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At seven o'clock a couple of days later, Usher was on a plane to Florida, where his tour would begin in Orlando and head west to ultimately end up back in New York. His first couple of shows got off to a rocky start, with the fast wardrobe changes and all but all in all, he was getting a feel for the stage. His tour was breaking records and selling out everywhere he went. He was happy that all his fans were coming out to see his show and was enjoying the stage more than he ever thought he would.

"Five minutes `till your last set Usher," The production manager called out.


Usher went out on stage and did his thing. The fans were screaming as he performed and screamed even louder when he took off his shirt revealing the body he had been working so hard to attain. He shows went off without a hitch now and he was really getting into it but he hadn't seen Puffy in a while. He missed him but they kept in contact with each other via phone after his shows. He performed in Texas and right after the show he was on his bus making his way to California.

"Hello," Usher answered his phone.

"Hey Ush. How's it going," Puffy's voice came back on the line.

"I'm doing great. The shows are crazy, I'm seeing all these cool places, and just having a great time."

"I knew when I signed you that you would be a hit. Driving all those girls crazy huh?"

"Well ya know how we do it."

"So, you headed to sunny Cali now?"

"Yea. What you gonna be out there," Usher's voice rose with hope.

"I got some business out there but I don't know if we can catch up."


"Aight kid, I'm gonna let you get some sleep and rested up for your next show. I'll see ya when I see ya."

"Aight Puffy."

Usher got off his phone and went straight to bed. He was exhausted but he loved this lifestyle, his music, and especially his fans. He slept a long while and when he woke up he was pulling up at his hotel across from the famed L.A. Kodak Theater, where he would be performing later tonight. He had two shows here so he would be staying at this hotel for a couple of days. He checked into his huge hotel room and went to order something to eat before his show.

The show went extremely well and he was pleased with it because by now he had grown accustomed to the quick costume changes and the dance moves that were plastered to his brain. He was sweaty and tired when he returned to his hotel room. He gave his security guards the night off as well as all of his production staff. He just wanted to be alone to think. He missed Puffy. He didn't even have to strength to get up and take a shower right away so he just sat on his bed and turned on the television. He just laid there staring up at the ceiling. He wanted Puffy to be right next to him, holding him. He hadn't seen him since he tour began about two month ago. He closed his eyes and was startled by the ringing of his cell phone.

"Hello," he answered kinda groggily.

"Hey, are you okay," Puffy asked.

"Yea, I was just resting and about to go take a shower."

"Oh. How was the show?"

"It went great."

While they were talking, the door to Usher's hotel room rang.

"Who is it," he called out.

"Room service."

"Who is it," Puffy asked.

"Its room service but I didn't order anything," Usher said as he got up.

"Oh. Well maybe they got the wrong room," Puffy stated.

"Yea. I'll just go tell him."

Usher got up and went to the door. He opened it to tell the guy that he had the wrong room.

"Hey buddy. What's up," Puffy yelled as Usher opened up the door.

Usher didn't know what to say. He clicked his phone and was happy that Puffy played this prank on him because now Puffy was in his hotel room.

"Hey man what are you doing here," Usher asked.

"What, you don't want me here?"

"Of course I do," Usher said as he pulled Puffy into his room and closed the door behind them.

"Man, did you miss me that much," Puffy said, smiling.

"You have no idea."

They talked for a long while, ordered dinner, and was just watching television. Usher was so happy. He loved being so close to Puffy. He loved that they were in a hotel room alone and although his mind did run on some not so innocent thoughts, he respected Puffy way too much to push forward for anything. All his tiredness was gone now, and all he wanted to do was stay up all night talking to Puffy.

"Man are you gonna take a shower or what," Puffy asked.

"Shut up! I'll take a shower when I'm good and ready," Usher joked.

"Well is that anytime soon?"

"Yea I'm going now."

Usher grabbed some boxers from his suitcase and a towel and went into the bathroom. He turned on the water and waited for it to get the right temperature. He took off his clothes and got into the shower. The warm shower water was beating down on his skin, taking with it all the residues of the day. Soon after, the bathroom became steamy and he couldn't see anything. He was in the shower a long while, just letting the water pound away at his skin when two hands grabbed him from the back and pulled him into a hug.

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