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The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin-off of the original tv show and i have no control of what actually happens in there lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story obviously stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives

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Chapter 1- Family

( ) Personal thoughts



We begin in a dark gloomy looking room somewhere in the underworld. Lord Saajohn a large demon, with large muscles, sitting at his thrown two demon's standing guard at the opening of the cave. His minion Xaanforth a muscular demon, approaches he seems confident with the news he brings for his master.

Xaanforth: Lord Saajohn we found the boy, my men are awaiting your command.

(Saajohn is sitting in his thrown with his hands folded together, his mind in deep concentration.)

Saajohn : Xaanforth take your men, and wait for the right moment and bring the boy to me unharmed!.

Xaanforth: Yes my Lord.

Saajohn: Oh and Xaanforth do not disappoint me. He got away once, it better not happen again!

Xaanforth: (Trembles with fear hoping this will be an easy task.)

P3- The hottest night club in San Francisco

Xaanforth: I want you all to spread out, if you spot the boy let me know, no one approach him, remember we need him unharmed! Now Go!

Trevor: (I was dancing with my friends, having a lot of fun. P3 is my place of refuge, see I'm a club promoter, but I've never done it for this place, I just always feel like I have a connection with this place! A little about myself, I'm 6'0 190 with a muscular build, I have blue eyes, and my blond hair is just below my ears! How I got to this point in my life is a really crazy thing, see Its kind of like I was only born three years ago, not literally, see I have no memories of my life before three years ago, when I was found on the side of a road, my head bleeding really badly. The police said it looked like I had been running away from someone or something, I had no ID on me, and after running my finger prints they found nothing, it was like I never existed. So I started a new life, made friends, and found myself becoming a club promoter. It was fine with me, if I was running away from something, I must have had a good reason, and I'm not really looking to find out! If the nightmares I have are any indication of what my past held for me, I would rather it stayed buried in the past!) Hey I'm going to get a drink, you guys want anything? (Nobody wanted anything so I walked up to the bar myself) Corona with two limes please!

Bartender: Coming right up!

Trevor: (If your wondering how I know my name is Trevor, that would be a good question, it was written on the inside of my underwear, when I was in the hospital, I had to take off my clothes, as I took off my boxers I saw writing, a name written in black marker, Trevor Pruitt! It could have been someone else name but I took it to be mine! As the bartender handed me my drink, I paid him, I went to turn, I bumped my drink into a guy sitting at the bar, a very hot guy I might add, black hair styled much like mine, with blue eyes similar to mine.) I'm so sorry! (I grabbed some napkins and handed them to him, His face looked like he was in shock or more like he was seeing a ghost!)

Guy: Its no problem nothing got on me!

Trevor: I can be so clumsy!

Guy: (Holding out my hand) I'm Chris Halliwell this is my brother Wyatt!

Trevor: Trevor, Trevor Pruitt! Again sorry! (I walked a way feeling like an idiot!)

Chris: We have a problem!

Wyatt: What kind of problem?

Chris: A whitchy problem!

Wyatt: What did you see?

Chris: That Trevor guy, being surrounded by demons!

Wyatt: Where?

Chris: I think it was in the alley behind here!

Wyatt: So much for a relaxing night!

Chris: Freeze the room if anyone moves will know their demons!

Wyatt: Why don't we just wait for him to leave and follow?

Chris: Because I don't want to be doing this all night, I had a long day at school and I just want to go home and crash, come on Wyatt just freeze the room!

Wyatt: I hate it when your cranky! (Waving my hands the room freezes!)

Chris: Do you see them?

Wyatt: Yes, look there and there!

Trevor: (Over on the dance floor, waves his hands in front of his friends faces!) Guys, hello, what's going on, are you ok!

Xaanforth: Get him!

Trevor: (I hear this guy yell that, and see 6 guys coming at me from all sides, I run towards the emergency exist by the bathrooms, and run out the backdoor. Come on Trevor, think, I start running down the alley, when I come to a dead end! Perfect! I turn to find these guys standing there!) What do you want, I don't have any money?

Xaanforth: We want you, its time for you to come home!

Trevor: Home what are you talking about, who are you? (Just then these bluish white lights appeared on either side of me, and disappeared leaving the two guys I met at the bar standing next to me.) Whoa, how the hell did you just do that?

Xaanforth: This concerns you not witches, the boy belongs with us!

Trevor: The boy doesn't belong to anyone!

Xaanforth: (Throwing fireballs at Chris and Wyatt, they get hit and are sent flying back and crashing into the wall directly behind them!)

Trevor: This isn't real, this isn't real, I'm dreaming right, this is one of those nightmares, wake up Trev, wake up! (I close my eyes and pinch myself, open them up and I'm still there! As the guy approaches me I raise my hands as if to block, and the next thing I know he's flying backwards in the air!)

Wyatt: (Looking at Chris) Do you see that?

Chris: I did! Lets get him out of here!

Trevor: (Suddenly I was grabbed from behind, and saw those lights all around me again, but this time I felt light headed, and I closed my eyes, when I opened them again, we were no longer standing in the alley, we were in a house, as I stood there shocked and dazed the two guys still holding onto me, the house started to shake and a light shined down on us from the ceiling! I freaked out, I moved away from them!) What the hell was that, how did we get here, what are you people?

Chris: (I got another premonition, I saw the three of us using the power of three spell against the demons from the club!) Incoming!

Wyatt: What did you see?

Chris: Wyatt, the power of three!

Trevor: I'm getting out of here! (Just then we were once again surrounded by the guys from the club! I stepped back when Chris and Wyatt each grabbed one of my hands!) What the hell!

Chris: Repeat with us, just trust me!

The Guys: The power of three will set us free, the power of three will set us free, the power of three will set us free! (Xaanforth shimmered out as we started the chant, but the other 5 exploded in a fiery blast!)

Trevor: (I stood there not believing my eyes, I snapped my hands free and ran to the door and took off!)

Chris: Trevor come back!

Wyatt: How the hell did the power of three spell work?

Chris: I don't know but we need to find out!

The underworld-

Xaanforth: (Shimmers in) My Lord!

Saajohn: Why are you here, alone?

Xaanforth: There were witches protecting him my Lord!

Saajohn: (Standing up and walking over to Xaanforth, he takes his hand and rubs it down the side of face, once he gets to his neck he squeezes and lifts him up into the air!) You disappoint me Xaanforth, one boy, just bring me the boy, and you couldn't even do that! I assume all of the men you took are dead! So now I don't have the boy, and I've lost good soldiers! What's that I cant understand you, ah, that's right I'm choking you! (Drops him to the floor!) Seer! (Waves his hand and she appears!) Tell me Seer, what do you see?

Seer: (Closes her eyes and then opens them they are pure white as she looks into the future!) Tatum will bring the boy to you, but time is now of the essence, we must move quickly or the path becomes more difficult!


The Manor-

Chris: (Yelling into the air!) You know a little help from you guys wouldn't hurt right about now!

Wyatt: The elders haven't done anything for us before why should they start now?

Chris: Wyatt I have to tell you something!

Wyatt: Your finally going to come out of the closet?

Chris: After you do! No really, last night I read the incantation from the front of the book!

Wyatt: Why would you do that?

Chris: I've been having nightmares, its been going on for a while now, their so vague, some don't even make any sense at all, but the one thing that is always the same is there is some guy I cant see his face, but he's running from some demons in the woods trips and falls down the side of some hills landing on the side of a road!

Wyatt: So, why would you read the incantation?

Chris: After I had the dream last night, I came up here to look through the book when it started flipping on its own and it flipped to that page!

Wyatt: Do you think Trevor is the guy?

Chris: I don't know, but I do know that I felt the same sensation when we met him that I get from my dream, maybe its all just a coincident!

Wyatt: We both know there are no such things as a coincident!

Chris: Well, lets try the to call a lost witch spell!

Wyatt: Ok!

The guys: Power of the witches' rise. Course unseen across the skies. Come to us, we call you near. Come to us and settle here. (Then, they use an athame and slices the left finger of Their left hand so that blood can symbolically spill directly from their heart and into the bowl.) Blood to blood, I summon thee. Blood to blood, return to me! (In a swirl of white lights Trevor appears!)

Trevor: What the fu..

Wyatt: Trevor, listen we need to talk to you, your life is in danger!

Trevor: What are you guys witches?

Chris: Yes and as a matter of fact so are you!

Trevor: What do you guys want from me?

Wyatt: We want to protect you!

Chris: There are demons after you, and they wont stop until they get what they want!

Trevor: Lets say for arguments sake I believe you, why would they want me?

Wyatt: We don't know, but were going to find out! (Walks over to the book and starts flipping through the pages)

Trevor: So I was at my apt right now, how did you guys get me here?

Chris: With a spell!

Trevor: All craziness aside that's wicked cool!

Chris: You haven't seen anything yet!

Trevor: So if these demons are after me, why are you guys helping me, you don't know me?

Wyatt: Its what we do!

Chris: We protect the innocent!

Trevor: You help the helpless, haven't I seen that on a card somewhere before?

Wyatt: Found him! Xaanforth, upper level demon, can create fireballs, energy balls, can only be killed with a power of three spell and a potion!

Chris: I'll get started on the potion!

Trevor: Potion, you've got to be kidding me, so do you guys ride brooms too!

Chris: We don't need to, we just do this! (Orbs from where he's standing to the other side of the room!)

Trevor: Wow, just think of the money you'd save on airfare and gas! Can you go anywhere?

Wyatt: You realize you have powers too?

Trevor: So I really did send that guy flying earlier!

Wyatt: Yes you did! Telekinesis the power to move things with your mind!

Trevor: Is that how you guys move from one place to another?

Wyatt: No, that's call orbing!

Trevor: So I take it I cant do that?

Wyatt: Well, we were don't know what powers you have! But for right now you should try and get a handle on the power you do have!

Trevor: This is to weird, a person dreams of being able to move stuff with their mind, and now your telling me I can! Alright, here goes nothing! (I wave my hand at the couch, nothing happens) Its not working!

Wyatt: What are you trying to move?

Trevor: The couch!

Wyatt: Well, maybe you should try something a little smaller, like the pillow!

Trevor: The pillow! (I wave my hand and the pillow flies and hits Chris in the head!) Sorry!

Chris: Hello, making a potion here!

Wyatt: Nice one! Now try lifting it up and holding it in the air!

Trevor: (I raise my hand and the pillow floats up, I hold it there, then move it back over to the couch!) Whoa, this is amazing!

Chris: (Throws some ginger root in a black pot it explodes) Done! (Takes a vile and fills it!)

Trevor: Now what?

Wyatt: We vanquish Xaanforth!

Trevor: How do we find him? (Xaanforth shimmers in)

Xaanforth: You don't find me I find you!

Trevor: (In my nervousness I wave my hands sending him flying across the room!) Wow!

Wyatt: Chris the potion! (Chris throws the potion at Xaanforth!) Trevor, come on we have to read this together!

The guys: In dark of night in light of day were shadows dwell and evil plays take this demon take him now you can't have these Halliwells.

Xaanforth: This is only the beginning, there will be more! (He spins as smoke starts to rise all around him and explodes!)

Wyatt: I still don't understand how we are able to use the power of three, Trevor isn't a blood relative?

Trevor: What do you mean?

Chris: A lot of these spells can only be used by the charmed ones, and well that's our mom and her two sisters! But for some reason its working with us three!

Trevor: What is that book?

Wyatt: This is the book of shadows, its been in our family since are oldest ancestor Melinda Warren started it!

Trevor: Who would have thought stuff like this existed!

Chris: Trevor, you cant tell anyone about magic!

Trevor: That wont be a problem, people would think I was crazy! So does this mean its over, he's dead right?

Wyatt: I think its safe to say, its over!

Trevor: Well thanks, um, you guys could send me back home right, I don't have to walk or anything?

Chris: Yes, will orb you!

Wyatt: Trevor, there is a lot we don't know yet, but we'd like to be able to call on you if we need you and when we find out more!

Trevor: To do this type of thing again, I don't know, I don't think I'm cut out for this kind of stuff!

Chris: You cant just walk away from this, weather you wanted it or not, you're a witch! (Suddenly a woman appears in white orbs, she`s wearing her white lighter robe, with the hood over her head!)

Woman: Hello, Chris, Wyatt and Trevor!

Wyatt: So now the elders want to send someone!

Chris: You can tell them we already vanquished Xaanforth, so their a little to late!

Woman: There is more going on than just Xaanforth!

Wyatt: Are you going to keep that hood on?

Woman: This is just very hard for me! (She puts her head down and takes the hood off! Then slowly raises her head!)

Chris and Wyatt: Aunt Prue!

Prue: Hello guys,(Walks to them and hugs them) God, how I've wanted so much to just hold you guys just once!

Wyatt: But how, I mean why now?

Prue: Because I did so much good, and died so young, the elders felt they owed it to me to make me a white lighter, but the pain of being separated from my sisters was just to much, they had to wait, plus your mother not being able to deal with my death, the elders felt they needed her to fully accept Paige as a sister before she could see me again! They felt the Power of three would be at stake if I came back to soon! So I've been watching you guys from up there!

Chris: Wow, mom is so going to flip out! Trevor this is...Where is he?

Prue: We need to find him, there is much you guys don't know!


Trevor: (It looked to be a privet moment so I figured I would sneak out and let them be. As I ran down the stairs I looked back and as I got to the final step leading to the living room, I ran into a woman!)

Woman: Whoa, where's the fire?

Trevor: I'm sorry, I didn't see you! (I grabbed her hand to lift her up and when our eyes, locked, she stared at me as if staring into me. I let go of her and started to run towards the front door! I turned back one last time and she looked at me!) I'm sorry! (I walked out the door and took off heading home!)

Piper: (Chris and Wyatt come running down the stairs with Prue following behind!) Who was that?

Chris: Mom, what happened? (Helping to pick up the groceries!)

Piper: He bumped into me, his eyes, it was like looking into my grandfathers eyes!

Prue: (Walks up behind Piper) Hello Piper!

Piper: (Doesn't turn around!) Please, God, tell me it is, (Turns around looks at Prue up and down, then grabs on to her in the tightest hug!) Prue, Prue, its really you, (Crying) I've missed you so much, its been so hard without you, I swear I tried everything to bring you back!

Prue: I know you did, I would have done this same, I'm sorry things were so hard on you, everything you had to go through, I wish I could have taken the pain away from you!

Piper: You're here now, my God, you look exactly the same! I have so much to tell you!

Chris: Hi, remember us, we still have to get Trevor back!

Prue: Oh my God that's right!

Wyatt: (Using a map and a crystal to scry for him) I'm already on it! He's a fifth and pine!

Chris: Why don't we just use the to call a lost witch spell again?

Wyatt: There is no time, there is demonic energy there as well!

Chris: Aunt Prue, you stay here, will go get him! (They orb out!)

Piper: What's going on?

Prue: it's a long story!

Trevor's apt-

Trevor: (I came home, walked in the front door, and was greeted by 4 demons!) What am I in the Demons guide to San Francisco? (I wave my hands sending the demons flying and then take off back outside! I start running, but then two demons shimmer in front of me, and two behind me!) Ever heard of personal space?

Demon: You talk way to much!

Trevor: it's a nervous habit! (In white orbs Chris and Wyatt appear. Wyatt waves his hands and two of the demons blow up, one of the demons from behind me throws a fireball at Chris and instinctively I jump in front of him and get hit instead everything goes black!)

Chris: Trevor! (The demon throws another fireball, I call for it and send it back at him!) Fireball! (The last demon left standing shimmers out)

Wyatt: (I go over to Trevor and put my hands over him, they start to glow yellow, and heal him) Your ok!

Trevor: Next time don't wait so long to show up!

Chris: Trevor, you cant keep taking off, you life is still in danger and you have no idea what's out there, or how to protect yourself!

Trevor: Last time I checked I just saved your life!

Wyatt: If you two girls are done, we really need to get back to the Manor!

Trevor: Well, I really need a shower, so I'll just be going now!

Wyatt: Oh no you don't! (I grab onto him and orb back to the Manor!)

Trevor: (Dizzy and lightheaded) I cant believe you just did that, this is kidnapping! Who do you people think you are?

Chris: Just give us a little time, to figure all this out and you can get back to your life!

Trevor: (My anger takes over and suddenly the house begins to shake)

Wyatt: Trevor, you have to calm down!

Trevor: I'm not doing that, am I? (I start to take deep breaths in and out and the house stops shaking)

Wyatt: Your powers are tied to your emotions!

Chris: Aunt Prue, now do you want to tell us what's going on? (I put my arm around my mom! I get a premonition!)

Piper: What did you see?

Chris: Mom, your in a hospital bed your pregnant and are about to give birth there's a complication with the baby strangely you don't seem worried at all, you have the first child and then another one twins but a woman shimmers in and takes the second baby right out of your hands, waves her hand and shimmers out of the room, the doctor hands you the first baby, you take him in your arms, your acting as if you don't even know that you just had a second baby.

Prue: That's what I was going to tell you about!

Wyatt: I don't understand?

Prue: When Chris was born, an elder, Gideon cast a spell that changed the world made everyone complacent, so that he could kidnap Wyatt and kill him! A demon used this opportunity to take Pipers son away! When the spell was broken no one remembered what had happened!

Chris: Are you saying what I think your saying?

Piper: Trevor, you're my son!

Trevor: (Starts laughing hysterically!) Ha, ha, ha, this is a joke right! You people are really crazy you know that! Look, I'm going to walk out that door right now, if you even try to stop me, or you do that thing, I swear I will, I'll, I don't know, I'll call the police or something!

Chris: Wait a minuet, are you saying he's my twin brother?

Prue: Yes, you guys are fraternal twins!

Wyatt: How did the elders find this out after all this time?

Prue: When the power of three was reconstituted, the spell that had been cast the day they were born was broken! Anyway it seems that a prophesy was fore told in the book of Angus that three boys born of a witch and white lighter, from the line of Melinda Warren, would come to balance the scales of good and evil. These Charmed boys lead by the oldest twice blessed child will be a force of magic unlike seen in the history of mankind. The book of Angus was lost to the demons centuries ago, It was discovered by an elder, Gideon, and he used that information and made a deal with a demon to take Trevor away, and kill Wyatt, but Chris came back saved Wyatt, and no one was any the wiser as to the fact that Trevor had been taken away!

Chris: So he really is our brother!

Trevor: (I wanted to move but I couldn't, I just stayed standing there, looking at the woman who said she was my mother!)

Piper: Trevor, I know this is a lot, its a lot for all of us, but please, will you just stay here and talk?

Trevor: (I tried to answer, to say something, anything, but I couldn't!

Wyatt: Are you ok? (A door appeared on the stairs leading to upstairs, and Leo walks out.)

Leo: Hey guys?

Prue: Leo!

Leo: Oh, my God, Prue, is it really you?

Prue: The one and only! (Give Leo a hug!)

Wyatt: Hey dad, um there something you need to hear!

Trevor: Dad! This is to much I need I think I need to sit down!

Chris: You are sitting down!

Trevor: Oh, good, good for me!

Leo: I don't get it, who's he?

Piper: Leo, honey lets go into the sunroom for a minuet!

Chris: Trevor, do you want some water or something?

Trevor: I actually thought I was leaving, but for some reason my feet aren't moving!

Chris: This really is a lot to deal with!

Wyatt: And here I thought one of you was bad enough, not I've got double the trouble!

Chris: So, where have you been all these years?

Trevor: You wouldn't believe me if I told you!

Chris: Try me!

Trevor: Three years ago, I was found on the side of a road, I guess I had some how fallen down the side of some hills, bumped my head very badly and that's pretty much the first day of a new life! So I have no memory of before that!

Wyatt: Chris your dream!

Chris: I know!

Trevor: Dream?

Chris: I've been having nightmares for a while now, and one of the things that stands out is a guy tumbling down the side of a hill landing on the side of a road, hurting his head!

Trevor: You've been seeing my accident before you even met me?

Chris: I think so!

Trevor: You didn't by any chance happen to see anything about my life from before did you?

Chris: No! But I think its something we should try to find out!

Trevor: We?

Chris: Well, you are our brother, you don't have to do this alone!

Wyatt: We'd like to get to know you, and have you get to know us!

Trevor: I guess that wouldn't be so bad! I'm sorry if I've acted like a jerk, but you have to admit this has been one of the wildest days, well for me at least!

Chris: I wish I could say its going to be the last one you'll ever see, but in our family every day is a different story!

Trevor: (Looking into Chris's face) So we look nothing alike!

Chris: I know, I got all the looks!

Wyatt: Sorry guys, I've got all the looks in the family, you guys are the left over's!

Trevor: Well I guess that means nothing else is the same, I wonder who's bigger!

Chris: Are you talking about what I think your talking about?

Trevor: Don't tell me the thought never crossed your mind?

Wyatt: You guys might not look alike but you definitely think alike!

Chris: Maybe its time to go in there and talk to mom and dad!

Trevor: I don't even know what to say, I've often wondered about who my parents are, if they are still alive, if I had any brothers or sisters, but now that I do, I just don't know what to say!

Wyatt: Just let it flow naturally! Remember their parents, finding out they had a child that was taken from them, is going to be a hard thing for them as well! They just want a chance to get to know you!

Trevor: Thank oprah!

Chris: I was thinking the same thing!

Trevor: Alright, I'm going in! (I walk in to find Piper crying on Leo's shoulder) HI!

Leo: (Getting up and walking to meet Trevor, he grabs him and hugs him) I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry!

Trevor: (Getting choked up) Its not your fault, its neither of your faults!

Piper: Its just not fair, we never got to be there for you! (Hugging him)

Trevor: We can change that now, I'd like to change that!

Leo: We have another chance to be a family, that's all that matters now!

The underworld-

Saajohn: So the charmed ones have been reconstituted!

Seer: Yes, my liege, everything is going according to plan!

Saajohn: (Waving his hand a demon appears, he is 6'4 225 pure muscle, red skin with tribal markings on his face!) Tatum!

Tatum: (Bowing his head) My lord!

Saajohn: You know what you must do!

Tatum: Yes my Lord! (He shimmers out)

Saajohn: Seer, we need to send them a present!

Seer: How about Krieger, the old charmed ones killed his brother Shacks!

Saajohn: Brilliant however do I come up with this stuff!

Seer: (Rolling her eyes)

Saajohn: (Waves his hand and Krieger appears)

Krieger: Who dares summon me?

Saajohn: Watch your tone Krieger!

Krieger: I'm not afraid of you Saajohn!

Saajohn: Oh no! (Waves his hand and Krieger's body is on a fire, waves it again and the fire goes away!) Next time it will be the waste lands for you!

Krieger: Why have you summoned me?

Saajohn: I have a proposal for you! You want revenge for your brothers death, and I want one of the charmed ones!

Krieger: So you want one of the charmed ones, and I am free to kill the rest?

Saajohn: Take as many men as you want, the youngest one is not to be harmed!

Krieger: Ahahahah, I shall finally have my revenge, they will beg for their lives to be over before I'm done, my brother, they will pay for killing you! (Shimmers out)

Saajohn: Fool!

Seer: They'll kill him before the day is done!

Saajohn: We need them ready or everything we have planned will be for nothing!

Seer: (Eyes turn white as she sees into the future!) Everything shall come to pass!

Saajohn: (Laughs a sinister laugh)

The Manor:

Piper: (Making dinner!) I cant believe you love to cook, I thought for sure I would have no one to pass my recipes too!

Trevor: Well, I don't know if I was good at it before, but I just started throwing stuff together in the kitchen and bam I would have a full course meal before I was through! Here, I find if you add just a pinch of sea salt, and a splash of a real lemon, the taste comes out perfect!

Piper: Good taste, that's exactly how I like it!

Trevor: I guess its true, like mother like son!

Piper: I thought it was like mother like daughter?

Trevor: Hey, sorry, but I just wanted to use mother and son in the same sentence! (Just then 6 demons shimmer in) Oh no!

Piper: (Starts waving her hands to blow up demons) There immune to my powers! (Shouting) A LITTLE HELP IN HERE!

Trevor: (They start throwing fireballs and energy balls, one hits Piper and she goes flying into the cupboard and landing on the ground!)NO! Mother! You bastards! (I start waving my hands again and again throwing demons around the room, two more demons shimmer in, one next to me, picks me up by the neck)

Krieger: I am Krieger brother of Shacks and you shall pay for the death of my brother! (Throws and Athema at Trevor, but the demon holding Trevor catches it right before it enters his chest!) Tatum, what are you doing I have him?

Tatum: Not this one!

Piper: (Raises her hands and waves them at Tatum, it doesn't blow him up but sends him flying back and dropping Trevor!) PRUE! (Prue orbs in)

Prue: Oh my God Piper! (Chris and Wyatt orb in)

Wyatt: What the hell! (Starts waving his hands to blow up demons, but they all start shimmering out!)

Tatum: (Stands up and looks at Trevor) Next time watch your back! (Shimmers out)

Prue: (Heals Piper) Why didn't you call me sooner?

Trevor: Mom are you alright?

Piper: Mom, you just called me mom!

Trevor: I did, oh, I'm sorry!

Piper: No, I loved hearing you say that!

Trevor: What happened to you guys?

Chris: We just thought mom was calling us because dinner was ready!

Wyatt: Do we know who the demon was?

Trevor: He said his name was Kreg no Krieger, brother of Shacks I think!

Prue: Shacks!

Trevor: He said the charmed one killed him! (Prue ran out of the room) Did I say something wrong?

Piper: No honey it wasn't you, Shacks is the demon who killed Prue! I better go talk to her, you guys go check the book!

Chris: Come on I'll orb you! (The guys orb to the attic)

Trevor: Whoa! I'm not use to that just yet! (Sits down) Um, so do demons usually warn you to watch your back often?

Wyatt: No they usually just try to kill you!

Trevor: Well that demon, caught a flying dagger thingy that was about to hit me in the chest! What the hell was that all about, and he looked at me like he knew me!

Chris: Will figure out who he was after we find Krieger!

Trevor: (Cell phone rings) Oh, that's me! Hello!

Cory: Hey Trev what happened to you last night?

Trevor: Cory, hey, wow, look I'm sorry about yesterday, um, something came up!

Cory: Everything alright?

Trevor: Actually things are a bit crazy right now, I would rather talk to you in person about it!

Cory: Well when am I going to see you?

Trevor: Could you hold on one second?

Cory: Sure!

Trevor: (Muting his phone) Hey, guys, how much longer are you going to need me today?

Wyatt: Trevor, you guys where just attacked, we have demons to vanquish, and a demon who acted like he knew you, I think you going to be stuck here for a little while!

Trevor: (Looking at Chris) Is he always that snippy!

Chris: He never gets laid, get use to it!

Trevor: (Un-muting the phone) Hey, it doesn't look like I'll be going anywhere anytime soon!

Cory: Well could I at least come by and maybe we could sit in the car and talk for a minuet!

Trevor: You know what ya that sounds like a great idea! You know where Prescott St. is right?

Cory: Ya, I'm actually right down the street!

Trevor: Cool, I'll be waiting outside, it's the big red house you cant miss it!

Cory: Be there in five minuets!

Trevor: Ok Bye!

Wyatt: Trevor! What happens if you get attacked while your with your friend?

Trevor: You said good and evil wouldn't risk exposure!

Chris: He has a point there! Look, I found the demon, there is a spell and a potion needed, so will work on the potion, you just hurry!

Trevor: Thanks!

Outside in a car-

Trevor: (Getting in the passengers seat) Hi!

Cory: You sure freaked me out yesterday disappearing like that!

Trevor: I'm sorry really, I met my brothers last night!

Cory: What, but I thought you couldn't remember anything from before three years ago?

Trevor: I cant, but well they found me!

Cory: That's their house?

Trevor: They live there with my parents!

Cory: Wow and they found you just like that!

Trevor: Like magic!

Cory: You must be excited!

Trevor: I am, I mean its going to take some getting used to, but they seem pretty cool!

Cory: Are you still going to have time for me?

Trevor: You know I'll make time for you!

Cory: Is it alright if I kiss you?

Trevor: Your windows are tinted so I don't think that will be a problem! (We start making out, I have to say Cory is a stud, 6'2 black hair green eyes, well built! Total package, and he seems to be head over heals in love with me! We've only been dating a couple of months now!)

Cory: I love kissing you!

Trevor: Your not so bad yourself!

Cory: So, your probably going to want to spend sometime with your family, does that mean you wont be staying at your place?

Trevor: My place might not be much, but its mine, I don't know if I'm ready to give up every part of myself just because I found my family!

Cory: But maybe it would be good for you, give you a chance to really bond with them!

Trevor: Whoa, slow down there, they didn't even ask me to come stay here, and right now I don't think I would if they did. I don't want to spend my nights trying to sneak you in all the time!

Cory: But sex is so much hotter when there is a chance you might get caught!

Trevor: Your always a stud in bed!

Cory: That's true isn't it!

Trevor: You could have returned the complement!

Cory: You know I love having sex with you! Your full lips working over my long cock, your tight ass squeezing the cum right out of me!

Trevor: Your getting me hard!

Cory: (Grabbing Trevor's cock) Mmm, just the way I like it!

Trevor: (There's a knock on the window) You've got to be kidding me! Look I need to go, some family things I need to take care of!

Cory: Call me later?

Trevor: You know I will!

Cory: Cant have another taste of your lips before you leave can I?

Trevor: (Kisses him real fast) That will have to do!

Cory: Love you!

Trevor: Ditto! (Gets out of the car and shuts the door really fast) What, Wyatt!

Wyatt: Come on we have things we need to do!

Trevor: Your so bossy!

Wyatt: I'm sorry, I just don't like my family being attacked, and the demon who did it at large!

Trevor: I know, your right! (They walk into the Manor)

Chris: Sorry Trev, I tried to stop him!

Trevor: Thanks, its all good! So what's the plan?

Chris: We summon Krieger use this potion on him and read this spell, and poof bye, bye demon!

Trevor: Sounds easy enough! So did you figure out who that other demon was?

Chris: Yes, his name is Tatum, he's and upper level demon, he`s also have human, with the ability to shape shift, fireballs, energy balls, super strong in both his human and demon form. He's ruthless, been around for a couple of hundred years, so he has a lot of witches under his belt! He's someone you don't want to be alone with!

Trevor: Ya, that doesn't sound like he would be a lot of fun to be around! I still cant get the way he looked at me out of my head!

Piper: Are you guys ready to do this?

Wyatt: Ready as were ever going to get! But mom you and dad should go to magic school, until this is over!

Piper: I'm not leaving my sons to this!

Wyatt: Mom, come on now, if we have to worry about you guys, it will just make things more dangerous for us!

Leo: Piper, he's right, its time for the next charmed line to take the mantel!

Piper: Fine!

Prue: I'll orb them out, call us the second your done!

Wyatt: Will do! (They orb out) You guys ready to do this!

Trevor: I think I need to go to the bathroom!

Chris: You get that way too, when your nervous?

Trevor: Yes!

Wyatt: Oh, brother, were doomed!

Chris: One things for sure..

The guys: Nothings ever going to be the same again!

End Chapter-