Title: Charmed- Brian and Drew

About: Actors from the WB TV show "Charmed"
Disclaimer: This story is fictional and is not necessarily implying
about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned. This story is graphically sexual and involves homosexual relationships.

Chapter 1

"Okay actors, that's it for today" said the director.
The run-through of the Charmed episode Oh my Goddess! part 1 had just finished. The actors collected their things. Brian Krause, playing Leo on the show, started to leave. "Brian, could I talk to you for a minute?" asked the director. Brian walked back over to him. "Brian, you seemed a little unfocused today. Is there some problem, something going on?"
"No" replied Brian. "Sorry. I was just a little distracted. I'll do better next time."

He walked to the bathroom. The truth was that he was more than a little distracted. He had been horny all day and although Alyssa, his girlfriend, played something of a slut on the show, she was actually a prude. They had been dating for over a month and had barely done anything. He went into a stall and slowly unzipped his pants. He pulled out his fat cock from his boxer briefs, wiped off the pre-cum, and began to jerk off, his horniness taking him over.
Little did Brian know, Drew Fuller, his son on the show, had followed him, hoping to make small talk. Drew had also been a little distracted. It was Drew's first episode and he thought Brian was really hot. He knew Brian was dating Alyssa but Drew was mesmerized nonetheless. Brian was beautiful, muscular with an angelic baby face. Drew had a leaner build, a little taller, but thinner and toned. He didn't see Brian at the urinals so he assumed he was in a stall. He was just about to give up on talking and leave when he heard an unmistakable moan of pleasure coming from Brian's stall. "Could it be?" Drew wondered. "Is Brian jacking off?"

 Brian hadn't heard Drew come in. He was focusing on his masturbation. He pumped his dick while massaging his enormous balls. He couldn't help himself; he moaned. He heard a movement from outside the stall. Brian sat on the toilet, absolutely still. He wondered who could be in the bathroom. Hardly anyone used the cast bathrooms. He heard footsteps and the door closing. A minute later, Brian was at it again, furiously fisting his big dick. Faster and faster he went, pre-cum flying as he reached his climax. Thoughts of Alyssa naked went through his head. Then for some inexplicable reason, the thought of Eric Dane, "Jason" shirtless surfaced in his mind. He was startled momentarily but quickly tried to get the images out of his head. However, the harder Brian tried to banish thoughts of Eric, the more vivid the images became. Before long, Drew had entered his fantasies. Brian kept moaning and pleasuring himself. He felt as if his dick had a mind of its own; he imagined Eric and Drew sucking his cock, fighting over him. Suddenly overcome by a wave of intense heat, Brian came all over the stall, as he was consumed by the most intense orgasm he had ever had. He lay back against, the stall, panting, and confused.

Drew stood outside the bathroom, dazed, the sound of Brian's moan replaying in his head. Brian left the bathroom, not seeing Drew. Drew slipped inside and went into the stall, pulling out his slim 7-incher. As he began to fist his cock, he imagined jacking Brian, sucking Brian, getting fucked by Brian.  Then he noticed the cum on the walls. He wiped his finger on the wall and licked it. He doubted he had ever tasted anything so sweet. He shuddered violently and came on the wall as well.
Chapter 2

The next day, Brian felt very uncomfortable around the other guys on the set. He felt as if Drew kept coming on to him but he was sure he had imagined it. In one scene, Brian had to press Drew against the wall. Drew swore he felt Brian's cock and he thought it felt hard but he wasn't close enough to tell.
After rehearsal, Brian headed for the bathroom again, feeling grumpy and dissatisfied. This time, Drew was waiting. Brian sat down in a stall, unzipped his pants, extracted his rock-hard monster and began to stroke it slowly. He gave a moan of relaxation. In the next stall, Drew couldn't help but touch himself. Brian continued to jack off. He had brought straight porn magazines with him to keep his mind off the guys from his fantasy. He didn't feel quite as turned as he normally would have but he kept going, panting and grunting. Drew, who already was helping himself, pulled off his pants and boxers completely. He began to finger himself, so turned on by the fact that Brian was in the adjacent stall. Brian was just about to cum when he heard his name moaned from the stall next to him.
"Who's there?" he demanded to know.
No one answered. Brian asked again, this time knocking on the stall. He left and waited outside. Drew, inside the stall, couldn't believe it. He had involuntarily said Brian's name as he came and had almost been caught. He cleaned himself up and exited the bathroom. "Were you looking for me?" a voice came from behind him. Drew spun around. Brian came out of the shadows, looking angry and yet smolderingly sexy.
"Hey Brian." Drew said uncomfortably, trying to play cool. "What's up, man?"
"What the hell were you doing in the stall next to me, moaning my name?" Brian asked. Drew's mind was numb. He couldn't think of any reasonable explanation.
"You wanna know what I think? Brian asked. "I think that you heard me jacking off and wanted to join in. Do I turn you on, Drew?"
        "I...uhhhhhh" Drew said, his mind blank. "No. Of course not" as his cock told a different story Brian moved closer and closer. Brian reached out and grabbed Drew's throbbing cock. "Your cock and your mouth are saying two different things Drew"
      Drew could hardly argue with this, as he moaned softly. Brian finally spoke. "You know you interrupted me in there. I think you should apologize." Brian went into the bathroom and dragged Drew with him into a stall, sitting down. He hardly needed to drag Drew, who was practically drooling over him.
       "On your knees." Brian said, enjoying this commanding role. Drew got on his knees, his head between Brian's legs. He began sucking him through his pants, feeling the hard member beneath them. "Oh screw it" he thought and he unbuckled Brian's pants.
       "Wow, somebody's anxious for some cock!" Brian said. "Tell me how much you want me. Beg for my cock!"
       "I want your cock. Please let me suck it" Drew moaned. He unzipped Brian's fly, yanking down his pants and boxers. He gasped. Brian's cock was easily 9 inches and really thick. It was warm and already dripping pre-cum. Drew leaned closer and tentatively licked the head. Brian moaned appreciatively. "His cock tastes so good." Drew thought. He began licking the entire shaft, not sure whether he could take the whole cock. He started rubbing Brian's big, smooth balls, then licking them.
       "Suck me!" growled Brian. Drew was so turned on by Brian's assertiveness that he immediately began sucking him, licking the sensitive underside. Brian began to make loud grunts and moans, knowing if anyone was here they would have heard, but not caring. It felt so good. Drew tried deep-throating Brian but gagged, only getting about 5 inches down. He began to have fantasies of this huge cock opening his tiny hole and he sucked harder and harder, at the same time kneading Brian's huge balls. "Oh yeah! Oh god man" Brian said. "I'm gonna...I'm gonna..." He trailed off, looking down, losing himself in Drew's dreamy face. He started cumming in Drew's mouth, at least ten shots. Drew swallowed the first few and then out of choice, not inexperience, he pulled off, and let the rest go on his face, feeling the warm man juice all over. He stood up, sat on Brian's lap and kissed him passionately, putting Brian's cum back in his own mouth. Brian sputtered on his own semen and then swallowed, rubbing Drew's perfect ass.

       "Drew, that was amazing," Brian said. "I never...I never even thought I might be gay until I saw you. You turn me on so much"
       "Really?" Drew asked, grinding his ass on Brian's bare cock.
       "Uh I don't know if you want to go there" said Brian. "You're bringing me back to life again" he said, as his cock began to inflate rapidly.
       "I think I do" Drew said. "But maybe not today. We have the weekend ahead of us. Call me" he said, kissing Brian and giving his cock a last squeeze.
       "Bye" Brian said, dazedly.

That night, Brian hardly slept. Could he be gay? He had after all, just had the best blow job ever. He finally fell asleep at 4 in the morning.

Chapter 3

Brian was awoken at 11:30 the following morning by a loud ringing. He picked up the phone blearily.
"Hey, it's Alyssa!" came Alyssa Milano's cheery voice. "Were you sleeping?"

"Yeah. But it's okay. I'm awake now. Hold on, I got another call" He changed to Line 2.

"Hey sexy," came a voice on the other line. Brian sat bolt upright in his bed.
"Drew...I've been thinking about you" Brian said.

"Me too. Thinking about your fat cock and how much I want to lick you all over your gorgeous body"
"Not that! Well, partly about that. I'm just not sure how I feel. This is all new to me."
    "Are you sure it's not about you pounding me with your thick member, cumming into my hole?" Drew asked in a husky voice. He couldn't help it. Brian was the most beautiful and hunkiest man Drew had ever met and Drew was a cock-slave. He worshipped a penis' warmth and softness, its hardness and its power.

       On the other end of the line, Brian's cock grew quickly, Drew's words turning him on. He tried to suppress the images assaulting his brain and focus in on his problems. "Drew, we need to talk" Brian said finally.
       "I know baby" Drew said. "We need to talk about your perfect body and how much I want to be bouncing on your fat dick."
       "Drew, focus!" said Brian.
       "All right" said Drew. "But first can we talk dirty?"
       "Fine" said Brian, realizing that Drew would not be dissuaded. Both men pulled out their dicks, Drew's long, slender tool, and Brian's monster.

       "You start" Drew said
        "Um..." said Brian, not really used to this. "Uh...I want to fuck you"
       "No Brian" said Drew. "You've got to talk real dirty. Like this...I want to rub my ass all over your beautiful cock, let you press in on my hole".
       "Oh, god!" said Brian, very turned on. "I wanna feel your silky lips all over my warm cock. I want to fuck your face so hard you won't be able to breathe" Brian whispered into the phone, quickly getting the hang of this.

       "Oh yeah! You're good" yelled Drew, stroking his cock. "I am gonna tell you what I will do to you. I will kiss you from your beautiful feet to your muscular calves, all the way to your muscular chest. Then I will kiss you all over your face."
       "unghhhhhh" groaned Brian, as he felt his climax nearing. "What else will you do baby?" asked Brian
       "I will—ahhh—suck your cock until there is no more cum to—ahhh—shoot in my mouth then I will let you fuck my ass—oh yeah—all night long" Drew responded, unable to complete sentences in his delirium.

       "Keep talking baby" said Brian. "I'm close—oh—real close"
       "No, your turn..."
       "I am gonna fuck you senseless. I will stick my huge cock into your baby virgin hole and stretch it, shooting my seed deep into you. I love you baby. Oh, ohhh, aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!" Brian yelled, cumming all over his bedspread. Drew, propelled by Brian's moans and by their conversation, shot a load into his hands and lapped it up, wishing it was Brian's.

       "Bye hunky" said Drew, as sexily as he could.
       "Bye my little boy-toy" Brian responded, pressing the end button on his phone. Yup, if he wasn't gay before, he was definitely was now.

       "Boy-toy, huh?" came Alyssa's voice from Line 1.

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