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And with that both guys went upstairs to get their trunks on. Within a matter of minutes Puffy was out by his huge pool putting the heater on. In five minutes the pool heated up and he just went to the stairs and sat there as the lower half of his body was soaking. Usher emerged with a towel over his shoulder and his trunks on. He put the towel on a lounge chair and jumped into the pool from the deepest side. He was a great swimmer. He surfaced near Puffy, splattering water on his dry upper body. They both got into a water fight, which resulted in a stalemate, and both men being tired. They were sitting side by side on the pool steps just listening to the night.

"How about we have a wrestling match," Usher then suggested.

"Are you kidding? I'd massacre you kid."

"All I hear are empty threats. You scared or what?"

"I got your scared right here!"

Puffy then lunged forward and grabbed both Usher's wrists and pinned them back, overpowering the teen. He then picked the boy up over his head and dunked him into the water repeatedly. They were having a great time.

"Okay Okay! I give up," Usher said out of breath.

Puffy let him go and as he did Usher grabbed both of his arms and put them behind his back.

"Oh you punk! I'll get you for that," Puffy said as Usher let go and swam to the other end of the pool.

It was an old fashioned race now. Puffy had to admit that Usher was a fast swimmer but he was also a fast swimmer. Usher actually got to the other side quicker then his mentor and got a head start making it back to the shallow side. He was swimming as fast as he could knowing that Puffy was right behind him. He used all his strength and muscle to reach the steps of the pool where they started out. Usher had his eyes closed and sat on one of the steps of the pool as he rested. He didn't see Puffy.

"I got you now," Puffy jumped up from the water, grabbing Usher's wrists and pinning them over his head.

"Aw man you cheated. I won and was resting."

"You always gotta watch your back," Puffy laughed.

Usher finally noticed the position they were in. He was lying against the steps with his hands held above his head and Puffy's lower body on his. He instantly got hard. He started really liking Puffy and wanted there to be a relationship but didn't want to push it. But as of right now he couldn't help himself. He leaned into Puffy's face and kissed his lips. It was everything he thought it would be. Puffy had nice soft, but also firm lips. Puffy didn't see this but he didn't care as of the moment because he was totally enveloped in the kiss. It was an innocent kiss on the lips until Puffy started licking Usher's lips. Usher knew what this meant, so he opened his mouth a little to let Puffy's tongue in. Usher was in heaven and didn't know that kissing could be that good. He was rock hard now and was sure Puffy was as well. They kissed for what seemed like forever.

"Whoa, whoa! I can't man" Puffy stopped the kiss and got off of Usher.

"Why? I want you too. That's why I went for it. You didn't like it?"

"That's not the problem. I loved it and I want more but we can't. Listen to me, since you moved in I've developed something for you. At first I thought because we were buddies and all that it was okay, but then the thing happened in the gym and since then it just kept growing. I really, really like you, as more then my friend and an artist but we can't do this," Puffy sadly said.

"I don't understand. You like me and you know I like you so why can't we?"

"It's not appropriate Ush. Think of what you're saying. We're guys. We`re not supposed to act like this. I'm sorry I kissed back, I guess I was just caught off guard."

"Are you really sorry or is it something you wanted to happen," Usher probed.

"I don't know. I care for you and that's why this is so hard. Let's just get cleaned up and call it a night huh?"

"No! I don't wanna. I want to stay here with you."

"Don't make this harder than it is. Let's just pretend that the kiss didn't happen okay?"

"Okay. I don't wanna push but I can't deny what I feel. I never felt this way before, but I respect you too much to push for anything."

"And I you," Puffy said, trying to comfort the boy.

Puffy got out of the pool and went over to get Usher his towel. They both said nothing as they went upstairs and went into their rooms. Both guys went into their showers and got ready for bed. Usher felt like a fool. He couldn't believe he kissed Puffy like that out of nowhere. He got mad at himself because he was overpowered by something he didn't even know. There was no thinking from having an innocent fight to just lunging forward and kissing Puffy. He felt stupid and so he just went to bed. Puffy, on the other hand, was having trouble falling asleep. He couldn't stop thinking of how soft and tender the boys' lips were. He loved that Usher started the kiss but he is confused as to what to do. He just laid there thinking until he finally drifted off asleep. The house was quiet.

Over the next month, both Usher and Puffy were busy putting the final touches on the album and getting ready for its release. Puffy was teaching Usher how to act during an interview and how to talk about his music. He wanted the boy to be professional but also loveable because the public gobbles up that image. He also told Usher to avoid answering personal questions about his love life and such. Finally, the album came out and Usher was nervous about it. He had worked really hard on his debut album and he wanted everyone to like it.

"Your album has been on the market for a couple of weeks now they're still selling fast," Puffy said as he came into the kitchen where Usher was having a bowl of cereal.

"I just want everyone to like it because we worked so hard on it," Usher smiled back.

"It seems to me like the public loves it. Listen, now that the album's out, I think it`s time to get the music out to your fans."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean I think it`s time to start touring."


"Yea. It promotes sales in the album and you get to perform all over the country. We'll set up a tour in the U.S. for right now but sooner or later you're gonna have to tour the world to really get your music out there," Puffy explained to Usher.

"Okay, sounds good. Are you gonna be there with me?"

"I wish I could. I have other things to see about. We can meet up in some cities but for the most part you're gonna be by yourself. But don't worry; you'll have tons of people around you like your road manager and the stage crew and all the screaming fans."

"I'm nervous though."

"Ay man, don't worry. All the fans are gonna be out there to see you. Once you get on the stage you'll forget everything and just perform."

"Yea, I'm gonna be good."

Usher and Puffy had a couple of weeks until his tour officially began. During that time, Puffy was teaching Usher the proper things to do on stage, tricks on not falling, and they were continuously working out because Puffy thought it would be good if Usher took his shirt off during the shows. Usher wasn't nearly as nervous as he thought he'd be as the three weeks almost were over and he was slated to hit the road without Puffy. He wanted his mentor to be there but he could do it without him.


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