Yesterday's End-83

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This story is fiction, meaning not real.

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Chapter 83


Lucas closed the door behind him, three sets of eyes meeting his.

"About time, Lucas. We'd thought you'd gotten lost." Josh said, Lucas smiling towards him, the man laying in their bed, his bronzed chest on full display.

Two others surrounded him, all three laying under the covers of the large king-sized bed.

"My family wouldn't let me go to bed." he said, smiling at the three.

"Your love is new to them all, Lucky." Justin said, his blue eyes meeting Lucas' violet.

"I hope you haven't started our love without me?" Lucas smiled, three sets of white pearly teeth meeting his large smile.

"We can't begin without the centerpiece of our love." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him, his arms around Josh's toned body, his head resting on Josh's shoulder, one hand on Josh's abs.

Lance lay on Josh's right side, his toned body against Josh's, Josh's arm around him, Lance's blond wavy hair laying back against Josh's armpit, the three propped up against many pillows behind them.

"Three visions of manly beauty. I hope you're all decent under those sheets?" Lucas said, his hands going to his polo shirt, pulling it over his head, his smooth torso on full display in the softly lit room, the red stone laying in the center of his toned chest.

"Want me to stand up to reveal that surprise?" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Sweet! I'd have you all to myself, Timberlove."

Justin smiled widely, the man releasing Josh, moving from under the sheets, his smooth body rising from the bed.

Lucas took in the man's revealed beauty, the man wearing a pair of black trunk briefs, his center moulded into a vision of confined beauty.

"Now where's the fun in that? But then again, unwrapping a surprise is half the fun." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him, the man's arms going around the younger man, Lucas feeling the man's warmth against him, Justin's hands settling on Lucas' clothed backside.

"My surprise is all yours, Luke. As it is my Lance's and my Josh's. I love all three of you." Justin said, Lucas hearing the love in his words.

"And all three of us love you, our exhibitionist of love." Lucas said, his lips moving forward, the two tenderly kissing.

Lance smiled from the bed, Josh smiling as well, the man kissing Lance's cheek.

"Our soulmates show their love for us with their showing love for each other, Lancy." Josh said, Lance smiling, his green eyes meeting Josh's blue.

"And Justin thinks he's the lucky one. I've got my own surprise against me." he said, Josh smiling, their lips meeting when Lance moved forward, Josh feeling the depth of Lance's loving kiss.

The two couples broke their kisses, staring at each other, Lucas' violet pools looking into Justin's blue pools, then at the two now staring up at them from the bed.

"Our love has left our soulmates' hearts, its path to two others of giving love. And we are indeed a foursome of love." he said, Justin smiling at the man in his arms, pulling Lucas closer to him, Lucas' hands going to Justin's toned, muscled chest, feeling the heat from its smoothness.

"Dibs on the youngest." Justin said, his lips kissing Lucas' neck, Lucas feeling his giving love.

Lucas' eyes moved from Justin, looking towards the balcony door.

"You're heating up my heart, Justin. I think we need the night's coolness to calm our love." Lucas said softly, the man moving out of Justin's embrace, walking to the door, opening it and walking out into the darkness behind it.

Justin's eyes went to the two in the bed, his blueness meeting Josh's blue pools of love.

The man moved from Lance's embrace, climbing out of the bed, his bronzed body moving towards the balcony door, the man wearing white boxers, Lance and Justin's eyes following his showing beauty.

Justin's eyes met Lance's green, the man rising out of bed as well, wearing a pair of navy blue boxer briefs, his toned beauty filling Justin's heart with love.

The two joined hands, following their friends out into the darkened July night.


Lucas felt two arms wrapped around his naked chest, the heat of his man's nakedness surrounding him, Josh's lips kissing his neck.

"Hell of a day, Lucky. You've--as Finn said--surprised the bejesus out of us." Justin said, he and Lance moving to their side, the two wrapped in each other's arms.

"I'm surprising myself, Justin." Lucas said, staring out into the dark night at nothing showing in the blackness.

"Your whole family is surprising, Luke." Lance said, his green eyes meeting two violet pools of glistening love, Lucas turning his head and meeting his emerald pools.

"Their love. . .their hope. . .it overwhelms me, Lance!" Lucas softly said, his voice filled with emotion, Lance and Justin both moving, Lucas feeling their arms surround him and Josh's own touch tightening around him.

"You've joined them all under the umbrella of your love, Lucas. The rains of the past--or the possible dangerous future--will never touch them again." Lance said, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"That's a beautiful concept, Lancy." Lucas said, Lance leaning forward and kissing his lips.

"I think I've reasoned out what you did today, Lucas." Lance said, Lucas' violet pools meeting his green orbs.

"All I did was show you all the depth of my family's past and their hope for the future. And my love for them." he said, Lance's hand rubbing his naked shoulder.

"You showed us their past, and their magical truths, yes. But you also showed them the central part in all of it. You have united them under your love, Lucas. You've joined them as a family. Of generations of the past and of the hopeful future. And you are the center of all of them. Today you've gained a family, Lucas. You've been given the love of new parents and of giving grandparents. You have found your true family today, Lucas." Lance said, Lucas sobbing, Josh pulling him close against his chest, having turned his man in his arms, Lucas sobbing into Josh's smooth beauty.

"I have my family, guys! I have a family who loves me!" he sobbed, Justin rubbing the young man's back, his blue eyes meeting Josh's tearful blue pools.

"Yes, Lucas. We all see their total love for you. You have a family unlike any other we know." Justin said, Lucas' head raising, staring into Justin's blue pools.

"The depth of their magic, of their truths you showed, of what you are a part of! That's what has surprised the bejesus out of us, Lucky." Justin said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I sensed it all, Jus. I sensed the truth in what they had hidden in their souls. Of the past Trinity and of the hidden truths within my own family. My new magic sensed it all." he said, the young man moving back, the three releasing him, Lucas turning back to the darkness, staring out into the night, the three looking at each other.

Josh walked up to his man, standing beside him, their shoulders touching.

"We all three have sensed a brooding truth within your own soul, Lucas. What's going on in that giving soul of yours, my Lucky?" he said, Lucas' head turning, Josh staring into his still wet violet eyes.

"The magic within me has grown, Josh. Whatever happened this morning--wherever I was taken--it's released a greater magic within my soul. I feel like. . ." he softly said, Josh's arm going around him again.

"You feel like what, my love?"
"I feel like I'm coming alive for the first time in my life, Joshua. Like my soul's coming alive. Like it's not my own." he said, Josh's hand going to his chin, their eyes meeting.

"You're you, Lucas. The you all three of us love. No magic--new or old--will change who you are in our eyes." Josh said, Justin and Lance moving forward, Lucas feeling their surrounding love, their hands going to his back and hips.

"You're you, Lucas, as Josh said. The you we all love." Justin said, Lucas' eyes meeting his blue pools of sparkling love, then Lance's green pools of staring beauty, the young man having turned his body, the three surrounding him.

"I think we need to talk about the other truth you revealed tonight, Lucas." Lance said, Lucas' violet pools staring into his emerald irises.

Josh's hand went to Lucas' chin again, turning his eyes to his blue pools.

"We all felt it at the same moment, Lucas. Your family wasn't the only family you united tonight." Josh said, Lucas staring at him.

"Your magic created a family tonight, Lucas. You drew your parents', grandparents' and great-grandfather's love together. You made them a real family of parents and children. And they in turned realized what they now had. Your love, your magical love. And the three of us realized in your staring eyes all night that you have something more tonight." Lance said, Lucas staring at him, the man moving forward, kissing his lips softly.

"I think it's time we all opened our hearts to the truth, Lucas." Lance said, Lucas staring at him.

"The truth. . .the truth of what, Lancy?" Lucas softly said, Lance's eyes meeting Justin's blue, Justin's blue moving to Josh's blue, all three showing tearful love.

"I love you, Lucas. As greatly as I love my Jus. As greatly as I now realize I love our Joshy." Lance said, Lucas staring at all three.

"I need you, Lucas. I need your love and I need Josh's love. My Justin's is beautiful, so beautiful. But it's not enough. I need a triad of love. We each need our own Trinity. But this is a Trinity of beauty, of love and of life. Four parts of our joining soul. I don't think any one of us four could exist without the other three. We need each other's love." Lance said, Justin's arm going around his soulmate.

Lucas stared into Justin's blue pools of glistening love.

"Lance is right, Lucas. I need your love as well. And my Josh's familiar returning love. My Lance is my everything. But so are both of you. I feel so loved for once in my life. I was always lost with a singular love that wasn't enough. It was a joined love I needed. The joined love, beauty and life of the three standing before me. I need all of you to be complete. Will all three of you love me? I promise to love all three of you forever!" Justin said, his eyes showing more love and emotional wetness.

Josh's hand went to his friend's shoulder, seeing the love in Justin's and Lance's wet eyes.

Lance's hand rubbed Lucas' shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"I have had a life of denial. I've denied myself true love. I sought it out in want and need, in pain and hurt. Not till I felt the love in my Justin's soul for myself did I feel that I was truly loved. And then I felt a greater love surround me. A love of familiar solid friendship and of new guiding love. The two of you entered my soul, giving me a love I never dreamed existed. A combined love of friendship, beauty, and most of all trust. My heart can trust someone again. It can trust you three of beauty, three of one love. I love all three of you, and I'll give all of myself to you."

Justin teared up, Lance smiling into his handsome face.

"They are right, Lucas. They are so beautiful, so loving and so giving. I see a great love in their eyes. A love I need. I love you, Lucas. I love you so much! But I love them as well. Your love--your giving love--has opened our hearts as one. We see before us all we need. A greater love than one can give. A greater love that we all hunger for. I love them and I love you. I will give my love to all three of you." Josh said, Lucas' violet pools staring into his soulmate's blue pools of love.

Lucas turned back into the dark night, the balcony bathed in silence, three men staring at each other, then staring at the young man whom all three felt was now a part of their hearts.

"And you, Lucas? What does your heart tell you?" Justin said, Lucas' head lowering before them, his body turned away from them.

"My heart tells me that it's alive, Justin. It's alive with a love that threatens to overpower me. That love is even greater than the magic my heart now holds. Perhaps it is the essence of the magic. Your combined love is the magic that heals me, that makes me who I am." the young man said, his body turning, all three staring into his violet pools, the man's eyes filled with a glowing brightness, all three staring into two pools of vibrant love and energy.

"Lucas. . .your eyes. . .they're showing so much love." Lance softly said, Lucas' hand going to his friend's cheek, Lance feeling a sudden flash of energy flow through him, Justin feeling the same when Lucas' other hand touched his cheek.

Josh felt the same reaction through his touching Justin's shoulder, his hand still there.

"What. . .what was that, Lucas?" Lance said, Lucas' violet pools softening, his handsome face staring at all three.

"That was myself, Lance. That was. . ." he softly said, his eyes lowering.

Josh's arm went around his man again, Lucas' head raising, his body rising as well, the man's stature seemingly showing a greater masculinity.

"That was my soul, Lance and Justin and my Josh. Your love has welcomed me into your hearts. My soul has gone into yours. We are one. We love each other, we trust each other. And now we are one. I love all three of you with my greatest heart's desire. My Josh is my everything, as you and Justin are everything to each other, Lance. But the other three are part of us. We give our love to each other, in any way we need. I love all three of you." Lucas said, the man moving forward, pulling the three men surrounding him against him, all three feeling his strength, love and beauty against him.

His lips moved in turn, kissing all three, the three feeling his deep love.

They became lost in his love; visions of love, beauty and life passing in their minds, their souls and hearts.

The four broke their moment of love, Justin opening his eyes at the same time as Josh and Lance, all three having been lost in the light of Lucas' love.

"Wow. . .wow!" Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"You haven't experienced anything yet, Jus. Wait till you feel my talented tongue on your balls."

Justin looked at Lucas, the young man bursting into laughter, Justin blushing, the three then joining him in laughter.

Josh smiled at his soulmate, seeing Lucas' calmed self, his face showing a greater beauty and love.

"You look different, Lucas." Lance said, Lucas smiling and kissing his cheek, the four still wrapped in each other's arms.

"We all look different, Lance. We show a greater love for each other. The beauty of each other's face shows a greater beauty for all four of us. And man, those bodies! I'm in heaven!" he smiled, staring at the three of near nakedness in his arms.

Lance's green pools met Lucas' violet again, Lucas smiling at him, Justin staring between the two.

"We love you, Lance. We would never hurt you. Our love is yours in any way you need." Lucas said, Lance tearing up.
"I thought. . .I thought that my Justin's beauty and showing love was so beautiful. I believe yours will be identical. I. . .I love you all so much." Lance said, Lucas pulling him close.

"Tonight isn't the night for giving into love's needs, Lance. The four of us will give only our closeness, our love and our soulmate's love." he said, Lance staring into his violet pools.

"You were correct, Lance. We have in fact created a greater Trinity, let's call it a Quartet. Four of love, four of joined love." Lucas said, smiling at the man.

Justin's smile widened, Lucas smiling at him.

"Will we sing together, Luke? I love a capella." the singer said, his smile widening.

"I have the pole for you to use, Jus. But it's not striped." Josh said, Lucas laughing, the four smiling and laughing together.

"We'll sing the song of love, Justin. That melody will enter all our souls." Lance said, Lucas smiling at him, his violet pools meeting his Josh's blue.

"I think it's time you see what I see in my Joshua and what he sees in my love, Lance and Justin. And from there we'll all see what the future may hold for us." Lucas said, the man releasing Lance and Justin from his warm embrace.

The young man turned, staring into his Joshua's blue pools of love.

"I love you, Joshua."
Josh smiled, leaning forward, their lips meeting, Lance and Justin staring at the two as they kissed with all their souls, Josh's arms going around his Lucas.

They broke their kiss, their eyes locked on each other, Josh smiling.

"I love you, Lucas. I want them to see how much. I want our love open before them." he said, the man moving Lucas towards the balcony door, Justin's arm going around his Lance.

Their eyes met, Lance staring into his soulmate's blue pools.

"Josh's love is intense, Lance. I remember it so well. You need to see the beauty of it. And Lucas wants us to see the beauty of his ever giving-love."

Lance nodded, his soulmate's arm going around him, the two walking back into the bedroom.



Hours Later


Lucas stood in the moonlit darkness of the marbled center of his family's home.

Surrounding him were the stone statues of all his ancestors, of all the courageous Belmont souls of giving love and fateful life.

He sat in the cavadeum on the stone bench before the central fountain, his violet eyes looking around at all the beautiful faces of masculine beauty staring down at him.

He pulled his robe around him a little more, the morning's soft coolness felt in the open-aired cavadeum.

His mind thought to hours earlier and the showing beauty of three that now resided in his soul.

He smiled, remembering his Joshua's giving love, his showing courage.

The two had walked back into the bedroom, walking to the large bed, Josh's arms going around Lucas' belted waist, pulling him against him.

Lucas had seen the desire and love shining in his soulmate's blue eyes.

He also felt the presence of the other two within his soul, their love in his heart, their beauty standing at the balcony door in silence.

His own eyes were only focused on the man standing before him, Josh's body standing in only his white boxers, his center tented with love.

"I love you, Joshua. Show me your love, let they of our new heart see all of it." Lucas had said, Josh moving forward, their lips meeting, Josh's hands flowing on a mission of need and love.

Justin and Lance had stood in silence, watching the two of their hearts show their love openly.

Lance's green pools took in all the revealing beauty of his friends' beauty, the two removing each other's clothing, their naked love showing before him and his soulmate.

Justin's blue eyes had taken in every inch of Josh's familiar muscled beauty, Justin seeing a more toned physique of manly beauty now in his Josh.

His butt seemed to be more firm, his center as beautiful as remembered, but a more toned beauty in the man's older physique.

And Lucas' slowly revealed beauty sent warmth through Justin's and Lance's soul.

Every inch of the man's body was a sculpted vision of masculine muscularity, a vision of smooth athleticism.

"They're. . .they're both so beautiful. Lucas is so. . ." Lance had softly said, Justin's arm pulling him against him.

"Josh's beauty has toned more, Lucas' love making him so beautiful. And Lucas' own. . .he's so. . .so beautiful." Justin had softly said, the two before them hearing their words, their watching love stoking their own souls of need.

Josh had moved Lucas towards the bed, the older man pulling the younger down on top of him, Justin and Lance taking in Lucas' sculpted butt, Lucas laying on top of Josh's muscled body, the two locked in a kiss of need.

"They're pulling each other into their love, Jus." Lance said, the man's arm now around Justin, his other hand on Justin's chest, lightly rubbing it.

Both men stared at the two before them, Lance slowly moving forward, Justin letting Lance lead him closer to the bed, Justin feeling Lance's needful curiosity, the two silent.

The two stopped at the end of the bed, staring down at the two lovers, Josh on the move.

The man flipped Lucas to his left, their naked bodies showing before the other two.

Josh's lips left Lucas' soft lips, his head moving, his lips attaching to Lucas' left nipple, Lucas gasping.

His violet pools opened, staring at the two standing at the end of the bed, then closing again as Josh's lips moved across Lucas' muscled smooth torso, licking every inch of it, his hand wrapping around Lucas' enlarging center.

Justin and Lance both stared at that heightened center, seeing all of Lucas' desires in that glorious shaft, Josh's love having lengthened it to its full girth.

Justin felt Lance's hand move down his chest, Justin gasping softly when he felt Lance's hand sneak into his boxer briefs, wrapping around Justin's own hardening shaft.

Their eyes never left the erotic sight before them, the two men seeing their friends lost in their desires and love for each other.

Lucas smiled, looking around the dark cavadeum, remembering the intensity of Josh's love.

How the man had possessed every inch of him, how two others had watched the love unfold.

Lucas had felt their love and own desires above him, his violet eyes having gone to theirs on several occasions, seeing their own desires showing in their eyes and roaming hands on each other.

Josh became a part of Lucas; his love, touches, kissing and beauty capturing Lucas' soul.

And letting the two new of their hearts see that love only heightened their own.

Lucas in turn had possessed Josh, Justin watching his old friend consumed by Lucas' guiding kisses and touching, the man's own desires longing for that young man's skilled touch.

When they'd switched places and Lucas had begun to possess Josh, Lance had seen enough.

His hand had moved from Justin's large center, Justin feeling Lance move behind him, Justin feeling Lance's large center against his ass, his man's hands wrapping around his smooth torso.

Lance's lips had gone to Justin's neck, the man kissing it, moving upwards to his earlobe, sucking it into his mouth.

"Oh God, Jus! Their love, their beauty, it's feeding my soul. I need you so much! I need to show them your love!" Lance had said, his hands moving to Justin's waist, Justin feeling his briefs leave his ass, falling down his legs, Justin stepping out of them.

Justin turned in his lover's arms, staring into Lance's green pools.

"I love you, Jus. And I trust them. They need to see what I see in your love. And they need to see how much you love me!" Lance said, their lips meeting, two violet pools on the bed moving towards the two, Lucas seeing Justin's naked back and ass, Josh's lips kissing Lucas' neck.

"He is beautiful, Lucky. His beauty fills Lance's needs." Josh said, Lucas smiling as he saw Justin's hands pulling at Lance's briefs in front of him, the two locked in a deep kiss.

"Join the love, my Lance and Jus. Open up our souls to the newness of showing love." Lucas said, his eyes moving back to his Josh, Josh's lips meeting his, Lucas again lost in the love before him.

The two men felt a weight on the bed, Josh feeling a shoulder go against his, Lucas' lips leaving Josh's own, Josh feeling them latch onto his earlobe, the man's head moving to his right, his eyes opening, staring into two blue pools of love.

Justin's handsome face stared at him, Josh's eyes moving to a blond head moving down Justin's smooth torso, Josh's eyes taking in Lance's face as Justin's center disappeared into Lance's mouth.

He saw two green pools of desirous happiness staring at him, the man's vision suddenly focusing on a deeper movement within his own soul.

He turned his eyes, staring into two violet pools of total love.

And he felt his center come alive as Lucas sunk deep within him.

Their lips met, Josh lost in his lover's total possession, oblivious to Justin laying beside him, his friend lost in Lance's own possessing, now open love.

All four became lost in the open love surrounding them.


Lucas smiled, staring around the dark cavadeum in silence.

He remembered every moment of that hour of intense openness.

All four watching the other three give their love and desires to their soulmates; their love, their nakedness open to the other three.

The two couples hadn't moved from their soulmates.

Their coupled love shown to the other two, both taking in the other twosome's possessing love.

Lucas had watched Lance's tender lovemaking with Justin, and Justin's energetic needful lovemaking with Lance.

He saw the total beauty of Justin's giving love, the greatness of Justin Timberlake's own needful loving soul.

Their eyes had met often, Lucas seeing the great need in Justin's beautiful eyes, and how Justin's need was totally possessing Lance.

Lucas felt in his soul that one day perhaps he'd feel that needful love himself.

And in his heart he perhaps wanted that, just as much as his heart wanted Lance's giving love.

He'd watched his Josh watching them, seeing the look of familiarity in Josh's blue pools as he watched Justin make love to Lance.

He sensed in both sets of blue pools the hidden need for that familiar love.

And he'd seen the love in Lance's green pools, their eyes meeting often as well.

He saw the love for Justin he held there, and a new love he had for himself and his Joshua.

But most of all in those emerald eyes he saw trust, love and happiness.

In some way Lucas felt a greater kinship to Lance, a deeper bond of love.

Perhaps it was the mirrored pain they'd endured, perhaps it was the greater intellect they shared with each other.

Whatever it was Lucas felt a new brother's love fill his soul.

For over an hour the four had given their soulmates their total love, the eroticism bringing all four to heights of emotional ecstasy.

They'd finally succumbed to their needs, the four joined as two couples, the bed soaked with their sweated needs.

Josh and Justin lay on their backs, their soulmates against their chests, Lance's head in the crook of Justin's neck, his arms wrapped around him.

Lucas' head lay on Josh's chest, its sweaty smoothness warm against his face.

Justin and Josh had both pulled sheets over themselves and their lovers, their naked chests only showing.

"So who won the tournament?" Lucas said, everyone smiling.

"I didn't know it was a competition." Justin smiled, Lucas smiling into his blue eyes.

"Love is never a competition, Jus. The game of love only has winners." Lance said, Justin smiling down at him, kissing his forehead.,

The four smiled at each other, Justin's blue eyes looking around at everyone.

"It was so. . .the two of you. . .my Lance." he softly said, Lance's hand rubbing his chest.

"It was beautiful, Jus. Our friends' showing love was beautiful. And your giving love was greater than I have ever felt, my Jus." Lance said, Josh and Lucas smiling at him, Justin tearfully staring at his lover.

"The love surrounding me heightened my own desires, my love. And you were the center of it."

The other three smiled, Justin softly smiling.

"Thanks guys. You've made my Timby horny." Lance grinned, Josh and Lucas chuckling.

"I knew it would work. He's such a horndog." Lucas smiled, Justin blushing more, Lucas raising his head and leaning over his Josh, his lips meeting Justin's.

Lance smiled as the two parted, Justin staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"But he's our horndog." Lucas smiled, Justin smiling back.

"I'm game anytime, Lucky. You ass looked damn fine."

Lucas laughed loudly, Josh smiling at him, their eyes meeting.

"I love you, Josh. Right now I can't handle your horny friend. Your love's sated me." Lucas said, the young man returning to his lover's warm embrace, Justin and Lance smiling at him.

"I think we are all sated, Luke. The showing love overcame all of us. And our soulmate took us to heaven." Lance said, the man softly yawning, Justin pulling him closer to him, Josh yawning as well.

Lucas smiled at the other three, the young man kissing his Josh's cheek.

"It's late, my loves. Tomorrow we return to our lives. And our love continues." Lucas smiled, snuggling against his Josh's warm chest, his arms going around the younger man.

"Onward to the happiness, my Lucky." Josh said, kissing Lucas' forehead.

"Goodnight, everyone. Goodnight, my love." Justin said, Lance raising his head, their lips meeting, Lucas smiling, raising his head, meeting Josh's warm lips.

"Goodnight, my Beamy." Lucas said, Josh smiling into his violet pools.

"Goodnight, John Boy!" Lance said, everyone laughing, Lance smiling.

"No more room, Lancy. The bed's full. Walton can stay at home." Justin grinned, Lance snuggling against him.

"Goodnight, my friends." Lance said, Josh smiling at him, Lucas returning to his chest, all four closing their eyes, the room quieting down.

Two violet pools opened for a moment, staring at the three sleeping faces before him.

Love continues as it must.

And so does my life.

Lucas smiled, closing his violet pools again.


Lucas looked around the cavadeum, his violet eyes staring around into the darkness.

His mind thought over the night's and day's moments, his life centering on the new path he felt himself upon.

He sighed, staring up at the central figure of Alsarius Belgras, the father of his heritage.

"There's more light out here in my friendship, hidden one. You do not have to hide in quiet darkness." he said, his eyes not focusing on anywhere specific, still staring at the marble face of his ancestor.

A movement sounded to his left, Lucas' eyes then moving, meeting two brown pools in the half darkness beside Alsarius Belgras' statue base.

"I didn't want to intrude. You looked deep in quiet reflection." a voice said, those brown eyes looking at the young man seated on the stone bench.

"Only thinking on my own life and happiness, Jacques." Lucas said, the man standing in darkness moving forward slowly, Jacques Gambon walking out of the darkened cavadeum.

"You have your father's keen eyesight and hearing, Lucas. I could never remain hidden from him either." Jacques said, a soft smile coming to his face.

Lucas smiled at him, the young man moving on the bench, the Frenchman sitting down beside him.

"Thank you for the compliment, Jacques. I wasn't sure it was you out there. I only heard the faintest of movements in the darkness. I took a shot on drawing the crouching tiger out." Lucas said, their eyes meeting, Jacques smiling.

"I just didn't want to intrude, mon ami.  But I'm more of a hidden dragon." he said, Lucas smiling.

"There is no intrusion into my friendship, Jacques. And my father would never want your friendship hidden from him or myself."

"Two of the same intellect and friendship. You are indeed your father's son, Lucas." Jacques said, looking around the cavadeum.

"Yes, I am indeed that." Lucas said, a soft smile of love showing on his handsome young face.

"What brings you out here so late, Lucas? After the day's dramas I was certain you'd be deep in slumber. That magic must take a great toll upon your energy." Jacques said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I am newly refreshed, sir. I just couldn't sleep." Lucas said, the man nodding at him.

"Your soul holds a great responsibility and destiny, Lucas. You showed all of us that today." Jacques said, Lucas nodding, looking around at the statues.

"For my family I would take on the world, Jacques." Lucas said, staring up at his ancestor Alsarius again, Jacques staring at him.

"You have your father's courage as well, Lucas. And his resolve."

"I am only myself, sir. That's all I've ever wanted to be. But perhaps that isn't all of myself." Lucas said, Jacques hand going to his shoulder.

"I have not known you for very long, Lucas. But I see in you your own self. Not even your family's mysteries have staved you from taking charge of all of them. And from living your own life." he said, Lucas' violet pools meeting the man's brown.

"Thank you, Jacques."

The man smiled at him, nodding his head.

"Where do you go from here, Lucas? I know you leave tomorrow, or should I say today." Jacques said, Lucas nodding.

"My life continues, Jacques. But my soul is everywhere." Lucas said, Jacques staring at him.

"How about yourself, sir?" Lucas said, Jacques looking around.

"I have been hiding for a long time, Lucas. From the law, from the danger, and from perhaps my own shadows." Jacques said, Lucas' hand now going to his shoulder.

"The path you walked you chose yourself, Jacques. And my father and mother never knew of the greatness of your watching love."

The Frenchman's eyes lowered, then raised again, looking towards Lucas' father's statue.

"I followed them in shadowed silence, Lucas. For after their leaving this place I sensed they'd be on a path of danger. I just couldn't help them when they needed it most."
"You helped them with your friendship and your love, sir."
Jacques smiled, nodding.

"Your father and your mother entered my heart at a young age, Lucas. I would have done anything for them. But I couldn't stave the magic's interference. We all lost them in the end."

"We never lost them, Jacques. Their love was always around us." Lucas said, the Frenchman's eyes meeting his.

"After their disappearance I guarded their past from the watching eyes, Lucas. I don't believe they even knew I was there." Jacques said, Lucas smiling at him.

"How long did you watch myself, sir?"

Jacques eyes widened a bit, Lucas' hand rubbing his shoulder.

"I had always sensed throughout my life that I was being watched. I felt a greater love surrounding me. Thank you for guarding me. And for protecting and guarding my grandfather."

The Frenchman's eyes stared into Lucas' violet pools.

"I loved your parents, Lucas. When they disappeared I devoted my life to your well-being. I knew where they'd left you, in Vivacious' tender care. The deception of your existence was a well-conceived plan."

"Your intelligence saved me then, Jacques. Thank you for devising that plan.."

The Frenchman's face softened with a smile, Lucas smiling back at him.

"You have the greater intelligence, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling, his eyes lowering, the man watching the younger man's thoughtful face.

"Did they. . .did they agree to it easily?" Lucas softly said, the man's arm going around Lucas.

"They loved you totally, Lucas. Your mother's face wore a look of deep sorrow and fragile hurt when she agreed to the plan, as did your father's. In a short few weeks of your existence you'd captured both of their hearts. And your smile was like a ray of sunshine to their faces. Your love warmed their souls. And they in the end saw the greater sacrifice they'd have to endure. You were hidden with love, Lucas. I still see that love in both their eyes. I've never seen so much love on my. . ."

Lucas' eyes met Jacques' brown pools, the young man moving, kissing the older man's cheek.

"I feel the depth of the love you have for my father, Jacques. I will not ask of the past. But I see the returned love in his green eyes."

"We were. . .we were ironclad in our loving friendship, Lucas." Jacques said, Lucas watching the man lower his eyes, the younger man smiling.

"Love begins with friendship, and the paths we walk we walk for a reason." Lucas said, Jacques' eyes raising again, staring at the young man.

"Lucas, I. . ."

The young man stood up, smiling down at the Frenchman.

"I see the love surrounding me, sir. And I watch its paths unfold. I think you should go with your heart, Jacques."
The Frenchman stood up, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"You. . .you cannot. . .you cannot know!" the man said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder.

"I do not interfere in other souls' paths, dear friend of my father. But I believe you should take the chance you heart yearns for." Lucas said, Jacques staring at him.

"I have a request of you, sir."

Jacques nodded, staring at the younger man.

"Stay close to my parents, Jacques. Your love has always guarded them."

The man nodded, smiling at Lucas.

"I will never falter from that path, Lucas."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing the man's cheek.

"On that path you'll find what you need, Jacques. For I feel the same reflection of love. You just have to take the chance. Love awaits all of us, some holding great surprise."

The man stared at Lucas, the young man smiling, moving forward and hugging the older man, Jacques surprised, the man putting his arms around Lucas.

"Goodnight, friend of my father. Another friend awaits your opening heart." Lucas smiled, releasing the man, the young man walking back down the corridor, heading towards the central staircase.

Jacques stared after him, the man's eyes watching him disappear into the darkness.

His brown eyes moved, looking up towards Tristan's statue.

He is love, Tristan.

He is greater than what you imagined.

And my heart feels hope.

I shall do as he asked.

I will guard you and Savannah.

And it's time I voiced my own heart.

I. . .I hope you understand, my love.

The man smiled, moving back between the statues, disappearing into the darkness.


Lucas closed the bedroom door with quietness, walking across the darkened room, his eyes scanning the large bed.

He smiled, seeing two people snuggled together in the center of the bed.

Josh was laying on his back, his smooth chest showing, two arms wrapped around its smoothness.

Lance's head was on Josh's chest, Josh's arms wrapped around him, the two snuggled together.

A sheet covered their nakedness, both softly snoring in the quiet room.

Lucas' eyes went towards the balcony door, the young man seeing a shadow against the darkness.

He quietly walked around the bed, slowly opening the balcony door, stepping out into the coolness of the early morning.

He saw Justin's dark form leaning against the balcony, the man wearing a white robe, his head raised, staring up at the star-filled sky.

"I thought you have all your wishes answered, Jus. Why wish for more than we can give?" Lucas said, the young man moving, walking up to his friend as he turned, Lucas staring into his blue pools.

Lucas saw the emotion on Justin's beautiful face, Lucas pulling him into his arms, Justin's head going against his chest.

"I have so much, Lucas! I have so much love!" Justin said, his voice etched with emotion, Lucas feeling the tears on his skin against his open neck.

"We all do, Jus. We have each other's love."

Justin pulled Lucas closer to him, Lucas feeling the man's warmth against his own robed body.

The two stood in silence, their arms wrapped around each other.

Justin was the first to break the embrace, his head raising from Lucas' chest, the man wiping his friend's cheeks.

"I'm sorry, Lucas. I'm. . ." Justin began to say, Lucas silencing him with a finger to his lips.

"Never be sorry for showing your feelings, Justin. That's a large part of the beauty of your soul. You hide it very well but we all see that you're the most emotional of all four of us. For I believe you have a more fragile soul." Lucas said, Justin softly smiling at him.

"My mother always said that. That her little boy was her fragile flower."

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing Justin on the lips.

"You're not fragile, Justin. You're strong, masculine and beautiful. Your emotions are the more beautiful. For it shows the greater soul within you. We'd never not love you for that." Lucas said, Justin smiling at him.

"And what about the rest of me?" he said, winking at Lucas, the younger man chuckling.

"From what I saw--and that was all of you--we'll love all of you." he said, Justin's eyes lowering, the man moving, sitting down on a wicker couch that stood at the end of the balcony.

Lucas quietly watched his friend lower his head, the younger man moving, joining his friend on the couch, his arm going around Justin's back, the man's head raising, their eyes meeting.

"Open your heart to me, Justin. All three of us are here for anything your heart or mind needs."

"I need to be honest with you, Lucas." Justin said, Lucas smiling at him.

"We are all here as confidants and friends, Jus. Our thoughts, ideas and love we will all hold in confidence and in love."

Justin smiled, looking towards the bedroom, his mind on his Lance.

"I never thought he'd go for it, Lucas." Justin said, his eyes lowering.

"You never thought that Lance would agree to all of us loving each other?" Lucas said, Justin nodding.

"He loves me so much, Lucas. He's bared his soul to me. I thought I knew all of him." Justin said, his eyes showing soft tears, Lucas kissing his cheek.

"You do know all of him, Justin. For you've seen the beauty of his soul, you've felt the beauty of his love. I saw that beauty tonight. You're his in all ways, Justin. What's happened tonight is nothing against your love for each other. Let's just call it an enhancement of that love."

Justin's eyes met Lucas' violet pools, the man moving forward, his lips meeting Lucas', the younger man feeling the man's giving love.

The two broke their kiss, Justin's head going against Lucas' chest again, Lucas' arms encircling him.

"I love him so much, Lucas! His love is so beautiful. Watching you and Josh tonight made me see that your love for each other is so beautiful as well. I wanted to. . .I wanted us to. . ."

Lucas smiled, kissing Justin's forehead.

"You wanted us to join with your love."

Justin raised his head, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Is. . .is that wrong, Lucas? I love Lance so much, but I see so much love in your eyes, in Josh's eyes. I've loved Josh forever, I've felt his love, I've experienced it. And I've. . ."
"You've loved me as well, Justin. I know that. I've always known that. I told you before that I sensed your needful love that first day we met."

"I know, Lucas. My heart's doing back flips. I. . .I'm so confused as to what's happening between us. You both gave so much to both of us tonight. You bared your souls and your bodies to us. You were both so beautiful, a mirrored beauty of my Lance's soul. I love him so much. I don't know if what I feel will threaten that love." Justin said, his eyes beginning to lower, Lucas raising his head with his fingers.

"My Josh's and my love for you will never threaten your love for Lance, Justin. And Lance will never be jealous of any of us. For he sees in all of us a pact of trust and love. As you need to see as well. We love each other, and we love our soulmates. Love is different in different situations, Jus. You heart's love for your Lance is different than the love you're feeling for Josh and myself. Different degrees of love. It's up to the four of us to decide together in trust and love what we want our love to encompass. Beauty, life and love. We four will decide together where that leads us. All I know is that it will be a voyage that I'm greatly looking forward to. For I've always been a great believer in love having its own guiding hand. I trust it to give me--and all of us--a life of happiness."

"I do trust you and Josh, Lucas. And most of all I trust my Lance. I know his deep spiritual love is mine. It's just. . ."

Lucas' arm tightened around Justin, their eyes meeting again.

"It's just I don't know if I can trust myself."

Lucas stared at Justin, their eyes locked on each other's soul.

"We all trust you and love you, Justin. And we'll all allow you to follow your heart. It's up to all of us to decide how far we'll let you go. Our randy little Timberlake horndog will be neutered if need be."

Justin stared at Lucas, the young man smiling at him.

Justin's eyes showed tears again, Lucas leaning forward and kissing his lips again.

"Come on, Justin. I'm razzing ya!" Lucas said, Justin softly smiling.

"You. . .you see right  though me, Lucas." he softly said, Lucas smiling, pulling him close, Justin's head returning to his friend's chest.

"I love you, Justin. And I trust you. And Josh loves you deeply. We'll all cross the paths of our open hearts as they come. I'm not surprised that you're desiring my Beamy. He's beautiful and you've experienced his love before."
"And I love you, Lucas. And I saw tonight the beauty of your own self. I saw that beauty all day as well. Your love is the greater beauty."

"What about my ass?"

Justin laughed, slapping Lucas's robe-covered chest.

"I'm trying to be serious." he said, Lucas smiling.

"You serious? Nah, ain't gonna happen!"

Justin laughed again, rising from against Lucas' chest, their eyes meeting again.

"Please forgive me if my eyes and. . .and my hands lead my soul to greater need. I feel a deep love--and yes need--within my soul for you and my Josh now. I hope you'll understand that. And I hope. . ." Justin said, Lucas' fingers going to his lips again.

"Lance loves you, Justin. He's seen the depth of your needful love. He understands how giving and loving you are. And he loves all of us, and his soul is just as needful and giving as yours."
Justin looked towards the darkened bedroom, Lucas' hand rubbing his back.

"He lays in there snuggled against my Josh, their love united together. As I said, the four of us will walk the path forward together, discovering where our hearts, our love and our needs will take us. I'm open to wherever that love leads."

Justin's blue eyes met Lucas' violet, the young man smiling at him.

"So am I, Lucas." Justin said, Lucas smiling, the young man releasing Justin, standing up.

"Right now I need to lead you to bed. We leave tomorrow, back to Los Angeles. Our taskmaster has us rehearsing on Monday again. That bitch won't give us a minute's reprieve!"

Justin laughed, the man rising from the couch, smiling at Lucas.

"He does it with love, Lucas. Someone's got to keep you Welsh wallflowers focused."

Lucas laughed, the two smiling at each other, Lucas' hand going into Justin's.

"I'm focused on loving my three soulmates. Life begins with that." he said, Justin smiling, Lucas guiding him back into the bedroom.

Justin's eyes went to the large bed, seeing his Lance snuggled against Josh, his friend's arms wrapped around his soulmate, a soft smile showing on Lance's face.

"Our angels are in dreamland. And I've lost my teddy bear." Lucas said, Justin's hand going to his shoulder.

"You have me, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Not as beautiful, but you'll do in a pinch."

Justin stared at his friend, a pout showing on his face, the man's arms folding.

Lucas smiled, leaning forward and kissing his pouting face.

"Sorry, darling. I forgot the Timberlake ego."

Justin smiled, then lightly laughed, Lucas' finger going to his lips again, silencing him.

"Don't wake the angels." Lucas smiled, the young man smiling at Justin.

Justin watched as Lucas opened his robe, his youthful body coming into full view, Justin's eyes scanning every inch of it.

Lucas silently threw the robe on a chair by the bed, the young man slipping under the sheets, gently moving beside Josh, the young man smiling up at Justin, patting the spot beside him.

Justin smiled, opening his robe, pulling it off his body, tossing it on the chair on top of Lucas'.

Lucas' eyes scanned the revealed beauty of Justin Timberlake's muscled smooth form, the man climbing into the bed, laying back against the pillows, laying beside Lucas.

The two lay in silence, Justin's blue eyes moving to the right, meeting two violet pools, Lucas moving, the young man's body moving against Justin's, Justin feeling its warmth against his side, Lucas' arm going across his chest, pulling him close, his head going against Justin's smooth chest.

"I love you, Jus. I'm going to dreamland with that love in my soul. Goodnight, my love." Lucas said, the man's head raising, their lips meeting.

Justin felt the beauty of the man's love in that kiss, the young man's head returning to his smooth chest.

Justin's arms moved, wrapping around the young Adonis in his arms.

He felt the man's heat against him, Justin feeling a sudden feeling of intense love and happiness.

"Goodnight, Lucky. I love you, my love." Justin said, Lucas smiling, his violet eyes closing.

Justin smiled, leaning down and kissing the young man's forehead, his own blue eyes closing, Lucas snuggling more into the man against him.

In the quiet darkness two now opened blue pools stared at the two, Josh's blue pools showing soft tears.

And the smile on his handsome face showed its own giving beauty and love.

Josh smiled, pulling the man laying against him closer, his blue eyes closing in love.


End of Chapter 83


A chapter of revealing love and showing seductions.

Lucas and Josh have bared their loving beauty to their two new soulmates, Justin and Lance baring a mirrored beauty as well.

The four have cemented their love on a new path.

A path of discovery and love.

How far with that path lead them?
Will total love be given by all four souls?


I'm wondering how my readers see this new love.

How far will it go?

It seems Justin's love is showing opening for his two friends, his libido orchestrating it.

Will Lance accept his lover's needs?


What of the mysterious Jacques?
The shadow hiding from everyone, but seemingly protecting everyone.

It seems Lucas was aware of his hidden love.

And what of Lucas' own words to him?
Is there something else there?


And so the group readies for its departure from Kurucu's Haven.

Lucas returns to his world of music and love.

And perhaps some surprises, and friends in unlikely corners.


I'd advise you all to strap in, the drama's only starting.

And my mind's been working on some devilish surprises.


Hugs, Angel (sort of)