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Kathryn took a deep breath and then she looked me straight in the eye.

"I can't believe that you don't know who...believe me or not Tyler, that man is a famous soccer player! He plays for Manchester United, he is Portuguese and his name is Cristiano Ronaldo!"

I took a deep breath. No way. No fucking way. But then again there was no reason for Kathryn to lie to me. I sat down on the ground and I looked back at the house.

CRISTIANO my my living room...he was in my bed last night...


"Wait a minute; you want to tell me you didn't recognise him at all? Tyler, he is the world's best player at the moment! His face is all over the TV, not to mention every sports magazine in the world!"

"Well as for the TV, you know that we don't have one and you know that the farm is my life and I almost never get the chance to notice any kind of sports except sometimes a little Rugby. Kathryn this farm keeps me so busy, im telling you I really didn't know who he was!"

"I can't believe you! Cristiano Ronaldo is sitting in your livingroom as we speak, and you are sitting on the ground, making small talk with me! We should call the press and the TV people! Just imagine the stirr that this kind of news will create!"

I stood up and looked Kathryn straight in the eye.

"Kath, please no. Please, that Cristiano guy had an accident last night, a bump to the head and he is still recovering, he doesn't need all that. Please just keep it to yourself until he is better, yeah?"

She sighed. She could never have imagined that she would ever meet the sexiest soccer player in the world, but there he was, in the livingroom of their neighbours's home. She so wanted to be near him, talk to him and tell her friends, but her friendship to Tyler meant so much more. She reluctantly agreed. Suddenly her phone rang.

"My dad wants me home for lunch. I'll see you later, ok? Go easy on him, he is precious cargo!"

I gave Kathryn a hug and went back to the house. Now you have got to understand that I have always sorely focused my mind, heart and soul on what was the best for the farm and taking care of my ageing father. Like I said, if there was a sport that I did watch, it was Rugby. Ofcourse I have heard the name, Cristiano Ronaldo before but it never had that much of an impact on me before.

That was before he crashed into our gate and he came into my life.

As I entered the living room, I asked my father where Cristiano was and he told me that he was lying down. I knocked as I got to my room and he told me to come in. I opened the door and there he was. I sat next to him and looked him in the eye.

"What's your name, mate? You haven't told me yet."

He looked at me with confusion and then he turned his head.

"I was hoping that you could tell me, Tyler."

I was flabbergasted! What the hell was he playing at? Was he just taking me for the biggest shit that he had ever seen or did that blow on the head do more damage than dad thought?

"Mate, you seriously don't know who you are? Come on man, you got to know!"

Cristiano stood up and he walked over to the window. I sat for a moment and then I walked over to him and I put my hand on his shoulder. He turned around and then I saw the truth in his the form of the tears that was rolling down his cheeks. Then it hit me...he really didn't know who he was.

I gave him a tissue and he blew his nose.

"Obrigado. I mean, thank you. Listen, if you would only help me to get home, wherever that is, I'll leave immediately. I know that im only a bother to you and your father."

He sat down on the bed again and kept his face down. I sat beside him. I really wanted to comfort him and keep him calm, but I think that everything had to come out sometime or another. Once I put my hand around his shoulder he turned towards me and embraced me. I sat there, not knowing what to do and then I found myself placing my arms around him aswell, not caring one bit that these shoulders that has won so much, played so much and had so much success over the years. He pulled away from me and he wiped his tears.

"Im sorry, Tyler. I don't know what is wrong with me."

"Tell you what, you get some rest and I'll talk to you later. That okay with you?"

He nodded and I covered him with a blanket and left the room. I took a huge breath and told my father I'd be back later. I took the car and drove over to Kathryn's. If there was anyone that could help me, it would be Kathryn.

"Hey Kath, look I want to ask you favour. Can I go onto your Internet, please?"

"Sure, come on in."

We stepped into her room and sat at her desk, as she switched on her laptop. This was the difference between Kathryn and me. She couldn't live without her Internet, TV and DVDs. That stuff didn't matter to me that much. Call me a nerd, but that was just me.

"There we go. Im just going to wash my hair so long, you do what you need to."

Once she left I typed Google's adress into the box. Once there, I took another breath.

Then I typed Cristiano Ronaldo into the search engin and then typed ENTER.

At once I knew that Kathryn was right. The man that was spread shirtless all over Google's images was the same man who had cried against my shoulder a short while ago. I clicked onto Cristiano Ronaldo wikipedia and started to read all about the young footballer that was sleeping in my room. After I read what I wanted, I printed the information that I thought was important. When I wanted to log off, my eye fell onto a shirtless pic of him. I didn't want to, heaven knows I didn't want to, but I had that photo enlarged and printed that aswell. To be honest, I didn't know what came over me, I just...i just had to have it.

When I went back to the house, Cristiano and my father was at the stables and I couldn't believe my eyes as I saw Cristiano milking one my our cows. I wanted to laugh because he wasn't exactly doing a good job, but at least he was trying. I walked over to him and he smiled when he saw me. I tried not to think how fucking famous this guy was and here he was milking a cow on an unknown farm.

"Hey man, looking good there!"

"Obrigado, Tyler. Hey, I don't know exactly what is it that is going on here. I offered to help your father, but I think I should just leave it to you or to him."

I laughed again and then I turned serious. I knew what I had to tell him might cause him to react viciously as he might remember just who and what he infact was.

"Look, can I talk to you somewhere private? I have something to tell you."

He nodded and I led the way over to the lake where Kathryn and I had talked earlier. I sat down and he sat down next to me.

"Listen, I managed to find out a few stuff...about you."

Cristiano looked up and he frowned.

"You know who I am, Tyler? What my name is?"

I nodded slowly.

"Yes...does the name Cristiano Ronaldo ring a bell?"

He sat back while all the time still looking at me. He rolled his eyes and he twitched his chin. I could see that he was desperately trying to remember something about that name and once more I felt so sorry for the poor guy. He was world famous and he didn't even know it!

"Sorry, Tyler I don't think I know that name. Is that my name? Cristiano Ronaldo?"

Once he said it with that Portuguese accent I was convinced that he wasn't taking me for a ride. He fucking honestly didn't know who he was! I stood there and watch him wrestle with this new information which he knew nothing of.


That was really and totally unexpected. He stood up and screamed it out loud, over and over as if in some kind of rage. I ran over to him and held him in my arms, desperate to comfort him somehow. He held me tightly as I felt the tears streaming down his face and onto my shirt. He breathing was ragged. I stroked his back as he slowly started to calm down. I knew what had to be done. I had to call the police and tell them about Cristiano. They would be able to handle this situation better than me or dad.

I slowly pulled away from him and reached for my pocket and handed the printed papers over to him. The one of him shirtless, I kept in my pocket.

"Here, read this. I got this off the Internet. Read it, it will tell you some of the things that you need to know. I'll do anything I can to help you, Cristiano."

I turned to walk away before he stopped me. He reached for my arm and pulled me towards him.

When I felt his lips on mine and his hand at the back of my head, I nearly melted. It was over before I could enjoy it probably though. He pulled back and he rested his head against mine.

"Muito obrigado, Tyler."

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