Yesterday's End-62

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Chapter 62


Lucas flipped the pancakes, their tops browned.

He smiled, taking in the aromas of his simmering breakfast.

That'll make them crawl out of their coupled love.

Food feeds the soul after love fills it.

Lucas smiled, hearing footsteps in the hallway outside the kitchen, knowing the truth in his words.

"Morning, Harry." he said, not turning from his task, the young man walking into the kitchen.

"Morning, Luke. You're up early. How did you know it was me? And what smells so fantastic?" the blond-haired Adonis said, looking at Lucas' back, wondering how he knew it was him.

"I've got keen senses, my friend. Your gait is quicker than the others, you carry your physique well."

The young man smiled, leaning against the counter, Lucas pointing towards the full coffeepot.

"Freshly made. Pour us both a cup, my friend. I'll just finish these last five flapjacks and then we'll sit on the veranda and let everything warm. The others should be driven from their beds by the smell soon. My traps are always ensnaring."

Harry lightly laughed, Lucas smiling towards him, the man removing the last of the pancakes.

Harry pulled down two cups from the mug tree, pouring coffee into both.

"Alain is still sound asleep." he smiled, Lucas smiling back at him.

"This island soothes the soul. And I'm sure your love did as well."

Harry smiled, stirring the coffee, adding cream and sugar after asking Lucas what he liked.

Lucas dumped the frying pan into the sink, wiping his hands on a dishcloth, Harry handing him a cup of coffee after Lucas slipped the platter of pancakes into the warming oven.

The two smiled at each other, walking out of the kitchen, heading out onto the veranda.

The two sat down on a couch together, looking out at the sun rising over the water's horizon.

"A wonderful night, Luke. I slept wrapped in Alain's love."
Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at him.

"It didn't hurt that you had a day of muscular visions to fill your dreams, right?"

Harry blushed, Lucas lightly laughing, kissing the young man's cheek.

"Sorry, Harry. Just teasing."

The young man smiled, Lucas smiling back.

"I know, Luke. You and your friends have a great sense of humour. I like that. I'll get used to it."

"Don't get used to it, join in."

"I shall, Luke. I shall."

Lucas smiled, looking out at the beautiful beach in front of them.

"I'm going to miss this place. It's so beautiful, so calming."

Harry smiled, seeing the happiness in Lucas' violet pools.

"A tough road ahead?"

"Yes, my friend. A long road of uncertainties."

"I'm here as a friend as well, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, nodding his head.

"I know, Harry. When we get back to New York I'm going to have a long chat with you. You need to know everything about my life and I need to know all of yours. Then our true friendship can show itself."

The young man nodded, smiling at Lucas.

"Mine's not that amazing, Luke. Just a normal life of family and youthful happiness."

"I know it's more than that, my friend. Take that man sleeping in there for one thing. I want to know all about the creation of your love.."

Harry smiled, looking towards the door.

"He's my life, Luke."

Lucas nodded, patting his knee, the man wearing shorts and a wifebeater.

"I know, Harry. I see that in your eyes and feel it in your soul. I feel even more love in him."

The young man smiled, staring at Lucas.

"You. . .you can read souls?"

"Relax, my friend. I would never read a man's soul unless it was of necessity. That's not what my gifts are for."

The young man nodded, staring at Lucas.

"You seem resigned to their greatness, Lucas."

"I've opened my soul and my life to what lays behind and ahead of me. Acceptance can't stand against destiny or reality." Lucas said, looking out at the rising sun now higher above the waves.

"You have a lot of courage, Luke."

The man smiled, nodding his head.

"Courage lays in every man's heart. Some just need it stoked." he said, smiling at the young man.

"We're a lot alike, Luke. We both believe in destiny. I've believed in mine since an early age. It was instilled in me."

"Yes, I'm sure it was. But against that destiny something else shines."

"And what's that?" Harry said, Lucas moving his fingers to Harry's left breast.

"Your own heart, Harold. That is yours alone. No destiny or obligatory truths can stand against your own feelings, love or heart. Alain's captured all of them."
The young man nodded, staring out at the beach.

"My family accepts Alain, Luke. They've welcomed him into their love."
Lucas smiled nodding.

"My own family has done the same for my Josh. That makes us both smile."

The young man smiled, Lucas smiling at him.

"Have you been to New York before, Harry?"

"No, Luke. Big cities terrify me."

Lucas chuckled, Harry blushing.

"I'm just a country boy, Luke. Born and raised in a small Argentinean valley."

"Argentina? How exotic." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling.

"My parents are foreign diplomats. My father is a consular attaché for the Italian government. My mother is of English aristocracy."

"A well-seasoned family, my friend. English, Italian and Argentinean notables."

The young man smiled, nodding his head.

"A wandering trio of marauders across many lands, that's my family."

Lucas laughed, Harry smiling.

"I'm sure their nomadic hearts never wavered from life's goodness."

Harry smiled, hearing Lucas' calm voice filled with respect for his family.

"Never, Luke. We have always stood on the good side of justice and life."

Lucas nodded, their talk interrupted by a voice coming from inside the cabin.

"Mm, something smells good!" Justin's melodic voice said, Lucas smiling at Harry.

"Victim number two."

Harry laughed, the two rising and walking into the cabin.


The two smiled at Justin, the man standing in the living room, his body clad in only a pair of swim trunks.

His fingers were scratching his toned, muscled chest, Harry's eyes scanning all of the man's beauty.

"Morning, guys. Have you been cooking, Lukey? It smells divine."

Lucas smiled, walking up to Justin, kissing his cheek.

"The trap has sprung. I've bagged me another tasty treat." he laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"Food before love, sexy." he smiled, Lucas smiling, kissing him on the cheek again.

"Wash before breakie, Justy. All I can smell is Lance off you."

Harry laughed, Justin smiling at him.

"My man was indeed wrapped around me when I woke up." he smiled.

"Yes, I saw that when I left. And where did my Joshy end up when I escaped his warm love?" Lucas smiled, Justin smiling back at him.

"Let's just say I was in the center of my own happiness."
Lucas laughed, patting Justin's naked shoulder.

"You and your damn clingy hands. Josh didn't stand a chance, no matter how far he was from you."

Justin laughed, blowing Lucas a kiss.

"I like to snuggle."

"You like to possess, Timberlake."

Justin laughed, his famous smile wide and beaming.

"I'm famous, I deserve everything."

Lucas shook his head, slapping Justin's ass, the man grinning.

"Well go reap your rewards. Wake the other two of my heart and you three head for the showers. I'll keep breakfast warm."

Justin smiled, turning and walking back down the hall, Lucas smiling after him, his violet eyes turning back to Harry.

"I sense a deepness in your close friendship. You four are very much in love, Lucas. I won't pry."

Lucas smiled, Harry smiling back.

"We love each other, Harry. We're four of heart, soul and yes, beauty. We share all of that. But we also are two sets of soulmates. I love Josh completely, as Justin loves Lance. That bond is unbreakable."

The young man nodded, looking towards the hallway.

"I envy your happiness, Luke. Three hearts to make you smile, to make you happy."

"That they do, Harry. That they do."

The man smiled, seeing the happiness on Lucas' handsome face.

"You head down there and awaken your own love. I'm sure Alain needs a morning surprise."

The young man beamed.
Lucas smiled, heading towards the kitchen, Harry smiling and heading down the hallway to find his own soulmate.


Josh stood beside Lucas, the young man's violet eyes taking in the surrounding vision.

"It's not that surprising, Joshua." he said, Josh staring at him.

Their friends stood around them, two other couples staring at the two men.

All six stood on top of the trail from the beach, their eyes focused on the changed vision before them.

A large meadow of grassy greenness stood before them.

"The pool's gone!" Harry said with awed wonder, Alain's arms around him.

"It is as I've always seen it. A meadow upon the top of the hill." Alain said, looking at Lucas.

"I am leaving. There was no reason for it to stay. It gave what it needed." Lucas said, Josh's arm tightening around him.

"We'll all remember its beauty." Justin said, Lance smiling at him.

"And its giving love." Lance said, Lucas' eyes meeting his, a soft smile showing on his face.

It was after breakfast, Harry having suggested a walk to work off Lucas' delicious breakfast.

All had agreed with happiness, three couples walking together around the island, making their way to the pool for one final dip.

Lucas had remained relatively quiet on the trek up the trail, the young man smiling when the others gazed at him.

Here now they stood taking in the vision of the pool's disappearance.

Lucas smiled around at his friends, all of them trading looks with him.

"My magic is my own now. I can now focus on what lays ahead. It begins with my family, and ends with me."

"Ends with you, Lucky?"

Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"Destiny lays ahead, my love. But the greatest path I'm on is the path of our love."

Josh smiled, Lucas kissing him deeply, the other four quietly watching their love showing.

Lucas broke the kiss, smiling around at the other men surrounding him.

"Home calls, my friend. The path continues." he said, taking Josh's hand in his.

"Let's go home, Lucky."
"Yes, let's. I'm looking forward to all of it."

Lucas smiled, walking back down the trail, Josh walking at his side, the other four following behind.


Lucas dropped his bags, hitting the alarm pad at the condo's entrance.

Josh dropped two other bags beside Lucas', Harry smiling and walking into the large condo.

"Wow! Bigger than I imagined." he said, dropping a couple more bags, his blue eyes taking in the surrounding openness of the condo.

"The traps of success and high living. Justin owns it." Lucas smiled, his eyes scanning the condo seeing everything in its place.

Harry smiled, his eyes scanning everywhere, Lucas smiling at him.

"Wander the place, Harry. Make yourself at home."
The young man smiled, walking towards the kitchen.

Josh wrapped his arms around Lucas after he'd closed the door, Lucas smiling at his snuggling love.

Josh's lips were against his, Lucas feeling his flirtatious love.

It had been a long day, the last few hours Josh denied his man's love.

"That's what I longed for all afternoon." Josh smiled when Lucas finally broke his deep kiss, both his hands on Lucas' firm ass.

"The denial of public scrutiny, my angel. These moments are the best!" Lucas grinned, Josh smiling at him.

"Someday it will be full days of showing love, my Lucky. Soon."
Lucas smiled, kissing Josh's lips again.

"It's good to be home, Beamy. In the center of our free love."

Josh nodded, the two walking into the living room, sitting down on a couch, Josh like a second skin to Lucas.

Harry walked out of the kitchen, smiling at both, the young man heading down the hallway towards the games room and the bedrooms.

"Home indeed. We'll have to clean up the spare bedroom for our new beautiful nomad." Josh smiled, Lucas nodding.

"Tonight he can sleep with us if you like, babe." Lucas smiled, Josh softly blushing.

Lucas laughed, snuggling against Josh's warm body, kissing his lips again.

"It's alright, my love. I've seen all my men's wandering eyes. My new guardian angel is indeed beautiful. And it's nice to know my old fogies aren't dead."

Josh laughed, the man moving, climbing on top of Lucas, beginning to tickle him.

Lucas' laugh filled the room, Josh smiling down at him, his lips meeting his suddenly.

Lucas felt the intensity of Josh's desires and need, the young man becoming lost in the love flowing from Josh.

He sighed, reluctantly pulling back as Josh's lips began to suck on Lucas' left earlobe.

"Calmness, my love. We're not alone."

Josh sighed, laying his body against Lucas', his head snuggling in the crook of his neck.

"I love you, Lucas."
Lucas smiled, feeling that love.

"I know, Josh. I hold no jealousy in your or my loves' watching love. Eye candy is just that. Visions of stirring love. I'll have to thank Harry for stoking my man's love. I'm sure Justin is all over Lancy back at their place. His eyes have been lust-filled all day."

Josh laughed, wrapping his arms around his beautiful man.

"Nothing stokes a man's heart like his true love's beauty."

Lucas smiled, his hands rubbing his man's firm butt through his pants.

"Nice save. Even I've had a woody all day."

Josh laughed, the two men snuggling together, their love theirs alone.


A few minutes later Harry walked back into the living room, smiling at the two laying on a sofa.

The young man smiled, sitting down beside them in an overstuffed recliner.

"Settling back into open life, I see." he smiled, the two smiling at him.

Lucas moved, Josh rising, the two sitting down beside each other, their arms still entwined.

"Good to be home, Harry." Josh smiled, Harry smiling back, seeing the love and happiness in Josh's eyes.

"Yeah, Josh. Your love can show in the open again. Luke looks beyond happy."
Lucas smiled, Josh kissing his lips.

"So what do you think of the place?" Lucas smiled, the young man smiling back.

"It's beautiful." he said, the other two nodding.

"It's home, Harry. And you have full openness here as well. My bandmates will welcome you with friendship and love. We're a family." Lucas smiled, Josh smiling at him.

"They're late, babe. I thought for sure they'd be home ahead of us."

"No, Finny had told me their flight wasn't leaving until ten this morning our time, not Wales time."

Josh nodded, Harry smiling at both.

"I'm living in Justin Timberlake's condo with Orion! How unbelievable is that?!"

The two men smiled, seeing the sudden look of awed wonder cross Harry's face.

Lucas laughed, moving his hand, rubbing Harry's knee.

"You're living in a nice home, surrounded by friends. We're just us, Harry. You'll soon join in our love. Wait till you meet Finny. His humour's infectious. And he's such a looker! Woof!"

Josh laughed, Harry blushing.

"I'm surrounded by so many beautiful people." he said, his eyes staring at both men.

"Alain's going to be so happy the first day you're rejoined with his love again." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling.

"I already miss him." Harry said, Lucas rubbing his knee again.

The two men had parted with intense love at the airport, the other four seeing their souls laid bare.

Two soulmates had stood before them, all four sensing distance wouldn't stop that love.

"The time will fly by, my bodyguard. He'll be in your arms soon." Lucas said, Harry smiling at him.

"I have friends around me, I'll get through it." Harry smiled, the other two smiling.

"It's near suppertime. How about takeout, guys? Chinese?" Josh said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek.

"My man's hunger always rears itself. Just like his love."

Josh smiled, Harry smiling at both of them.

"You call it in, babe. I'll show Harry his room." Lucas smiled, the young man standing, Harry rising as well.

The two walked over to their bags, Josh smiling and rising up, heading for the kitchen.


The three were in the kitchen relaxing, dinner finished, boxes of empty and half-filled Chinese food sitting in the middle of the table, other full boxes sitting on the counter.

"That hit the spot. I'm full!" Josh sighed, Lucas rubbing his man's stomach, the two seated beside each other.

"I hope you left space for dessert." Lucas said, leaning into his lover, his lips meeting his.

Harry smiled, watching the two deeply kiss, seeing the look of love spread across Josh's face.
Lucas broke the kiss, Josh looking very contented.

"Mm! Fat free and so delicious!"

Lucas laughed, Harry joining him.

Their happiness was interrupted by the slamming of a door.

"Anyone home?" Finny's familiar loud voice shouted, cutting through the calmness.

"In the kitchen, Welshman!" Lucas yelled back, Josh chuckling.

The kitchen door opened, four smiling faces greeting the other three seated around the table.

Lucas smiled, rising from his chair, his sister's arms wrapping around him.

"Welcome back, sun-tanned Ken! Don't you two looked bronzed!" she grinned, Lucas' eyes filled with tears of happiness.

"I'm sure their asses are tanned as well." Finn grinned, Josh laughing, rising from the table, the man hugging him, the two men then hugging all four of their friends, Harry smiling at the touching reunion.

Lucas smiled, Finn the last to hug him after Skyler and Andrew, the older man kissing Lucas on the lips.

They parted their reuniting love, Finn grinning at him.

"I feel more love seeping from you, Lukey. Did you and Joshy hire a gigolo? Who's this stud?" Finn said, his blue eyes staring at the young man sitting at the table, his young beautiful face blushing.

"Everyone, this is Harry Carlisle. My cousin." Lucas smiled, the other four staring at the young man looking at them.

"Ah, yes. Your cousin from Argentina." Finn smiled, Josh looking surprised, Lucas smiling at his friends, kissing his lover's cheek.

"You forgot where they were, my love. I'm sure my Mom told them all about their new roommate."

All four smiled, Harry standing up from the table.

"Hello, I'm Harry." he said, his blue eyes staring at all four, his hand extending forward in friendship.

His blue pools locked with Finn's blue eyes, the man smiling at him.

Finn moved forward, wrapping his arms around the younger man, Harry feeling his welcoming friendship.

"Welcome to the clan, Scary Harry!" Finn smiled, Lucas smiling at his friend.

The young man blushed, Finn releasing his hold on him, the Welshman grinning widely.

"Mama Carver didn't inform us about your intoxicating looks. Josh looks beyond happy." Finn grinned, Josh and Harry both blushing, Lucas laughing.

"Yeah, my old tiger's beyond himself. And Justin and Harry have been drooling at each other for days." Lucas said, Finn bursting into laughter.

"Old Timbersnake's got the hots for Harry, and vice versa? I'm going to enjoy this fun so much!" Finn said, Lucas chuckling, Harry blushing more.

"Stop it, Finny. The boy's a novice. You'll eat him for lunch." Lucas laughed, his arm going around his best friend.

Finn laughed, his girlfriend and Trish smiling at the two reunited friends.

"What a young tasty snack! Yummy!" Skyler said, Harry blushing more, Josh's arm going around him.
"Welcome to the group, Harry. They're all smitten. I had the same affect on them at first. Beauty stuns them." Josh smiled, Harry smiling at the man.

"Twisted. You. . .you're all twisted." he said, everyone laughing.

Trish's arm went around her brother again.

"I want to hear all about the island, Lukey!"

"You all look famished. Beamy ordered extra Chinese food for my returning siblings. Let's sit and I'll tell you all about my life's continuing path." Lucas said, Trish looking at her brother.

"Ok, regale us, Lukey! And pass the Chicken Chow Mien!" Finn said, sitting down at the table, the others joining him.


Finn's blue eyes stared at Lucas with wonder.

"The. . .the pool showed up? On the island?" he said with stuttering wonder after Lucas had finished his story with that truth.

"Yes, it truly was beautiful and so real." Harry said, Josh nodding at him.

"Its magic filled me, Finny. It gave me another gift. The gift of a deeper magical awareness." Lucas said, sipping at his drink, everyone's eyes on him.

Andrew's hand went on top of Lucas'.

"You've always been aware of your surroundings, Luke. Destiny and magic now make you more attuned to everything. You're a remarkable man." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I'm just me, Drew. A new and improved me, but still just me."

Everyone smiled, Finn staring at his friend, then at Josh.

"So you've seen the other Joshua, Josh?"
Josh nodded, looking at Finn.

"Yes, Finn. I saw Lucas' ancestor. He looked like an older Lucas--masculine, breathtakingly beautiful and courageous." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"My three friends were instantly smitten."

Josh blushed, Lucas chuckling and kissing his cheek, his violet eyes scanning around at everyone.

"It was a surprising week. And nothing was more surprising than what I gained from all of it." he said, Skyler smiling at him.

"Your new magic?"

"That was amazing, Sky.  But the greater surprise was the growing of the love."

"Growing of the love, Luke?" Finn said, looking confused, his blue eyes looking at Josh, then at Harry.

"I'm surrounded now by a greater love. Three friends are now the center of my world. My Josh--and yes now--my Lance and my Justin."

Everyone looked surprised, Finn staring at Lucas with more surprise.

"You mean. . .you mean the four of you. . .together. . .?"

Lucas laughed, smiling at his friend.

"Calm down, horndog. That vision that's congealing in your mind isn't true, pervert."

Finn blushed, Lucas smiling at him.
"We're four of love, Finny. Our love's centered within all four of us. But we are first and foremost two unions of soul. Justin and Lance are soulmates, as are Beamy and I. Only he shares the trueness of my soul, and the beauty of our true love."

Josh smiled at Lucas, then around at everyone else.

"I love my Lucas completely. But my heart holds an equal love for my Justin and my beautiful Lance."

Everyone nodded, Finn staring at Josh.

"So the four of you are even closer. I think I understand." he said, Lucas smiling at his friend, Finn smiling back at him.

"I'm happy that you now have complete love, Lucas. I never wanted anything more for you." Finn said, Lucas smiling with love at his friend.

"Thanks, Finny. I'm beyond happy."

Finn nodded, smiling widely.

"So you and Josh basically now have more eye candy?" Finn smiled, Lucas laughing.

"Yep. Our two new men are damn near gorgeous!" Lucas beamed, the others laughing.
Finn laughed, taking in Lucas' smiling face, never having seen his young friend so totally happy.

"I had to do something when you rebutted my advances, sexy. Three singing studs equal you." Lucas said, batting his eyelashes at Finn.

Finn broke into laughter, everyone smiling at Lucas.

"That's about right, Lukey! Although it apparently isn't enough for Timbersnake. He's wanting this tasty morsel as well." Finn grinned, blowing a kiss at Harry, the young man blushing again.

Lucas laughed, Harry smiling at him.

"I have my own morsel, thanks Finn." Harry smiled, Finn nodding at him.

"Flirt and tease Justin every chance you get, Harry. The man blushes more than you." Finn laughed, Harry laughing as well.

"Will do, Finn. I know he loves looking at my ass."

Everyone laughed, Lucas grinning at Harry.

"You'll fit in nicely, Harry!" Finn said, high-fiving him, Harry smiling at him.

"Thanks, Finn. But your ass looks too loose, even for me."

Lucas burst into laughter, Finn looking shocked.

Lucas high-fived Harry now, the young man beaming with happiness.

"Right on, Harry! You're the man!" Lucas laughed, everyone including Finn beginning to laugh, smiling at the young man.

"Kudos, Harry. Well played." Finn smiled, the young man smiling back at him.

The group talked and laughed, finishing dinner, Harry welcomed into their inner circle.


Lucas learned from his friends all about their visits back home, their families sending Lucas their love.

Finn's eyes met Lucas' again once everyone had been caught up on each other's lives.

"So you're fine with Mama Carver's addition to your household?" Finn said, his blue eyes meeting Harry's blue.

"Yes, I'm more than fine with it, Finny. Mom's heart surrounds me. And if it will ease her worry, then that's fine with me." Lucas said, Harry's eyes meeting his.

"Besides, I was well aware of his coming friendship." Lucas said, Harry smiling at him.

"Your gifts, Luke?" Skyler asked, Lucas nodding.

"I felt the protective love, and the coming happiness. I'll always welcome sensed friends." he smiled, Harry smiling at him.

"That I'll be, Luke. A friend with the strength and courage to protect you."

Finn smiled, hearing the calmness and courage in the young man's words.

He sensed the young man was confident and courageous.

That calmed Finn's own worries in regards to his best friend's coming tribulations.

"Besides, what's more eye candy? The crosses I and my Beamy will have to bear."

Josh smiled, Harry blushing again.

"I'm thinking tank top and low fitting shorts. Mmm!" Josh said, Lucas lightly laughing.

"That's great guys. Make sure they match on both of you." Harry said, the others bursting into laughter, Josh and Lucas looking surprised.

Finn high-fived Harry, the young man grinning.

"We've created a monster, Beamy. He's fitting in too well." Lucas said, smiling at his cousin, the young man winking at him.

The group laughed and talked, Finn's blue eyes focusing on Lucas again, the group relaxing in the living room after breakfast.

"So when do we head for Vermont?" he said, Josh's eyes going to Lucas' violet.

The young man sighed, leaning back into the couch he and Josh sat upon, Harry seated beside them.

"Monday morning, guys. We have tomorrow to relax, then we fly out Monday." he said, Josh smiling at him.

"What do you think will happen there, Lukey? Are you ready to meet your grandfather?" Skyler said, looking at him with love.

"Yes, Sky. I'm more than eager to meet him. He's family, regardless of destiny or fate. And I want to know the greatness of his love." Lucas said, Josh smiling at his man.

"Your family is surrounded by mystery, Luke." Harry said, Lucas smiling at his new friend and relation.

"Yes, Harry. The Belmonts are shrouded in it. But mystery, by the word itself, leads one to assume that someday that conundrum will cease to exist. Mysteries are usually solved."

Everyone smiled, Lucas sighing again.

"Kurucu's Haven holds many mysteries. I sense I'll find the answers to many things there. Next week and perhaps later in my life."

Josh stared at Lucas, the young man's violet eyes meeting his.

"Speaking of mysteries. You yourself are one, my love." Josh said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You know all aspects of my heart and soul, my love. There is nothing that I shall ever keep from you. I am an open book in all regards to you."
Josh smiled, hearing the love in Lucas' words.

Finn stared at his friend, their eyes meeting.

"Speaking of books, when will you read the next chapter of that book?" Finn said, Lucas looking at him.

"Whenever it deems the time, Finny."
Finn looked confused as did the others.

"The book decides when it reveals its secrets?" Andrew said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Drew. Whatever truths lay within that book will only be learned by me, and when the book deems it necessary to shed light upon the past. That book is, in essence, a guide. A guide that guides on its own terms. I think magic is well organized and disciplined."

"But didn't Joshua's father write that book, Luke?" Trish said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, he did. And I believe he instilled in it--or someone else did--a concealed magic. It was never meant to be opened or revealed by anyone other than me. Another point of destiny. Magic's path is well organized." Lucas said, his fingers rubbing his chin, Josh seeing his lover showing a deep look of thought.

"You're thinking on something, babe."
Lucas nodded, staring around at everyone.

"I think I'm a cog in the machine."

Everyone looked confused, Lucas feeling Josh's arm going around him.

"What do you mean, my love?"

Lucas stared into his blue eyes, then sighed again.

"Magic in essence I believe--and have stated--is organized. An entity with purpose. Destiny, fate and truth."

"Okay, we understand that." Harry said, Lucas nodding his head.

"A set path of destiny holds no changes, no irregularities. Everything happens on purpose and for a reason."
"We understand that. And what makes you think that you're not part of that? That what's happening to you isn't on purpose?" Finn said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his.

"Because I've been sensing that maybe I'm not on destiny's true path. I think I may be walking another path."
Josh looked at Lucas, the man's eyes meeting his.

"Joshua said it himself, Josh. He said that I was a surprise, that my existence in itself was a surprise."
"I know he said that, Lucas. But you're real, and I love you."

The young man smiled, kissing Josh's cheek.

"I know I'm real, my Joshua. Our love is real."

Josh smiled, everyone smiling at their showing love.

"What I've grasped onto--or sensed--is a greater conundrum."
"And what's that, Luke?" Skyler said, Lucas smiling.

"I think everyone has it wrong."

Everyone traded looks, Lucas lost in his thoughts.

"Has what wrong, babe?" Josh said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting his.

"I think everyone's on the wrong path, Josh."

"The wrong path, my love?"
"Yes, Josh. The Belmonts are lost. And I think I know what the right path is."

Everyone looks surprised, Lucas smiling.

"The only path that can save all of them is me."

"You, Luke?" Drew said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, my friend. I think I have to make them see the truth of what I am."

"And what are you, Luke?" Harry said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Damned if I know, Harry."

Everyone looked surprised, Lucas smiling around at all of them.

"Therein lays the conundrum. Even I don't know the full effect of what's happening. The Belmonts believe they're on a path of destined truth. That their past, present and hopeful future will hold some truth in their own souls. They believe their path is the correct one. Even my grandfather holds dear to the past, and what it represents for him."

"But you don't believe that's all of it?" Drew said, Lucas nodding.

"No, Drew. I don't believe that. For some reason I'm here, I'm myself. Distant from all of them, the past creating my own separate life. My parents giving me to your mother, Trish. I being raised separate from the Belmont dynasty. I'm a Belmont and yet I'm not a true Belmont."

"So you're saying your path was separately created for some reason?" Harry said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Yes, Harry. I was hidden from all of them. My truth was secret from all their hopes and dreams. And now I've become a surprising reality for all of them."

"So what exactly do you believe you are, or are going to do?" Trish said, staring at her brother, Drew's arms around her on another couch.

"I haven't puzzled all of that out yet, Trishy. I know that I have magic, given to me I believe on purpose. Just what I'm supposed to do with that magic I don't truly know."

"Perhaps your grandfather can shed light on that, Lukey." Finn said, Lucas nodding.

"He can shed light on a lot of things, Finny. Of that I'm certain. He and I need to have a long talk." Lucas said, Josh's arms pulling him close.

"Are you worried about what he'll say, Lucas? In regards to your father, and perhaps your mother?" Skyler said, Lucas looking around at everyone.

"He'll only tell me the truth, guys. And I think it will be a truth that he and I will both have to face." Lucas said, Josh sensing Lucas' sudden quietness.

"I'm longing for it, guys. For meeting him. I sense a lot of love emanating from his soul."

"You feel his soul, Luke? This far away?" Harry said, his blue eyes showing soft wonder.

"I've felt his soul form the moment I learned of his existence, Harry. As I've felt all of them."

"All of them?" Finn said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Finny. My grandfather and my parents. My parents are indeed alive."

Everyone looked surprised, the young man quietly staring at the floor in front of him.

"You never told me that, Lucky." Josh said, Lucas' eyes raising, meeting his.

"I sense them deep within my soul, Josh. It's as if they're close but hidden behind something. Like a wall or veil."

"The barrier between the realms?" Harry said, Lucas nodding.

"Perhaps, Harry. Perhaps." Lucas said, the young man sighing again.

"Sorry for making the conversation serious, my friends. Time and a return to my ancestral home will alleviate all that drama. For tonight and tomorrow let's just enjoy the friendship around us.  Let's laugh and be happy." Lucas smiled, Finn's eyes meeting Josh, the Welshman smiling at his best friend.

"A game of darts, Lukey? I'll spot you twenty points." he smiled, Lucas smiling.

"Only twenty? You must be jetlagged!"

Finn laughed, the others smiling at the two, both men standing, the others rising as well.

"Let's play pool, Harry." Trish smiled, the young man smiling at her.

"I'm a shark, Patricia." he smiled, Trish smiling.

"And I'm a pro, what's your point?" she said, Drew laughing and patting Harry's arm.

"She hates to lose, bud!"

Harry blushed, Trish winking at him, the group walking towards the games room.

Finn's eyes met Josh's, the two showing their thoughts in their eyes.


Justin gasped, the man lost in the passion flowing through him.

Two lips were sucking on his earlobe, the man lost in the senses surging over his sweating body.

"Oh God, Lance! That's. . .that's heaven!" he moaned, feeling every inch of his soulmate's thrusting hardness.

Lance sucked on his lover's earlobe, his fingers rubbing Justin's left nipple, the man's other arm around the man, his hand stroking Justin's large shaft.

The two were in Justin's condo, their bedroom a mess of thrown blankets and pillows, the sheets half off the bed, the two in the bed's center.

Justin was on his knees, Lance behind him, his man's control total.

Justin had given into Lance for hours, this the final coupling of their needs.

Lance had given into Justin as well, several times, Justin's needs even greater.

"Oh God, Lancy! I'm. . .I'm. . .close. . ." Justin gasped, Lance increasing his stroking, his fingers rubbing the underside of Justin's cock head.

The man gasped, Lance feeling the warm liquid flood his hands, volleys of it shooting forwards, landing on the sweat-covered sheets.

Lance gasped himself, his lover's orgasm guiding his own.

The man screamed, his own orgasm flowing through Justin's body, the man feeling Lance's liquid love fill his ass and soul.

Justin collapsed forward, Lance falling on top of him, their sweat-soaked bodies becoming one.

"Oh, Lance! That's. . .that was amazing!" Justin softly said, Lance kissing his lover's neck, the man slowly pulling out of Justin's warmth, Justin feeling the emptiness filling him.

"You've broke the connection, my love. Your center binds my heart."
Lance smiled, kissing Justin's cheek.

The man turned around, Lance pulling him against his body, the two lost in the warmth of their glowing love.

"I love you, Lance. Thank you for taking me to heaven always."
Lance smiled, their lips meeting.

"It's a joined heaven, Jus. We're both there together."

Justin smiled, snuggling against his man.

"It's so good to be home, my love." Justin sighed, Lance kissing his forehead, his head laying in the crook of Lance's neck.

Lance smiled, hearing the happiness in Justin's voice.

"So when are you going to ask me?"
Justin raised his head, staring into Lance's green eyes.

Justin always loved the uniqueness and greenness of Lance's intoxicating irises.

They were like two liquid green emeralds, shining with new love.

Justin saw his own love reflecting back, knowing Lance's soul was filled with his love.

"Lance would you. . .could you. . .?"
Lance smiled, Justin sitting up, Lance staring up at him.

"Could I what, Jus?"

Justin softly smiling at Lance, Lance's hand going in his, Justin feeling the connection of his heart.

Their eyes met, Justin smiling at Lance.

"I love you, Lance. I'll always love you. Would you--or could you--find it in your heart to move in with me? Here? Or if you want we could find a new place. A place that reflects both our tastes. I want you in my life, Lance. In every moment of it."

Lance smiled, Justin seeing so much love in that smile.

"We don't need to find a new place, Justin. I know you love this place. I see every corner of it mirrored with your soul. I would love to spend the rest of my life with you here. In the beauty of your taste, in the heart of your love. In our home."

Justin's eyes filled with tears, Lance rising up, pulling his man against him.

"I love you so much, Lance!" he cried, Lance showing tears of his own.

"I love you just as much, Justin. I could never live anywhere but in this place of your heart."

Justin smiled, wiping his eyes, Lance smiling at him.

"Awesome, Lancy! You can change anything you like, or bring anything over."
Lance smiled, seeing Justin's flowing happiness.

"How about you hit the showers. I'll see if I can mess us up some early breakfast. It's after six. We've been going all night, babe."

Justin smiled, remembering every moment of their flowing love since they'd returned home.

"We could call and get an invite from Josh and Luke. I'm sure Luke will be up soon." Justin smiled, Lance smiling as well.

"Great idea, Juju."

Justin laughed, smiling at that old nickname of his.

"I haven't heard that name in years."
"I was trying to think of a new name for my new roommate."

Justin smiled, Lance's hand going into his center, Justin moaning as he felt Lance wrap his hand around Justin's softness.

"How about Timber?"

Justin laughed, kissing Lance's soft lips.

"How about Bass' biatch?"
Lance laughed, the two smiling at each other.

"I'll think up something, sexy."
"So shall I, honeybuns."

Lance smiled, moving off the bed, pulling Justin up with him.

The two looked around the room, both smiling.

"Our love leads to shambles, babe." Justin smiled, Lance kissing his lips.

"Our passion flows on the wind, sweetie. There's no controlling true love."

Justin smiled, Lance kissing his lips.

"You start the water, babe. I'm going to change the sheets and make up this room."
Justin smiled, knowing his lover's soul of tidiness.

Lance was meticulous in his love and his cleanliness.

"You clean the room, I'll clean you. Make it quick babe. I'll have the water and my heart warm."

Lance smiled, slapping Justin lightly on his naked butt.

"I'm going to need lots of cleaning. Someone was very dirty last night. I think his fingerprints are all over me."

"More for me to wash." Justin said, his voice laced with seduction and love.

"Save it for the shower, sexy."

Justin smiled, walking towards the bathroom, Lance's green eyes following the bubbly vision of his smooth ass as it disappeared into the bathroom.

Lance smiled, walking up to the dresser, picking up a pillow that was thrown there sometime over the night.

He smiled, remembering every moment as well last night.

I love you, Jus. I'll live with you anywhere.

And soon I'll show you the depth of my love and trust.

I hope you'll love me as much.

Lance smiled, looking around the bedroom.

Yes, I'm home.

This will be our home of love.

Lance smiled, walking towards the bathroom.

Deep thoughts of truth and total love guiding him towards his soulmate.




End of Chapter 62


And so paradise ends, the foursome returning to New York.

And Harry walks into their lives.


The pool of Lucas' love vanished, returning to his dreams.

And now the next journey of Lucas' own path begins.


What lays ahead for him and his family?
Are they indeed on two different paths as Lucas suggested?


Justin and Lance are moving in together, their love blossoming.

Will anything interfere with that?


Next chapter sees the truths of Kurucu's Haven beginning to shine.

Trust in me to add a little spice and drama into it.




Hugs, Angel.