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Celebrity Kids Collection Part 9: Liam Aiken and Liam Aiken

Liam Aiken as Owen

Liam Aiken as Ben

Luckin as himself

Liam Aiken played 8 year old Ben in Stepmom and a 13 year old Owen in Goodboy. What if... What if I warped them both in together? How would they react? And how awesome would the fucking be? I slammed in the dvds and warped the boys in...

I made tiny cages for my prisoners to stay in. Barely any room, they were about 3 feet tall and three feet wide.

"Where am I?" asked 8 year old Ben. "Yeah, what the heck?" said 13 year old Owen.

"Owen, meet Ben" I said.

"Hey, how come he looks like me... but older?" asked Ben.

"Shut up" I yelled. I grabbed the older boy and stun gunned him, knocking him out cold. Little Ben let out a scream and tried to run, but I grabbed him.

"Let me go!" he protested.

"Not a chance" I told him. "Now take off your clothes and march your sexy little butt into the cage!" I screamed. "Oh please no!" he begged. "Do it! Or I'll do it for you!" I yelled. The little boy broke into tears and started taking off his clothes.

"Oh yeah, that's good" I told him. He got down to his underwear and stopped.

"Please, I don't want to..." I cut him off and grabbed him. "You're a bad boy!" I yelled. I ripped off his undies and layed him face down across my lap. I then began spanking him, very hard.

"Ahhh" He screamed. I spanked harder and harder, the boy cried louder and louder. After I finished I picked him up, threw him into the cage and locked it. His butt was bright red, and his face streamed with tears.

"I haven't done this for a very long time, so forgive me if I'm a little... rough" I laughed.

I looked over at Owen and he was beginning to wake up.

"What's... what's happening?" he asked, still slightly stunned.

"Wake up, you and little Ben there are going to be my little fucktoys for today!" I told him.

"Oh, please, please let us go!" He begged.

"What about no? Now take off your clothes before I cut your balls off!" I commanded. The boy was terrified. He was so scared he was shaking. He took his clothes off and stood there completely naked, tears forming in his eyes. His hands were covering his private bits.

"Take your hands away!" He started crying. "Stop crying and do it!". He took his hands away slowly. I saw that just above his cock there was the tiniest amount of peachfuzz, about half a centimeter long each.

"Hitting puberty are we? Well I think I can fix that" I made him lie down on a metal table and secured his arms and feet to it.

"You see, I like smooth boys, so we're just going to have to fix you up so you're as smooth as that other Liam Aiken. I'm going to wax your pubic fuzz off!" He let out a shrill yell and begged me not to.

I grabbed some hot wax and held it over him. I poured some over his groin and spread it over the pubic part. "AHHHHH NOOO!!". It seems that the wax might've been too hot. Oh well. I grabbed some wax paper and put it on.

"Now, this might hurt... a lot!" I told him.

"Please no!" He begged. I let the wax harden and decided to pull it off nice and slowly, let him feel each hair being painfully plucked out. As I slowly pulled off the wax paper, he cried and wailed. Finally I got it all off.

"Ah see? Nice and smooth!" He said nothing. Just lied there, silent with his eyes closed and sobbing, tears running down his face. "That's a GOOD BOY!" I said as I laughed.


I had completed breaking the spirits of the two little Liam Aiken boys. I still hadn't fucked them yet, I wanted them to be nice and tight when I did.

"Owen," I told the 13 year old, "Prepare little Ben for a funnel". He nodded and got little Ben out of the cage. Ben got onto all fours on the ground, put his head to the floor, raised his butt and separated his legs, exposing his tight little anus.

Owen grabbed a funnel and stuck it into his butthole. Ben cringed and sobbed, but tried not be too loud. He knows he'd get punished for that. "Okay Owen, do it!" He held out his cock over the funnel and pissed into it, allowing all the piss to go into Ben's butt. As soon as he finished he pulled the funnel out, Ben let out a little gasp.

"Okay, now we're going to do something a little bit different. Owen, lie on the ground. Ben I want you to squat over his face". The boys did just so.

"Ben, is your butt full?" I asked.

"Yes, Luckin, sir..." he said quietly. Hi butt leaked slightly, dripping piss over Owen's face.

"Okay, now Owen, open your mouth, Ben, you're going to leak his own piss into his mouth until your nice and empty".

Owen opened his mouth and closed his eyes, preparing for what was about to come. Ben loosened his butthole and let the piss stream into his mouth.

"That's a good boy, now swallow it Owen, I don't want any piss to spill out of your mouth!" Owen did as he was told and swallowed and gulped down his piss. I could tell by the look on his face he didn't like it one bit. The piss was slightly brown due to his crap in his bowels.

"Okay Ben, now empty it all out!" I told him.

The boy strained and expelled all the piss and crap all into Owen's mouth. He swallowed as much as he could, some of the crap and piss spill out onto the floor. Ben squeezed out the last remaining bits from his but and gasped.

"All... all done sir" he said.

"That's a good boy," I told him "but you let some spill onto the floor. Get up Owen, we're going to let Ben clean the rest of this up" Owen stood up and wiped his chin.

Ben got down on all fours and started licking up all the piss. There were some bits of crap as well which he ate up. He knew how to please me. He knew if he didn't, he'd pay for it.

"Finished" he said.

"Good boy. Now Owen, Ben, get onto the bed, we're going to fuck now".

The boys went into the bed I prepared.

"Owen, lie on your back, Ben, get on top of him and put his dick into your butt". He did just so. Owen's cock was 4 inch hard piece of meat, and he got it all in.

"Good. Now I'm going to put my dick your butt too Ben, so the two of us are going to fuck you"

"Oh please don't!" he begged. "Not two, it's too tight!"

"Hahah, there's no such thing as too tight!". I climbed on top and assessed the situation. This indeed was going to be a tight squeeze. His 8 year old butthole was tight enough as it is, plus he had the 13 year old's cock in it.

I forced my dick into his butt and he wailed and cried as I did so. Finally, I got all 6.5 inches in.

"Okay Owen, don't be shy, let's fuck his brains out!" I told him.

"Yes, sir" he replied.

The two of us rocked back and forth, the friction seemed unbearable for the little 8 year old, he was crying his eyes out.

"Oh yeah, that's a good tight little bitch. Kinda adds a whole new meaning to fucking yourself!" I told him.

As we fucked, his butthole started to tear and bleed.

"How's it feel, kid?" I asked.

"It hurts, it feels like fire!" He cried.

"Good!" I told him.

I saw that Owen didn't want to do, but I could tell he was guiltily enjoying the fuck.

Finally, we both started to come. I thrusted wildly into his ass, as did Owen, expelling all our cum into the little boy's butt.

"Ahh, that was fucking awesome!" I yelled. We both pulled out, Owen was drenched in his own piss and filth, Ben laid their crying, his butt in the air, trying to give it some relief from the battering we just gave it.

I grabbed his butt and spread it open to look at his hole, he yelped in pain.

"Please, no more!" he begged. His butthole was red and bloody, full of cum.

"Owen, open your mouth and let Ben crap all the cum into your mouth" I told him.

He lied on his back and opened his mouth. Ben crawled over him and squatted over his mouth.

"Please, I can't! It hurts too much!" Ben begged.

"Oh for fuck's sake" I yelled. I grabbed him and kept him still. I held his hole over Owen's mouth and stuck two fingers in there. He screamed as a I moved it in and out, getting the cum to get out. Finally I got every drop in there.

"Now swallow!" I told him. Owen had tears running down his face and tried not to gag as he swallowed the cum.

"There's some running down your chin!" I told him. He used his finger and wiped it into his mouth, swallowing every drop of mine and his own come. The two boys collapsed onto the bed.

"Very good, boys!" I told them. I grabbed the remote control and pushed the blue button, sending them back.