*NOTE* I do not claim to know the celebrities mentioned below or their sexual preferences. This fictional story was written solely for entertainment purposes only and does NOT imply the sexual preferences of said celebrities or anything about their personal lives. Enjoy!

Usher almost choked on air when Puff Daddy was in his mother's living room. He couldn't believe this was happening to him.

"I want to sign your son to my new label, Bad Boy Entertainment," Sean "Puffy Daddy" Combs said to Usher and his mother. Usher was in shock, and extremely excited about the offer.

"Usher, Usher, Usher," he would hear the fans scream for him once he put out hid first hit album and went on a world tour singing and dancing for all his fans...especially the girls. He was on top of the world and was high off of life at this very moment in his life and hoped that someday soon, that would all come true and he would be there in reality.

"Usher?" came his mom's voice, bringing him back to reality.

"Usher dear, do you seriously want to do this?" his mom asked with a serious look on her face.

"Well mom, if Puff Daddy believes in my skills, talent, and drive to succeed, then yes I want this," Usher heard himself answering his mother back. Puff daddy then chimes in with, "Your son is very talented and has a great voice. He will do well in the music industry."

"Well if that`s what he really wants, then sure, he has my blessing," Usher's mom said to Puff Daddy.

"Well okay then, you are officially with Bad Boy now young Usher Raymond," Puff daddy says as he gets up and extends his hand for Usher to shake.

"Thank you sir," was all Usher could say as he grabbed the mega mogul's hand.

Over the next couple of months, Usher and his mother were busy with signing contracts and scheduling television interviews for when Usher blew up. Puff had come by countless times during these months to check on his new protégé and offer his words of advice and courage along the hectic process of putting out an album and promoting it. Usher was on his bed listening to the Notorious B.I.G. album when the phone rang.

"I'll get it" he hears his mother holler out through the music.

It was Puff on the line and this time he wanted to talk to Usher's mother. At first, they were going over some contracts as well as appearances and then the conversation got more interesting.

"You what?" Usher heard his mother shout out, almost scared.

"No, no I just never thought about it that way. Well I'll ask him and see what he says," Usher continued eavesdropping on his mother's conversation, the music now turned off.

A couple of minutes later, Usher hears his mother coming towards his room and he just sits there staring at the door as it slightly opened and then pushed open all the way.

"May I come in son," his mother's voice filled the room.

"What is it mom and who was that on the phone?" Usher asked his mother.

"Well," his mother responded, "that was Puff and the good news is that he finalized all your contracts and

you are to start recording your first few songs next month or so."

"Really?" Usher jumped off his bed and was standing next to his mother.

"Yea son but I also have some bad news," Usher's mom says and the excitement on her sons' face slowly began to drain. "He wants you to move to New York City and live with him so he can teach you about recording and things like that."

"Oh, well what did you tell him," Usher sounded almost scared that his mom might have turned down the offer.

"I told him that I`d talk to you and get back to him soon," his mother said. "Are you okay with this," she then asks after a pause.

"Yea mom, I think this will be good for me so I can learn the business and all" Usher said. "And besides, he`s a real cool guy and I wouldn`t mind living with him for a while."

"Okay son, if this is what you want then you have my blessing to go," Usher heard his mother say as he runs up to her and hugs her.

"I love you mom," he says.

"I love you too," she replies.

Later on that night, Usher told his mom that he wanted to call Puffy and tell him the good news so he took the cordless phone up to his room. He slowly dialed the number to Puffy's cell and gets a bit nervous because he never called him before. This was his first, of what he hoped would be many times calling his mentor. The phone rings twice and is answered.

"Yo it`s Puffy," Came the scruffy voice on the other end.

"Ay Puffy it`s me, Usher," Usher spoke nervously into the phone, "and my mom and I talked it over and we decided that it would be best for me to come and live with you." Usher finished his thought.

"Aight man that`s tight, I`ll have a plane ticket to you in a day or so aight man so get the packing," Puff Daddy said, pleased that Usher accepted his offer.

When Usher got off the phone, he was too excited to sleep. He packed most of his things that night and was eager to go live with his new "boss". He then started thinking about his mom and how he would be away from her for so long. After all, he was only fourteen and was going to live a long way from his mother.

The moment of sadness passed as Usher sped up his packing. By morning the next day, he was ready to go, but the plane ticket didn't even reach yet. By nightfall, the plane ticket arrived and his flight was going to be at 7:30 AM the following morning. Usher was up in his room about ready to go to sleep but overly excited about his trip tomorrow and how he would be living parent free for a couple of months. It would be only him and Puffy in his huge mansion. All the games he could play with and anything he wanted to he could be his. All of a sudden he felt a twitch in his boxers.

He got up from under his covers and went to turn on the light in his room. He immediately noticed the tent in his boxers. He wondered what could've gotten him so hard in seconds and by the looks of it, he had been harder than ever before in his life. He slowly pulled his rock hard dick out of his boxers and was amazed at how big he was. He never saw himself this big before and shortly after pulling his dick out of his boxers and stroking it, he moaned loudly as cum spewed all over the floor.

"Man I've never released that much before," he said out loud to himself. "I must`ve been really horny," he said as he got a rag and cleaned himself off as well as the floor. He then plops down on his bed and goes to sleep.

At the airport, Usher is both excited and sad because he's leaving his mother but on the other hand would be free for the next couple of months. He said his goodbyes to his mom and boarded the plane for the "Big Apple." While on the plane, Usher's mind went straight to the previous night when he came in less than ten seconds. He wondered what brought on such an intense hard on but couldn't figure it out. He slowly drifted away to sleep.

He was awaken by the pilot informing the passengers to buckle up and get ready for landing. Usher did as he was told and in a matter of minutes, he was off the plane and going to claim his luggage. After that, he came to a shocking discovery. He didn't know who was coming to get him from the airport. He started to panic a little and looked around for someone that might have his name on a card but with no luck. He didn't have a cell phone yet and had no change so he couldn't call Puffy. He sat by himself for five minutes until a tall, slender man with a hooded sweatshirt and cap came and sat next to him.

"Ay, Usher it's me, Puffy," Puff Daddy's voice came from under the hat and hood. "You got all your stuff?"

"Yea I got everything," he replied softly.

"Good. Let`s go then," Puffy whispered as they both got up and Usher followed him to a long black limo waiting outside the doors of the airport.

"Why`d you wear the hat and the hood," Usher asked once they were in the limo en route to Puffy's mansion.

"I didn`t want anyone to see me because I didn't want to cause a frenzy in the airport," he replied.

Usher remained quiet during the long ride to his new home because he really didn't have anything to say. Once at the mansion, Usher was taken aback by how nice and clean everything was. He and Puffy were the only ones that were going to be living in the house so he basically had the entire place to himself.

Within a week, Usher settled in completely into his new home, where his new room was about four times bigger than his old one. He also was starting to get really comfortable around Puffy so much so that they both walked around the house in their boxers. They were like two brothers living in the ultimate bachelor pad.

"Ay Ush come down here for a minute," Usher heard Puffy calling for him from his room.

When he got downstairs, Puffy was in his office, with his boxers on, talking business on his cell. Usher had his boxers on as well but he also threw on a shirt.

"Aight later man," Puffy ended his conversation and closed his cell.

"Ay listen man," he was referring to Usher, "we`re gonna have sort of a housewarming party for you okay," Puffy asked.

"Sounds great man," Usher responded, not being able to hide the excitement in his voice.

"Aight good! You can go take a shower and get ready because the party`s gonna start on about an hour or so," he told the younger boy.

Usher left to go get ready as Puffy made a call to set everything in motion and also went up to take a shower and get ready. By the time Usher had finished getting ready and was heading downstairs, everything was set up for a huge party. There were tons of flowers as well as Cristal and martini glasses spread about.

"This is gonna be a great party," Usher thought to himself and went back to his room.