Yesterday's End-98

The following story is fictional and is intended for an adult audience with an open mind.

It is not meant to suggest anything about the sexuality of the celebrities included in this story.

This story is fiction, meaning not real.

It's all for fun and enjoyment.

If you are under age, or it is illegal in your country, or you don't like stories about gay sex, please stop reading this immediately.




Chapter 98


Lucas walked out of the office, his violet pools staring into two icy blue pools.

A tall ruggedly handsome man stood on the desk's other side, his blue pools staring at Lucas.

His face was a monument to sculpted beauty, short blond hair surrounding it.

A deep tan shone on his masculine face, Lucas quietly staring at him.

He looked to be in his early thirties, muscular and tall.

"Are you in charge here?" he said, staring at the young man behind the desk.

"No, I'm just a guest." Lucas said, the man looking surprised, staring at Lucas.

He took in the young man's handsome face, seeing the beauty staring back at him.

But the young man's violet eyes seemed to make the youth's face even more unbelievably handsome.

The man sensed he should know that face.

"I'm Gideon Carlisle. I'm looking for Albert." the man said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Hello, I'm Lucas Carver. We've been expecting you." Lucas said, the young man walking around the desk and extending his hand, the other man staring at him with surprise.

"Lucas Carver? The singer?" he said, his eyes scanning Lucas' youthful physique.

"Yes, one and the same. My fame precedes me. You know me?" Lucas said, softy blushing.

"I've heard your music, and I now recognize the face." the man said, Lucas softly smiling.

"Albert informed me of your aiding my nephew. He didn't tell me who you really were. I didn't connect the name." the man said, Lucas nodding as the man shook Lucas' hand.

"Yes, I've been helping Colton recover. And I'm just myself." Lucas said, the man releasing Lucas' hand.

"What happened to my nephew?" the man said, Lucas staring at him.

"He was attacked." Lucas said, the other man's eyes widening a bit, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"Attacked? He's only a child." the man said, Lucas staring at the man.

"Your nephew's grown, Gideon. He's no longer a child." Lucas said, the man's eyes lowering from Lucas' gaze.

"I haven't seen him in years." the man softly said, his eyes meeting Lucas' again.

"Life's path carries us forward. I'm sorry for your loss, Gideon. Your mother was a giving, kind lady. I only met her in the last few days but I could easily feel her giving heart.  She died as she lived; giving of love and surrounded by love."

The man slowly nodded, staring at Lucas.

"Thank you for your condolences, Lucas." he said, Lucas nodding at him.

"I'm here for both you and Colton in any way. My love is even more giving." Lucas said, the man staring at him.

"I do not know you, Lucas. And my nephew's a stranger to me as well. I haven't been home in years." Gideon said, his eyes lowering, Lucas softly smiling at him.

"Your mother loved you, Gideon. She spoke of her happiness at you living your life."

The man nodded, Lucas seeing the soft emotion showing on his handsome face.

"I still don't understand why you are involved in all this. You're on the cusp of fame. What have you to do with my family?" the man said, staring at Lucas again.

"In a way I'm family as well, Gideon."

"What do you mean? Who are you?"

The man looked confused, Lucas lowering his eyes.

Their conversation was interrupted by a new voice.

"He is love."

The two men turned, Lucas' violet pools meeting two sparkling blue eyes, his Josh standing in front of the doorway of the restaurant.

He, Alain and Harry had just walked through it, Josh the one who'd spoken.

Finn, Andrew, Lance and Justin were standing behind them, all staring at the handsome stranger.

Gideon's blue eyes had widened, his eyes taking in the three famous faces as well as the other four strangers.

"What in God's name are you doing here?"

Lucas stared at his friends, his eyes meeting his love's.

Josh walked across the room, the others following.

Harry stopped in front of the man, staring into his blue eyes of still wide surprise.

"These are my friends, Gideon. This is Colton's uncle, everyone." Lucas said, the men all looking at the handsome man standing beside Lucas.

Gideon's eyes were locked with Justin's, the singer smiling at him.

"Yes, I'm Justin Timberlake. And I am indeed Lucas' friend. We all are surrounded by his friendship and love." Justin said, the man's eyes glancing at Lance and Josh.

His eyes went back to Lucas' staring violet, Gideon softly blushing at everyone's staring gazes surrounding him.

"You travel in famous circles, Lucas." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"I travel in a circle of friends. They surround me with their love as well." he said, his friends all smiling at him.

Justin moved forward, extending his hand.

Gideon took it, shaking its firm warmth.

"A pleasure to meet you, Mr. Timberlake." the man said, Justin smiling at him.

"I'm just Justin, Gideon." Justin smiled, the man softly smiling back.

The man shook all the hands of the people surrounding him and Lucas, Lucas introducing him to everyone.

The last to shake Gideon's hand was Harry, their blue eyes meeting each other's.

"My name is Harry Carlisle, Gideon. I believe we are related." he said, the other man staring at the younger man.

Lucas' hand went to Gideon's shoulder, their eyes meeting.

"Family walks in hidden love, Gideon. As does life sometimes." Lucas said, Harry's eyes meeting Lucas' violet pools as well.

The man's eyes moved to Harry again.

"You are family?" he said, Harry nodding his head.

"Yes, Gideon. We are both of the Carlisle clan. Although Lucas believes we were hidden from each other. I always trust his intelligence." Harry said, Lucas smiling at his cousin.

The other man nodded, Harry's hand moving forward again, Gideon taking it again.

"I am sorry for your loss, Gideon. Sarah was a woman of giving warmth and love." Harry said, the older man nodding his thanks.

Everyone around him gave their condolences as well, voicing their respect for the woman.

He thanked them all with quiet words of thanks, Lucas remaining silent at his side.

Josh's blue pools drifted to his often, their love showing for each other.

Their quietness was broken by Albert walking down the stairs beside them, his eyes meeting Gideon's, the older man walking up to him.

Gideon smiled at him, the older man embracing him, everyone around them watching in quiet silence.

"Welcome again to Westonshire, lost child of life." Albert said, Gideon smiling at him with emotion etched on his face.

"My home was always in my heart, Albert. My feet just couldn't walk the past again."

Albert nodded, releasing the younger man, his hand going to his shoulder.

"She understood that, Gideon. She loved you enough to let you walk your own life." Albert said, Gideon nodding his head.

"Life is about walking your own path. A family's love always walks with you." Lucas said, the two men looking towards him.

"Well said, Lucas." Albert said, his eyes meeting Gideon's again.

Gideon's blue pools met Lucas' violet, the younger man softly smiling at him.

"Your mother lived life, Gideon. She spread that love around to all of us." Albert said, Lucas smiling at the older man, Gideon nodding his head again.

"Let's adjourn to the veranda, Gideon. We should go over the arrangements, if you feel up to it." Albert said, the other man staring at Lucas again, his eyes returning to Albert's, the younger man sighing.

"Was my mother ill, Albert? This came as a surprise." he said, Albert's eyes lowering for a moment, then raising again.

"She was robust, healthy and as loving as always, Gideon. God takes us to His love when He deems necessary. I guess it was her time." Albert said, everyone quietly looking at the younger man with reverence and compassion.

The man's handsome face showed a soft look of hidden emotion threatening to release itself, a hand going to his muscled shoulder.

Gideon's eyes met Lucas', the younger man staring at him with friendship.

"I need to see him first. Where is Colton?" Gideon said, Lucas quietly staring at the man.

"I'm right here."

All eyes turned towards the stairs, three sets of blue eyes meeting theirs.

Colton stood on the bottom step, Trish and Skyler behind him, their hands on his shoulders.

Lucas' hand left Gideon's shoulder, the man moving from his anchored spot, walking up to the younger man, stopping in front of him, a few feet separating them.

"Hello, Colton. You've grown so much." Gideon softly said, staring at the teenager standing in front of him.

The young man's blue eyes were staring at Gideon, everyone surrounding them staring in quiet silence.

"I've grown because I've lived, Uncle. And that life was lost from you. And that's your fault."

Gideon's eyes lowered a bit, the young man staring at him with soft emotion.

Lucas stared at Colton, feeling the boy's simmering emotions.

"I'm sorry, Colton. I just couldn't walk back into this town." Gideon said, the young man staring at his uncle.

"I lived here, Uncle. I could never leave the pain or the love."

Gideon's eyes met Colton's, the older man showing glistening tears in his blue eyes.

"Colton, I. . ." he softly said, emotion now showing on his face and in his voice.

"I don't need your forgotten love, Uncle. I don't need your sympathy. I only need. . ."

Colton moved, the young man running across the lobby, his small figure opening the front door, slamming it behind him as he left.

Gideon lowered his head, everyone staring at him with quiet compassion.

Lucas' violet eyes met Josh's, Josh seeing the shining love showing there.

"I'll go find him. Take Gideon out onto the veranda, Albert." he said, Gideon quietly looking at Lucas.

The young man walked across the lobby, walking out of the inn.

Josh's eyes followed him.


Colton sat on the wooden fence, his small frame alone in the world of his past.

His eyes scanned the abandoned farm, his mind filled with the memories of his lost life, and the lost love that once grew here.

Father always said this land was hard to draw a crop out of.

I guess my family is as well.

For our love never grew long.

It withers away too early.
The boy lowered his head, wiping his eyes, threatening tears stopped from flowing.

Why am I alone?

Why does everyone leave me?

Why can't love stay with me?
"The greater harvest comes from one's own seeds."

The young man's eyes raised, staring into two violet pools.

Lucas stood in front of him, the man standing beside the large oak tree, the shade from its branches darkening his features, his violet pools seemingly glowing in the shade.

"I'm sorry, Lucas. I. . .I couldn't face him or his eyes."

Lucas nodded, the man moving with quiet motion, sitting down on the tree stump beside the young man, Colton a foot above Lucas' shoulder seated on the fence.

Lucas' eyes scanned the abandoned farm, seeing its quiet beauty and shining quaintness.

"How did you find me?" Colton softly said, staring down at the man beside him.

Lucas' eyes raised, their violet centers shining with friendship and love.

"We are connected, Colt. Our friendship creates a bond of strength between us. I'll always know where you are." Lucas said, Colton looking surprised.

Lucas' eyes scanned the farm again.

"I was also drawn to the love. The love I feel surrounding us."
Colton's eyes looked down into the man's violet pools, seeing the love and friendship staring back.

The young man's eyes scanned the farm, sighing softly.

"This was our home, Lucas. This once was the center of my world, before life's hurt stole their love from me."

Lucas' hand raised, the man rubbing Colton's knee.

"It was never stolen from you, Colt. It always shines in your heart."

Lucas felt the young man tremble beside him.

"I don't want it there, Lucas! I want them here! I want them alive and in my arms!" the boy said, his voice laced with emotion

Lucas turned, looking up at the young man, his arms opening.

Colton moved off the fence, falling down into the man's open arms, Lucas' arms enfolding him into his love.

The young man cried, sobbing into Lucas' chest, Lucas' love embracing him.

Lucas held the young man in his arms, Colton gradually calming down, Lucas' warmth enough to calm his lost heart.

"They've all left me, Lucas! I'm so alone!" he softly said, his head against Lucas' chest.

"Their physical selves have left this earth, Colt. But their love hasn't. It resides in your heart and in your memories. Life gives us paths of hurt, and yes, paths of loneliness and of doubt. But our lives must be lived. We carry with us our memories of their love and of their lives. They would want us to live life. To experience love and life as it's meant to be experienced. Each day we face with hope and love."
Colton raised his head, wiping his eyes, Lucas' arms still around him.

"I miss them so much. And now Grandma's gone too."

Lucas leaned forward, kissing the young man's cheek, their eyes meeting.

"She loved you, Colt. They all loved you. You have their love in your heart. It will always shine there. But you have to go on with life. Carry that love in your heart and life will be lived."
Colton nodded, wiping his eyes again.

"You want me to be strong. To go on regardless of what awaits me."

Lucas smiled, staring at the teenager.

"I want you to be yourself, Colt. To live life to its fullest. Like you always have."
Colton nodded, sitting up more, still sitting in Lucas' lap.

The boy blushed, moving out of Lucas' lap, Lucas moving over so the boy could sit beside him on the large tree stump, his arm going around the boy.

"You actually have an advantage over most mournful souls, Colt."

The young man looked up at Lucas.

"What's that, Lucas?"

"It's Luke, remember?"

The young man softly smiled.

"Sorry, Luke."

The man smiled, squeezing the young man's shoulder.

"Your sister still watches over you. She's out there for real. Her love still walks with you. And through her your parents' love walks beside you as well. They're there for you, Colt. Rosa Sharon the most."

Colton's blue eyes scanned the farm again, looking towards the oak tree.

"She loved this place as well. She ran through its fields and paths like a ray of sunshine. Her love flowed all around us. Why did she have to leave so early? She was such a loving part of me."
Lucas smiled at the young man, looking into his raised blue eyes.

"I don't know the reasoning of her sudden departure, Colt. All I know is that she still remains here. That her love is still here for you. But I promise you that her love and your parents' love will always be there for you."

Colton nodded, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"Will. . .will you always be here for me too, Luke?"

Lucas smiled, pulling the young man closer to him.

"Always, Colt. My friendship is yours forever. As is my love."

The young man smiled softly, Lucas smiling back at him.

His blue eyes lowered again, then met Lucas' again.

"What about Uncle Gideon?"

Lucas hugged him close, the young man feeling his giving warmth.

"What did you see in his eyes, Colton?"

The young man's eyes raised, meeting Lucas'.

"I felt a lot of nervousness in his soul, Luke. A lot of pain as well." he softly said, Lucas remaining silent.

The young man's blue eyes looked towards the house at the end of the field, sighing softly.

"I also felt a hidden love and a hidden need."

"A need for what, Colton?"

The young man's eyes met Lucas' again.

"He needs love, Luke. My uncle's soul is lost."

Lucas nodded, smiling at Colton.

"I felt it as well, Colton. In some ways he mirrors your own soul, my friend."

Colton nodded, his eyes lowering again.

"Will he. . .will he leave me, too?"

Lucas stared at the young man, feeling the truth hidden in his soul.

The fear of loss and complete loneliness.

"He's your family, Colt. He wants to get to know you again. I think both of you need to walk the path forward. And from that a greater love will shine. For both of you."

Colton nodded, looking into Lucas' giving, loving eyes.

"I wish. . .I wish. . ."

Lucas hugged him closer, kissing the boy's forehead.

"Life is real, Colt. We walk our paths of life."

The young man nodded, looking at Lucas again.

"I'll let him in, Luke. I'll walk his life. Whatever life he. . .he wants me to have."

Lucas smiled, hearing the young man's courage and strength.

"Sometimes life gives us surprises, Colt. Paths change. And love grows on its own."
The young man looked confused by his words, Lucas smiling and standing up, looking down at the young man.

"Supper should be near at hand, Colt. How about we return to the inn?"

The young man nodded, rising to his feet as well, staring up into Lucas' violet pools.

"What do I say to him, Luke?"
Lucas smiled, his hand going to the young man's shoulder.

"You talk from your heart, Colt. Let him see the real you. And in turn you'll see the real him."

Colt nodded, the young man looking around the farm again, Lucas' arm going around him now.

"Will I. . .will I ever return here?"

Lucas smiled, pulling the young man close.

"Any time you need to, Colt. The past is always a part of us. We sometimes have to walk its forgotten paths to redeem our souls ahead."
The young man looked up at Lucas, his handsome face smiling down at him.

The two men walked along the fence, heading towards Lucas' vehicle parked at its end.


Everyone rose from their seats on the veranda, Lucas and Colton walking up the front steps.

"I had Jane hold the meal, Lucas." Albert said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Thank you, Albert. But you could have gone ahead and ate." Lucas smiled, everyone smiling at him, their eyes drawn to Colton, the young man staring at his uncle who stood in the center of the veranda surrounded by everyone else.

"I'm sorry I took off, Uncle Gideon. I just needed time to think." Colton said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder, the young man smiling softly towards his uncle.

"I understand, Colton. My coming here wasn't welcomed." Gideon said, Colton looking at his uncle.

"I don't really know you, Uncle Gideon." Colton softly said, the young man moving, Lucas walking up to Josh as the young man stopped in front of Gideon.

"That's my fault, as you said, Colton." the man said, Colton staring at him.

"I was mad when I said that. I didn't mean it." the young man said, Gideon's blue eyes meeting his.

"I wasn't in your life, Colton. And I'm sorry for that. For now I have to be."

The young man lowered his eyes, Gideon's hand going out tentatively, resting on Colton's shoulder, the boy raising his eyes.

"I'd like to get to know you, Colton. I want to be in your life. We both are all that we have left."

Colton nodded his head, looking back at Lucas, the young man smiling at him, Colton's blue eyes looking into Gideon's blue.

"I'd. . .I'd like that, too."

Gideon softly smiled, Colton softly smiling back.

Everyone's eyes moved to Lucas, the young man smiling around at his friends.

"I'm famished. I think we should all eat." he said, everyone nodded, Colton smiling back at Lucas.

They all quietly followed Colton and his uncle into the inn, they following Albert.

"Where did you find him, Lucky? And how did you make him accept his uncle?"

"I found him surrounded by love. And I showed him the future. Well, some of it." Lucas smiled, the young man kissing his fiancé's cheek.

Justin and Lance both looked at Lucas, the young man smiling at his friends.

"And what is that future, Luke?" Lance said, the young man looking forward.

"It's love, guys. It's love and magic."

Lucas smiled, his lover walking into the house with him, his friends silently following.

Someone else's eyes were on Lucas, that person's own mind filled with other thoughts.


Gideon sat on the dark veranda, the man smoking a cigarette, staring out into the dark night, his mind filled with jumbled thoughts.

He sat alone, the hour late, the inn bathed in silence behind him.

He looked at his watch, the hour just past midnight.

The evening had been quiet, his own soul opening up to the young man he hadn't seen in years.

His nephew had opened his soul a bit as well, the two creating a calmness between themselves, the others surrounding them with their quiet compassion and friendship.

Gideon had been amazed at the young man's intelligence and courageous soul.

Lucas had drawn out of the boy a need to tell his uncle everything about his life, Lucas' friends sitting back and watching the young man and his calming affect on the young teenager.

Colton had told him of his life alone and his stance against the evil surrounding this small town.

Gideon felt the young man's emotional loss of his parents and his sister, and the now greater loss of his grandmother.

Gideon sighed, staring out into the night, his mind on his own life.

"Mirrored paths of pain and sorrow. We walk in the shadows of our own loss."

The man turned, two violet pools meeting his in the darkness, Lucas standing a few feet from him.

"I couldn't sleep. The quietness of this place. It's so unlike Los Angeles." Gideon said, Lucas smiling at him, the young man leaning up against the wooden railing of the veranda beside Gideon.

"Yes, it's so quiet. A peacefulness to calm the most turbulent soul." Lucas said, staring out into the darkness beside the handsome man.

"Colton wasn't what I expected, Lucas." he said, Lucas' violet eyes meeting the man's blue.

"What were you expecting, Gideon?"

The man sighed, leaning against the railing.

"I wasn't expecting his looks, Lucas. I see his mother in his face and in his blue eyes." Gideon said, Lucas nodding his head.

"Your lost sister Maya."

Gideon nodded, looking at Lucas.

"We were as close as Colton and Rosa Sharon were, Lucas."

"Love flows through all generations. And it's just Luke, Gideon." Lucas said, the man nodding at him, flicking his cigarette down into the sandy flowerbed below the veranda.

"That's a bad habit, Gideon."

The man nodded, folding his hands together.

"I always smoke when I'm on edge, Lucas. . .I mean Luke. It calms me." he said, Lucas nodding.

"My grandfather says the same." the young man said, staring quietly at Gideon.

Gideon's eyes met Lucas' again.

"You were correct, Luke. Colton is no longer a child. He's a young courageous man. He has even more courage than myself." Gideon said, Lucas' hand going to his shoulder, their eyes meeting again.

"Courage shows in many forms, Gideon. You had the courage to come back here." Lucas said, the man's eyes lowering.

"I came back for her, Luke. To ask her forgiveness. And to see her one last time." the man said, Lucas quietly staring at him.

"She never sought forgiveness, Gideon. She loved all her children, and grandchildren."
The man's eyes raised again.

"I. . .I couldn't face it again, the past and the fear."
Lucas nodded, staring at the man.

"The past is the past, my friend. You have to look to the future. Colton needs you in his life."

"I want to be in his life, Luke. I just don't know if I have the strength to look after all his needs."

Lucas smiled at the handsome man, leaning forward and kissing his cheek, the man looking surprised.

"You'll do what's best for him. We all will. He'll be alright."

Their eyes met again, Gideon staring at Lucas now.

"You're. . .you're very giving, Luke." he said, Lucas smiling at him.

"Tomorrow and the next day you say goodbye to your mother, and Colton then says goodbye to his past. As do you. The path moves forward. We'll talk after about what's best for Colton."

"I. . .I'm sorry, Luke. I'm sorry I left him here all alone."

Lucas smiled, his violet pools staring at the man.

"He wasn't alone, Gideon. He had the same love you always had. Your mother's, your sister's and your family's."

Gideon nodded, Lucas patting his shoulder.

"You need to rest, my friend."

"I just want to feel the coolness for a little while longer, Luke. It always helps me sleep."

Lucas nodded, Gideon's blue eyes meeting his again.

"Thank you, Luke. For being here for him."

"It was an easy thing to do. I believe it was my destiny. Goodnight, Gideon." Lucas said, the young man smiling at him, Gideon staring into his handsome smooth face with soft awe.

"Goodnight, Lucas. Say goodnight to Josh for me."

Lucas smiled, the other man smiling softly as well.

"He has such a revealing face. He shows his love easily." Gideon said, Lucas lightly laughing, Gideon smiling.

"What am I going to do about his beautiful, revealing face? Goodnight, my friend."

"Goodnight, Luke."

The young man walked back into the inn, closing the door behind him.

Gideon stared at the door, his eyes lowering.

He stared out into the darkness again, sighing softly.

A few minutes later Gideon heard a soft sound just off the front steps.

"I didn't think he'd ever leave." a soft voice said, Gideon sighing again.

"What. . .what are you doing here? I thought I'd never see you again." he softly said, his eyes following a form as it walked up the front steps of the veranda, walking up to the man leaning against the railing.

Gideon rose to his full erect form, the man's eyes staring into the other's blue.

"It is destiny, Gideon. Paths always join. And his is the center of all of it."

Gideon began to cry, the person in front of him pulling him forward, wrapping their arms around him.

Gideon's head went against the other's chest, the man held close.

"I am sorry, so sorry." Gideon said, pulling back from the person who held him, his blue eyes showing deep love.

"Let's talk of the path, Gideon. And what we have to do about him."

Gideon nodded his head, the other person staring at him.

"I will do as destiny wills. As you always knew."

The other person nodded, the two walking off the veranda, disappearing into the dark night.

Neither saw the curtain in the lobby windows move, a shadow disappearing into the inner sanctuary of the inn.


The next day was a day of solemn goodbyes.

Sarah's wake was held that afternoon in the local funeral home, Lucas guiding Colton and Gideon through the tumultuous day, his friendship there for both of them.

Justin and Lance had popped out that morning and had picked up Colton a new suit, the young man awed by their giving friendship.

Lucas had smiled as the young man hugged both men deeply, his young cheeks blushing when Justin and Lance had both kissed his cheek, the young man's idolizing eyes showing his deep affection for Justin.

Everyone had remained in Westonshire, their leaving postponed for a few days, their schedules changed easily by Justin.

They all wanted to be there for Colton and Gideon, Lucas the most.

The young teenager had entered all their hearts, the boy's grief showing gradually through the whole day.

Lucas was at his side through all of it, his strength leaned on by both Carlisle men.

Dr. Fletcher had ruled her death a heart attack, no other explanation found.

Lucas and Colton kept their own observations to themselves.

Their opinions wouldn't have held any validity in medical standards.

They couldn't substantiate that evil had sucked the life out of the woman.

Most of the town had shown their respects to the woman, the funeral home a continual movement of people all afternoon and evening.

Gideon and Colton quietly stood near the coffin, Lucas close for both of them.

Albert stood beside them as well, Lucas quietly divulging to Gideon that morning of Albert's past relationship to his mother.

The truth surprised the man, Lucas quietly calming him with voiced truth.

In the end, Gideon remembered the man and his brother's gentle ways through his own youth, Gideon asking the man himself to join them in their love for Sarah.

The day's emotional farewell finally ended, the crowd thinning, the two men and their new friends left alone for a quiet ending to the long day in the viewing room.

Gideon and Colton stood in front of Sarah's coffin, looking down into her quiet face.

"She looks so beautiful. So at peace and beautiful." Colton softly said.

Gideon nodded, staring down at his own mother.

"She looks as I always remembered. Beautiful and loving." Gideon softly said, Colton's blue eyes moving up to his uncle's blue.

"Why did she have to go, Uncle Gideon? Her love was always here for me." Colton softly said, Lucas and Josh standing off to the side of the two men, hearing their exchange.

Lucas felt the emotions in the young man's soul, his blue eyes showing the beginnings of tears.

Gideon's arm moved, going around the young man, Colton sinking slowly into his uncle's side.

Lucas softly smiled, seeing the young man's acceptance now of his uncle's friendship.

"I don't know why, Colton. She's now in God's hands. Her hard life is now over. She'll now have peace and eternal love." Gideon said, the young man looking down at his grandmother.

"I'm Colt, Uncle Gideon. I've always been Colt to my family." Colton said, his uncle's blue eyes meeting his blue.

Gideon smiled, hugging the young man closer.

"Just call me Gideon, Colt. I'm not old enough to be an old uncle." he smiled, Colton looking up into his blue eyes.

"I'd prefer Uncle Gideon. It seems more like family." Colt softly said, his eyes moving to his grandmother in front of him.

"I only have you left." he softly said, his eyes now showing tears.

"Then Uncle Gideon I'll always be." Gideon said, Colton's head going against the man's chest.

Gideon's eyes moved to Lucas, the young man tearfully smiling at him.

Gideon smiled back, wiping his own tearful eyes.

"Let's go back to the inn, Colt. We're both tired. And tomorrow will be another emotional day. Our final goodbye."

Colt nodded, his uncle guiding him out of the viewing room, everyone quietly following them.


Lucas' violet pools looked up, he and Josh seated together on a wicker sofa on the veranda, their friends surrounding them.

The night was breezy, everyone relaxing outside after a late supper.

Gideon walked out of the inn, softly smiling around at everyone.

"Colton's asleep. He conked out the minute he laid down in bed. He'll sleep through the night." Gideon said, sitting down in a chair Finn offered him beside Lucas' sofa, Finn sitting down on another couch beside Skyler and Trish and Andrew, his arm going around his fiancée.

"Albert's gone to bed as well, he was just as exhausted." Gideon said, Lucas nodding his head.

"A long day of emotion and tiredness. You should be heading there as well, Gideon." Josh said, the man smiling at the singer.

"I'm tired but I think I'd just toss and turn in bed. Troubled thoughts consume me." he softly said, Lucas' hand going on his knee, he seated beside the man at the end of the sofa beside his chair.

"We need to talk, Gideon. I may add to those troubled thoughts. But I want you to know it's for Colton's sake I do it." Lucas said, the man nodding his head, looking into Lucas' violet pools.

"Alright, Lucas. I sensed there might be something on your mind." Gideon said, Lucas nodding.

"Something is on my mind, Gideon. Of that you're correct. Part of it you need to know tonight for your own sake, more tomorrow for Colton's."

The man stared at Lucas, seeing the friendship and love in the young man's violet pools.

Everyone else quietly stared at the two men, Lance voicing their thoughts.

"We'll call it a night as well if you want to talk to Gideon alone, Luke."

Lucas smiled at his friend, looking around at everyone.

"No, guys. You can stay. I'd like you all to know as well." he said, everyone smiling their friendship and love towards the young man, Lucas feeling all of it.

Lucas rose from his seat, Josh looking up at him, Lucas smiling at only him.

Lucas walked over to the door, looking into the inn, seeing the lobby empty of anyone.

He turned around, staring around at everyone, walking over to the railing beside Josh's sofa and Gideon's chair.

He leaned back against the railing, staring at Gideon.

"Tomorrow's going to be an emotional day for yourself and Colt, Gideon. We're all here for both of you, myself the most."

Gideon stared at the young man.

"I'm still trying to comprehend why you're being so giving with Colt and myself, Luke. Why are you helping us so much? You don't really know us or my lost family."

Lucas looked around at his friends, their eyes on Gideon.

"I'm sure while I was out yesterday looking for Colt my friends told you of my past, of my destiny."

The man nodded, Lucas' eyes meeting all of his friends' showing love.

"Yes, they told me of your family's history. Of your remarkable past and of yourself."

Lucas nodded, the other man staring at Lucas with deep admiration.

"I'm myself, Gideon. I'll always try to give love and help to everyone I feel needs either or both. I feel in my soul you both need both, Colton the most."

The man nodded, looking into Lucas' violet eyes.

"Thank you for all you've done for him and myself, Lucas. It's more than a friend would do."

Lucas smiled at the man, hearing his genuine thanks.

"We all saw today the joining of your and Colton's lost love, Gideon. I see in your eyes your opening love for the young man. And I feel in you your own emotions."

The man's eyes lowered, then rose again, staring into Lucas' violet pools.

"I see so much pain and emotion in him, Luke. I feel it deep within his soul." Gideon said, Lucas nodding his head.

"I feel it as well, Gideon. He's not looking forward to tomorrow's emotions."
"I'm going to be there for him, Luke."
"I know you are, Gideon. And because of that, I need to tell you something. All of you." Lucas said, everyone staring at him.

Lucas' violet pools met Gideon's blue.

"Colton is just as gifted as I am, Gideon."

Everyone looked surprised, Gideon rising from his chair, the man walking over to Lucas, the two staring at each other.

"Colt. . .he has. . .?"

"He has magic, Gideon. A deep, resonating magic. I feel it in my soul." Lucas said, Gideon's eyes lowering, the man's hands going to the railing, staring out into the darkness before him.

Lucas' violet eyes looked at the man, his hand going to his shoulder.

"Your sister had magic, didn't she, Gideon?"

Everyone looked surprised, staring at the two men.

Gideon's eyes turned, staring at Lucas.

"How did you know?" he said, Lucas' eyes staring at him.

"She was a Carlisle, as are you, Gideon. You are both of the ancient lineage."

Josh rose from his seat, walking up to his man, Harry's blue eyes staring at Lucas.

"Ancient lineage of whom, Lucky?" Josh said, the man's arm going around his lover, Lucas looking at him, Josh blushing, his blue pools looking towards Gideon.

"You need not worry, my love. Gideon's already reasoned out your love for me."

Josh blushed, Lucas smiling his Josh smile at him, Josh relaxing.

"I love him, Gideon. He's my soulmate." Josh said, Gideon nodding at him.

"I know, Josh."

Josh's eyes went to Lucas' violet.

"Lineage of who, Lucas?" he said, Lucas' eyes going around the veranda, stopping on Gideon.

"The Carlisle family's magic originated in this town, Josh. That is the secret laying here. That and something else." Lucas said, Finn staring at him.

"Who are or were the Carlisles, Luke? What is their significance to the Belmont clan? Other than marriage I mean." Finn said, Lucas' violet pools looking at his friend.

"That tomb we walked to two days ago was the tomb of one such courageous soul of the Carlisle clan. The monster's magic hit the tomb's face as you recollect." he said, everyone nodding, his violet pools looking towards Harry.

"Yes, Luke. It missed all of us, deflecting off your own stronger magic." Harry said, Lucas nodding.

"Yes, Harry. And it uncovered the hidden words laying there. Or should I say, the hidden name."

Everyone looked surprised, none of them having noticed, more concerned with the injured Colton, all of them leaving the tomb's front and crowding around Lucas and Colton.

"Was it a Belmont's name, Luke? The LM half showed." Lance said, Lucas looking at his friend.

"No, Lance. It was the name Almira Carlisle."

Everyone looked confused, never having heard that name before.

"One of your lost relations, Har?" Finn said, looking at the young bodyguard.

"I haven't heard that name before." Harry said, his blue eyes looking at Gideon, then Lucas.

"No you wouldn't have, Har. You either, Gideon." Lucas said, Harry looking at Lucas.

"Why would that be, Luke?" Trish said, Lucas looking at his sister.

"Because that lost lady has been hidden from everyone."

Harry rose from his seat, walking up to his cousin and Gideon, both men looking at him.

"Why would she be hidden, Luke?"

"For reasons of defining guilt, or perhaps remorseful longing."

Everyone's eyes turned at the sound of the new voice, Gideon's staring in surprise.

"Fa. . .father?" he said, all eyes but Lucas' widening in surprise, staring at a man who stood upon the veranda steps.

Lucas walked forward, stopping in front of the man, Gideon's eyes clouding now with concern.

"You did not need to hide in the shadows, Gideon's father. No more than you needed to hide behind hidden faces for my father and myself."

Josh stared at Gideon, then at the man standing alone.

"It can't be, Luke!" he said, Lucas' eyes going back to him and his friends showing the same looks of surprise.

"Yes it can be, my Joshua. For he formed paths of equal opportunity and destiny, albeit in ways he didn't fathom." Lucas said, turning back to the man standing before him.

His uniform seemed cleaner, its buttons softly gleaming in the overhead veranda lights.

"The next path has been found. I have found the clue.  Colton is the answer, Joshua."

Joshua Belmont stood on the veranda, his green eyes staring at Lucas and the man standing behind him.

"I am. . .I am sorry for paths walked, and secrets hidden. Forgive me, Gideon."

The man disappeared before all of them.



End of Chapter 98



What the hell's going on?

Lucas' great-grandfather Joshua Belmont is Gideon Carlisle's father?

How on earth is that possible?
And who is the mysterious Almira Carlisle?
Is she the center of all of this, or is it Lucas?


A chapter of gathering grief, culminating in a new mystery and surprise.

Aren't I devilish?


Have to keep you guessing.


Hugs, Angel.