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Celebrity Kids Collection Part 3: The Sprouse Twins Experiment (Big Daddy)

Well, it's been about a month since my last boyventure. I had a good time with David, boy, did I have fun! I've been experimenting with a few things, like money, I never have to worry about that. All I have to do is hire out a film with a case of money in it, I press the blue button, and then I manifest it. Perfect. That also goes for food and everything else; I put a TV in my garage and manifested a Jag with that blue button.

I've also found out that these manifestations, Little Anakin, David Swinton; they're like bodies that share my mind. My Sub-conscious tell the manifestations how to act and talk, so they really aren't real, but they act like it, and feel like it, it's real flesh and bone I'm having sex with! I also found out that they are really impressionable in the first minute, that's why I was able to fool the two other boys without them freaking out.

Lately I've been interested in the Sprouse Twins, man I'd love a threesome with those two! I figured I'd experiment. If I manifested the boy from Big Daddy, I'd get only one boy, I'd get Julian, or Frankenstein, depends how you look at it. But, if I flip to the special edition interviews where they're both on screen, I could zap Dylan and Cole Sprouse into my bedroom! Excellent!

Here. Goes. Nothing.

I flip the DVD straight to the interview. I see two incredibly sexy young boys who I'm just dying to play around with. I pause the screen and press the blue buttons. FLASH! The boys appear, both of them!

"Dylan, Cole Sprouse?" I ask.

"Yeah, who are you?" They asked, puzzled.

"SWEEEET!!! I mean, um. I'm uh. Luckin, I'm taking care of you, your mom dropped you here, you know"

"Oh, right!" one of them answered.

One of them was dressed in a white t-shirt with blue sleeves and some blue shorts. The other was wearing long black pants, a white shirt and a red jacket.

The one in the shorts then said, "Well, Hi, I'm Dylan. Dylan Sprouse"

"Aah," I answered, then I looked to Cole, "And you must be Cole?"

"How'd you guess?" he asked, sarcastically.

"Well, there's the fridge, there's food and stuff in there, there's candy in the cupboard, go for it!" The two kids smiled and took off to raid the fridge; I stared at their tiny little butts as they scurried off. Beautiful.

About half an hour later and they were done.

"Wow, thanks Luckin!" Said Dylan.

"Yeah, thanks..." Cole soon followed.

"No problem, so what do you guys want to do now?" I asked

"Not sure", Cole replied.

"Do you guys want to take a dip in the hot tub?" I asked

Their eyes lit up, "Yes please!" they both replied.

"Well, I don't have any bathing suits for you guys, so let's just go in naked, it'll be more fun!"

"Yeah okay!" shouted Dylan.

"Hmm, I'm not sure..." Cole didn't seem to agree.

"Oh come on, it'll be fun!" Assured Dylan.

"Oh okay, fine...".

"Okay, great, the tub's this way. Leave your clothes here. I watched the two boys as they slowly removed their shirts. I stared at their bare chest, wiping the drool off my chin, waiting for what more was to come. They then started to remove their pants, revealing two beautiful twins in nothing but underwear.

"Well, you guys better take those off too; it'll be better, okay?" I asked.

"Um, sure thing" Dylan replied.

"I don't think that's such a good idea" said Cole; he seemed to be the sensible one.

"Oh come on, you'll feel all heavy with them on, and there's nothing I haven't seen before" I told him.

"Well, okay" He replied. He put his thumbs inside the side of his undies and slid them off. A rush of blood to my penis made it stand straight up, damn...

Then Dylan started removing his undies, he jokingly threw them at me, as if I'd be grossed out. He laughed as I grabbed it, then they both jumped into the tub. I smelt the undies. They smelt sweet with a faint smell of piss, not that much, a couple of drops when they shaked, I suppose. Right now my cock was begging to be rubbed, but I held on. I quickly too off all my clothes and jumped in the tub.

"Great isn't it boys?"

"Yep" Dylan replied, "Um, how come your penis is straight up and all big?" he asked

"Dylan!" Cole yelled.

"What?" He replied, feeling a bit embarrassed.

"Hahah, don't worry about it Cole, I don't mind. I reaaally don't mind. See, Dylan, sometimes when people get excited, or horny, it happens.

"That happens to me too, sometimes in the morning and stuff. Can I touch yours?" he asked.

"Dylan, come on!" Cole yelled, once more.

"Yeah, sure, come on, have a feel" I told him.

He moved over right next to me and looked down. He concentrated as his hand went under the water and touched my dick. He wrapped his hand around it and started moving his hand all over. "Ohhh, Dylan! Keep going". As he rubbed my dick, I moved my hand across his leg and made my way to his crotch and started feeling his small cock and balls. His dick grew to about 2.5 inches. I peeled his foreskin back and forth and rubbed his tip. He moaned in pleasure, we moaned together.

"Hey, no fair, I want fun as well!" Cole said.

"Well, moved to the other side of me and we'll have some fun". He did just so. I grabbed his cock and started rubbing as he placed his hands on my balls and started rubbing.

"Oh, OOOH, why does this feel... sooo good??!" Cole moaned.

I rubbed both boys' genitals as Dylan wanked my dick and Cole grabbed my balls. After about five minutes, neither of us could hold back and we started to orgasm. "Ohh, I'm cumming boys, keep going FASTER, FASTER!! AAAHHHH" I moaned.

"Ohh" Dylan moaned, at the same time so did Cole, "OH, AAH, ARRRGGHH AHH OHHHHH YESSS AHH!!" Both boys starting bucking about the hips and tried fucking my hand as I wanked them.

"Oh man, what was that?" They asked.

"That was an orgasm" I said.

"A what?" both looking confused. "We've never done that before! And my hands are all sticky" Said Dylan.

"Yeah, mine too!" Joined Cole.

"Well, that's my cum, you guys don't have it yet, but you can still orgasm, more times a day, I think".

"Can we do it again?" asked Cole.

"Heheh, now you're getting into it! Yep, we'll do it again in a couple hours. In the mean time, let's eat!"

"Yeah!" both replied.

None of us really felt like putting our clothes on, so the three of us walked around naked, and ate naked. In about half an hour, I was reloaded, and hornier than ever. I could tell they were as well, their tiny cocked stood straight up.

"Hey, do you boys want an enema?" I asked.

"What's that?" They asked.

"Well, we use a balloon and some water to flush out your butt, it feels real good! And it'll clean for later on"

"Well, okay" They replied.

I took them to my bathroom and got the enema bag and filled it with water. "Okay, Dylan, you first. Get in the bath tub, lie on your back, put your knees up and hold them apart with your hands. He did just so, and DAMN it was sexy! He looked at me curiously as he had his legs, and therefore butt hole, spread open in my tub. I filled the bag with water and put the hose end in his butt hole. "Oh, that feels cool!" Dylan said. I put the shower on so the water and crap that would come out would be drained.

"Okay, now I'm gonna fill your butt hole with water, tell me when it's full and I'll pull it out. It'll feel like you need to poop, just let it all out. It'll flush out everything in your bowels".

"Okay!" he said.

I squeezed the balloon, I barely got a squeeze and his face cringed, "Okay, I'm full!"

I smiled and squeezed again, his eyes went wide open and his butt hole exploded with water and crap. The water from the shower drained it all away.

"Whoa, I said I was full!" Dylan yelled.

:"Heh, yeah, whoops~ Cole, your turn!" I said.

"Hmm, yeah okay" He said.

"Okay, but here's how we're going to do it, instead of using the bag, Dylan is going to pee in your butt, okay?" I asked.

"Eww!" Both boys said.

"Hey, it'll be fun, it'll just be the same as having the bag end thing in your butt, and it's not made of plastic so it won't hurt as much!"

"Hmm, Okay". He got on all fours and aimed his butt hole at his twin. I swear, by this time I was so horny, my nuts were gonna crack. Dylan got on his knees and held his wiener out to Cole's butt. He slowly worked his limp penis into his brother's anus and finally got it in. Then, he started peeing; Cole reacted with an, "Ooohh".

"Aah, this feels so good!" said Cole.

"Oh, I'm getting a stiffy!" said Dylan.

"Yeah, so am I!" concurred Cole. Then his butt exploded, "Ohh, aahhhh!"

"Okay boys, butts up, facing me!" I told them. Both boys got on all fours and got their butts facing me. I brought my tongue to Cole's butt first. I gave it a quick sniff and started licking his rim.

"Hey! What are you doing?" Cole asked.

"Licking your rim, you like it?" I asked.

"Well, yeah, I do, don't you feel gross?" he asked. I smiled and stuck my tongue all the way in. "OOhhh AHH" He moaned with pleasure.

"Stay like this, Cole. I'm gonna do it to your bro" I told him, Dylan's eyes lit up with a smile on his face. I lowered my tongue to his small, preteen, 7-year old anus and started licking. He laughed and contracted his hole. Then, he started moaning, so I stuck my tongue in, which got a yelp of pleasure as a reply! I took my tongue out and wet my fingers with my precum, which was leaking out like a faucet!

"What now, Luckin?" They asked.

"Hang on" I put one middle finger on each anus and worked it in. "OOhhh, WOW!" They both exclaimed. I stuck my finger all the way in and started sliding them in and out. They started working against it too, moving their bodies, back and forth on all fours. They seemed to be backing in my fingers faster and harder too. They started moaning so loud I thought they were going to orgasm! My fingers worked in and out in and out until I was so horny, I couldn't handle it. I pulled my fingers out, they gasped and turned. "What's up? That felt really good" said Cole.

"Boys, lets have a threesome!" I said.

"What's that?" they asked.

"Its sex, between three people" I told them

"What's sex?" both boys wondered.

"Oh, um, it's when you put your dick inside a girl's vagina, or another boy's butt hole" I told them.

"Sounds like it hurts" said Cole.

"It does, but it feels good too, so let's do it, okay?"

"Okay", both boys said.

I took them to my room and they sat on the side of the bed. I lay down and picked up Dylan. I spread his legs and placed his butt hole over my dick. Then, I eased it in, further and further. He tried to hide the pain, "Oh, ouch, ahh, slower, ahh!" I managed to get all the way up Dylan.

"Oh, aah, feels, ahh, weird, I think I need to poop!" he said.

"Don't worry, it'll feel that way, but you had that enema, remember? Nothing can possibly come out, so you can push out and squeeze or whatever, as much as you want!" I told him.

"Okay, Luckin" He responded. He leaned back and held himself up with his hands, his small feet on each side of my head. I grabbed his hips and moved him up and down, as I moved my dick in and out. I felt my head touch his prostate and he moaned with delight. His head fell back, his butt hole tightened, and he let out a loud, "Ooohhh! Keep going, Ahhh, Yes, yes!!" His penis was cocking straight up now, a full 2.5 inches.

"Ohh, when do I get to do it?" Cole complained.

"Um, AHHH, Ohh, Cole, jump on! Put your dick in my mouth and your mouth over Dylan's dick, then start sucking, moving your head up and down. He did just so, he climbed up on top of our bodies and got onto a 69 position on his brother. He put his lips around his bro's dick and took it all in. Dylan let out a loud moan of pleasure and his butt contracted. I grabbed Cole's hips and positioned his dick into my mouth and started sucking. I could hear each boy moan with their own delight. I put my mouth over Cole's nut sack and sucked one in, he gasped with delight and his hips bucked, then I sucked the other one in and pulled and swirled them around. I switched between his dick, his balls, his asshole and the sensitive spot in between, the gooch. Mounds of pleasure came to Cole as his body jerked around as he sucked his brother's cock, who was screaming with pleasure from his first buttfuck and blowjob, at the same time.

The three of us continued until we all started to feel an orgasm coming up. The twins came first, I felt Cole's ass tighten and his grip with his hands tightened. "OOhhha, AHAHHAAAHH!! OHHH MY GOD AHHH!" he started forcing his butt on my dick as he fucked his brother's mouth. Cole started to orgasm too, fucking my mouth intensely and eating up the little traces of his brother's precum. My orgasm was massive; I moved my hands around Dylan's hips and started moving him up and down as I thrusted in and out of his butt wickedly, savagely, and intensely. Tears ran down his face as he cried from the pain, and yelped from the pleasure. "OOOHAHHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAHHH OHHHH YESS DYLAN, YESS!! GO! LITTLE BOY, GOO!!!" I completely emptied my load in his small bowels.

We collapsed onto a pile and laid there for ten minutes, panting and puffing. First to jump off was Cole; he rolled off his brother and lied next to me, tired. Then I told Dylan, "Okay, to take it out, try to `Poop' my dick out". His face strained as he tried to crap out my 7-inch cock out of his 7-year old anus. "Oh, it stings!" he said. After a couple minutes, he managed to get my dick out. He lied on his front, his knees on the bed, as well as his face, his ass in the air and tears running down his face. "It hurts, oh, it hurts! I think it's bleeding too" he cried.

"Yeah, my dick is big you're your butt hole is tiny, this was bound to happen". I put my tongue on his butt hole and started licking it.

"That feels better" he sobbed.

I stood up and grabbed the remote.

"What are you doing?" Cole asked.

"Taking you back, I told them". Maybe I'll get to baby-sit you guys again, some other time" I told them. "I liked you boys, you guys like it rough! Heheh. The boys didn't quite understand where I was coming from, but they smiled at me. I smiled back as I pointed, pressed and watched them disappear.



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to his balls, elp of pleasure as a reply!