Brandis Redemption - 5

Written by Jonny Mac

Warning: This is a fictional story, describing erotic relations between consenting adult men. If this makes you uncomfortable, or if it is illegal for you to read something like this, then go find something else to do.

The following story is entirely a work of fiction, and is not intended to imply anything about any real people. All of the characters in the story are fictional, and must not be confused with any real people. The characters in this story may have the same names as some real people, but the characters are in no way supposed to actually represent any real people.

"You know, I've passed this place a hundred times, but I've never been inside before." Jared looked around the massive arena as he and Jon walked to their seats.

"Never? Of all the places in LA, I figured you had to have been in here."

"Nope. And to tell you the truth, I'm just as shocked as you are." Jared looked over at Jon. "You have a very cute nose, you know that?"

Jon smiled a little and blushed.

"It goes great with those wonderful lips of yours."

Jon's smile increased, as did the color in his cheeks. "You like my lips a lot, don't you?"

The aisles were jammed with people. Jared and Jon had to stop along with everyone else as people slowly made their way through the quickly filling rows to their seats.

Feeling a bit devilish, Jared leaned in close to whisper in Jon's ear. "Your lips taste very sweet. And they give the best blowjob this world has ever seen." Jon's face became a deep red and he had a sheepish grin. Jared couldn't help but giggle.

In a quiet voice, Jon said, "Stop that."

"Stop what?"

They were now making their way through the row to their seats. The two people between them hadn't arrived yet, so they sat together.

It wasn't until they were seated that Jon answered Jared's last question. "Stop embarassing me like that."

"Why? You look cute when you blush." Jared started giggling again. Jon couldn't help but join in.

"I do, don't I?"

"You better believe it. The last time I saw you that red was the day we had lunch with Rob. You looked very cute then too."

Jon rolled his eyes. "Please don't remind me. That guy really knows how to embarrass someone."

"I know, but he was only teasing you. Besides, you got him back when you and Tatyanna played that joke on him. Boy, did the two of you teach him a lesson."

Jon burst out laughing just at the thought of what he and Tatyanna had done. "I can still see the look on his face on that video. Think he'll ever forgive me?"

"Sure. I'm willing to bet he already has. Rob can take a joke pretty well. At least it got him to stop coming to lunch with us."

"Yeah, good thing too 'cause it just got better each time."

"So did the evenings."

"Oh yeah, but nothing can beat last weekend."

Jared shook his head. "That was a great weekend. I enjoyed myself. I really, really enjoyed myself."

Jon took Jared's hand in his, not caring if anyone saw them. "I just wish you had stayed all night Saturday. Would have been nice to wake up with you in my arms Sunday morning."

"I know… both of us with hangovers, heheh. But serioulsy though, I actually regret leaving. Maybe tonight… we can make up for it. Pick up where we left off."

Jon looked up from the floor to look into Jared's eyes. "Really? You mean it?"

"Yeah I do. Besides… I owe you one."

"Jared, you don't owe me anything. Just having you with me is all I need." He squeezed Jared's hand. Jared returned the action, looking deep into Jon's eyes and smiling.

"I've really enjoyed these last few weeks. They've been the best of my life. Thank you."

"Thank you Jared. You've really helped me. These last two weeks have been great."

Something about what Jon said struck Jared as funny. I helped him? How did I help him? Surely, not with his drinking. He's just as bad now as when I first met him and we both got drunk last weekend. Even though compared to me he was way wasted. How have I helped him? Is that all I was for him, some help?

Before Jared could question Jon aloud, someone tapped him on the shoulder. Jared let go of Jon's hand and turned around to see two teenaged girls looking at him.

Must want Jon's autograph. "Can I help you?"

"Well, you're in my seat," said the girl closest to him. She looked to be about sixteen with obviously bleach-blonde hair and brown eyes.

"Oh yeah, I want to speak to you about that." Jon stood up and approached her. "Me and… my friend could only get seats that were seperated by your seats. We were wondering if the two of you wouldn't mind moving over a seat. That way both groups can sit together." Jon smiled widely, adding the finishing touches to his little speech.


"Uh… what?"

"I said no. Duh, are you deaf?"

Jon was shocked. No girl in the last ten years had said a single negative thing to him. "But you're only shifting to the left by one seat. It's not that big a move."

"For the third and final time, no. Now tell your friend to get out my seat."

"Look here, kid! All you have to do is shift one seat so we are all happy. But no, you have to be a - "

"Jared! It's ok. Let her have her seat."

Now Jared was shocked. Isn't he even going to fight so that we can sit together? "What? But - "

"Just… let her have her seat."

Without looking at Jon, Jared got up and moved to the seat he was assigned on the ticket.

Simultaneously both guys thought, well this is going to be a great evening.

For the remaining fifteen minutes before the opening act came onstage, Jared and Jon were both silent, lost in their thoughts.

Jon was sat perfectly straight in his chair, hands on the armrests and staring directly ahead. He didn't even look at me. He's pissed, I know he is. He thinks I gave up too easily. But I can't afford any bad publicity, not with a movie only two months away from being released. And with this much press around I would most definetly get noticed having an argument.

Jon looked around at all the picture and video cameras that the press had positioned in front of the stage. He was surprised he hadn't been noticed already. Three reporters had stopped Brandi only moments after she cleared the gate.

I'll explain it to him tonight. He's a smart guy, he'll understand. I know he will.

In the third seat to Jon's left, Jared was slouched in his chair, not quite as confident in his thoughts. Jon didn't even fight to keep us sitting together. I can't believe he gave up that easy. I know something about Hollywood, I'm sure he's worked with people worse than her before. And what was that about me helping him a lot over the last few weeks? Am I just someone to help pass the time, to keep him from being lonely? He can't be using me for sex: we haven't exactly had sex yet. Here I am falling for the guy! Can I honestly tell myself that I think he feels the same for me?

Jared looked around the forum at the sea of people. He saw mostly girls. The guys he did see were either keeping to themselves, in pairs, or sitting with their arms around a girl, half of them with their tongues down each other's throats.

He sighed heavily. I honestly don't know.

The opening act was pretty good. N Sync had picked up a band for the night that had a decent following in California. Their style of music was heavier than that of the main act, but then everything except Britany Speares was heavier than the bubblegum pop of N Sync.

Finally though, the highly anticipated main show took the stage. People were going crazy, especially the girls, and especially the two girls between Jared and Jon. After about twenty minutes of singing and dancing from the guys, Jared feared he might not regain the use of his right arm. The out of control, hormonally charged, shrill-voiced teenaged girl beside him was doing so much dancing in her seat she had beaten the limb into a tenderized steak.

After an hour, the five guys on stage decided to take a break and change their outfits. The hyperactive giggle-sacks made a mad dash for the ladies room.

"Oh thank god," said Jared while vigorously trying to rub the feeling back into his poor right arm.

"How's the concert?"

Jared jumped not having seen Jon move over to sit beside him. "Pretty cool. I think the opening act was actually better than what I've seen of N Sync so far."

"Yeah me too. Their music had more of a bite to it."


"Why are you rubbing your arm," asked Jon. He had been watching Jared rub his arm since he sat down beside him. Jared rolled his eyes.

"That psycho beside me keeps elbowing me. With all the squirming she's doing in her seat I'm starting to wonder if she isn't being jabbed with a cattle prod by her friend." Jon laughed, eliciting a slight smile from Jared.

This is the time Jon. Explain to him why you did what you did. You owe him that much. "Uhm, Jared?"


"About earlier... when I asked you to take that seat. I only did it to prevent an argument. I really wanted to sit beside you but I didn't want to take the chance of a member of the press seeing us and getting a story."

"I thought you said you didn't really care if the media saw you with another guy."

"I did say that. And I still mean it. I just don't need the bad press that an argument caught on tape would bring, not with my new movie so close to coming out. The producer would throw a fit.

"It has nothing to do with not wanting to be seen with you. I want to be with you, and I don't care if anyone sees us or not. I'm really sorry if that's how it looked."

Well Jared, you got your explanation. Don't you feel like a fool? You doubted him for no reason. "It's ok Jon. I should have known."

So you forgive me?"

"Of course I do. I'm not going to let something as insignificant as those two girls keep me mad at you."

Jon took Jared by the hand as he had done before the concert. They laced their fingers together.

"Good, I'm glad. What d'ya say we listen to a couple more songs then head backstage. I'm sure the girls would appreciate the extra room." Jon and Jared shared a laugh as the noise level increased dramatically once more, indicating that N Sync had returned to the stage.

"Alright Los Angeles. Are you ready to kick it to the extreme?" A resounding yes echoed through the giant building.

"Was that Joey," asked Jared.

"Umm, I'm not sure. I don't really know anyone besides Justin."

"And Lance. Don't forget that cutie."

"Well, yeah, and Lance."

"Ok," continued Chris, "let's do it!"

When Justin started the opening for 'I Want You Back,' the audience went ballistic, nearly drowning him out. About halfway through the song, the two girls returned from the washroom. They took the empty seats next to Jon and joined in cheering with everyone else. Jared noticed after a minute and nudged Jon to get him to look as well. Upon seeing this, Jon looked back at Jared and they stared at each other, amazed. Silently agreeing not to complain, they turned their attention back to the five cuties on the stage, still holding hands.

"See," whispered one girl to the other, "I told you they were on a date. We should have let them sit together before."

"Yeah, you're right," replied her companion. "Guess I owe you that five bucks."

"Nah, don't worry about it. I'll get my money out of this another way."

"Come on, let's head backstage. They've probably only got one song left before they finish anyway."

"Sure thing babe. I'd better let go of your hand though."

"Why? I already told you I don't care if anyone sees us together."

"I know, but I just don't want to chance fucking things up for you. You've got a movie coming out soon, and I just don't want you to jeopardize your career for me."

Jon looked at Jared and realized he wasn't going to win this one. "Ok. Even though I don't agree, I appreciate the concern. It's very sweet."

Jon stood and pulled Jared to his feet. Before he could let go of Jared's hand the girl sitting next to him snapped a picture and the flash momentarily blinded him. Jon released Jared's hand and rubbed at his eyes.

"Oops, sorry. But I just had to get a picture of Justin standing with Lance."

"It's ok, no big deal."

Jared and Jon slowly made their way through the crowd of dancing and screaming fans to the stage. They went around to the side and stepped up to the gate. When security approached them they should their passes and were allowed through.

"Thank you Los Angeles, you've been a great audience. Good night." Lance closed the show and the guys walked off stage.

"Talk about timing," said Jared.

"Yeah. Let's get back there and meet them."


They jogged back to the dressing room area, dancing around crewmembers, reporters, and the occasional teenaged girl. When they reached the dressing room they stopped.

"Ok, now what?"

"What d'ya mean," responded Jon.

"Well what do we do now? We can't just walk right into the dressing rooms."

"Obviously not. Knock on the door."

"No, we can't do that either."

Jon rolled his eyes. "Why can't we?"

"Think about it. When they open the door, they'll be expecting a group of sweaty, teenaged girls, not two guys in their early twenties. It would be weird."

Jon thought about it for a second. "Yeah, I can see how that could be weird."

"Exactly, so what do we do?"

Jon looked around for a bit. He spotted someone he recognized. "Come on, I know what we're gonna do." He took off in the direction of the guy he saw a few seconds earlier. Jared just shrugged and followed close behind.


The guy Jon had been running towards spun around and smiled when he saw who was calling him. "Jon! I was wondering if you were going to show up."

"I told you I wasn't going to miss it." He extended his hand and Smiley gladly shook it. Jared walked up and stood beside them.

"Oh, Smiley, this is Jared Lovell, my boyfriend." Jared shook the hand extended towards him. He was blushing deeply. That was the first time Jon had told anyone that he was his boyfriend. He liked it.

"Hi Jared. As Jon just said, I'm Smiley." The three of them laughed.

"Smiley here is the manager of N Sync."

"Cool! That must be a lot of fun," said Jared enthusiasticly.

"Well there's a lot of work involved too. It has its ups and downs. More ups than downs of course or I would have quit long ago."

"That's cool. Why does Jon keep calling you Smiley?"

Smiley turned a light shade of red. "I think I'll let Jon answer that one." Jared turned his attention back to Jon, something he loved to do.

"Well I met Smiley about two years ago, a little while before he became N Sync's manager. It was at a premier for a movie. We talked a bit and hit if off. We've been friends ever since. The thing is, for the first little while that I knew him, he hardly smiled. So naturally I had to call him 'Smiley.'"

"I had no reason to smile. Not until Jon introduced me to my current boyfriend. Since that day, I've barely stopped smiling. Well, there was a little rough patch at the beginning, but Jon got us through that too."

Jared looked at Jon again. "That's so sweet."

Jon blushed a little. "Yeah, well…"

"No, I mean it, that is so sweet. Someone's getting a big surprise tonight." Jon turned a bright red and Smiley cracked up laughing.

"How about I introduce you to the guys?"

"Sure, that would be cool," answered Jared.

"Alright follow me." Smiley walked towards the dressing room with Jared and Jon walking side by side behind him.

Jon whispered in Jared's ear. "Am I really in for a surprise tonight?"

"Heheheheheheh, you'll have to wait and see, won't you?"

Jon held back his response as Smiley opened the door to the dressing room.

"Guys, there are two friends of mine I'd like you to meet." He walked through the door and made room for Jared and Jon. "Guys this is Jared Lovell and Jonathan Brandis. Jared and Jon, meet Lance, JC, Justin, Joey, and Chris, better known as N Sync." Hellos and handshakes were exchanged all around.

"Jonathan you were really cool in SeaQuest. I loved that show, it was a dumb idea to cancel it."

"Thanks JC."

"Yeah," said lance. "I agree. It was a great show. I really enjoyed watching you too… I mean, it. I enjoyed watching the show too." Lance's face went beat red. JC rolled his eyes and Justin was trying very hard to keep from laughing.

The eight young men made small talk and casual conversation for fifteen minutes or so. Lance spent a lot of time talking to and looking at Jon, while Jared kept his eyes on Lance.

"So Jared," said Justin quietly, "is Jon as big a party animal as people say?"


"I've been talking to a few celebs trying to find a good place to go clubbing around here and I've been told that Jonathan Brandis knows the club scene better than most people. They say you can usually see him at a club most nights sucking down a few beers. Any truth to the rumor?"

Jared was stunned. How many people know about Jon's drinking habits? I know he drank a lot but this is a bit much. I had no idea he was this bad.

"Well, can he point out a few party spots or not?"

"Justin, think about it, how many celebrities don't know how to party? I mean, what's the big deal if Jon likes to party and have a good time? Obviously you're looking for a big party or else you wouldn't be asking, so why is Jon's partying a big deal?"

"Ok, I admit I like a good party too."

"There ya go."

"But rumor has it you can always tell if Jon's at a party because he'll be in the middle of a loud group of guys who are pretty much all drunk, including him."

It might just be a rumor, but for some reason I believe all of it. I can't let Justin know though.

"A rumor? Justin you yourself should know all about false rumors. I think I saw something in some tabloid about you dating Jonathan Taylor Thomas. That was a pretty big rumor too, but was it true?"

"No, it wasn't true, I don't even know him. But I get your point, I should know better than putting any faith in these wild rumors. Sorry for asking."

"It's ok, don't worry about it."

"Well I hate to have to cut this short gentlemen, but there is a bus parked out there waiting to take us to another exotic location." The guys of N Sync all groaned.

"Yeah, and we have to get going as well," said Jon.

"Next time we're in town drop by to see us Jon," said Lance.

"We will," replied Jared. Lance looked over at him and they stared at each other for a moment. The battle lines had officially been drawn for any future meeting.

"Yeah, we'll be sure to come see all of you. Come on Jared, let's see if we can't get a cab with all these people running around."

Everyone said goodbye and Jared and Jon left the dressing room. Before they got very far though, Smiley stepped out through the door.

"Jon! Come back for a sec bud." Jon asked Jared to wait and ran back to Smiley.


"How serious are you and Jared?"

It was something that Jon hadn't thought of before. "Pretty serious, I guess. Why?"

"I'm going to return the advice you gave to me. I think you struck gold with Jared. He seems like a great guy with a great personality and he's cute too. I can see the love in his eyes everytime he looks at you. I thought you and Joey were cute, but you and Jared… perfect match. Hold on to him Jon."

Jon considered Smiley's words and smiled. "Thanks Smiley, I intend to. I'm not going to let him go. Tell Kenny I said 'hi.'"

"I will. You take care Jon."

"You too Smiley." They shook hands. Smiley went back into the dressing room, while Jon went back to Jared.

"What was that about?"

"Nothing. He just wanted to say goodbye."

"Ah, ok."

It took over twenty minutes to get a cab. But they finally flagged one down, and were off to Jon's house instead of Jared's apartment as was planned. Jared's neighbours were nosey, and neither Jared nor Jon liked the idea of having to try to be quiet, so they changed their destination.

"Did you enjoy yourself?"

Jared nodded his head. "Definetly, although I found that they were more interesting to talk to than they were to listen to on stage."

"Me too, which is weird 'cause I always thought it would be the opposite of that with all these bands. They are great guys though, really nice to talk to."

"Yeah they are, but I really didn't care that much for Lance."

Jon smirked. "Oh, I don't know. Lance seems fairly interesting. He's cute too."


Jon laughed. "Don't worry babe. As long as I have you I'm completely happy. Besides, he doesn't do anything for me."


"Nothing. I'd take you over a hundred Lances easily."

"Jared leaned his head on Jon's shoulder. "Good."

"Now one hundred and one Lances, I'd have to really consider."

Jared sat up again and punched Jon playfully in the shoulder. "Hey, asshole." He started giggling and Jon joined in.

"I'm only kidding. You know you're the only one for me."

"I know. And you're the only one for me too."

Jon leaned in to Jared for a kiss. After just a quick pec on the lips Jared pulled back.

"Jared, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. This isn't exactly a private place." He looked forward at the cab driver. He was looking at the road, paying no attention to them whatsoever.

"I thought I told you not to worry about that. I don't care who see us or who knows I'm gay."

"I know, but I just don't want to take any chances. People are very fickle and your success depends on their opinion of you. There are a lot of homophobic people out there and it could really hurt your career if they knew. I could never live with the though that I was the reason your career was ruined."

Ok Jon, what's the best way to handle this? How do I get him to... ahh.



"I plan on being with you for a very long time."

"And I plan on being with you for a very long time too. A very, very long time."

"Good. But you're going to have to realize that we can't hide from everyone forever. I'm going to want to show my feelings for you wherever we are, be it alone or in public."

"I know, but... it's just... I need time to get used to the idea. I'm so scared of you being hurt and I know how hollywood can drop you if you become unpopular. I could never stand to see you hurt. I... I love you."

Jon looked Jared in the eyes. He could tell Jared was honest, he did love him. He also saw something else: he could see what Smiley had seen. Jon saw the love and affection that Jared had for him, and he knew immediately, he felt the same for Jared.

"I love you too Jared."

Jon opened the door for Jared and then went into the house behind him. He shut the door and locked it again.

"Jon where's the light switch? I can never seem to -" Jared's sentence was cut off by Jon tackling him. Jon knew the layout of his house perfectly and he picked Jared up and put him on the sofa.

"I don't need any lights."

"So I see, or rather, so I don't see."

Jon wrapped his arms around Jared and pulled him in tightly. They kissed, for the first time, for the hundredth time. Each kiss was equally as wonderful as the last, just as passionate and satisfying. No, not satisfying. Each kiss made them want more, they were never satisfied.

Jared returned Jon's tender embrace and pulled him down as he lay back on the baby blue sofa. He reached down to pull the end of Jon's light gray shirt from inside his black jeans. Realizing what Jared was trying to do, Jon sat up and started unbuttoning his shirt.



"Let me have that honor."

To reply Jon just lowered his arms to his sides. Jared started with the bottom button. After undoing each button he would go back to the waistband of Jon's pants and slowly run his right index finger up the center of Jon's muscular abdomin all the way to the next button, undoing it and repeating.

When all the buttons had been opened, Jared slid his hands under the shirt and placed them on Jon's shoulders. He gently eased the shirt from Jon's shoulders, keeping his hands touching the soft skin, until the shirt slid completely off and they were holding hands.

Jared leaned in and kissed Jon's neck where it curved to meet his shoulder. He gently licked at the warm flesh, savouring the taste. Jon breathed in deeply, releasing it slowly.

Jared moved down over Jon's body, kissing every inch as he went. Down over the collarone, down over his firm pecs, licking at his nipples causing them to become erect. Jon kept caressing Jared's t-shirt clad shoulders and running his fingers through the thick brown hair that adorned his head.

Jon was in heaven. He was with the man he loved who was giving him feelings of pleasure that sent chills up and down his spine. He couldn't understand how he had gotten lucky enough to find Jared, but he knew one thing for certain: Joey had been a mistake, but Jared was definetly the one for him.

"Jared, I - "

"Shhh. No words baby." Jared stopped his downward journey and went back to Jon's erect left nipple. He licked at it, getting it nice and wet. When he began sucking at it Jon moaned, showing his delight. Then suddenly, Jon pulled Jared's head back, tilting it so they were looking each other in the eye. Jared immediately noticed the moisture in Jon's eyes and the tear running down his left cheek.

"Jon? Jon, what is it, what's wrong?"

"Nothing's wrong. Everything is perfect. It's just... I've just realized how much I love you. I know we've only been together a short time and I know you have doubts because so do I. But I also know that I love you with all my heart and soul and whatever doubts we have we will easily overcome. Jared I want to be with you and you alone, now and forever."

Jared was now crying himself. Never had anyone been able to touch him so deeply as Jon had. Never had he felt this way about anyone, nor had he come close to doing so. He too realized that they had only known each other a short time, but he felt they were meant to be. Jared looked at Jon's beautiful face and knew what he needed. He knew he was ready.

"Jonathan, make love to me."

"Jared, are you sure?"

"I've never been as sure of anything in my life as I am that I love you with my entire being, and I want you to make love to me tonight."

Jon caressed Jared's tear-stained cheek and stood up. He held out his hand, offering it to Jared. Jared looked up at him, smiled, and took the offered hand. They walked up the stairs to the bedroom, hand in hand, for their first night together.

To be continued....


A word from the Mac: That's chapter 5! Sorry it took so long, but with work and the other projects I've started on nifty, 'Brandis Redemption' had to take the backburner for a little while. Chapter 6, entitled 'A Mistake Revisited', will be held off until I get back to Newfoundland (another 24 days from the time this was written). It is partially completed already, so it won't be too long before I get it out to you.
Sadly, I must tell you that there are only two more chapters planned for this story. I would love to continue the story of Jared and Jon but after some very positive feedback on my Scott and Devon Sawa story I've decided to continue it as a series, and three series are too much for me at this juncture. I won't give away any of the remaining story, but I will tell you this: no one dies, nor comes close to dying. So, who knows, I may pick it up again in the future... if you want me to.

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