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Usher crawled closer to Puffy and grabbed his still hard dick again and stroked it. He went down and stuck his tongue out and licked the head like a sweet lollipop. He was enjoying himself so much. He opened his mouth and slowly took three inches of Puffy's dick in. He was then amazed at himself as he took another three inches in without gagging. He was just concentrating on giving the best blow job to his lover that he could. He continued to bob up and down the six inches, swirling his tongue everywhere. This kind of pleasure send Puff over the edge and he shot wads of cum down the young boy's throat. Usher was able to take the first few squirts but then he released Puffy's dick and he shot all over the mat.

"Wow! That was amazing," Usher managed to say as he was wiping cum from his chin.

"Yea! You have a hot mouth on you kid."

"You're not so bad yourself old man," Usher joked. "So what just happened here?"

"I don't know. I never had feelings or did this with another dude before," Puffy said, a bit confused.

"You liked it though didn't you," Usher asked.

"You know I did but this is a problem. I mean with my career and you just about to start out yours, what would the public think of this?"

"We don't have to let them know. You know, keep it a secret!"

"That's gonna be hard you know. I dunno Ush, I mean what just happened was great, far better than I've had with any female but if this gets out, it could ruin us."

"So what do you wanna do? Do you wanna stop?"

"I'm not sure," Puffy said, genuinely confused. "I don't want to but we may be forced to for our careers."

Usher looked a bit sad as he thought that the magical moment he just shared with his mentor would never happen again. Usher, still lying on the workout mat naked went up to the equally naked Puffy and hugged him as he rested his head on Puffy's chest. He could hear the older mans' heart beat. He didn't want this to be over. He didn't want anyone to know what they were doing but he liked it, and Puffy, way too much to want it to be over.

"How 'bout we go get cleaned up," Puffy broke the delicate moment. Deep down he wanted to be with the boy but was also thinking about his career.

"Okay," Usher replied, saddened, as he got up off Puffy's chest and went to gather his clothes.

Usher put his pants and shirt back on and was staring at Puffy as he did the same. He wanted more, but respected his mentor too much to push. Soon after, they were both dressed and putting the exercise mats back. Both Usher and Puffy were confused by what just happened.

"Aight man I'm gonna head to the shower," Puffy said as he left his home gym.

"Yea man me too."

Usher quietly went up to his room and got ready for his shower. He couldn't help but think about what just happened a few minutes ago. He always thought he wasn't gay because he had many girlfriends, but he couldn't deny that what just happened was awesome. He was confused and scared. He thought that maybe it was a mistake and Puffy might kick him out. He was nervous throughout his shower and on the way back to his room. He dried his hair off and just dropped down into his bed. He couldn't stop thinking about everything that happened. He loved his body pressed up against Puffy's but he feared that it may be the last time that it would happen. Usher was brought back to reality by a knock on his door.

"Hey, can I come in" Puffy asked.


"Sup man?"

"Just chillin, thinking about stuff."

"Oh. Let's talk about what just happened man," Puffy nervously said as he sat on the side of Usher's bed.

"Okay," Usher quietly said.

"Listen, I don't know what just happened and I don't know what to say. I've never been with another guy before and I never thought I could have feelings like this."

"Me either. I'm so confused I don't know what to say either."

"Well, all I can say is to keep what happened between us to yourself okay. No one can know what we did."

"Whatever you want," Usher replied, slightly disappointed that the magical moment they just shared may never happen again.

"Okay man go to bed because tomorrow we have to start putting the finishing touches on your album if we want to make our release date."

After he said that, Puffy got up off the bed and said good night to Usher and left the room. When he got outside of the room, he felt weird. He wanted more time with the young stud but he also had his career to think about. After all, he worked so hard to get to where he is now and it was only the beginning. He planned to be a mogul someday by running his record label, getting a clothing line, and a few other projects he had on the side. He couldn't let this derail him or Usher. He wanted the boy to be big all over the world. He knew that Usher would catch fire as soon as he was let loose into the music world because of his looks, charm, and personality. He went to his bedroom and tried to go to sleep.

"Okay that's great Ush, but I want more sensuality in your voice for the ending of the song okay," Puffy guided him as they were in the recoding studio putting the final touches on the songs.

"Aight, let me warm up a little first."

Usually Puffy had at least three or four of his producers in the studio with him when he's with an artist but since the album was so close to completion, he just decided to finish it up himself. He and Usher were alone in the studio and for some reason he didn't think this was a good idea. He couldn't dent any longer that he had feeling for the young stud, but he had a career and a reputation to think about. The thing that bothered him the most however was the fact that Usher was still just a boy. He could go to jail for what happened between them the about a week day. He just couldn't shake his feelings for the boy however and he knew Usher felt the same. He just didn't know what to do.

"That's perfect Ush! A voice like that is gonna make all the girls fall for you."

"Thanks man! Are we finished for today?"

"We got a couple of things to fix on a couple of songs and then we're done for today."

Puffy was just about to start another track when his cell phone rang. "Puffy."

"Hello Puffy. How are you," Ushers' mothers' voice came back.

"I'm doing great. How about yourself?"

"I miss my baby. Is he around?"

"Yea. He's in the studio, I'll go get him."

Puffy got up and went into the recording booth. "Here man it's for you. It's your mom," Puffy said as he handed his cell to Usher.

"Hi mom," Usher excitedly said.

"Hi baby, how are you?"

"I`m doing great. I'm finishing up the album, getting to meet all of Puffy's friends and just having a good time, but I miss you a lot."

"Awww. I miss you too baby. But remember that this is your dream and I don't want to stand in your way okay?"

"I know mom, maybe I could get a flight out there soon to come and see you."

"That would be wonderful," his moms' voice lit up with excitement.

"Okay mom I'll call you later okay. I'm finishing up some tracks."

"Okay. I love you son."

"I love you too mom. Bye."

"Your mom okay," Puffy hollered from outside the recording booth.

"Yea she's fine, she misses me though."

"I can see how, you're a great kid."

Usher had a grin on his face from ear to ear hearing Puffy compliment him. He also started feeling a stir in his pants. He tried his best to ignore it and continued lacing down the rest of the tracks and fixing a couple. It was about 12:30 AM when they finally finished what they had to do for the day in terms of the album. Puffy could see that Usher was worn out by listening to his voice. They left the studio and went into the kitchen where they both fixed themselves some cereal. They then made themselves into the living room where Puffy put the television on and sat on the couch next to his protégé. They ended up watching some late night show for about an hour or so until they got bored.

"What do you wanna do Ush?"

"I dunno. I suppose we could always go to bed but I'm really not tired."

"Hey I have an idea, how about we go swimming?"

"Swimming? Now? But it's almost 2 AM," Usher replied.

"I know but I like to go swimming late at night and besides you said you're not ready for bed so do you have another idea?"



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