A Big Time Rush Fictional Story

Chapter Number One

Logan & Kendall

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It was a lovely sunset day. The sun was shining down into the small window of apartment two j at the Palm Woods Hotel. Through the window you could see two bodies separated by a small bed side table. The two bodies were fast asleep until one of the bodies began to move. The body awoke. He looked over at his slumbering friend and he felt his heart melt.

Kendall, the leader of Big Time Rush was in love with his band mate Logan. Kendall lays there watching the sun cast the perfect light on the sleeping figure. He loved the boy with all his soul and would never let anything happen to him. Kendall smiled to himself before getting up and proceeding to the shower, which was located a mere twenty feet away.

On his way to the adjourned bathroom he grabbed a pair of blue boxer briefs and an undershirt not knowing that the boy across the room had awoken. Logan is lying in bed watching as Kendall stripped off the shirt he was wearing, revealing a set of hard and perfect abs.

Logan had never done anything sexual with Kendall but he wanted the boy all to himself. As Kendall made his way into the bathroom Logan got up and made his way into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for his band mates. When he arrived in the kitchen was met with the site of Carlos lying on the couch in James's arm. The two boys had been together for about a month now and they looked so cute together. Logan smiled to himself as he wished that that was him and Kendall.

He slowly walked into the kitchen, being sure to watch his hands as no one knew he had had jacked off the night before to the thought of him and Kendall being together. The boy made his way to the refrigerator and pulled out the eggs and bacon, knowing to cook extra for Carlos. The boy also walked over to the pantry to get the pancake mix.

He also pulled out some pans and a pack of biscuits. Logan started cooking and before he knew it Kendall had walked through the door with nothing but boxer briefs and a t-shirt on and James and Carlos had awoken. Logan looked up when he noticed that Kendall had walked into the room. He looked over the boy and began to feel his heart flutter.

He knew he wanted the boy, but did the boy want him? In the living room area of the apartment James and Carlos were awake and the two boys were sharing a good morning kiss. Carlos was leaning into James's soft lips and the touch was the perfect sight.

The 2 boys slowly made their way to the kitchen where Logan was serving breakfast. Carlos was he first to say something.

"Bacon! "he shouted before digging into his meal.

The rest of the boys laughed as they knew the boy loved bacon. It wasn't long before they had finished up the meal and the boys went their separate ways. Kendall was dressed in a pair of tight black Levis that left nothing to the imagination and Logan couldn't help himself but stare at the boy. Logan was dressed in swimming gear as he was headed to the pool.

Carlos was dressed in athletic shorts that left a prominent bulge to go for a long run and James was dressed in a pair of tight fitting green pants and a purple work hard play hard shirt.

It was Carlos's favorite shirt and everyone around the palm woods knew it. The boys grabbed their phones and headed out. Kendall to the movies, James to the store, Logan to the pool, and Carlos for a run. Carlos and James kissed before the left and Kendall and Logan slapped a high five before they left.


Kendall was halfway through the movie he was watching when he got a text from Logan.

It said "Hey Kendall, We need to talk, it's very important I'm at the apartment."

Kendall thought about what could be so important that he had to skip an entire to movie to tend to. He didn't think for long when he got up and rushed home.

All the Big Time Rush members were really close and when one needed the other they didn't take their time getting there. Kendall made his way back to the palm woods. He clicked the button tying to hurry because he didn't want to see Bitters or Camille knowing they would run his time thin. The elevator dinged and he stepped in. He hit the second button and rode it up to the second floor.

He walked down to hall to his apartment before he opened the door and stepped in. At first he didn't see Logan.

"Logan!" he screamed.

"Over here, behind the slide," Logan replied.

Kendall made his way over to the slide and was surprised to see his best friend behind the slide crying. He quickly asked what was wrong and Logan began to reply but Kendall couldn't hear through all the crying. Kendall grabbed on to the boy and used his hands to wipe away the tears from the boy's face. He looked into the brown eyes and felt his heart flutter before asking Logan again what was wrong.

Logan looked into the boy's face before saying,

"Kendall we have been together since we were little. I don't want to ruin our relationship but I want to be more than your friend. I want to be something way more. I want you to hold me at night, for us to go out, for us to get matching stuff like a couple".

Kendall looked down onto the boy with a shock. He couldn't say anything for a while. It was when Logan said, Kendall that he noticed that they were still talking about that. Kendall looked down into the boy's eyes and kissed him dead on the lips.

He pulled up and said, "I want you too Logan."

It was at that moment that time stopped. Both boys' hearts stopped as they had acquired the one thing they both wanted. The two boys kissed again before they stood up and hugged. It was at this moment that Carlos and James walked in. They looked at the hugging couple and realized that they were together.

James and Carolos remembered back to when they had first gotten together and they could see it through the smiles of Kendall and Logan. Both boys were happy for their friends. Now that it was official, James and Carlos wanted to treat them all to a big dinner.

Kendall and Logan looked at the two boys and smiled. They kissed once more and took a seat upon the orange sectional in the room.



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