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Subject: The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin-off of the original tv show and i have no control of what actually happens in there lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story obviously stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives



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Chapter 11- Sacrifice


Opening Credits Roll- A rainy day in San Francisco we see the statues of downtown, cars moving through the streets as "Sweet Sacrifice: by Evanescence plays in the background. We stop at the front of the Halliwell manor.

The Manor-

Wyatt: (Chris is making potions) I cant believe you didn't tell me, you put Prue's life at risk, when are you going to learn Tatum is a demon?

Trevor: Look, Prue wanted to go, they said not to say anything and I'm not one to betray someone's trust! Tatum was captured too so obviously he cant be one of the bad guys!

Wyatt: Every time either of you keep something important from me we wind up in over our heads!

Chris: Wyatt, relax he didn't do it on purpose he did what he was asked!

Wyatt: Why cant you guys start doing what I ask!

Chris: The potions are done, lets go get Prue!

Wyatt: I'll get Prue out of there, Trevor you stay close to Chris so he can orb you out at the first sign of trouble!

Trevor: Wyatt, I didn't know this would happen!

Wyatt: I know Trevor, I'm just worried about Prue!


Saajohn's Lair-

Saajohn: (Prue is strapped on a table, she is struggling to break free. Tatum and Dominic are chained to the wall.) What do we have here?

Ajax: Lord Saajohn, I have captured a white lighter and brought you the book of Payolas along with these two who were with the book!

Saajohn: Very good Ajax, you have served me well today, I shall reward you beyond your dreams! Now tell me are we prepared for the arrival of the Charmed ones?

Ajax: All of my best men are surrounding all the entrances leading here!

Saajohn: Very Good! Now Tatum my boy, what have you to say for yourself?

Tatum: My Lord, it was I who captured them! Ajax here, seeking glory, double crossed me and brought me in, claiming that I was with them!

Saajohn: Hmm, a dilemma indeed! Well then you wont mind staying tied up while I drain the blood of this white lighter!

Tatum: Why keep me chained my Lord, I have always served you!

Saajohn: You have and very well indeed, however you have been missing for a while now, with no word as to where you were going!

Tatum: My Lord, I learned of their plan and had no choice but to act as I thought you would want me too!

Saajohn: Patience my boy, you will be set free in due time! As for you white lighter, your time is now! (Running his fingers through Prue's hair!)

Prue: Get your hands off me you disgusting pig!

Saajohn: You should feel honored, your blood shall pave the way to make me a God!

Prue: More like a devil! You'll never succeed, The Charmed ones will stop you!

Saajohn: As they have stopped me so many times before, (Laughs) I will crush them like ants beneath my feet! (He grabs Prue by the chin)

Dom: Get away from her!

Saajohn: Ah Dominic, you disappoint me, I had great plans for your future!

Dom: I'll watch you burn before I ever join you!

Saajohn: Enough! (He smack Dominic across the face, he spit's blood out at Saajohn's face, Saajohn wipes it off) It will be a joy to watch your face as I kill your mother!

Dom: You bastard!

Saajohn: Cleric-us! (Cleric-us shimmers in)

Cleric-us: A white lighter, very good!

Saajohn: Begin the ceremony, I want her blood before the charmed ones come to rescue their white lighter!

The Underworld-

Wyatt: (Orbing into the underworld, the guys find guards everywhere) Will never get through all these guards!

Chris: So lets glamour into one of them!

Wyatt: Ok (Waving hands over their faces, their appearance changes into that of demons guards) I don't think we have enough potions for this! (They make their way through the caves leading to Saajohn's lair)

Trevor: They are so prepared for us! (A demon stops them)

Demon: Where do you think your going?

Wyatt: We were told Lord Saajohn wants extra guards at the entrance to his lair!

Demon: No one told me! Who did you get your orders from?

Chris: Ok, this is getting us anywhere, Wyatt blow him up! (With a wave of his hands the demon explodes)

Wyatt: Chris, what if someone had seen us? I don't want to use our powers until we have too!

Chris: Who were you going to say sent us, there was no other way!

Wyatt: Come on lets hurry!

Saajohn's Lair-

Cleric-us: (In a booming voice) Arta owta lambarta demm, demm. Demm! (He takes the bowl in his hands as more blood starts to fill the bowl)

Saajohn: Are you done yet?

Cleric-us: The ceremony is complete! (Just then Wyatt, Chris and Trevor enter)

Saajohn: (Watches them enter) What are you doing, I said we were not to be disturbed!

Wyatt: See, I have a problem following orders!

Saajohn: I shall solve that quickly! (He creates a large fireball and throw it at them, Wyatt waves his hands and freezes the fireball in midair!)

Wyatt: I also have a problem with dying! (Trevor sends the fireball back at Saajohn with a wave of his hand. Saajohn is hit and sent flying back)

Trevor: Guys, look they have Dominic too!

Wyatt: Right now we need to get Prue if we have time the rest!

Prue: (Looking over and seeing the guys!) Hurry, you cant let Saajohn drink my blood! (Trevor astral projects himself into two. Astral Trevor appears next to Tatum!)

Astral Trevor: How do I get you out of these?

Tatum: Don't worry about me, you must not let Saajohn drink from her blood, that is your only concern!

Astral Trevor: I wont leave you here!

Tatum: Trevor, please you have to help your brothers! (Astral Trevor holds his hands up and waves them slowly down, as he is using his powers to bring the chains out of the cave wall)

Wyatt: I cant get these binds off! If I try to use my powers I might blow you up too aunt Prue! (Guards begin to come in by groups of 5) Chris behind you!

Chris: I'm on it! (He starts throwing potions at all the demons as they approach)

Wyatt: Prue, just hang on, I'm going to try and blow up the binds! (As he waves his hands, a part of the binds tare, he repeats again and again till they complete come off on the right side of her body, behind him Saajohn gets up and grabs Wyatt and throws him into Trevor. He grabs the bowl and starts drinking the blood from it)

Prue: Wyatt, he's drinking the blood! (Wyatt gets up, his anger over takes him, he holds his hands, palm facing out and sends a burst of energy that sends Saajohn through the cave wall, Wyatt then turns around and does the same thing at the demons that have entered the cave, incinerating them all)

Trevor: Chris, come on lets get the guys out of here! (Trevor goes over to where Tatum and astral Trevor are) Maybe both of us together can bring these chains down?

Astral Trevor: I'm ready when you are! (With their combined power the chains fly out of the wall)

Tatum: Thank you, we have to free Dominic now!

Trevor: Your concerned about Dominic?

Tatum: It's a long story! (Astral Trevor becomes one with Trevor. Trevor and Tatum pull the Chains out of the wall and free Dominic!)

Chris: (Talking to Trevor) What are you doing? (Just then two demons come up behind Chris and grab each of his arms, a third one starts to punch him in the stomach, Dominic runs over and using an athema stabs one in the back causing him to explode, Chris then levitates upwards carrying one with him and drops him to the floor, Dominic then stabs that one killing him, turns around and throws the athema killing the third!)

Dominic: Your welcomed!

Chris: That changes nothing!

Wyatt: (Holding a week Prue in his arms) Lets get out of here guys!

Tatum: Dominic did you see what he did with the book?

Dominic: No, its to late for it anyhow! Lets get out of here!

The manor-

Prue: You should have blown up the whole table! Now Saajohn will be unstoppable!

Wyatt: I couldn't risk killing you!

Prue: I'm already dead!

Wyatt: We had no idea what they did to you!

Prue: Wyatt, you know the greater good is more important than my life!

Wyatt: Prue its done, will find another way to stop him!

Prue: That's just it, the only way to stop him...

Tatum: Prue! Don't you think you should go up to the elders and talk to them first!

Prue: Tatum, there is no time, we need to move quickly!

Tatum: It would be suicide to go back down now!

Prue: You all have till I return to get on the same page! All your emotions are getting in the way from doing your jobs! Deal with your relationship issues! (Orbs out)

Wyatt: What is she talking about Tatum?

Chris: First thing first, why is Dominic here?

Dom: Chris, I only did what I did because I was forced by Saajohn!

Chris: Why would you think I would believe anything you have to say?

Dom: Chris, I had no choice, he has my mother!

Chris: You always have a choice, you could have told me, I could have helped you and now its too late!

Tatum: He almost died trying to stop Saajohn, we both did!

Chris: We always almost die on a weekly basis, yet we still don't kill innocents!

Trevor: Guys, we shouldn't be fighting each other right now, we should be figuring out our next move!

Wyatt: Trevor is right, Saajohn drank Prue's blood, its only a matter of time now before his change is complete!

Dom: Tatum, you need to tell them!

Tatum: NO! I will not risk his life for anything!

Wyatt: What are you guys talking about?

Tatum: Nothing! I need to talk to Trevor, alone!

Wyatt: Anything you have to say to him you can say to all of us!

Tatum: It only concerns him! Look Dominic its his choice to do what he wants with the information I give him!

Dom: Fine!

Tatum: Please Trevor, just come in the other room with me!

Trevor: Just tell me, their my brothers, I'm going to tell them anyway! (Prue orbs in)

Prue: Did you tell them?

Trevor: He's about too right now!

Tatum: Prue, you are sure there is no other way?

Prue: I'm sorry, but not even the elders have another way!

Tatum: (Tears begin to roll down his face) Trevor, this is the hardest thing I have ever had to do!

Trevor: What is Tatum, your scaring me!

Tatum: You should be scared! You have to die in order to stop Saajohn! Only your blood can stop him!

Trevor: (Shaken to the core, barley able to speak at first) Y-your wrong, aunt Prue you must have read it wrong!

Chris: No way, there has to be something else!

Wyatt: Have you all gone mad, we will not sacrifice Trevor!

Prue: I'm sorry there isn't another way! The prophecy tells us, Saajohn will come to power and the youngest charmed one will die in order to save the world!

Trevor: (Leo and Piper come walking in the front door, As Trevor shouts) Prophecy, Destiny, (Grabbing a vase off the table and throwing it against the wall) Damn your prophecy, I defy it, screw your destiny, you can tell the elders their on their own, I, I quit, I'm done, I'm out of this all, screw the power of three!

Piper: What's going on?

Trevor: You want to know what's going on, I'll tell you, the elders only brought me back into your lives so that they could use me to destroy Saajohn!

Prue: Trevor, its not like that, that's not fair!

Trevor: Fair, you want to tell me about fair, tell me how my death is fair, tell me how its fair that my family should get to know me, only to watch me die, tell me AUNT PRUE! How can these all powerful elders, who are suppose to be so wise, think they can play with peoples lives this way, are we like chess pieces that they can move around anyway they want!

Piper: Who say you have to die?

Prue: Saajohn has become a higher being and the only thing that can stop him now is Trevor's blood!

Piper: Well no, there is either another way or to bad, I will not lose my son!

Wyatt: Why are we still talking about this, there is no way I will let this happen!

Prue: You think I want my nephew to die!

Trevor: (Tears running down his cheeks) Tell me aunt Prue, will it hurt when I die? How does it happen? Will it be sudden? Will I even know what's happening? I'm only 21, I'm suppose to have my whole life ahead of me! No it doesn't matter! Listen to me, you go and tell the elders to get off their asses and fight Saajohn themselves, the charmed ones are over with! (Tears are just rolling down his face) I wont be used, the only reason I ever met my family is to face this, to die 6 months later (Pause) I don't want to die, I'm sorry if that makes me selfish! I've got to go, I need some air! (He leaves the house)

Piper: Trevor wait please!

Tatum: I'll go after him!

Wyatt: Prue, how could you, you're his aunt!

Prue: What, Wyatt, what was I suppose to do!

Wyatt: Dad what do we do?

Leo: I cant tell you that son! I wish I could make all the hard choices for you guys, but I cant I'm sorry!

Chris: Fine, me and Wyatt will go up against him ourselves!

Dom: NO, Chris you cant, then you will just die!

Chris: I don't remember asking you for your opinion!

Dom: Chris, you can hate me all you want, it wont change the fact that I love you and that I don't want anything to happen to you!

Chris: This coming from the guy that stabbed me only a few weeks ago!

Dom: I knew your brother would save you, I had to make it look real!

Chris: You just had everything worked out, so breaking my heart, that was just part of you making it look real!

Dom: It killed me to have to do that!

Chris: Then how come your still breathing!


Trevor: (Sitting at the bar having a drink as Tatum appears) Why are you here?

Tatum: I care about you, that's why I'm here!

Trevor: You know my life didn't have any meaning 6 months ago! I had no cares, no worries, just promoting clubs, partying, sleeping! Sure I was sad, I had no family, no memory, but I numbed it all with drink after drink!

Tatum: I'm sorry Trevor!

Trevor: For What?

Tatum: About all of this, I never wanted you to find out!

Trevor: Why do you care about me so much?

Tatum: (Grabs Trevor and starts to kiss him, picks him up in his arms and lays him down on the ground!) Let me make love to you! (He takes off Trevor's clothes and starts kissing down him chest, he gets to Trevor's 9 inch rock hard cock and starts lick all around the head, sucking it into his mouth occasionally. He moves down to his low hanging balls and starts to give them a tongue bath, soaking in the sweet musky man scent while he licks between his balls and thigh, Trevor moans in pleasure as Tatum works his tongue all over, he moves back to Trevor's cock and swallows it all the way down to the base as he swirls his tongue all around. Trevor raises his legs and Tatum getting the point holds his legs up and starts to lick Trevor's hole, fucking his tongue deep into his pink puckered hole!)

Trevor: Mmm, your tongue feels so good, but your cock would feel a million times better, fuck me Tatum, do it like you'll never be able to do it again!

Tatum: That's not funny!

Trevor: Sorry, but please don't stop! (Tatum gets up and Trevor leans into Tatum and starts to suck on Tatum 11 inch cock, swallowing as much as he can, till its glistening with spit. Tatum sits in a chair, and Trevor points Tatum's cock at his hole and lowers himself onto his cock he slides it in slowly, once it reaches the base of Tatum's cock, they kiss for a few minuets and then Trevor begins to slide up and down on Tatum's cock, pounding all 11 inches into his ass, Tatum stands up holding Trevor, while still bouncing Trevor up and down on his cock, he takes him and sets him down on a table and starts fucking his cock into his ass harder and harder.)

Tatum: (Grabbing Trevor's cock and stroking it) I'm going to shoot any second now, I cant hold back much longer!

Trevor: Fuck me, I'm about to shoot too!

Tatum: Fuck, I love you Trevor, I'm shooting my load into your sweet ass!

Trevor: Fuck, your fucking the cum right out of me! (Tatum shoots his load into Trevor, as Trevor shoots his load on his stomach. Tatum rests down on Trevor, kissing him!

Tatum: Trevor, there is something I have to tell you and I don't think your going to like it!

Trevor: What could be worse than finding out your going to die?

Tatum: How about this! (He transforms into Cory)

Trevor: (Shocked) You have got to be kidding me!

Tatum: Look, I wanted to tell you but I just couldn't!

Trevor: So you wait till after you fuck me to tell me. So this is why you pull away all the time!

Tatum: I didn't think you would like my demon half!

Trevor: So you become Cory?

Tatum: I am Cory, my human half anyway, I was scared, I didn't want to take the chance!

Trevor: What else have you lied to me about?

Tatum: Nothing I swear!

Trevor: I'm just suppose to believe you!

Tatum: Trevor please, if I had thought for a second that you would have been ok with me being a demon, I would never had lied to you!

Trevor: Just get out of here, leave me alone!

Tatum: Trevor, please!

Trevor: (Shouting) Get Out! (He shimmers out. Trevor sits and reflects on all the events of his life leading up to this very point)

Seer's Lair-

Seer: (Standing as if she is expecting Tatum) What did you think you were doing?

Tatum: Please mother not now!

Seer: Any second now, Saajohn will become a higher being!

Tatum: I know mother, I know!

Seer: You know what has to be done!

Tatum: I will not let him die!

Seer: There is another way!

Tatum: There is?

Seer: Yes my son, there is another way!

The Manor-

Piper: (Wyatt is going through the book as Chris and Piper and Leo are talking) Leo, do you know anything about how they stopped the last demon trying to become a higher being?

Leo: Sorry, honey, but no it was before my time!

Chris: (Putting a piece of beetle feet into a potion he's making, it blows up sending him and Wyatt flying back. Coughing) Ok, maybe that was to much of the beetle feet!

Wyatt: You think!

Piper: What are you guys making?

Wyatt: The strongest potion ever made!

Piper: Do you think it will work?

Leo: Honey, I don't think any of this will work!

Wyatt: Dad don't talk like that, we have to try!

Leo: With out the power of three to bless a potion that strong, it wouldn't work anyway!

Chris: Damn it! We have nothing! (Trevor comes walking in the door)

Trevor: You have me!

Chris: Trevor! (Goes over to him and puts his arm around him)

Wyatt: I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier today!

Trevor: No your not and you were right!

Wyatt: I'm glad your back bro!

Trevor: (Walking over to his mom and dad) I love you guys very much you know that right?

Piper: We love you too honey!

Leo: (Hugging him) You're our son will always love you!

Trevor: Then you know what I have to do? (An elder orbs in)

Piper: You have some nerve showing up here!

Elder: Please just hear me out!

Wyatt: Your kind is not welcomed here!

Elder: Leo!

Leo: No, this is my son we're talking about! You tried to make me chose before and you failed!

Trevor: No, its ok I want to hear what he has to say!

Elder: Thank you!

Trevor: You have 2 minuets, tick tock!

Elder: We didn't know this was going to happen! It wasn't until Prue read the book of Payolas!

Trevor: Is that suppose to make it all better!

Elder: No! We don't want to lose the power of three either, we remember what happened the last time we did! The demons took over, the scales of good and evil were tipped in favor of evil! Tonight Saajohn will become a higher being and there isn't anything we can do to stop him!

Wyatt: Your not saying anything we don't already know!

Elder: If Trevor tries to stop Saajohn, he will die, but with the collective powers of the elders we may be able to save him!

Piper: What do you mean maybe?

Elder: Its never been done before, but we believe it may work!

Wyatt: Maybe doesn't cut it!

Trevor: Look, nothing you just said has changed anything! I don't know you, or any of the other elders and frankly I don't trust you either! But I do believe in my family and what they have been fighting for all these years! Because of that, I have decided to do what I must to save everyone from what Saajohn will do to them!

Chris: The hell you are!

Trevor: I wouldn't be a Halliwell if I didn't do it Chris!

Leo: Trevor are you sure you know what your doing?

Trevor: The same thing I have watched my two brothers do time and time again, and the same thing my parents and aunts have done for years!

Piper: Oh honey! (Crying and hugging him)

Trevor: I love you guys, but I have to do this!

Elders: When the time is right, we will be there to help! (Orbs out)

Chris: So there is no way we can talk you out of this?

Trevor: No! So don't waste your time!

Wyatt: Were not going to lose you!

Trevor: I know you guys will do everything to make sure I don't get killed!

Piper: I'm calling my sisters, were doing this as a family!

Trevor: Mom wait, look this is going to be the toughest battle we've ever had, and for that reason, Wyatt you need to go see Andre, Chris you need to go talk to Dominic! Mom obviously your sons are gay! I want to spend time alone with just you two!

Wyatt: Were not leaving you!

Trevor: Its an order not a request, go be with your men, mom and dad and I need some time together!

Piper: Ya, go guys, and just to let you know, we've always known!

Andres apt-

Andre: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell, you scared me half to death! (Tears rolling down Wyatt's face) Wyatt, what is it, what's the matter?

Wyatt: Can you just be kissing me now! (Andre walks over to him grabs him and starts kissing him, Wyatt picks him up and carries him into the bedroom, he lays him down on the bed and they begin to make out, Wyatt took Andres shirt off kisses his neck and makes his way down Andres chest, stopping to bite his nipples and licking and kissing down till he reaches his belly button, he slides Andres pants and boxers till his 8 inch cock is exposed, rock hard and throbbing it smacks against his stomach upon being exposed. Wyatt started licking from the balls straight up the shaft leading to the head, were he swirled his tongue around the head, pre cum began leaking like a running faucet, causing Wyatt to start lapping it up, Andre moaned louder and louder as Wyatt began to work his cock over, swallowing it into his mouth, vibrating his throat as he sucked it down to the base, Wyatt began fucking his mouth up and down on Andre's cock, Andre pushes Wyatt back on the bed he removes Wyatt's pants and underwear revealing his 9 inch cock, he wastes no time with four play, he swallows Wyatt's cock, making sure to use his tongue)

Wyatt: I miss this so much! I love the way you do that with your tongue! (Andre continues to work Wyatt's cock using his mouth and his hand to jack him. Wyatt grabs his head and lifts him up he pushes him face down on the bed grabs him by the hips and pulls him back so his ass is sticking out in the air, he spreads his ass cheeks apart and dives his face into his ass, he begins eating out his ass, licking up and down the crack, and back to fucking his ass with his tongue!

Andre: Wyatt, please fill me up with your hard cock, its been so long, so very long! I've waited so long to have you inside me again, please Wyatt make me yours again!

Wyatt: I've wanted to hear you say that so bad! (Wyatt moves his cock up to Andres ass crack, he spits in his hand and rubs it into his cock, he spits on Andres hole making sure its nice and lubed. He pushes his cock head into his ass, as his cock head enters they both let out a loud moan, he slowly slides the rest of it in, until his body is completely resting onto of Andres back. Wyatt grabs his hair and turns his face and starts kissing him as he moves his hips in a circular motion working his cock al around Andres ass, Andre pushes back with his ass, to meet Wyatt's strokes)

Andre: Oh, fuck, Wyatt, your cock is amazing, I want you so bad, fuck me hard Wyatt, pound my ass!

Wyatt: With pleasure! I love you Andre, I've always loved you, and I always will!

Andre: I cant deny it anymore, I don't want to fight what I know is there, I've only ever loved you Wyatt, there could never be anyone else for me but you! (As they kiss, Wyatt starts to fuck with a fiery passion, pounding his cock in and out of Andre. Wyatt turns him over puts his legs around his waist and starts to fuck him, he uses long strokes pulling his cock all the way out to the tip and sliding it back in to the base.) Oh yea Wyatt, just like that, just like that, don't stop, don't stop, fuck me Wyatt! (Wyatt continues this as Andre starts to jack his cock in rhythm to Wyatt's thrusts into his ass!)

Wyatt: I'm about to shoot my load, are you ready cause I've been saving you this load for 5 years!

Andre: I want it, I'm ready, give it to me Wyatt, show me how much you missed my ass! (Wyatt starts to pound his ass really hard, breathing heavily as sweat pours off his face!) Oh, fuck yea I'm shooting my load Wyatt! (Andre shoots his load hitting himself on the face and neck, Wyatt, leans down and licks its off!)

Wyatt: Oh, fuck, oh fuck! Here it comes! (He blows his load inside Andre, as he thrusts a few more times making sure to empty every last drop, he pulls his cock out, raises Andre's ass and sucks his cum back out, he moves up to Andre and the share his freshly released load, in an amazing kiss, before he collapses on top of him)

Dominic's apt-

Chris: (Pacing back and forth in front of Dominic's door not sure weather or not should knock or not, Dominic opens the door) Oh!

Dom: I'll save you the trouble of knocking!

Chris: How did you know I was out here?

Dom: People are trying to kill me did you think I would be inside sleeping!

Chris: I don't even know why I bothered coming!

Dom: Wait Chris, I'm sorry! (Jewel playing in the background "Near me"!)

Chris: Just tell me why couldn't you just trust me enough to tell me, don't you know I would have done anything to help you!

Dom: Its hard for me cant you understand that, I haven't been able to trust anyone...ever!

Chris: I do understand that but I thought we were different!

Dom: We are different I wanted so bad to run to you and tell you and hope that together we could find a way to save my mother!

Chris: I'll help you save your mother but I don't know if I can forgive you!

Dom: I understand. Chris you need to know I am sorry for everything that happened, I never wanted to hurt you, I just thought I could handle it but I was in over my head!

Chris: I believe you I just don't know if I can ever trust you again! Will be going after Saajohn tonight!

Dom: My mother is trapped in some kind of cage!

Chris: I have the perfect spell for that, I'll have it for you and while we're after Saajohn you go get your mother!

Dom: How can I thank you?

Chirs: Just get your mother out of there! (Dominic grabs him and kisses him, Chris kisses for a moment and orbs out as their lips are still together!)

The Manor-

Piper: (Piper pulls out the family tree and un rolls it) I wanted to show you this!

Trevor: Wow our family tree! Look there I am!

Leo: (Staring at Trevor) I'm so proud of you son!

Trevor: Me!

Leo: Yes you, but I want you to know you don't have to do this!

Trevor: Dad, don't please! I don't want to change my mind!

Piper: Well why cant we at least look for another way to stop him, what about the hollow?

Leo: The hollow, I don't think so, you know what happened the last time!

Piper: There has to be a way!

Trevor: Does it really matter, I mean come on Tatum would never have let anything happen to me, if there was a way he would have figured it out. Even the elder don't know of anyway! (Chris orbs in)

Chris: Hey guys!

Trevor: How did it go?

Chris: I cant ever trust him, so we had words is all!

Trevor: I'm sorry Chris, I know how much you like him!

Chris: Forget about it! I see Wyatt hasn't returned yet!

Trevor: I'm sure he's getting his grove on!

Piper: To much information, a mother doesn't need to know that! (Wyatt and Andre orb in)

Chris: Speak of the devil!

Wyatt: Are you guys ready to do this?

Trevor: Ready as I'll ever be!

Chris: As long as the elders are ready to save Trevor when the time comes, I'm good!

Wyatt: Then let's do this!

Piper: I'm going with you guys!

Leo: Your not going!

Piper: The hell I'm not, Leo, I cant just sit here and do nothing!

Wyatt: You have to mom, if we fail then it will take you and your sisters to be our back up!

Andre: Wyatt, I'm going with you, I can help!

Wyatt: Not you too, look we have enough to worry about, please just stay here, I'll be back I promise! (Dominic shimmers in)

Dom: Are you guys ready?

Chris: Here take this! (He hands her a piece of paper and a potion) Say the spell, it will bring the cage to you, throw the potion to open the cage!

Dom: I can never thank you enough!

Chris: Just get out of there alive!

Trevor: Mom, dad, I'm not going to say goodbye!

Leo and Piper: We love you guys!

Wyatt: Alright lets go! (As Wyatt is orbing out Andre grabs onto his back, they arrive in the underworld) What the hell!

Andre: Whoa, dizzy, I couldn't let you go and sit around with my thumb up my ass, I'm a cop its not in my nature!

Wyatt: Fine just find a safe place and stay out of the way!

Chris: So I take it Tatum isn't joining us Trev?

Trevor: Well, I yelled at him earlier so he might be a little pissed off!

Chris: Couldn't you have waited till tomorrow to have pissed him off!

Trevor: I'll keep that in mind for next time!

Saajohn's Lair-

Cleric-us: (Saajohn, Seer, and 10 demons are all gathered around Saajohn! Cleric-us is performing a ritual on Saajohn, He is standing about him arms stretched out) Min inta nihna min nakhot al-room!(A dark funnel of black comes shooting down out of the air into Saajohn, he screams as this is happening. The ground begins to tremble, we see a large devil looking creature enter his body. His eyes are full black no white showing, his face goes from looking human to looking like that of a demon, teeth become pointed, horns grow out the top of his head, muscles bulge out of his chest and arms he becomes very tall, a tail grows.)

Saajohn: I've done it, I have achieved that which none before me have! Let all demons come and bow before me! (Everyone in the room bows down before him, more demons start to appear to worship Saajohn) That's it, come worship your new Lord and Master! (At the entrance to the cave, the guys appear)

Wyatt: (Stepping out first) And here I thought you couldn't get any uglier, I guess I was wrong!

Saajohn: My minions kill them, kill them all!

The Battle- (" I need a hero" by Bonnie Tyler is playing. Wyatt's force field goes on around him, he starts blowing demons. Chris and Dominic make their way to where Dominic will make the cage appear, Dominic creates two athema's one for each hand, she walks through the onslaught of demons, stabbing each of them, each one he kills is with a turning of his body into a stabbing of a demon, he sees one about to hit Chris with an axe and sends an athema flying and hitting him in the forehead, Chris smiles at him, Dominic winks at him. Trevor astral projects himself into two, he starts waving his hands sending demons flying into each other knocking them on their asses, he grabs swords that have fallen on the floor and starts killing demons as he makes his way to Saajohn. Andre takes the bag of potions that Wyatt gave him and start throwing potions at the demons that are coming at him, he uses all the moves he has learned as an inspector to dodge and fight any demons that come a t him. Dominic makes it next to Saajohn's thrown, he pulls out the piece of paper and reads the spell)

Dom: What once was here, make reappear, bring me the cage, that holds someone dear! (The cage appears with his mother in it, he throws the potion the cage glows green and the door opens. Dominic helps his mother out, they hug. Dominic looks back at Chris, Chris waves to him to go, he shimmers out with his mother. Trevor makes his way to Saajohn. Saajohn sees him approaching, he waves his hands and the ground rolls at Trevor, knocking him flying into the air, Trevor gets back up and walks towards Saajohn again, Saajohn moves his hands in a circular motion creating tornados which take Trevor and sends him flying all the way back against the cave wall, he falls to the ground, picks himself up and starts to walk towards him again. Saajohn creates two whips of fire in his hands and starts whipping Trevor, slash after slash appear on Trevor, his face, his shirt being ripped apart, blood dripping everywhere. Saajohn whips around Trevor's legs and pulls him down, Trevor gets up an d keeps going. Wyatt sees this and makes his way towards them, Saajohn sees Wyatt coming so he creates a black ring of fire that is bigger than a tire and sends it flying at him killing demons as it moves towards Wyatt, Andre see this and runs over and pushes Wyatt out of the way and is struck instead sending him flying against the cave wall)

Andre: (As he is stuck on the wall he holds out his arms) Wyatt, I, I love you! (He blows up and turns to ashes)

Wyatt: NO! (HE falls to his knees)

Tatum: (Shimmers in behind Saajohn, he throws a potion on the ground behind him and a black hole opens up) Trevor you have to get him in the hole and your blood must be pored into it as well, it's the only way!

Saajohn: Tatum I have something to show you! (He waves one hand and the Seer appears, he grabs her by the neck and throws her into the hole)

Tatum: No, mother! (He runs to attack Saajohn, but Saajohn, creates 10 daggers in mid air and sends them flying at him, they hit him in different places in his body as he flies against the cave wall, daggers holding him in the wall)

Trevor: This ends now! (He astrals himself into two, his astral self runs and enters into Saajohn's body, Saajohn struggles to get him out, real Trevor makes his way to Saajohn, with all his might he uses his power to push Saajohn into the hold as Saajohn falls in Trevor knows that the only way to make sure Saajohn will never return is to jump in as the blood from his wounds runs down his body, he stops and looks at his brothers) I love you guys! (And then he jumps in the hole and the hold closes)

Chirs: Trevor! (A bunch of elders orb in they stand in a circle around where the hold was, they hold their hands out a beam of light comes out they are trying to bring Trevor out of the hole, after a few minuets they look back at the brothers and then orb out with their heads down)

The battle- (Wyatt uses his powers to disintegrate the rest of the demons in the room. Chris walks over to him barley able to stand, from his wounds and the pain of losing Trevor, he is crying, Wyatt grabs him into a hug they walk over to Tatum, pull out all of the daggers and they orb back to the Manor. Piper and Leo and Prue are waiting. The sun is raising in the window. Piper starts crying when she sees only the two boys, she knows Trevor is dead, Leo grabs her as she is falling to her knees. Chris and Wyatt join them as they are all holding onto one another. Tatum, shimmers out)

Saajohn's Lair-

Tatum: (Shimmers in, he stands above where the hole was, he throws a potion at the ground opening another hole, he grabs his arm where blood is running down it and allows the blood to fall into the hole, he sticks his arm in the hole and pulls up, we see and arm of someone as he continues to pull we the Seer, Tatum hugs her and then falls to the floor)

Seer: (Pulling a potion out of her pocket she pours it into Tatum's mouth all of his wounds heal) We must move quickly the longer Trevor's body is in the vortex the harder it will be to bring him back!

Tatum: Will he still be alive?

Seer: We shall see my son, we shall see!

End Chapter-