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"What are you doing," Usher asked as he saw Puffy enter the shower with him.

"I've been thinking a lot about you. I miss having you at the mansion."

"What does this mean," Usher asked, confused.

"I don't know. I'm confused, but I know when I'm with you, I don't think about anything. I love the way you make me feel."

"I love the way you make me feel. I haven't been able to stop thinking about everything that happened at the mansion."

Puffy looked confused but he didn't care at the moment. He pulled the boy towards him into a kiss. He didn't care if this was right or wrong at the moment; he was too caught up in the passion to think about anything else but the young stud he was sharing a passionate kiss with. Usher's dick immediately began to spring into life as Puffy's tongue went into his mouth. Usher was in heaven. He's wanted this for so long.

"No, no," Usher pulled away from the kiss.

"What is it," Puffy asked, confused, "Isn't this what you want?"

"Yea it is, but I want you to be sure. I want this but I want you to want this too," Usher tried to explain. "I don't want you to feel forced into doing anything."

"Listen to me. I don't feel forced to do anything when it comes to you," Puffy grabbed Usher's chin and guided it to his face. "Look at me. This is very confusing to me but the one thing I know is that when I'm with you, I forget about everything and just wanna kiss you all over. I've missed you and while you were gone I thought a lot about you and I was thinking that we could start something but it would have to be in private."

"I really want that. I love when I'm with you," Usher said as he stared into his new lovers' eyes.

He pulled the older man into another kiss as the shower was still running with hot water. They were too busy kissing and touching each other to even worry about the shower. Usher slowly broke the kiss and went to suck Puffy's neck.

"Oh man. That feels so damn good," Puffy said as his eyes rolled back into his head. "Don't stop."

Usher continued to suck on Puffy's neck. He was in heaven. He loved having his body pressed up against his mentors'. He continued to suck on Puffy's neck, eventually moving down to Puffy's dark nipples.

"Oh God," Puffy moaned.

"God you taste so damn good."

"Well let's see how you taste."

Puffy pulled Usher up from his chest and locked lips with the young singer once again. After a few seconds, he broke the kiss and pushed Usher up against the tiled bathroom wall. He went down to the boys' neck kissing and licking it along the way. He continued down and softly bit Usher's nipples. He licked his washboard abs and noticed a trail of fine hairs leading to the boys' most private areas. As he licked the boys' abs, his hand slid onto Usher's dick. He gently began stroking it as his tongue ran rampantly over Usher's stomach.

"Oh God! You're fucking awesome," Usher softly stuttered.

"Thanks baby. You're awesome yourself. Now see what you think of this."

Puffy never sucked dick before in his life, and never even considered for a minute that he would be doing it now but after what happened in the gym, he likes the taste of this young stud he was about to service. Puffy lowered his mouth to the tip of the Usher's dick and flickered out his tongue to lick the head. He slowly jacked the base of Usher's dick while he took the whole head in his mouth.

"Oh God! Fuck! Don't stop!"

Puffy now had all of Usher's length in his mouth as he bobbed up and down. Once in a while he would glance up at Usher to see the boy in a complete state of ecstasy. Usher wasn't aware what he was doing when he placed his hand on the back of Puffy's head. Puffy didn't care; in fact it turned him on even more. He worked quickly at sucking the boys' dick.

"Oh shit, I think I'm cumming," Usher said as he snapped out of his trance.

"That's right baby, cum for me," Puffy said as he took Usher's dick out of his mouth and began jacking it.

"Fuck. That feels so damn good," Usher said. "Fuck!"

Usher squirted thick white ropes of cum all over Puffy's hand and on the floor of the bathtub. He just had the biggest release of his life and his eyes started rolling into the back of his head when he felt Puffy's lips on his. He faintly tasted himself as both their tongues as they wrestled for dominance. Amazingly, Usher won out in the end as he shoved his tongue into his mentor's mouth.

The young singer continued to dominate the older singers' mouth as they were both lost in the passion. Usher then broke the kiss and went around to suck on Puffy's ear.

"Oh fuck! That's my g spot," Puffy stuttered as Usher nibbled on his ear.

"Oh, so I found your weakness. Now I'm gonna use it against you," Usher coyly said.

Usher went back nibbling on Puffy's ear. He couldn't believe this was happening. It was everything he thought it would be and more. He licked his mentor turned lovers' ear as his hand went down and grabbed hold of Puffy's dick.

"Fuck! Damn man this shit feels so damn good," Puffy slowly whispered.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it," Usher said.

Usher then moved from sucking his ear to sucking his neck again. He left a hickey from the previous time he was sucking on Puffy's neck and planned to leave another one. He then went down and was licking Puffy's nipples. All the while Puffy was looking up at the ceiling, eyes closed, caught up in lust. Usher continued stroking his dick as he moved down toward it. He licked the head as he continued stroking the base. Usher didn't know when or where he developed a taste for dick but he was enjoying this as much as Puffy was. He then went down on the five inches he could and was a bit disappointed that he couldn't take more of his mentor in. He continued to bob up and down while Puffy was gone with pleasure.

"Oh fuck man, I'm sorry man," Puffy snapped back to reality as cum spewed out of his dick into Usher's face.

"No prob man. I guess I was that good."

"You were great," Puffy stated as he pulled Usher up to his face and began kissing him.

"You were too," Usher managed to say during breaths.

"We've been in here for a while and you still aren't clean," Puffy teased Usher.

"Well I can't get clean when such a sexy man comes into the shower with me."

"Okay well it's time to get clean," Puffy said as he got out of the shower.


Puffy kissed Usher one last time as he got out of the shower and went for a towel. He couldn't believe how amazing what just happened was. He left the bathroom as Usher began soaping his skin and went and sat on the bed. His head was still reeling as he got his black Gucci pants on. He put his shirt and shoes on. He hadn't plan on staying this long with Usher but he was glad he did. He had some important business to take care of back in New York. He reached for his cell.

"Hey it's me," Puffy's voice filled out the room. "Have the jet gassed and prepped for takeoff at midnight."

As he hung up his phone, Usher emerged from the shower with a towel around his waist. He was a bit surprised to see that Puffy had put all his clothes on and he knew why.

"You leaving?"

"Yea. I got some business on the east coast."

"Oh. When?"

"In a couple of hours, but don't worry I'm staying right here with you until then."


"How `bout I order us some dessert," Puffy then asked.

"I thought what we had in the shower was dessert," Usher shot back, laughing.

"Yea, that was the main dessert course, this is just a side," Puffy teased as Usher was putting on some boxers and a t-shirt.

Puffy ordered strawberries covered with chocolate, which was up in the room within five minutes, and he and Usher just cuddled up in the bed watching TV. Usher was so warn out from his concert and his romp in the bathroom that it didn't take long for him to fall asleep in Puffy's arms. Puffy himself felt a bit tired and closed his eyes until he was awoken by his phone ringing.


"Sir the jet is ready for departure."

"Great. I'll be there in twenty minutes."

"Very good sir."

"Ay Ush wake up," Puffy said as he gently shook Usher.

"Huh," Usher groggily said.

"I'm about to leave."

"Oh," Usher said as he sat up on the bed.

"I'll call you and we can meet up in another city okay."

"Sounds great."

"Listen," Puffy said as he sat up on the bed next to Usher. "I had a great time with you."

"Yea me too," Usher leaned in to kiss Puffy.

They shared a kiss for a while and then Usher walked Puffy to the door. Puffy left and Usher went back to bed and turned on the TV again. He missed Puff already but held on to the fact that they would meet up in another city. He watched the tv for a couple of minutes and then went right back to sleep.

"Damn he's getting to me," Puffy mumbled to himself as he was in his limo going to the airport. "What am I gonna do?"


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