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Usher was both excited and nervous about his workout with Puff later on. He was excited that he gets to work out with his mentor but nervous because he might get another hard on and that Puff might notice it. His mind then ran on Puffy's outlined boxers from the night before. He then banished those thoughts as quickly as they entered his mind and continued watching cartoons.

"Ush," Puff's voice echoed through the house, "Come here man."

It had been a couple of hours since the last talked and Usher followed his mentor's voice to his huge gym on the second floor of his Manhattan mansion. He entered the gym to see Puffy putting down some mats as if they were going to wrestle.

"Hey, I figured we'd start earlier than later. That okay with you," Puffy asked as Usher entered the gym.

"It's cool," Usher replied as he noticed Puffy had on a white sleeveless shirt and a pair of running shorts that came down to a little above his knees.

"Aight then, these mats are for us to stretch out on before we get started," Puffy informed Usher.

"Aight, but should I to go change my clothes."

"No, that's okay. Those will do fine."

And with that Usher dropped down on the mat to get ready for his workout with his mentor. Puffy instructed Usher to lie down on his back and shift his legs to the right. Usher did so and then Puffy applied pressure to his legs and it hurt him a bit. "This is so you don't tense up during the rest of the workout," Puffy said as he shifted Usher's legs to the left position and began applying force once again.

This time however, Usher felt something else. Puffy was so close to him that he felt something poking at him between his two ass cheeks. Usher closed his eyes and wondered what it was for a minute and then slowly lowered his body to get more of his mentor's enormous dick inside him. Puff didn't even notice Usher's movement and Usher concluded that Puff wasn't even hard, or semi-hard and also concluded that his mentor was hung extremely well.

"What the fuck am I thinking and doing," Usher thought to himself as he slowly got off Puffy's soft dick. He had no idea if Puffy noticed what he did or not.

"Aight kid, up. It's my turn now," Puffy said as he pulled up the young boy from the mat and lies himself down where Usher was just a few minutes ago.

Usher then proceeded to do the same warm-up exercise that Puff had done to him earlier. Usher then noticed how firm and strong his mentor's legs were. They were shaped perfectly and Usher couldn't help but stare for a moment. When he got over his awe, his hand accidentally brushed against Puffy's ass and Usher felt how firm, but soft it was. He wanted to do it again but was scared that Puffy would catch on so he decided against it. He then got off Puffy.

"Aight kid, now that we warmed up some, what do you wanna do now," Puffy asked as he got up from the mat and looked over at Usher. "You wanna go to the weights; jump on a treadmill or what?"

"Man it doesn't matter to me."

"So you just wanna sit here and look at each other all day," Puffy joked.

Usher looked a bit nervous but loosened up after a while. He was on the free weights while Puff was on the mat doing crunches. Puffy wore a very loose set of basketball shorts and every now and then Usher would try to look into them. His eyes roamed up his mentor's legs as far as he could possible go and his dick began to come alive in his boxers.

"What the hell are you thinking man" Usher again thought to himself. "Just keep cool. Concentrate on the workout," he continued thinking. He tried to turn away from Puffy so he wouldn't notice him put Puff did.

"Ay man where you going," Puff asked out of breath, still doing crunches. As Usher turned to face him, Puff immediately noticed that the young stud was hard. He stared for a while until Usher's voice brought him back.

"I was going over there," Usher answered motioning to the other side of the gym. For a split second, he could've sworn that he saw his mentor staring at his crotch. This, of course, made Usher more excited.

"You wanna call it a day or what," Puffy asked. "I see you have something to take care of."


"Oh come on man. It's aight. You don't need to hide it from me. We`re both guys here," Puffy said motioning to the visible tent in Usher's shorts.

Usher got quiet as Puffy got up from the mat and headed over to him. He was scared because the reason he had such a huge hard on in the first place was because of Puff and he didn't want him knowing that. He pictured the worse case scenario where Puff kicked him out of his mansion and worst of all, stopped production of the album. A tear welled in Usher's eye.

"You okay man," Puffy asked.

"Yea, I guess," Usher tried not to sound depressed and at the same time realized that he might have a thing for Puff.

"Well okay. I guess you better go take care of your buddy there," Puffy again motioned to Usher's crotch. "You do know what to do right?"

"Yea," Usher answered but with embarrassment and a blank look on his face.

"So what`s with the look?"

"What look? There's no look!"

"Aight man take it easy."

Now that Puffy had thoroughly thought about this young, cute stud jacking off somewhere in his mansion, it made him horny within a couple of moments. Usher wasn't the only one with a tent in his boxers anymore. He stared at the boy and his cute face and wondered why he got hard.

"What about your little friend," Usher asked, glancing down at Puffy's crotch.

Puffy looked at him why a shy look but he couldn't get over how cute the young hunk in front of him was. He had a cute face, nice body, and everything. Puffy then felt like he wanted the young boy in front of him.

"I guess we both better go take care of our little friends."

"Mine isn't so little," Usher stated.

"Oh is that a fact? Well how about you show me what you're working with," Puffy asked with a huge grin on his face.


"Oh come on, if you want bragging rights in this house then you have to show what you're made of and see if you can beat me."

"Oh I know I can't."


Usher decided to be honest because he figured that if something was going to happen here with Puff, then he should also fan the flames a bit. "After the party that night when I took you up to your room and helped you out of your clothes, I couldn't help but notice that you had a huge hard on."

Usher thought that maybe he'd said too much.

"Oh," was all Puffy could say. "Did you like what you saw?"

"I didn`t see much because you still had your boxers on remember."

"Oh well do you want to see what I got?"

"Well in order to have bragging rights, you have to show me so we can compare."


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