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Subject: The Charmed Sons

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Chapter 14- Persona


The Manor-

Chris: (Talking to Wyatt and Dominic in the attic) Alright here's what we know so far! Saajohn, plants a fake prophecy! We see him kill the Seer. Trevor jumps into the vortex with him. Trevor mysteriously reappears. Has demonic powers. The Seer is alive as well. Trevor tries to kill Dominic's mother. Dominic's mother then tries to kill me. Seer kills Dominic's mother. Trevor astral projects himself here, doesn't seem to know, where he is or what's going on!

Wyatt: So, somehow the Seer and Saajohn must have had this all planed out. The prophecy was in place to what, possess Trevor? But why? And what does killing Dominic's mother do?

Dom: From the way that Trevor was speaking to my mother, it sounded like he knew her, but they've never met!

Chris: So let me throw something out there! Trevor, wanted your mom dead, he tries and it didn't work, sends the Seer to do it, but instead she has her first try to kill me and when she thinks she did it, goes back to your apt. only to find the Seer is waiting to kill her. But to what end, what does this accomplish?

Wyatt: So, are we ruling out that Saajohn is alive?

Chris: If the Seer and Trevor are still alive what is to stop Saajohn from being alive also?

Dom: But why wouldn't he have made a move, Saajohn doesn't strike me as the lay in wait kind of guy. He would want to make his presence known!

Wyatt: So will say he's alive, do we think he's controlling Trevor? Or do we think Trevor is possessed?

Chris: I would say, he's possessed, only because he was able to astral project! If he was being controlled he never would have been able to do that!

Dom: That's true, but what about your white lighter, what has she said about any of this?

Wyatt: We haven't seen aunt Prue in days! (Shouting into the air) Prue, aunt Prue!

Chris: That's not like aunt Prue!

Wyatt: Great, you think they have her?

Dom: I say its time we talk to Tatum!

Chris: Good idea but how do you plan on getting past Trevor?

Dom: I'll find a way and I'll bring him here! (Shimmers out)

Tatum's apt-

Tatum: Mother what is this stuff you keep giving me to drink?

Seer: Its to help you through all the wounds you received! (He drinks it) Now just rest!

Tatum: Where is Trevor?

Seer: He'll be here later to see you! He had some business to attend to!

Tatum: What kind of business?

Seer: Do not concern you're self with these types of things. You know he has a lot to do in preparing to take over the underworld!

Tatum: (Becoming drowsy) Mother, how could you get pregnant by the man I love, he's gay, I don't understand!

Seer: I did what had to be done, what you as a man could not do. Now sleep my son! (Shimmers out. As the Seer shimmered out, Dominic shimmers in, he grabs a ball out of his pocket and throws it on the floor, the room is sealed in a glow. On one of the walls as it seals the chameleon demon is thrown off, as he is shocked. Dominic runs at him, he uses his tongue to pull Dominic down by his legs, he gets on top of Dominic, Dominic creates an athema and stabs him in the chest, he bleeds a green liquid all over Dominic, as he finally explodes!)

Dom: (Wiping the green liquid off) Gross! (Walks over to Tatum) Tatum, wake up! (He shakes him but nothing happens) What have they done to you?

Tatum: (Incoherently speaking) T-tired, to w-weak!

Dom: I have to get you out of here! (They shimmer out)

Opening Credits Roll- Images of San Francisco are seen as "How could this happen to me" by Simple Plan plays! We end at the front of the Halliwell Manor.

The Manor-

Dom: (Wyatt and Chris are walking downstairs from the attic, as Dominic shimmers in with Tatum) A little help here guys!

Chris: I thought you were just going to ask him some questions not kill him!

Dom: I didn't do this to him, he was like this when I found him!

Wyatt: What do you think is wrong with him?

Dom: I don't know, he was rambling earlier!

Chris: Ok between both of your emotions running high, my head feels like its going to explode!

Wyatt: We need to do something about this!

Chris: I've already downed a bottle of aspirin! Now can you guys go into the next room, so I can try and get a read off of him! (As they walk out, Chris puts his hands on him, he gets a premonition, he see's flashes, images of Trevor talking with the Seer, the Seer giving Tatum something to drink and Tatum passing out each time. He then see's the world in Chaos, demons killing humans with fireballs, killing them with athemas, and energy balls, buildings burning, humans chained together, being whipped and finally a hooded figure sitting on a thrown) OH MY GOD!

Wyatt: (Shouting from the next room) What is it? (Chris comes in)

Chris: The end of life as we know it!

An Alley-

DJ: (DJ is chasing two guys, he has his gun pulled out, as he traps them in an alley) Put your guns down, I have you surrounded!

Bad guy: I'm not going back to jail!

DJ: This doesn't have to end bad! (They start shooting at DJ, as the bullets are heading at him suddenly everything freezes he see's the bullet frozen in mid air) Wyatt! (He looks around for Wyatt, when a demon shimmers in)

Mateo: Darrel! How long did you think you could hide from Lord Byrne?

DJ: (Moving back away from Mateo) I'm not hiding, I still have time!

Mateo: Ha, ha, ha, you have on more month left! (Walks over and takes the bullet that's suspended in mid air, looks at it and drops it too the floor.) We cant have you die before then!

DJ: Glad to see your so concerned about me!

Mateo: I'll be seeing you! (Holds out his hands, the guns from the bad guys come flying at him) I'll take these with me, free of charge! (Shimmers out)

DJ: (Speaking to himself) Great DJ, how are you going to get out of this mess?

Seer's Lair-

Trevor: We have to make this real!

Seer: We make you look like you have been beaten and put you in with the white lighter!

Trevor: We need something more! We need her to get them to do the spell!

Seer: What about a possessor demon?

Trevor: That's it, if they vanquish a possessor demon, they will think they have separated me from the demon that has kept me trapped! Brilliant! (Waves his hand and a demon appears)

Possessor demon: Who dares summon me!

Trevor: I did!

Possessor Demon: I'll snap your neck! (As he moves towards Trevor, Trevor raises his hand and as if he was holding on to the demons neck, he squeezes his hand into a fist, causing the possessor demon to stop in his tracks and grabs his own neck. Trevor then raises his fist in the air and the possessor demon raises above the ground)

Trevor: (Eyes turn fully black) Now, I have a job for you! (Drops him to the floor)

Possessor Demon: Forgive me Lord Saajohn, I thought you to be dead!

Trevor: Did no one ever tell you, it was dangerous for you to have any kind of thought!

The Manor-

Dom: (Lifting Tatum up) Tatum, slowly, do you know what happened to you?

Tatum: No! Its been happening to me a lot!

Wyatt: We need to know, what you know about Trevor?

Tatum: What, so now where all suppose to be best friends?

Dom: You may not be friends with them, but you and I are! And I know you love Trevor and wouldn't want anything to happen to him!

Wyatt: We saved your life and Trevor is our brother and he's in trouble!

Tatum: If he finds out that I'm talking to you guys, he's going to be very angry!

Chris: Tatum please, you have to help us to help him!

Tatum: I don't know how to explain it, he came back evil! Sometimes he's like the old Trevor, and other times he's so angry! He has plans to rule the underworld, him and my mother are working together!

Chris: Tatum, would you say its like Trevor is possessed?

Tatum: That's hard to say, because a possessor demon isn't able to tap into the host body's memories! Trevor knows his past!

Wyatt: Then do you think he's being controlled by someone?

Tatum: All these thoughts have run through my head already, but I havent been able to look into anything, I, I've been so weak! My mother is pregnant with Trevor's baby!

Chris: We know!

Tatum: But how?

Chris: I had a premonition! Also, I think you should know your mother is poisoning you!

Tatum: This is to much to handle!

Dom: You're not alone, we will help you through this!

Tatum: But he's so powerful!

Chris: Will save (Chris's body jumps back in his seat) Premonition! (He see's Trevor and Prue in a cage. There in Saajohn's lair. He sees a demon leave Trevor's body and then stands in front of the cage and then the cage explodes)

Wyatt: Chris, what is it?

Chris: Its Trevor and Prue, I saw them die!

Tatum: I have to go to him!

Dom: You're not going anywhere, we have to get you back before someone notices that you're gone!

Tatum: But...

Wyatt: No butt's about, this is most likely a trap!

Chris: Will keep in touch, don't tell anyone anything, and don't drink anymore of that stuff, you're mother is most likely poisoning you, so you wont be able to stop whatever they have planned!

The Police Station-

DJ: (Walking into the Captains office) You wanted to see me!

Captain: Close the door behind you! Great job today!

DJ: Thanks!

Captain: So where do we stand on the Halliwell case?

DJ: Just what you heard on the tape! He has no clue!

Captain: Morris, need I remind you the trouble you'll be in, if you're file should some how come to light!

DJ: Captain, I'm telling you, I have known Wyatt all my life, if he were lying to me, I would know!

Captain: Then how do you explain these? (He hands him another file)

DJ: (Looking through them) Where did you get these from?

Captain: We found them at Andre's apartment. He was following Wyatt, so you tell me if he's not lying to you, why was Andre after him?

DJ: This makes absolutely no sense! Andre would never have done this, unless it was for personal reasons!

Captain: His reasons are right in front of you, he was on to something, we just need to find out what! I believe he found out about it, and in a fit of rage, Wyatt killed Andre!

DJ: Captain, your grasping at straws, Wyatt, would never kill anyone!

Captain: Then you can either, find out if he did have anything to do with his disappearance, or you can clear his name, either way get it done!

DJ: Can I have this file to look over?

Captain: Take it, everything has been copied already! (DJ gets up and leaves. The Captain walks over to the door and shuts it, he closes all the blinds) You can come out now! (A hooded demon shimmers in)

Daemon: Time is running out! Byrne has already sent Mateo after him!

Captain: They wouldn't dare harm him!

Daemon: They cant get his soul, before I get his powers!

Captain: I wont let that happen!

Daemon: He must betray Wyatt, they can not be permitted to join forces! Do what you must, but I warn you, make it happen or it will be your destruction! (Shimmers out)

The Manor-

Chris: (Gathering potions) Your not going with us!

Dom: Last time I checked we weren't together!

Chris: Were not, but that doesn't mean I'm going to intentionally put you in harms way!

Dom: They killed my mother, I owe them pain!

Chris: That's my point exactly, your doing this out of revenge! Its going to blind you and endanger the rest of us!

Dom: What if it's a trap, were stronger in numbers!

Chris: If we don't come back then you'll just have to come rescue us!

Dom: I don't have to listen to you!

Chris: Don't make me use magic on you!

Dom: You wouldn't?

Chris: Want to test me?

Dom: You're insufferable!

Chris: I know!

That Manor-

DJ: (Comes walking in the front door as Wyatt is about to go up stairs. Angry) Wyatt, I need to talk to you!

Wyatt: This isn't a good time DJ!

DJ: Then make it one! Why didn't you tell me Andre had you followed?

Wyatt: I didn't think it was important! What's this all about?

DJ: He had pictures of you and a whole file on you! Do you know how suspicious this makes you look?

Wyatt: Andre told me all of that, he just figured that if he found out my secret on his own it would make it easier for me to talk to him about everything!

DJ: The Captain has the file, he feels you found out he was following you and that you had him killed!

Wyatt: What do you think?

DJ: I don't know what to think anymore!

Wyatt: You've know me our whole lives and that's the best you can do!

DJ: Wyatt, he's breathing down my neck man!

Wyatt: DJ, you have to tell me what he has on you!

DJ: I cant Wyatt, you'd never forgive me!

Wyatt: I think this has more to do with you than it does me and Andre!

DJ: Why do you say that?

Wyatt: It doesn't add up, this sudden interest in me, Andre's disappearance, those pictures of me, don't have anything supernatural in them! There is nothing that incriminates me!

DJ: So you think this is all a set up?

Wyatt: Something is definitely off here and I promise you when I get back will look into it!

DJ: What's going on?

Wyatt: A lot! Too much to go into! (Chris and Dominic come down the stairs)

Chris: What's he doing here, aren't you ready to leave?

Wyatt: As ready as I'm ever going to get!

DJ: Do you need me to go with you?

Dom: If he goes I'm going too!

Wyatt: Thanks, but not this time, we don't know what were walking into!

Chris: Lets go!

Wyatt: DJ, when I get back your going to have to tell me everything, and I mean it, everything! (They orb out)

Dom: Hi, I'm Dominic!

DJ: Hey, DJ!

Dom: Do you want to follow them?

DJ: I don't know it could be dangerous!

DJ: So what are you chicken?

DJ: Girl who you calling chicken!

Dom: I'll take that as a yes! (Dominic holds onto him and shimmers out)

Saajohn's Lair-

Wyatt: (Chris and Wyatt approach the entrance to the cave) Ready with the potions?

Chris: Armed and dangerous!

Wyatt: This reeks of a trap!

Chris: Isn't it always!

Wyatt: When we get Trevor, use your apathetic ability to see who were dealing with!

Chris: Like I have a choice, I just cant control this power yet!

Wyatt: Here goes nothing! (They enter the cave it looks empty, in the middle of the room is a cage, inside Prue and Trevor are knocked out)

Chris: I'll try and get them out you watch my back! (Chris walks over to the cage) Trevor, Prue, wake up!

Wyatt: Just get the cage opened! (Three demons shimmer in around Chris, four around Wyatt and five others around the room, two in front of the door. The Seer shimmers in)

Seer: I was beginning to wonder if you would ever show up!

Wyatt: Hope we didn't keep you waiting!

Seer: The charmed duo, I expected you to be smarter, figuring out where your brother and the white lighter have been. It sure took you long enough!

Chris: I had to get my hair done, wanted to look my best for you!

Seer: You must be the funny one! I'm really not amused!

Wyatt: You certainly went to a lot of trouble, what do you hope to gain?

Seer: Power! Its always about power, who has the most and how to get it away!

Wyatt: Where is Saajohn, cause I know your not running the show here, your not smart enough!

Seer: Saajohn is dead!

Chris: Funny, I could say the same thing about you, but here you stand!

Seer: Saajohn is dead, I only needed your brother to extract the power of Saajohn from within him!

Wyatt: So you planned everything from the get go! The prophecy, Trevor, Trevor's spawn of Satan, the end of the world!

Seer: Oh it goes farther back than that! It was I who took Trevor as a baby!

Chris: You bitch! (A demon smacks Chris on the face, he spits blood from his mouth onto the floor)

Seer: Watch your mouth! My minions wont be so kind next time!

Wyatt: Why did you take him as a baby?

Seer: I was able to prepare his body, to receive the power of a higher being! If I had left him with you're parents there would have been no way for me to get close enough to him! Each night while he was asleep, I preformed the rituals required, he simply thought he was having nightmares and with no knowledge of magic, it was easy to do all the spells and rituals without him knowing!

Wyatt: Mark my words, one day you will know pain and suffering, unlike anything you have ever felt before!

Seer: From where I'm standing you're in no position to make threats!

Dom: (Shimmering in with DJ) How about if we even up the odds a little, bitch!

Chris: Thanks for not listening! (Dominic creates an athema in each hand and runs at the demons, he blocks their punches as he stabs them, he jumps up kicking two demons, lands and stabs a demon coming at him, he makes it to Chris)

Dom: Now would be a good time to start using those potions!

Chris: I'm on it! (Chris levitates upward and starts throwing potions, killing demons as they are trying to grab him and pull him down!)

DJ: Wyatt look out! (As a demon comes up behind Wyatt with an axe, DJ does a spin jump kick that sends the demon flying)

Wyatt: (Turning around) Nice moves, but when we get out of this, I'm going to kick your ass!

DJ: Bring it on! (A demon comes at DJ, while one slide steps knocking DJ down on the ground, the demon lifts his axe and goes to bring it down, when DJ raises his hands, each hand forms a blue/white colored oval shield, as the axe hit's the shield, the axe bounces back at the demon and he explodes. DJ looks at his hands then at Wyatt, shrugs and then continues fighting)

Wyatt: Chris stop messing around and get them out of that cage! (Wyatt waves his hands blowing up demons, two grab him from behind, Wyatt kicks his legs up and back knocking them in the face with his feet. He lands back on his feet, does a spin kick knocking one demon back into three that are approaching, he waves his hands and they exploded, Wyatt then orbs next to the Seer) Its just me and you now!

Seer: You have not the power to vanquish me!

Wyatt: Will see about that! (He waves his hands and tries to blow her up, we see little explosions on her body, that push her back, but do nothing more)

Seer: Only the power of three can destroy me and I made sure that would never happen!

Wyatt: What did you do?

Seer: Trevor, will never harm me!

Wyatt: Does Tatum know what you did to Trevor?

Seer: My son only knows what he needs to know!

Wyatt: Lets see if this works! (He spin kicks her in the face, she is bleeding from her mouth) Not talking now are you! (As she is hunched over, he kicks up sending her flying backwards and landing on her ass)

Seer: Enjoy yourself while you can, soon you will feel the wrath of true evil! (She shimmers out)

Chris: Dominic, keep them off me, while I find the right potion to open this cage! (He digs through his bag of potions till he finds a purple potion! He throws it and the door explodes off of its hinges)

Dom: I got your back!

Chris: Wyatt! I got them! (He orbs Prue and Trevor out of there)

Wyatt: Dominic, go I got DJ! (Wyatt orbs out with DJ)

The Manor-

Wyatt: That was too easy, I don't like it!

DJ: What fight were you watching?

Chris: No, Wyatt's right, its like they let us walk right out of there! (Trevor and Prue start to wake up)

Wyatt: Hey are you guys ok?

Prue: Where am I, who are you?

Trevor: (Looking at Wyatt) Chris, how did I get here?

Wyatt: Who am I?

Trevor: My brother!

Wyatt: What's my name?

Trevor: Chris!

Wyatt: (Pointing to Chris) And what's his name?

Trevor: He's Wyatt, why are you asking me these questions?

Wyatt: Just making sure! (He walks over to Chris) Where is the white one?

Chris: White one? Oh, white one! (He reaches in his bag of potions takes the white one and gives it to Wyatt, they walk over to Trevor and Wyatt throws the white potion at him, the possessor demon gets knocked out of Trevor's body)

Wyatt: Thought so! (Trevor stands up, Wyatt waves his hands and freezes the demon then unfreezes his head) Who sent you!

Possessor demon: The tooth fairy!

Wyatt: (Blows up one of his arms) I can do this all night!

Possessor demon: (Screams in pain) I cant tell you!

Wyatt: (Blows up his other arm) Next time I go for the family jewels!

Possessor Demon: Alright, alright I'll tell you! (His eyes look to Trevor, but Trevor grabs a potion from Chris's bad and throws it at the demon)

Wyatt: What the hell did you do that for?

Trevor: He's never going to tell you the truth, plus I already know that it was the Seer that did this to us!

Chris: Trevor's right, he would never have told us anything! Why don't we let Trevor go take a shower and change his clothes!

Trevor: That sounds great, we can talk later! (He walks out of the room to the stairs)

Wyatt: You want to tell me what the hell your doing?

Chris: I couldn't read him at all, it was like he was blocking me or something!

Wyatt: How do we know if that's really Trevor or not?

Chris: We don't and that demon was looking at him with fear!

Wyatt: I know, but why would the demon possess him, only to be scared of him?

Dom: I'm telling you this had to have been a trap all along!

Wyatt: Lets see what Prue can tell us!

Chris: Nothing, she doesn't even know who we are!

Wyatt: We have to try! Prue, you really don't remember who we are?

Prue: Is that my name, Prue?

Wyatt: Yes you're Prue, and you're our white lighter!

Prue: White lighter?

Chris: This is going to be a long night!

Wyatt: Dominic can you try? Chris, you look in the book for something to bring back memory, I think the aunts used one on mom before. DJ, me and you need to have a little talk! (They walk into the kitchen)

DJ: I know what your going to ask?

Wyatt: Then you better start talking, cause I'm really dying to know how you have powers!

DJ: I don't know!

Wyatt: How could you not know?

DJ: I've never been able to use them before! Look its best if I start at the beginning! When I was in collage, I started dating this girl, I was sure I found the one for me! She introduced me to her friends, these two guys and another girl! Well they were into the craft, none of them had any active powers, mostly just summoning the elements, calling spirits stuff like that. I didn't think it was a big deal, since I knew what real magic was through you!

Wyatt: Ok!

DJ: Well, one of the guys, Rob, he brought a book one night, the book invoked a God, too beseech him for powers! I never thought it would work, or I never would have done it Wyatt, you have to believe me!

Wyatt: What happened DJ, what did you do?

DJ: When he read the spell, I knew it would never work, I mean come on, I learned enough being here all the time, so I took the book, formed the circle, arranged the words the right way and preformed the invoking! Next thing I knew the wind started blowing, everyone was screaming, a demon appeared...Wyatt I have never seen so much blood in my whole life, I mean he tore their bodies to shreds. He said that I summoned him here asking for power and that a sacrifice must be made, I said no I don't want any power, I take it back, please bring them back. I never thought this would really work! He told me its too late, he took the souls of everyone there and told me to enjoy my gifts while I have them, for he would be back for my soul in all due time!

Wyatt: Oh DJ, I'm so sorry!

DJ: Wyatt, now he's come back to collect! It wasn't a God we invoked just a demon, Byrne is his name and he already sent someone after me, the demon Mateo, he came to me and told me I only have a month left!

Wyatt: Will protect you!

DJ: I cant ask you to do that!

Wyatt: You don't have to ask, you're a brother to me! Is this what the captain has on you?

DJ: I didn't know what to do, after a while of sitting there staring at their dead bodies, I called my dad, he came right away, called in some favors and made everything go away! Somehow the captain has a file on the whole thing. My dad was just protecting me, he'll be in so much trouble too!

Wyatt: I think we need to find out, about captain Roberts!

DJ: You think he's a demon?

Wyatt: It would make sense! Things just don't add up with him!

DJ: Wyatt, thank you, I feel like a weight has been lifted telling you!

Wyatt: I'm always here for you! Now you said girl, what happened to liking boys?

DJ: You know I go both ways! (They walk back into the sun room)

Wyatt :Did you find anything?

Dom: She doesn't remember anything, not who she is, not of anything that has happened!

Chris: (Holding his head) Nothing in the book! My head is just filled with everyone's emotions I can hardly think!

Wyatt: Why don't you go upstairs for now, I'll figure something out! (Chris orbs upstairs to the attic. Trevor is standing in front of the book of shadows as he tried to touch it, the book glows orange and closes, he tries to break through this orange shield but he cant)

Chris: Hey, what are you doing?

Trevor: (Startled) I was just looking for a spell to vanquish the Seer!

Chris: Trevor, will do it together!

Trevor: Chris, they tortured me, used me, I want her dead!

Chris: Its ok buddy your home now, will get everyone who was involved with this, why don't you just rest tonight, we can talk in the morning!

Trevor: Thanks for everything Chris! (He goes over to hug Chris, we see Trevor's eyes there full black, Wyatt orbs into the attic)

Wyatt: Everything ok up here?

Trevor: I'm tired, I think I'm going to turn in now!

Chris: Will talk about everything tomorrow! (Trevor leaves)

Wyatt: Did you sense anything this time?

Chris: Still nothing, but he still seems like himself!

Wyatt: Well Prue is no better, I think its time we called the elders!

Chris: I thought you didn't want their help?

Wyatt: They maybe the only way to find out what Prue knows! (Shouting into the air) Elders! Come on I know you get your jolly's from listening! (An elder orbs in)

Elder: I know why you have called! We need to move quickly! (He waves his hands and Prue orbs to them in the attic)

Prue: Whoa, how did I get up here?

Elder: Prue, I need you to close your eyes!

Prue: Ya right! I don't know who you are!

Wyatt: Prue, trust us, he's going to help you get your memories back!

Prue: Fine! (She closes her eyes, the elder puts his hands on either side of her head, his hands start to glow a yellow color. Prue, sees flashes of her life as her memories come back to her!) Thank you!

Wyatt: Prue, do you remember everything now?

Prue: I do! Look, that is not Trevor, its Saajohn!

Chris: We thought so!

Prue: We have to separate Saajohn, out of Trevor's body, the longer he stays in there, well lets just say we could lose Trevor forever!

Wyatt: Well how do we do it?

Prue: You guys will have to enter Trevor's mind and help free him!

Chris: How do we get into his mind?

Prue: I have a spell!

Wyatt: Our bodies will be vulnerable, while were in his mind!

Prue: I'll get the others, will have to make sure you guys are safe!

Wyatt: We don't have a choice, we need Trevor back!

Elder: I'll go get the others! (Orbs out)

Prue: Repeat after me! (Wyatt and Chris sit on the couch) One that's trapped within his mind, take us there to intertwine!

Wyatt and Chris: One that's trapped within his mind, take us there to intertwine! (They instantly fall asleep. We see a flash of light. Chris and Wyatt suddenly appear, in a dark cave, the sounds of screams can be heard in the background, steam rising all over from the pits of fire all around)

Chris: Its safe to say, I think we're in hell!

Wyatt: Come on lets follow this path! (They begin walking, passing men being whipped, people being hung by their hair with fire coming out of their mouths)

Chris: I remember this, from when I astral projected myself, to find Trevor!

Wyatt: Great, so are we going the right way?

Chris: Yes, straight ahead!

Seer's Lair-

Seer: (To herself) It is time! (She waves her hands and Tatum appears)

Tatum: Mother!

Seer: It is time my son!

Tatum: Time for what?

Seer: Lay down!

Tatum: Mother, what is happening?

Seer: Its time for me to give birth!

Tatum: But that's impossible, your only a month or so pregnant!

Seer: I have been taking a potion, it sped up the growth of the baby!

Tatum: But why mother, I don't understand?

Seer: To bring forth true power! Saajohn, shall be reborn!

Tatum: But, everything we have done, was it not to stop Saajohn?

Seer: So naïve, you have always known the truth, you just wouldn't allow youself to believe it!

Tatum: I'm your son, how could you use me like this?

Seer: You're father said the same thing to me, before I killed him! I'm a demon we have no heart! I used your father to conceive you, so that one day, I would use your life force, to bring forth the reign of evil!

Tatum: (Crying) I'm going to kill you!

Seer: You will do nothing of the sort, I have controlled you all your life, nothing has changed! (She bring another drink and pores it into Tatum's mouth. Tatum, has no choice but to drink it. Tatum starts to scream his body convulsing as his life force is flowing out of him and into the belly of the Seer. The Seer cuts her shirt open at the belly, we see the womb start to grow to that of a 9 month pregnant woman. It starts glowing as her stomach contracts and retracts, Tatum continues to scream. Tatum looks and see's a medallion around the Seer's neck, he grabs it and rips it off) Give that back to me!

Tatum: Why, what does it do?

Seer: Just give it to me!

Tatum: What if I break it? (He takes it and smashes it onto the table, we see a light leave it as it is broken!)

Seer: NO! You have no idea what you have just done!

Trevor's mind-

Chris: (Wyatt and Chris have come to a door in Trevor's mind. Opening the door, it's a dark cave room, light now shines in as they open the door) Trevor! Its Chris and Wyatt!

Trevor: (Is balled up in a corner) Get away from me! (He moves back against the cave wall, he has his arms around his legs and his head is on his knees)

Wyatt: (Kneeling down) Trevor, your ok, were here to take you home!

Trevor: (Yelling) Stay back, it's a trick, I know it! You just want to torture me some more!

Chris: Trevor, no, its really us, we cast a spell to bring us here, to free you!

Trevor: Free me, free me, its because of you that I'm here! What's that noises, there coming for me, damn you, I was trying to keep quite, now they'll come back for me! Get out of here, get out of my head! Your not real! This isn't real! (He starts screaming) Not again, not again, leave me alone please, I cant take it anymore, I cant! I hate you guys, I hate you, you did this to me you did this to me! (Starts crying and rocking back and forth)

Wyatt: (Looking up) What's that light? (A red light enters the cave and goes into Trevor)

Chris: What just happened?

Trevor: (Standing up) The hate I had for you guys, just disappeared!

Wyatt: Someone must have broken the spell!

Trevor: Can we please get out of this hell!

Chris: What once was mine, return me to it, give me back my soul and spirit! Say that three times, and you will take back control of your body!

Trevor: What once was mine, return me to it, give me back my soul and spirit!

What once was mine, return me to it, give me back my soul and spirit! What once was mine, return me to it, give me back my soul and spirit! (Trevor disappears, we see him reenter his body that is laying in his bed. We see a spirit leave his body as he enters. The spirit floats down to the underworld to the Seer's lair)

The Seer's Lair-

Seer: (The spirit floats down and enters the Seer's stomach!) Its happening!

Tatum: (Screaming in pain) Ahh, what have you done to me?

Seer: The power that lies within you, and the power of a charmed one, shall give birth to the ultimate evil!

Tatum: (Screaming) NO! Trevor help me!

Seer: Everything is as it should be, here he comes! Get ready for the next generation of evil! (The Seer's stomach glows a purple color. The light begins to get bigger and bigger, like a ball that keeps growing and growing. The light fills the entire room. Then it starts to disappear slowly. Finally all that is left in place of the light, is a naked man)

End Chapter-