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Subject: The Charmed Sons

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Chapter 15- It's Always Dark before the Dawn


The Manor-

Leo: He's been through a lot. He's going to need some time!

Piper: I should go up there and talk to him!

Wyatt: I think maybe he needs sometime alone!

Chris: He's been alone this whole time, right now he needs his family!

Leo: What I want to know is, what spell did you guys use?

Chris: To return a spirit spell!

Leo: Ok, so if you used that spell and Trevor is back to himself, what happened to the spirit that had control of Trevor's body?

Wyatt: We vanquished the Possessor demon, before we cast that spell!

Leo: Then it couldn't have been the possessor demon!

Piper: Someone else had to have control of Trevor's body and whoever it was, now is back in there own body?

Leo: I don't think its that simple! Trevor, was being controlled after he jumped into the vortex! I'm thinking it had to be Saajohn, that took over Trevor's body!

Wyatt: If that's the case than Saajohn wouldn't have a body to go back too!

Prue: (Orbs in) Oh no!

Chris: Ok, here it comes!

Prue: Only one of the charmed ones could have used that spell!

Wyatt: Ok!

Prue: The Seer said it to you guys already, this was all planned out! They new you would use that spell to free Trevor and in turn free Saajohn's spirit!

Chris: And?

Prue: Don't you see, The Seer is having a baby!

Leo: And Saajohn's spirit is entering the baby's body!

Chris: He had her give birth to himself?

Piper: She was the vessel, to bring him back into the world!

Wyatt: Using the blood of a charmed one and demon!

Chris: That's just gross! So my premonition, the end of the world, its Saajohn, who brings it upon us!

Prue: I feel right into his trap again!

Leo: We all make mistakes Prue, don't beat yourself up!

Prue: I have endangered my nephews and the charmed ones again and again!

Wyatt: Forget about it, we need to figure out, what their next move is and fix this!

Chris: Well Dominic is searching for Tatum as we speak!

Piper: I'm going to go talk to Trevor!

Seer's Lair-

Saajohn: (Tatum is in a coma on the table. Saajohn is standing naked in the center of the room, the Seer grabs a cloak and puts it around Saajohn. Dominic is hiding while he watches and listens to what they say!) We've done it! I am reborn!

Seer: Everything went as planned!

Saajohn: (Walking over to Tatum) Thank you for all that you have done! (Waves his hands, a glass coffin encloses around his body, a white suit appears on his body)

Seer: What is next my Lord?

Saajohn: I want the heads of every faction brought before me! We must seize total control of the underworld!

Seer: What of the Charmed Ones?

Saajohn: They are weekend! The hell that Trevor was put through shall not fade that easily from his mind! With my powers, we shall bring the world to its knees!

Opening Credits Roll- "Thanks for the memories" by Fallout Boy plays in the background. As we see cars speeding on the freeway, people walking in downtown, School buses, kids getting of the bus at school. We end in front of the Halliwell Manor.

Piper: (Knocking on Trevor's door. He doesn't say anything so Piper just enters) Hey, can I come in? (Trevor shrugs, she walks in and sits on the bed, Trevor is sitting on the floor with his back against the bed) Do you want to talk about it?

Trevor: Not really!

Piper: Honey, I've been through something just like this before!

Trevor: You've been trapped in a hell dimension?

Piper: Not exactly! The Source took control of my mind, made me think I was in an asylum. That my sisters weren't my sisters, that magic wasn't real. He tried to get me to give up my powers and my sisters powers. He almost succeeded, if it weren't for my sisters and Leo, he would have!

Trevor: I can still smell, the stink of burning flesh, hear the screams of people being tortured. I keep waiting form them to grab me and take me to my next punishment!

Piper: I'm so sorry baby, I wish I could make it all go away! But your home now, you're safe with us!

Trevor: I'm grateful that my brothers saved me, but a part of me, is so mad at them for not going it sooner! Saajohn had control of my body for weeks now, how could they not know it wasn't me?

Piper: None of us knew! Saajohn had this all planned out, you have to know if there was anything any of us could have done we would have!

Trevor: I know, I really do! I just need some time is all!

Piper: Come down stairs, I'll make you something to eat!

Trevor: I'm not hungry, but thanks!

Piper: Ok, were here if you need us! (She gets up and walks to the door, turns back and looks at him one more time, then leaves)

Trevor: Forget, that's what I need to do! (He gets up walks over to his desk, grabs a paper and pencil and starts writing) For the heart ache and pain, that I cant face again, take away the memories that burn and bring tears to my eyes. Give me a fresh start to stop my families troubled hearts! (White swirls of light move around his entire body, he shuts his eyes, his head falls forward as if he is having a dizzy spell. He opens his eyes his face looks confused. He hears voices from downstairs, he starts to walk into the hall and down the steps)

Chris: Who knows exactly what they put inside his head!

Wyatt: They've done enough damage, they want a war, will give them one! I'm not going to sit around here waiting for them to make another move, we need to attack them before they do us!

Leo: You need to be at full power, just give Trevor some time!

Wyatt: Dad, there is no time, you don't know what Chris saw in his premonition!

Chris: We wont stand a chance without the power of three!

Prue: Look, I'm going to talk to the elders, I think we should see if the power of six is going to be necessary for this battle to come! (Prue ors out. As she orbs out Trevor see's this)

Wyatt: She's right, the aunts are going to have to help with this battle!

Trevor: Oh my God! (He turns and runs out the front door)

Piper: Was that the front door?

Chris: (Goes to look) It was!

Piper: I'll go check on Trevor! (She goes up to his room) Trevor? (See's a piece of paper on the floor, picks it up and reads it) Oh no! (Goes back down stairs) Trevor cast a spell!

Leo: For what?

Piper: To make him forget!

Wyatt: Chris, you go scry for him, I'll call DJ and see if he can get some cops to look for him!

Seer's Lair-

Dom: (Waits till he's alone and then goes over to Tatum) What did they do to you? (Search's for a way to get Tatum out of the glass coffin) Great, I'll just shimmer you just like this! (Seer appears)

Seer: What do you think your doing?

Dom: What have you done to him?

Seer: How touching, you have feelings for my son!

Dom: Which is more than I can say for you! How could you hurt him?

Seer: Hurt him, I did nothing of the kind! I made him a legend! He paved the way for the most powerful demon this world will ever see! What greater gift could a mother give her son than that?

Dom: Your sick! What will happen to him now?

Seer: He will stay the way he is, his life force has been drained!

Dom: Are you telling me you sacrificed your own son for Saajohn to be reborn?

Seer: That's exactly what I'm saying!

Dom: Even for a demon that's low! But you mark my words, you will get what's coming to you! (Dominic puts his hand on the coffin and shimmers out with it)

Saajohn's lair-

Saajohn: (Saajohn is sitting at the head of a long table. He waves his hand and in each chair appears a demon. Gremlock, ice demon, kipper demon, sansei demon, brawler demon and invisible demon!) Yes it is I, Lord Saajohn, that summons you all here! Its time for order in the underworld! I have chosen you six as my vicegerents! Every demon, must be brought together under my rule! Any that oppose, kill them! If for whatever reason you cannot, bring them before me and I will make an example out of them!

Grimlock: What do we get out of this?

Saajohn: There is a reason why I brought you here grimlock! See, you don't even know it, but you are the seventh demon here. And well I only need six! (Waves his hand and the grimlock blows up) You can turn visible now! (The invisible demon, turns visible)

Ice demon: May I ask a question Lord Saajohn?

Saajohn: Yes!

Ice Demon: What of the Charmed Ones?

Saajohn: Ah, the charmed ones! Together we shall crush them, where others have failed, together we shall watch them burn. I don't want just the underworld, my goal is the entire world! (A hooded demon, Daemon shimmers in, a fire that comes up out of the ground disappears and leaves Daemon standing there)

Daemon: World domination! Saajohn you impress me!

Saajohn: Who are you?

Daemon: For now lets just say, the order has sent me here!

Saajohn: the order?

Daemon: Yes, the order, how can I make this simple enough for even you to understand! There was the Source of all evil, woo scary right! Well the order, are the ones that gave the Source his powers!

Saajohn: I have more power than anyone! I have the power of an ancient one, a charmed one, a demon, I've been made a higher being and reborn! (He runs at super speed to Daemon, grabs him by the neck lifts him up and takes his other hand sets it on fire, he shoves it into Daemon's chest)

Daemon: Are you don't yet!

Saajohn: It cat be, you should be dead!

Daemon: You can only dream to be as powerful as the order!

Saajohn: What do you want?

Daemon: The order wants to back you up on your mission of world domination!

Saajohn: What do I care, about this order, you speak of?

Daemon: Serena! They have your sister!

Saajohn: How can that be?

Daemon: We have much to discuss, I will be in touch! (With flames that come from the ground, they suck him back into the earth)

Saajohn: (Shouting) Seer! (She shimmers in)

Seer: Yes my Lord?

Saajohn: I want to know everything, there is to know about the "order"!


Trevor: (Trevor is walking down the street, as a man pulls a gun out on a lady. He steal her purse and takes off running, she screams, Trevor sees him coming at him) Stop! (The mugger sees him and turns right into the alley! Trevor runs after him. DJ happens to be in the area, gets the call. Drives up to the alley, gets out of the car and pulls his gun out and makes his way into the alley) Hey, just give me back her purse!

Mugger: I don't want to hurt you, but if you don't get out of my way, I will! (He points the gun at Trevor)

DJ: (Walking up) You don't want to do that man! Just slowly put down the gun!

Mugger: Back off pig, or I shoot him!

DJ: Easy guy, no one has to get hurt here! (DJ, moves in closer, the mugger shoots, Trevor holds his hands up and the bullet goes flying back and hits' the gun out of the muggers hand! DJ runs over and tackles the startled mugger down to the ground and cuffs him. Trevor stands in shock!)

Mugger: Man how the hell did you do that?

DJ: Your gun backfired on itself! (Thinking quickly)

Trevor: Did you see what I did!

DJ: Don't say another word, stay right here! (DJ takes the mugger to the street, as another police car pulls up) Take him in and watch out he's talking some crazy talk! (He walks back to Trevor) Whoa, keep your hands pointed down!

Trevor: What's wrong with me?

DJ: Trevor, there is nothing wrong with you!

Trevor: You know who I am?

DJ: Yes, I do know who you are, now come with me, I'll talk you home, your family is worried about you!

Trevor: My family? Are they in a big red house?

DJ: Yes!

Trevor: I'm not going there, this lady was standing in the middle of the room and all of the sudden, she turned into these white lights and disappeared!

DJ: You really have no idea, who you are! Trust me, its all going to be ok! (Trevor turns and starts running further down the alley. Two demons shimmer in, Trevor stops dead in his tracts, DJ following)

Demon: Well lookie what we have here, a Charmed One, it must be my lucky day!

Trevor: What do you want?

Demon: If I bring you to Saajohn, he is sure to reward me!

Trevor: Saajohn? (He starts having flashes, sees himself fighting Saajohn, falling through the vortex, he shakes his head)

Demon: Hello, the leader of the underworld!

Trevor: Underworld? (Sees flashes of battles with his brothers in the underworld. Sees himself moving stuff with his minds)

DJ: (Running and stopping next to Trevor) Is there a problem here?

Demon: There's about to be one, for you! (Sends a fireball at DJ, DJ's shields go up and he deflects the fireball)

DJ: Trevor, use your powers!

Trevor: (Both demons are sending fireballs at both Trevor and DJ) I don't know how to use them!

DJ: Just focus on something and move it with your mind!

Trevor: Oh ok, like that's going to work! (He thinks of the fireball as it is heading towards them, holds his hand out, and it moves back killing the demon)

DJ: Good job!

Trevor: Now that was cool! (He has flashes of using his powers to send demons flying, he grabs his head)

DJ: Trevor, snap out of it one more to go!

Trevor: (Moves a pipe that's on the ground next to a dumpster and sends it flying into the demons chest. Looks at his hands) Whoa!

DJ: We make a good team, now lets get you home!


The Manor-

Chris: (Dominic shimmers into the living room with Tatum inside the glass coffin) This time you really did kill him!

Dom: Chris! Jokes later, right now we have some serious problems!

Wyatt: What happened to him?

Dom: The Seer had her baby and guess what it was?

Chris: Saajohn!

Dom: Just take all the mystery out! Saajohn, is more powerful now than he was before! They planned all of this!

Wyatt: We know that much but do you have any idea what he's going to do next?

Dom: World domination! (Trevor and DJ come walking in the front door)

Piper: Oh thank God!

DJ: Found him stopping a mugger and jumped by a couple of demons!

Leo: What, are you ok?

DJ: Oh he's fine, he just used his powers to send a bulled flying at us, back at the mugger and kicked some demon ass!

Piper: Did the bulled hit the mugger?

DJ: No, just knocked the gun out of his hand!

Chris: Way to go Trev!

Trevor: I'm sorry, but I have no idea who any of these people are! Can we please go, look there is a guy in a coffin, I told you this was a mad house!

DJ: Does someone want to give him his memory back?

Piper: Look, honey if you just say these words I promise you, you will remember everything!

Trevor: Ya right, what is it, a spell? (Piper gives him a stern look) Fine! The memories cast away, to feel no more heart ache, now return to me, bring back all my memories! (White lights swirl all around him, he falls to his knees)

Piper: Trevor, are you ok?

Trevor: (Puts his face in his hands and starts to cry) I cant do this, why did you have to make me remember!

Leo: I'm sorry son, you have to face the pain, you cant run from it!

Piper: Will help you, Trevor, you just have to talk to us! (Piper and Leo kneel down and hug him)

Wyatt: Come on guys, lets go in the sunroom and give them some privacy!

DJ: Your brother has it bad! Poor guy!

Dom: Their going to be looking for Tatum!

Wyatt: Prue, please come back down here, we need you know! (Prue orbs in) Good, Prue!

Dom: Tatum's life force has been drained, is there anything we can do to bring him back?

Prue: They used is life force to infuse it within Saajohn, the only way is to kill Saajohn!

Chris: How do we do that? (Trevor, Piper and Leo walk in)

Trevor: We don't, Saajohn is mine! (walks over to Tatum's coffin) I'm so sorry, I will kill Saajohn and save you, I promise!

Chris: Trevor, are you sure your ready to get back into the fight?

Trevor: If I ever to be myself again, I have to bring down Saajohn!

Wyatt: Trevor, we do this together!

Chris: As Brothers!

Trevor: The Charmed Ones!

Saajohn's Lair-

Saajohn: What have you learned?

Seer: They are the order of Rya! These are the first ever evil, to walk the earth! Their powers know no bounds!

Saajohn: They have my sister!

Seer: You cannot think to go up against them! They could wipe us out, with nothing more than a thought!

Saajohn: Then, why come to me, what is it that they want?

Seer: Your great power! They are a collective, feeding off of each others powers and the powers they collect from other demons! The same way a warlock, feeds off the powers of witches!

Saajohn: If their powerful, why not just take my power! Why dangle my sister, before me?

Seer: The avatars!

Saajohn: What about them?

Seer: Members of the order, joined with the avatars, in their mission to make utopia! They must still be weakened from the loss and with your powers they would be made whole again!

Saajohn: Then how do we stop them?

Seer: I'm afraid that, you alone do not have the power! But with the aid of the Charmed ones!

Saajohn: As if they would help me!

Seer: Ah, but I have a plan!

The Manor-

Chris: (Wyatt and Trevor are sitting when Chris walks in) Ok, I talked mom and dad in to going out to eat, Prue took Tatum somewhere safe!

Trevor: I cant believe all that's happened!

Wyatt: I'm sorry I let you down!

Trevor: You didn't, all the thoughts that were in my head, where put there by the Seer! I know they weren't real! We just need to stop them and then maybe we can have some kind of normal like!

Chris: Ya, it will be good to have you back, we haven't booked a band at the club all this time!

Trevor: Glad you missed me so much! I don't even want to think about what's going on at the club!

Wyatt: Hey, at least we didn't run out of any beer!

Trevor: You guys are so bad, when I first took over, it took me a week to get fully stocked!

Chris: But if your not ready, don't worry about going back yet!

Trevor: No, its ok, I need to throw myself into work, and the club is something I love! I just need us to bond again, I love you guys, I just need to get the programming out of my head, I need to feel the connection with my brothers again!

Wyatt: We will, we love you!

Chris: We love you so much tonight, we are going to be your sex slaves!

Trevor: I'll settle for you guys keeping company with me in my bed, every time I close my eyes, the visions of hell are so intense! (DJ comes walking in)

DJ: Hey, I can go if you guys need sometime!

Chris: Thanks, have a good night!

Wyatt: Chris!

Trevor: (Looks from DJ to Chris with confusion) Hey, I want to thank you for earlier today, those demons would have easily wasted me, if you hadn't bailed me out!

DJ: Wyatt's saved my ass plenty of times! So don't even mention it! I'm DJ, by the way!

Trevor: Trevor! Nice to meet you!

Chris: So you were saying something about heading out!

DJ: Deal with me being here, Chris! (Just then ten demons shimmer in all around the room, the guys get up, Chris and Trevor stand facing one side of the room, Wyatt and DJ stand with there backs against Chris and Trevor's!)

Demon: We are here to execute the Charmed Ones, in the name of the order of Rya!

Chris: Order of Rya, you've got to be kidding me! It must be Tuesday! (Some demons start throwing fireballs, while others throw energy balls. Trevor waves his hands and sends two demons flying into one another. A demon runs up and tackles Trevor to the ground. Chris runs at a demon jumps up and comes down with his fist hitting the demon in the face knocking him to the ground, he then kicks him and the demon flies up spinning he crashes into the wood table. Wyatt waves his hands blowing a demon up, as another demon comes behind him and grabs him from behind, another demon comes at Wyatt. Wyatt lifts his legs up and grabs the demons head and turns his legs flipping the demon, when his feet come back down to the ground, he head butts the demon with the back of his head that was holding him, waves his hand and blows the demon in front of him up, turns around and blows the demon up that was holding him. DJ has demons throwing fireballs at him, his shields are up, and he sends t heir fireballs back at them, blowing them up.)

Trevor: (As a demon is on top of him, Trevor sees a demon coming behind Chris, he wants to say something to him, but is unable to speak, as he's thinking "Chris behind you")

Chris: (Hearing this, he jumps up and flips backwards in the air and lands behind the demon that was approaching and kicks him forward knocking him into another demon) Thanks Trevor!

Trevor: (Using his mind again) You can hear me!

Chris: Of course I can!

Trevor: (Kicking the demon above his head and getting up) Chris I'm using my mind to talk to you!

Chris: (Using his mind) Can you hear me?

Trevor: Yes I can! (A fireball comes shooting at Trevor, he holds his hand up and sends the fireball back at the demon)

Chris: (Two fireballs are coming at him) Oh no you don't! (Holding his hand out) Fireballs! (He orbs them back at the demons and they explode)

Wyatt: That's all of them!

DJ: Now that was a fight!

Trevor: Who's the order of Rya?

Chris: Don't know, sounds like there's a new player in town!

Wyatt: Prue! (She orbs in)

Prue: (Seeing the mess in the room) Everyone ok?

Wyatt: Yes, but we need you to find out what you can about the order of Rya!

Prue: It might take a while!

Wyatt: Why?

Prue: Something big is going on up there! I'll be back, when I find out anything! (She orbs out)

Trevor: I don't know about you guys, but I could sure use a nice cold one!

Chris: Will clean this up tomorrow!

Trevor: Let the object of objection, become but a dream, as I cause the seen, to be unseen! (The room, becomes like new, tables that were broken fix themselves, chairs go back in place, broken windows become one)

Chris: Personal gain much!

Trevor: There should be a clause that says when demons ruin your house on a weekly basis your allowed. Plus after everything I've been through magic owes me!

A round shaped room in the underworld-

Daemon: (Daemon shimmers into a round room. He steps up to a round lit floor, its bright white. He stands in the middle of the lit floor. Six glowing large heads appear all around the outer part of the lit floor. Bowing his head) My Lords!

Demon head: Will Saajohn join us?

Daemon: I have made the offer of his sister!

Demon head: He must join us willingly!

Daemon: I believe her to be the motivational tool in him joining!

Demon head: And what of DJ's power?

Daemon: The ex member of the order, Byrne, has but only two weeks to collect the soul of DJ! I will make sure nothing happens to him, until we collect his power!

Demon head: In order for our plan to work, his power must be ours! No one will be able to penetrate his shields!

Daemon: I understand!

Demon head: Do you understand? His shield is required, for the final stage of our plan! We are sure to be attacked, his shield will protect us from being interrupted! We will be most vulnerable! If any of us are killed the plan will be a complete failure!

Daemon: Everything is running on schedule! Saajohn, has been reborn, the charmed ones have no idea who the real threat is! DJ will be ours shortly!

Demon head: In the name of Rya!

Daemon: For the glory of Rya! (All the heads disappear but one)

Demon head: My son, I wished not to alarm the others! The charmed ones have been alerted of the order!

Daemon: But how?

Demon head: Saajohn!

Daemon: Then I shall step up my time table!

Demon head: Do what you must, I will not be able to help you, if you fail!

Daemon: I understand father! I will not fail!


Wyatt: (Wyatt and Chris are sitting in a booth) Were you able to use your empathic abilities on Trevor?

Chris: Yes, and let me tell you, he is hurting something fierce! He's trying to be strong, but inside he's being torn apart!

Wyatt: Will just have to help him deal! (Trevor walks up and sits down, with DJ)

Trevor: Talking about me?

Wyatt: No!

Trevor: You have your worried face on!

Chris: Hey not to interrupt, but tell Wyatt about your cool new power!

Trevor: I was able to talk to Chris using my mind earlier!

Wyatt: Awesome, makes sense you can move things with your mind, mental telepathy should be apart of your growing powers!

Chris: Were going to have a lot of fun with that one!

Trevor: So DJ, you're a witch?

Chris: (Mumbling) Backstabbing, jerk is more like it!

DJ: (Rolling his eyes at Chris) No, I'm not! Just Wyatt's best friend! My dad, use to help out your mom and her sisters back in the day, he was a cop too! So we all grew up together!

Trevor: Oh! But you do have powers?

Wyatt: Hey, will be back, come on DJ! (They get up and leave)

Trevor: What was that all about?

Chris: it's a long story, Wyatt probably doesn't want to worry you!

Trevor: I'm not going to break, you guys don't have to tip toe around me!

Chris: Its not like that, there trying to figure out, what's up with these powers that DJ, all of the sudden has!

Trevor: What's up between you and him, you don't seem to like him very much!

Chris: I don't trust him is all!

Trevor: Are you going to tell me why?

Chris: You'll think I'm being stupid!

Trevor: I always think that about you!

Chris: Thanks bro!

Trevor: No I don't really, so tell me damn it!

Chris: I was dating this guy back in high school, Alan! Well, one night at this party, Wyatt had gotten into one of his many fights with Andre! So Wyatt, being a young dumb jock, did the only thing he could do, he got drunk! I got pissed! I wanted to take Wyatt home, DJ, got in my face, he said some stuff, I said he was a lousy friend, letting Wyatt get drunk like that. Alan, sides with DJ, saying stuff like, I should leave Wyatt, alone, let him make some mistakes and learn and grow! But of course I cant say, he's a witch, and being drunk, he could hurt a lot of people if he doesn't have control of his powers. So he storms off, I take Wyatt, home! I orb back to the party and I'm looking for Alan, where do I find him, you ask?

Trevor: Oh, no, I know what your going to say!

Chris: You got it, DJ and him are having sex in one of the bedrooms!

Trevor: That's low!

Chris: I took a cup, off the dresser, threw it at them, they looked up and saw me standing there! Alan starts saying, it didn't mean anything! Everyone is standing in the doorway, watching so I punched him in the face and we got into a huge fight, Alan, got between us to stop us and well I just left!

Trevor: That's harsh!

Chris: So ever since, I have had issues with DJ!

Trevor: Understandable! What did Wyatt say about it all!

Chris: He never said a word about it! Which of course pissed me off, even more! I mean I'm his brother, isn't blood suppose to be thicker than water!

Trevor: Your asking the wrong person, I haven't had to test that theory out yet!

Chris: Sorry, I forget, it just seems like we've been brothers forever!

Trevor: I know what you mean! So if you want me to hate him I will!

Chris: I always said you were my favorite brother!

Trevor: I'm your twin dumb ass, of course I'm your favorite brother!

Chris: Seriously! I know you cant hate someone its not in your nature!

Trevor: I'll just glare at him a lot!

Chris: Ok! So are you ok?

Trevor: Nothing another beer wont help!

Chris: Come on I'm buying!

Trevor: Ya, ya, your always buying us free beers!

Chris: (Kisses Trevor's head) Cause I'm good like that bro!

End Chapter-