Title: Charmed- Brian and Drew

About: Actors from the WB TV show "Charmed"
Disclaimer: This story is fictional and is not necessarily implying
about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned. This story is graphically sexual and involves homosexual relationships.

(Sorry this one took so long to come out. School...)

Chapter 8

One week later, Drew and Brian began their vacation. Brian had bought Drew tickets to Greece--as he had promised--for two weeks. In the car on the way to the airport, Drew began to kiss Brian.

"Honey, I am so happy we did this. I've always wanted to visit the Mediterranean." Drew said
"Honey? Since when am I a `honey'? We're not married."
"Ok hunky. How's that?" He giggled and leaned over to kiss his lover on the lips.
"I like that." Brian chuckled, kissing Drew back. Drew bent down and kissed Brian's cock through his jeans. Brian moaned. He and Drew hadn't seen each other for three days and he hadn't jacked off.

"You like?" said Drew, unzipping Brian's fly and unbuttoning his boxers. He extracted Brian's fat member and began rubbing it, moving his head in to suck Brian off. Brian's cock was really stiff and its head inflamed. All the veins were sticking out and all this made Drew want to blow him more.

"No...stop" Brian moaned as Drew wrapped his silky lips around his big dick, resisting the urge to pull Drew onto his cock and wildly fuck his face. "It isn't...safe. I won't...be able to focus on my driving."
"Fine" grumbled Drew, stuffing zipping Brian's pants up.
"You can't wait that long?" Brian asked, laughing.
"No, and neither can you. But I guess you're right. It's not safe." They drove to the airport and unloaded the car.  

After filing through check-in and security, Brian and Drew boarded the flight to New York, which would then go to Athens. While waiting in the various lines, Drew had wanted to yank Brian's pants down, pull out his massive tool, and suck him off right in the middle of the airport. But he resisted his hormones, grumbling, and began his dream trip to Greece.

Brian had bought first-class tickets all the way to Athens. Drew was very excited; he had never left North America. About two hours into the  transatlantic flight, Drew reached under the blanket and touched Brian's massive soft cock, which immediately began to lengthen.

"Drew...stop" Brian said, holding back a moan of longing.
"Come on, Bri. You're telling me you don't want this?" Drew asked as he traced a fingernail along Brian's shaft, causing him to shudder.
"I want be able to resist moaning and shouting your name as you jerk me off" Brian whispered in Drew's ear.
Brian's dick and brain were in an intense fight. He wanted to pull off the blanket and pull Drew's mouth onto his aching cock but his judgment told him that that wouldn't be smart. However, the longer he waited, the more likely his dick was to win. Brian's breathing became more ragged and his eyes filled with lust as he stared in Drew's beautiful face, now contorted with pleasure.
"Stop" Brian whispered, using every ounce of will power he possessed. "Let's go to the bathroom. You can do anything you want to me there"
"Anything?" Drew asked with a mischievous grin.
"I'll do anything you're comfortable with. Meet me in two minutes. Knock on the door twice."

Brian got up and went to the bathroom, which was significantly bigger than the ones in coach. He began rubbing his large, throbbing cock through the fabric of his pants, and felt the precum beginning to flow out of his slit. Drew knocked on the door-and not a moment too soon, a few more minutes and Brian would have been furiously masturbating alone. Brian yanked Drew inside the room and pulled him down onto his covered cock.
"Drew...I am so hot for you. Come on-suck me off" Brian moaned. Drew knew Brian was desperate for release so he decided not to tease him...much.
He wrapped his jaws around the hard member through Brian's khakis and could actually feel Brian's precum staining through the pants.

"Drew..." Brian panted in frustration. "I need this" Drew yanked off Brian's pants and underwear, extracting his thick 9-inch prick, and began to lick off the copious amount of liquid that was soaking through his boxers. Brian moaned loudly.
"Shhhh. They'll hear you" Drew whispered, half-laughing. "Why are you so wet anyway?"
"I told you I haven't gotten off in three days. What the hell do you expect?"

Brian began pushing his hips into Drew's eager mouth, who was still struggling to lap up all of his lover's juices. Drew opened his mouth wide and inhaled Brian's meat, a task that was becoming easier and easier for him, but no less enjoyable. He sucked Brian hard and fast but just to torture him he pulled off Brian's cock and lowered himself to his balls, trying to take the whole sac in his mouth, licking each ball with his soft, tender tongue. He all the while continued stroking Brian's cock.

"I need to get off quicker" Brian said suddenly. "Hurry, take off your clothes. It'll turn me on." Drew stripped, showing his lean, toned torso, tanned bubble butt, and gorgeous dick. Brian jerked himself furiously while Drew stripped, getting hornier, feeling one hell of an orgasm coming on. Drew went down on Brian again, sucking him as fast as he could. He ran his hands up Brian's shirt, feeling his muscular pecs and washboard abs, down his legs, touching his firm calves, sliding his hands up to Brian's crack and around his balls. Drew found himself getting hard as he continued giving Brian the best head ever. Brian grabbed Drew's head, pulling it almost all the way down on his cock as he shot a huge load--at least 10 shots of creamy cum down Drew's eager throat. Drew sputtered; he hadn't expected that much cum but he wasn't complaining. He loved the liquid's salty, gooey taste. He squeezed Brian's cock, hoping for one more drop of ecstasy.

"My God, Drew! You're fucking incredible!" Brian panted, having just been rocked by the most amazing orgasm. "Looks like I have to take care of you now, he said, eyeing Drew's very hard dick, which was also leaking. Drew stood up and was about to let Brian suck him off when the intercom blared,
"We are about to hit some turbulence. The captain will turn on the fasten seatbelt sign shortly so please return to your seats"
Drew swore loudly. "I guess your orgasm shook the whole plane, baby"
"Only because you give the world's best head. Come on--you go back to your seat. I'll come back soon. We'll get you off later" Brian said, kissing Drew on the lips. They returned to their seats--luckily it was night so no one seemed to notice that both men had been in the same bathroom for close to fifteen minutes, Brian's shirt was buttoned incorrectly, and Drew had a little bit of dried cum on his mouth. They fell asleep, Brian dreamlessly, and Drew filled with dreams of unfulfilled desires.

Chapter 9

They arrived in Athens at noon.

"Okay we've got three days in Athens before we have to catch our plane to Mykonos" Brian said, grinning from ear to ear with excitement.
"Yay! How long do we get to spend there?"
We get to spend a week in Mykonos, swimming and clubbing and then back in Athens for a day before we come back to lovely Los Angeles. Hopefully no one will recognize us."
"Speak for yourself. I want to be recognized by all the hunky Mediterranean guys--I've always been partial to olive skin and bronzed muscles" Drew said, half-joking.

"I didn't bring you across the Atlantic to cruise Greek guys" Brian said in a fake hurt voice.
"You know I love you more than anyone baby. Just having a little fun." He passionately kissed Brian on the lips ; some people stared but no one looked as if they recognized the couple.

Brian and Drew left the airport, checked into their luxury hotel, and then went to do some sightseeing. They saw many of the city's ruins: the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the Erechtheum, the Temple of Zeus, the theatre of Dionysus, before coming back to the hotel.

"So what do you say we crash for a couple of hours before going out for a nice dinner?" Brian proposed, nibbling on Drew's ear in the elevator.
"Sounds good but how about instead...we go clubbing" Drew replied, planting soft kisses on Brian's neck. They entered the room, debating what they would do, when Drew noticed a card on the table.
"Hey babe, you got a gift--probably from some crazed female fan. If only they knew...How the hell did they find us?" Brian walked over and recognized the curly handwriting on the card. He opened it and read the letter inside.

Dear Brian,

Aaron gave me your hotel address in Athens. I hope you get this. I am sorry for the problems I caused for you. When I heard you and Drew on the phone, I was so angry. We had been dating for months and I felt totally betrayed. But I understand now that this is the course you must take-one that you probably have no control over. Now I am just sad that things didn't work out between us--I am not angry, and I hope we can still remain friends, in spite of this fiasco, I guess you could call it. I wish you and Drew the best of luck together and have a great time in Greece.

Love, Alyssa

P.S. The executive committee is making sure not a word of your relationship with Drew gets to the press so you can come out on your own terms and in your own time.
P.P.S. Rehearsal resumes July 7th.


Brian closed the letter and sat down on the bed, smiling slightly. He understood that she was not being vengeful; she was just upset.
"Who was that from?" asked Drew, climbing up on Brian's back and wrapping his arms around his neck.

"What the fuck was she writing to you for? That twat nearly destroyed you." Drew said angrily, letting go of Brian and sitting up.
"She was apologizing."
"She damn well better have"

"I did cheat on her, Drew. She was upset."
"Oh, now you're defending her!" Drew yelled. "After what she did? She would have had your balls handed to you along with your termination contract had it not been for me. Or have you forgotten?" Drew moved to get out of bed but Brian stood up first, pushing him back down.
"I haven't forgotten, Drew. It was the bravest and most loving thing anyone's ever done for me. But I can't deny that although you are the love of my life, Alyssa's anger and sense of betrayal was justified." Brian said calmly, staring down at his love.

"So what she did was warranted? Jesus, Brian! Are you a man or not?"
"I think your sore jaw is evidence that I am. Just forget it, okay?" Brian said, irritated.
"No I will not forget it!" Drew said, even more frustrated.

"I appreciate what you did for me, Drew. I love you and I love that you love me. But she loved me, too. And I loved her."
"You loved her?" Drew said incredulously.
"Yeah, but not in the same way is I love you. We were close friends and I mistook it for love, in my haste to be straight. Obviously I had some physical attraction to her but you were the one who made me realize who I truly am. I love you, Drew Fuller."

He kissed Drew on the lips, moving on top of him. "Now try to put up a pretense of fun for me"
"Oh, I'll give you more than that" Drew said, satisfied and happy that they had worked it out.
"I am so hot for you right now" Drew whispered, grinning. It was true--Brian looked really sexy when he was worked up.
"I'll bet you are" Brian snaked his arm down to Drew's pants, feeling his boner. He smiled somewhat mischievously. "Time to finish what we started on the airplane"


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