Title: Charmed- Brian and Drew

About: Actors from the WB TV show "Charmed"
Disclaimer: This story is fictional and is not necessarily implying
about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned. This story is graphically sexual and involves homosexual relationships

Chapter 4

"Alyssa!" Brian sputtered. "What the hell?"
"I might ask you this same thing" she replied. "You know, you should get that call waiting thing fixed. Why the hell didn't you tell me?"
"It's recent. Okay?"
"How recent?"
"Three days..."

"Three days. Three days, Brian? We've been dating for over a month and you're going off with some guy 10 years younger who you've known for three days!" Alyssa said angrily.

"Look, Lys. I'm sorry. Drew just stirred up these feelings in me. Things I've never felt before in my life. Not with you, or with any other girlfriend I've had" said Brian sadly. He was very confused and felt bad about what he had done, but there was no turning back on his path.

"Well obviously we're through. Oh, and in case you forgot, I'm a producer on the show! Goodbye, Brian" Alyssa said as she hung up the phone.
"Shit" Brian said to himself. "Now I'm going to get kicked off the show. This is just great." He picked up the phone and called Drew back.

An hour later, Drew came over to Brian's apartment. Drew kissed him and moved in for a long passionate kiss but Brian pulled away. "Drew, our relationship might mean the end of my job."
       "What do you mean?" asked Drew
       "Alyssa found out about us." And he told Drew the whole story. "This show is the best thing that has ever happened to me" he said, practically crying into Drew's shoulder by the end. "What am I going to do now?"

"Don't worry baby. Everything will be fine" Drew said, kissing Brian's head and cheek. Brian returned the kiss, this time on the lips.

"You're amazing, Drew, you know that? Everything about you. You're so sweet and kind—not to mention drop-dead gorgeous" Brian said, kissing Drew repeatedly on the lips and neck, becoming less emotional and a lot more hormonal.
"Are you sure this is what you want to do right now?" Drew asked; he was unsure whether making out was right for Brian during this difficult period. Brian answered non-verbally with a squeeze of Drew's bubble butt. He pushed Drew down on the bed and began caressing him, pulling off Drew's tight t-shirt. He had never realized what a great body Drew had. He kissed Drew's toned chest and abs, at the same time unbuttoning his own shirt, exposing his chiseled chest. The two men made out on the bed and felt each other's bodies feverishly, Drew rubbing Brian's butt as Brian sucked on Drew's nipples.
"You're a quick study Brian" Drew said
"You're a good teacher"

Drew stopped squeezing Brian's ass and unbuckled his jeans, yanking them down, exposing Brian's tight white boxer briefs clinging to his muscled legs. Brian did the same to Drew, pulling down his khakis and grinning. They rubbed each others butts and dicks, both men panting and sweating. As Brian became more and more aroused, he began humping Drew, grinding his cock into him.

"Oh yeah, Brian!" Drew yelled out, wrapping his legs around Brian's torso. "Rub your sexy piece of man-sausage into me" he whispered, tracing the veins on Brian's muscled arms.
        Drew pulled off Brian's underwear, exposing his humungous dick and balls. Brian leaned down and kissed Drew, allowing his cock to touch Drew's chest, pulling off Drew's boxers at the same time. They continued pressing and rubbing their cocks together, both men moaning and panting. Drew pulled Brian's head towards him and began kissing him passionately. They frenched and humped until they both felt as if their cocks would explode. After a while, Brian rotated 180 degrees on top of Drew, so that they were in a 69 position. Brian swallowed Drew's dick without any trace of apprehension, diving down onto it and sucking it like an expert. Drew shivered and moaned, having mostly been the sucker in the past.  He licked Brian's balls which were now hanging down into his face and began playing with Brian's hole.
"Ohhhh..." Brian cried out, coming off Drew's cock as Drew fingered him.
  "Don't stop, Brian. Keep going" Drew moaned. As if to add leverage to his request, Drew sucked Brian's cock extra hard, attempting to deep-throat it from below. He got one, two, three, four, five, six inches down Brian's gargantuan dick before choking and coming up for air. Brian, a bit taken aback, nearly came in Drew's mouth.
  "A little warning next time!" he said, grinning
       "Couldn't help myself, babe" Drew responded. "You're too sexy and your cock is too massive to pass up the chance" He took a deep breath and dove onto Brian's tool, taking all nine inches down his throat, the outline of Brian's fat member visible through his cheeks. He was breathing out of his nose to be able to get air while his windpipe was clogged with Brian's mega schlong. Drew's eyes began to flutter as Brian fucked his face, coming off Drew's dick involuntarily as he was deep-throated. Brian screamed in ecstasy as he came down Drew's throat. Drew choked as Brian's cum slid down his throat, coating it with sweet warmth. He pulled Brian's ejaculating dick out of his mouth. He rolled over on top of Brian and turned around so that they were face to face, pressing all the way into him as Brian's cock continued spraying its juices.
  "Oh god, Drew" said Brian, stroking Drew's hair as he continued cumming all over his chest. Drew began bucking his hips into Brian, his cock rubbing against Brian's, Brian's cum acting as a lubricant as he slid on top of his lover. Brian pulled Drew down, knowing Drew's climax was near. He didn't know how he knew; perhaps it was part of being gay. He kissed Drew on the lips while reaching his hand around to Drew's cock. He began to jack it, rather Drew fucked Brian's hand. His thrusts became more violent and faster as he came all over Brian's hand and chest. Drew collapsed on top of Brian, breathless and sweaty.

       "Brian, that was amazing" Drew said quietly, resting his head on Brian's shoulder.
       "It certainly was" Brian whispered into Drew's ear. They lay like that for close to 10 minutes before Drew finally rolled off. He lay in Brian's arms, his head resting on Brian's shoulder, their problems temporarily forgotten. Very quickly, they both fell asleep.

Chapter 5

Drew awoke about three hours later. He looked at the clock next to the bed; it said 4:45 PM. He turned over the other way and saw his beautiful lover. His sleeping position looked like something out of a movie. Brian was lying naked, one arm around Drew, the other on his chest. His developed chest was perfectly displayed and the sheets lay around his hips seductively, a light trail of brown hair pointed to the treasure under the sheets, which Drew presently had his hand wrapped around. He slowly stroked Brian's 9-inch cock, tracing the sensitive tip and underside lightly, causing Brian to moan and stir. Drew leaned over and kissed Brian softly on the lips, running his hands through Brian's hair. Brian, half-awake at this point, stroked Drew's hair lovingly. Drew moved to lay on top of Brian's chest, his cock semi-hard.
"Hey baby. You sleep well?" Drew said
"Never better. You?" Brian replied.
"Great." Drew, completely nude, just lay on top of Brian.

It was a hot scene and Drew knew it but somehow, it didn't feel that way. He felt safe and cozy and warm and just wished he could lie in Brian's arms forever. The sun was high in the sky and light was streaming through the windows. Drew kissed Brian softly on the lips and nibbled his ear affectionately. Brian, slowly waking up, rubbed Drew's back, running his fingers lightly across Drew's soft skin.
"What time is it, babe?" Brian asked.
"5:00. Don't get up yet. This is nice, right here"
"I love you Drew. Even in this short time I have known you, I feel better than I ever have in my life"

Drew felt light and happy; Brian had never told him that he loved him, other than when he was cumming in Drew's eager mouth. "I love you too Brian" They lay there for perhaps a quarter of an hour before Brian spoke.
"Do you want to go out to dinner? If so, I want to shower up first"
"I ate already" Drew said, indicating the dried semen on Brian's chest. "Seriously though, I am kinda hungry. We had quite a workout"

"Okay then, let me shower" Brian said. Drew got off Brian and watched him walk towards the shower, his semi-hard dick swinging between his legs. He heard Brian pissing in the toilet and then the water came on. Drew got up, getting an idea. He walked into the bathroom; Brian hadn't noticed him yet. Brian was whistling to himself, stopped, and began jacking off.

"Oh Drew. Suck me off" Brian moaned, not realizing Drew was right behind him.

"Gladly" Drew said, getting on his knees. Brian spun around.

"What the..." he trailed off as Drew began touching and licking his cock. He moaned softly and pet Drew's head, turning the shower down, so only a warm trickle fell on the two lovers. Drew sucked Brian very slowly, inching up and down his cock lovingly, Brian practically exploding with anticipation. He licked Brian's big shaft up and down, caressing his balls at the same time. Brian felt his legs shaking with excitement; Drew was sucking him so slowly but Brian knew it would make it that much better when he finally came. He ran his hands through Drew's hair, pulling him closer. Drew ran his free hand up and down Brian's firm legs; he could feel them trembling. He ran his hand up to Brian's round ass, and squeezed it, pushing it so that Brian's cock sunk deeper into Drew's mouth, now touching the back of Drew's throat. He hummed around Brian's cock so that it vibrated.
"Oh god Drew! You are so good!" Brian moaned loudly. Not able to take Drew's slow torture, he began to fuck Drew's face. "Oh yeah, take my cock in your mouth" His cock head was so engorged he felt like it would explode. Drew relaxed, resigned to Brian's horniness, and let Brian thrust his giant manhood into his mouth. Brian, completely unrestrained at this point, began fucking Drew's mouth harder and faster, yelling out, his climax very near. He grabbed Drew's head and forced it down his shaft. Drew felt his face smashed against Brian's pubes and smelled his manly musk. A minute later, Drew's face was covered with cum and Brian was panting heavily.

"Geez baby. I didn't know you had that in you after last night" said Drew.

"I always have it in me. Stand up babe" Brian said, grabbing Drew's arm and pulling him upwards. Drew's face was covered in cum and he loved it. He kissed Brian passionately as Brian traced Drew's spine. "Turn around Drew" said Brian, kissing Brian's neck. Drew did so as Brian got a bar of soap and began lathering his hands. He washed Drew's back and neck, running slow circles around with the soap. Then reached down and washed Drew's defined chest and abs, slowly moving down to Drew's cock.

"Ah that's it Brian" Drew whimpered as Brian paid attention to him and only him. Brian stroked Drew's cock, soaping up his sac with the other. Drew moaned as Brian cupped his sac and rubbed his balls, leaning his head back on Brian's neck and shoulder. Brian continued working Drew's cock, bringing his other hand to Drew's ass. He stuck one finger slowly into Drew's asshole; Drew gasped, not expecting that. Brian swirled his finger around. Drew squirmed and groaned at the very welcome intrusion. Brian stuck in a second finger.

"Fuck yeah, Brian. Finger my tight hole. I want to feel you" Drew panted, more turned on than ever. Brian continued to give his lover a hand job with his soapy hand, his other hand slowly fingering Drew at the same pace. Feeling his climax near, Drew leaned back and managed to kiss Brian as he was jerked off and fingered at the same time. He screamed out as Brian stuck his fingers in farther and shot his load all over the shower stall.

"So hot." Brian whispered in Drew's ear, pulling his fingers out and kissing Drew on the lips passionately.  

"I know you are but what am I?" Drew responded tauntingly as he turned around. He kissed Brian on the nose, squeezing his taut buttcheeks. They finished washing each other and went to dinner.