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That was all Puffy needed to hear. He walked closer to Usher and then put his hand on his throbbing dick. With one swift motion he pulled his basketball shorts down as well as his boxers to reveal his aching ten inch dick to the younger stud. Puffy felt the attention his dick was getting from Usher.

"This is what my boxers were hiding that day," Puff laughed.

"Oh," was all Usher could say.

"Well come on, let`s see what you got," Puffy coaxed Usher.

Usher couldn't believe it. He loved everything about his mentor's dick; its size, shape and even all the hair at the base. He also admired Puffy's nice, walnut shaped balls. Usher just wanted to take Puffy's dick in his mouth and suck it like a chocolate lollipop, but he wasn't sure where this was going. His first thought is that they'd just jack off together and then leave it at that. Usher's hand slowly reached the elastic waist of his shorts and slowly began to pull them down.

"Yea come on, don't be shy," Puffy encouraged, now taking off his shirt. Puffy was now fully nude and couldn't wait for Usher to be as well because he wanted them to be in all sorts of positions together.

Usher finally managed his shorts off and quickly took off his t-shirt. Now the two sexy men were naked in front of each other in a huge mansion all alone.

"That's quite a package there Ush," Puff commented. "I don't even think I was that big at your age."

Usher was happy with the compliment as he grabbed his tool and stroked it a few times, causing pre-cum to ooze out. Puffy was enjoying the hand job the boy was giving himself and it turned him on even more.

"Well we got two sexy men here with no clothes on and rock hard dicks. What are we gonna do," Puff asked out loud.

"I don't know but I need to jack off because my dick is aching right about now."

"Well I have something better in mind that we can do that's a lot more fun than jacking off."

"And what's that?"


Puffy pulled Usher close to him and placed his lips on the younger boys'. Usher didn't think it was possible for him to get any harder but a new sensation was surging through his dick and he liked it. Usher slowly opened his mouth to grant Puffy's tongue access into it. Usher thought that he was dreaming because here he is sharing a deep kiss with his mentor while both of their dicks rubbed against each others'.

"You liked that," Puffy asked as he broke the long kiss.

"Damn that felt so good."

"Good. Then we don't have to stop."

Puffy grabbed Usher into another kiss and his other hand reached down and stroked the boys' dick. Usher, not to be outdone, grabbed Puffy's meat and started jacking it off. Usher was in heaven but he wanted more. He wanted to taste his mentor. They had made their way to the mat kissing and groping each other when Usher suddenly pulled away.

"I want to taste you," Usher asked nervously.

"You`re really getting into this aren't you," Puff questioned. "Well far be it for me to stop someone from giving me head."

Usher casually licked his lips and had both of his hands around the base of Puffy's enormous dick. He jacked it off a bit and then lowered his face to where his lips were almost touching Puffy's dick.

"Are you sure you want this," Puffy asked.

"Yea I am. I don't know if I'm gay or not but right now I'm really horny because of you and I really want to see what your dick tastes like," Usher came back.

"Okay but first, turn your body around so I can suck yours as well. I am also curious about what dick tastes like."

With that, the guys got into the sixty-nine position and Usher was the first to dart out his tongue and lick the head of his mentor's dick. Usher suddenly shuddered as he felt Puffy's hot mouth engorge his hard dick.

"Oh man this feels so good," Usher said as he stopped licking Puffy's dick and started to jack it. "Your dick is too big Puff and since this is the first time I'm sucking dick I can't suck it all," Usher said a bit nervously.

"That's okay man," Puffy released Usher's dick from his mouth to say, "Just suck how much you can."

That's all Usher needed to hear. He then felt Puffy put his mouth back on his dick and took it down all the way to the base. His mentor had his whole dick in his mouth and Usher was in heaven. He had no idea Puff could take his entire length in his mouth. Usher then began to focus once again on the ten inch dick in front of him. He again started by licking the tip, which was filled with pre-cum and then he slowly took the whole head in his mouth. He slowly took inch by inch of Puffy's dick in his mouth. After the fifth inch, he started to gag.

"Are you alright baby," Puff asked.

"Yea," Usher answered coughing. "I can only suck five inches of your meat man," Usher regained his breath and laughed.

"Oh man that's okay because this shit's feeling good as hell. I'm glad we doing it," Puff said.

"Yea, me too. Your dick tastes really good!"

"Yea, yours do too."

"How are you able to suck me up to the base?"

"I guess it's because I'm older and have a bigger mouth. I don't even gag." Puff said. "Listen Ush, whatever happens between us from now on has to remain between us okay?"

"Yea I understand, because of your reputation and all."

"No, that not it. It's because I'm older than you and you're still a minor and sexual acts against a minor is a crime but I don't want to stop because it feels so good. Do you want to stop?"

"Hell no! I feel great with you and I love you sucking my dick and me sucking yours, even though I can't suck it all," Usher joked.

"Okay then, let's continue," Puffy said and with that grabbed Usher's fourteen year old dick and jacked it off a bit then stuck it right back in his mouth.

Puffy never thought of himself as the submissive one but at this moment he just loved this young stud's dick in his mouth. He then wondered what his cum would taste like. He was enjoying himself more then he thought he would.

"Oh shit Puff that feels so good. Don't stop," Usher moaned as Puffy was surprised that the young boy cursed for the first time.

Usher was in such bliss that he didn't even realize when he stopped sucking Puffy's dick and was bucking his hips wildly against Puffy's face. Puffy didn't seem to mind because he was enjoying it way too much to object. Usher's hair at the base of his dick was tickling Puffy's nose so much that he just took the dick out of his mouth to laugh.

"What's so funny," Usher questioned.

"Your hair was tickling me."


Usher then took Puffy's dick back in his mouth and swallowed the five inches he was used too. Puffy did the same and both their heads began to bob up and down on each other's long dicks. It may have seemed like hours have passed by but all of a sudden Usher felt a familiar twitch in his dick.

"Ay Puff, I'm gonna cum man," Usher warned because he wasn't sure Puffy wanted him to cum in his mouth.

"It`s okay man," Puffy quickly removed Usher's dick from his mouth and said then he put it back it and started sucking harder than before.

"Oh shit man," Usher wailed as the cum rushed up his dick and gushed out his head into a warm, awaiting mouth. Usher couldn't stop cumming into his mentor's mouth. Puffy did the best he could to swallow all of it but it was too much and soon after, cum started flowing out of his mouth and dripped on the mat. Puffy continued to lick the younger boys' now soft dick to get the excess cum out.

"Damn Ush, you really were horny," Puffy said as he got up and wiped his chin with the back of his hand.

"You make me that way man," Usher replied back. "So what did it taste like?"

"Not that bad, but why ask me why don`t you find out for yourself," Puff coaxed him.

"Maybe I will then."


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