woman pushing Josh away from her, Josh staring at her.

"No, Lynn. We're not playing any games. Justin came to this truth on his own."

Lynn glared at Josh, the man's eyes going to Lucas, who still sat in silence on the sofa behind them.

"And yes, Lucas and I are in love. His is the greatest love of all." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him, Josh's eyes going to Justin's blue.

"Your son's finally true to himself, Lynn. He's had these feelings for years. He even voiced them to me. His love I've known, and his friendship in the end won." Josh said, Justin smiling at him.

Lynn stared between the two men, her eyes widening, then focusing on Justin.

"You're not my son, Justin. Not if you're lost to this vileness."

Justin's eyes were filled with tears now, Lance's arm going around him.

"Don't say that, Lynn. He still loves you." Lance said, Justin staring at his mother's now tearing eyes.

"He can't love me if he loves you, Lance. I won't ever allow that." she said, Justin's eyes welling up with more tears.

"Please, Mom! Don't say that! I'm still your little Justy! I'm still your son! I love you!"

"No you don't, Justin. Not if you're going to fall into their trap, into their seduction. You'd be nothing more than a perverted monster!"
Justin sobbed, Lance pulling him against him.

"I think you should leave, Lynn. You need to calm down and then talk to him again with calmness." Josh said, looking with worry at Justin and then at his mother.

"There is no discussion worth voicing, Josh. My son lets go of this lifestyle or he never shows his face at my door again."

Justin sobbed, sinking down onto the couch, Lance's eyes filling with tears and worry for him.

"Lynn, be reasonable." Josh said, the woman glaring at him.

"Go back to your young boy and stay out of my son's life, Josh." she said, anger laced in her words.

Josh's eyes lowered, Lance staring at his friend, then at Justin.

"Please, Lynn. Don't hurt him with your anger. Give him your love not your pain."

"I have no pain, Lance. Just as I have no son." she said, the woman moving towards the door.

She stopped at the door, looking back at her son.

"There's only one path you need to follow, Justin. Jessica and I will be waiting there." she said, moving to leave the room.

"We all follow paths of pain and hurt. Some of us walk off the path not of our choosing."
Lynn turned back, staring into two violet pools, Lucas having risen from his anchored spot, the man walking towards her.

"I have nothing to say to you, young man. I know you had some part in this." she said, glaring at Lucas.

"I had a big part in it. For my path is a path of love. It follows love, in all forms and in all feelings." Lucas said, the woman staring at him.

She looked into his violet eyes, seeing so much calmness and love there.

"I have nothing to say to you. I'm leaving." she said, turning to leave, a hand touching her shoulder, the woman turning around quickly, staring into two violet pools of judging love.

"It is easier to walk a path of flowers than it is to walk a true path of life. But the scent of dreams can't hold against the smell of success. Lost opportunities never return."

Lynn gasped, staring into the young man's eyes.

"Where. . .where did you hear those words?" she softly said, Lucas staring at her.

Lance and Josh both stared at Lucas, Justin's eyes lowered, lost in his own pain.

"Life isn't the flower of our souls, it is the breath of our hearts."

Lynn leaned back against the door, shock showing on her face.

"You can't have heard. . .that's impossible!"

Lucas sighed, looking back at Justin, Josh and Lance staring at Lucas.

"I think it's time you really talked to your son, Lynn. Not in anger but with a mother's love. And a mother's fear. A fear she'd hidden deep within her heart."

Lynn stared at Lucas, the young man seeing a tremble go through her.

"Where did you. . .?"

"I have a gift for feeling pain, Lynn. For feeling the love surrounding me. For feeling hurt, loss and confusion. I think Justin can give you a remarkable insight into that same heart. For his echoes your own, in similar ways. Talk to him. Not as you just did, but as your soul wants to. He's your son, and his love is still there. As I sense yours is also."
Lynn's eyes were filling with tears.

"You can't have. . .she's. . ."

"She's in your heart, and in your memories. No one could fault you for the feelings you've hidden away. All here in this room have walked that same mindful path of loss."

Lance and Josh's eyes met, Justin raising his head, his tearful eyes staring at his mother and Lucas.

"What. . .what are you talking about, Lucas?" he said, the man having heard Lucas' every word and his mother's shocking change of voice.

"Lucas. . .I can't. . ." she softly said, Lucas smiling softly at her, his hand going into his pocket, pulling out something from there.

Lynn's eyes lowered, staring into his hand.

In the center of his hand was a small pink rose.

"Tell Rosy that the delicateness of a flower's petal is as solid as my love."

Lynn sobbed, reaching out and taking the small rose from Lucas, the young man smiling at her.

"I think your son needs to hear the story of Leila, and you need to let her love echo again." Lucas said, the woman's blue eyes meeting his violet.

Her eyes moved, staring at her son, Lance seated beside him, his arm around Justin.

She stared at both of them, seeing the love they easily showed each other.

Lynn moved, walking over to her son, Lance standing up again, staring at her.

"It's alright, Lance. I just need to say something." she said, Lance nodding, looking into her wet eyes.

"Alright, Lynn." he said, the man sitting down again, Lynn moving and sitting down on Justin's other side, his blue eyes meeting her blue.

"Your friend's remarkable, Justin." Lynn said, her eyes looking towards Lucas, the young man having moved from the door, he guiding Josh to the other couch again, the two sitting down again.

"He is, Mom. His love echoes through all of us." Justin said, his eyes meeting his mother's again.

Lynn sighed, her eyes meeting her son's.

"You. . .you shocked me, Justin. Your standing up to me shocked me, even more so than your sexual declaration." Lynn said, her eyes looking towards Lucas, the young man smiling at her.

Her eyes returned to her son's blue, Lynn taking his hand in hers.

Justin saw the small rose in her other hand.

"I've known for a long time that there was something going on inside you, Justin. That you were struggling with something."

Justin looked surprised, Lynn's eyes going to Josh.

"I also knew that there was more between you and Josh than just friendship. You were. . .you were together at one time, am I correct?"

Josh and Justin's eyes met, Justin nodding.

"Yes, Mom. Josh was. . .was at one time my lover. That love grew into a greater friendship."

Lynn nodded, looking towards Josh, Justin's next words drawing her eyes back to her son.

"Mom. . .Mom, if you knew, then why did you just show me such anger?"

The woman sighed, looking towards Lucas again.

"Because I am afraid, Justin. Afraid for what this means to you."

"What it means? It only means love and happiness, Mom. Lance loves me, as I love him."

"But what. . .what of the real world, Justin? What of the fame and notoriety that this thing could bring you. And danger as well. I. . .I don't want you having to face that ignorance. . .that pain and hurt. That anger that lives out there."

Justin's blue eyes went to Lucas, the young man staring quietly at Lynn.

"Who. . .who was Leila, Mom?" Justin said, staring into his mother's tearing blue eyes.

"She was a cousin of mine, Justin. A young beautiful woman with the most giving soul. She and I were like sisters. We grew up together in Tennessee. Our friendship. . .our friendship turned into something more, Justin." Lynn said, her eyes lowering, Lance staring at her with quiet surprise, the truth dawning on him, Justin's eyes meeting his.

Justin saw the surprise on Lance's face, his head turning, staring at his mother.

"You mean. . .you mean. . .?"

"Yes, Justin. Leila was my first. . .my first love." Lynn softly said, Justin looking totally shocked.

"You're. . .you're gay, Mom?" he said, Lynn blushing.

"No, Justin. It was the intimacy of newness, of first blossoming love. We were young and experimenting. It only happened once. But our love never diminished. I went on a different path than Leila. She loved me totally, but I couldn't. . .I couldn't commit to that total love. For I didn't have those true feelings. It was beautiful, but it wasn't what I felt was true to my heart. I went on a different path, away from her love. Perhaps if I hadn't. . .if I hadn't. . ." She said, her eyes lowering.

"If you hadn't then perhaps Leila's life path would have changed?" Lucas said, Lynn's head raising, staring towards him.

Justin felt his mother tremble beside him, Lucas rising from his seat, walking over to them and sitting down beside Lynn, his arm going around her.

"Her love lingers, Lynn. It's still in your heart."
Lynn nodded, looking at Justin again.

"I fell in love with your father, Justin. We married and I settled into a life of happiness and love. Leila remained my dearest friend and cousin. But she chose a life of openness, with herself and her life choices. She was so remarkable, a kinder more giving soul I've never met." she said, her eyes meeting Lucas'.

"Perhaps until now." she said, Lucas softly smiling at her.

"What happened to her, Mom?"

Lynn trembled, Justin's hand squeezing hers.

His mother's eyes raised, staring at him with tearful pools of wetness.

"She died, Justin. One night she walked out of her newest lover's home and was beaten to death by two drunken men. They repeatedly raped her and then slit her throat."

Lynn sobbed, falling against Justin's chest.

"They knew she was a lesbian, Justin. They followed her, then attacked her. They killed my cousin, Justin! My beautiful Leila! She died because she was different!" Lynn sobbed, Justin putting his arms around his mother, holding her close.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I'm sorry she died! I'm so sorry!" Justin cried, Lynn sobbing against him, raising her head, staring into his tearing blue eyes.

"I can't let that happen to you, Justin! I can't let them take out their hatred on you! I can't let you die!"

Justin pulled her close, his mother sobbing against him.

"I'm sorry, Jus! I can understand your wanting to be loved. I just can't accept your facing that hatred! I love you, please don't walk that path!" she cried, Justin holding her close, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"Oh, Lynn. Life is about walking the path we want to, about living our lives as we want to live them. Leila lived hers, and yes, it cost her much in the end. But it was her life. She loved, was loved, and died as who she was. None of us can live in the present while worrying about the future. We need to have love to make the path endurable. Justin's found that love, in a giving, loving man. The two of them want to walk that path together. Where that path leads no one knows. But life needs to be lived in truth, love and happiness. It's called life, Lynn. Let your son live his life. Leila lived hers, and you're living yours." Lucas said, Lynn raising her head, wiping her eyes.

She stared into his violet pools, the young man smiling at her.

Her eyes turned to Lance, his green pools quietly staring at her.

"Do you really love my son, Lance?"

"Yes, Lynn. He is my life." he said, Justin smiling at him.

Her blue pools met her son's blue.

"I love him, Mom. He is my life as well. We have each other to walk that path with protective love. We are both strong enough to face any hatred, uncertainty or ignorance. We have each other."

Lynn nodded, staring at her son.

"I do love you, Justin. I'll love you always. You will always be my son."

Justin teared up, Lynn wiping his cheeks, smiling softly at him.

"I'm sorry I snapped, Justin. You just. . .you just brought out those old feelings of fear."

Lucas' hand went to Lynn's shoulder.

"Life's path will always have some fear on it, Lynn. Love is the conqueror of that fear. You son's got plenty now." Lucas said, Justin and Lance both smiling at him.

Lynn's blue eyes met Lucas' violet.

"How. . .how did you really know about Leila, Lucas?" she said, Lucas looking quietly at her.

"The shades of love walk their own paths, Lynn. Her love will always follow you." Lucas said, Josh and Justin--as well as Lance--looked with surprise at Lucas, the young man lowering his eyes.

Lynn's head turned back to her son, staring at him and Lance.

"This is all new to me, Justin. And Lance. Can you let me go at my own pace? Can you give me time to get used to this? It's all new to me. I don't know how much strength I have to walk this path."

"I understand, Mom. We're both okay with that. I'll give you all the time and love you need."

Lynn softly smiled, looking at Lance.

"I'm sorry I hit you, Lance. I see that you really do love my son." she said, Lance smiling at her.

"I accept your apology, Lynn. I will always stand by your son. And I'll take any pain for him."
Lynn nodded, wiping her eyes.

Lucas smiled at her, a knock coming to the door.

"That will be Finny and the others. I can hear Finn's stomach growling from here. Breakfast awaits." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling back at him, Lynn looking into his violet eyes.

"Let's walk onto the path as always. Life awaits. Let's start with breakfast." Lucas said, Lynn nodding at him.

Lucas smiled, walking towards the door, Josh's blue eyes following him with thoughtful concern.



End of Chapter 53


And so Justin's faced his mother's ire, and he's stated openly to her of his love for Lance.

Lynn held a deep secret in her own heart, that secret the basis of her fears and uncertainty.


Lucas drew that truth from her soul, making her face her own doubts and fears.

With a little help from a shadowy shade in the garden.

Another lost soul walking on Lucas' path of shaded love.

But that shade seemed to know more of Lucas' own path.


What did the two speak of?

Of Lynn's hidden love, or was there more?


Read on, the path draws soon to the mysterious Havens, or Kurucu's Haven, Lucas' ancestral home.


Hugs, Angel.