Brandis Redemption - 4

Written by Jonny Mac
With a major assist from the most excellent Luckylou

Warning: This is a fictional story, describing erotic relations between consenting adult men. If this makes you uncomfortable, or if it is illegal for you to read something like this, then go find something else to do.

The following story is entirely a work of fiction, and is not intended to imply anything about any real people. All of the characters in the story are fictional, and must not be confused with any real people. The characters in this story may have the same names as some real people, but the characters are in no way supposed to actually represent any real people.

A word from the Mac: I want to thank two special people right now. First, to Lucky Lou: Thank you! I really appreciate your help with this story. Your ideas are great, your advice even better and your friendship the best of all. And next, to my great friend Mano: I could write all year trying to explain all that you mean to me. You have helped me keep going over the last 3 months and especially over the last 6 weeks. You are a very intelligent person. You have a wonderful compassion for others and you are the most caring person I know. You have become a big part of my life and I don't know what I would do without you - my best friend, my big bro. Enjoy peeps...

-Jonny Mac
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The rest of Friday passed very slowly. Rob was going crazy, because Jared wouldn't tell him what was going on. He was in turn driving Jared crazy, trying to get some information. At the end of the day, Rob went home to clean up for a night of clubbing. Jared just went home--he was waiting to hear from Jon.

When Jared walked in the door, he went directly to the phone to check his voice mail. He picked up the receiver and put it to his ear. Only a regular dial tone was there to greet him. He placed the receiver back in its cradle and sat on the sofa.

It hasn't even been a full day yet. There's plenty of time left. We've got two weeks... two whole weeks - God that's a long time.

Jared sighed. Well no need for me to starve while I'm waiting. Time to make dinner.

He jumped up and hurried to the kitchen. He was surprised by how hungry he was. On the other hand he really shouldn't be surprised at all. Jared had been so excited over patching things up with Jon that he couldn't eat his lunch. In fact, he was in such a hurry to get home he actually left Rob at the last house they delivered to. He was halfway down the street before he realized that Rob wasn't sitting beside him. Needless to say, Rob became even more adamant that Jared explain what was going on. He was becoming so annoying that if they hadn't arrived back at the warehouse when they did, Jared would have beaned him with the tire iron kept under the seat.

Jared opened the refrigerator door and looked through it. Other than a few standards (milk, ketchup, juice, etc.) there was nothing there. He went to the cupboards one by one, not much there either.

"Ok Jared, when was the last time you bought groceries?" Jared's heart skipped a beat. "When was the last time you paid a bill? No wonder my bank account is so healthy, I've fallen behind in everything."

After deciding that Saturday would be a day to trade money for the necessary elements of his existence, especially cable, he scrounged up what he could find and made a nice pot of soup. If there was one thing he learned from his mother, it was how to make a pot of soup.

Friday night passed slowly. He sat in front of the TV watching TGIF, having the occasional bowl of soup, and waiting for the phone to ring. It never did. At 1 AM he decided to call it a night.

Hell, if I'd known this, I would have gone clubbing with Rob.

Friday for Jon was a bit more hectic. After having a sandwich and bottle of water for lunch, he went to the Great Western Forum box office to get the concert tickets.

Tickets have been on sale for three days already; the line-up shouldn't be long at all.

How wrong can you be? Although the tickets had been on sale since Tuesday, payday didn't come till Thursday and Friday. Since it was also the end of June, it was payday for those bi-monthly moneymakers. And of course, the kids were getting their 'rewards' for making it through another school year, even though half of them didn't deserve it.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the line was long, damned long. And of course he couldn't just stand and wait like everyone else, moving two feet forward every four minutes. The dark glasses and backward baseball hat he was wearing as disguise failed. Jon ended up signing autographs for everyone around him, in front and behind. Then those people argued over who was standing in front of who. Jon became rather embarrassed when security had to come out and restore the peace.

That wasn't all of it though. Oh no. As each person walked away from the ticket booth, he or she would stop for an autograph and a cheap shmooze. Usually it was a she, each one screaming over the fact that they saw 'one cute famous guy while getting tickets to see five more cute guys' (one pair of girls actually debated as to who was cuter, Jon, Justin, or Lance - right in front of Jon!).

Eventually though after an hour and a half of barely moving his feet and constantly moving his fingers (minds out of the gutter people!), Jon did manage to get to the ticket window.

"Hi, what's the best..."

"Eeeeeeee! You're Jonathan Brandis," screams the girl behind the Plexiglas. The window actually vibrated with the noise.

"Yeah... that's me." He smiled, but by this time it was becoming weak and somewhat transparent.

"Oh my gawd! Can I, like, have your autograph?" She was practically drooling over him. She wasn't all that bad looking herself. She had deep blue eyes and silky red hair, with a cute button nose and a nice smile. Any straight guy would be drooling over her.

Jon laughed to himself. Yeah, any straight guy. "Sure you can... but not until I get my tickets." He poured on all the charm he could muster. How could she say no?

"Ok, sure. That'll be thirty dollars. You'll be in row 4 center." She just kept smiling at him.

What the... "No, no... I want two tickets, same area if you could."

Her smile faded. "I'm sorry... all we have left now are single seats."

The girl standing behind Jon heard what was said and sent the news down the line. It quickly dissolved down to a tenth its former length.

I can't believe I waited all this time for nothing. Now what do I do? Not even my contact can get me two seats if they're all full. "Do you have anything close together?"

"I don't think so. Sorry."

Jon sighed. I hate having to do this. "Could you take a look... for me?" He looked her directly in the eyes and called upon all his acting ability to produce 'the look.'

The teenaged girl seemed to melt. "Ok."

After several seconds, she broke eye contact and looked at the stadium's seating chart for any unmarked seats that were close together, and near the front.

"I can give you two seats that are separated by only two others, that's the best pair that's left," she said after a forty-five second search.

"Where are they?"

"Uhm, fifth row," she replied, taking a quick glance at the chart again.

"Ok, that should do," said Jon, sliding sixty dollars under the window. It should be easy enough to convince those two people to switch the seating around a little.

She handed him the two tickets, along with a pen and paper.

"What's your name?"

"Jamee," she giggled back. "With two e's."

Jon dictated to himself as he wrote. "Jamee, thanks for being so helpful and so sweet. I'll always remember it, Jonathan Brandis." He slipped the pen and paper back under the window, smiled and walked away. Halfway down the significantly shortened line-up, he could still hear her high-pitched squeal. He couldn't keep the smile from his face.

For some reason, Jon decided to take the bus home, even though he would still have to walk nine blocks to get to his house.

He stood at the bus stop and waited. There was no one else at the stop with him, so his five-minute wait was a quiet one.

Stepping on the bus he paid the fare and turned to look for a seat. Almost everyone on the bus was looking at him, and those that weren't soon looked to see what everyone else was looking at.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Jon took a seat right at the middle of the bus. I don't think I can sign another piece of paper. If I have to smile anymore my face is going to crack.

But that's what he did. For the next fifty-three minutes Jon signed everything from an actual autograph book to a gas receipt. Everyone who was on the bus or that got on the bus wanted something. Some wanted an autograph, some wanted a picture, others wanted to shake his hand, and some even fought to sit beside him.

By the time he stepped off the bus he was dead tired and he still had nine blocks left to walk. They were the longest nine blocks of his life.

When he reached his house he unlocked the door, walked in and then locked it again. He dragged himself upstairs. He removed his white t-shirt and Nike shorts, and went to bed. It was only six in the evening.

Jon's hunger woke him. It was almost ten. His stomach growled. Thinking back, he realized that the last thing he had eaten was the sandwich at lunch.

"I want pasta," he decided. He hopped out of bed and ran down the stairs and into the kitchen. Putting some water on to boil he looked around for the ingredients he needed to make the sauce. Not half an hour later, he was watching the nightly news and eating a delicious bowl of spaghetti.

"If any of you pop fans out there were hoping to get a ticket for the N Sync concert scheduled for mid July... you're out of luck. The concert sold out today leaving a line of young people without a mid-summer concert to go to. It is even reported that the audience will consist of several celebrities. Among the list of reported notables was actor Jonathan Brandis, singer Brandi, and international model Joey Tremonté."

"In other entertainment news, the family of the late..."

Jon turned off the TV. Joey's gonna be there! Shit! I don't want to have to see him. Of course with that many people there, the chances will be slim. Unless... he is going after the backstage passes too. We did meet the guy together, more or less. I think I'm going to call first thing tomorrow morning, just to be safe.

Jon took his dirty dishes and placed them in his new dishwasher before heading off to bed for the rest of the night.

Jared woke up at noon on Saturday. It was raining, and in the distance he could hear thunder.

"Oh man, I can't believe I slept this late. I'm going to be forever getting things done, especially with this rain." He jumped out of bed and started his day with a nice shower.

A few miles away, Jon had been up for hours trying to procure those elusive backstage passes.

"Could you give me the number for Roger Alders please?"

"One second," replied the lady at the other end of the line as Jon was put on hold yet again.

This better actually lead somewhere this time. I've made nine calls and so far I've had three dead-ends and five redirections. One good call out of nine and I still don't have the number I need. I feel like a rat running a stupid maze.


"Yes," Jon was startled by the sudden reappearance of the receptionist's voice.

"Mr. Alder's number is 555-1219."

"Thank you very much. Have a nice day." Jon hung up the phone and wrote the number in his phone directory before going to the kitchen for a bottle of water. All the talking on the phone was causing his throat to become dry.

When Jon returned to the living room he went to take the same spot on the sofa he had been in all morning until he noticed that the imprint of his butt was noticeable in the cushion.

Hmmm, I might be putting on a few pounds, but my butt still looks good.

He sat down, lining himself up on the imprint, picked up the receiver, and dialed Roger's number.

Ring... Ring...

"Hello, Roger."

"Hey Roger, how ya doin'?"

"I'm pretty good. Jonathan?"

Jon smiled. "Nice to know you still remember me."

"Jonathan Brandis! What's it been, four months?"


"Eh, I was close. How have you been doing? You and Joey still stirring up the sheets, heh?"

"Me and Joey... broke up a little while ago, but I'm doing pretty good." Jon tried to keep the memories from flooding back.

"Oh, sorry to hear that. You two were cute together."

"Yeah. Listen, Roger I don't mean to be rude, but this isn't a social call. I want something from you."


"I'm after a phone number."

"A phone number? That's pretty vague Jon. I know a lot of phone numbers. You're going to have to give me a... wait... I think I know what number you want."

"And I think you're right."

"Well," said Roger, "you should also know that I can't give out that number without direct consent."

Jon was getting annoyed. "My God Roger, I've known him almost as long as you have. The three of us have gone boating together. We've gotten drunk together! You think he'd care if I had his number?"

"I don't know Jon... I could get in a lot of trouble if I give out any personal numbers.

"Damn it Roger! It's me... Jon! I've probably saved this guy's career, and your job. Give me the number. Please." He could hear a sigh from the phone.

"Ok, fine. But you did not get this from me, understood?"

"Thanks Roger, I really appreciate this."

A few minutes later, after finishing his bottle of water, Jon was back on the phone waiting for an answer at the other end.

"Pick up. Please pick up. C'mon, pick..."

"Hello" said a familiar voice.

"Hey man, how ya doin'?"

"Pretty good... who's this?"

"I'm hurt Smiley. I can't believe you don't recognize this voice."

"Ha! There's only one person who calls me that. Jon Brandis, how the hell are you man?"

"I'm doing pretty good. It's been a while Smiley. Keeping busy?"

"It can't get much busier Jon. Things are hectic, but I wouldn't trade this for anything."

"I know how that goes. I was wondering... what are you doing in exactly two weeks?"

A laugh came from the person on the other side of the call. "Gee, I wonder. Lemme guess, you want tickets and passes right?"

"Actually no. I already have the tickets. All I need are a pair of passes. Can you spare any?"

"After what you did for me, not a problem."

"Excellent! How are the two of you?"

"Getting better everyday Jon. If you hadn't convinced me to keep trying to work things out, I don't know where I'd be right now. I owe you man."

"Hey, it was the least I could do for a friend."

"Well I still owe you one. Hold on a sec..." Jon could hear some muffled voices in the background. He figured a hand was being held over the phone.

"Jon, listen, I've got to get back to work. They need me for a sound test. I'll have the stadium send those passes over before the end of the day."

"Thanks Smiley. I really appreciate this. See you in two weeks?"

"Sure thing Jon. Tell Joey I said 'hi.'"

"Uh... yeah. Yeah, I will. Bye."


Jon hung up the phone and slumped back on the sofa. I get Joey out of my mind and someone always brings him up, damn! Well at least I got those passes. I bet Jared will be excited. Maybe I'll call him and give him the news.

Jon picked up the piece of paper with Jared's number on it from the coffee table. He picked up the phone, dialed the number, and let it ring... and ring.

"Hi this is Jared. I'm not available now so..."

Jon hung up the phone. I'm not telling his voice mail. He looked at the slip of paper again. I know where this street is. I can get there in forty-five minutes on roller blades. Maybe I'll pay him a visit tomorrow. That way I can give him his ticket and pass, and I get to see the look on his cute... face.

"Cute? Did I just think cute? Humph, guess I did. He is kinda cute. Those hazel eyes are just so... deep."

"Wait a minute. I'm talking to myself. Hell, who cares if I'm talking to myself, he is cute."

Jon sighed and closed his eyes. He could see Jared's face clearly in his mind. The hazel eyes looking at him, the soft brown hair parted down the middle yet still seeming to fall almost into his eyes. Jared's beautiful smile was slowly fading; the red lips drawing into position for a kiss. Jared's face was getting larger, closer.

Jon could now see two people in his mind. He still saw Jared, and now he saw... himself. He and Jared were moving together. Their hands met, leading into an embrace. Jon could no longer see himself. He was now there, in his mind, holding Jared.

As their bodies came closer together he could feel the energy between them. There was a warmth, a tingling, coming from within him, and from within Jared.

Their faces became closer... closer... together. They were aligned perfectly. Forehead to forehead, nose to nose. Their breathing synchronous, as one. In... out... in...

There was a slight tremble in both of them as they tilted their heads to the side, getting closer... closer still. What were inches became centimeters. Centimeters became millimeters... closer still.

Finally, with held breath, lips made contact. One pair of soft lips brushed the other before pulling back slightly, breaking contact. Who touched who was... unimportant. It had happened.

Again. Centimeters to millimeters to... intimate contact.

There was no pulling back this time. Contact was held. They pressed closer, tight together, joined as one.

It was a kiss of passion, full of energy. The warm tingling sensation seemed to emanate directly from inside Jared. Jon just had to be in contact with the source.

He slid his tongue forward until he made contact with Jared's lips. He licked at them, desperately tasting their sweetness, savoring the taste that was Jared.

Jared's lips began to part. Jon had a sudden uncontrollable need. He slid his tongue into Jared's warm, inviting mouth. The energy was so strong. A wave of pleasure, of passion surged through his body. He moaned in ecstasy. Then the ultimate feeling of pleasure swept through him as Jared's tongue touched his own.

Jon's mind was swimming, floating in pure bliss. Feelings of passion surrounded him, manifesting in colors of red, yellow, orange... swirling and mixing, forming an aura of... of pure love.

Jon jumped up. He was covered with a cold sweat, and was shaking.

"Whoa, what a dream," he said. He gasped again, breathing deeply. "That was intense."

He noticed that he was still holding the paper with Jared's address on it.

"That never happened with Joey. What is it about you Jared?" Jon tried to remember his vivid dream, but as quickly as it came over him, it had disappeared. He sat there on the couch, until he slowly regained his composure.

Jon started to walk to the bathroom for a quick shower when he felt something odd. He looked down and saw a large wet spot on his boxers.

Jon smiled. "What a dream."

He continued up the stairs and had his shower. Maybe a walk would clear his head, after his shower.

"Okay, it's seven o'clock" Jared said. "It took me five hours to get this stuff done, but I did it."

Jared kicked the door shut behind him as he entered his apartment. He went into the kitchen and put the grocery bags onto the table. He emptied each bag, putting each item away in the appropriate place.

Jared had left his apartment at one. With the rain pouring down, everyone was sticking to his or her vehicle or the mass transit system, so it had taken him an hour to get into town.

Waiting in line at the automated teller was torturous. The machines were lagging and the monsoon-like rains quickly drenched him. By the time he got his bills paid, it was almost three.

Negotiating the stores was just as painful an experience. Apparently everyone had picked the same Saturday to do their grocery shopping. The line-ups were long and slow moving, and the stores were uncomfortably warm. Add to that his waterlogged clothing and it became official--Jared was having a bad day.

With his bank account smaller and all of the food and such put away, Jared dragged his wet, weary body to the bathroom for a nice, hot, relaxing shower.

He lathered himself slowly, enjoying the feel of the water flowing down over his tired body. He hadn't worked as hard today as he had any day during the week, but the cold rain had sapped him of his strength.

After rinsing himself of any remaining soap, Jared let the water run once more over his muscular chest and six-pack abs before turning off the water and stepping out of the shower. He toweled himself dry and was on his way to bed when he remembered to check his voice mail.

He rushed to the living room and picked up the phone. The dial tone indicated he had messages. He quickly dialed in his numbers and listened to the playback. There was one from his mother saying she 'just wanted to talk,' a message from Rob quickly detailing the bimbo he had laid the night before, and two blank messages.

Jon would have left a message if he'd called. Those blank messages can't be from him. Oh well. Maybe he's having trouble getting the passes or something. Plenty of time left yet. Plenty of time.

Jared walked into his bedroom and took a pair of BVD's from the drawer. He pulled them on and went back to the living room to watch TV. After watching an hour of The Simpsons, he fell asleep stretched out on the sofa.

Ring... Ring... Ring...

Jon could hear the ringing, but in his semi-conscious state he was unable to associate the noise with a purpose. Finally though, on the seventh ring (or was it the eighth) he realized that he was hearing the phone. Someone was calling him.

The answering machine will get it he thought. Three rings later he realized what he had remembered half an hour into his walk the night before. He'd forgotten to turn on the answering machine.

Using the ringing to get his bearings, Jon quickly rolled to his left to answer the phone and stop that dammed ringing noise. He grabbed the phone and put the receiver to his ear.


Dial tone. Whoever it was had hung up. Jon tried to put the phone back on its cradle, but his eyes would not focus enough for him to align the two objects. He had rolled over to fast, sending his mind into a spin and his already queasy stomach became very upset.

He felt a somewhat familiar sensation rising in his throat so he went as fast as he could to the bathroom. He dropped to his knees in front of the toilet just in time to deposit the contents of his stomach.

Jon caught his breath and moaned. "Ugh. I hate that part."

While he was out walking yesterday, he'd met up with a few buddies he hadn't seen in a few years. They'd gone to a restaurant where they'd enjoyed a nice meal and some great laughs.

At ten after eight one of the guys suggested going to a club, so they did. They told some stories, had some more laughs, and drank a lot of beer, or at least Jon did.

Now here he was sitting on the floor of his bathroom at eight in the morning wearing... absolutely nothing. Jon didn't remember stripping completely before going to bed. Come to think of it, he didn't remember getting home, nor leaving the club for that matter. He vaguely remembered the car ride home; something about a cab driver telling stupid jokes and laughing at them himself.

"Not much point in staying here," Jon said to himself. He got up and flushed the toilet. He stopped in his bedroom long enough to put on his robe before continuing downstairs.

When he stepped off the bottom step the first thing that caught his attention was an envelope on the floor by the door.

Must be the passes. I can't remember seeing those last night either.

He walked over and bent down to pick up the envelope. When he straightened back up he was again consumed by a dizzy, sickening feeling.

Jon made a dash up the stairs to the bathroom. When he got to his bedroom door however his stomach had settled a little. He decided that the best place for him was back in bed. He placed the envelope containing the passes beside the alarm clock, took off his robe and crawled back into bed, as naked as he had been when he got out.

Jon woke up again at eleven. His stomach had settled and his headache had almost passed.

I really need a shower.

He crawled out of bed and walked slowly to the bathroom. He turned on the water and adjusted its temperature. He stepped into the shower.

Feeling the water run down his body was very relaxing. It was just what he needed to rid himself of his headache.

Just as he started to shampoo his thick blonde hair, the phone started to ring. Damn it! What is with that phone today? Is it only going to ring when I can't answer it? Well t'hell with it. If it's that important they'll call back. He rinsed his hair and finished his shower.

He ate a quick lunch of a chicken sandwich washed down with a bottle of water. Then he decided to roller blade to Jared's apartment to deliver his ticket and backstage pass, as per his plan on Saturday.

He grabbed the pass and the ticket, strapped on his roller blades, and headed out the door.

Oops. Better turn on my answering machine just in case. Might as well take my pager too. Never know--my agent might call. He is the only one with the number.

Jon turned on the answering machine and clipped his pager to the belt loop of his jean shorts. He locked the front door and was on his way to Jared's.

Jared woke up at ten after twelve. Spending all night on the sofa gave him a terribly stiff neck and upper back. He was slow to sit up and equally as slow getting to the bathroom to relieve the pressure on his bladder.

I need a nice hot bath to relax my tight muscles. Now where did I put that bubble bath?

After spending five minutes searching for the elusive bubble bath, he turned on the water to fill the tub. He hobbled slowly to his bedroom to get his bathrobe and a pair of briefs. When he got back, the tub was half full, so he climbed in.

As soon as the hot water touched the muscles of his upper back Jared let out a sigh of relaxation. He simply relaxed in the water letting the tub fill, and then turned it off with his right foot. He never was all that coordinated with his left.

For the next half an hour, Jared simply lay in the bathtub letting the hot water perform its duty. He only got out when he did because the water was getting cold and he was afraid his back and neck muscles would tense again.

Jared dried himself off and was just pulling up his underwear when there came a knocking at his chamber... uh, I mean at his front door. He put on his robe and tied it loosely around his waist.

Jared opened the door. "Jon?"

"Hi Jared, how ya doin'? Did I wake you?"

"Uh, no, I just got out of the tub. What are you doing here?"

Jon put on a look of fake hurt. "What, I'm not allowed to stop by to see you? I can go again if you want."

"No, don't be ridiculous. I'm just surprised to see you is all. You want to come in?"

"Yeah sure." Jon was about to step inside the door when he realized that he was still wearing his roller blades.

"Do you mind?"

"Huh... oh, no, no prob." Jared was expecting Jon to come in wearing his roller blades. Instead he leaned on Jared's shoulder for support as he removed first his left then his right skate.

Jared's pulse raced at this most basic of contact. When Jon had removed his skates and placed them against the wall just inside the door, Jared took the opportunity to check out his bare legs and feet.

God, even his feet are cute.

"Oh, before I forget... I have something for you." Jon pulled an envelope from the back pocket of his shorts and handed it to Jared. Jared opened the envelope and removed its contents. Upon looking at them his eyes widened.

"Oh my God! You got the tickets! And the backstage passes! This is so fucking excellent!" he jumped up, performing a Samprasian scissor kick. He had trouble with the landing though and his robe came untied as he was regaining his balance, giving Jon a full frontal view of his brief-clad body.

Jon's mouth fell open. Shit! What a body he has. Damn he's gorgeous.

Jared dropped the ticket and pass on the table and turned around to tie up his robe. He was embarrassed at how that had happened. "Oops. Sorry." Jared blushed a little.

"Hey, no need to be sorry," said Jon. "You have a great body. You should be proud of it. I know I would be."

Jared blushed a deep red. "Thanks. You look pretty good yourself."

Now it was Jon's turn to blush. "Me? Compared to you, I look like Santa Clause."

"No you don't. You look great. Very... sexy." I can't believe I said that. I'm being way too forward. This isn't like me at all.

"You... you think I look... sexy?"

Jared turned back to look at Jon. Their eyes met and they held each other's gaze.

"Well... yeah. You are."

The room became silent. The two hung... I mean young men kept their gazes locked. Jared felt himself being pulled towards Jon. He couldn't resist walking towards him. Jon, feeling the same irresistible pull, did the same.

Standing toe-to-toe, Jared and Jon continued looking deep into each other's eyes. Their hearts raced, their breathing became shallow. Both minds were racing.

Jon, being the more experienced of the two took the lead. He leaned in, slowly closing his eyes. Jared, seeing Jon's advance did the same.

Just as Jon's lips began to brush Jared's there was a loud beeping sound. Both young men jumped and pulled back. Jared had a look of complete confusion on his face, not knowing what was making the noise.

Jon knew exactly what it was. He reached down to his waist, unclipped his pager, and brought it up to look at it.

"Damn! It's my agent. Mind if I use your phone?"

Jared still looked confused. He was completely lost in the moment and was now having trouble coming back to the present time.

"Jared?" No response. Jon looked into Jared's eyes again and could see disappointment.

He must have really wanted that. I guess I did too. Damned pager. That was pure bad timing if there was ever such a thing. There's a great moment lost. I wish we could have kissed, that would have been great. I wonder, could we just... no, it wouldn't... ah, fuck it!

Jon stepped up to Jared, slipped his right arm around him, and pulled him in tight. Jared reacted immediately and they locked their lips together into a passionate kiss.

Jared wrapped his arms around Jon, one rubbing his strong, muscular back, and the other running through his thick blonde hair.

The kiss was deep and passionate. Jon was lost in the taste of Jared's sweet lips. He altered the kiss slightly and started to suck at Jared's lower lip, teething it ever so lightly.

Beep beep! Beep beep! Jon's pager ruined the moment again. This time however, Jared was the first to recover. He took the pager from Jon's left hand and turned it off. Jon was still standing there with his head tilted to the side, eyes closed, and an arm wrapped around Jared's waist.

"The phone is over there."

Jon opened his eyes and straightened his head. "Huh? What?"

Jared couldn't help but smile at Jon. He gave him another quick kiss on the lips. The truth was he couldn't get enough of Jon either, but being in the delivery business, he learned to always give pagers and the like immediate attention.

I'm going to have to give that up he thought. That thing has already ruined two great moments for us, god only know how many more it might get in the way off. I hope we have more moments like that... a lot more.

"I said the phone is over there if you want to use it."

Jon turned a light shade of red. "Oh... yeah, thanks." He smiled and Jared quickly returned it. Jon closed his eyes and leaned in again for another kiss, but this time his lips were met by two of Jared's fingers. Jon opened his eyes in surprise.

"Phone first. I'm not having that pager interrupting us all the time and if we continue now, it will go off again."

Jared removed his fingers from Jon's lips. Jon had a shy, almost wishful look on his face. "So... after I get off the phone, we can... continue?"

God he looks so hopeful, so cute. He has a great sad puppy look. How can I say no to that adorable face, or those luscious lips?

Jared lowered his head to look at his waist. "Well... uhm." He untied the belt of his robe, letting it fall open. Without lifting his head, he looked up at Jon's face. "I think that can be arranged."

Jon's face lit up with a big smile. "I'll be quick. I promise." He went to the phone and dialed his agent's number.

Jared just stood there. God he is such a good kisser. And those lips! He should have those things insured. I hope he isn't on the phone long. I want to get at those lips again.

"When? Tonight! Well, for how long?"

Whuh-uh thought Jared. This doesn't sound good.

"Yeah, ok. Yeah... yeah... uh-huh, yeah. Bye." Jon put down the phone and sighed.

"Is... something wrong?"

"Yeah, I'm afraid so. I have to go and do some re-shoots on the movie I thought I was finished."

"And I take it you leave tonight?"

"Yeah, six forty-five, by plane."

"Well... how long will you be gone?"

"That's the worst part. It could be three days. It could be a week. It might even take two and a half to three weeks."

"Please tell me you get weekends off." Jon simply shook his head no.

Jared felt like someone had kicked him in the stomach. He was just starting to form a relationship with Jon and now he might miss the biggest moment of that relationship within the foreseeable future, not to mention the next two weeks... or more. He backed up to sit on the sofa. Jon could easily see Jared's disappointment from his body language.

"Hey, it might be just three days. You never know."

"And if it takes two weeks, or longer? What then?"

"Well, then... then you go to the N Sync concert and have a good time." From behind Jon could see Jared's shoulder's slump and could hear him sigh.

Fuck I hate this. But what can I do, I'm just... the star of the movie, yeah! If they want their re-shoot, they'll have to give me the weekend off and that's that.

Jon walked around the sofa and sat beside Jared, facing him.

"Jared, look at me."

Jared looked over, meeting Jon's gaze.

"I promise I will be back here in time for our date in two weeks."


"Yeah, date." Jon smiled. "You have a problem with that?"

"No! No problem at all. I like that idea. A date sounds nice."

"Ok, good." Jon looked at his watch. "I'd better get going. I have to pack and take care of some things. I'll call as soon as I get back."

Jared giggled. "Yeah, well you better."

They both leaned in for another kiss before Jon had to leave. This time Jon pushed his tongue against Jared's lips. Jared wasted no time responding. He parted his lips and pushed forth his own probing tongue. They let their tongues wrestle for a while, both of them getting caught up in the moment. Jon fell back on the sofa, pulling Jared with him.

They continued their kiss, taking quick breaths whenever they got the chance. Hands were caressing and feeling whatever could be reached. Jon pulled at Jared's robe attempting to remove it. Just as it cleared his shoulders, Jared broke the kiss and stopped Jon's hands.

"What... what's wrong?"

"Nothing. It's just that you, have a plane to catch."

Jon smiled. "Don't worry, I have plenty of time."

"I know, but... I'm sorry. I'm not ready for this. I want to so bad, but I can't. Not yet. It's like you said before... I want to get to know you better first." He looked away, unable to meet Jon's gaze, afraid what he might be thinking.

To Jared's surprise, Jon brought his right hand up and ran it through Jared's hair. Jared looked back at him.

"It's ok... I understand. We can wait."

Jared smiled lightly. "Thank you."

Jared got up, pulling Jon up with him. He noticed that Jon was not looking at his face but at a lower area. He soon discovered that Jon was staring at his rather prominent erection and quickly tied up his robe, embarrassed to be seen like that at such an early stage of their relationship.

Jon looked up and smiled. He gave Jared a quick kiss on the lips and walked over to pickup his roller blades. Halfway out the door he looked back at Jared and with a devilish smirk on his face said, "You definitely have something worth waiting for." He glanced down quickly, then back up. "Most definitely." With that he closed the door and was gone.

Jared turned a deep red and sat down on the sofa. He was unable to keep the smile from his face.


To be continued....