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Subject: The Charmed Sons

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Chapter 13- Ice Cold Truths


Tatum's apt-

Seer: (The Seer is throwing up, she walks out of the bathroom and lays on the bed.)

Trevor: Are you alright?

Tatum: Don't try to change the subject!

Trevor: Hey, I'm just worried about your mother she's been throwing up for days now!

Tatum: Trevor, I'm not kidding you need to answer me!

Trevor: Do you love me?

Tatum: Of course I do!

Trevor: And you were willing to turn good for me?

Tatum: Yes, where are you going with this?

Trevor: I just don't understand your problem with this, if you were going to turn good for me, what's the matter with me being evil?

Tatum: Its not in your nature to be evil!

Trevor: Why cause I'm a charmed one?

Tatum: Not just that, although that is reason enough!

Trevor: This is who I am now, so either you want to be with me or you don't?

Tatum: How can you even ask me that?

Trevor: You're the one who's been biting off my head about this!

Tatum: I just don't want you to do anything you will regret later!

Trevor: What like I want to be bad now and later change my mind and say oh I'm good now!

Tatum: Its not that simple!

Trevor: I have plans and I want you to be apart of them!

Tatum: What kind of plans?

Trevor: I want to rule the underworld and I want you to rule by my side! (Tatum, gets up runs to the bathroom and joins his mother in throwing up!)


The Manor-

Chris: (Wyatt is walking into the sunroom as Chris orbs in) Incoming! (A demon made of ice appears in a cloud of white smoke, he throws thick icicles at Chris and Wyatt as they run into the living room. The icicles stick into the wall right behind them as they are running)

Wyatt: Mom is going to kill us, dad just painted those walls!

Chris: Blow up now! Talk later! (Wyatt turns around and waves his hands at the demon to blow him up but the ice demon creates a wall of ice to shield him from being blow up, the ice wall blows up instead)

Wyatt: Ok that didn't work lets get upstairs! (They take off running up the stairs, the ice demon throws more icicles at them, each just missing them and hitting the wall just behind them.)

Chris: (Running to the book) What the heck am I looking for?

Wyatt: I don't know, try ice demon! I'll keep him back as long as I can! (The demon enters the attic, Wyatt tries blowing him up again, but the ice demon creates more ice walls!) Hurry Chris!

Chris: Found it! But we need the power of three!

Wyatt: Great! (He holds out his hand and call for a potion off the table!) Potion! (It orbs into his hand, he waves his hand to blow the demon up. Again the demon creates another ice wall, but as he does Wyatt throws the potion, it hit's the ice demons chest and a white liquid runs down his chest, he disappears in a cloud of smoke)

Chris: That was close!

Wyatt: We cant keep doing this, we need to get Trevor back!

Opening Credits Roll- We see different parts of San Francisco, the bridge, downtown high rises, the traffic on the streets as "Love is going to save us" by Benny Bennassi plays in the background. We end at the Halliwell manor!


Wyatt: (Chris is pulling out the pieces of icicles out of the wall, while Wyatt holds a bucket) We cant keep getting lucky like that all the time!

Chris: Tell me about it, I just finished registering for classes and was going to go to the bathroom to orb home, when he attacked me in the bathroom, Talk about getting cocky!

Wyatt: From now on we need to carry three different potions at all time!

Chris: We should also tell mom and dad, its not safe for them to stay here right now!

Wyatt: Your right! (Door bell rings) I'll get it!

Chris: Sure my hands are frozen anyways!

Wyatt: (Opening the door) DJ! (They hug) When did you get back?

DJ: Just a few days ago!

Wyatt: I bet Darrel senior is happy to have his boy back!

DJ: Mom and dad are thrilled!

Wyatt: Come in! How long are you here for?

DJ: I actually got transferred back here!

Wyatt: That's awesome!

DJ: (Sees Chris) Hey Chris how's school going?

Chris: Its good! (Gives him a dirty look)

DJ: I actually need to talk to you about something important Wyatt!

Wyatt: Sure what's up?

DJ: Its about Andre! He's missing and I was wondering if you knew anything about that?

Wyatt: (Putting his head down) DJ, (Pause) it's a long story!

DJ: I need to know, I'm worried, so tell me what's going on!

Wyatt: DJ! (Chris starts feeling DJ's emotions)

Chris: (Interrupting) Wyatt! (Wyatt ignores him, so he yells) Wyatt!

Wyatt: What is it?

Chris: (Waves his hands in a gesture to get Wyatt to freeze the room)

Wyatt: What did you hurt your hands from the ice?

Chris: No! I um wish time would just freeze!

Wyatt: Oh! (Getting the hint he freezes DJ) What is it?

Chris: Wyatt, I don't think you should tell him!

Wyatt: He loves Andre too, he has a right to know!

Chris: He's hiding something from you, I feel all this nervousness and also he is way scared!

Wyatt: I would be too, if I were trying to find out what happened to my friend!

Chris: Its your call, but I'm telling you something is wrong, my spider senses are tingling!

Wyatt: I need to do this! (He unfreezes DJ)

DJ: You (Waving his hands up and down) me?

Wyatt: Sorry, Chris needed me!

DJ: I really don't miss you doing that!

Chris: DJ, is there something you want to tell us?

Wyatt: Chris!

DJ: Why do you say that?

Chris: The fact that you are panicked with emotions!

DJ: it's a known face that you don't like me Chris, so If you have something to say, just say it!

Chris: I am saying it, I think your hiding something!

DJ: I just want to know what happened to my friend! Look, Wyatt will talk later!

Wyatt: Wait DJ!

Chris: Let him go!

Wyatt: Chris!

DJ: (Walking to the door) Its cool, I'll get with you later! (Leaves)

Wyatt: What did you do that for?

Chris: Wyatt I told you something is up! (Walks out of the room)

Dominic's apt-

Mother: (Dominic is tending to his mother, who is resting on the couch) Really Dominic stop fussing over me, I'm fine!

Dom: I don't mind talking care of you!

Mother: Talk to me, tell me about you life, what's happened, what your doing with yourself?

Dom: Well there is just so much to tell, I don't even know where to begin! (Trevor shimmers in) Trevor your alive?

Trevor: Last time I checked!

Dom: But how?

Trevor: (Holding his hands out to his sides) Magic!

Dom: So what are you doing here, is Chris in trouble?

Trevor: I have some unfinished business!

Dom: You don't seem like yourself!

Trevor: That's strange cause I feel better than ever! (Speaking to Dominic's mother) So how does it feel to be free from the confines of your cage?

Mother: Who are you?

Trevor: I'm hurt you don't remember me!

Dom: Trevor I think you need to leave!

Trevor: but I haven't given your mother her welcome home present! (He creates a fireball in his hand and throws it at Dominic's mother, she tries to shimmer out, but Trevor holds out his hand and makes it into a fist and pulls down, not allowing her to shimmer. Dominic see's this and jumps knocking his mother over, the fireball flies over them and hit's the wall!)

Dom: Your not Trevor!

Trevor: (Looks in a mirror behind him) But I look like Trevor, hell I talk like Trevor, so I must be Trevor!

Dom: Get out of here now, I'm only going to warn you once!

Trevor: I'm shaking I'm so scared! (Dominic creates an athema throws it at him, he then shimmers out and shimmers in front of him catches the athema and puts it up to his neck!)

Dom: I said only one warning!

Trevor: Dominic, please don't hurt me, I'm sorry, I don't know what came over me! (Trevor starts laughing a sinister laugh, looks from Dominic to his mother) I'll be seeing you! (Shimmers out)

Dom: Are you alright?

Mother: Yes, but what was that all about?

Dom: There is only one person that can answer that question! (Shimmers out)

The Manor-

Dom: (Chris is reading through the book, as Dominic shimmers in) We need to talk!

Chris: I thought we took care of any unfinished business!

Dom: Your brother just tried to kill my mother!

Chris: What are you talking about?

Dom: Trevor! He just showed up at my place, acting really weird and he has demonic powers!

Chris: We are trying to figure out what's happening to him, but right now I have other problems!

Dom: I'm telling you now, that if he comes after my mother again I will kill him!

Chris: Dominic right now he's more dangerous than all of us put together, so just stay clear of him for now!

Dom: I know we have issues Chris but this is my mothers life we're talking about!

Chris: I know, I don't mean to sound callous about it!

Dom: Then tell me what's going on!

Seer's Lair-

Tatum: (Shimmers in) Mother I'm worried about Trevor, he's not himself!

Seer: This is going to be a period of adjustment!

Tatum: Then how do you explain his demonic powers?

Seer: You say it like it's a bad thing!

Tatum: For him it is! He's a charmed one!

Seer: Tatum, everything is working exactly as I foresaw it to be! (Trevor shimmers in)

Trevor: I thought I might find you here!

Tatum: Is something the matter?

Trevor: Nothing I cant handle!

Seer: Here Tatum, drink this it will sooth your stomach!

Trevor: Are both of you still not feeling any better?

Tatum: Its nothing!

Trevor: Why don't you shimmer home and rest!

Tatum: (suddenly very drowsy) Ok! (He shimmers out)

Trevor: Will it work?

Seer: It will!

Trevor: This is fantastic!

Seer: I don't think it wise to tell him just yet!

Trevor: Why not? He will be happy for us!

Seer: He is concerned about you!

Trevor: Then persuade him not to be! I have another task for you, are you up for it?

Seer: My liege!

Trevor: I want Dominic's mother killed and I want him to watch!

Seer: But they have nothing to do with your plans!

Trevor: (Angry) No one betrays me and get away with it! Get it done! (Shimmers out)

Seer: (Speaking to herself) I'll kill two birds with one stone then! I'll have her kill Chris and then I'll kill her! I must cut the ties of humanity or the will of Trevor will over power Saajohn!


Dominic's apt-

Mother: (The Seer shimmers in) What are you doing here?

Seer: I'm afraid there is a bounty on your head!

Mother: But Saajohn is dead!

Seer: A new power has risen, one stronger than Saajohn himself!

Mother: Why me?

Seer: You are just old business, but there is one way to save yourself!

Mother: What is it?

Seer: Kill Chris Halliwell!

Mother: I cant do that, Dominic!

Seer: Your life for his! You decide! You have until tonight! (Shimmers out)

The Manor-

Wyatt: I'm glad you came back DJ, sorry about earlier!

DJ: I'm use to Chris acting that way towards me! (DJ unbuttons the top three buttons on his shirt revealing a wire! Wyatt, Shocked. DJ signs to him to freeze the room, Wyatt waves his hand and freezes DJ, then unfreezes only DJ's head)

Wyatt: What the hell is going on?

DJ: I hate when you unfreeze only my head! Look we have to be quick the tape is going to record us saying nothing, you need to orb to my apt. tonight we have a lot to talk about, right now, just say you have no idea where Andre is, say he told you he needed some space and that he would call you when he is ready to talk!

Wyatt: Ok! (He waves his hand unfreezes DJ's body) Look DJ, about Andre, we started talking again but he couldn't get over the fact that I walked out on him years ago, so he said he needed some time to think things through and that he would call me when he was ready!

DJ: Looks like some things never change!

Wyatt: Hopefully will get back together, it was you who always said we belonged together!

DJ: Two peas in a pod!

Wyatt: Well, I have some things to do at the club, my brother isn't able to take care of it right now!

DJ: Still picking up after Chris?

Wyatt: Oh that's right, you don't know about Trevor!

DJ: Trevor?

Wyatt: I have another brother, its actually Chris's twin!

DJ: Ok I know I have been gone for awhile but I haven't been gone that long!

Wyatt: I'll tell you all about it another time!

DJ: Alright, I'll catch you later! (Walks out the front door. Wyatt runs up to the attic)

Wyatt: Chris we have problems!

Chris: Your telling me!

Wyatt: Hi Dominic, how's your mother?

Dom: Oh, I just got finished stopping Trevor from trying to kill her!

Wyatt: Are we ever going to get a break?

Chris: Not in this lifetime!

Wyatt: Well, you were right DJ was hiding something!

Chris: See I told you!

Wyatt: But its not what you think! (The door bell rings) Who could that be?

Chris: Its fine why don't you two go down stairs and I'll be there in a minuet! My head is pounding from this empathy power! (They walk out the attic. Chris sits down and puts his head on the table) Can things get any worse!

Mother: (Shimmers in) Actually they can! I'm sorry! (She stabs him in the back with an athema and Chris falls to the floor)

Tatum's apt-

Tatum: (Waking up from sleeping as Trevor shimmers in with bags and bags of baby stuff!) Hey, what's all this?

Trevor: Oh, just stuff we're going to need!

Tatum: (Opening the bags) Its all baby stuff! Oh my God! Why are we going to need this?

Trevor: it's the greatest news, you're mother is having our baby!

Tatum: Your kidding right!

Trevor: I thought you would be as happy as I am about this!

Tatum: What!

Trevor: (Embraces him and kisses him) We can be a family now, my queen and the heir to my empire!

Tatum: (Starts to hyperventilate) I-I cant breath (Trying to get out of the bed he passes out, Trevor catches him)

Trevor: (Waving a hand over his face) Sleep, my darling, you'll feel better in the morning!

The Manor-

Dom: (Walks back into the attic and sees Chris on the floor) Oh my God Chris! (Kneels down next to him and rests his head on his lap) Wyatt! Get up here now! (Wyatt orbs in)

Wyatt: What happened?

Dom: I just found him laying here!

Wyatt: (Grabs the athema out of Chris's back) This looks like one of yours!

Dom: (Looks at the athema!) It cant be! (Shimmers out)

Wyatt: (Heals Chris) What happened to you?

Chris: (getting up) I don't know, someone stabbed me from behind! Where is Dominic?

Wyatt: She shimmered out after seeing the athema!

Dominic's apt-

Seer: (Dominic's mother shimmers in!) Is it done?

Mother: Yes, now you need to keep your part of the bargain, take the bounty off of my head and leave me and my son alone!

Seer: I cant do that!

Mother: You bitch! I did what you asked!

Seer: And now you shall be paid in full! (Dominic's mother starts creating athema after athema and throws them at the Seer who deflects them) You know you cant hurt me!

Mother: But I'll die trying!

Seer: Then die! (The Seer creates a fireball and throws it at her, she misses and continues to throw one after the other, Dominic shimmers in)

Dom: Mother! (His mother looks at him and the Seer throws a fireball killing her) No! I'll kill you for this!

Seer: We shall see! (The Seer shimmers out. Dominic falls to his knees and cries!)

Seer's lair-

Trevor: (Seer shimmers in, Trevor is there waiting) Do you have good news for me?

Seer: I have good and bad news my Liege!

Trevor: Speak at once!

Seer: The witch is dead...but so is Chris!

Trevor: What! (Throwing everything off the table) Who, who did this?

Seer: The witch did it!

Trevor: What, why would she?

Seer: I have no idea my liege, maybe it has something to do with finding out about Chris and her son being a couple of gay men?

Trevor: (Yells) I will rip her son to shreds for this! (Grabs his head in pain) Something is wrong! (He falls to the floor)

The manor-

Chris: (Wyatt and Chris have turned the table over on its side, the ice demon is attacking them) I'll distract him you blow him up!

Wyatt: We already tried that, my power has no effect on him!

Chris: Well we cant stay hiding behind the table all night! (Dominic shimmers in)

Dom: (Seeing the demon) Demon!

Chris: We know, now get down! (The demon starts throwing icicles at Dominic, he runs and jumps over the table!)

Dom: Why are we hiding behind here?

Chris: We need the power of three to vanquish him!

Dom: Well you don't have the power of three, we should fight him!

Wyatt: Be my guest!

Chris: Maybe we could boil some water and throw it at him?

Wyatt: Sure, lets ask him if he wants to take a hot shower while were at it!

Chris: Well I'm fresh out of ideas! (The ice demon, throws more and more icicles they start to go through the table, they miss Chris by an inch) Ok that was to close! (Chris stands up and yells) Chair! (The chair orbs as Chris waves his hand in the direction of the ice demon. The chair breaks on his back but does nothing to hurt him) Ok that didn't work!

Wyatt: Try throwing an athema Dominic!

Dom: (Throws athema after athema and they all bounce off) I've got nothing!

Chris: Damn it, Trevor we need you! (Trevor's astral self appears in the attic behind the ice demon)

Trevor: (Waving his hand he sends the demon flying against the wall, Wyatt, Chris and Dominic all stand up and turn around) I need your help!

Chris: Can we vanquish him first! (Running to the book) Come on you guys!

The guys: Spirits of air sand and sea, converge to get the charmed ones free, (The ice demon throws icicles at them, Trevor holds his hand out and sends them flying back at him) In the wind we send this rhyme, take the ice demon from space and time! (A wind circles the ice man, making him turn and turn, till he melts like water into the ground and disappears)

Wyatt: Thank God!

Trevor: (Waves his hands sending Wyatt and Chris flying, then looks at Dominic!) Don't even think about it, this is between my brothers and me!

Chris: Trevor, what are you doing?

Trevor: How could you guys use me? You played with my head, made me think we were brothers! Just so you could use me to kill Saajohn!

Wyatt: Trevor, that's not true! You are our brother! We love you!

Trevor: (Holds his head) No! Stop lying to me! (Waves his hand sending the table across the room and the couch against the wall) You guys never cared about me, I was a means to an end!

Chris: Trevor, look at me, look into my eyes, you're my brother, someone is filling your head with all these lies, you cant believe them! You have to fight it!

Trevor: (Holding his head, tears running down his face) I don't know what to believe, I don't even know how I got here, is this real, or it this just another hell that I am in?

Wyatt: This is real, you're with us in our home, let us help you, please!

Trevor: Help me, you want to help me, you were suppose to protect me, instead you left me, if you guys really did love me, you, you, no I did it, I jumped, (Pulling on his hair now) no I don't know, my head is filled with so many things, I'm so confused, Chris, Wyatt, I cant hurt you, I wont, its so dark! (Falls to his knees)

Chris: Wyatt, we have to help him! (Walks over to Trevor)

Trevor: (Grabbing Chris's legs) No, I don't want to go back, its so dark there, the pain, the torture, I cant, please help me, I don't want to go! NO! (His astral self leaves)

Chris: That wasn't the real Trevor, that was his astral body!

Dom: What does that mean?

Wyatt: Trevor is in more trouble than we thought!

Seer Lair-

Seer: (Standing next to Trevor's body) Wake up, you have to wake up!

Trevor: (coming too) Wha-what! No he went to his brothers!

Seer: Who went to his brothers? (Helping him up)

Trevor: Trevor! He astral projected himself!

Seer: Does he know anything, that he could have told them?

Trevor: No, he just ranted like a madman! But his brothers are smart, it wont take them long to figure it out! I've come to far, to let them interfere!

Seer: Maybe its time to switch tactics?

Trevor: What do you suggest? (The Seer smiles)

The Manor-

Chris: (Chris is pacing as Dominic is sitting staring at him) This is all our faults!

Dom: No one is to blame, Saajohn tricked us all!

Chris: I cant even imagine what he is going through!

Dom: Chris, there is something else! Its, its my mother!

Chris: What happened is she alright?

Dom: She tried to kill you!

Chris: What is it with the people in your family always trying to kill me!

Dom: Once I saw the athema, I knew it was hers, so I went to confront her!

Chris: And what did she say?

Dom: (Starts crying) The Seer was there and she...she killed my mother!

Chris: Oh My God, Dominic, I'm so sorry! (Goes over and holds him as he cries onto his shoulder) But I don't understand, I saw Saajohn throw the Seer into the vortex!

Dom: it was her Chris, I saw her with my own two eyes!

Chris: I think all of these things are connected! I promise you they will all pay for what they have done, to Trevor and your mother!

DJ's apt-

DJ: (Wyatt orbs in, puts his hand on DJ's shoulder and orbs out with him. They orb to the top of the Golden Gate bridge!) Could you give me a little more warning next time! (Walks over and looks over the side of the top of the bridge)

Wyatt: DJ, everything is falling apart! My life is so screwed up right now!

DJ: What's going on Wyatt, talk to me?

Wyatt: I don't even know where to begin!

DJ: Wyatt, I have never seen you like this before!

Wyatt: I've never faced anything like this! I thought my brother was dead, instead he's just losing his mind!

DJ: Which brother?

Wyatt: Trevor! He sacrificed his life to save us, only to somehow be brought back!

DJ: What do you mean brought back are we talking spirit here?

Wyatt: No, he's real! Just really messed up, he has demonic powers and has all this hate for Chris and me, which I cant blame him, its all my fault!

DJ: Wyatt, I know you and if there had been another way, you would have been the first to have gone that route!

Wyatt: I just feel like I'm useless, I couldn't save him for that matter!

DJ: Well is sounds like you have been given a second chance. You'll figure out away to save him!

Wyatt: Thanks, its great to have you back!

DJ: I don't know about all that, I have a whole set of different problems for you!

Wyatt: What's going on what was with the wire?

DJ: The captain, he brought me back here, so that he could use our friendship to have you put your guard down and trust me with inside information!

Wyatt: I don't understand, inside information on what!

DJ: That's just it, its about you and you're family! He has a file on you so huge, of all the unsolved murders that you and you're family are connected too!

Wyatt: So, he thinks we had something to do with them?

DJ: I think its more than that! There is something else!

Wyatt: When it rains it pours!

DJ: He has a file on me! He's using it to blackmail me into spying on you!

Wyatt: What's in the file?

DJ: Don't ask me that please!

Wyatt: DJ, you have to tell me, I cant help you if you don't!

DJ: You cant help me, no one can!

Wyatt: So you're willing to save my family and me, but your not going to let me help you?

DJ: Wyatt, I just, I cant tell you right now!

Wyatt: Well, I cant force you, actually I could do a little spell!

DJ: Wyatt, don't you start that again!

Wyatt: I'm just kidding, I know you will tell me, when your ready!

DJ: So what happened to Andre?

Wyatt: He died, trying to save me from and fireball!

DJ: Oh, no!

Wyatt: He jumped on my back as we were orbing down to the underworld! We were going into a big battle, if he had only known that I have a force field protecting me, he wouldn't have to of jumped in front of it!

DJ: Wyatt, Andre would have jumped anyway, you're the only person he has ever loved, he would have gladly died for you over and over again!

Wyatt: Well he did die, and I don't feel good about it at all!

DJ: Wyatt, I have talked to Andre almost every week since I left, and he never got over you, he never tired to date anyone else, he always felt one day you would find you're way back to him!

Wyatt: A lot of good that did him, I should never have gotten back together with him!

DJ: You don't mean that, he loved you, you loved him, its more than most people get to feel in their whole life time!

Wyatt: You're right, I know, I just miss him so much, this time it was going to be different between us, he knew my secret I didn't have to hide, it was going to be great!

DJ: I'm sorry bro! (Hugs him) So what are we going to do about the wire?

Wyatt: Now that, I can write a spell for! I'll word the spell so that it creates a different conversation every time you are with anyone from my family!

DJ: Its so good to be back!

Wyatt: You couldn't have come at a better time! Now lets get you down from here!

DJ: Remember that time you pushed me off the side!

Wyatt: You peed your pants, I'll never forget that!

DJ: Jerk! (Wyatt orbs out with DJ0

Seer's Lair-

Trevor: (Trevor is chained to a cave wall. He shouts into the air) Prue, Prue please I need your help. She orbs in)

Prue: Nice try!

Trevor: Prue, I don't know what your talking about, now please help me, I just woke up here to find myself chained to this wall, I have no idea where I am or how I got here!

Prue: You can cut the act, I know your not Trevor!

Trevor: (Waving his hands the chains disappear) What gave me away, I thought I was giving my best performance of Trevor!

Prue: I did a little bit of research, to find out what the real prophecy said!

Trevor: Just like a white lighter always sticking their nose in where it doesn't belong!

Prue: Trevor is trapped inside Saajohn's body, isn't that right Saajohn?

Trevor: He's exactly where you all allowed him to be!

Prue: Its my fault and now I'm here to correct my mistake!

Trevor: You think you can stop me?

Prue: That's the thing about prophecies, you cant always trust what you read!

Trevor: Speaking from experience!

Prue: You needed Trevor to give in, to let you have full control of his body, but his spirit is strong, its fighting to take back control. If he gives in to you, you take over his body, his brothers will become evil, from their bond of brotherhood!

Trevor: You think your so clever!

Prue: Let's not forget about your heir! The Seer is pregnant, you needed Trevor and you're combined power to create a demon child stronger than the Source of all evil himself!

Trevor: So very close, but your missing a few things! Seer! (The Seer shimmer in) It seems your vision of this white lighter has come to pass! See aunt Prue, I hope you don't mind me calling you that! The Seer already told me that you would come to find out things beyond your comprehension! So you might think you were coming to save Trevor but really its just a trap for you! (Prue throws a potion Trevor stops it in midair) Now, now, we were getting along so well!

Prue: There is more were that came from! (She tires to rob out but cant)

Trevor: My powers go farther than you can imagine! (He waves his hand, entrapping Prue in a cage) Seer, see to it our guest remembers nothing!

Seer: Yes, my liege! (The Seer walks to the cage, grabs a pouch from her side, pulls out some glitter and throws it on Prue) Who are you my child?

Prue: I'm, I, um, I don't know! (Faith starts to panic. The Seer smiles as she walks away. Prue starts shouting) Who am I? Don't leave me in here! Come back!

End Chapter-