Yesterday's End-61

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Chapter 61


The three men stared at Lucas, their eyes then going to Harry.

"Cousin? Sega Dellunio? What do you mean, Luke?" Justin said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his confused blue.

Lucas felt Josh's hand go on top of his, the young man feeling his unchanging love.

"It's pronounced Seguaci Dellunico, Jus. And Harry here is one of my cousins on my mother's side. Her love echoes across my life. And I see it's her protective love." Lucas smiled, the blond haired young man across from him lowering his eyes.

Lucas continued to smile, Josh looking at the young man.

"A cousin, Lucky? How. . .how is that possible?" he said, Lance staring at the young man as well.

"How are you and Luke related, Harry?" he said, his voice calm and welcoming.

The young man's eyes raised, staring at Lucas.
He felt a warmth on his cheek, his lover's lips there, his hand going in his, Alain's beautiful brown eyes meeting his blue.

"I believe the cat's out of the bag, my love. Our friend is very intelligent and mystical." he smiled, his lover feeling his love.

Lucas smiled at both of them, their eyes meeting his.

"I always welcome family to my heart, however sly and secretive it tries to be."

Harry blushed, Alain smiling.

The young man sighed, looking at Lance.

"Lucas' mother is my own mother's first cousin. She and I are second cousins." he said, his eyes going to Lucas.

"That makes us third cousins, my friend. But you will be first in my friendship."

The young man smiled, a calmness showing on his face.

"Your mother described you to a tee, Lucas. She said you shine with love and life."

Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him, seeing his love calm and happy.

"It was a ruse you couldn't succeed with, Harry. I will always feel my family's love."
The young man smiled, Alain staring at Lucas.

"You are deep within the magic, my friend. And even deeper within a loving soul, I feel."

"I'm me, Alain. And I'm first and foremost a friend."

Both men smiled, Justin's blue eyes staring at both of them, then going to Lucas' calm violet pools.

"How did you know, Luke? And why are you here, Harry?" he said, Lucas smiling at Justin, feeling his protective love.

"I knew because I felt the familiarity of my mother's love. Her heart spreads across the world, her love I shall sense always."
The young man smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"She sought my own mother out, Lucas. She had asked me to contact you. When Alain told me a month ago that Justin was bringing his friends here, I knew you would be one of them. Your mother decided that our meeting should happen. And I was to try to make friends with you. And then. . ."

"Then try to blend into my life." Lucas said, smiling.

The young man slowly nodded, lowering his eyes.

"You didn't have to stage a meeting, Harry. I have felt your friendship in my dreams."

The young man's blue eyes widened with wonder as they met Lucas' violet irises, Lucas smiling at him, Lance's green eyes staring at Lucas.

"In your dreams, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, nodding around at everyone.

"Let's just say that I've been waiting for you, Harry. I've been waiting for your friendship."

The young man smiled, his blue eyes showing happiness.

"I would have eventually told you, Lucas."
The young man laughed, smiling around at everyone.

"I love my mother's cunning. Her love supersedes her intelligence."

Everyone smiled, Lucas smiling at Harry.


Lance's green eyes stared at the young man, then looked at Lucas.

"So your mother arranged this meeting of you both?"
"Yes, Lance. For my mother's heart holds a deep worry. She is worried about the danger surrounding me."

Everyone felt Lucas' love for his mother, Vivian's love surrounding him.

"You still speak of her as mother, Lucas." Alain said, staring at the young man.

"It's Luke, I told you both, Alain. And I sense she told you both of my own past and truths?"

Both men nodded, Lucas smiling at both.

"She raised me, Alain. She will always be the mother of my youth. I have her values and love in my heart."
Everyone smiled, Lucas' heart laid before them in regards to his adoptive parents.

Lance nodded, looking at the young man seated with Alain.

"What is the Seguaci Dellunico, Luke?" Lance asked, the young man looking at him, then at Lucas.

"It is an ancient brotherhood of courage, strength and faith." Lucas said, the young man staring at him with surprise.

"A brotherhood, Lucky?" Josh said, staring at the young man as well.

"Yes, my love. A brotherhood created many years ago."
"How. . .how could you know of us, Luke?" the young man said, Alain's arm now around his lover.

The young man across from him smiled, Lucas sipping at a glass of lemonade in front of him.

"You told me, Harry."

The young man's eyes widened.

"What. . .what do you mean?" he said, the others around the table looking confused.

"The path has come to a point, my friends. I have reached a new pinnacle. It is time for me to focus on what lays ahead. And to do that I have to focus on all that surrounds me. I have to listen, sense and reason out all that encircles me."

Everyone exchanged looks, Lucas smiling at all of them.

"I now have a psychic gift."

His violet eyes fell on Alain, the man staring at him.

"You didn't tell us about the pool, Alain."

The young black man looked confused, looking around at everyone, his eyes settling on Harry seated beside him, the young man shrugging his shoulders.

"What pool, Luke?"

"The pool and waterfall on the west side of the island, Alain." Justin said, the young man's brown eyes looking confused.

"There is no pool or waterfall on this island. I have walked every inch of this place. The only water here is the well underground and the ocean that surrounds us." he said, everyone's eyes widening with surprise.

"There is one now, Alain." Lucas said, the man's eyes widening in surprise.

"We've all been there, Alain." Lance said, the black man staring at Lucas.

"We'll show you after lunch, my friends. But I am not that shocked of its existence here." Lucas said, all eyes staring at him.

Josh's hand went in his, Lucas smiling at him.

"It appeared for you alone, didn't it Lucky?"

"Yes, Josh. I sensed that and so did Joshua."

"Joshua?" Harry said, the young man smiling at him.

"The pool is a part of me. It appeared as a part of my life. For from it I have gained a wonderful gift. And that gift I use to feel the truth surrounding me. The waters of life seeped into my soul. And life resonates around me now."

"You're not making sense, babe." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Where is the sense in life's necessities, my love? Where is the sense in my past and my magic? Life and the path continue. Destiny walks ahead of all of us."

"What did the pool give you, Luke?" Lance said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Its waters gave me more magic, Lancy. I can now feel the truth in all that I meet. That's how I knew who you were, Harry. My magic felt all of your truths."

The young man's cheeks blushed, his head lowering, Lucas smiling at him.

"Your love drew me to your truths, Harry. I welcome your friendship for I have seen the real you."

The young man raised his head, Lucas smiling at him.

"Let's finish lunch, guys. I think the three of you should tell our two friends what took place here this weekend." Lucas smiled, looking at Justin and Lance, Josh meeting his violet irises.

Lucas picked up a bowl of salad, Justin's voice beginning to speak.

He filled his plate while Justin began the story of Joshua.


Lucas wiped his lips, setting down his fork, staring across the table.

Harry and Alain's eyes were on him, the two staring at him with awed wonder.

"A ghost's soul you seek to free?" Harry said, the young man smiling at him.

"He's more than a ghost, Harry. He's a man of courage and love."

"But he's not a man, Luke. Once perhaps he was, but not now. He is of the spirit world." Alain said, Lucas smiling at him.

"True, Alain. He was once my great grandfather. Joshua is now the Guardian of my family. And his spirit is strong."

Everyone nodded, Lance staring at Harry.

"You didn't finish the answer to my question, Luke or Harry. Who are the Seguaci Dellunico?"

Harry looked at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

Harry's blue eyes looked into Lance's inquiring green.

"We are a brotherhood as Luke said. We are an organization of protective truth, Lance. Our past is eons old, a sect of singular faith."

"And what is that faith?" Lance asked, he and his friends listening to the young man, Lucas leaning back in his chair and staring quietly at the young man.

"That faith is total, Lance. We believe in the sanctity of the future's truth."

Everyone looked confused, Lucas smiling at the man.

"Seguaci Dellunico means in translation basically Followers of the Only."

"The only what?" Lance asked, Justin smiling at his lover's intellect, seeing him trying to unravel the truth.

"The only truth, the only faith, the only destiny. Our family scholars have debated on that truth for a long time. It's not truly known what we follow. Only that we follow. The path is ours to traverse." Harry said, Alain smiling at him.

"You follow something that you do not understand?" Justin said, the young man nodding.

"And isn't that in essence faith, Jus?"

All eyes went to Lucas, the young man having spoken.

"I guess, Luke. But it still doesn't answer the question." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, I guess it doesn't. Our new young friend here--and my relation of love--is a follower of hope. His brotherhood was founded on faith, love and courage. I take it you are well skilled in all manners of intellect and combat?"

The young man nodded, his blue eyes locked with Lucas' violet.

"Yes, Luke. I am a warrior of life and courage."
The others looked at the young man in surprise, Josh's blue pools meeting Lucas' violet.

"Is it that dangerous a destiny, Lucky? That a brotherhood of protection was created?"

"Yes, Joshua. Such is the destiny of us all."

Everyone looked at Lucas, the young man sighing.

"I've reasoned out that a duality of necessity exists, my friends. Two sides of life and destiny have walked alone."
"Two sides? You mean. . .you mean both sides of your family, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Josh. I believe that both sides of my family--the Belmonts and the Carlisles-- are in some way connected. What that connection is I know not."

"There is one connection, Luke. Your real mother and father. They married, bringing both sides together. And that connection created you." Lance said, Lucas smiling.

"Yes, Lance. That is one truth."

Everyone nodded, Harry staring at Lucas.

"Our family has always been faithful, Luke. A family of courage--and yes--magic. But never as greatly as the magic I sense in you."
Lucas smiled at his cousin, his violet eyes filled with friendship.

"Your senses are heightened, as are my mother's. The magic you possess is the magic of life and love. It has weathered down through the ages into the creation of its present family of love."

"We are descendants of life, Lucas." Harry said, Lucas nodding his head.

"We both are, Harry." he said, the man smiling at him.

"I'd love to hear your lineage, Harry. Later today we'll talk of life and lineage. How far back can you trace your family?" Lucas said.

"Back until the middle ages, Luke."

Lucas nodded, everyone listening to the two men.

"A lengthy history. Mine goes even further back, friend. Back to the Egyptian dynasties."

Harry's eyes widened with surprise.

"But somewhere on the path of time and history our families' paths united, of that I have no doubt. The journal may provide that answer." Lucas said, smiling around at everyone.

"That is for another time. Today is about joining happiness. And perhaps more." he said, smiling at the man seated across from him.

Lucas' eyes went to Justin and Lance's staring eyes, the younger man smiling.

"A wonderful lunch, my friends. Let me clean up. And then we'll walk to the pool."
Lucas smiled, picking up some plates, walking back into the house.

All eyes followed him, his three loves then turning their eyes to Alain and Harry.

"Our friend is mysterious and loving." Alain said, Harry nodding.

Josh's blue eyes stared at Harry, the younger man staring back.

"I love Lucas, Harry. I don't like the idea of danger surrounding him."

"That's why I'm here, Josh. His mother asked me to be his protector. I shall go where he goes, I shall follow him. I can protect him with my strength, my courage, and my life."

Everyone exchanged glances, Lucas walking out of the house.

He smiled at everyone, the young man carrying a tray, picking up the rest of the dishes, everyone quietly staring at his bronzed chest and muscled beauty.

"Finish your drinks, my friends. I'll decide later on those that warrant my need for their protection."

Harry looked surprised, Lucas smiling at him, the young man carrying the last of the dishes into the house.

Everyone looked at each other, Josh quietly staring at Harry, Alain drawing the young man against him.


The five followed Lucas, the young man quietly walking up the trail through the western forest.

Josh walked behind him, his eyes on Lucas' tanned back and shorts-covered ass.

He smiled, taking in the beauty of his walking love.

"Watch you don't trip, my love. Your gaze isn't on the path." Lucas said, not turning around, Josh smiling, the others behind him chuckling.

"I'd follow this vision anywhere." Josh said, Lucas turning around and smiling at him, his eyes then going to the four behind his soulmate.

All five were shirtless, their t-shirts and wife beaters hanging on their belts.

He took in the revealed beauty of the blond Adonis walking beside Alain, his own black muscled torso deeply chiselled.

"I am followed by smooth beauty. It makes the trek light of heart."

All five smiled, Justin's blue eyes going to the muscled chest of Harry's smooth physique.

"Young and muscled. Great scenery." Justin smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"Don't tease the beauty, babe. He's been drooling all along the trail."

Harry blushed, Justin blushing as well.

"Sorry, babe. My eyes always draw back to your beauty."
Lance smiled, kissing his soulmate's soft lips.

"Nice save, cutie."
Everyone laughed, Harry smiling at both men.

Lucas smiled, looking ahead.

"You can all wash off the path's sweat, my beauties. The pool still remains here."

Everyone looked ahead, Lucas walking forward, cresting the hill.

They all walked forward, Harry and Alain's eyes widening in surprise.

"This. . .this is impossible!" the black man said, staring at the pool and waterfall laying before them.

"Nothing's impossible when it's drawn by love and necessity." Lucas said, walking forward to the pool's edge, the others following.

Josh's hand went in Lucas', Lance's joining Justin's, the other two stopping at the pool's edge.

"It's beautiful." Harry said, Alain's brown eyes taking in all its wet splendour.

"It's beyond beautiful. It's like a picture of a lagoon paradise."

Lucas smiled, staring at the cascading waterfall.

"It is the center of my soul, the beauty of what I want life to be." he softly said, Josh's arm going around him.

"It is the center of your love, my Lucky."

Lucas smiled, meeting his eyes of blue.

"It is my safe haven, from this world's and other worlds' uncertainty."

Everyone stared at the young man, his violet eyes going to Alain's brown.

"This was last a field of hay when I saw it, Lucas. The last time I was here was last March. This cannot exist here."

"It doesn't, Alain. It only exists to calm my soul and to right my path. I know now what needs to be done." Lucas said, everyone looking at him.

Lucas sat down on the large boulder beside him, Josh joining him.

"The water is warm my friends. Bathe in its calmness." he smiled, Lance and Justin smiling. the two dropping their t-shirts, both diving forward into the blue watered pool.

Alain and Harry looked at each other, Harry kissing his lover's lips.

"It looks warm and inviting, Alain. Let's feel Lucas' love."

The black man smiled, throwing his wife beater onto the rocks, Harry and he diving forward, their muscled bodies disappearing under the water's surface.

Josh and Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his man's cheek.

"They'll swim in your love, my angel. It's a warmth of happiness."
Lucas smiled, looking at Josh.

"Go ahead, my love. You most of all will feel its warmth."
Josh smiled, the man standing on the boulder, throwing his t-shirt into Lucas' lap, the man diving off the boulder into the pool.

Lucas smiled, looking around at the five swimming together, seeing their calm loving faces filled with happiness.

Two more join the fold, Joshua.

My love expands.

And I gain the protection of a future brother.

Lucas' eyes went to Harry's blue, the young man staring at him while he swam.

Lucas smiled at him, the man returning the smile.

"Your love is warm, Luke! I've never felt such warming water or bubbling happiness!" he yelled, Alain's arms wrapping around his smooth muscled chest.

Lucas smiled at the two, seeing two sets of couples joining, Alain and Lance's lips going to their soulmate's own, Josh swimming between them.

"I feel so left out!" Josh yelled, Lucas smiling at him.

The young man stood up on the boulder, staring towards his lover.

"Hang on, Joshua of my heart. My love will dive into your soul."

The young man moved with a burst of speed, his body flying through the air, its muscled beauty landing a few feet in front of Josh, his face meeting a wave of warm water, the man pushed backwards and under the waves.

In the wetness surrounding him he felt two arms pull him forward, the man cresting the waves, two lips meeting his.

Josh felt all of Lucas' love flow through him, the man in his muscled arms.

And from their center a wave went outwards, four others pushed back by the love.

The four smiled, seeing before them a couple of complete love.

Harry smiled, two lips kissing his neck.

"I love you, Harry. Let's swim to seclusion, I need you so much."
Harry smiled, two black arms pulling him towards a secluded shallow pool.

Across from them Lance was doing the same with his Justin, and Justin was following the man who'd captured his soul.

And in the center of the pool, two soulmates were lost in their own world.
And Josh couldn't have been more happy.


An hour later six men lay on the sandy beach on the far side of the pool, just left of the waterfall.

Three couples were joined, laying together in warming love, the late afternoon sunshine beaming down on their shorts-covered bodies.

Josh's head lay against Lucas's smooth chest, his blue eyes taking in the vision of the other two joined couples.

He saw four men of smooth muscled beauty, each body different but all so beautiful.

"The water was warmer than before, Lucky." he said, his finger rubbing Lucas' left nipple.

"My love was heated, my love. There was more to make it radiate."

Everyone smiled, their eyes all going to the two laying together.
Alain sat up, Harry staring up at his black smooth body.

"This place is so beautiful, so enriched with love. It is as if we're feeling your soul, Lucas. Is it real?" he said, Harry moving upwards, his muscular arms wrapping around his lover.

"It is as real as you want it to be, Alain. Joshua felt its realness. He took that real love back with him into the void." Lucas said, Josh staring up at his lover's calm face.

"I think this pool appeared for all of us, Lucky. We have all been favoured to feel your giving love."
Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"Nice way to put it, Josh. My love shown in a way that all of you could savour. You all bathed in me. I feel so used."

Everyone laughed, feeling the mirth behind Lucas' words.

"We're all happy with the results, Lukey." Justin smiled, his arms wrapped around Lance, his head laying on Lance's smooth chest.

"Anyone got a cigarette?" Lucas said, everyone laughing.

"None of us went that far, I believe, Luke." Lance smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"No, I guess not Lance. But I felt all of your rising love. I could have opened a pocket rocket shop."

Everyone laughed and softly blushed, eyes going to covered centers, no real signs of heated love showing.

"Relax, my friends. My love isn't sexual. That love is your own." Lucas said, the other two couples smiling, Lucas looking down at Josh.

"Josh alone has that center of my love."

Josh smiled, pulling his man against him more.

Lucas' eyes moved around the pool, staring at the waterfall.

"The pool represents the waters of my love. It's filled with calmness, it surrounds with warmth. The waterfall represents my dreams. They flow down into my love, they flow out into the future. Their uncertainty is wet with need. I seek out truths, I seek out hope. And the vision of both of them together is the sanctuary of my life. It is the safe haven of my soul. And all five of you I now welcome into its waters and its falling love."

All five teared up, Lucas' violet eyes looking into Harry's blue pools.

"I welcome your protection, Harold. I will accept your need to keep me safe. I will accede to my mother's need to protect me. I accept your offer of guarding love. You are now my bodyguard."

The young man stared at him, Alain's eyes staring at him as well.

"Thank you, Lucas. I accept this job as more than employment. I accept it as a devotion to your life's well-being." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You won't be thinking that when I have you scrubbing toilets."

Everyone laughed, Josh smiling at the young man staring at his Lucas.

"Welcome to the family, Harry. My Lucky's gained a new friend. But word of warning, our love shows in many ways."

Harry smiled, staring at the two joined together, their beauty breathtaking.

"I'll turn my eyes when it gets too revealing, my friends."

Lance smiled, rising up, Justin rising with him, Lance's arms going around his soulmate.

"So you'll be with Lucas, Harry. Awesome! Another friend of love and friendship." he smiled, Justin smiling as well.

"What about you, Alain?" Justin said, staring at the muscled black man, his body enticing and well-defined.

"As much as I'd love watching you four of smooth sexiness, my heart lays here in this paradise. Harry accepts that." he said, Harry's arms going around his lover.

"I love you, Harry. I accepted a long time ago your devotion to this man's welfare. Our love transcends distance. And I know these four will show you love when I cannot."
"I need only your beauty and love, my Ali."

The other four smiled, Lucas smiling at their touching love.

"Alain can visit, Harry. Absence transcends into deep passion."

The black man smiled, kissing his soulmate.

"I love you as well, my Harold. Our love transcends all. It will only take me a few weeks to shore up my obligations. I can join you then for a few weeks."

Everyone smiled, seeing the happiness in Harry's blue eyes.

Lucas smiled, looking towards the waterfall.

"I think the two of you need some time alone. Take in the waterfall, my friends. Its cascading love will enrich your souls."

The two men smiled, Harry gaining his feet, pulling Alain up with him.

"We'll be at the cabin when you're ready. And both of you are staying the night." Lucas smiled, the two nodding their acceptance.

The two walked past the other four, their eyes following them as they walked along the shore's edge, heading for the waterfall.

"They're beautiful and so loving." Lance said, Justin smiling as well.

"Yes they are. And Harry is going to be one of my greatest friends." Lucas said, the other three smiling, all four looking towards the two men as they reached the waterfall.

"Destiny, my friends. Harry has walked onto my path, my own life gaining a protective guardian. And he's going to gain a brother."

All three looked at each other, their eyes going to the two men ahead of them.

They watched as the two men removed their shorts, their naked bodies showing off in the distance.

Justin's blue eyes took in the vision of their total beauty, the two walking into the cascading water, their naked bodies joining and disappearing under the water.

"On that vision's ending I think we four should walk back to the cabin. I don't know about you and Lance, Jus, but I need my Josh's love." Lucas smiled, the young man rising, Josh rising with him.

Justin and Lance both stood up, Lucas smiling at their revealed thoughts.

Both men showed tents in the front of their wet shorts.

Lucas didn't say anything, his hand joining with the tented angel beside him.

Josh smiled at him, kissing his lips.

"Race you to the cabin, Justy! First one there gets the bedroom! The others get the beach!" Josh laughed, pushing his friend off his feet, he and Lucas laughing, the two rushing towards the trail.

Lance helped Justin regain his feet, his lover grinning and yelling.

"I ain't having sand up my ass! You're on Chasez!"

Lance laughed, he and Justin taking off, the two running free with their desires.


Lucas gasped, his violet eyes locked on two blue pools, his center sunken deep within Josh's need.

The man below him moaned, Lucas' rhythm at its highest point.

He pulled Lucas' face down to his, Josh kissing his lover's lips deeply, Lucas' hardness sinking to the depths of Josh's center.

Lucas gasped again, the young man feeling the tide surge through his body.

Josh moaned and gasped, his own tide overflowing.

The two erupted together, Josh feeling the heat of Lucas' love filling him, his own flooding his chest and Lucas'.

The young man thrust a few more times, his body collapsing on top of his lover's.

The two trembled, Josh resting back against the pillows of their bed.

Lucas moved, Josh feeling the emptiness of Lucas' hardness leaving him, the man feeling Lucas' tongue moving across his chest, Lucas feeding on Josh's offered love.

The young man moved upwards, their lips meeting with tenderness.

"Oh God, Lucky! So wonderful. . .so beautiful!" Josh said, gasping for air.

Lucas smiled, kissing his lover's chin.

"And no sand in our asses."
Josh laughed, picturing Justin and Lance outside.

"The man almost had us near the beach, he ran fast." Josh smiled, Lucas grinning.

"I had to do it, Beamy. I wanted the comfort of this room."

Josh laughed again, remembering Justin's surprised face.

Justin and Lance had run after them, Justin leaving Lance behind, the man on a mission of competition.

He'd gained on the two, the man almost passing them at the front of the cabin.

Lucas was at his side, Justin grinning at him as he passed.

The man's blue eyes had taken in Lucas' muscled body, sweat glistening on it, the man's eyes filled with love.

Lucas had smiled at him, rushing a bit ahead of him, then doing something that had made Justin stop in surprise.

Lucas had dropped his shorts, running out of them.

Justin's eyes had widened, taking in every naked inch of Lucas's revealed beauty.

His body was gleaming with sweat, his ass a temple of smooth beauty.

Lucas had turned grinning at Justin, Justin's eyes taking in his center, the shaft at its full length.

Justin had become lost in the man's total beauty.

Justin didn't notice where he was going, the man running right into a palm tree, the man falling on his ass.

Josh laughed as he passed him, he and his naked lover reaching the steps of the cabin.

Lance was at Justin's side, helping his man stand up.

"Are you alright, my love?" he said, Justin looking at him, his cheeks red with blushing love.

"I'm. . .I'm alright, babe. I was just blindsided with devious teasing." he said, the two hearing laughter on the veranda ahead of them.

Their eyes took in two men smiling out at them.

Josh stood on the veranda, Lucas' arms wrapped around him, his naked body behind his shorts-covered lover.

"Sorry, Jus! My man's needs overtook decency. I had to stop you from claiming that bed. Now I have to take my Josh to his heaven. Enjoy the sand, my loves. I'll wash you clean after."

Josh and Lucas had laughed, walking into the cabin, Lance and Justin watching Lucas' naked ass walking into the house.

"He's devious, and he's beautiful." Lance said, Justin looking at him.

"He's not you, babe."
Lance smiled, Justin's lips meeting his.

"Sand be damned. I need you, Jus." Lance said, Justin smiling.

"I saw all of him, Lancy. And he was beautiful. But it's you I need."

Lance smiled, the man standing up, guiding Justin to his feet.

"Then have all of me, my Justin."
Justin smiled, the man running after a running Lance, the green-eyed beauty shucking his shorts as he ran.


Josh smiled, kissing Lucas on the lips again.

"They'll hold you to their promise, my love. You're going to have to clean them."

Lucas smiled, snuggling against his lover's smooth body.

"Let's start with you, and then I'll make my way down."

Josh laughed, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"You knew Harry was coming."

"Yes, Josh. I knew he was out there waiting, and that we'd meet. He is going to be a great friend, bodyguard and brother. I need him, Josh."

Josh smiled, kissing Lucas' cheek.

"Another joining with our love. I'll welcome him also. He's your family, he's now mine."

Lucas smiled, laying his head on Josh's chest.

"Thank you, Beamy. I love you."
Josh smiled, the two hearing the front door slam.

"Looks like the other two of our love finished first."

"I assumed as much. I stoked Justin's libido. Lance must have been in heaven."

Josh smiled, staring into Lucas' violet eyes.

"You floored him with your beauty, my exhibitionistic devil."

Lucas smiled, the two watching the bedroom door open.

Justin's head popped in, smiling at the two, Lucas having covered their bodies with a sheet.

"We're done, Lukey! And we're covered in sand."

Lucas smiled, climbing out of the bed, Justin's eyes widening, Lance's head popping into the room beside Justin's.

"Yes we. . ." Lance said, not finishing his sentence, staring at Lucas' revealed nakedness.

"I promised guys. I'm a man of my word."

"Need a helper, Lucky?" Josh said, Lucas smiling back at him.

"Four hands are always better than two."

Justin and Lance both smiled, Lucas walking up to Justin.

He smiled at him, his hand going to Justin's abs, the man wearing shorts again.

"Lots of sand. Come on, Justy. Let's bathe in the sea, I'll clean all of you." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling widely.

"You're mine, Lancy." Josh smiled, the man climbing out of the bed, his full nakedness shown.

Lance smiled, taking in Josh's beautiful sleek body.

"Lucky me. I think I have sand caked in my butt crack." he smiled, the other three laughing loudly, Lance blushing a bit.

"Lucky me then." Josh smiled.

Justin smiled, his blue eyes staring into Lucas' violet.

"I'll give you a deep clean, too. Come on, my loves."

All four smiled, the three following Lucas' naked form out of the bedroom


Justin and Lance both smiled, the two laying in the hammock on the veranda.

"Our friends really scrubbed deep, babe." Lance said, Justin smiling, his head laying against Lance's wife beater.

"Yeah, Luke was very thorough." he said, Lance smiling.

"And I know you loved every moment of it."

Justin raised his head, staring into Lance's green pools.

"I love you, Lance."

"I know, Jus. And I know you love Lucas and Josh as well."

Justin nodded, Lance kissing his lips.

"Josh was just as thorough. I still feel his wandering fingers."

Justin laughed, Lance smiling at him.

"Lucas' fingers were very soothing. Almost as soothing as yours."

Lance smiled, Justin laying his head against Lance's chest again, his arms pulling him closer.

"God, I love you so much, Lancy. I love our trusting love. Lucas was beautiful and sensual, but he wasn't you."

Lance teared up, kissing Justin's forehead.

"I love you just as much, Jus. And I love Lucas and Josh. But we are soulmates, I truly believe that now. I see you with them but I see your eyes always going to me. It's me you need."

Justin smiled, kissing Lance's covered chest.

"Yes, my Lance. It's you I really need."

Lance smiled, his eyes going to the cabin's door.

"Our friends love us, and care for us. Their washing was steeped with love. But they took into account our feelings for each other. They didn't trespass the bounds of our love."

"I know, Lance. I love them for that. They know that we are soulmates, just as they know we know they are. The four of us have a relationship of love, trust and beauty. I'm so happy."

Lance smiled, his mind on something else.

"And now our friends are cooking us and our new friends dinner. I think we're beyond spoiled."
Justin smiled, snuggling against Lance's chest.

"When we get back to New York I'm going to do that for you, my love. I want to make you dinner, and wine and dine you."

Lance smiled, touched by Justin's romantic soul.

"As long as you dance with me after dinner, I'm fine with that. Thank you for your romantic soul, my love."

Justin smiled, raising his head, his lips meeting Lance's, Lance feeling his total love.

"I have to keep my man happy. And my romantic soul is his alone."

"As is mine, babe." Lance smiled.

The two smiled, rocking back and forth in the hammock.

Their quiet solitude was broken by footsteps heard on the veranda steps.

The two men smiled, seeing two smiling souls walking up onto the veranda.

"Hi, guys. You two look mellow." Harry said, the two men smiling at him, Alain's arm wrapped around his waist.

The two were wearing their wife beaters again, the two showing a glowing happiness.

"And you two look very contented. I trust Lucas' wet love was very moving." Lance smiled, the two smiling widely.

"That it was, Lance." Harry beamed, Alain smiling at his lover.

"Our own love was pretty spectacular as well." Harry said, smiling at Alain.

"I had to make my man feel my love all through him. For the next few weeks of loneliness."
The young man teared up, Alain kissing his cheek.

"It will fill his heart for eternity."

All four turned to the cabin door, Lucas standing in its doorway, his hands full of plates and silverware.

"Could you strapping young men set the table." Lucas smiled, Justin rising from the hammock.

"I said young, Jus."

Everyone laughed, Justin blushing, Lucas winking at him, Justin smiling then.

Harry and Alain walked up to Lucas, taking the plates and silverware from him.

"We'll earn our keep, Luke." Alain smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks, guys. But you're friends, not servants. And always will be."
Both men smiled, Harry patting Lucas' shoulder.

"My Harry will benefit from your giving heart, Luke. And his strength and courage will keep you safe."

Lucas smiled at Harry.

"Wait till he tastes Josh's dessert. Now that takes courage."

Everyone laughed, a hand lightly slapping the back of Lucas' head, the young man blushing, Josh walking out of the cabin behind him.

"Keep that up and I won't let you lick the spoon."

Lucas beamed, licking his lips.

"I love licking your utensil."

Everyone laughed, Josh now beaming, kissing his cheek.

"Dinner is ready, everyone. Come back and help me carry out my monstrosities, Lucky."

Lucas blushed, then laughed, the two disappearing back into the house.

Justin and Lance smiled, helping Harry and Alain ready the table.


Everyone sighed, relaxing around the table, the meal delicious and very filling.

Josh's dessert was actually a big hit, his cherry-glazed cheesecake delicious.

Lucas had had two pieces, Josh winking at him with love.

"You make a divine dessert, Josh. All kidding aside." Alain smiled, Lucas kissing Josh's cheek.

"Yep, my man's cherry surprise was delicious."

Lance burst into laughter, others following, Lucas looking around in confusion.

Josh kissed his cheek, Lucas looking into his blue pools.

"That cherry was well-tasted when you got it, babe."

Lucas blushed, realizing what he'd said.

"But it was still beautiful."

Josh smiled, kissing his lover's lips, the other four smiling at their tenderness.

Harry smiled at Justin, the man smiling back.

"Get used to the romantic love, Harry. These two are like high school kids sometimes."

Josh stuck out his tongue at Justin, the others laughing.

"He's just jealous, babe." Lucas said, Justin smirking at Lucas.

"I do well myself, Luke." Lance said, pulling Justin to him, the man kissing his lover deeply.

Lucas and Josh smiled, seeing the look of surprise on Justin's face when they parted, that look filled with awed love.

"Close your mouth, babe. I'll open it wide later."

Everyone laughed, Justin blushing but smiling at Lance.

"Sweet! Foreplay!"

Lance laughed, Justin smiling at him.

Lucas smiled at both, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Remember guys, we're sharing a bed." Lucas winked, Justin and Lance smiling.

"We don't want to put you out, my friends." Alain said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You're not, Alain and Harry. You two need a soft bed after today's love. It will continue."
The two smiled, looking around at the other four.

"Besides, we've bunked together before. No one else could put up with Justin's snoring." Josh said, Justin blushing.

"Or his clingy death grips." Lucas said, Justin smiling at Lucas.

"I don't know, Luke. That sounds like a lot of fun." Harry said, Justin winking at him.

"Sweet! Looks like I have a new groupie!"

Harry blushed deeply, Alain kissing his cheek.

"My boy's smitten with you, Jus. Take it in love."

"I'll take it in friendship first." Justin smiled, Harry quietly looking at him.

Lucas smiled, seeing Justin's giving love, the man trying to make Harry welcome into their tight circle.

"Relax, Harold. We all welcome you with friendship. You'll get used to Justin Timberlake's grandstanding. The man underneath is an even better man."

Justin smiled, Lance kissing his cheek.

"You have that right, Luke. He's amazing."

Justin smiled, Lance looking at him with love.

"I think we should take an evening walk along the beach my love." Justin said, Lance agreeing.

"You four go ahead, Harry and I'll clean up this." Alain offered, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thanks, Alain and Harry. Join us when you're done." Lucas smiled, the two nodding, the other four rising from the table.

Two sets of lovers joined hands, walking off the veranda, two other lovers watching them walk towards the dying sun sinking below the water's horizon.

"They're so in love, Ali." Harry said, Alain wrapping his arms around his man.

"I know the feeling."

Harry smiled, Alain kissing his lips, the two feeling their love.

Alain hugged the young man against him, Harry's eyes staring towards the beach, watching Josh and Lucas walking with their arms around each other, Justin and Lance walking in the foamy waves ahead of them.

The young man's blue eyes softly glowed, those blue irises staring at Lucas.




End of Chapter 61


And so two others have been welcomed into Lucas' inner circle.

Lucas has gained a new bodyguard, and perhaps a magical friend, if those glowing blue eyes mean anything.

Or is there more to the magical Harry?


Lucas has revealed that the pool wasn't really real, in the sense of its origins.

It wasn't always on the island, Alain showing the proof of that.

The pool appeared for Lucas, and for Joshua.


Lucas' magic seems to be growing, his senses heightening.

He'll need all that strength and new friendships ahead.


Up next:  Lucas journeys to his grandfather's home.

And perhaps there the magic reveals even more.


Keep reading, the plot thickens.


Hugs, Angel