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Subject: The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin-off of the original tv show and i have no control of what actually happens in there lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story obviously stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives

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Chapter 10- Love and War and Sex


An Apartment- A man and a man are finishing have sex, as they finish he sucks his life force out of him, we see a yellow glow flowing from him into the man! He has a heart attack as he sucks the last of his life force out of him. The man is about 23 years of age. The man fades out of the apt. A boy enters the same apt. walks apt. walks into the bedroom and finds him laying on the bed!

Boy: John, John, are you alright? (He walks over and shakes him. His body is motionless. He feels for a pulse but there is none, he picks up the phone and dials 911) I need an ambulance my boyfriend isn't breathing! 57 Palmer street apt. #3. Please hurry! (Andre comes after the ambulance gets there and pronounce him dead)

Andre: (Talking to another Cop) This is the 4th one this week! All young males, that seem to have had a heart attack! Toxicology found no drugs in any of them! I'm sure this one will turn up clean for drugs as well! Call me as soon as the autopsy is done!


Saajohn's Lair-


Saajohn: (Putting the three amulets together, a 3 dimensional map appears with a red shining light in the middle) Seer, you look troubled!

Seer: Not at all my liege!

Saajohn: Then what is on your mind?

Seer: Do you know what is in this box, my liege?

Saajohn: Power! The power of the first evil to walk the earth!

Seer: Who shall I send to bring you the box?

Saajohn: I must go myself! It is a requirement of the second trail!

Seer: I understand!

Saajohn: Worry yourself not Seer, all is as it should be! I shall return!



Dom: I cant believe he's gone!

Guardian: He was most courageous!

Dom: I will honor him, I shall bring down Saajohn in his name!

Guardian: (Waving his hand, the shield around the book disappears. Another wave and the book floats over to him!) The book is yours!

Dom: Thank you! (Above him a dark circle appears and Tatum falls out of the hole! Tatum!

Tatum: That was fun!

Dom: (Helping him up) I don't understand, where did you go?

Guardian: It was the last trail, only an act of the heart could have earned the right to obtain the knowledge of the book!

Dom: I cant believe it!

Tatum: Aw, did you miss me?

Dom: Well we have been through a lot together!

Tatum: If its alright with you, I'm ready to get the hell out of this place!

Dom: I'm with you, Guardian do you know how we get back to the portal?

Guardian: Yes, (Waves his hand) Enter through here! (They walk into the portal)

Tatum: Time to go home!


Trevor: (Wyatt and Trevor are at the bar, while Chris is on the dance floor with a guy) Any word from Andre?

Wyatt: NO, he's avoiding me like the plague!

Trevor: That sucks!

Wyatt: I don't blame him is a lot to take in! He just needs some space! (Chris walks over)

Trevor: What's up Casanova?

Chris: Jordan is awesome!

Wyatt: I thought his name was David?

Chris: No, that was last night, tonight its Jordan!

Trevor: How long you going to keep going on this dating binge?

Chris: Hey, I'm all about brining the fun back into my life! You should both think about giving it a try!

Wyatt: Will leave the meaningless sex to you!

Chris: Your loss, Jordan has some hot friends! (Waves to Jordan)

Trevor: Your out of control!

Chris: And loving every second of it! Don't wait up! (Walks back to the dance floor)

Wyatt: Can you try and keep it down tonight, your sex life is starting to show on my face at work!

Trevor: I don't think this is very healthy for him!

Wyatt: Its his way of dealing!

Trevor: More like his way of not dealing! (On the dance floor a sexy blonde guy walks up and starts dancing on Chris, as he puts his arms around Chris's neck, he kisses him, when his lips touch Chris's lips we see an electric shock pass through. Jordan grabs the guy)

Jordan: He's with me!

Romeo: (Grabs Chris's shirt by the neck and pulls and looks at his chest) Really cause I don't see your name here!

Jordan: Chris tell him!

Chris: (Looking mesmerized) I-I...

Romeo: Go ahead tell him Chris, tell him you belong to me!

Chris: I'm with him!

Jordan: (Punches Chris) Jerk! You can have him!

Trevor: OH! Snap! Jordan just bitch slapped Chris!

Wyatt: (Turning around to look) Who's that?

Trevor: (Laughing) I don't know, you think he doubled booked dates tonight?

Wyatt: (Laughing) Then he deserves to be whacked!

Chris: What's your name?

Romeo: Romeo, now kiss me! (As they kiss we see more sparks)

Opening Credits Roll- We see the train station, people going in and out of the train. The trolley going up and down streets as "Show Stopper" By Danity Kane plays in the background. We close in on the Halliwell Manor.


Trevor: (Wyatt is yawning again and again as he drinks his coffee.) Chris is still at it! (Hearing things breaking, thuds on the ceiling)

Wyatt: I cant take this, if I keep going to work looking like I'm a party animal, not getting any sleep, people are going to start talking!

Trevor: How can he possibly still be at it its 7am? (Chris comes walking into the kitchen wearing a towel around his waste!)

Chris: Hey guys! (Walks to the fridge and grabs the OJ and starts drinking from the carton)

Wyatt: Chris, use a cup, we all don't need to share your sex germs!

Chris: Don't be jealous! (Romeo comes walking into the kitchen. He is all wet from getting out of the shower, he is only wearing a towel around his waist. Wyatt Chokes on his coffee at the sight of this Adonis)

Romeo: You were gone so long, I got worried so I came to find you!

Chris: Aw, baby, I just got thirsty, had to get some OJ. (Romeo runs his fingers down his chest)

Romeo: You didn't miss me?

Chris: Oh, yeah, I missed you!

Romeo: Prove it!

Chris: You asked for it! (Grabs Romeo and starts kissing, we see more sparks)

Romeo: That's a start, how about we go back up and you really show me! (Chris grabs his hand and they take off to go back upstairs, as they are about to leave, Romeo takes his towel off and throws it at Trevor's head)

Wyatt: (Laughs) Nice Catch!

Trevor: That's just gross! Is it just me, or do you feel that something is wrong with Chris?

Wyatt: Other than him being a sex crazed manic!

Trevor: Something isn't right Wyatt!

Wyatt: Love to stay and help you figure it out, but I need to get to work, call me!

Wyatt's Office-

Wyatt: (Picks up the phone and calls Andre) Hey, how are you?

Andre: Oh, um, good, you?

Wyatt: Look, Andre, I...

Andre: Don't say anything! I'm working on a really hard case right now!

Wyatt: Oh, what case?

Andre: Look, I cant do this right now, I'll talk to you later! (Hangs up)

Wyatt: (To himself) Well, alrighty then! I think that went smoothly!


Saajohn: (Enters a cave room, walks up to a box and opens it. A black cloud of smoke comes rushing out and enters him, through his eyes his nose and his mouth. His eyes become all black) Yes, the power! My destiny is almost fulfilled! One more step and I will be the most powerful demon the world has ever seen! (Laughs a sinister laugh. Just then Cleric-us shimmers in)

Cleric-us: You have done well your first two trials are complete!

Saajohn: How did you find me?

Cleric-us: It is my job to know Saajohn!

Saajohn: If it was anyone else calling me by my name as you do, I would have their heads!

Cleric-us: I am here to tell you about the last trial!

Saajohn: What is the final trail?

Cleric-us: You must drink the blood of a white lighter! (Saajohn is shocked)

Saajohn: A white lighter! That wont be easy!

Cleric-us: This is not all, Someone has gotten the book of Payolas!

Saajohn: What! How can that be, no one knew of the book!

Cleric-us: You are to close to let anything stop you now! You must retrieve the book! (Shimmers out)

Saajohn: Damn! Ahhhhh(He screams in anger)

The Manor-

Trevor: (Shouting into the air) Wyatt! Wyatt! Come on already its important!

Wyatt: (Orbs in) Hey, I was in a meeting!

Trevor: Sorry, but this is important!

Wyatt: What is it?

Trevor: Wyatt, its already noon and their still at it!

Wyatt: You're kidding right!

Trevor: Do I look like I'm kidding?

Wyatt: Ok they have to be taking a break, its humanly impossible to have sex that many times!

Trevor: Tell that to them! I heard pounding since you left and we both heard it from last night!

Wyatt: So what are we thinking its Viagra or something?

Trevor: NO! I'm thinking its some kind of supernatural mojo!

Wyatt: (Laughing) So what your telling me is that you think he took a supernatural pill so he could go at it?

Trevor: Or he's doing something to Chris!

Wyatt: Trevor, I don't know what to tell you, look it up in the book, see if you can find anything under (Laughing) Sex demons! I got to get back! (Orbs out)

Trevor: (Yelling into the air) Thanks you're a lot of help!

Chris's room-

Chris: (Looking at his clock) Its already noon!

Romeo: Are you in a rush to leave me?

Chris: No way! I just cant believe we've been at it for almost 12 hours!

Romeo: I don't believe it either, I usually drain men within 8 hours!

Chris: Huh? You do what?

Romeo: Kiss me!

Chris: (Without being able to control himself) Yes! (Kisses him)

Romeo: You have such a strong life force on you, I have never felt such power in one being! Are you a witch?

Chris: Yes I am, half white lighter, half witch to be exact!

Romeo: Now I'm playing with power! How about your brothers?

Chris: Yes we all are, we are the charmed ones!

Romeo: (Laughing) This must be my lucky day! The eldest is the twice blessed one, yes?

Chris: Yes, he is!

Romeo: I must have all three of you! That much power will make me stronger beyond my wildest dreams! (He grabs Chris and starts kissing him, pushes his head away and pushes him down on his cock, Chris opens his mouth willingly, Romeo grabs the sides of his head and starts to ram his cock in and out of his mouth, then rams his cock in, and holds Chris's head there) Choke on my cock! That's it use your tongue, fuck ya, you know how to work that mouth don't you! Enough of that I want your ass again! (Romeo grabs turns him over spits on his ass and rubs the spit in!) Here it comes, I'm going to fuck you hard! (He shoves his cock in to the base in one motion as Chris yells in pain!)

Chris: Fuck!

Romeo: That's exactly what I'm going to do! (He starts ramming his cock in and out of Chris's ass, he holds him at the waste and starts pounding, all the way in all the way out and ramming it back in!)

Chris: Please it hurts so bad, I cant take it anymore!

Romeo: Kiss me! (As they kiss, sparks emit from Romeo's lips to Chris) Did you want me to stop?

Chris: NO, don't stop, pound the flames right out of me, I need you, I want you, I have to have your cock inside me, please fuck me harder!

Romeo: As you wish!


Police Station-

Wyatt: (Enters the police station looking for Andre, when he over hears a cop talking to Andre)

Cop: Here is the result of the toxicology test!

Andre: Came back negative didn't it?

Cop: Yes!

Andre: Died of a heart attack right?

Cop: Exactly like the others!

Andre: I don't get it, what is causing men in their 20's to just up and have a heart attack? If not drugs, than what?

Cop: There's one more thing! They found semen all over his lower body, they went back to check the other victims and they all came out positive!

Andre: There having heart attacks from sex? They checked for Viagra?

Cop: Came back negative as well! (Wyatt walks over)

Andre: Thanks! (Cop walks away)

Wyatt: Andre, did I hear you saying something about young guys having heart attacks?

Andre: Yes, why? Do you know something that might help?

Wyatt: I don't know, it might be nothing, but if it's the same person doing this, Chris is in trouble!


Andre: So what makes you think this guy, Chris is with is the same one causing these other guys to have heart attacks?

Wyatt: I think I remember seeing something in the book of shadows!

Andre: Wait, what? Book of who?

Wyatt: Just come on! (They walk up stairs, listen outside Chris's door. Wyatt opens the door!) Chris get away from him!

Romeo: He only listens to me now, isn't that right Chris?

Chris: Yes, I live and breath for you Romeo!

Romeo: As for you, (Talking to Wyatt) I have a surprise! (Walks up and kisses him on the lips, we see sparks as he kisses him, Wyatt stands mesmerized)

Andre: (Pushing Romeo away from Wyatt) Wyatt!

Romeo: Don't worry about him, he's under my control now!

Andre: Will see about that! (Grabs Wyatt and pulls him out of the room, Wyatt struggles to go back in and Andre hits him over the head with his gun, knocking him out, Trevor comes walking down the hall)

Trevor: What's wrong with Wyatt?

Andre: We need to get him away from that pariah!

Trevor: Wyatt! (Smacking his face) Snap out of it!

Andre: I'll get Chris! (Goes back into the room)

Romeo: Do you actually think you would stand a chance against me?

Andre: I'm going to enjoy kicking your ass! (Romeo goes to punch Andre, Andre blocks the punch grabs his hand and twist it around his back and pushes him up against the wall!)

Romeo: Chris, help me! (Chris goes to help and falls to the floor, grabbing his heart)

Andre: Trevor, get in here, Chris needs help!

Trevor: Coming!

Andre: Your not going anywhere! (Romeo head butts Andre using the back of his head, Andre grabs his head in pain, Romeo runs at Andre they fall over the side of the bed)

Trevor: (Grabbing Chris) Chris! What's wrong?

Chris: (Barley able to speak) M-my heart!

Trevor: Andre you have to kill him, it's the only way to break the hold he has on them!

Andre: How do I go about doing that? (He grabs Romeos head and slams it into his knee, Romeo falls back against the wall!) Trevor talk to me! Will a gun work?

Trevor: There should be a vile in that drawer next to you grab it and throw it at him!

Andre: What's that going to do to him?

Trevor: Just stand back and throw it!

Andre: Here goes nothing! (He throws the potion and Romeo explodes, Romeo looks on in amazement!)

Trevor: Good job, now go see if Wyatt is ok!

Andre: What did I do to him?

Trevor: That was a potion that duplicates Wyatt's power to explode things!

Andre: Cool! (Helps Wyatt to his feet!) Wyatt, are you ok?

Wyatt: I think so, what happened I have a splitting headache?

Andre: Sorry, I had to hit you over the head with my gun!

Wyatt: Remind me not to get on your bad side again!


Tatum: (Dominic and Tatum step out of the portal, the Shaman is waiting for them) What are we doing here?

Shaman: Saajohn knows the book is gone, I couldn't risk bringing you back into my cave!

Dom: Can you heal Tatum's wounds?

Shaman: Here (Hands him a bowl) I prepared this for you!

Dom: (Opening the book) I cant read this, its in some kind of writing I don't understand!

Shaman: Here let me see! (He takes the book and flips thru the pages) Here we go! He's already completed the first 2 trials, he has left to drink the blood of a white lighter! Let me see, ah this is it, the only way to stop him after he completes the 3rd trial is...(Looks up) Saajohn is here now, you must leave take the book and go!

Dom: What were you going to say, how do we stop him? (The wall comes crumbling down with an explosion, Tatum and Dominic shimmer out, Saajohn appears)

Saajohn: So Shaman still alive after all these years I see!

Shaman: Still looking for ultimate power Saajohn, tisk, tisk, I always told you, you're greed will be your undoing!

Saajohn: I'm indestructible! Soon enough no one will be a match for my power!

Shaman: The Charmed Ones will destroy you!

Saajohn: They are in way over their heads they are not even in the same league as me!

Shaman: I have seen it, you will die at the hands of the charmed ones!

Saajohn: You have seen correct, but what you seen is only the beginning of what is to be. Where is my book? (Shaman does not answer) Nothing to say, I will find it non the less! And now you will die by my hands! (Saajohn shoots fire out of his hands, it engulfs the Shaman and he turns to ashes. Saajohn shimmers out!)

Dom: (Shimmer into Tatum's apt. Dominic grabs a ball out of his pocket and throws it on the floor, sealing the room.) Do you think they killed him?

Tatum: I have no doubt that he is dead! But now how will we find out how to stop Saajohn?

Dom: A white lighter would know how to read this, wouldn't they?

Tatum: Maybe Prue would be willing to read it for us?

Dom: Can we trust her not to tell the others?

Tatum: First thing first, how do we get to her?

Dom: Maybe you should ask Trevor to call her?

Tatum: What do you suppose I tell him?

Dom: Where running out of time, as long as we have the book, Saajohn will be a stop away from catching us, so go talk to him right now, and tell him whatever you have too, just get her here! (Tatum shimmers out)

Saajohn's Lair-

Saajohn: (Shimmers in waves his hand, the Seer and 10 other demons appear) The book of Payolas has been stolen!

Seer: I thought you destroyed the book years ago?

Saajohn: I hid it in a temple were it was suppose to never be discovered!

Seer: Do you know by who?

Saajohn: I traced it back to the Shaman!

Seer: Did you find him my Liege?

Saajohn: Yes, he is dead, but the book is still missing. Anyone who finds me the book will be rewarded with being my right hand after my ascension! Go now, and kill anyone that stands between you and the getting me that book! Leave now, Seer you wait!

Seer: Yes, my liege!

Saajohn: I have a special mission for you!

Seer: What is it my liege?

Saajohn: Bring the youngest of the charmed ones to me, this is most important, now that the book is out there, I stand to lose everything, he must be brought to me. Use anyone and any means to accomplish this task. If you don't succeed, lets just say you'll watch your son die a long and painful death, before I take your life as well!

Seer: My liege!

Trevor's Room-

Trevor: (Is standing naked, getting ready to put on his pants, when Tatum shimmers in, Trevor uses his hands to cover his cock) Hey!

Tatum: I-I'm sorry!

Trevor: Tatum, where have you been?

Tatum: Did you want me to leave while you finish getting dressed?

Trevor: No, what I want is for you to answer me!

Tatum: I'm sorry, I was on a mission and there was no way to get in contact with you!

Trevor: What kind of mission? You know what screw it! (Trevor walks over to Tatum and start kissing him, his naked body pressed against Tatum.)

Tatum: Wait Trevor!

Trevor: No, haven't we waited long enough! (He pushes Tatum onto the bed and continues kissing him, grinding his cock against Tatum's cock) I want you, I want you so bad!

Tatum: Ah, the hell with it! (Trevor takes Tatum's clothes off, once they are both naked Tatum pushes Trevor back down on the bed and starts kissing him all the way down till he reaches his cock, he starts licking up and down the shaft, sliding his tongue around the head and back down, he then starts working his balls over, then takes Trevor's cock and swallows it down to the base)

Trevor: Oh, yea, Tatum, I have wanted you to do that for so long now! Fuck ya, suck my cock! (Trevor grabs Tatum's head and starts bucking his hips up fucking Tatum's face with his cock, they continue this for a while, when Trevor moves into a 69 position) Your cock is huge, its everything I thought it would be!

Tatum: Please, put it into your mouth! (Trevor swallows his cock down, using his hand to jack it while he sucks on it. They stay sucking each other for some time.)

Trevor: I need to have you inside me, will you make love to me Tatum?

Tatum: I want that more than anything! (Tatum, lifts Trevor's legs up and start to eat out his ass, licking and sucking, fucking him with his tongue)

Trevor: Oh, fuck, ya, that feels so fucking amazing, I love you Tatum, you drive me wild!

Tatum: (Stops sits up) YOU love me!

Trevor: I, I , do, is that bad, should I not have said that?

Tatum: Did you say it because you meant it, or did you say it out of being horny?

Trevor: You save my life every chance you get, you care for me in a way I have never known, the way you stare at me, into my eyes, its like your staring into my soul! So yes I meant it, I love you!

Tatum: I have loved you for so long, I never thought I would hear you say that to me! (He kisses Trevor, and raises his legs around his waist, he slides his cock head inside, and holds it there) You want more?

Trevor: Oh, don't you dare stop there!

Tatum: (Sticking in a little more) You want more?

Trevor: (Pulling Tatum's ass into him, making Tatum's cock slide in more) Give me it all, Tatum, I need you inside me!

Tatum: Alright you've asked for it lover boy! (He rams his cock all the way into Trevor, Trevor throws his head back and starts to moan!)

Trevor: Oh, fuck ya, fuck me Tatum, fuck you feel so amazing, your cock throbbing in my ass, fuck me Tatum, fuck me!

Tatum: This ass is mine, get ready to be fucked like you've never been fucked before!

Outside Trevor's room-

Chris: (Whispering) Wyatt, Wyatt, get your ass over here right now!

Wyatt: (Orbs in) What, what are you doing?

Chris: Listen to this!

Trevor: (From in the room) Fuck ya, fuck me, ahh, harder, harder, I fucking love your big fat cock!

Wyatt: (Outside Trevor's room) No, way! What a horny little shit! I didn't know he could talk like that!

Chris: Do you hear the head board slamming into the wall, this is intense I want to watch!

Wyatt: Don't you dare, its bad enough your listening in on him!

Chris: So why is your ear glued to the door!

Wyatt: Because its hot, and I have to live vicariously through my two little brothers sex lives!

Tatum: (Inside) Your ass is so tight, I don't think I'm going to last much longer! (He has Trevor over the side of the bed as he rams his cock in and out of his ass,) I fucking love your ass! (Smack, Smack) Tell me you're ass belongs to me!

Trevor: Oh fuck yea, smack my ass, hell ya this ass belongs to you!

Chris: (Outside) (Laughing) Oh My God, this is intense, I cant believe it, he's a hot little fucker in bed, go Trev!

Wyatt: I don't know about you but I am rock hard!

Chris: Me too bro, me too! (Chris grabs Wyatt crotch and starts to play with his cock, Wyatt does the same to Chris, they unzip there pants and pull out there hard cocks and start to stroke each other off)

Trevor: (Back in the room Trevor gets on top of Tatum and starts riding his cock, Tatum holds Trevor's ass cheeks apart, and raises his hips to meet Trevor's downward motion!) Oh, fuck ya, mmm, I need you so bad, tell me we can do this all the time, tell me your not going to disappear on me again and deny me your hot cock!

Tatum: No, fucking way, Trevor, this is all I want, to be with you, inside you, to love you, to have you belong to me and only me!

Trevor: I'm yours Tatum, I'm yours!

Tatum: I'm so close I'm going to shoot any second now, I'm going to blow my load in your hot ass!

Trevor: I'm so close to, your cock is hitting my gspot I'm going to shoot and its going to hit your face I can feel it building up!

Wyatt: (Outside. Chris is kneeling in front of Wyatt sucking his cock) Chris I'm going to shoot right now I'm going to fucking shoot my load down your throat! (Chris starts sucking harder milking Wyatt's cock) That's it here it comes I'm fucking cumming down your throat! (He starts to shoot his load down Chris's throat, and Chris swallows it all)

Tatum: (Back inside Trevor is bouncing up and down hard on Tatums cock) Fuck that's it I'm cumming I'm shooting my load in your sweet ass! Take it baby take it!

Trevor: Oh fuck ya, I'm cumming too, I fucking shooting my load as you shoot yours in me! (Trevor's cock explodes and hits Tatum in the mouth, Tatum licks his lips tasting the sweet load) Fuck ya, lick my cum off your lips!

Tatum: Mmm, you taste so good!

Chris: (Outside, Wyatt is blowing Chris and Chris starts to shoot his load) Here it comes Wyatt, fuck ya swallow my load, oh, ya, fuck! (They finish)

Trevor: (Yelling from the room) Is someone out there?

Wyatt: (Outside the room) Fuck, lets get out of here!

Trevor: (They get cleaned up and start to get dressed)

Tatum: Oh shit! Trevor, I almost forgot, the mission, it was one that will save everyone, but I need your help!

Trevor: So, since your beating around the bush, I'm assuming your not going to tell me!

Tatum: Please Trevor just trust me, just this last time and then I will tell you everything I promise you!

Trevor: Only if you kiss me! (They kiss passionately)

Tatum: You need to call for your aunt Prue!

Trevor: Right now! Cant we kiss a little bit longer?

Tatum: As much as I would love to do that, time is running out, and she is the only one that can help me right now!

Trevor: It sounds serious!

Tatum: It is now please call her!

Trevor: (Shouting into the air) Prue! (Orbs in)

Prue: Do you always have to be naked when you call me!

Trevor: I'm just shirtless!

Prue: What can I do for you?

Tatum: Prue, I need you to come with me!

Prue: Sorry! I know that Trevor and you have something going, but good doesn't work with evil!

Tatum: But its for the sake of good that I need your help!

Prue: What does this have to do with?

Tatum: It concern the book of Payolas!

Prue: It was destroyed!

Tatum: No, it wasn't it was made to look like it was destroyed by Saajohn himself! I have the book in a safe place!

Prue: So, it can help us to stop Saajohn!

Tatum: I don't know what language it's in!

Prue: All right I'll go with you!

Tatum: Thank you! Trevor, I will come back as soon as I can!

Trevor: Be careful!

Tatum's apt-

Prue: (The orb in and Dominic is there) What is he doing here!

Tatum: He is working with me!

Dom: Look, I know what your thinking, but your wrong!

Prue: You killed innocent people!

Dom: Only because my mother's life hangs in the balance!

Tatum: There is no time for this, look Prue, we will explain everything later right now, we really need to know what this says! (He hands the book over, on the page where the Shaman was reading last)

Prue: Dear God!

Tatum: What is it?

Prue: Its Trevor!

Tatum: What about him?

Prue: His blood is the key to stopping Saajohn! (The seal around the room disappears and demons appear all around them)

Demon: Grab them! (Before any one can move the demons grab each of them)

Tatum: What is the meaning of this?

Demon: Lord Saajohn will reward me with capturing you three red handed with the book!

Tatum: (Looking at Dominic and Prue) I captured them myself fool, unhand me at once or it will be your head!

Demon: Will let Lord Saajohn decide!


Trevor: (On stage) How's everyone doing tonight! (Crowd Cheers) Are you ready for the Pussycat Dolls? (The Crowd starts screaming) Then without further ado P3 welcomes The Pussycat Dolls singing "Don't Cha" Give it up! (The crowd screams as Trevor walks off the stage to Wyatt and Chris, and the Pussycat Dolls start to perform!)

Wyatt: Chris you would never have known!

Chris: He wouldn't have come after me if I wasn't in a heat of sexual desire!

Trevor: How would you know that would attract him to you?

Chris: I didn't, but still, I was out of control, I just cant get Dominic out of my head, I've had the biggest crush on him forever, and I finally thought we would be going some place other then lab partners and then he turns out be evil!

Wyatt: Chris you cant chose who you fall in love with, its just not the way love works!

Trevor: Ya, and something tells me there is more to him being evil than meets the eye!

Chris: I cant wait around to find out! I just need to refocus myself!

Wyatt: There you go, school will be starting again soon and until then you have plenty to keep you busy with Saajohn on the loose!

Chris: Enough about me! So Trevor, you been getting any lately?

Trevor: (Turning red) Why would you ask that?

Wyatt: OH, we were just curious!

Trevor: So you guys where standing outside the door, weren't you?

Chris: Just for a minuet!

Trevor: Ya, right, cause well after we were done, I seem to have heard what I thought to be Chris yelling I'm cumming!

Wyatt: You mean you knew we were out there?

Trevor: Wait you were there too, I thought it was just Chris, wait does that mean, you two, oh you didn't, oh you did, you jerks, if you two were going to do it together you could have at least let me in on the fun!

Wyatt: It wasn't like that it just happened!

Chris: It happens all the time over the years!

Trevor: Next time I want in!

Wyatt: From the sounds you were making today, you can count on it! (Andre walks up)

Andre: Hey guys!

The guys: Hi!

Andre: So we need to talk don't we?

Wyatt: We do!

Chris: Thanks for saving my life today!

Andre: If it put me back on your good side then it was worth it!

Trevor: So how did your first vanquish feel?

Andre: Since I had to watch him kiss Wyatt, it felt great to send him on a one way ticket to hell!

Chris: Spoken like a true boyfriend!

Wyatt: (Giving Chris a look) Well, if you two will excuse us, will be going over there! (They walk to a different booth and close a curtain around them)

Andre: You must lead a very excitingly dangerous life Wyatt Halliwell!

Wyatt: If almost getting killed on a weekly basis is exciting to you, than ya I do!

Andre: It must have been so hard not being able to share your abilities with anyone?

Wyatt: Only you, there hasn't been a time I didn't want to tell you. You have almost caught me so many times and I just wanted to come out and tell you!

Andre: Well, that's over with now, now you can tell me anything!

Wyatt: Andre, telling you has put you at risk and I just need you to be sure you can handle this. I mean criminals are one thing demons another!

Andre: Hey if I remember correctly it was me who saved your ass today!

Wyatt: I know! (Leans in and kisses him)

Andre: Wyatt, we need to take this slow!

Wyatt: I understand, I just needed to kiss you badly!

Andre: Then one more wont hurt! (He grabs Wyatt and kisses him. Back over to Chris and Trevor)

Trevor: What do you think there doing?

Chris: (Sarcastically) See when a boy likes a boy, they put there heads together and make their lips stick out like this and push them together its called kissing!

Trevor: Jackass! (The room freezes Chris and Trevor look all around, Wyatt comes out of the booth)

Wyatt: What's going on?

Chris: I thought you did this! (An elder orbs in)

Elder: It was I who froze the room!

Wyatt: Who are you?

Elder: I am an elder!

Wyatt: Why are you coming to us? Where is Prue?

Elder: I know you are not happy with us right now, Wyatt, but I come on very important business!

Wyatt: I've never been happy with any elders at any time, one of you tried to kill me, you also tried to kill my dad, shall I really go on?

Elder: Wyatt, Saajohn is nearly ready to complete his ascension, he has captured Prue!

Wyatt: How can that be?

Trevor: Oh, oh, Prue went with Tatum!

Wyatt: What! Why didn't you tell me this before?

Trevor: She just went to read the book of, of, pay, Payolas, to find the way to stop Saajohn!

Elder: She and two others were captured and taken to Saajohn you must find Prue and discover the means to stopping Saajohn once and for all! (The guys all look at each other!)

End Chapter-