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Subject: The Charmed Sons

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Chapter 17- Fight Club




Trevor: Trevor is closing the club up, he's alone. He's at the bar putting away glasses, when a man comes stumbling down the steps, he's holding his stomach, he's bleeding from scratches all over his face and a wound to his stomach. Trevor hears him falling down the stairs) Hey, what's going on?

Guy: Please, you have to listen to me!

Trevor: We need to get you to a hospital!

Guy: No, there is no time, its to late for me!

Trevor: What happened to you?

Guy: A demon did this to me!

Trevor: You, know about demons?

Guy: Yes and I know your one of the charmed ones!

Trevor: Are you a witch too?

Guy: (Coughing) Yes, some demon is kidnapping witches and using us to fight demons in his fight club, you have to stop him, they take your powers, he'll become to strong!

Trevor: Where is this fight club?

Guy: It moves around every night, you have to scry for mystical energy! (His body evaporates and floats out of the room, Trevor stands up and watches it)

Opening Credit Roll- "Attack" by 30 Seconds to Mars is playing as we see different images of San Francisco. The beach, people surfing, sun bathing, the life guard. We close at the Halliwell Manor.

The kitchen-

Chris: (Wyatt is getting a cup of coffee as Chris walks in) Morning!

Wyatt: Morning, so did you get some sleep?

Chris: Yes, thank God!

Wyatt: So the potion worked, no more feeling our emotions?

Chris: It worked, finally got enjoy my own dreams! So are you nervous?

Wyatt: Ya, taking a sabbatical is what I need to do, but my editor isn't going to be to happy with that, sales have increased with my column!

Chris: Cant you talk your way out of it!

Wyatt: What am I going to say, sorry I haven't been to work, I've been battling demons!

Chris: Why cant you say you've been having family problems?

Wyatt: I'm just going to say I can hardly give advice to readers when I have all these personal issues going on!

Chris: Have you told mom and dad?

Wyatt: No! And I don't plan on telling them, just yet! So has Trevor, talked about anything?

Chris: No, nothing at all, not even about Tatum!

Wyatt: Its like he's flying auto pilot!

Chris: Well, he has been demon hunting a lot lately!

Wyatt: I don't know if that's any better! Well, its time to go walk the plank!

Chris: Good luck! Remember they need you, you don't need them!

Battle Dome-

Mortar- (IN a dome shaped battle room, we see the demon Mortar talking to Cero)

Mortar: How could you let the witch get away?

Cero: I didn't know, he could materialize at will!

Mortar: You just better hope, he doesn't warn the charmed ones!

Cero: He was badly wounded, there wasn't enough time for him, to warn anyone!

Mortar: We need to capture more witches, for tonight!

Cero: We have two and I have men searching for more!

Mortar: Good, I need as many powers as I can collect!

Cero: Is the order that powerful?

Mortar: They are! If I can collect enough powers, they will be sure to let me join them! Now, lets get ready for tonight!

The Bay Mirror-

Wyatt: (Walking out of the Bay Mirror, DJ, pulls up) Hey DJ!

DJ: Hey, so how did it go?

Wyatt: Good! I got sometime off to refocus!

DJ: So how's Trevor doing?

Wyatt: Keeping it all inside, I'm afraid!

DJ: Maybe I should try talking to him, you know someone on the outside!

Wyatt: Would you?

DJ: Of course, I'll stop by later today!

Wyatt: Thanks, that means a lot!

DJ: Alright, I'll catch up with you later!

The Manor-

Chris: (Trevor is scrying for the location of the fight club, as Chris comes in) Hey, what are you up too?

Trevor: Nothing!

Chris: Doesn't look like nothing!

Trevor: Did you want something?

Chris: Ok, can we say, bad mood much!

Trevor: Sorry, I just have a lot of my mind!

Chris: So if I asked you if you needed any help, your probably going to say no!

Trevor: Right! (The crystal lands on the map) Got it!

Chris: Got what?

Trevor: Nothing, I'll see you later!

Chris: Where you going?

Trevor: (Walking out the door, shouts) Out! (Trevor goes down to his room, we see flashes of him getting naked, then putting on leather pants, a tight shirt and a mask around his eyes, he grabs an athema and puts it in his combat boots, he looks at himself in the mirror. We flash back to Chris)

Chris: (Shouting into the air) Wyatt! (He orbs in)

Wyatt: What's up?

Chris: Wow, guess your jobless now!

Wyatt: What, were you calling me for?

Chris: Trevor, scryed for something and took off!

Wyatt: Why didn't you stop him?

Chris: What did you want me to do, ground him?

Wyatt: Damn it!

Chris: He would have said something if it was demons!

Wyatt: With all his anger, who knows!


DJ: (Trevor walks into an alley, he see's two guys their sticking their hands out and touch an invisible barrier and then walk right through. As Trevor is about to go in, we see DJ standing behind the wall, peeking around it, watching Trevor as he enters through and disappears, DJ walks into the alley and then enters as well. Trevor follows the two guys that entered before him, they walk through a corridor that leads into a big dome battle arena. Its filled with demons shouting and screaming. Trevor walks up and takes a seat towards the front, DJ, follow him and walks and sits next to Trevor.) So, do you always make a habit of dressing in leather?

Trevor: What the hell are you doing here, and how did you know it was me?

DJ: I could ask you the same thing, and I can still tell its you through the mask!

Trevor: Did my brothers have you follow me?

DJ: No, I'm a cop remember, people are disappearing and there is talk on the street of a fight club!

Trevor: You need to get out of here, this place is packed with demons!

DJ: Cant do that!

Trevor: Just stay out of my way! (Mortar enters the center of the arena, with a microphone)

Mortar: Warlocks, witches and demons oh my! (Applauses and screams from the audience) We have an exciting show tonight, in this corner, we have the undefeated manic of the underworld Crèches (The crowd goes wild) And in this corner we have Martian the witch! (Crowd boo's) Now, I want a dirty fight, anything goes, let the fight begin! (The audience roars as Creches attacks Martian, he lifts him up and body slams him)

DJ: What do you plan to do?

Trevor: Save the innocent, before he gets creamed! (Trevor gets up and DJ grabs his arm)

DJ: Its to dangerous!

Trevor: Let go of my arm!

DJ: Trevor, if anything happens to you!

Trevor: I know what I'm doing! (Trevor walks up to where the fight is taking place, he jumps up and does a double flip in the air, and lands between Creches and Martin! Mortar comes onto the floor with two big demons!)

Mortar: What do we have here?

Trevor: I'll fight Creches and Martian gets to walk!

Mortar: Are you a witch or a demon?

Trevor: Does it matter, all you need is a show!

Mortar: True, but still, this witch has great power, what do you have to offer?

Trevor: His powers are nothing compared to mine!

Mortar: Hmm, I'll free him, only if you can win!

Trevor: But, for now, he sits out there with him! (He points at DJ, DJ stands up)

Mortar: Don't trust me?

Trevor: As a matter a fact, I don't!

Mortar: (Laughs) Ok, ok but you have to sign this paper! (Holds out his hand and a paper appears in it)

Trevor: What is it?

Mortar: A contract, so you don't get any ideas! (He hands Trevor the paper, when Trevor takes it in his hand, his finger is cut and his blood is absorbed into the paper)

Trevor: What the hell was that?

Mortar: You signed in blood! It holds you to the contract! (He takes the contract and it disappear) Lets see what you can do! (Gets on a microphone) There has been a little change in the program, the masked avenger will fight instead! (The Crowd roars) You know the rules! So lets begin!

Creches: Your dead meat witch!

Trevor: Bring it on, demon! (Creches grabs Trevor by the neck and one hand at his waist, lifts him straight up and falls back slamming him into the ground, Trevor struggles to get up, but Creches grabs his leg and twists it, as Trevor is struggling to get out he waves his hand and sends Creches flying forward pushes behind himself and flips himself up and lands on his feet. Creches sends a fireball at Trevor, so Trevor does a double flip lands on Creches shoulders and flips him over as they both get up, Creches punches Trevor in the face, as he goes to punch a second time, Trevor grabs his fist, Creches uses his other hand, But Trevor grabs that one too and dead butts him, then Trevor does a slide kick and crèches falls to the ground, Trevor goes to grab his leg but Creches shimmers out and then back in behind Trevor, grabs him and then body slams Trevor. Trevor gets up runs at Creches and jumps up and kicks into his chest sends him flying back. Trevor lands on his feet, takes the athema out and spins and stabs Creches in the chest, Blowing him up, the crowd goes wild, Trevor stands there breathing heavy, holding the athema in his hand as Mortar walks up grabs Trevor's hand and raises it)

Mortar: The new champion the Masked Avenger! (The crowd goes wild)

Trevor: I won, so he's free to go!

Mortar: I'll keep my end of the bargain, but you have another fight!

Trevor: Fine, just let me go talk to my friend!

Mortar: You have ten minuets, don't get any idea's remember I have you blood signed contract! (Trevor walks over to DJ)

Trevor: DJ, get him out of here, I have another fight!

DJ: What! Lets just get out of here!

Trevor: I cant, I signed a contract, it was the only way to free him!

DJ: Man, Wyatt is going to kill us!

Trevor: DJ, you cant say anything to my brothers!

DJ: You putting me in a bad position!

Trevor: I'm killing demons, who cares how, isn't it my job anyway?

DJ: This is so not the same!

Trevor: I'll find away out of this, just give me sometime!

DJ: Alright, I hope you know what your doing, I'll be back!

The Manor-

Piper: (Piper and Leo walk in as Chris and Wyatt are sitting) Hey guys!

Wyatt: HI!

Chris: Hey!

Leo: Ok, why so down?

Wyatt: Trev...

Chris: (Interrupting) Wyatt, has something to tell you! (Giving Wyatt a look)

Wyatt: Chris I hardly think that matters right now!

Piper: Ok, someone better start talking!

Chris: Wyatt, just tell them!

Wyatt: I took a leave of absence from work!

Piper: What, why?

Leo: Wyatt, you have been working so hard!

Wyatt: Look, before you guys start in on me, I really think we need to focus all our energies on what lays ahead!

Leo: You have us for help, if we discussed this like a family, we could have come up with a better solution!

Chris: Look, he's already beat himself up enough!

Piper: I cant believe, this! Wyatt, you should have come to us!

Wyatt: Mom, things have been so crazy, I didn't do this to party, I did it to save my family! Look, Chris and I have some things we need to do! (Grabs Chris by the back of the shirt)

Piper: Wyatt Matthew Halliwell, I'm not done talking to you!

Leo: Honey, let him go!

Piper: Leo, I feel like we've let down all of our kids!

Leo: Piper, don't say that, their old enough, to make decisions on their own!

Piper: Its not just that, Trevor is so angry, Wyatt, just has so much pressure on him, I know its not easy being the oldest, I still don't know how Prue did it, and I don't know if I was any good at it!

Leo: Their going to be fine, Wyatt will find what it is, he's meant to do. Trevor, is lucky he has two, great brothers and loving parents to help him through all of this!

Piper: You, know me, I cant help but worry!

The Battle Dome-

Cero: So, what are you going to do, about the witch?

Mortar: (Holding his hand out the contract appears in his hand) Trevor Halliwell, he's a charmed one!

Cero: What will you do?

Mortar: If I can get his powers, the order will be sure to allow me to join them!

Cero: Who, is strong enough to defeat a charmed one?

Mortar: We have to find someone powerful, I know! I'll be back!


DJ: (Trevor is at the bar, when DJ walks up) How long are you going to keep this up?

Trevor: I don't see what the problem is, I'm doing the world a favor!

DJ: Do you have a death wish or something?

Trevor: DJ, I can take care of myself! Look, demons are always attacking us, what's the big deal if I take the fight to them!

DJ: If Wyatt finds out... (Wyatt and Chris walks up)

Wyatt: If I find out what?

Trevor: That DJ, likes Chance!

Wyatt: Really!

DJ: (Giving Trevor a look) That's not what I was going to say!

Trevor: (Interrupting) DJ's embarrassed to ask you, if you could hook him up!

DJ: That's not it either!

Wyatt: Don't worry DJ, I'll talk to him for you!

Chris: (Looking really annoyed) Trevor, where did you run off too?

DJ: Ya, Trevor, where did you run off too?

Trevor: When?

Wyatt: Earlier today!

Chris: After you left the attic?

Trevor: I didn't know, I needed to permission from you guys, to do things?

Wyatt: We're not saying that?

Trevor: Really, then what are you saying, I need to leave you a note anytime I leave the house!

Chris: Trevor, why are you acting like this?

Trevor: Just get off my back! (Walks away to the other side of the bar)

Wyatt: DJ, do you know what's going on with him?

DJ: Don't look at me, he's your brother! As a matter of fact, he reminds me of you when you were younger! (Chris walks over to Trevor)

Chris: Trevor!

Trevor: Don't start with me Chris!

Chris: I'm not, its just we cant help you if you don't talk to us!

Trevor: I don't need any help! Look I have work to do, I'll talk to you later!

DJ's apt-

DJ: (Shouting into the air) Andre! (He orbs in)

Andre: What's going on?

DJ: I need your help!

Andre: Ok!

DJ: What do you know of a demon named Mortar?

Andre: How do you know about him?

DJ: Trevor, is wrapped up, in Mortar's fight club, and he wont let me tell his brothers so I need to help him on my own!

Andre: From what we know, Mortar is using this fight club, to collect powers! He changes the location everyday so there is no way to pin point where it will be next!

DJ: How is he collecting their powers!

Andre: He has them sign a blood contract, relinquishing their powers if they should die!

DJ: Damn it, Trevor signed the contract! How do we get the contract back?

Andre: The only way is to vanquish him, it will release all the contracts! But I really think you should let Wyatt, know!

DJ: The way you let him know your back?

Andre: That's not fair!

DJ: Oh, and you seeing him at the masquerade ball, and dancing with him, without him knowing is fair?

Andre: Don't you think this is hard for me?

DJ: Sorry, I'm frustrated, I hate sneaking behind Wyatt's back!

Andre: This is different, if anything happens to Trevor, it puts the power of three at risk!

DJ: I know!

Dominic's apt-

Chris: (Knocks) Sorry to bother you, but could I come in?

Dom: Is this about the kiss?

Chris: No, why did you not like the kiss?

Dom: No, I liked, I just thought, maybe you regretted kissing me!

Chris: Not at all, I would just like to take things slow, this time!

Dom: I understand, so why are you here?

Chris: I think Trevor is in trouble and I need your help!

Dom: What kind of trouble?

Chris: He's up to something, I don't know what it is, I just have a really bad feeling!

Dom: SO, you want me to follow him?

Chris: Could you, I would do it, but I have a class!

Dom: You owe me!

Chris: Thanks!


Trevor: (Trevor arrives at an alley, DJ is already there waiting and Dominic is following behind) How do you know, the entrance would be here?

DJ: I have my ways! Look, the only way to break the contract is to vanquish Mortar!

Trevor: What's your point!

DJ: You are planning on vanquishing him?

Trevor: Eventually!

DJ: What is your damage?

Trevor: Look, I'm tired of my brothers thinking I'm the weakest link, they tip toe around me, like I'm going to break, and demons seem to always come after me first, here's my chance to prove them all wrong, and show what kind of powers I have!

DJ: This isn't the way to do it!

Trevor: I'm not asking for your approval!

DJ: If your campaigning for bitch of the year, your definitely in first place!

Trevor: Bored now! (Waves his hand sending DJ flying, and walks through the invisible barrier. Dominic walks up to DJ)

Dom: You have some explaining to do!

DJ: What are you doing here?

Dom: Following Trevor, and you?

DJ: Aside from getting thrown, trying to keep him from getting killed!

Dom: What is this place?

DJ: it's a demons fight club!

Dom: What's Trevor got to do with it?

DJ: He signed a contract and now he's got to fight!

Dom: Oh!

DJ: I'm going in, you get Chris and Wyatt here, tell them, we have to vanquish the demon Mortar, to break the contract!

Dom: Be careful!

The Battle Dome-

Trevor: (Battling a demon) Is that all you got?

Demon: I'm going to enjoy kicking your ass!

Trevor: Will see! (The demon runs at Trevor, Trevor puts his hand through the demons underarm and flips him over on his back, the demon kicks back with his leg and Trevor falls backwards. Two demons shimmer in around DJ, they grab him and shimmer out, to where Mortar is standing)

Mortar: Your friend fights well!

DJ: I'm sure he's getting you a lot of powers!

Mortar: Ah, so you know, what's going on here?

DJ: Well I didn't think you were in it to make some money!

Mortar: I have a great idea!

DJ: Tearing up his contract, before the charmed ones vanquish your sorry ass!

Mortar: Your friend here likes fighting to much! But tonight will be his last night to fight, unless you help him!

DJ: Your crazy!

Mortar: Is that a bad thing! You can either watch him die, or join in and help him! Two demons are going in on the next fight! (Making a contract appear with a wave of his hand) Sign this, or sit back and enjoy the show? (Flashing back to Trevor, Trevor is on the floor, he flips the demon behind him gets up and stabs him with an athema)

Mortar: (Walking on stage) the masked avenger does it again! (Crowed cheers chanting masked avenger) For our next fight, we have a little change to make, we're going to have a two man team fight! (Crowd roars, Wyatt, Chris and Dominic enter) Joining the masked avenger is his side kick, Black Panther!

Chris: Masked avenger, black panther, give me a break!

Trevor: DJ, what did you do?

DJ: I had no choice, it was help you or watch you die!

Mortar: Since, the masked avenger is really a charmed one! (The Crowd makes a shocked noise, Trevor takes off his mask) To make the fight fair, it will be ten demons no holds barred!

Trevor: What you cant do that!

Mortar: Oh, but I can, you're a charmed ones, ten demons should be no problem for you two! Let the fight begin!

Trevor: DJ, I'm sorry, I got you into this mess!

DJ: Just don't get dead! (One by one the demons come and surround them, Trevor and DJ are standing back to back as the demons circle them, DJ's shields are on, Trevor astral projects himself into two)

Trevor: Maybe two of me, will help!

Dom: (Dominic throws an athema to DJ) DJ, catch!

DJ: (Catches it) Let's do this! (Trevor waves his hands sending demons flying, astral Trevor does the same, DJ, punches one demon, right hook, left hook, upper cut, stabs the demon and he blows up. Trevor jumps up and kicks two different demons with either foot, lands throws an athema at one and holds his hand out and the athema comes back into his hand and does the same to another demon, DJ, is held by two demons while another one is punching him in the stomach again and again. Astral Trevor comes up behind them stabs one demon then the other in the back)

Astral Trevor: Switch out DJ! (DJ bends down and astral Trevor, rolls over his back and side kicks a demon as he's coming down off DJ's back, DJ blocks a fireball being thrown at him and sends it back at the demon who threw it)

Chris: Are we just going to stand here?

Wyatt: There's Mortar, I'll freeze him, you two help them out, when the time comes lets get rid of as many demons as we can! (Dominic shimmers out and reappears next to DJ)

Dom: Black Panther!

DJ: Hey now! (Wyatt orbs out and then orbs in behind Mortar, he waves his hand and freezes him)

Wyatt: Now, guys! (Chris, start throwing potions at the audience, as they start blowing up, demons start panicking and trying to run, Dominic, starts throwing athema after athema at the demons. Trevor kills two more demons, DJ, is on the ground flips a demon behind him astral Trevor turns sees the demon flying his way, and spins into him with the athema killing him, Wyatt starts blowing up demons until there are no more left)

DJ: And then there was one!

The guys: We call upon the ancient powers in this night and in this hour, with the powers of witches lost, let this demon feel what he has wroth! (With flashes of light entering and exiting his body, Mortar explodes)

The Manor-

Piper: Wyatt, Christopher, Trevor, get your asses down here right now! (They all come marching down one by one) In there now! (Pointing to the living room) Its time for a family meeting!

Leo: Look, no one is here to attack, we just want to talk!

Piper: Says you!

Leo: Honey we talked about this!

Piper: Fine!

Leo: What's going on with you guy's?

Wyatt: Nothing!

Piper: Ok, we tried it your way, now its my turn!

Leo: Piper, give it a minuet!

Trevor: What's this all about?

Piper: We try not to interfere with you guys all the time, but right now, you guys look like you need interference. Wyatt, its like you've lost your focus, Trevor, you've been on a one man mission and Chris your always moping around!

Wyatt: Look, if this is about work...

Leo: Not just that, we know being the oldest is no easy task, what can everyone do to help you?

Wyatt: Dad, were fine honestly, there have been bumps in the road for us, but we always come together in the end!

Chris: I'm not moping anymore, me and Dominic are starting to work things out!

Trevor: My one man army days are over!

Wyatt: So as you can see, were ok!

Piper: Un huh, you guys really have this sibling/parent talks down!

Wyatt: Chris and I get it from you and your sisters!

Trevor: And I'm jus a natural!

Piper: Guys, just remember, together your stronger, learn to rely on one another, being the charmed ones give you power, being brothers is more powerful!


Dom: (Wyatt, Chris, Dominic and DJ are sitting at a booth) So black panther!

DJ: You guys aren't ever going to let me live that down!

Wyatt: Now if I can help it!

DJ: What would you have called yourself?

Wyatt: Hey, I'm already a charmed one!

Chris: "Charmed Ones" strike fear into the hearts of demons, if they had a heat!

DJ: So, what are you guys, going to say to Trevor?

Wyatt: Oh, I don't know, how about, he almost got you killed and himself, all for what?

DJ: Look, he was trying to prove a point!

Wyatt: Don't worry my parents already gave us a talking too!

DJ: Well, you guys need to stop babying him, he's stronger than you guys give him credit for! (Trevor walks up)

Trevor: So on a scale of one to ten, just how mad at me are you guys?

Wyatt: 10!

Chris: I cant stay mad at you, its like being mad at myself, it hurts my head!

Trevor: DJ, thanks for sticking by my side, even though I was being a jerk to you!

DJ: What are friends for!

Chris: You guys are friends now?

Trevor: No, really, I could have gotten you hurt and then where would I be!

DJ: It all worked out just fine!

Trevor: I just needed to prove myself, not just to you guys, but to myself! Saajohn did a lot to me, and I'm tired of feeling like the weak one!

Wyatt: Nobody thinks that about you!

Trevor: Maybe you don't, but you guys sure act like you do!

Wyatt: I'm your older brother, I'm always going to worry about you!

Trevor: I know!

Wyatt: Well, I'll promise not to treat you that way anymore, if you promise not to go off on your own!

Trevor: Well, I'll do my best and hey a little worrying about me, isn't such a bad thing!

DJ: If you girls are done, there is a party on the dance floor!

Wyatt: Hey, DJ, before we go out there, I have one last thing to say to you!

DJ: OH no, here it comes!

Wyatt: Stop keeping things like this from me, I know why you did it, but I might not be there to help next time!

DJ: I hear ya!

Wyatt: Come on there are two fine guys, waiting for us over there! Let's go black panther! (Everyone laughs)

Chris: Thanks again Dominic, your always there when I need you!

Dom: Well, don't forget you owe me now!

Chris: I look forward to paying you back!

Dom: Well, I had my drink, now I need to go, I have a test tomorrow!

Chris: Goodnight!

Trevor: Later!

Chris: So, masked avenger!

Trevor: I have to tell you, it was so much fun, getting in costume and fighting those demons!

Chris: Its always fun, till you get vanquished!

Trevor: Chris, when the crowd would chant my name it was like a rush! I mean I'm glad its over and all!

Chris: Ya, right, who are you trying to kid!

Trevor: I hate that you know me so well!

Chris: Your secrets are safe with me!

Trevor: Come on lets go dance! (They get up walk onto the dance floor and start dancing with Wyatt and DJ)

Lord Byrne Lair-

Mateo: What do you hope to accomplish?

Byrne: By going back in time, I can get rid of the mother of the charmed ones, and by doing so get rid of her decedents!

Mateo: Why not just go back and kill the charmed ones?

Byrne: You fool, can you never see the bigger picture! If it was that simple I would do it, the Seer had the youngest of the charmed ones, he is to protected!

Mateo: How do you know when to go back?

Byrne: The amulet will take me back, to a time, where she is most vulnerable, a time when she is without her sisters!

Mateo: I see!

Byrne: You see nothing, I'm surrounded by idiots! I must stop the order, before Saajohn joins them, and the only way is to make sure he never gains the powers he has now! Now stand back! (He throws a potion onto the floor and a portal opens he jumps in and it closes behind him!)

End Chapter-