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He continued to stare out as far as his eyes could see. He wasn't sure how long he stayed out there but after a long while, he got tired and went back to his room. He walked up to his bed and noticed the fine boy that he was about to hop into bed next too. He really loved Usher; although he never thought he could feel this way, he was happy he found it. He crawled next the young boy and replaced the pillow with his body. Usher's head was now resting on his chest as Puffy watched the boys' head rise and fall with every breath he took. Sleep finally came to him at around four in the morning.

It was around nine in the morning when Puffy finally awoke. He didn't sleep well the night before but loved waking up to Usher's embrace. He, once again, slowly replaced his body with a fluffy pillow and walked to the bathroom. He washed his face and brushed his teeth. He slid his index fingers in the elastic part of his boxers and pulled them down as he entered the shower. He adjusted the temperature of the water; surprisingly he wanted a cold shower, and walked under the shower head, shuddering at the coldness of the water.

Usher stirred awake as he heard the shower go on. He felt calm and serene when he remembered the passion that he and Puffy shared the night before. He started to get hard. He got up from the bed, made his way into the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Like Puffy, he then slid off his boxers and went to join his lover in the shower.

"Morning baby," Usher said as he hugged Puffy from the back and kissed the nape of his neck. "You started without me?"

"Hey," Puffy smiled as he turned around to face Usher. He caught the boys' lips in a kiss as blood immediately began to rush to his dick. He broke the kiss and said, "I'd never start anything without you baby."


"What are you thinking?"

"About last night? It was awesome. All the passion and lust. I was in lost in you and all of it."

"Me too baby. I didn't know it could feel so good. I love how your body feels next to mine. I love you baby."

"I love you too. I really mean it."

The temperature in the shower was quickly heating up as Puffy and Usher began making out and groping each other. They spent a long while in the shower enjoying each others' body. The water went extremely cold but neither men seemed to mind as they still continued to kiss and press their hard bodies against each others'. Usher licked on Puffy's hard nipples as he made his way down to his throbbing dick. He took his mentor turned lovers' dick in his mouth and was amazed that he was able to suck seven inches without any problem. He continued bobbing up and down on Puffy's monster meat, sucking and licking everywhere.

"Shit," Puffy moaned. "Damn!"

"You taste so fucking good," Usher breathlessly said during sucks and slurps.

"Shit baby I'm cumming."

Usher sucked Puffy's dick hard and moments later felt hot spurts cum splashing into his mouth. He swallowed as much of it as he could as cum dribbled down his chin and down the drain. He got up and ran his face under the shower head and was pressed up against the wall by Puffy. Puffy passionately kissed him, grabbed his dick, and slowly began stroking it. Usher was moaning loudly as Puffy sucked and licked his way down the young boys' body. He licked Usher's dick head while he was jacking the base and fondling his balls.

"Damn! Oh shit that feels so good," he moaned as Puffy took all of him into his mouth. "God you have a fucking awesome mouth."

"Thanks baby. I'm glad you like it because you know that my mouth as well as the rest of me belongs to you," Puffy said between sucks and winked at Usher.

"So you're all mine huh?"


"Well then come up here so I can give you my body."

Puffy slowly made his way up Usher's body and they embraced in another kiss. Puffy kept kissing Usher as he slowly jacked him off. Usher shot blasts of cum that smeared against the shower glass door and dribbled onto Puffy's hand. They both continued on to take a regular shower by soaping each others' skin and shampooing each others' hair. The got out of the shower and put on some boxers and a t shirt and went down to breakfast.

"So what are we gonna eat babe," Puffy asked as they made their way into the kitchen.

"I feel like eating French toast."

"Then French toast it is."

"What you're gonna make it," Usher asked, amused.

"Of course. I'm gonna cook for you baby."

"Um okay."

"What you don't think I can cook?"

"I just can't picture it baby."

"Fine then. You just sit back and prepare to be amazed by me."

"I've been amazed by you for a long time now baby."

"I know," Puffy joked.

He walked across to the breakfast nook and gave Usher a kiss and then went to get a skillet out of the cupboard. He had no idea that he'd be cooking for anyone but all of a sudden he wanted to do it. He put the skillet on the stove and began putting on a show for Usher. He finished a stack of French toast and then sat down at the table, next to Usher, for breakfast.

"This is really good baby," Usher said as he was putting more food in his mouth.

"See I told you I'd amaze you."

"Well I'm very amazed. This is great. Thank you," he said as he leaned in to give Puffy a thank you kiss.

"Your welcome baby."

They talked over breakfast about what they were gonna do today and decided that they would just stay home and chill. The made their way into the living room and plopped down into the couch, putting on the TV. They talked, watched TV and chilled throughout the rest of the day.

They only had a week left in Italy and although Usher was sad, he was also happy to be back stateside. The days in Italy were hot with the beaches and all but the nights were even hotter in Puffy's master suite. The boys took turns fucking each other every night since their first time and Usher was really getting use to Puffy's dick invading him. He could now take eight of Puffy's ten inches. They both enjoyed each other's body and when they were intimate, nothing else mattered. They made love and then fell asleep in each others' arms.

The week seemed to end as fast as it came and both Usher and Puffy were packing for their trip back to the states tomorrow. The sun had just dipped below the horizon on their final night in Italy. The smooth waves were slowly becoming illuminated by the full moon. Usher came into Puffy's master suite to find him out in the veranda, looking at the ocean.

"Hey," he called as he jumped on the bed. "What's wrong?"

"Hey baby. I was just thinking about some things."

"You okay?"

"Yea. I guess I never want to leave this place."

"I know what you mean, it's great," Usher got up form the bed and slowly walked over to Puffy and embraced him from behind. "How `bout we go for one last swim?"


"Yea! Come on! Doesn't the water look so inviting?"

"Okay baby let's go."

The two boys quickly put their swimming trunks on and were on their way to the beach. Usher shuddered back as his toes touched the water because it was cold. Puffy saw this and ran up on him from behind and tackled him into the cold water.

"You punk," Usher laughed as emerged from under the water.

"What you gonna do huh?"

"Oh I'll get you!"

"Bring it Ush!"

The two boys began fighting each other in the moonlit water as the waves splashed against them. Usher seemed to have the upper hand but out of nowhere Puffy ambushed him and pinned his hands to his back.

"Ha! You're under arrest," Puffy yelled over the crashing waves, motioning Usher's hands like he was going to handcuff them.

"What?! What am I under arrest for?"

"For being so damn sexy and getting me all hot and bothered!"

"Oh so you're one of those crooked cops huh?"

"Maybe. So what are you willing to do for me to let off the hook?"

"Well let me go and I'll show you."

"Okay but no funny business. I'm watching you," Puffy said as he released Usher's hands.

Usher slowly turned around and placed a finger and traced it around Puffy's chest. Puffy giggled because Usher's finger tickled him. Usher then grabbed Puffy into a hug and slowly kissed him. There they were, late at night in the moon illuminated ocean, sharing a passionate kiss. At that moment Puffy didn't care if anyone saw them because he felt so good and wasn't thinking about anything else. They stopped kissing and held each other a long while as they were looking out at the moon and the shadows it created on the water.

"I love you Ush!"

"I love you Puff!"

The two stood in the moonlit water embracing each other for what seemed like hours until they finally decided to get out and go home. They went back to the villa and showered and got ready for bed. They kissed and snuggled for a while and both men finally fell asleep. They were so exhausted from their fight in the ocean that it didn't take long for sleep to come to either of them. The house became quiet.


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