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Subject: The Charmed Sons

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Chapter 16- The Masquerade Ball


A Riverbank- Wyatt is standing on the side of a river, in front of him is a waterfall, next to him a mountain. He's wearing a white button up shirt, that is open, showing his broad chest and a white cloth like pants, that go down only to his ankles. He's watching the waterfall crash into the river. Andre walks up behind him and puts his arms around him, from behind, he lays his head on Wyatt's back.

Andre: Why do you always chose this place?

Wyatt: It reminds me of us! Peaceful yet devastating!

Andre: How so?

Wyatt: Out love is like the running water, eternal! Your death is like the waterfall crashing down on us and sweeping you away from me!

Andre: I'm right here!

Wyatt: But its only a dream! I will wake up and you'll be gone!

Andre: We live in a world filled with magic! Nothing is gone forever!

Wyatt: If I could use magic to bring you back, I would do so in a heartbeat!

Andre: Your not looking at what's right in front of you!

Wyatt: What do you mean?

Andre: I've never left you!

Wyatt: Its not the same, I watched you die and I couldn't do anything about it!

Andre: You of all people should know death isn't the end!

Wyatt: Stop talking to me in riddles!

Andre: No riddles, just the truth!

Wyatt: I don't understand!

Andre: Its time for you to go!

Wyatt: But wait please, what are you trying to tell me?

Andre: Goodbye for now, my love!

Wyatt: No! Andre! (Chris is shaking Wyatt awake)

Chris: Wyatt, wake up!

Wyatt: (Waking up) W-what! Chris, what are you doing?

Chris: You were yelling for Andre!

Wyatt: I was dreaming!

Chris: I figured as much, between you and Trevor, my head is going to explode!

Wyatt: What's wrong with Trev?

Chris: He's still having nightmares of being in that hell dimension! It wouldn't be so bad, if I didn't have to feel the emotional baggage!

Wyatt: We really need to get that potion made, I want my emotions to stay mine!

Chris: Trust me I don't want to be feeling them all the time!

Wyatt: Should we wake him up?

Chris: I guess, but it's the same thing every night! And he's only been coming out of his room to go to the club at night!

Wyatt: Will talk to him in the morning!

Chris: And say what, stop having nightmares?

Wyatt: No, about not leaving his room!

Chris: He'll just tell us he's fine as usual!

Wyatt: Let's go wake him up, I'll figure out something in the morning!


DJ: (DJ is chasing a murderer down the alley, he has his gun out. The murderer climbed a latter right before DJ turns the corner. DJ walks slowly checking behind a dumpster, as he approaches the latter, the murderer jumps down landing right on top of him, takes a knife he's holding and stabs DJ in the stomach and pushes all the way in! He gets up and leaves DJ there to die! DJ is losing so much blood, his eyes starting to roll into the back of his head. He sees white orbs, brightly coming down out of the sky in front of him!) Wyatt? (He sees a figure then passes out)

Opening Credits Roll- "Don't let me be the last to know" Remix by Britney Spears plays as we see the moon high above San Francisco. Images of the tops of buildings downtown. We stop on an alley.

DJ: (We see DJ laying on the ground and the back of a man as his hands are glowing healing DJ. DJ opens his eyes, his blurred vision becoming stable) Who, are you? (The man starts to orb out) No, don't go! Andre is that you? (He stops in mid orb and comes back down and takes on human form)

Andre: DJ!

DJ: It is you, but how, what, I mean!

Andre: it's a long story!

DJ: (Getting up he hugs him) I cant believe this, I should have known death wouldn't stop you!

Andre: Dying for the greater good, earned me my wings!

DJ: So, what you just happen to be watching over me, as I got stabbed?

Andre: it's a little more complicated than that!

DJ: What about Wyatt?

Andre: You cant say anything to him, promise me!

DJ: Come on now, that's not fair! He's been going out of his mind!

Andre: I know!

DJ: Been watching him too?

Andre: Not exactly!

DJ: Andre, talk to me, its me DJ, we were all best friends, you use to tell me everything!

Andre: Except for the fact that you knew they were witches. You knew how crazy it got me, with all the secrets he had and all you did was help him to cover up!

DJ: Hey, that wasn't my secret to tell!

Andre: I know, (Hears a jingle noise) oh no, their calling I have to go!

DJ: Will I see you again?

Andre: Count on it! (He orbs out)

Trevor's room-

Wyatt: (Wyatt and Chris come into Trevor's bedroom. Its messy, with clothes everywhere, shades closed. Chris walks over and opens the shades and the sun comes shimming through, Trevor grabs the covers and pulls them over his head!) Rise and shine!

Trevor: (From under the covers) Go away!

Chris: (Jumping on the bed) We cant do that!

Trevor: What do you guys want?

Wyatt: (Pulling the covers off of Trevor and throwing them on the floor) To see what your morning hard on looks like! (Laughing) Sorry little brother, but its intervention time!

Trevor: (Turning into a fetal position and putting a pillow over his head) Don't make me get violent with you guys!

Chris: What are you going to do?

Trevor: I'll use my powers on you!

Chris: Out powers don't work on good witches!

Trevor: Then I'll kick your asses!

Wyatt: Come on Trev, we need to talk to you!

Trevor: (Sitting up) Fine! I'm up!

Wyatt: You cant keep locking yourself in your bedroom!

Trevor: I'm not! I go to the club every night!

Chris: Told you he'd say that! That don't count, plus look at your room, it's a pig sty!

Trevor: This coming from the guy, that thinks the garbage disposal, is under his bed!

Wyatt: He does have a point there!

Trevor: I'm just not sleeping well!

Chris: I know, you're nightmares have been keeping me up too!

Trevor: Ok, that's really annoying!

Wyatt: Don't worry, we're working on a potion!

Trevor: Good, cause someone telling me what I'm feeling and thinking all the time, before I even say anything reminds me of Saajohn, controlling my body!

Chris: Hey, you guys don't have to deal with the headaches!

Wyatt: So, you have the Masquerade Ball this week?

Trevor: We have the ball!

Chris: We?

Trevor: Yes, we, you guys have to help, its an Aids benefit! it's the biggest thing the club has ever done!

Wyatt: Don't worry, will help! Owe! (Putting his hand to his ear)

Trevor: What is it?

Wyatt: Damn ringing in my ear!

Chris: You know it's a charge!

Trevor: What do you mean?

Chris: It looks like the elders are giving Wyatt his first charge!

Wyatt: I don't see why, its not like, I want anything to do with the elders!

Trevor: So, what a witch, or future white lighter!

Chris: Yup! Wyatt, just call Prue and ask her already!

Wyatt: I think the elders are doing this on purpose!

Trevor: What do you have to do, to make the ringing go away?

Wyatt: Answer whoever is calling me!

Trevor: A supernatural phone call!

Chris: Prue!

Wyatt: Chris, you're a pain in my...(Prue orbs in) Hello Prue!

Prue: Hey guys!

Trevor: What, no quip about me being half naked?

Prue: Oh, yeah, sorry I didn't notice!

Chris: Wyatt, has a ringing in his ear!

Prue: The elders feel, that your ready for a charge of your own!

Wyatt: Tell them, that I have to much on my plate right now! And that I don't work for them!

Prue: Wyatt, really, you're more than prepared for this!

Wyatt: We have Saajohn to worry about, this new order of Rya, and once again I don't work for the elders, its all too much!

Prue: You're part white lighter, you cant deny half of who you are! Just give it a try, you might learn to like it!

Wyatt: Alright, if it will stop this annoying ringing!

Prue: Great, now just concentrate on you're charge and you'll orb to wherever their at! I'll be back in a little while, with news on who the order is! (Prue orbs out. Wyatt closes his eyes and concentrates and then orbs out)

Saajohn's Lair-

Seer: She's killed six of your men!

Saajohn: She was just having some fun!

Seer: You have to do something! The whole underworld is afraid to come within two feet of her!

Saajohn: I will speak to her! (Waving his hand, a beautiful woman appears, she has long red hair and piercing blue eyes)

Serena: (Whimpering)

Saajohn: Don't make that face at me!

Serena: Brrrr, you know I hate it when you do that!

Saajohn: I'm sorry, but I have to speak to you, love! Your killing off all my men!

Serena: I was singing and dancing and none of them wanted to play with me, I was hearing the sirens they were talking to me, telling me people huddle together in fear! (She moves her body as if dancing)

Saajohn: Play with them all you ant, just please stop killing them!

Serena: (Making a pouting face and whimpering again) But they are mean to me!

Saajohn: If you would stop, killing them, maybe they wouldn't be so mean!

Serena: Brother, I'm just so cooped up in here, let me go play, let me have a witch, oh please, please, I'll be a good girl!

Saajohn: How about if I bring one to you?

Serena: (Stomping her feet on the ground, pulling on her hair, pulling hair out and throwing it on the ground) NO, NO, NO! I want to go up to the surface! (As she is yelling, the cave walls begin to shake, rocks start to fall)

Saajohn: (Going over to her and grabbing her on either side of her head) Calm yourself Serena! I'll let you play! Whatever you want!

Serena: (Rubbing her fingers next to her ear) Mmm, a little bird, is humming in my ear!

Saajohn: What! What is it saying?

Serena: A girl, with great powers, she makes your inside, become outsides, she cant control her powers! She will be the bell of the ball! (She twirls around and around)

Saajohn: A ball?

Serena: A masquerade ball! I want to be the bell of the ball, I'll wear a beautiful dress, and I'll dance, dance, dance the night away!

Saajohn: (Annoyed) Serena, focus sister, tell me about this girl!

Serena: She uses her mind to make things happen! Make you do things, but tongith they will be trapped, like flies in a spiders web! I like spiders, what do you suppose they need all those legs for?

Saajohn: (Shouting) Serena!

Serena: (Whimpering) Your yelling at me, I don't like being yelled at! (She gets down and is squatting, she rocks back and forth as she pulls on her hair)

Saajohn: I'm sorry, it's just tell me where is this ball going to be at?

Serena: The three most powerful witches, are throwing the ball! Can I just play with one more of your men, I'll only hurt him a little!

Saajohn: Since you were such a good girl! (He waves his hand and a demon appears)

Serena: (She starts skipping in a circle around the demon) Ring around the rosy! A demon is exploding! (As she is skipping around him, a circle of fire forms around him and he explodes)


Trevor: (Trevor is running around the club getting things ready, checking and rechecking everything. Dominic walks into the club and sees him at the bar!) Andy, were going to need twelve more cases! (A worker brings 2 crates of glasses) Ok, I need those stocked behind the bar!

Dom: Wow, its going to be some party in here tonight!

Trevor: Oh, hey Dominic! I hope so!

Dom: The place looks great!

Trevor: Thanks, I just hope everything goes smoothly!

Dom: Barring any dem...

Trevor: (Interrupting) If you even finish that sentence!

Dom: Right, so I just came by to check and see how you were!

Trevor: I'm living!

Dom: I can see that, but you know emotionally!

Trevor: Really, I'm fine, I have my moments, like every time I close my eyes, but other than that I'm good!

Dom: What about Chris?

Trevor: Why don't you just talk to him?

Dom: He really, doesn't want anything to do with me!

Trevor: Just talk to him, I know he has feelings for you! You came through in the end, that has to count for something!

Dom: Why did he say something?

Trevor: Listen, why don't you come to the ball tonight?

Dom: I cant, Chris would have a coronary!

Trevor: it's a masquerade ball, he wont even know its you!

Dom: Than what, stand and watch him dancing with some queen fag boy!

Trevor: No, you get him to dance with you! (Looking at the stairs, he sees Chris) Duck! (Dominic ducks) Chris is here! Go out the back! (He hides behind a man moving flowers, makes it to the back and shimmers out)

Chris: Who was that?

Trevor: Um, who was who?

Chris: What's wrong with you?

Trevor: Me, nothing, no one was here!

Chris: Who wasn't here?

Trevor: No one! (Walking around the bar, he starts cleaning the glasses)

Chris: Spill it!

Trevor: What I don't know anything!

Chris: You look like the cat that swallowed the canary! Hello! Empathic here!

Trevor: Ok, ok Dominic was here!

Chris: What did he want?

Trevor: to see how I'm doing!

Chris: And?

Trevor: He asked about you!

Chris: What did you tell him?

Trevor: That you haven't had sex since Romeo and that you were ripe for the picking!

Chris: You didn't?

Trevor: No, actually I said you cry yourself to sleep every night!

Chris: Trevor!

Trevor: No! I said you were good!

Chris: Oh! Hmm!

Trevor: Why don't you just talk to him?

Chris: Its just too complicated!

Trevor: Well don't make the same mistake I did with Tatum!

Chris: Ya, will see! So what can I do to help?

The Park-

Chance: (Wyatt is with his charge, Chance, sitting on a bench in the park) All this time, I thought I was some kind of freak!

Wyatt: Now, you know you're not!

Chance: I cant believe your magical! I must have seen you a million times at P3. My friends would just die if they new, I was with one of the owners of P3, they would just flip!

Wyatt: (Blushing) Chance, you know you cant say anything about us being witches!

Chance: Who would believe me! Plus, I'm not in need of people to think, I'm some kind of nut job!

Wyatt: Good, cause you cant take the chance of exposure and you risk people getting hurt!

Chance: Sounds like your speaking from experience?

Wyatt: Ya, I am!

Chance: Oh, I'm sorry!

Wyatt: Anyway! So we need to start working on your powers!

Chance: Well its to late today, I'm sure you have a lot to do, its almost time for the ball!

Wyatt: Oh yeah, I cant believe how much time has passed! Lets just try out something real quick! Show me what you can do!

Chance: (Putting his hands to him head, he concentrates. Wyatt begins stripping off his shirt and rubbing his body, people walking in the park start staring and some start screaming "take it all off". Chance stops what he's doing and Wyatt snaps out of it)

Wyatt: (Look at the crowd of people that surrounding them and the fact that he has no shirt on) You didn't do what I think you just did!

Chance: Sorry, I did the first thing that came to mind!

Wyatt: lets get out of here! (Yelling to the crowd) Shows over people, carry on!

Chance: Well, I guess I'll se you tonight!

Wyatt: If, I can tell who you are, under the mask!

Chance: Don't worry I'll find you!

Wyatt: Come on I'll walk you home!

DJ's apt-

DJ: (DJ is getting dressed as Andre orbs in. Startled) What the...

Andre: Sorry!

DJ: At least I had pants on! So twice in one day!

Andre: I just wanted to check and see how you are doing!

DJ: No scars thanks to you!

Andre: So, what are you getting dressed in that outfit for?

DJ: The brothers are throwing a masquerade ball tonight!

Andre: Oh, sounds fun!

DJ: Why don't you come?

Andre: You know I cant!

DJ: Why, he wont know your there, you'd be wearing a mask!

Andre: I don't think so!

DJ: I don't know why your hiding from him!

Andre: They forbade me from seeing him!

DJ: That's just ridiculous, what for?

Andre: For a lot of reason, but the main one, is that it would be a danger to the power of three!

DJ: Them and their rules, they have caused more heartache to that family, than any demon ever has!

Andre: Hey, I did get on thing out of this all!

DJ: What's that?

Andre: I'm your white lighter!

DJ: My white lighter, but I'm not a witch!

Andre: The elders feel, you're special case! Look, I need to tell you, after I got called away earlier, the elders told me, the murderer you were after is super natural!

DJ: What, he's a demon?

Andre: No, he has a guardian inside him, protecting him!

DJ: So, how do I stop him?

Andre: You'll need the help, of the brothers!

DJ: So, how do I explain this to them?

Andre: You'll think of a way!


Wyatt: (The club is filled with people dressed in glamorous gown and tuxedos. Everyone is wearing masks, a renaissance theme. At the bar, we find Trevor and Chris, Wyatt walking up and joining them!) Don't be mad at me!

Chris: You give me grief about helping and then you don't show up!

Wyatt: I was with my charge and it took longer than I expected!

Trevor: Its all good, so what do you think?

Wyatt: The place looks fantastic, I love the fortune teller, it adds the perfect touch!

Chris: That was my idea!

Trevor: Ya, I said no, he did it anyway!

Chris: Look how many people are over there!

Wyatt: Its all about raising money, so anything helps!

Trevor: Good, than you wont mind being the MC for the night!

Wyatt: Oh, no, I don't do public speaking!

Trevor: You guys suck, the MC lost his voice and now I have to do it!

Chris: Just picture everyone naked! It always works for me in school!

Trevor: Are you sure were related! Wish me luck!

Wyatt: Break a leg!

Chris: Knowing him he'll actually break a leg!

Trevor: (On Stage) On behalf of the West Bay Area Aids Foundation in association with P3, I would like to welcome you to the 1st ever Aids fundraising Masquerade Ball. (Applause from the Audience. We flash to the entrance as Serena enters)

Serena: (Speaking to herself) Like moths to a flame! (Flash to Wyatt and Chris)

Chris: He's not that bad!

Wyatt: I wonder if Chance is here yet!

Chris: Chance?

Wyatt: My new charge!

Chris: Potential love interest?

Wyatt: No, turns out him and his friends always hang out here!

Chris: Mmhmm, if you say so! (Flash back to Trevor)

Trevor: So drink up and dance the night away! (Applause, music starts, Trevor goes down to the bar) So did I make an ass out of myself?

Chris: Your wearing a mask, its not like anyone knows its you!

Trevor: Your support is overwhelming! (We see Dominic enter the front door, he looks around and slowly makes his way to the bar. Then Andre enters looks around and makes his way towards the bar. We see the murderer enter behind DJ. The fortune teller walks up to Trevor)

Madame Rosaline: I need to take a break!

Trevor: Sure, you don't have to ask!

Madame Rosaline: Thank you!

Trevor: This is our other brother Wyatt!

Madame Rosaline: (Shaking Wyatt's hand she breaths in heavily, then gasps) Oh!

Trevor: Madame are you ok?

Madame Rosaline: You must not let the darkness in you rise!

Wyatt: What, what are you talking about?

Madame Rosaline: Control, the darkness within you, before it takes you over! A darkness is coming, you will have to make a choice, to give into the darkness, or stay in the light! (She lets go of his hand and walks quickly away!)

Wyatt: Ok, where did you guys find her, the nut house or something! (DJ walks up)

DJ: Hey guys fantastic job!

Wyatt: Hey, DJ!

DJ: So, why are you guys not dancing with any of these fine men!

Trevor: I'm hosting, so I'll just have to live vicariously through you guys!

Chris: Come on Trev, work time is over, lets party! (A guy walks up to Wyatt)

Chance: (Tapping his shoulder) Hello!

Wyatt: (Turning around) Hi!

Chance: Told you I would find you!

Wyatt: Oh, Chance!

Chance: The one and only!

Wyatt: You made it, you look great! These are my brothers Chris, Trevor and my best friend DJ!

Chance: Nice to me you all! (Dominic walks up to Chris, but he doesn't know its him)

Dom: Sir, may I have this dance?

Chris: (Bowing down, in a dramatic fashion) Me Lord, I would be honored! (Turning to the guys) Catch you guys later!

Trevor: He's going to kill me!

Wyatt: Chris! Why?

Trevor: That's Dominic, I invited him without Chris knowing!

Wyatt: Oh!

Chance: He doesn't like him?

Trevor: No, they like each other, they just have some issues!

Chance: Well, romance is in the air tonight, so maybe they'll work it out! (Serena comes walking by, bumps into Chance, we see her touch Chance and a yellow color spreads over Chance. Chance grabs his head as if he is getting dizzy) Oh! (A psychic blast emits from his head, its yellow and hits Chris, Dominic, Wyatt and Andre along with other people that are dancing)

Wyatt: Are you alright?

Chance: I don't know, that lady hit me and it was like my powers went all out of whack!

DJ: I'll get you something to drink! (He moves to the other side of the bar, Andre walks up to him)

Andre: DJ!

DJ: Andre is that you?/

Andre: I decided to listen to you!

DJ: Awesome!

Andre: Who's that guy?

DJ: That's Wyatt's new charge!

Andre: He brought him here?

DJ: No, nothing like that, he's here with his friends. So are you going to tell him you're here?

Andre: No, I figured it wouldn't hurt, if we just danced!

DJ: It's your call! So go ask him to dance already! (DJ takes a drink back to Chance, while Andre walks up to Wyatt!)

Andre: Hi, I was wondering..

Wyatt: I would love too! (He grabs his hand and walks out onto the dance floor)

Chance: (Looking annoyed) What was I thinking!

Trevor: What do you mean?

Chance: Nothing! Thanks for the drink!

DJ: No, problem! Maybe if your feeling better, we could, you know, dance or something?

Chance: (Looking at Wyatt dancing) Sure! I'll be back!

DJ: Think I stand a chance?

Trevor: I think he has a thing, for Wyatt! What's Chris doing? (Looking on stage, Chris grabs two microphones hands one to Dominic, says something to the DJ and him and Dominic start to sing Rihanna's song "Hate how much I love you" as they dance a choreographed dance a choreographed dance with Wyatt and Andre, the crowed goes wild)

Trevor: Ok, Dj, something is definitely up!

DJ: Ya, think!

Trevor: That all started after Chance said his powers felt like they were out of whack!

DJ: Let's find him! (As their walking around the pass by Madame Rosaline!)

Madame: Trevor!

Trevor: Yes!

Madame: Your friend here is in grave danger!

Trevor: What do you mean!

Madame: There is an evil demon after him!

DJ: He, cant be here!

Trevor: You know what she's talking about?

DJ: Yes, we need to get your brothers back to themselves! Come on, lets go find Chance! (They make their way to the bathrooms)

Trevor: I don't see him anywhere! (They hear a scream from one of the backrooms) Back here! (They run back there to find, Serena standing over Chance, she's holding her hands of his face, taking her powers from him. Trevor waves his hand sending Serena flying against a wall)

Trevor: Are you ok? (DJ, helps him up)

DJ: Chance are you ok to move?

Chance: I think so!

DJ: You have to go reverse whatever you did to Wyatt and Chris!

Chance: You mean I did use my powers earlier?

DJ: Yes, now go, hurry we need them now! (He runs out, DJ stands behind Trevor)

Serena: That wasn't very nice of you uncle!

Trevor: Uncle? Who are you?

Serena: You will find out soon enough! (Holding out her hands) The air around you grows thin, your legs week, (Trevor falls to the floor he's gasping for air, behind DJ the murderer walks up and stabs him in the back)

DJ: Ugh! (Falls to the floor)

Serena: How rude, I wasn't done playing with them and I never share! (She throws and energy ball at the murderer, he flies against a wall) Now where was I! (Wyatt and Chris come running up)

Chris: (Holding out his hand he shouts) Underworld) (He orbs Serena to the underworld)

Wyatt: (Healing DJ) Trevor are you alright?

Trevor: (Coughing and gasping for air) Just give me a second!

Chris: What happened?

Trevor: That demon was trying to take, Chance's powers and that guy stabbed DJ!

DJ: Thanks that was close, but we have to get the guardian out of his body!

Wyatt: Guardian! (The murderer gets up, he goes to run, Trevor waves his hand and sends him flying back, he lifts him off the ground using his powers and slams him against the wall again and again till finally the guardian shows himself, he waves his hand sending the knife into a triangle on his forehead, and the guardian explodes)

DJ: (Walking over to the murderer) I'll take him in!

DJ's apt-

Andre: (Orbs in) Are you ok?

DJ: Ya, what a ball, pun intended!

Andre: Everything worked out ok!

DJ: I guess so! Did you enjoy yourself?

Andre: It was stupid I should have never gone!

DJ: Why, you danced, you laughed, we caught the demon!

Andre: I feel guilty, I should have never danced with Wyatt, I don't know what came over me! I just wanted to see him, I never thought I would actually dance with him!

DJ: Its not your fault you were under the powers of a witch!

Andre: Its never boring around them is it?

DJ: You can say that again!


Trevor: (Talking to an employee) Thanks Andy, you can go home, will finish the rest tomorrow!

Chris: Now, that was a party!

Trevor: Your duet, was something to write home about!

Chris: I cant believe I actually sang!

Wyatt: What about our dance routine!

Trevor: Ya, I'm so glad I video taped the event!

Chris: Your so dead if anyone sees that!

Trevor: Its going on you tube tomorrow and my myspace!

Wyatt: We, need to figure out who this Serena chick is!

Trevor: And what's up with her calling me uncle?

Chris: You don't think...

Trevor: Don't go there!

Wyatt: I'm exhausted, lets worry about it tomorrow!

Trevor: I'm just going to finish up here, I'll be home in a little while!

Chris: Don't think your off the hook either!

Trevor: Off the hook?

Chris: Dominic!

Trevor: Oh, so you knew!

Chris: (As he's orbing out) Of course I did!

Dominic's apt-

Chris: (Knocking, Dominic open the door) Hey!

Dom: Chris its 4 in the morning!

Chris: Don't try to act like you were sleeping! I know it was you at the club!

Dom: That big mouth!

Chris: No, Trevor didn't say anything! I knew it was you, I am an empath remember!

Dom: I didn't mean to deceive you, I just...

Chris: I'm glad you did it, I had a lot of fun!

Dom: Do, you came to just to tell me that?

Chris: Well, I had to run off earlier, so I never gave you this! (Leans in and kisses him, then orbs out)

A Riverbank-

Andre: (Wyatt is standing on the side of a river, in front of him is a waterfall, next to him a mountain. He's wearing a white button up shirt, that is open, showing his chest and a white cloth like pants, that go down only to his ankles. He's watching the waterfall crash into the river. Andre walks up behind him and puts his arms around him, from behind, he lays his head on his back) Here we are again!

Wyatt: You told me that I couldn't see what was right in front of me!

Andre: Yes!

Wyatt: It was you tonight at the ball!

Andre: Wyatt, I cant...

Wyatt: Don't say anything, just kiss me! (He turns around grabs Andre and kisses him)

End Chapter-