Title: Charmed- Brian and Drew

About: Actors from the WB TV show "Charmed"
Disclaimer: This story is fictional and is not necessarily implying
about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned. This story is graphically sexual and involves homosexual relationships.

Chapter 6

Brian took Drew out for a fancy dinner at an Italian restaurant near his apartment. They talked for at least three hours over a delicious meal.

Drew told Brian all about his life, how he had always known he was gay but had never been able to tell anyone. He whispered to Brian how he had followed him the first day because he had thought Brian was really hot.

"Physically everything happened so fast" Drew said. "We did quite a bit, you know--sexually--, and I felt like we were perfect for each other but I am glad we finally can get to talk."
"I'm glad too" Brian said. He had been able to get a private room, through his connections with the owner--so that he and Drew would not be disturbed. Besides, they were not the biggest stars in Hollywood. "How old are you, Drew?" He had not meant to sound that abrupt and rude but something was nagging him.

"24" Drew said. "Is that a problem?"
"Not at all. Just something Alyssa said. She..."
"Shhh" Drew put his finger on Brian's lips. "Don't think about her; don't think about what may happen. Just think about us in the here and now" As Drew spoke, he rubbed his foot up and down Brian's leg. He had taken his shoe off and was slowly inching his foot up to Brian's dormant behemoth of a cock.

"Do you ever quit?" Brian asked, grinning. He could hardly believe this was the third time Drew was pleasuring him in a day but he had no complaints. After Alyssa's old-fashioned attitude toward sex, Brian was more than happy to please this fast moving sex machine. He could hardly believe it had been only three days since he had met Drew; so much  had happened, and yet it all seemed to be a blur.

"Never," responded Drew. Drew reached his hand under the table and unzipped Brian's shorts. He reached in and pulled out Brian's semi-hard cock--he wasn't wearing any underwear--and began stroking it. Brian moaned appreciatively. Drew slowly began jacking Brian off as his own dick hardened. Precum was now flowing freely as Brian began thrusting his monster into Drew's hands. Drew cupped his balls, too, rolling them in his hand.

"Oh god yes!" Brian panted as he felt his climax nearing. Drew tickled the sensitive area under the delicious mushroom head; Brian gasped. Moments later, Brian's body stiffened as he shot his load all over Drew's hands. Drew brought his semen-covered hand above the table and licked it.
"Mmm...delicious, daddy-o"
"Since when did you get so daring?"
"Since when did you get so horny?"
Brian lay back, slightly sweaty, his cock still dripping cum.

"Are you done with your pesto, sir?" asked the waiter. Brian turned bright red as he zipped up as quietly as he could. Brian said yes to the waiter and paid the bill. They walked back to the apartment together.

"You nearly got me caught over there, Drew!" Brian laughed.
"You should have seen your face. It was redder than a tomato!" Drew said, crying with laughter. When they got back to the apartment, there was a message waiting on the machine.

--Hi Mr. Krause. This is Jennifer from the Charmed executive office. We need to talk to you soon. Please confirm a 3:00 appointment Monday afternoon by 2:30 tomorrow. Thanks--

"Shit!" Brian said. "This is all Alyssa's doing; I know it." He sat on the bed and laid his head in his hands. Drew sat down next to him and put his arm around him.

"It's gonna be alright, Brian. It always is" Drew said, trying to console his lover. He hated it when Brian was sad; it made him said.
"How do you know? What if it doesn't work out?!" Brian said angrily, snapping at Drew. A few moments later Brian apologized. "Sorry. I am just really stressed and upset"

"I know babe" said Drew, coming to sit on Brian's lap. "Everything always works out, though. Surely the show has taught you that"
Brian laughed. "Yes I suppose always miraculously coming back from the dead counts as working out" He kissed Drew on the cheek. "I should get some sleep." It was already 11:30 at night.

"Good night. I'll let myself out" Drew said, walking out of Brian's apartment. "Don't stress."
After Drew left, Brian picked up the phone and dialed Holly Marie Combs--another producer and his wife Piper on the show.

"Hello. This is Holly speaking" said Holly Marie into the phone.
"Hi Holly. It's Brian...Krause"
"Hey Brian. Is something wrong? Why are you calling this late?"
"Oh, I'm sorry. Well, you know, I've got this meeting with the producers--including you--tomorrow and I'm a little confused as to what this is about."
"Brian, I can't talk about this over the phone. It's not right" Holly said. "All I know is that some producers and directors have felt that you have not really been focused on the show."
"This is all Alyssa's fault!" Brian muttered to himself.
"What do you mean?" Holly asked. "Wait no, don't tell me. I'm sorry Brian. I've got to go into the meeting tomorrow with an objective and open mind. Goodbye"

Holly hung up the phone and Brian sat there, frozen, his last chance at redeeming himself and staying on the show gone.

Chapter 7

The next Monday, Brian woke up, having barely slept. He got out of bed, feeling like his legs were made of lead. He was tired and more apprehensive than he had ever been in his life. He took a shower, attempting to get rid of all the horrible visions going through his head. He really wished that Drew were with him but he didn't want to drag him down too.
Brian got dressed in a nice suit, wanting to make a good impression on the show's executives. He got in his car and drove to the film studio. He went into the reception room and told the woman at the desk his purpose.

"They will be with you momentarily, Mr. Krause. Take a seat," the receptionist said politely but uninterestedly. Brian sat down, his mind racing and his nerves jumping. He jiggled his foot anxiously in time with the terrible smooth jazz on the woman's computer. The phone rang, and he jumped slightly in his seat.

"Mr. Krause, they are ready for you. Through that door, if you please." She pointed at a large wooden door next to her glass office. He walked through, his legs shaking.

A more intimidating sight could not be imagined. Brad Kern, Aaron Spelling, Alyssa, and Holly sat around the table. Surrounding them were at least fifteen other producers and members of the directing team. Alyssa was looking daggers at Brian, a slightly malicious smile forming on her beautiful lips.

"Please take a seat, Mr. Krause" said the note-taker. He didn't like that they kept calling him Mr. Krause. It made him feel like a child.

"I suppose you're wondering why we asked you here" said Spelling, the executive producer. "We've been discussing your recent performances and we feel that your delivery is somewhat lacking. We don't really want to cut you from the show--you're a very popular character. We're willing to compromise for a smaller part"

"If I may say something" Alyssa interjected. "I have noticed a general downward spiral in Brian's work and I'm not sure giving him a smaller part will have much of an impact. If he continues on this path of poor performance, we will lose an even greater audience share. I suggest he be kicked off the show"
"I'm not sure there are any grounds for a dismissal" said the contract manager.
"I did notice some lacking in performance in the fifth season finale" said Kern. "But I talked to you, Brian, about that."

Brian hadn't said a single word the entire time. Even if he had the courage to tell the truth, he wasn't sure his lips would work. He didn't really want to reveal the twenty people that he was distracted because he had been really horny and that he had had sex with Drew in the bathroom, and that now he was gay, and that Alyssa had found out, and that's why she was mad at him. So he just sat there silently.
Unknown to anyone, Drew was standing outside the door, listening to every word. He had followed Brian, hoping to run into him before the meeting and wish him luck but he had just missed him.

"Mr. Krause," said Spelling. "Would you rather be cut from the show or have your part diminished?"
"Wait," Holly Marie said suddenly. "Other than a little lack in performance, what has Brian done wrong? I'm a little confused"
If he had not been so tense and in a room full of people who made and broke stars every day, he would have kissed Holly.
"Well" said Alyssa angrily, looking at Holly in surprise. "His acting is failing; he isn't portraying his role very well." She faltered, like Brian, biting back what she really wanted to say.

"Enough!" Drew yelled, bursting through the door suddenly. Everyone looked around in alarm, most of all Brian, his mouth hanging open.
"Drew, go. I won't bring you down with me." Brian said quietly to his lover. He could hardly believe that Drew had done this.  
Alyssa was also in shock, her hands over her mouth, and her fists balled at the boy who had taken her man away.
"Alyssa. Why don't you tell the committee the real reason why you want Brian off the show?" Drew sneered at her.
"I don't know what you're talking about" Alyssa stammered.
"It wouldn't have anything to do with a phone conversation between me and Brian that caused you two to break up, would it?"

"Wait. You two split?" said one of the other producers. "You wouldn't be using this as an opportunity to ruin your ex, would you?"

"What was in the phone conversation?" asked Holly.
"Um..." Alyssa and Brian said together, both embarrassed.

"Sexual stuff. Dirty talk. You know..." Drew said unabashedly. Brian hung his head in his hands out of embarrassment. "Come on Brian. Stop being a baby. You should tell people the truth about us, especially if it means saving your job"
The producers all looked at the strange threesome. "I'm gay" said Brian. "Drew and I are together. Alyssa found out, and now she's trying to ruin me"

"Wait, Alyssa. All this is over a lover's quarrel?" said Holly suddenly.
"Well, that does it" said Aaron Spelling. "This has been more exciting than a soap opera but I have other projects to look after. Alyssa, I am warning never to exploit your role as a producer for revenge. If you do it again, I will revoke your position"

He left, and the rest of the committee followed him. Alyssa marched out without a sideways glance, looking angry but mostly sad. Brian thought he saw a tear forming but she left before he could be sure. He turned back to his sexy hero.

"Drew, you were amazing" said Brian, coming over and giving him a great big hug. "You said things I would never be able to say. You gave me courage. You saved my job!" He kissed Drew passionately, then walked over to the door and locked it. "I want to thank you." He got onto his knees and unzipped Drew's fly. He reached inside and pulled out Drew's soft warm cock.

"Has anybody ever told you how hot you look in a suit?" said Drew, looking down at this man ten years his senior about to give him head in his boss' office. Brian stared at Drew's slowly inflating cock and began to suck him off.

Drew groaned, covering his mouth so that the receptionist wouldn't hear them. His dick grew in Brian's mouth. Brian loved the feeling of a flaccid penis as it became erect. He reached his hand into Drew's jeans to pull out his perfect balls. He put Drew's sac in his mouth, coating it with saliva. Brian continued sucking on his balls, as he jerked his cock.

"That feels so good" Drew moaned, running his hands through Brian's brown locks. Brian continued to give Drew the best blow job of his life. Drew's legs began shaking and he thrust his hard cock into Brian's mouth. Brian pulled down Drew's pants and boxers to free him up and grabbed his perfect ass. Drew moaned as Brian rubbed his crack and shoved his cock farther into Brian's mouth. Brian relaxed, allowing Drew to take control, fucking his face.

"Ahhhhhhhhh" yelled Drew as he came in Brian's mouth, his eyes rolling back in his head. He was spewing loads of cum into his lover's waiting mouth.

He just stood there moaning for a few minutes before saying to Brian, "Thank you"
"No thank you, Drew"
They kissed and left the building, the secretary shooting them suspicious looks.

"I've got an idea, Drew" said Brian, his face lighting up, feeling happier than he had in months. "As a thank you, I will take you on vacation."

"There's no need to thank me. It's what friends--or should I say fuck-buddy lovers--do for each other"

"Well, then think of it as a break from work since we don't start again until the fall." Brian grinned. "And a celebration of two hot lovers"

"That's more like it!" Drew said, grabbing Brian's cock through his pants. "I have always wanted to visit Greece..."


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