Yesterday's End-54

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Chapter 54


Lucas smiled around at everyone, the young man quietly sipping his coffee.

Breakfast was over, everyone relaxing around the large table in the center of the sunlit Lido Room.

Lynn had been introduced to Lucas' bandmates upstairs, the three greeting her with smiles, their eyes looking towards Justin, then Lucas, seeing a calm look on his face, Justin wearing a warm smile.

The three and Andrew sensed something had happened, Lucas smiling at all of them.

"You're just in time, guys. I have breakfast waiting downstairs. You will join us, Lynn?" he said, the woman softly looking at him.

"Alright, Lucas. Thank you again for the invitation." she said, Justin smiling at his mother, she returning a soft smile.

"How goes your headache this morning, Finny? You partied hearty last night." Lucas said, the man seeing the redness in Finn's blue pools.

"It's pounding, Lukey. I've taken four Advil." he said, Skyler's arms wrapping around him.

"I'm marrying a party hearty guy." she smiled, kissing his cheek, Finn softly smiling at her.

"You'll fix that, Sky. Married life will neuter him." Josh chuckled, others laughing, Lynn smiling at the young Welshman.

"Yes, Lucas told me the news. Congratulations to both of you." she said, Skyler and Finn smiling at her.

"Thank you, Mrs. Harliss. My Sky's making me an honest man." Finn smiled, Skyler kissing his lips, the woman looking towards Lance and Justin.

"Let's go downstairs, everyone. But first I'll help you with that headache, Finny." Lucas said, Finn smiling at him.

"Luke's Amazing Elixir." he smiled, Lynn looking towards the young man.

"Amazing elixir?" she said, looking confused.

"It's my love, Lynn. It is the healing tonic of my soul." Lucas smiled, walking up to his friend, placing his hand on his cheek.

Finn's eyes widened a bit, the young man smiling.
"Awesome! Thanks, Lukey!"

Lynn stared at the two young men, seeing a more relaxed smile on Finn's handsome face, his eyes sparkling blue.

"You look refreshed, Finn." she said, the young Welshman smiling at her.

"Lucas has healed my headache. His love cleanses your soul."  He smiled at his friend, Lucas softly blushing, Lynn staring at him with surprise.

"That's my loving Lucky. His love does wonders." Josh said, walking up to his Lucky, his arms going around him.

Lucas smiled, looking at his Josh.

"Come on, sweetie. I have to feed my man." he said, Josh smiling, everyone rising from their seats, following him and Josh out of the suite.

Lynn stared after the couple, her son's arm going around her waist.
"I wish we were in New York, Mom. Then you'd taste Lucas' own bounty. The man's a certified chef!"

Lance smiled, Lynn smiling at him.

Justin smiled, seeing his mother was calm now around Lance.

Lance's green eyes showed their love, the two and Justin's mother the last to leave the suite.


Here now breakfast was over, the group relaxing, Lucas' eyes looking out the large glass windows, the sunlit garden in full view in front of them.

Over breakfast Finn had broached the subject of Lynn's visit, the woman's eyes going to her son, Justin's hand going on top of hers.

"They're all my friends, Mom. They know of my relationship with Lance." he said, all eyes on him and his mother.

"I guess I'm one of the last to know." she said softly, Justin smiling at her.

"I had full intentions of telling you soon, Mom. I wasn't going to hide Lance's love. It's too new in my soul. I love him so much." Justin said, Lance smiling at him, the man seated across from him and his mother.

"I'm sorry for my initial reaction, Justin. And I'm sorry for my reaction to you, Lance. Please forgive me hitting you." she said, everyone who hadn't been there showing surprise.

"She hit you, Lance? Why did you hit him, Mrs. Harliss?" Andrew said, Trish looking at him, the man softly smiling at her.

"I wasn't too happy at the surprise, Andrew. And it's just Lynn, everyone." she said, her eyes meeting Lucas'.

"No one here will judge you, Lynn. A mother's love is well-known to all of us." Lucas said, the woman smiling at him.

Throughout breakfast Justin quietly told them what had happened, Lynn's eyes lowering, his hand squeezing hers.

Lucas' eyes had gone to hers often, her blue pools quietly staring at him.

"Remarkable story, Lynn. Your cousin seems like she was a very special lady. And your friendship and love with her was special also." Trish said, Lynn smiling at her, Trish seeing a soft sadness in her blue eyes.

"She was, Patricia. You share the same specialness with your dear friend here, Skyler."

Skyler smiled, Trish smiling at her.

"Sisters for life." Trish and Skyler both said together, Finn smiling at both, Lucas smiling as well.

"You loved her, Lynn. Not in the true way, but as a sister as well. Yes, you had an intimate moment. But the realization of the moment's briefness made both of you realize that there was something more there than just that. There was a sisterly friendship, a duality of life's giving love. You both loved each other, regardless of your views or your desires." Lucas said, Lynn staring at him with quiet calmness.

"Yes, Lucas. You have such a beautiful way with words. We did love each other. I'd forgotten that. I'd lashed out at my son and Lance without remembering her. And my feelings back then. I forgot that love is love, regardless indeed of who we are or who we want to love. Thank you for making me see that." she said, Lucas' face showing a soft blush.

"It wasn't me, Lynn. It was your own heart that remembered her. I just helped you find your past." he said, Lynn smiling at him.
Josh's blue eyes were staring at Lucas, the young man lowering his eyes.

"You said that the shades of love walk their own path, Lucas." he said, everyone's eyes widening a bit, looking at Lucas.

"Did you see another shade, Luke?" Finn said, Lynn looking around at all of them with confusion.

Lucas' eyes met Finn's, Josh's hand going in his, the two smiling at each other.

The dining room was private, the waiter knocking before he'd entered all morning, the group given total privacy.

Moments of love had been exchanged between Josh and Lucas, Lance and Justin joining hands a couple of times as well, the two respecting Justin's mother's newness to their love.

"A shade? What does that mean, Lucas?" Lynn asked, staring at the young man.

Lucas softly sighed, his eyes meeting her blue, Lynn seeing a lot of intensity in his violet pools, and a lot of shining love.

"I have a gift for calling lost souls to my love. It draws them in some way. How, I know not." he said, Lynn looking at him with confusion.

Lucas sighed, Josh's hand going in his again, their eyes meeting.

Lucas turned back to Lynn's searching gaze, the young man softly sighing again.

"I learned about your past from the truest source, Lynn. Your cousin Leila was here this morning. In that garden in front of us."


Lynn's eyes widened in shock, everyone else's eyes going to the sunlit garden on the other side of the windows.

Justin's arms went around his mother, feeling the woman's trembling shiver.

"Leila. . .my Leila. . .she was here?" she softly said, staring into Lucas' calm beautiful face.

"Yes, Lynn. I'd taken a quiet walk this morning outside, walking through these gardens. I sat down on a bench before the garden's central fountain. The morning mist surrounded me. And out of that mist walked a young woman of singular beauty. And she was there for a singular purpose."

"Lucas. . .that. . .that's impossible!"

"Mom, Lucas is telling the truth. We've all seen the walking shades. It was them that saved all of us in that bunker in Wales." Justin said, his mother's eyes meeting his, Justin seeing the surprise in those blue pools.

"You. . .you've seen ghosts?" she said, Justin nodding his head, Lynn's eyes returning to Lucas' violet pools when he spoke again.

"I wouldn't class them as ghosts, Lynn. I believe they're images of those souls that perhaps are drawn back to this world to right an unjust wrong, or to relive a lost life. Those soldiers in the bunker--and that giving nurse at the hospital--were following the path of their past, walking again through their lived lives. We were just in their way. The nurse was attending to a patient, as she'd always done. The soldiers truly believed that they'd attacked and captured an enemy." Lucas said, everyone looking at him with reflective thought.

"And. . .and Leila?" Lynn said, staring at him with wondrous, searching eyes.

"She was different, Lynn. She wasn't reliving her past. It was already in her soul. She returned here to guide you to your son's love. She was here with a truer purpose. Her love was stretching across time and lives to help you."

Lynn's eyes were tearing up, Justin's arm still around his mother.

Lucas smiled at her, Lynn's eyes seeing the shining love again in his violet pools.

"She was a beautiful woman, Lynn. I saw easily the giving love shining in her heart. It was here this morning for only you."

Lynn slowly nodded, Justin smiling at his mother.

"Her beauty was her love, Lucas." she said, Lucas smiling at her, Josh's blue eyes staring at Lucas.

He'd been staring at Lucas since the man had told Lynn about the apparition.

Josh sensed a reluctance in Lucas' voice, his lover hiding something.

"What else did she talk to you about, Lucky? I sense a reluctant quietness in your voice." Josh said, Lucas' eyes meeting his, then lowering, Josh's hand going in his.

"You're getting too good at reading my soul, my love." Lucas said, Josh leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"You're a part of my own, Lucky. I'll always feel your emotions."

Lucas nodded, sighing again, looking around the room.

"She was also here with a warning, Josh." Lucas softly said, everyone staring at Lucas, concern on all their faces, Lynn looking around at everyone with confusion.

"A warning? A warning about what? Ghosts are crossing the realm to warn you?" she said, Justin kissing her cheek, the woman seeing his loving gaze at Lucas.

"Mom, Lucas is a very special person. A young man with a magical heart." Justin said, his blue eyes staring into Lucas' loving violet.

Lynn's eyes were staring at Lucas as well, her son smiling at her.

"Let us tell you the story of our friend's love and life, Mom. It's magical, giving and loving." Justin said, Lucas softly smiling at him with blushing quietness, the man beginning to tell his mother of Lucas' past.

Lucas sat in silence, his Josh's arm going around him.


Lynn stared often at the young man, her eyes filling with wondrous emotion as Lucas' life was drawn before her, a portrait of his soul coming to life: The pain of his relationship with Jake, the revelation of his double life, his real parents' disappearance and his revealed ancestry. And the joining of his love with Josh's, the joining of their souls.

"You've weathered a tragic life, Lucas." she said, staring at the young man.

"We walk our paths, Lynn. Those chosen before us. I walk my life as it unfolds. And I even walk the past in my dreams. I can only be myself. And that's a man of giving love. I want all those I love to have a better life than I have had."
"You've had a great life, Lukey. You've had your family's love surrounding you, and now you have Josh's." Trish said, Lucas smiling at his sister.

"Love has surrounded me, Trishy. It's why I go on." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"Then you're going to go on forever, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at his lover alone.

Lynn quietly stared at the young man, seeing his shining love for Josh.

"Your sister's right, Lucas. You have love surrounding you. And you have family."

"I have more family than I realized, Lynn. And the mysteries that surround my unknown family are still out there."

"You'll meet them as you've always met life, Lukey. With love shining in your heart and with determined courage." Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend, his arm around Skyler.

Josh's eyes were still focused on Lucas' violet pools.

"What did Leila warn you of, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas' violet pools going around to everyone, their love focusing on Josh's blue.

"She warned me that others have come out of the void, Josh."

Josh looked surprised and worried, Lucas sighing.

"I didn't want to worry you, my love. Your love sees through my soul."

Josh hugged his man close, kissing his cheek.

"Is it that dangerous, Luke? That shades come across the realm to warn you?"

Lucas smiled at his lover, everyone's eyes on the young man.

"She asked me to listen to her story, to judge others by their truths. She was here to show you your past, Lynn, so that maybe you could focus on the future. On the future your own son wanted to have, and that love echoes forward and backward. The past had love, the future will have it as well."

Lynn smiled, looking at her son, Justin smiling at her, everyone seeing their family love.

"I thank her for that, Lucas. For making me see the truth of my own soul and my son's."

Justin smiled, looking at Lance across from them, his green eyes of love shining at him alone.

"Yes, Lynn. She gave you love, you give it to your son. The path continues." Lucas said, his eyes meeting Josh's.

"Two souls have walked out of the void, Josh. She was here also to warn me of that." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

"Two souls, Luke? Who are--or were--they?" Finn said, Lucas staring at his friend.

"I know not their true identities. She called them The Seeker and The Beast. Even she doesn't know their true selves. Only that they've walked out of the void, every soul there feeling their passing into the light."

"They sound ominous, Lucas." Lynn said, staring at the young man with fascination.

"One indeed is, Lynn. The Beast, as she called him. Leila said that it consumes souls on both sides of the realm. Real human souls and shades of them."

"That's indeed dangerous, Lucas. If this beast is after you, I mean." Andrew said, Lucas looking towards him.

"Life always holds danger, Drew. I'm not going to change my life because of a creature that I haven't yet met. I am going to live my life as my own." he said, everyone hearing the determination and courage in his words.

Josh's arm tightened around Lucas, the young man staring at him.

"That creature was pulled out of the void by someone. That person's using that creature as a weapon. He's using him to destroy me."

"Haven, Lucas?" Finn said, his eyes showing protective love.

"I believe so, Finny. My lost uncle's a man of guarded determination. He'll use any means to get what he wants. From this life or the next."

"This is dangerous, Lucky. You have a beast hunting you!" Josh said, Lucas hearing the worry in Josh's voice, and seeing the tearing love in his blue eyes.

"Perhaps, Josh. But I have something more. I have the protection of all your love; yours the most, my love. And I have a greater magic and love within myself. I will not cower to the uncertainty of the future. I have the weapon of love and the truth of the past. Whatever lays ahead I shall find life's truths. And I believe in my heart that life, love and magic will protect me."

"You have a courageous soul, Lucas." Lynn said, the young man smiling at her.

"Your Leila's love is within it now as well, Lynn. Love fills my soul. With that I can find the courage to deal with this life's dangers."

Everyone smiled at Lucas, his eyes on his Josh's blue pools.

"My love is here, Beamy. Your love is the greatest weapon I have." he said, Josh smiling at him, Lucas' own love filling his soul, his worries lessening.

"I love you, Lucas. My love is yours forever."

Everyone smiled, Skyler's blue eyes meeting Lucas'.

"What of The Seeker, Lucas? Who is he and what does he seek?"

"That perhaps is a greater mystery, Sky. And we don't know if it's a 'he'. Leila said that its soul is a large one. That in the realm of the next life it flowed past everyone as a searching entity. It was pure love. Its glowing center was beyond any lost soul's comprehension. It was as if it was a beacon of hope, of love. When it passed into this realm, all those lost souls felt their own souls diminish. It was as if part of them left them and returned to the real world."

Everyone stared at Lucas with wondrous eyes, the young man looking around at everyone.

"I think this person, this Seeker, may be here for only me. That it is I it is seeking." Lucas said, Josh staring at him.

"Is it Joshua, Lucas? Your friend from the falls?"

Lucas smiled at Josh, kissing his lips.

"No, Josh. That Joshua is perhaps an even greater mystery than The Seeker. Joshua is seeking something, Josh. His soul, as he already declared to me. But the other may be seeking something more. A greater truth. Perhaps that is my path, everyone. I am here to find the truth for everyone. Those real and those lost and forgotten."

Everyone stared at Lucas, Lynn's hand going on top of his, the young man smiling at her.

"You are a man of mystery and purpose, Lucas. God's given you a mysterious path to walk upon."
"He has, Lynn. And I walk it. I've resigned myself to be led where it goes. But I will meet all its challenges with love in my heart, with life and with love."
Everyone smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling at his Josh.

"Where. . .where is Leila now, Lucas?" Lynn said, her eyes showing sadness and love.

"She's back within the void, Lynn. Her spirit lingers there awaiting heaven's lights. But her inner soul I've guided to a better place." Lucas said, everyone staring at him with soft surprise, Josh's eyes meeting Lucas'.

"To where, Lucky?"

Lucas smiled, looking at Lynn.

"You once called her a fish out of water, Rosy."

Lynn's eyes widened with surprise, Lucas patting her hand of top of his.

"She loved to swim. It was the one thing she missed most about being in the void. I took it upon myself to at least give her the memories of her lost life. I guided her to Lucas' Pool, as my dream Joshua called it.."

Everyone looked surprised, Lynn's eyes showing wetness.

"You. . .you guided her to the pool in your dreams?" she said with wondrous emotion, Justin's hand rubbing her back.

Lucas smiled at her, his violet pools showing calm love.

"She swims in its crystal clear blueness. Her soul has calmed and awaits God's giving love."

Lynn smiled, Lucas' violet pools looking around at everyone.

"I need more coffee. And then I'm going to sing all afternoon into my love's blue eyes." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"I'll be kissing you in public, my beauty. How I look forward to that!"

Finn rolled his eyes, smirking.

"I'll make sure the hoses are connected at the arena."
Everyone laughed, Justin hitting the buzzer for the waiter.

Lucas smiled, his Josh letting go of his body, Lucas' violet pools staring out into the garden.

He smiled, his eyes focusing back into his lover's blue.


A figure stood hidden behind the large oak tree, staring into the glass windows before it, its blue eyes watching a group of friends talking and laughing, joined in a morning meal of friendship and love.

"They all look so happy, feasting on his love." another voice said, the figure's blue eyes lowering, staring into two blue pools staring up at him.

"Where have you come from, little one?" the figure's voice said, the little beam of sunshine standing at its side smiling widely.

"From the shadows, Seeker." she said, the figure smiling down at her.

"You should be in the realm, lost one. Your soul is not safe out here." it said, the small child's smile widening.

"I am wary of The Beast. I can sense it and disappear before it comes." she said, the figure staring down at her, its blue pools sparkling like blue diamonds unearthed and shown for the first time in the day's sunshine.

"You have seen its ravenous hunger, Rosa Sharon." the figure said, the little girl nodding her head.

"Yes, Seeker. The priest and caretaker never stood a chance against its evilness." she said, the figure's hand going to her small shoulder, the child feeling the warmth of life's love.

"I feel your love, Seeker. It's beautiful." she said, her blue pools staring up into the sparkling love.

The figure smiled a warm smile, the young child looking back towards the windows, focusing on two violet pools and a handsome face.

"Why do we focus on him? What makes him so special?" she said, the figure smiling at her innocent need to know.

"Because he is love, Rosa Sharon. A special love worth knowing." it said, the child smiling.

"He is nice. I have watched him too. He swims with much happiness in his pool." she said, the figure looking down at her with surprise.

"You have been to his pool?"

"Yes, sir. I found the way in. I was drawn to the love." she said, the figure staring at her with wonder.

"Could. . .could you lead me to it?" it said, the little girl staring up at him, seeing the longing in its blue pools.

"I'm sorry, no. It is too beautiful and too filled with his love. It is his to love and his to give to others. I wasn't supposed to be there. But he let me in for a moment." she said, the figure looking towards the windowed dining room.

The figure went to its knees, its blue eyes meeting the child's at eye level.

"Thank you, Rosa Sharon. You just spoke from your heart. That pool will remain secluded in his love. The secret to its location in your heart will never be divulged. Even against my love you would not reveal it."
The child smiled, looking into the windows, staring at the young violet-eyed man seated in the room's center seat.

"He is love, Seeker. He has what you seek. What we all seek." she said, the figure smiling at her.

"Go back into the shadows, little one of courage. Your own love will protect many shades from The Beast."

The child smiled, looking into its blue eyes.

"I like to see them happy. I won't let anyone fall into the Beast's traps."

The figure smiled, the little child grinning back at him.

She then turned, skipping across the sunlit garden, her small form disappearing among the sunlit trees.

The figure rose to its legs, staring into the dining room.

Its fingers went to its throat, rubbing its smooth skin there.

"Walk forward, young man. I follow your path to its end. And you'll lead me to what I have longed for."

The figure vanished in the sunlight, the garden quiet but for the chirping of birds in the overhead trees.


Lucas felt two arms going around him in the darkness, the young man pulled into a warm embrace of love.

The arms around him led him offstage through the black tunnel at its back, the backstage lights revealing two blue eyes staring at him with love.

Josh's lips went against his, Lucas feeling his lover's need, Lucas' arms going around his man, the younger man lifting Josh off his feet, their kiss showing in the open world of their backstage lives.

"Amazing, Lukey! We wowed them totally!" Trish said, Drew's arms going around her as she walked off backstage, their lips meeting.

The group was offstage, Finn and Skyler smiling at Lucas' kissing love.

"Put him down, Lukey! His kickstand is showing." Finn chuckled, everyone around them laughing.

Lucas broke his lover's kiss, Josh blushing, the young man returning him to his feet, Lucas smiling at him.

"Now to take my lover for a spin! Let's pull up that kickstand and go for a ride!"

Everyone laughed, Josh blushing more, Lucas kissing his lips quickly.

"My man of love. Walking out onto the stage and kidnapping me from my fans' adulation in the darkness. How I do love you." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"I. . .I got caught up in the last song. I went out there to claim your heart." he said, Lucas smiling at him, having been surprised by Josh's walking up to him in the ending darkness of their last song.

The fans hadn't seen him, but his love showed nonetheless in the open.

"You own my heart, beautiful." Lucas said, Josh smiling and kissing him again, everyone around them gagging.

The two men laughed, breaking their kiss, Lucas smiling around at everyone.

"Forget the ogling masses, my love. They're just jealous." Lucas said, Josh smiling at his man.

"What's not to be jealous of? My man sings his heart out and looks so damn fantastic!" Josh said, Finn smirking, Lucas looking at him.

"I don't know about that, Beamy. There was another male out there as well. Finn was wearing a chubby all night long. I thought the fans in the first row were going to rip his skin-tight jeans off." Lucas grinned, Finn blushing a little, Sky smiling at him, her arm going around him.

"Sorry for kissing you between the songs, my love. I didn't realize my love would get a rise out of you."
Finn blushed, everyone laughing, Lucas smiling at his friends.

"I don't have indigestion, Finny. You can put away the roll of Rolaids in your pocket."

Everyone burst into laughter, Josh going to his knees, Lucas smiling at everyone.

Finn's face was deeply blushing, his hands on instinct going into his pockets.

"Ha. . .ha, Carver." he said, Justin and Lance walking backstage, looking at everyone laughing.

Solomon followed the two men, the manager smiling at his group.

"What's the joke everyone?" Justin said, smiling at Finn who looked like he was in the center of all of it.

"Nothing, Justin. Our knucklehead Lukey was just being an ass." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sweet. The boy's all ass." Lance said, winking at Lucas, the young man winking back.

"And it's all my Joshy's!" he grinned, Josh's hand going to Lucas' backside, the man again at his side, his hand going into the back pocket of Lucas' own skin-tight jeans.

"Damn fine it is!" Josh beamed, everyone smiling at the two.

"Great show, guys! They keep getting better and better!" Justin said, the group and background musicians all high-fiving each other.

"Thanks, master!" Lucas grinned, Finn chuckling, the young man more relaxed, Sky's lips on his cheek.

"Justin's right, guys. The show was spot on." Solomon grinned, his band smiling at him.

Solomon had arrived after breakfast, the manager having a meeting with them, going over their contracts and new bonuses.

The group was rising in the music industry, their fame coming with adding riches.

That had surprised them all, words of happiness and family bettering voiced among them.

They all wanted to share their monetary happiness with their families.

"Dad's getting a brand new car, immediately! He's only ever driven used!" Finn said, Lucas smiling at his friend.

"He focused on his family's needs before his own, Finny. He'll love your gift and its meaning." Lucas had said, the young man smiling back at him.

"We have to get moving, everyone. The plane leaves in two hours. It's on to Boston for tomorrow's show." Justin said, Lance smiling at his man.

"We'll see you at the TD Gardens tomorrow afternoon, guys." the background musicians said, the group nodding, hugs exchanged.

All the band musicians and the arena staff were heading out separately.

"You coming to Boston, Sol?" Finn said, the man smiling at the young Welshman.

"Sorry, guys. I'm heading back to London, working on some new groups."

"Going behind our backs, Sol? Finding new young studs to wow the fans?" Finn said, the man smiling and patting his shoulder.

"No, Finny. Just gathering the new talents. No one wows them like you do, ego boy!" Sol said, grinning.

Lucas laughed, Finn giving him a one-finger salute.

Justin smiled at the two friends, the man rubbing his stomach, Lance looking at him.

"Still feeling out of sorts, Jus?" he said, Justin nodding.

"Yeah, Lancy. I shouldn't have eaten that second dessert at dinner. My stomach's doing back flips. My kingdom for some Rolaids."

Lucas lost it, the young man going to the floor, Josh joining him, the laughter filling the backstage.

Finn's face was showing three shades of red, Justin and Lance staring at everyone laughing.

"What gives? Did I say something funny?" Justin said, his face showing a soft blush, Lance smiling at him with love.

Lucas got back on his feet, his arm going around Justin.

"Only you, Timberlake! Only you would walk into that!" he laughed, smiling at Justin, the man softly smiling at him.

"I'll tell you in the limo, Justin. You're going to love it!" Lucas laughed, Josh's arm going around his happy lover.

The group walked towards their dressing rooms, Josh at Lucas' side, the security guards surrounding them as they walked offstage.

Within half an hour the group was in limousines, heading towards Chicago O'Hare airport.


Lance was laughing, Justin blushing softly, Lucas and Josh smiling at him.

"Me and my big mouth. Walking into it is right, Luke. Talk about destiny."

Lucas laughed, smiling at Justin.

"If you're still feeling out of sorts you can take on Finny's Rolaids."

Justin laughed, everyone laughing around him.

"I'll have to tell Finny that. Would he be offended if I began to pull down his zipper?" Justin said, the other three men around him bursting into more laughter.

Justin and Lance were in the same limousine as Josh and Lucas, Lucas freshly showered and still energetic.

"I wouldn't, Justin. The man lives on shocking people. But the vision is well worth the gamble." Lucas smiled, Justin grinning.

"Ooh, tempting now!"

Lucas laughed, Josh smiling at him.

"Finn's a beautiful man. I've seen all of him. You wouldn't be disappointed." Lucas said, Justin blushing, Lance's lips kissing his cheek.

Justin smiled, seeing no jealousy in Lance's green pools.

Josh moved, climbing into Lucas' lap, the young man's hand going up his shirt, Justin and Lance seated across from them smiling.

"My babe's still wired." Josh said, his lips on Lucas' neck.

"Wanna join the mile high club, babe? It's a three-hour flight." Lucas said, Justin laughing.

"Wish we were going with you, guys. I'd pay to see that show." Lance said, Justin smiling at him, Lance's arm around him, the two close and happy.

Justin and Lance were heading back to New York, the two having meetings, the group going on to Boston for their next tour date.

Lucas winked at Lance, the man smiling at him.

"Next time we're in New York we'll give you a free show." he said blowing them both a kiss, Lance and Justin both blushing, Josh smiling in his man's arms.

"I think we should charge, babe. Justin's already had my free show. Yours is downright spectacular!"

Lucas laughed, smiling at his man, seeing the love in his blue eyes.

"Okay, babe. Off my lap, sweetie. You're feeding my libido. I want to say something." he said, Josh smiling and moving out of Lucas' lap, snuggling up against him, sitting beside him.

Justin and Lance both smiled at Lucas, the young man smiling back.

"I'd like to say something, guys. To all three of you." Lucas said, all three nodding, seeing the love in Lucas' eyes.

"This morning's revelations have stoked my soul, and my heart." he said, all three staring at him.

"The path ahead for me may be one of danger and uncertainty." he continued, Josh's arm going around him, Lucas feeling his love.

His violet eyes stared at Justin and Lance, Lucas seeing the love for him shining back into his violet pools.

"Sitting in this car is my world. My Josh who loves me with all of his soul; Justin and Lance who both at one time felt a deep love for me."

Justin and Lance both blushed, Lucas' hands going out, one resting on each of their knees.

Josh stared at his friends, both men staring at Lucas.

"You both at one time had fallen in love with me, or what you sensed my love could be. You both were drawn to me because you felt my giving love. And that love will always be giving towards both of you. I love both of you deeply. Almost as deeply as I love my Beamy."
Josh smiled, hearing the love in Lucas' voice, and seeing it in his violet eyes.

"Lucas, I. . .we. . .we love you as a brother." Lance said, Justin nodding his head as well.

Lucas' violet pools were staring at Justin, the man seeing so much love directed at him.

"I'm happy for you, Justin. I only ever wanted you to be loved. My Joshua only ever wanted the same thing for you. He's felt your love, was loved by you. Now Lance feels your love, and is deeply loved by you. I can't help but feel that I've been left out in the cold."

Josh's eyes stared at Lucas, Justin's blue pools locked on Lucas' violet irises.

"Lucas. . .I. . .I love Lance."

Lucas smiled, squeezing Justin's knee.

"I know, Justin. I see it easily in your blue pools of love. And I know that Lance and my Josh have both now felt the deepness of your love and your desires. Lance perhaps has seen the deepest part of your soul."

Justin smiled, his blue eyes meeting Lance's green.

Lucas smiled, staring into Lance's green pools.

"You once loved me as well, Lance. You were lost in the pain of your own uncertainties. You were reaching out to anyone who you thought might bury those uncertainties. Your gaze fell upon me. You were drawn to my love in a new way. I do love you, Lance. As the friend you've always been. I could have easily given you all you needed if my Josh's love hadn't captured my soul first."
Josh smiled, Lance staring into his blue pools.

"His love is beautiful, Lance. I hold no jealousy in my heart for you wanting to experience it." Josh said, Lance softly smiling at him.

"And I hold no jealousy in my heart for you loving my Justin, Joshy. He's the man I've fallen in love with because your heart and love he experienced first."

Josh smiled, Lucas smiling at all three.

"Thank you, Lance. I remember the passion and beauty of Justin's giving self. You're going to be beyond happy forever. For I see in his eyes that he's fallen deeply in love with you. Even more deeply than the love he once had for me."

Justin smiled, his eyes staring at Lance again.

"I love you, Josh. I always did. But Lance's love is so different, it's so deeply beautiful."
"That's because it's true love, Justin." Lucas said, all three men looking at him.

"Lance has captured your soul because his love is the love you were always destined for. I know the two of you last night experienced all of your opening love. I know both of you gave each other what you both have always searched for. True love. The two of you last night found your soulmate."
Both men teared up, staring at each other.

"Really, Lucas?" Justin softly said, Lucas squeezing his knee again, squeezing Lance's as well.

"Yes, Justin. Really. Love is real now for both of you. And Josh and I love both of you. Your love fills our souls with happiness."

The two men smiled, Justin moving forward, kissing Lance's lips, the man feeling his total love.

"I love you, Lancy." he said, Lance's finger rubbing his cheek.

"I love you, Justy."

Lucas and Josh both smiled, Josh leaning forward, their lips meeting, their own kiss steeped with love.

"I love you, Lucky."

"I love my Beamy."

Justin and Lance both smiled, watching the two men kiss, their lips breaking apart.

Lucas smiled, looking around the car.

"As I said, my world is in this car. My Josh, my Justin and my Lance."

"We're your Justin and Lance?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, his hands going back to their knees, squeezing both.

"We all feel the love we share, guys. Justin loves my Josh and he loves you, Lance. And he still loves me." he said, Justin's blue eyes staring at him.

"Lance loves Justin, and he still loves me. And he's always loved you, Beamy." Lucas said, Josh smiling at Lance.

"Josh loves Justin, deeply. And he loves me totally. And he's always loved you, Lance."

Everyone nodded, Lucas staring at all three.

"And I've fallen in love with all three of you."

All three stared at Lucas, the young man's eyes filled with love.

"I love you, Joshua. With all of my heart. You are my soulmate." Lucas said, Josh smiling at him with love.

Lucas' violet eyes turned back to the other two men seated in front of him.

"I love you, Lance. Because in you I see in many ways a mirrored soul of myself. We both have had pain in our lives, in our souls. We share a bond of giving love. For we've both felt Justin's love, although you've felt its trueness."

Lance nodded, smiling at Lucas, then Justin.

In Justin's blue pools he saw his soulmate.

"And then there's our Justin. Justin loves Josh deeply, the two being lovers of soul and heart once. That still lives there in both your hearts. Lance and I hold no jealousy on what you both once had." Lucas said, Lance and Lucas both smiling at both men.

"I love you, Justin. Not as deeply as Lance now does, but perhaps as deeply as Josh once did. I won't lie and say that I never longed to love you. I fell in love with you that first day I stood almost naked upon my own doorstep."

Justin looked surprised, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're beyond beautiful, Justin. But your heart is even more beautiful. I gravitated away from my desires for you when I felt the opening of your heart. I felt in you all your pain, all your longing to be loved. I could have loved you, Justin. But your best friend's love was destined for my soul. I've found my soulmate in my Josh's eyes."
Josh teared up, Lucas softly kissing his lips, their love showing to the other two men.

"So the four of us have experienced love in the other three. Two of us have experienced passion in two others as well. Lance and I have only experienced our soulmate's love. I think all four of us have all we need. Soulmates and brothers of love."

All three smiled, meeting Lucas' violet pools.

"And here I was hoping for an orgy." Justin said, all four staring at each other, Lucas bursting into laughter, the other three joining him.

"I think you've had enough orgies, Timberlake." Lucas smiled, Justin blushing, lowering his eyes.

Lucas moved forward, his fingers raising Justin's chin, their eyes meeting.

"The past is over, Justin. From this moment forward you'll only be loved. Lance showed you that love last night. And tonight he'll take you to his soul. Just as you'll take him to yours. The final act of joining love will feed your souls forever. Love is here for both of you, just as Josh and I are here for you."

Their eyes met each other's, Josh looking at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

"Last night was exploring love for your two friends, Josh. Tonight it will be bonding love."
Josh nodded, smiling at Justin.

"That's all I ever wanted for you, Justy. I envy Lance's happiness tonight."

"Oh to be a fly on that wall." Lucas smiled, the other three smiling and lightly laughing.

Lance's eyes met Lucas', the young man smiling at him.

"New York's going to beam with love tonight. It will be just as beautiful in Boston."

Justin and Lance both smiled, Justin's blue eyes meeting Josh's blue, then gravitating toward Lucas' violet pools.

Lance's had done the same, his green eyes on Lucas' violet orbs as well.

"I. . .I sense something more, Lucas."
"I do too, babe." Justin said, Lucas violet pools staring at both.

"There's always been something more between all four of us, guys." Lucas said, the other three staring at him with soft surprise.

"My life is a path of destiny, as I've accepted. And insomuch as that is true, perhaps there's another truth there as well." Lucas said, Lance's hand going forward, resting on Lucas' knee now.

"Tell us that truth, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling into his green eyes.

"I'm surrounded by love, Lance. Your love and Justin's, and my Beamy's. I think the three of you were always meant for only me."

Justin and Lance both moved their eyes to Josh's blue pools, the man staring at his Lucky.

"I love you, Lucas. And I love our friends. I trust all of you."
Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his lover's lips.

"I love you too, my Joshua. And we all trust each other. I think the four of us are going to be each other's rock. We began to show that today. Lance stood by his man, you did as well, Josh. You both stood together for Justin's love. And I confronted his mother with her past because I loved our Justin as well."
Justin teared up, Lucas smiling at him.

"We love each other. We all see that clearly now. We have found our soulmates, and we've found other love as well. The four of us will be here for each other, in every way."

Justin stared at Lucas.

"In. . .in every way?" he softly said, the same words on Lance's mind.

"In every way, Justin. I don't know what that truly means. All I know is that I love all three of you. Whatever happens between us, the center of us is our love. We would never hurt our soulmate, but our love is open and large."

The four smiled at each other.

"Just try to keep your hands to yourself, Timberlake. I'm packing more than Rolaids. I've got a large bottle of Tums for your tummy." Lucas said, Justin staring at him.

Everyone burst into laughter, Josh's arms around his man.

"I'll help you pop off the cap, Justy!"
Justin lost it, the man doubling over with laughter, his friends laughing beside him.

Justin suddenly gasped, Lance's arm going around him, the man leaning back.

"What is it, Jus?" Lance said with worry, Justin gasping again.

"My stomach! It's on fire! Oh, it hurts!" he moaned, Lance's eyes filling with worry.

"Tell the driver to head for the hospital, Josh!" Lance said, his arm going around Justin's chest.

"Wait, Josh." Lucas said, Lance and Josh looking at him, Justin's eyes closing with pain.

Lucas moved forward, his hand going to his friend's face, Justin eyes flying open, the man suddenly feeling a sudden energy flow through him, the man suddenly feeling calm.

Lucas moved back, staring into his blue eyes.

Justin stared into Lucas' violet, the man seeing a soft look of pain there.

"Feeling better, Jus?" he softly said, Justin nodding his head.

"Yeah, Lukey." he softly said, the man sitting up, Lance's arms going around him again.

"I feel great actually. The stomach pain is gone." he said, Lucas nodding.

"It wasn't indigestion, Jus."

Justin stared at Lucas in confusion.

The young man moved, hitting the window button, his head moving out of the window, the young man suddenly retching out of the car window.

Josh's hands went to Lucas' shoulders, concern flooding his and his friends' souls.

Lucas moved back a few moments later, the young man wiping his face, Lance handing him tissues from a dispenser in the limousine's armrest.

Lucas wiped his mouth, leaning back, looking a little tired.

"Thanks, Lance. I'm okay, babe. I just had to purge the impurities." he said, Josh's hand on his cheek.

"What. . .what was that?" he said, Lucas' violet eyes going to Josh's blue concerned pools.

"That was my healing love, Joshua. Our friend was dangerously ill." Lucas said, Justin's eyes widening, Lucas sitting up again.

Lance handed Lucas a bottle of water out of the limo's fridge, the young man downing it, wiping his lips again with the Kleenex, depositing it in a small wastebasket.

"I feel better, thanks. You were very ill, Justin. It wasn't indigestion. Your appendix was inflamed and it would have probably burst. I. . .I removed it."

Everyone's eyes widened in surprise, Justin staring at him in shock.

"You. . .you removed it? I. . .I didn't feel anything." Justin said, his hand going to his stomach, feeling its warmth.

Lance's hand gently went there as well, lightly rubbing Justin's clothed stomach.

"You feel no pain, my love?"
"Nothing, Lancy." he said, both men's eyes going to Lucas.

"My love numbs the pain, guys. And my magic pulled the diseased tissue from you. That was what I had to remove from myself out the window. The disease from your body taken into myself. I'm sorry if I overstepped my bounds, Justin. I. . .I only wanted to help you." Lucas said, lowering his eyes.

Justin moved, his hand going to Lucas' shoulder, pulling the man forward, his arms going around him, the man hugging his friend tightly.

"Oh, Lucas! Thank you for loving me that much! For healing the disease within me!"

Lucas raised his head, his eyes showing tears.

"I love all of you. I. . .would do it always!"

Justin smiled, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

The man moved forward, his lips going against Lucas', Josh and Lance smiling at the two men kissing.

Their kiss broke, both men opening their eyes.

"I love you, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, looking into Justin's blue eyes.

"I love you, Justin."

The man smiled, moving back, his arms going around his Lance.

Lucas smiled, Josh's arms going around him.

"You okay, babe?" he said, Lucas smiling into his blue eyes.

"Yes, Beamy. Just a little tired."

"Then you're going to sleep all through the plane ride." he said, his love directed at his man.

"But what about the mile high club?"

Justin and Lance both chuckled, Josh smiling at his man.

"Our love flies high always." he said, Lucas smiling and snuggling against him.

Justin and Lance both traded looks with Josh, the man smiling at his loving friends.

Lucas' eyes met Lance's seeing the happiness in his eyes that Justin was alright.

"Your happiness is my destiny, guys."

All three smiled, Lucas looking at Justin.

"I'm looking forward to curing Lance's hemorrhoids."

Justin lost it, everyone bursting into laughter, Lucas smiling at his friends.

"Oh babe! That was priceless!" Josh said, Lance blushing as he regained control of his laughter.

Lucas smiled, looking at him as he snuggled into his own Josh's arms.

"Later, Lance. I'll love all of you later." he said, his violet eyes closing, snuggling more into his man.

Josh, Justin and Lance all stared at Lucas, Josh's eyes meeting his friends' blue and green pools.

They all smiled at each other, Lucas' love in their hearts.

And their minds were filled with a questioning love.

For that love, they sensed, would show itself in the future.

And the young sleeping man in front of them perhaps would be the center of it all.

Josh's head went against his lover's own, his smile as wide as Justin and Lance's.




End of Chapter 54


And so a foursome of love may be showing itself.

Four friends with hearts of giving love.

Two pairs of soulmates with deep love for each other and for their other two friends.


Lucas' healing magic has healed Justin's hidden ailment.

And his giving heart has healed the troubles brewing between Justin and his mother.

Justin showed the courage to stand against his mother, his Lance at his side.

And Lucas joined their love again.

And his voiced love may be creating a true foursome of love.

We'll just have to wait and see where that goes.


The mysterious Seeker is watching Lucas.

Who is he or she?

What is it seeking from Lucas?

More shades seem to be gathering around Lucas, awaiting the imminent truth coming.


More questions needing answers.

They lay ahead on the path, keep walking.


Hugs, Angel.