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Subject: The Charmed Sons

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Chapter 12- Return of the Power of Three

Chris: (Sitting in front of a table) Hear now the words of the witches, the secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of Gods are invoked here, the great magic is sought. (A candle flickers, Chris is surrounded by herb jars, chalices and other ritualistic items.) In this night and in this hour, I call upon the ancient power. (He looks up and closes his eyes) Bring back my brother, Bring back the Power of three. (He keeps his eyes closed for a prayerful beat, then he opens them, looks at the candle, but sees nothing. Blindly determined, he starts flipping through pages until he finds another spell, To Call A Lost Witch. He expertly finds and mixes certain ingredients, rosemary, cypress, yarrow root, into a black cauldron, he has five candles in a circle on the table! Emotionally speaking) Please God let this work! (He puts some herbs into a black cauldron on the table) Power of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies, come to us who call you near, come to us and sett le here. (He cuts his finger with an athema, he squeezes the blood into the cauldron. The cauldron begins to smoke) Blood to blood I summon thee, blood to blood return to me! (He takes a deep breath) Bring back my brother, please bring back the power of three! (A faint gust of wind flickers the candle but not much else, he buries his face in his hands in defeat, as his face is in his hand, a misty blue color light leaves the cauldron and goes out the window. Piper enters the attic)

Piper: Chris honey, its 4 o'clock in the morning, (She pauses and looks at the table of items) are you casting a spell?

Chris: (Shuffling to get the stuff off the table away) I, um, I couldn't sleep!

Piper: You didn't answer my question!

Chris: Mom, I had to try something, I mean we have all these powers, we can cast spells, yet we could do nothing to save Trevor!

Piper: I went through the same thing when Prue died, I tried everything to get her back!

Chris: Ya, but you got a new sister out of that!

Piper: No one could replace Prue, she was everything to me!

Chris: I know mom, I didn't mean it like that!

Piper: Why don't you try and get some sleep!

Chris: Alright, goodnight mom! (They hear a loud crash down stairs) What was that? (They go down to see)

Wyatt: Leave us alone, where done, were no the charmed ones anymore! (He jumps on top of a demon that was attacking him and starts punching his face again and again. Chris and Piper come walking in on this, Chris runs over to pull Wyatt off the demon!)

Piper: Wyatt, Stop! This isn't the way!

Wyatt: (Crying as he keeps punching the demon) They killed him, he's dead, its all my fault! (Chris pulls Wyatt off the demon and Piper waves her hands blowing the demon up!)

Piper: Its not your fault, Trevor knew what he was doing, he wanted to save us all!

Wyatt: Why couldn't it have been me, I got Andre and Trevor killed, me, I did it! (Piper hugs him as he cries into her chest)

Saajohn's Lair-

Tatum: (The Seer and Tatum are standing above where the vortex once was. The Seer is holding a book and she is pouring different liquids onto the ground. Tatum starts pacing back and forth, biting his nails as he is nervous) This is taking to long mother, its been days!

Seer: Everything has to be done perfectly, one mistake could be the difference between life and death for him! (Just then the misty blue color light from the spell Chris performed enters the cave and goes straight into the ground)

Tatum: Do you see that?

Seer: Yes!

Tatum: Did you do that?

Seer: That was not by my hands!

Tatum: Maybe you should hurry! (Just then the vortex opens and Trevor's body shoots out and lands on the ground) Oh My God, Trevor!

Seer: By the old ones, how can this be?

Tatum: What do you mean, you didn't do this?

Seer: I was no where near finished! This is someone with great powers to have done this from far away! Quickly bring him! (They shimmer out)

Opening Credits Roll- Rihanna's "Umbrella" plays as we see pictures of San Francisco while its raining. We see the cemetery, someone being buried. The oceans waves running back and forth on the beach. We end at the front of the Halliwell manor!

The Manor-

Wyatt: (In the attic he flips through the pages till he finds the spell he's looking for) Hear these words, hear my cry, spirit from the other side, come to me, I summon thee, cross now the great divide! (A swirl of lights lands in the middle of a circle of candles on the floor.) Grams?

Grams: Not who you were expecting?

Wyatt: No!

Grams: (Walks out of the circle of candles and becomes solid!) I'm sorry Wyatt, I know this must be hard on you! (Walk over to him and hugs him)

Wyatt: So you know what happened?

Grams: Of course I do!

Wyatt: Its all my fault grams! I'm suppose to be this super powerful twice blessed witch and I couldn't save anyone!

Grams: Nonsense, you cant change destiny! If we could, I would still be alive!

Wyatt: Grams! I let my brothers down and Andre, he should have never been down there with me, I should have, I, I , should have just orbed him back to the manor!

Grams: He chose to go with you! He had courage and now he has a new destiny to fulfill! Wyatt honey, Andre really loved you, there was no way he was going to let you go into battle without being by your side!

Wyatt: I know grams, but that doesn't make this any easier! We just started a whole new path with each other!

Grams: I know honey, I know! Its going to be hard right now, just give it time! (She steps back into the circle of candles, she becomes a spirit again)

Wyatt: So how long before I can see Trevor?

Grams: Trevor? (Looking confused)

Wyatt: Ya, how long? (Three demons appear, one knocks over a candle, Grams turns into lights and disappears) You have got to be kidding me! (The demons start throwing fireballs at Wyatt, he jumps out of the way, turns and waves his hands to blow up the demons, one of the demons throws a fireball hitting Wyatt, sending him sliding back across the floor, his arm bleeding, in a fit of anger, Wyatt stands up and blows up all three demons, Chris comes running up the stairs into the attic as the demons explode)

Chris: Are you ok?

Wyatt: No! Not at all!

Chris: Your hurt!

Wyatt: Oh yeah I guess I am!

Chris: I'll call aunt Prue to heal you!

Wyatt: No! I'll be fine!

Chris: Wyatt, your arm looks pretty bad!

Wyatt: Chris leave it alone, I said I'm fine!

Chris: This is hard on all of us, we need to stick together, the demons are going to be trying to kill us a lot more now! Especially with Saajohn gone, someone is going to be trying to prove themselves worthy to take his place, by killing us! So lets go get you cleaned up!

Wyatt: Fine!

Chris: Wyatt, just don't close me out right now, I need you!

Wyatt: I know Chris, I'm sorry!

Seer Lair-

Seer: (Trevor's body is laying on a table, Tatum by his side holding his hand. The Seer finishes making a potion!) Tatum, I need you to get me some, ginger root!

Tatum: I don't want to leave him, what if he wakes up?

Seer: I need to give him this potion, in order to wake him up, now go!

Tatum: (To Trevor) I love you! (Kisses his cheek) I'll be back soon! (Shimmers out)

Seer: Ok, I must move quickly, before he returns! (She pours the potion she just made into a cup, walks over to Trevor, lifts his head up opens his mouth and pours it in, he chokes! He starts to wake up. She lays his head back down, grabs a medallion, goes back over to him, lifts his head, he wakes up)

Trevor: (Barley able to talk) Where am I?

Seer: Do not talk! (She takes the medallion and waves it back and forth in front of his eyes) That's it follow the medallion, become one with it! (His eyes are locked on the medallion!) You will hear and obey everything I say!

Trevor: I will obey!

Seer: Your brothers are you're enemies!

Trevor: Brothers, enemies!

Seer: They killed you!

Trevor: Killed me!

Seer: They never cared about you!

Trevor: Never cared!

Seer: They used you, so they could get rid of Saajohn!

Trevor: Used me, rid of Saajohn!

Seer: They never loved you!

Trevor: Never loved me!

Seer: You love Tatum, you can only trust Tatum, and myself!

Trevor: Love Tatum, Trust, Seer!

Seer: Now drink this! (She pours another potion into his mouth) You have the power to shimmer and to throw fireballs, you received these powers from Saajohn, remember all I have said! Now sleep and when you hear Tatum you will awake!

The Manor-

Piper: (Leo and Piper walk in as Chris is cleaning Wyatt's wound!) What happened?

Wyatt: Demons decided to attack!

Chris: We knew this was going to happen! We are much more vulnerable without the power of three!

Leo: Were going to have to be prepared for anything!

Wyatt: Dad, I have a question! If Trevor is dead, wouldn't grams have already seen him by now?

Leo: Time moves differently where she's at, so yes he would already be there, Why?

Wyatt: Its just that, I tried summoning him and grams showed up instead!

Piper: The same thing happened to me when Prue died!

Wyatt: No, that's not it! She kept talking about Andre, she never once mentioned Trevor. And when I asked, when I would be able to see him, she had no idea what I was talking about!

Leo: That doesn't make any sense she would have known!

Piper: Why didn't you just ask her?

Wyatt: There wasn't a chance I got attacked and the demons knocked out the candle!

Chris: Then I'm calling for Prue! The elders would know!

Wyatt: No way, no elders!

Chris: Wyatt, if there is a chance Trevor is alive, we have to ask them! Prue, Prue!

Prue: (Orbs in) I'm glad you called, look I just wanted...

Chris: (Interrupting) Save it! We need to know if Trevor is still alive?

Prue: What do you mean?

Chris: Go ask the elders if Trevor is still alive! (She orbs out)

Leo: You guys need to tell me exactly what happened!

Andros Lair-

Andros: (Andros the grumbler demon, stands along with two other demons, when a third blinks in. Blinking is when a warlock disappears and reappears in the blink of an eye) Where are the rest?

Demon: They were killed!

Andros: I underestimated them, I was sure they would be to distracted with the death of their brother, to fight! I wont make that mistake again!

Demon: What will you do next?

Andros: They will be expecting demons to attack them! What I need are some very ruthless demons, like the slasher demon, he's just crazy enough to go after them and those razor sharp knives on his arm are poison to anyone cut with them. Also get me one of the reptile demons, their vile creatures, but the acid they shoot, will kill anything they touch!

Demon: But you cant control the reptile demon, he'll be a loose canon!

Andros: If we make it worth his while, he'll do fine! I have to move now, demons will be fighting each other to take the thrown of Saajohn, now go, bring them to me at once!

Seer lair-

Tatum: (Shimmers in with the ginger root, the Seer's eyes are white as she is looking into the future) What is it mother, what do you see?

Seer: Right now, the underworld is in chaos, demons fighting demons to take the mantle of power! But soon, one will come to take charge of the underworld and bring order to it!

Tatum: (Walking over to Trevor and grabbing his hand) Wake up Trevor, please I need you! (Trevor starts to wake up) Mother, he's waking up!

Trevor: Tatum!

Tatum: Try not to talk, I cant believe your alright!

Trevor: How did I get here?

Tatum: I cant answer that, I don't know! I don't care you're here and your alive!

Trevor: (Sitting up) I feel like I've been asleep for a year!

Tatum: Do you remember anything that happened?

Trevor: I remember fighting Saajohn and you coming to help me, the rest is a blur! Wait I remember he threw daggers at you, (Looking at him up and down) your ok though!

Tatum: I'm fine my mother healed me!

Trevor: Is Saajohn dead?

Tatum: Yes, you killed him!

Trevor: Then how am I still alive?

Tatum: I don't know, somehow you're here and all I know is I'm not letting you go!

Seer: Why don't you take Trevor to your apartment?

Tatum: What about your family, don't you want to see them?

Trevor: (Anger washes over him) No! I don't!

Tatum: Are you sure cause I know that they are going out of their minds over this!

Trevor: (Standing up and moving away from him) I said I don't want to see them!

Tatum: (Taken aback) Ok! When your ready! Lets go!

The Manor-

Prue: (Orbing in) You're not going to believe this!

Chris: What is it!

Prue: The elders say Trevor isn't dead!

Piper: Thank God! (Hugging Leo)

Wyatt: What happened to him then?

Prue: They thought he was dead too, that's why they tried to use their powers to bring him out of the vortex, hoping to heal him when he came out! But when that didn't happen they thought for sure he had passed on. But now they just found out Trevor never died, the angel of death said he was on his list and then vanished from it! They believe he was falling through the vortex, which means he followed through all the hell dimensions that Saajohn went through!

Leo: How could the elders not know that something like this would happen?

Prue: Leo, something like this has never been done before, there was no way of knowing!

Leo: That means that Trevor went through all those different hells for God knows how long!

Chris: What time doesn't move the same way there either!

Leo: Exactly, who knows how he'll be once he gets out of something like that!

Piper: Oh my God, will he remember being there and what he went through!

Leo: I don't know, what he will remember or what he felt!

Wyatt: We have to find him!

Chris: How do we find him if he's in one of these hell dimensions?

Piper: Wait, I know! When Cole was vanquished, well at least the first time he was, Phoebe astral projected herself into the demonic waste lands to talk to him! Prue wrote a spell in the book to astral project, cant we astral to Trevor?

Leo: That should work!

Wyatt: Then I'll do it!

Chris: I think I should be the one to do it, he's my twin the connection would be stronger!

Wyatt: True, alright Chris will do it!

Tatum's apt-

Tatum: (Shimmering in with Trevor) Are you sure your ok?

Trevor: I'm fine really, but I could be even better!

Tatum: How so?

Trevor: With a hot shower!

Tatum: I'll get one started for you! (He stands up and Trevor grabs his hand)

Trevor: You mean I'll have to take one by myself?

Tatum: Are you trying to seduce me?

Trevor: Is it working?

Tatum: Yes! (Hit's the radio Rihanna's song "Hate that I love you" Plays! He stands up and they start to kiss, they start moving backwards towards the bathroom door, they bump into the door, they start ripping each others clothes off, he picks Trevor up and takes him into the bathroom, he turns the shower on, the room starts to fill with steam, they get under the water, kissing as the water runs down their bodies. Tatum grabs the soap and a wash cloth and starts to wash Trevor's body, first his arms then his chest, and lowers himself and works his cock and balls, Trevor's cock begins to rise, Tatum turns him and begins washing his back, Trevor bends over and Tatum works his ass over with the cloth, as the water washes the soap away, Tatum puts his face between Trevor's ass cheeks, he tongue fucks him, Trevor moans, he has his arms against the wall, as his ass is sticking out, Tatum grabs his cock and pulls it back, licking his cock from the head up the shaft, then up his a ss crack, he start fingering Trevor as he sucks his cock from behind, Trevor begins to moan louder.)

Trevor: My turn! (He turns around and faces Tatum, begins to kiss him and make his way down his chest, when he gets to his cock, he slaps it on his tongue, he licks all around the head, before swallowing Tatum's cock whole! Up and down up and down, he then turns Tatum around and spreads his ass cheeks apart, and starts to eat his hole out, loving the taste he digs his tongue in deeper and deeper, Trevor's cock is oozing pre cum, he has never been this horny, he has never topped only bottom, for as long as he can remember! He stands up grabs Tatum by the neck and holds and pushes his head down so his ass his spread wide!) Get ready for the fuck of your life!

Tatum: But I don't bottom!

Trevor: Today you do!

Tatum: Trevor, I've never done it!

Trevor: That's hot, virgin ass, and its all mine!

Tatum: Please Trevor I don't want to!

Trevor: You would deny me, after everything I've been through! (Trevor uses some soap on his cock and rubs the rest on Tatum's ass, he bring his cock head to Tatum's hole, he rubs it up and down, and starts to slide his cock inside, Tatum, cringes in pain, Trevor smacks his ass!) Come on now take it like a man! (He slides his cock further in, when he finally reaches the base, Tatum tries to move) Tatum, please I need this, let me have you! (He starts to move in and out, tears run down Tatum's cheeks, being washed away by the water from the shower, Trevor, gets so into fucking, he completely ignores the whimpering coming from Tatum, Trevor grabs onto his hips and start to pound his ass, bring his cock out to the tip and then pounding it all the way back in to the base! He keeps this up for a few more minuets and then finally explodes into Tatum's soar ass! He leans onto Tatum's back! He grabs under to reach for Tatum's cock, when he reaches it, its soft) Did you cum already ?

Tatum: No, and I don't want to either! Can we just get out of here, I want to go to bed!

Trevor: (Smacking him on the ass) Thanks for that, I really needed it! Sweet ass you got there!

The Manor-

Wyatt: (Chris is on the floor surrounded by 5 candles, he's laying on pillows. Wyatt, Leo and Prue are standing by him) How long do you think this will take?

Leo: I don't know, depends on the connection I guess!

Wyatt: Come on Chris you can do this! (Just then the slasher demon and reptile demon shimmer into the attic) Prue get dad out of here! (Holding out his hands) Crystals! (A box of crystals orbs into his hands, Wyatt sets the crystals on the floor around Chris protecting him in a crystal cage) Lets make this fast guys, I have things to do!

Slasher: If you insist! (He makes a motion with his hand releasing two long knives. The reptile demon has a head like a cobra that spreads open, he shoots his venom at Wyatt, Wyatt jumps out of the way and in the spot where he stood a hole burns from the acid. Wyatt waves his hands to blow them up, but all it does it throw them back. The slasher runs at Wyatt, raises his hand with the knives and goes to bring it down on Wyatt. Wyatt uses both hands to block the knives from hitting him, Wyatt raises his leg and kicks the demon back)

Wyatt: (Talking to himself) Come on Chris I need you! (We flash to Chris, he has astral projected himself to locate Trevor. He enters the vortex where Trevor had jumped in. Chris falls through the vortex as he passes different kinds of hells, different demons trapped in them for eternity. Suddenly he see a misty blue color and gets a vision of himself casting the spell an sees the misty blue color leaving the cauldron. He then sees Trevor's body leaving and follows it up. It takes him back to Saajohn's cave, then to the Seer's and then to Tatum's apt. He see's Trevor and Tatum in bed. Trevor is thrashing about in the bed)

Trevor: (Wakes up from a nightmare, he's speaking, but he's still hallucinating) No! Please, no more, I cant take it! (He waving his hands in front of himself trying to block something that isn't there!) Wyatt! Chris! Please help me!

Tatum: (Grabbing Trevor's hands) Trevor, your alright, its not real, Trevor! (He turns back and sees Chris appear)

Chris: What's wrong with him?

Tatum: I don't know! Trevor calm down, please listen to me, your safe, your in my apartment!

Chris: How long have you know he was alive?

Tatum: Just a few hours, something happened and Trevor was brought back out of the vortex!

Chris: Why didn't you bring him back to the manor, to his family?

Tatum: I tried, he got so angry and didn't want to go! (Trevor snaps out of it)

Trevor: What! What are you doing?

Tatum: You were having a bad dream!

Trevor: What is he doing here? (Chris's astral body goes back to his real body. He wakes up and see's that a demon is sitting on top of Wyatt and another is laying on the floor behind them!)

Chris: Wyatt! Get me out of this cage!

Wyatt: Kind of busy right now! (Wyatt pulls the slasher demon up and puts his legs between their bodies and flips the slasher over his head, Wyatt gets up and grabs one of the crystals freeing Chris, The slasher grabs the reptile demon and they shimmer out) So what you wake up and they decide your too threatening, so they leave!

Chris: I'm famous in the underworld, didn't you know!

Wyatt: So what happened did you find him?

Chris: Your not going to like this!

Wyatt: Just tell me he's alive!

Chris: He's alive!

Wyatt: Thank God! So where is he?

Chris: That's just it, he's with Tatum and there in Cory's apt!

Wyatt: You mean he knew he was alive all this time and didn't tell us, we worked side by side, oh forget it, what am I saying he's a demon I don't expect anything less! (Piper and Leo and Prue enter)

Chris: Wyatt, there's more! I went through some of the different hell's and they were horrible, demons screaming, the smell of burning skin, I cant imagine what Trevor went through. I cast a spell last night to bring Trevor back and while I was in the vortex I saw that spell work, and it brought Trevor out!

Wyatt: Well that's good then, you saved him!

Chris: But when I saw him with Tatum, he was flipping out, he was shouting for us to help him and then it was like he snapped out of a dream and when he saw me, he was like what is he doing here!

Leo: He's been through a great ordeal, it will just take him sometime!

Chris: Dad, he didn't want anything to do with us! Tatum tried to bring him here, he said Trevor got angry and didn't want anything to do with us!

Leo: He's confused is all, you don't come back from a hell dimension without having scars!

Piper: We just need to get him back here and we can help him through it all!

Chris: You didn't see his eyes! I don't think its going to be that easy!

Wyatt: Well we cant just leave him there, lets go and try to talk to him!

Tatum's apt-

Tatum: (Laying in bed Trevor and Tatum talk) Do you want to talk about it?

Trevor: It was just a bad dream is all, nothing for you to worry about!

Tatum: It was more than a dream, your eyes were open and please stop telling me not to worry!

Trevor: What do you want me to say!

Tatum: The Truth! I know you were in some kind of hell!

Trevor: Is that what you want to hear! (Wyatt, Chris, Piper, Leo orb in) Fine, I was in hell, right next to Saajohn, he laughed at me, while they tortured me again and again! He told me that a drop of my blood would have closed him in the vortex and that is was never necessary for me to die in order to stop him! There are you happy now, I went to hell because you all made me believe I had too in order to stop him, you and your prophecy, you guys read it wrong and I paid the price!

Piper: Oh my God, Trevor! (Trevor turns around and sees them standing there)

Trevor: Leave me alone! (He throws a fireball at them, then shimmers out)

Chris: What the hell was that!

Tatum: He's, he's evil!

Wyatt: He cant be evil, something is wrong!

Leo: How could we be so stupid!

Piper: What are you talking about?

Leo: Don't you remember, when the source was vanquished?

Piper: His powers went into Cole!

Chris: So, Saajohn's powers went into Trevor?

Leo: It was to be!

Wyatt: We need to find him!

Tatum: (Talking loudly to himself) That must be why he did what he did to me in the shower!

Chris: What are you talking about?

Tatum: He forced himself on me, he has so much rage! How will you go to him when he doesn't want anything to with you guys?

Wyatt: He's our brother, were not going to just let him go!

Seer's Lair-

Trevor: (shimmering in) I need your help!

Seer: Why not ask Tatum?

Trevor: His humanity overpowers the demon within him!

Seer: And what of your humanity, Trevor?

Trevor: I am not Trevor!

Seer: Then who are you?

Trevor: It is me Saajohn!

Seer: SO you have awaken!

Trevor: Trevor's will is strong within me!

Seer: Then if you are to take full control you must destroy him!

Trevor: I know! All these human emotions coursing through my veins, it is driving me insane!

Seer: You have to kill those that he loves!

Trevor: Don't you think I know this, but his damn feelings for them overpower my hate! Is there nothing you can do to help me?

Seer: I have done all I can!

Trevor: Then what should stop me from killing you were you stand?

Seer: If it wasn't for me, you would still be trapped in a hell dimension, I changed the words of the prophecy, I gave you control of his body!

Trevor: Relax! Don't think I don't know what you did with the medallion! I'll forgive you this once! What of the underworld?

Seer: Demons are competing for control!

Trevor: As expected! Let them kill themselves trying to take control! I will make my presence know soon enough!

Seer: What of Tatum?

Trevor: What about him?

Seer: You have not mentioned him!

Trevor: There is nothing to mention, he is the one that I love, he shall rule by my side!

Seer: The one that you love, don't you mean the one that Trevor loves?

Trevor: No, it is I and combined with his feelings, I feel that I am overwhelmed with love for him!

Seer: He must not learn, that you are Saajohn, for he will never love you back!

Trevor: We shall see!

Seer: Andros has made his move to kill the brothers!

Trevor: That worm, does he really think he can take my place!

Seer: He has sent the slasher demon and a reptile demon to kill the brothers!

Trevor: Maybe I should pay him a little visit!

Seer: Is that wise?

Trevor: No one will touch the heads of my brothers!

Seer: Your brothers?

Trevor: I mean, their deaths will be at my hands and my hands alone! (He shimmers out)

Andros Lair-

Andros: (Walking around and around the slasher and reptile demon) Two witches, that was all you had to take care of! You nearly had the one, the second one would have been no match for either of you, now return to the manor and don't come back, without killing them or I will vanquish you myself! (They shimmer out, Trevor shimmers in)

Trevor: So Andros, do you really think you can fit the shoes of the great Saajohn?

Andros: I don't know, how you came to still be alive charmed one and I don't care for I'm just going to have to kill you myself! (He throws a fireball at Trevor, Trevor holds out his hand and catches it, it dissipates in his hand. Andros looks on in shock!)

Trevor: That tickled!

Andros: What are you?

Trevor: (His eyes turn full black) The one who kills you! (He creates a fireball in his hand, he moves his hand in a circle and makes the fireball grow bigger and bigger in his hand, then throws it at Andros killing him. He shimmers out)

The Manor-

Wyatt: (Shouting into the air) Prue! Prue! (Prue orbs in)

Prue: Did you find him?

Wyatt: Yes we found him!

Prue: Great where is he?

Chris: Prue, do you think its possible that you read the prophecy wrong?

Prue: No, not at all, why?

Chris: Oh, I don't know, how about it was not necessary for Trevor to die!

Prue: I don't understand?

Leo: Saajohn must have had the prophecy changed, that's the only think I can think of!

Prue: Are you trying to tell me, that he changed the prophecy so that Trevor would die? (Putting her hands on her head)

Leo: There has to be more to it then just that! (Slasher and reptile demon shimmer in! Slasher starts throwing energy ball after energy ball separating everyone, reptile starts spewing his venom at Piper, Leo and Prue, While Slasher is going after Wyatt and Chris, Trevor shimmers in)

Trevor: (Moves behind the reptile) Hey why don't you pick on someone your own size! (Reptile turns around, Trevor picks him up by the neck and throws him against the wall) Why don't you chew on this for a while! (He creates a fireball and squeezes the Reptile demons neck until he opens his mouth and Trevor shoves it into this mouth, causing him to explode!)

Prue: Why does Trevor have demonic powers?

Slasher: (Stabbing Chris in the chest with his knives, he punches Wyatt in the face sending him flying across the floor) And here I thought you two would be more than I could handle!

Trevor: But you weren't expecting me! (Trevor puts his hands on Slashers head, the Slasher demons face turns red as it starts to expand and finally burst causing his body to exploded as well! Prue runs over to heal Chris)

Piper: Trevor you saved our lives!

Trevor: I couldn't let someone hurt you guys!

Chris: Does that mean your back with us?

Trevor: (Grabbing his head, he's looking disorientated) What! Chris its you! (Grabs his head again) No! I have to get out of here, its to much! (He shimmers out)

Wyatt: Aunt Prue, what is happening to Trevor?

Prue: I don't know, I'll go check with the elders! (Orbs out)

Chris: I don't think he knows what's happening to him!

Wyatt: But he came to help us, that has to mean something!

Chris: (Grabs the picture of him, Wyatt and Trevor) OH MY GOD! (Grabs his head and goes into a premonition, this is unlike any premonition he has ever had. His body is actually in the premonition as if it was happening in real time and not as if he was seeing the future. He sees Trevor sitting on the thrown of Saajohn, both Wyatt and Chris are on their knees in front of Trevor, chains around their necks, hands chained behind their backs as a pole is wedge behind their backs. Trevor creates a whip of fire and starts to whip Chris and Wyatt, as each smack of the whip hits Chris, the real Chris also feels the sting and gets burned by the whipping. Chris comes out of the premonition and falls to the floor in pain)

Leo: Heal him!

Piper: Honey just hang on!

Chris: (Yelling) Trevor! It just cant be!

Wyatt: (Finishes healing him and helps him up) What did you see?

Chris: Trevor, he was whipping us! I think its safe to say my powers have just grown!

Wyatt: You think!

Chris: That was so horrible, I have never felt such pain! (He puts his hand on Wyatt's shoulder and suddenly feels what Wyatt's feeling) Why are you so angry?

Wyatt: Who said I was angry, I'm just nervous!

Chris: No your angry, like you want to punch a wall, you think this is all your fault!

Wyatt: Chris, I didn't say anything like that!

Piper: Oh, Leo, the elders must have really gave him a power boost!

Chris: Why do you say that?

Leo: Your becoming empathic! You can read anyone's feelings and emotions!

Chris: And how is that suppose to help us right now!

Wyatt: Think about it, Trevor has some serious mental issues going on and what better than the ability to read him!

Piper: You should talk to you aunt Phoebe, she can help you to get a handle on your powers!

Chris: If Trevor has really turned evil, what are we going to do?

Wyatt: Will save him! We have to save him!

Chris: This isn't going to be easy!

Wyatt: Is anything in our lives ever easy!

Police station-

Captain: (The captain of the police department is sitting at his desk talking to Inspector Morris) Its good to have you back Darrel!

DJ: Please captain call me DJ!

Captain: Your dad was the best lieutenant on the force!

DJ: So I know you called in a few favors to get me here! Want to tell me why?

Captain: Straight to the point! One of my inspectors has gone missing and I need you to help figure out what happened!

DJ: Which inspector?

Captain: it's a little more complicated than that!

DJ: How so?

Captain: You're friends with Wyatt Halliwell, correct?

DJ: We grew up together, we're like brothers!

Captain: And you know Andre!

DJ: Sure, we all went to school together, which you obviously already know!

Captain: That's why I needed you, you're the only person that will be able to get close enough to find out what really happened!

DJ: Ok, can we start with what really happened?

Captain: Andre has disappeared! I've put all of my best men on it and no one has turned up anything! Its like she vanished into this air!

DJ: What does Wyatt have to do with any of this?

Captain: They have been seen together a lot lately! We had a car outside his home and know that he's ok but there is no sign of Andre anywhere!

DJ: Still doesn't tell me anything?

Captain: He never reported Andre missing! Now you tell me, how does a romantically involved guy, not report his lover missing?

DJ: How do we know they were lovers, and what if he doesn't know Andres gone, they have always had an on again off again friendship!

Captain: We know they were lovers! This is more! (Pulls a file from his drawer) Read all of this and you can tell me what you think! But I need to know that you're on board! You cant warn your friend, he is a suspect! Let me just say if you help him in anyway, or warn him in anyway! (Pulls another file out of his drawer) This will become public knowledge! 9The Captain gets up and leaves the room. DJ looks at the file, and has a horrified look on his face. He slams the file down on the desk)

DJ: Damn it! Wyatt what have you gotten yourself into this time!

End Chapter-