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"I want us to go all the way baby. I want you so bad!"

"All the way? What do you mean?"

"I want to fuck you and you fuck me."


"I understand if you're not ready baby but I want you so damn bad."

"No it's not that. Isn't that gonna hurt," Usher uneasily asked.

"Yes. It will at first but we'll get used to it. If you want you can do me first."

"Okay Puff. I wanna be with you so bad," Usher said as he kissed Puffy.

"Okay since it's both of our first time we'll use condoms okay. There are a box of condoms and a tube of lubricant in the top draw over there," Puffy told Usher as he pointed to the other side of his bed.

Usher nervously walked over to the draw and got everything he needed. He didn't know what to do after all he'd never fucked anyone, guy or girl, before. He wanted this though, no matter how much he knew it would hurt. He slowly jacked his dick while Puffy helped him put on the condom. They kissed while he did this and finally the condom was on and both men were ready.

"I don't know what I'm doing Puffy," Usher confessed.

"Don't worry baby. We'll figure it out together," Puffy said as he laid back down on his bed. "Bring the lube."


Usher brought the lube and handed it to Puffy. He then took two of Usher's fingers and squeezed some of the clear gel onto them.

"Okay Ush gently rub this on my ass," he instructed.

Usher moved to Puffy's lower half as he put his legs up in the air to grant Usher better access. Usher carefully pressed his index and middle finger against Puffy's rectum and smeared the lube all over it. He went back and forth until his finger was cleaned.

"Oh," Puffy moaned. "Okay Ush, now get close to me and put my legs on your shoulders."

"Okay," Usher replied and did as he was told. His dick was now lined up with his mentor's ass.

"Okay baby now enter me but go slow okay. It's my first time too."

Usher slowly made his was to Puffy's light brown pucker. He placed a hand on his dick and aimed it for Puffy's ass. He pushed slowly as he began to penetrate his mentor's ass.

"Fuck," Puffy screamed.

"You want me to stop," Usher asked, concerned.

"No. I knew it would hurt but I want it. Just push your head in and let it rest a little okay?"


Usher slowly pushed all of his head into Puffy ass as he heard Puffy's mild squirms and grunts. He stood there for a while, his head in Puffy's ass, until his body became used to the massive intruder. At Puffy's request Usher slowly pulled out his head and put it back in. Puffy was getting used to this new sensation. Usher continued fucking him with his head alone.

"Ahh Ush I think I'm ready for more," Puffy moaned.


Usher easily pushed his head back into his mentor's ass and continued to slowly push in as he gradually saw his dick disappearing into Puffy. Usher held on to Puffy's legs as his entire dick was inside his mentor.

"Okay wait here for a minute," Puffy softly said, sweat dripping from his face. "Let me get used to it."

Usher waited for a while until Puffy was comfortable with the intruder inside him. Usher was in heaven as he felt Puffy's warm, moist flesh surrounding his dick from all sides. He had no idea he could feel this good. Puffy then gave him the word and he slowly began to withdraw his eight inch dick from him. He pushed back in and out again. After a little while, he got a rhythm going and Puffy's grunts and squirms turned into moans of bliss.

"That`s right baby. Fuck me. Fuck me. Ugh," Puffy screamed as Usher penetrated him and gradually moved faster and faster. "Yea. Fuck me Ush. Fuck!"

"God this feels so fucking good," Usher moaned as he gained speed fucking Puffy's ass.

For having it be his first time, Usher got it down pretty quickly as Puffy was moaning and screaming. Usher gradually gained a smooth motion where both men were gaining intense pleasure from the fucking and the room was filled with moans from both of them. Usher plowed and drilled Puffy's no longer virgin hole, which solicited loud moans from his mentor.

"Oh yea baby. Don't stop. Fuck me," Puffy loudly moaned.

"Shit," was all Usher could muster to say in the moment of pure lust and passion he and Puffy were sharing.

"God I didn't know this could feel so good," Puffy whispered.

Usher continued to fuck Puffy and was lost in the moment. He then felt that familiar twitch in his balls and he knew what was about to happen. Without a moment's notice, cum erupted from his balls and shot straight up his dick and was met by the condom. He shot thick wads of cum into the condom while still thrusting in and out of Puffy's ass.

"Fuck," Usher screamed as the last stream of cum erupted from his dick.

"Damn that was hot," Puffy panted as Usher slowly withdrew from him.

"Yea it was awesome," Usher said as he pulled off the condom. He also noticed that Puffy was still rock hard.

Usher got up off the bed and went into the bathroom to throw the condom away and clean off his dick. He reappeared in the room and leapt into the bed and put Puffy's cock back in his mouth. He licked all over and took as much of it into his mouth as he could. He stopped sucking and went to the drawer again and got another condom out of it. He came back and kissed Puffy on his way to his dick. He jacked Puffy a bit and then placed the condom on his huge monster.

"I want you," Usher softly said.

"Are you sure Ush? I don't wanna force you baby."

"Yea. I want you"

"Okay baby."

Puffy grabbed Usher and threw him down on his bed as he passionately kissed and groped every part of his young, hot body. Puffy wanted him so bad that he swore his dick grew five more inches just thinking about it. He got up off the younger boy as he grabbed two pillows and placed then under Usher's ass for elevation and so this process would be as easy as it could on the boy. He gently squeezed the lubricant on his two fingers and carefully made his way to Usher's virgin pucker. As he placed his fingers on Usher's light brown hole, he winced.

"Oh man that's cold," Usher said.

"Don't worry baby, I'll warm you up in one second," Puffy playfully said.

Puffy proceeded to spread all the lube around Usher's ass and got himself into position to take the boys' virginity. He then noticed the scared look on Usher's face as he was about to penetrate him.

"Don't worry I'll go slow okay," Puffy tried to comfort the boy. "I want you to enjoy this as much as me."


When Puffy finished reassuring Usher, he went back to work and reciprocating the pleasure that was given to him earlier by the young stud. He grabbed Usher's legs and placed them upon his shoulders and then grabbed his dick at the base and slowly made his way to Usher's well-lubed hole. He gently applied pressure on the head of his dick as he pushed past Usher's tight anal ring.

"Fuck Puffy, that shit hurts," Usher wailed. "Ow!"

"Don't worry baby it only hurts at first. I'll keep only the head in a while to let you get used to it okay?"

"Okay," Usher said as he uncomfortably tried to get used to the monstrous intruder invading his tiny ass.

Puffy began to rock back and forth making Usher's anal ring loosen up with his dick head. He slowly fucked the young stud with the head of his dick as Usher slowly lost the sensation of pain and was quickly replaced by pure bliss and lust.

"I think I'm ready for more Puff," Usher moaned.

"Okay baby, I'll go slowly."

Puffy slowly began to enter Usher again and slowly pushed more of his dick into the young boy. After six of Puffy's ten inch dick disappeared into Usher, he screamed.

"I think that's all I can take Puff," Usher cried, a tear rolling down his cheek.

"Okay. I'll just let your body get used to me for a minute okay."


Puffy stayed a long while inside Usher without moving because he knew that the boy was in a lot of pain because he was so young. He waited until Usher was totally comfortable with the intruder in him before he proceeded to any slight movement. He wanted the boy to enjoy this as much as he was. After a long, silent while, apart from Usher's soft squirms and moans, Puffy saw that Usher's face was relaxing and his body finally getting used to the six inches of dick inside him.

"You okay," Puffy cooed.

"Yea I think I'm ready," Usher said, relaxed.

That's all Puffy needed to hear. He wanted to take the boy so bad that he had become impatient. But now that the boy said that he was ready, Puffy slowly pulled out six of his ten inches out of the boy and slowly put it back in. He saw the expression on Usher's face but Usher stared at him and Puffy knew that he wanted it. He slowly began rocking back and forth being extra careful to only put six of his inches into the boy. He wanted to be sure that he wasn't putting Usher in any more pain than necessary so he pulled his dick out and rolled the condom up from the base to where the six inch mark on his dick was. This way he would know when to stop. He then placed his dick back into the boy's slightly more loosened hole and began to pick up a little speed and rhythm.

"Oh! Fuck! Fuck," Usher screamed.

"That's right Ush. I knew you'd get used to it," Puffy panted as he continued to pound the boy.

"God! Oh! Damn!"

Puffy was extremely pleased that Usher was enjoying himself. He didn't want to go too fast because Usher wasn't ready for all of his monstrous meat so he made a paced rhythm that Usher seemed to enjoy and which also made sure that the part of his dick covered with the condom was the only part entering the boy. He kept at the same pace and was slamming his six inches in and out of the boy. Puffy noticed that Usher had gotten hard again and also noticed the sweat dripping all over his head and upper torso. His nipples were hard and Usher's eyes were rolled to the back of his head, lost in the passion.

"Oh God Puff! Fuck me, fuck me," Usher screams echoed throughout the entire Italian villa.

"That's right baby, scream for me. I love it when you moan like that."

"God I love you."

Puffy stopped in mid thrust, taken aback by what he just heard.

"What did you just say," he asked, a bit nervous.

"Huh," Usher came back to reality, confused. "What?"

"You just said you loved me."

"Yea I did. I mean I do Puff. I love everything about you, when I'm with you, how you make me feel, and how you treat me. You don't have to say it back to me but that's how I feel," Usher softly and slowly spoke.

"It's okay because I love you too. I never knew I could be this happy or feel this way until you came around. I love you Ush," Puffy said as he crawled up to Usher's lips and gave him a passionate kiss.

The two shared the kiss for a long while until Puffy broke it and went down to Usher's abs where he licked it, while jacking the young singer's dick. He put the boys' dick in his mouth and sucked and licked it for a while and then went back behind Usher. Usher moaned as he reentered him and slowly built up to his once steady pace. Usher was handling the six inches Puffy was giving him pretty well. Usher quickly was lost in the passion once again and wasn't even aware when he grabbed his rock hard dick and began ferociously jacking it off trying to get it into rhythm with Puffy's thrusts. When he was finally able to accomplish this, he became even more lost and caught up in the passion. Puffy continued to fuck his young lover as Usher just moaned and bucked wildly.

"Fuck I'm gonna cum," Usher no sooner screamed, that thick white ropes of cum spurted out of his dick and landed on his flat, toned abs, the sheets around him, and all over his hand.

"Shit," Puffy yelled as he felt Usher's ass becoming tight around his dick because he just came. "I'm gonna cum Ush!"

Puffy thrusted a couple more times into Usher as cum erupted from his dick and splashed into the condom. Puffy felt like he was on cloud nine as he slowly slipped out of Usher and fell on the bed besides him. The two men were worn out and their asses hurt from giving each other their virginities, but they both seemed happy and pleased that they did it. Puffy had a smile on his face as he closed his eyes and rested for a minute. Usher did the same as the house suddenly became quiet. They rested for a while until Usher began to stir and Puffy did the same.

"You awake Puff," Usher softly said.

"Yea baby."

"Damn that was awesome."

"Yes you were baby," Puffy winked and went to meet Usher's lips. They kissed for a long while.

"You were too. I had no idea it could feel so good."

"Yea, it was amazing," Puffy said as he got up off the bed and went into the bathroom. He slowly pulled off the condom and threw it in the garbage. He suddenly had an idea.

"Ush," he called from the bathroom. "Why don't you come take a shower with me?"

"Okay," Usher all too excitedly said as he jumped off the bed and made his way to the bathroom.

When Usher got to the bathroom the water was already running and Puffy was already in. He slid the door open and went in as he slid the door back shut.

"You couldn't wait for me," Usher joked.

Puffy just laughed as he began soaping his skin. The water was cold because they both needed it after all the hot moment of passion the just shared. They both needed to cool off and it didn't look like the shower would help because Puffy began soaping Usher's pecs and abs. Usher, in turn, began lathering Puffy's back with soap. Puffy then pressed Usher up against the tile wall of the bathroom and went straight for his soft, sensuous lips. He interlaced his fingers with Ushers' and placed them above the boys' head as his tongue continued to fight with Usher's for dominance.

The boys continued to kiss and grope each other as the cold shower water hammered down on their flesh. Puffy never felt this good. He couldn't begin to comprehend how this young boy was making him feel so good. All he knew was that he didn't want to stop as he kept kissing Usher and sucking on his lips and tongue.

"God that feels so good," Usher slowly moaned as Puffy went down and was sucking his neck. "Did you mean what you said?"

"Huh," Puffy said as he stopped kissing and licking Usher's neck.

"Did you really mean it when you said you loved me?"

"Yea I do. I feel different when I'm with you, like nothing else matters. I've never felt this way. I love you Usher Raymond."

"Well in that case," Usher seductively said and kissed Puffy, "I love you Sean Combs."

They kissed a while longer and finally ended up taking a real shower. The both shampooed each others' hair and soaped every inch of each others' body. Usher didn't know the last time he felt this good, calm and carefree. He and Puffy dried off their well toned bodies and Usher quickly ran to his room to grab a pair of boxers. When he returned to Puffy's master suite, he was putting on some boxers and getting ready to hop into bed. Usher looked at him for a while and Puffy knew what he was thinking.

"Come here," Puff said as he sat up on the bed.

Usher went and was impressed that Puffy knew what he was thinking. They snuggled close to each other on the bed, kissed and groped a while and stood up talking a long while. At around two in the morning, Usher had comfortably fallen asleep in Puffy's arms but he stood awake. He couldn't stop thinking about the boy, the amazing time they just shared and what it all meant. He couldn't close his eyes to sleep even if he wanted too. He slowly got up from the bed and placed a pillow in his place so as not to wake Usher. He walked across his large, moonlit room and opened his glass door leading to the veranda.

He was greeted by the cool, Italian air rushing toward him from the beach. He went all the way to the edge of the veranda and placed his hands on the sturdy banisters, staring at the crescent moon. The night was chilly but nice as he just stared straight out into the ocean, watching the waves rise and fall, trying to evade the moonlight. He felt so calm and serene.

"What am I gonna do," he mumbled to himself. "Fuck!"


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