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The tour went on and Usher raged from city to city, putting on sold out shows. He was addicted to the stage and never thought he would grow to love it and the fans so much. While he was on stage, his only focus was putting on a great show and although his mind did run on Puffy, he still went on. After his last show in California, he was on the bus heading for Nevada. Usher was lying on his bed watching a recording of his last show when his phone rang.


"Hey! What's up kid," Puffy's strong voice came back.

"Hey. What's going on?"

"Ya know how I am, busy, busy. So how was the show? Did you do your thing?"

"Yea I think I'm getting addicted to the stage," Usher laughed.

"Ay that's great because if you're so addicted to the stage then you'll give all you got and the fans love all that passion."

"So when can we see each other again."

"I dunno man. I miss you but I'm so busy and you're so busy. I'll see what I can do."

"I miss you too."

"So did you have a good time?"

"A good time," Usher asked confused.

"Yea the other night."

"It was great. I had no idea I could feel so good."

"I didn't know I could feel so good either, and with a guy."

"Do you regret it?"

"I dunno. It was awesome but we're in the public eye and if it got out what we did then we both could be ruined. We have to be careful."

"I dunno what to say," Usher whispered. "I don't wanna stop."

"Listen, I don't know what to do."

They talked for a long while after that and still ended up nowhere. They were both lost and didn't know what to do. They finally hung up with each other at around four in the morning and Usher went straight to sleep. He was exhausted and also missed Puffy.

The tour was almost over and would wind up back in New York City. Usher had only three stops until the tour would be over and then would make his way back to Puffy's mansion to live. There he would do some TV shows and promotion parties to promote the album. But he was most looking forward to being close to Puffy again. During their last conversation, Puffy told him that he would be able to spend some time with him and Usher couldn't wait.

Usher finally wrapped up his last concert and a great relief was lifted from him. He loved touring and giving the concerts but he really wanted to go back to the mansion. After the last tour, a limo was there to take Usher back to the mansion. While in the limo Usher couldn't hide his excitement to see Puffy. He couldn't help but think of what went on between them and how much more he wanted. As the limo pulled up to the mansion Usher noticed that all the lights were off in the mansion and he got sad.

`Puffy isn't here,' he thought to himself.

"Puffy left you a key with me," the driver said. "Here you go."

"Where is he," Usher asked the driver, confused.

"He told me to tell you that he had some emergency to take care of and would be back in a week or so."

"Where did he go?"

"That's all he told me."

Usher couldn't believe what he was hearing. He wanted to know why Puffy wasn't here for him. He got sad as he got out of the limo and got his luggage to the door of the empty mansion. He thanked the driver and stood on the terrace, in the dark, as he watched the limo pull out of sight. He felt so alone as he fumbled for the key to the door.

"Surprise," a whole crowd of people yelled as he entered the large foyer of the mansion.

"What," Usher asked, taken aback.

"It's for you man," Usher heard a voice he knew. "It's for your successful tour buddy," Puffy yelled as he made his way to the front of the crowd, grabbing Usher into a hug. "Congratulations man!"

"Thanks," was all Usher could say.

The crowd went wild with everyone dancing, drinking and having a good time. There were balloons and confetti everywhere as the music was blasting. Everyone was enjoying themselves as the party went on until late in the night. Usher was too busy signing autographs and meeting some of the top producers in the music industry to see what Puffy was doing. He finally caught up with him talking to a group of producers.

"Hey you having a good time," Puffy asked as the group he was talking to dismantled.

"Yea. I can't believe you did this for me."

"Why not? You didn't think I would leave my boy hanging did you?"

"When I saw the mansion without any lights on I thought you weren't here."

"Well you don't worry about that, just enjoy yourself okay."

"Yea I'm having a great time."

The party finally ended with the last guests going home at around 3:30 AM. Usher was sitting on the couch when Puffy came in.

"You're not gonna go up to bed," Puffy asked.

"Yea in a bit. Listen, I wanna thank you for the party. It was great."

"Well I had to do something to congratulate you on your awesome tour."


"What's wrong? You thought I left you alone didn't you?"

"Yea. I got nervous when the driver told me that you weren't here."

"Don't worry. I would never do that. So did you like the party?"

"Yea. I had a great time."

"Yea so did I."

Usher and Puffy stared at each other for a while until Puffy came and sat down next to Usher on the sofa. Puffy was confused about what was happening between him and his young protégé and it seemed that every time he was alone with the young stud, he couldn't control himself or his actions. Usher sensed that Puffy was a million miles away so he rested his head on his mentor's strong shoulder.

"Thank you for the party," He managed to say, looking down at the confetti-filled floor.

"You deserved it Ush. Your first tour exceeded my wildest expectations. I'm so proud of you."

"I miss talking to you so much."

"I missed that and you too. Listen I have something else for you," Puffy said.

"What? Another Party," Usher joked.

"No. I've been thinking a lot about us and I wanted us to go away for a while to try and sort things out."

"Go away? Where?"

"Well I recently bought this Italian villa on the Italian Coast and I was thinking that we could go there and just relax. A vacation I guess. What are you thinking?"

"Can you? I mean can you take time off to go. I wanna go but I don't wanna go if you can't?"

"Yea we can spend a couple of weeks there just going to the beach, relaxing and having fun."

"Sounds great."

Usher was excited about the idea of going away with Puffy and them being all alone. He put his arms around Puffy to give him a hug to thank him. Puffy and Usher couldn't stop staring at each other as their lips moved closer and closer together. There was something about Puffy's kisses that Usher could never forget. It was soft, but firm and he loved every minute of it. Usher opened his mouth and Puffy's tongue slipped in and before they both knew it, they were making out right there on his couch.

"I think we should go to bed," Puffy said as he broke the kiss.

"Okay," Usher said, confused.

Usher went to bed as confused as ever. He didn't know what just happened between them. He had a hard time falling asleep because all he could think of was Puffy. He was excited about the trip that he and Puffy would be taking within a matter of days. He stayed up a long while just thinking about everything he's been through so far and everything that was to come in the future. He finally drifted off to sleep but it was pointless because the sun was already on the horizon.


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