Charmed: Reborn

Disclaimer: All rights for Charmed and the Halliwells go to the WB, as well as Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This story is a spin off of the original Charmed series, categorized under fan fiction, and is not intended to imply any personal knowledge, or the actual sexuality of any of its celebrities. This story is obviously fiction.

Book of Shadows:

Collected Entries

Spells (Written by Lex Russel)

To Pierce a Demon Through the Heart

Summon light and dark depart

Purge this evil through the heart

To Travel Underwater

Can't take a breath

Watery Death

Trapping my lungs

and swimming on tongues

God of the ocean

hear my plea

keep the air that revives us

from that of the sea

To Mute a Singer of the Sea

The music of the sea

Is no match for the Power of Three

I call upon the quiet ones

To make thy songs undone

Allies & Enemies

Cassandra Warren

(Entry written by unknown hand)

One of the greatest seers of the entire Warren line. She lived in Boston as a glass smith. It is said that the extent of her powers were so great, she could see from the beginning of time all the way to the end of it, and the vision drove her to madness.

Pearl Russel

(Entry written by Phoebe Halliwell)

The only daughter of Beatrice Warren and Clarence Russel, she had the powers of pyrokinesis and crystallomancy. Beatrice and Clarence died of reasons still unknown. After their deaths, Pearl was raised by Grace Warren along with her cousins, Patience Baxter and Phoebe Bowen, in what is now the Halliwell Manor. Pearl worked as a diviner in the speakeasy Patience took charge of.

Pearl, emotionally fragile and insecure, fell in love with the warlock Anton. She and Anton had in fact conceived a child, which Pearl magically concealed. After she gave birth, Pearl attempted to murder her cousins in order to steal their powers and have a home for her baby, but was ultimately killed by Phoebe Bowen.

Phoebe Bowen

(Entry written by Prudence Halliwell)

The only daughter of the witches Laura Warren and Hubert Bowen, she had the power of cryokinesis. After Laura and Hubert died at the hands of a demon, Phoebe was sent to San Francisco to be raised by Grace Warren and her husband, Milton Baxter, alongside her two cousins, Patience Baxter and Pearl Russel. When Grace and Milton passed, Phoebe offered her services as a photographer for the speakeasy Patience ran.

After Pearl's betrayal, Phoebe was forced to kill her cousin, an act she equivocated to murdering her sister. Phoebe quite literally went insane, leaving the manor and becoming unnaturally obsessed with the destruction of evil. She met a similarly-minded witch named Ben LeFleur, and the two married.

Emil and Sylvia Stillman

(Entry written by Lyla Russel)

The son and daughter of Brianna Warren and August Stillman. Not much is known about them, but Emil was apparently something of a trickster, associating with a long line of con artist witches. Sylvia, in the meanttime, married the witch, Jared Rowe; their son, Harold, became a warlock. Although the Stillmans and Rowes continued to be fairly close, Macon Stillman and Gabriel Rowe even marrying the sisters Molly and Mary Black, they discontinued any association with each other after that for reasons unknown.

The Stillman Sisters

(Entry written by unknown hand)

Common witches known for their small time hustles and cons. Not worth vanquishing. If they become a nuisance, try a simple spell to bind their magic.

(Note written by Lyla Russel: The Stillmans had a change of heart brought about by a rather long stint in jail. They proved their intentions by rescuing over a dozen future whitelighters on their own volition, and earned custody with the Elders; however, they were then brutally attacked by the deranged LeFleur brothers. The only survivor, Mitzy, is currently under the employ of the Sibylla.)

Tituba and Goody Proctor

(Entry written by Lucille Russel)

A witch doctor and witch that were contemporaries of Melinda Warren. They led the underground coven of witches that fled persecution in Salem, and ultimately ensured the safety of our ancestor, Prudence Warren. Judging from historical records, they encountered and collaborated with the Marks line of witches in order to permanently flee Salem; they evaded capture for the rest of their lives.

Angelica Danforth

(Entry written by Aaron)

A direct descendant of Abigail Parris, and the leader of a group of witch supremacists dubbed by the Elders as the "Bright Brigade." She is the current wielder of the Book of Light, and a powerful ally for Good--however, she is also extremely distrustful of any that bear even the slightest association with the Continuum of Darkness, including the Russel family.

The Nightshade Guardians & the Sibylla

(Entry written by Lucille Russel)

Sister organizations both headed by Madame Ava Nicoli. Made up mostly of witches, witch doctors, and gypsies, the Sibylla specialize in divination and information gathering, while the Guardians serve as an offensive force to be reckoned with. Although their alliegance lies on the side of Good, they have a tentative, at best, relationship with the Elders.

The Cantors

(Entry written by Lyla Russel)

The SIbylla's headquarters are built around a Nexus point. In order to manipulate its volatile powers, Madame Ava channels the power of four elemental Cantors. The shaman Harry Lightfeather, the wizard Remedy, the medium Judy Yi and the witch Mitzy Stillman currently serve the positions of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth Cantors respectively. They sense "ripples" in the fabric of time through their Harmonics, which operate on ocular, aural, and otherwise proprioceptive levels.


Her Lady of Stones

(Entry written by Lex Russel)

A member of the Pseudomonarchia. She has a strong sense of honor, and will serve those that prove themselves worthy. Bathym can take the guise of a huge rock monster, and otherwise wields great magic power. To defeat her, scatter the rocks far apart, so that they can't reform.

Shadow Stalkers

(Entry written by Lucille Russel)

Demons of technology, said to have been born from the vengeance of forgotten machines. Their distinctive scopes can not only bypass walls, but can also see the fear of enemies. They wield the powers of Invisibility, Shadow Melding, and Electricity Generation.


(Entry written by Penelope Johnson)

The Harpy Queen. A demoness as old as she is powerful, Celeano is one of Amy's most valuable allies in the fight against good. Despite her age and power, however, she is just as vulnerable as any other harpy, if not, more--as a result, she rarely participates in battle.

(Note written by Aaron: Although Celeano was recently vanquished, Harpy attacks still take place, implying coordination on behalf of a new queen.)


(Entry written by Lex Russel)

A powerful member of the Seven, and leader of the Hexcasters. The Hexcasters mold the light around their hands to create solid constructs that are strong enough to cut through steel. They use a volatile probability magic to create chaos and quell enemies. Currently no known vanquish, except with the magic of Angelica Parris.

(Note written by Lex Russel: Despite their alliegance, according to the translation of the Lilian Tablet, they don't seem evil. They also share a strong connection with a woman named Cassandra--Cassandra Warren?)

Sun Priestess

(Entry written by Grace Warren)

Spellcasters that fare from ancient China, whose powerful written charms are backed with an overwhelming conviction and faith. Having made a pact with a sun goddess, Sun Priestesses literally seperate their soul from their body, essentially giving them the option of everlasting life by repeatedly possessing the body of a recently deceased person.


(Entry written by Astrid Warren)

Japanese practitioners of spirit magic, Itako are blind young women initiated into their rites at an early age. The exceptionally gifted are proficient in the arts of light and ice, and are often found at the forefront of demonic exorcism.

The Horae

(Entry written by unknown hand)

Twelve light sprites that embody the hours of day. They dance forever in a faraway grove, and it is said that if they stop moving, then time stops as well.


(Entry written by Laura Warren)

Nature spirits associated with fountains, lakes, and other bodies of fresh water. They compose beautiful songs with nothing more than the trickling and bubbling of creeks. Travelers lucky enough to visit a naiad's spring are blessed with good luck, but it is said that muddying her water will incur the wrath of her curse.


(Entry written by Laura Warren)

Evil sorceresses of the sea, Cecaelia haunt the waves of waters where ships have sank. Their crystal staves are the source of their power, and with a staff one first casts potent sleep magic to lull their foes, then drowns them in a column of water. They are vanquished by fire.


(Entry expanded by Aaron)

Things have changed since old times...

*Angelic Art - The counterpart to Assassin Darklighters. They wield increased stamina, as well as the ability to conjure whitelighter bows and arrows.

*Seraphic Art - The counterpart to Spirit Killers, nicknamed "Spirit Savers." A new experiment created by the Elders, they are resurrected from the spirits of deceased that had exceptional talents of empathy or mental capability in life. They have the powers of telepathy, empathy, and an advanced form of reflective orb-barrier generation.

Relics & Items

Solar Reflectors

(Entry written by Grace Warren)

Great tools of magic. With mystic symbols, they channel the energy of the sun and moon and amplify a user's inherent magical power. It's said that gazing into its center will reveal any secret that she wishes.

The Shackles of Lady Diacina

(Entry written by Brianna Warren)

Lady Diacina was a legendary and powerful witch who had the power of light manipulation. She forged a set of 8-sided, crystal bangles, and with her powers she shackled a Dark Elemental and enslaved him to do her bidding. The shackles still exist to this day; it is said that one bangle holds the bright soul of Lady Diacina, while the other holds the essence of the Dark Elemental.

The Relics of Abigail Parris

(Entry written by Lucille Russel)

After the death of Melinda Warren, Abigail Parris and her monastary stole not only her Book of Shadows, but her daughter, Prudence Warren. It was with this power that Abigail Parris created three powerful objects:

*The Book of Light - Abigail's book of spells. Transcribing entries from the Book of Shadows and channeling her own "Divine Magic," Abigail created a sister tome just as powerful as this one. Located with Angelica Danforth.

*The Shining Dagger - An enchanted athame made of pure gold that absorbed just a small piece of Prudence Warren's magical power. Usable only by a full witch, it creates a blade of light harmless to witches and whitelighters, but deadly to any with "evil" blood. Somehow, it is currently in the hands of the LeFleurs.

*The Celestial Spheres - A set of six gold stones that correspond to six stellar bodies: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. After briefly channeling Prudence, the Celestial Spheres gained the energy to create a magical dampening field, absorbing not only active powers, but the intent, emotion, and will of those within its cage. Location currently unknown.


That's right, the trivia's back! It's a little easier than last time, but still a bit hard. So be prepared for a little bit of research.

Get two right: I'll send episode names, musical artists, and summaries for the rest of the season, and the first half of the next.

Get three right: The above, plus the in-depth character profiles I use for the main characters.

Get four right: All the above, as well as the privilege to come up with the pairing and scenario for the next Charmed: Remixed! That's right, rev up your sex engines, because we're looking for something scandalous :O

1. Lex, then later Rolline, in two different episodes say a string of random numbers before encountering Bathym and the Hexcasters respectively. Only, those numbers aren't so random: it's actually a very simple alphanumeric code. Find the numbers and crack the codes for two points! (Don't worry, the code is really very easy :])

2. Some may find one of the LeFleur Brother's powers seen in C'est LeFleur to be strikingly familiar... and it should be, for it was inherited from one of his direct ancestors. Which LeFleur brother, power, and ancestor is in question? (Hint: Look at the family tree from last time!)

3. The oracle twins, Postverta and Antevorte, were named after the Roman goddesses of the past and future respectively; their powers are also based on a pair of twins from a rather famous Nintendo 64 video game, whose elemental associations and method of defeat were strikingly similar. What characters were they based on?

4. Back in high school, I used to attend community college classes every semester... and in fact, Rudi's house is located on the street of the community college I attended. After A Witch in the Matrix Part I, knowing the city and street he lives on, what CC did I go to?

5. The Russels have a very strong affinity for light, as seen in all of their powers. Lex and Lucy, with their demonic powers, can both use light to greatly enhance their speed. Knowing this, and also knowing that trends in powers tend to be inherited, what kind of demon was Lapis, their estranged grandfather?

6. The rather dramatic, dual-voiced and celestial entrance of the Elders in C'est LeFleur was inspired by the "deity" in what PS2 game? (Hint: Think Team Ico)

7. Lyla's new toy, the Solar Reflector, is directly lifted from another PS2 video game (yes, there are a lot of video game references in this trivia, so sue me). She even uses it in the same way, swinging it crazily in order to smash enemies in the face... what game was it?

...And answers to the last Trivia!

1. The opening fight scene in Blood Lust is basically the same opening fight scene in the Charmed episode, Bite Me, yet another episode about vampires. What was sad about this was that I didn't even realized I carbon copied the episode until about a week into writing it T.T

2. Gwenno, from the Pipettes. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked this, it was just too hard.

3. Priestess Rao, from Okami! She was a beautiful priestess who was killed and impersonated by the demon Ninetails. It's a great game, do get it.

4. It was Bender, in Jurassic Bark. He was referring to when Fry used him to smash the window that his dog was encased in. This same scene also featured what was, in my opinion, the best archaeologist romance novel title ever: Passion Exhumed.

5. The baku. Also think Drowzee, from pokemon.

6. Bifrons

7. Mariah... I really can't believe I used to watch his show, Maury's such a little bitch.

8. Desiree, in reference to Lucille Desiree Ball, my favorite comedienne besides Sarah Palin :]

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