*NOTE* I do not claim to know the celebrities mentioned below or their sexual preferences. This fictional story was written solely for entertainment purposes only and does NOT imply the sexual preferences of said celebrities or anything about their personal lives. Enjoy!

In a matter of hours, Puffy's mansion was filled with the noises of people and loud music and everyone having a good time. Everybody, except Usher, was drinking Cristal and they all looked to be drunk to him. He even had a couple of girls almost twice his age come up to him asking for dances, kisses, and personal tours of his room. He did dance with some girls but he couldn't stop looking at Puffy.

Puffy was drunk as hell and was still drinking. He was enjoying himself a lot. The party finally finished around three in the morning and everyone left the bottom floor of the mansion in a big mess. Usher saw Puffy laid out on the couch and decided to help him to his room.

"Ay Puff get up man. Let me help you to your room," Usher said as Puffy started to stir and awake.

"Aight man," he managed to slur as he got up and Usher put on of Puffy's hand around his shoulder and helped him up the stairs.

In Puffy's master suite, he was helped over to his bed. By now Puffy was knocked out and Usher laid him on his massive bed. Usher then noticed that Puffy was sweating profusely and decided to help him out of his clothes, since he heard on television that Puffy usually sleeps in his boxers or in the nude. Puffy didn't stir when Usher pushed his shirt over head and pulled it off. He went and laid it on a chair close to the bed.

Making his way back to the bed, Usher couldn't help but notice his mentor's upper body. His chest was well defined with well shaped pec muscles. Usher eyes followed down Puffy's chest to his tight six-pack stomach. His mentor was in great shape.

"What am I thinking," Usher asked himself out loud as his eyes still focused on Puffy's abs and then wandered to the slight trace of hairs that start from his navel and disappeared in his pants.

"Man this is whack," Usher states out loud to the dark, empty room.

Usher was about to leave the room when he remembered the sweating. He noticed that Puffy was still sweating a lot and then decided to take off is pants. Slowly, Usher unbuckled Puffy's belt and loosened his pants. His hand slightly brushed against Puffy's crotch and he felt something. Usher stopped for a moment but didn't think anything of it. He then helped his mentor out of his expensive pair of pants and, as before, Usher went and placed the pants next to the shirt on the chair.

He returned to the side of Puffy's bed and his eyes slowly followed the little hairs on Puffy's toned stomach that were not concealed by a pair of white boxers that Usher touches and determines is silk. He stares at the boxer shorts and then noticed that Puffy was hard. The boxer shorts left nothing to the imagination as Usher saw the entire outline of his mentor's package.

"What`s going on with me?" Usher asks himself, confused.

In an instant, Usher's dick began to move about in his own boxers and within seconds, he was harder than he had ever been in his entire young life. He just kept staring at Puffy's crotch until Puffy started to stir. Usher decided to leave the room and get some sleep because it was almost 5:30 AM. As he walked in his room, his dick was still straining against the cotton of his boxers. He couldn't explain what brought about him getting so hard, and he was too tired to care or even jack off. He just jumped into his bed and quickly wiggled out of his pants. His dick was at its maximum of eight inches and was continuing to strain against his boxers.

"Eh! What the hell? Why not," Usher said as he takes his shirt off, exposing his well developed body, for a fourteen year old. He then slowly stripped off his boxers as his raging hard meat is greeted by cool air. Usher never slept naked before but he was enjoying himself a lot. He loved the way the sheets felt against his bare body. He took his pants, shirt, and boxers and threw them on the floor and pulled the covers over him and minutes later, fell asleep.

At 12:30 PM the next day, Puffy started stirring on his master bed and finally awakens. He remembered nothing from the previous night and wonders how he got up to his room and down to his boxers.

"Damn, that must've been some party," Puffy said, amused as he gets out of his bed and jumps into a cold shower. "I wonder if Usher is up yet. My boy was having a blast last night," Puffy reminisced about the extravaganza the night before.

He got out of the shower and put on a bath robe and headed out of his room to Usher's to see if the young man is up. Puffy finds the door slightly ajar and pushed it open all the way, thinking Usher might have already gotten up and went downstairs. When Puffy walked into the boy's room, he was surprised to see the covers on the floor and Usher's young, naked body lying on the bed. Puffy didn't think anything of it.

"I guess he had a better time that I did," Puffy amused and then leaves the young stud, heading to the kitchen.

About an hour later Usher made his way down the stairs in clean boxers, shorts, and a tight shirt. He saw Puffy at the end of the enormous kitchen table on his cell phone and a bowl of cereal in front of him. Once Puffy noticed him, Usher waved good morning to him and went to fix himself some cereal. Today was Saturday and Usher had a break from recording his album this weekend and as far as he knew, his mentor was also free. He gathered his bowl of Lucky Charms and headed into the massive living room with an even bigger plasma screen television and turns it on to watch some cartoons. He is also surprised that the house is now entirely clean and there is not a single trace that a huge party was thrown here just the night before.

"Morning kid," Usher hears Puffy's strong voice say to him as he made his way to the living room.

"Sup man," Usher said, as his mind suddenly began to replay the events of last night.

"You okay man," Puffy asked, looking at him.

"Yea man, that was a great party yesterday," Usher managed to say trying desperately to forget about last night in Puffy's room.

"As long as you enjoyed yourself man. We'll be having another party in about a month when you finish your album," Puffy said to Usher. "You cool with that?"

"Yea man sounds great," was all Usher said as he still battled to keep the image of Puffy lying on his bed with his tight silk boxers and hard dick out of his mind.

"You sure you okay Ush," Puffy asked again. "You look like you got something on your mind."

"Nah! I`m good. So anyway, what are we going to do today," Usher tried to change the conversation.

"Ay Ush let me ask you something," Puffy said. "Do you know how I got up to my room after the party last night?"

Usher nervously looked out the window to the beautiful New York skyline before shyly saying, "I did."

"You were out on the couch and I just thought you would sleep better on your bed."

"Good looking out man," Puffy said as Usher is still looking out the window.

"When I woke up this morning, I was in my boxers" he then said to Usher. "Did you help me with that too," Puffy asked, looking at the young boy.

Usher got nervous and his heart started beating faster as he continued looking out the window and then finally managed to say, "You were sweating a lot and looked hot so I decided to take your clothes off, and I remember my mom was watching one of those celebrity shows and you were doing an interview and you said you like to sleep in your boxers so I assumed it right."

"Oh! I remember that interview. I told the guy that I like sleeping in my boxers but I prefer to be naked," Puffy said, eyeing Usher. "Thanks for doing that for me man."

"No problem," Usher replied back.

Puffy was still eyeing Usher who was still staring out the window to New York. For some odd reason, he was relieved that Usher was the one that took him up to his room and was the one that stripped him of his clothes after the massive party.

"Well I don't have to do anything or go anywhere this weekend to we can do whatever you want," Puffy said after a long silence. "How about we go out to a club later tonight?"

"You forgetting that I`m only fourteen man," Usher said matter-of-factly.

"Oh man, sometimes I forget your age. But you know I am V.I.P. and I could get you in if I wanted," Puffy reminded him.

"Nah, I say we just chill out, you and me. I mean you can call some of your friends if you want," Usher's voice was desperate to cove up what he just said.

"Nah, chillin at home with my boy sounds cool," Puffy replied. "How about we hit the weight room later?"

"That sounds good."

"Good because before you bust out into the music scene, you gotta have your body tight," Puffy said.