A Big Time Rush Fictional Story

Chapter Number Two

Logan & Kendall/James & Carlos





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Logan and Kendall sat on the sectional as James and Carlos made their way into the kitchen. Kendall and Logan watched in amazement as the two begin to cook their dinner. On the sectional inside the small living room the scene was unimaginable. Logan was wrapped into Kendall's arm and snuggled into the crook of Kendall's neck. It was a beautiful sight to see. All four boys of Big Time Rush were together and happy for once and there was nothing coming between them.

"Could you please hand me the spoon?" Carlos asked in his Latino accent.

James smiled and handed the boy the spoon. James was a little turned on when Carlos used his accent. James saw it as a sexual trait that he wanted all the time. James walked behind Carlos and wrapped his arms around the smaller boy's waist and began to whisper small sexual things into the boy's ear.

"I want to lick your body dry," James stated.

Hearing James say this left Carlos to think about what was going to happen later on that night. The couple knew they couldn't do anything now because Kendall and Logan were right across the room, and they didn't want to freak the new couple out with all their horniness and hormones.

"Is that food ready yet?" Kendall almost screamed.

Logan laughed a little as he heard the grouchiness of his lover and the fact that he could hear the younger man's stomach roaring. James turned his head and saw Kendall looking at him with a strange look upon his face. James didn't know how to explain himself. He simply pulled from Carlos and began to prepare the dinner on the plates in front of him. Carlos was in charge of serving, so James took a seat and allowed his lover to do the work. Carlos began to spoon small mountains of the spaghetti and meatballs he and James had prepared. He smiled once each plate was finished. Before he announced the dinner was ready he added several pieces of corn on the cob and garlic bread to each plate.

As Kendall and Logan heard the sound of Carlos announcement the two boys raced to the kitchen. Sitting on the island there were four plates of spaghetti and meatballs. Logan began to feel his heart hitch. It was their first date as a couple and he wanted it to go well. Carolos made his way over to the light switch and began to slowly dim the lights. Here they were two couples and nothing to tear them apart. Logan loved every second of it. Kendall took his seat at the island and smiled when he felt Logan snuggle next to him. Logan looked into the emerald orbs of his lover and placed a single peck to his lips. Kendall kissed back and the kiss soon turned into a heated make out session.

James and Carlos was sat there in shock as they watch Kendall attach his lips to Logan's and devour his tongue and mouth. The two boys thought the kiss was romantic and erotic and they couldn't help but get turned on by the kiss. Carlos leaned over and placed his hand near James's crotch and began to slowly move his hand up and down. James felt his chest hitch and he knew exactly what the two boys would be doing that night or in a few moments.

Kendal and Logan noticed that James and Carlos were still at the table and pulled away from each other. The two boys smiled to James and Carlos before continuing their dinner. They each picked up their fork and began to eat each noodle slowly. The two boys were trying to make their date last and they didn't want to give in so quickly. Logan leaned out a little and began to use his foot to fondle Kendall's. Kendall turned his head before attacking Logan with his foot as well. The two boys played a small game of footie while James and Carlos began to get a certain spark about them.

James had his hands on Carlos's Latin pole. Carlos was trying hard to keep from moaning. James gripped the cotton covered cock and Carlos felt his toes curl. He quickly pushed his chair back, getting a scowl from Kendall and Logan from the scratching noise, and he quickly made his way to he and James's room. Kendall and Logan were finally alone, the perfect place they wanted to be. The two boys now had the chance to confess their love for each other. Kendall pulled from the chair at the island and made his way to the sectional. Logan was quick to follow suit.

Both boys made their way to the living room. Kendall sat and gathered Logan into his arms. There was nothing that was going to split the lovers.

"Kendall, I love you," Logan stated as he smiled at his lover.

"I love you too, Logie," Kendall almost screamed.

Both boys leaned down into another kiss and their relationship was taking the next big step into the world.

Carlos and James were now inside of their room and they couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Both boys were half naked and moaning. James was posted against the solid wood frame of the door. Carlos was on his knees kissing every inch of his lover. The older of the two stood and began to take each of James's nipples into his mouth. Carlos was sure to bite down on each one. He knew that would James off the edge. Carlos pulled from the abused nubs and began to kiss and lick his down James's chest and stomach. Carlos stopped when he reached James's navel and dipped his tongue into the opening. Carlos smiled when he felt the hair of James's treasure trail his tongue.

James let out a soft moan, only telling Carlos to go farther. Carlos leaned in and began to suck James's six inch cock through the material of his underwear. James was in pleasure and didn't know what to do. He wanted Carlos's lips wrapped around his cock, but he didn't want to rush his lover. He knew the time would come and that Carlos was just a big tease. Carlos using his teeth pulled down the cotton, black and blue boxer briefs and James's amazing cock appeared.

The cock was six inches long and as thick as a red bull can. The head was glistening with precum that Carlos wasted no time in tasting. He leaned into James's crotch and kissed the head before swiveling his tongue over the piss slit. James moaned softly. Carlos then took the entire head into his mouth and began to suck furiously. He was sure to lick around the tips and edges of the cock to make sure he hit all of James's sensitive spots. James was moaning loudly now and there was no way of stopping him. He didn't care who heard him. He was in pleasure and he wanted the world to know.

Carlos took the entire length of the cock into his mouth and began to slowly work the dick. He loved the taste of the precum on his tongue and loved the taste of actual cum even better. Carlos began to suck a little harder. He pulled off the dick and began to lick it from tip to base. There was no way of stopping it now. James gripped Carlos's raven lock and began to force his cock into the Latino boy's mouth. Carlos was eager to take the cock into his mouth and he wanted to taste the sweatness of his lover.

While James and Carlos are having fun Kendall and Logan are inside of their room listening to James moan. The boys are beyond the point of on, but they don't want to do anything. They didn't want to seem like sex crazed freaks, like James and Carlos. Of course, they loved each other and they didn't care who knew, but they didn't want to be seen as fuck buddies. Logan and Kendall wanted to get to know each other on another level before they participated in sexual conduct. Kendall was in his bed under the covers with noting on but his Hollister boxers on and a tight wifebeater. The boy was trying hard to keep himself from jerking off, but he needed it.

Logan on the other hand, was under the covers with nothing on. He had slipped out of his underwear and he was jerking it as he listened to James get a blowjob. Logan wondered deeply what it would feel like. He was a little more than ready to have sex with Kendall. They only thing he was worried about was not being able to connect with Kendall. He didn't want to sound like he was a sex addict.

Carlos was now lying atop of the bed, with his cock inside of James's mouth. Carlos loved every minute of the sexual pleasure he was receiving. James wrapped his lips around the seven inch Latin pole and was working it hard. He jerked while kissing and licking the dick. He wanted to please his lover and he wanted to taste the cum of Carlos.

Kendall closed his eyes as the moon cascaded over the Palm Woods Hotel. Logan released his load as he fell into a sense of slumber. The night was quiet and the boys were all getting to a point of slumber. James and Carlos finished their naughty activities and soon fell asleep. The boys soon fell asleep. The night continued on and the boys were together. One peaceful world, two peaceful relationships.


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