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Celebrity Kids Collection Part 7: The Sweeten Twins do Little Anakin

 I'm in Tatooine, I'm a Jedi Master and I've gone to Watto's store to purchase a certain slave boy.

"Whaddaya want?" Asked the toydarian.

"I want to make a purchase" I said.

"Yeah, I know that, what?" He asked.

"The slave boy, Anakin" I told him.

"Annie? You want to buy the boy? Haha! Slaves don't come cheap, my friend. You best go away, don't waste my time" He told me.

"I'm offering 200 republic credits" I told him.

"Oh what?! Anakin!" He yelled. "Here, the boy is yours" He told me. He pulled out a small device with a button on it. Anakin came along and saw it, he seemed to fear it.

"You ehh, press this button if you are disobeyed, there's a small explosive in his body, it explodes if he tries to leave the planet, or if the button is pushed". He gave me the device and took my credits.

"Mister?" He asked.

"Yes?" I told him.

"Why do I get the feeling we've met before?" He asked. He hadn't been able to remember a thing since last time.

"Well, perhaps we've met in a past life" I told him.

"Maybe" He replied.

"Ok Anakin, my home is in Coruscant, let's go. My spaceship is just out there" I told him.

"I can't leave, sir, I have this thing in my body and..." I interrupted him, "Don't worry, as long as you stay close to this thing Watto gave to me, it'll be okay".

We boarded my spaceship and got on our way.

"It's really cold up there, you'll be sleeping with me" I told him.

"Okay" He replied.

"My name's Luckin, by the way, I'm a Jedi Master" I told him. I pulled out my lightsaber and switched it on, a blue laser blade extended from the end. His eyes filled up with amazement. I love what I do.

"Wow! A Jedi!" He said, surprised.

"Yep, and we're both tired, let's go get some rest" I told him.

"Okay, where's my bed?" He asked.

"Same as mine, we'll be sleeping together" I told him.

"But you've got plenty of beds, why can't I sleep in one of those?" He asked.

"Space is cold Anakin, we'll be able to keep warm by sleeping together. And know your place boy, you are, after all, my slave, are you not?" I asked.

"Yeah, okay, sorry" He said.

He followed me to my room and I had him change. He didn't have any extra clothes so I told him to sleep in his underwear, the blanket and I would keep him warm. He took off his clothes and jumped into bed, I came in after him and snuggled up close. I put my arm around him to keep him warm.

He seemed to fall asleep quite quickly and my dick was as hard as a rock. I was feeling his butt through his undies and he sort of shuddered a bit, so I backed off. Then I moved my hand to his crotch and had a little trouble finding his cock, it was pretty small, if I remembered correctly.

I fiddled with his tiny member through his underwear and it went hard. I put my hand between his buttcheeks and felt his hole. Then, he woke up.

"Mmmph, what are you doing?" He asked, slightly dazed.

"Feeling you up, do you like it? I said.

"Can you stop it? I'm trying to get some sleep" He told me.

"I'm just trying to warm you up, are you cold?" I asked.

"Yeah..." He admitted.

"Well, I'm going to warm you up by putting some warm cream in your butt?" I told him.

"What?! No way!" He said, now fully awake.

"Look, I'm your master, I'm trying to help you warm up. If you're going to be stubborn, I'm just going to have to walk over there and use the detonator Watto gave to me" I told him.

"Oh, please don't, I'll do anything, okay? Please don't use it!" He begged.

"That's more like it" I told him.

I sqeezed up closer to him and pulled out my member. He had his back to me so he couldn't see anything. I brought my dick to his butthole and wet the rim with my precum, I was so horny I was going to burst.

"That's cold" He exclaimed.

"Don't worry, just hang on" I told him. Then I poked the head into his butthole and he let out a groan. "Mmph, that hurts!" He exclaimed.

"Hang on, we need to get some friction happening" I told him. With that, I stuck it all the way in.

"OOOUUUCH!!! TAKE IT OUT!" He screamed. It's amazing how real these manifestations of the imagination can seem. At times, I kind of felt like an idiot actually talking to them, but it feels kinda exciting that way.

I pet his weiner while he got used to my dick being up his butt.

"Mmmm, please take it out, I can feel it in my stomach, it hurts" He pleaded.

I pulled out halfway, then slammed it back in.

"OOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH! That hurts! Stop it!" He begged.

Ignoring the pleas, I worked my long hard dick in and out of his anus, by this time, he'd built up a lot of sweat around that area and it was sliding in and out quite well.

He huffed and groaned with each thrust, but he did get warmed up!

"What are you doing? It's dirty in there" He said.

"Never mind, it'll get cleaned up later" I told him.

I pushed in and out for about five minute while playing with his cock until I blew my load.

"Oh, yesssss Anakin! Yessss! AHHHH OHHHH YEAHH!!!!" I moaned.

As his butt got pumped his moans got louder.

"MMPh, oh, ah, mmpph" He moaned.

Once I was done I pulled out of there.

"You feeling warmer, Annie?" I asked.

"Yeah, but my butt hurts a lot" He told me.

"Don't worry, it'll get better" I told him.

Although I blew a massive load, I was still horny as hell, and after five minutes, I was already hard again.

"Now I can't sleep, my butt hurts too much..." He said.

"Well, hang on, let me get something..." I told him. I paused Anakin and left the room. I entered the part of my ship with the television, I always brought all my favorite boy stars in my backpack, and I warped in the DVD and TV too.

Know what I had in mind? A little foursome: Anakin, the Sweeten twins, and me. Those ripe n' tasty 8 year old twins from the Everybody Loves Raymond series, wow, are they gorgeous or what?

I slammed in the latest episode with the twins in it and pressed the blue button. They appeared before me in my ship.

"What happened?" asked Michael.

"Come with me, boys" I told them. I was horny as hell and wanted to make haste.

We made it to my bedroom and I unpaused Anakin.

"Jump in the bed boys!" I told them. They ran and jumped on the bed.

"What? Who are these guys?" Anakin asked.

"They're going to help me in our `sexual education'" I told him.

"Sawyer, Sulli~ I mean, Michael, Jeffrey, take off your clothes, we're going to have some fun!" I told them.

The boys laughed and did it instantly. They were down to nothing and jumping around on the bed.

"Calm down guys!" Anakin told them. The twins just laughed.

"Who are you?" Jeffrey asked.

"I'm Anakin!" He said.

"Oh, Star Wars, yeah!" Michael said.

"What?" Anakin asked, confused all of a sudden.

"Urm, never mind guys. This is what I want you guys to do, Michael, lie on your back and spread your legs far apart" I told him.

"Okay!" He cheerfully replied. Gotta love youth and curiosity.

"Okay, Jake, I mean, Anakin, lie on top of him and do what I did to you" I told him.

"Yes, master" He replied.

"Now Jeffrey, you're going to stand in front of Anakin and let him suck your willy, okay?" I said.

"Ewww, pee pee!" He replied, all giddy.

"What? I aint going to do that!" Anakin said.

"You'll do what I say, boy" I told him.

"Hmph, yes sir..." He reluctantly said. He sucked on Jeffrey's little cocklet and fucked Michael in the butt at the same time, damn, what a hot sight.

I got behind Jeffrey and put my arms around him, with my palms across his little chest.

I found his little butthole and shoved it right in.

"OOOOWWWW!!!" He screamed. I felt his butthole tensing, but he seemed to be enjoying the blowjob, which kind of dimmed the pain. I played with his nipples as I gently fucked his tiny butt. In turn, Jeffrey fucked Anakin's mouth, as Anakin fucked Michael.

"Mpph, this feels good" Anakin managed to muffle.

"Mmm, yeah!" agreed Jeffrey.

"Yeah, you don't have a big rod up your butt like I do! Yours is smaller!" Michael said.

Anakin pulled off Jeffrey, "Hey!" He yelled, then continued sucking and fucking.

"Heheh, at least it all feels good, right boys?" I asked.

"Mhmm" Anakin and Jeffrey agreed.

"Mppph, yeah, mphhh, I guess, mphhh" Michael followed. By now his butthole had stretched slightly and my dick was going in and out a bit easier.

"Oh no, what's happening?" Anakin yelped. "Ohh, AAHHHHH OH YES OH GO GO GO!" He screamed in pleasure.

All that commotion got me going too. "Oh yeah Michael, take it, yes oh yes! A-Anakin, keep sucking!" I told him, he did just so and sucked on Jeffrey until the little one started to moan. At this point, I started jacking off Michael. The twins were moaning while I jerked one and Anakin sucked on the other, his dick still in Jeffrey.


"Ohhhhh this feels, OHHHHH YES, OHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHH" The twins screamed in pleasure as their tiny cocklets had their first orgasm.

"Oh, wow! Let's do that again!" Jeffrey yelled.

"No way, hurts too much!" Michael replied.

"Tell me about it, Master Luckin put his thing in me too!" Anakin said.

"Hahaha, don't try and tell me you didn't like it!" I told them.

They tried to hide their little grins but couldn't help it.

"Well boys, time to go" I told them. I got up and picked up the remote. I was about to push the button to take me out of there, but it disappeared. Jeffrey had taken it and ran around the room.

"Hey, give it back, I need that!" I said.

Jeffrey ran and tripped. His trip sent the remote flying across the room, it hit the wall and smashed to pieces.

"Uh oh" voiced Jeffrey.

"This... isn't good" I said. Really, this REALLY isn't good.

I picked up the pieces but couldn't make sense of it.

"What is that?" Asked Anakin.

"That's my way out of here" I told him.

"What do you mean? Out of where?" He asked.

"Never mind," I told him. "Put some clothes on boys, we're setting a course back to Tattooine so Anakin can help me fix it. But until then, we may be here for quite a while...".

The End

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