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Subject: The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin-off of the original tv show and i have no control of what actually happens in there lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story obviously stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives



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Chapter 18- If you could change the past, would you?


The Manor-

Wyatt: (Itís all out war in the Halliwell manor, Twelve demons have attacked the manor. Wyatt, Chris and Trevor are fighting them off, while Piper and Leo are entering the front door. As they are entering Wyatt comes flying landing on the floor in front of them.) Son of a biÖ

Piper: Language!

Wyatt: You guys should get out of here! (Getting up off the floor, he turns and starts blowing up demons)

Piper: Leo, go back to the car, Iíll help!

Leo: Damn it!

Chris: Iím out of potions! (He gets tackled down by two demons)

Trevor: Get off my brother! (Starts waving his hands sending demons flying off of Chris)

Wyatt: Mom, I told you to get out of here!

Piper: Hey, I still have the moves! (As she blows up demons, we see swirling lights suddenly leave Wyatt, Chris and Trevorís body)

Wyatt: Hey, my powers! (Heís waving his hands and nothing happens, two demons come up behind him, Piper blows them up)

Piper: Now, arenít you glad I stayed!

Chris: My powers are down too!

Trevor: Um, me to guys!

Piper: Get out of the way! (As the guys huddle to the side, Piper blows up the remaining demons)

Opening Credits Roll- ďLuxuriousĒ by Gwen Stefani plays as we see images of San Francisco, the clock tower is moving quickly, as people walk super fast, cars going by at super speed. We stop at the front of the Halliwell manor!

Wyatt: (Everyone is in the attic, Wyatt is looking through the book of shadows) Dad, there is nothing in here!

Leo: And your sure none of the demons threw a potion at you guys?

Chris: Nothing, one second weíre fighting the next, weíre powerless!

Piper: Oh no! (Holding her hand up, its starting to disappear) This cant be good!

Trevor: (Shouting into the air) Prue! Hurry, Prue! (She orbs in) Whatís happening to mom?

Prue: There is a demonÖ(A large portal opens behind the boys and sucks them in) Wait I havenít told them yet! (The guys are being spun around and around and finally are thrown through the portal onto the attic floor)

Wyatt: You guys ok?

Chris: Fine, but what just happened?

Trevor: Whereís mom and dad? (They hear a scream from down stairs) Was that mom? (They run downstairs, two demons are holding Pipers hands behind her back, as another is about to put some sort of amulet on her) Look how young she is!

Wyatt: Trevor, maybe you should stay here, they donít know who you are and we cant do anything that might change the future! (Wyatt and Chris run down) Get away from her! (He jumps and tackles the demon, Chris grabs the other two off of Piper. Piper turns around and blows up the two demons)

Piper: Not so tuff, when my hands are free are you! (The demon that Wyatt was fighting shimmers out)

Wyatt: Are you ok mom?

Piper: Iím fine! Not that Iím not happy to see you guys, but what are you doing here?

Wyatt: You mean, you didnít summon us?

Piper: No, are you guys to old to give me a hug?

Piper: (The hug) So, if you guys didnít come back on your own and I didnít do it, who did? (Leo comes walking down the stairs and sees Trevor)

Wyatt: We were battling demons, lost our powers and then you started to fade away, when all of the sudden we weíre here!

Leo: (Grabbing onto Trevor from behind) Gotcha!

Trevor: Wha-what are you doing?

Wyatt: Wait dad, its not what you think!

Chris: Heís with us!

Leo: (Letting go of Trevor) Sorry, but why are you standing up here?

Trevor: Doing what Wyatt, told me too!

Piper: You must be another family member, cause you look just like my grandpa!

Trevor: (Just starting into her eyes) Oh, ya, Iím, um!

Wyatt: Heís our, our cousin!

Piper: Ah, which one of my sisters?

Wyatt: Mom, you know we cant say anything!

Piper: Ya, ya, messing with the future, yada, yada!

Leo: So, maybe the elders sent you guys back?

Chris: Just like them to send us back without telling us why!

Trevor: Wouldnít aunt PrÖ

Wyatt: (Interrupting and putting his hand on Trevorís mouth) We need a white lighter!

Trevor: Sorry, I get it! (Shouting into the air) ELDERS, could you send someone down here to help!

Leo: Reminds me of your aunt Prue!

Wyatt: If you only knew dad!

Chris: Useless!

Kyle Brody (Yes the one that got killed by the avatars, PaigeĎs boyfriend): Iíve been expecting you, we need to hurry, the longer you are here, the more of a chance there is that you could change the future!

Chris: Always so full of hope and positive thinking!

Trevor: Some things never change! Or will never change, never mind!

Wyatt: Why have they brought us back?

Kyle: A demon from the future has found away back in time, heís trying to erase Piper from existence, therefore her children as well, leaving no power of three for the future! A certain white lighter should have told you this in the future!

Wyatt: Well, as that white lighter was about to tell us, we got sucked into a time stream!

Piper: Ok, what power of three are we talking about, and who is this white lighter?

Chris: (Ignoring her) So do we know who the demon is?

Kyle: No!

Piper: What about that demon who attacked, he was trying to put some sort of amulet on me?

Kyle: Amulet? Was it black, with a crescent moon in the center?

Piper: As a matter of fact it was!

Kyle: the amulet of aurora!

Wyatt: Why, did he come back to this point in time?

Kyle: I donít know, there has to be some sort of significance to this point in time!

Trevor: So we protect moÖI mean Piper and what destroy the amulet?

Kyle: Iíll go tell the elders what we know so far! (He orbs out)

Chris: Where are the aunts?

Piper: Out of town! And I donít want to bother them!

Wyatt: Thatís fine, the less people we come in contact with the better!

Trevor: Can I talk to you two alone? (Wyatt and Chris walk into the sunroom)

Wyatt: Whatís wrong?

Trevor: How can you even ask me that? They donít know who I am, Iím their son for Godís sake!

Wyatt: Iím sorry Trevor, I know this is hard on you, but we have to protect the future!

Trevor: But, why cant we tell them, maybe they can rescue me from the orphanage and the Seer?

Chris: We donít know what will happen to the future if we do that!

Wyatt: We could make things really bad, if we changed something that big!

Trevor: This is so unfair!

Wyatt: Iím sorry!

Trevor: Sure, youíre all sorry, but you guys got to have the normal childhood, with two loving parents, while I got abused by the wicked witch of the east! (Walks away towards the front door, looks back and then walks out)

Chris: Should we stop him?

Wyatt: No, its better if he cools down!

Piper: (Walking into the sunroom with Leo) Where did he go?

Chris: He just needed some air!

Leo: You guys really shouldnít separate!

Piper: Leo is right, plus he looked really upset!

Leo: Iíll go after him! (Leo walks out)

Piper: What arenít you two telling me! (Wyatt and Chris look at each other)

Lord Byrneís Lair-

Byrne: (Sitting at his throne as Mateo shimmers in) Is it done?

Mateo: My Lord, the witch was aided by two others!

Byrne: Impossible, her sisters are not here!

Mateo: Two male witches!

Byrne: Two you say, hmm, your sure there wasnít a third?

Mateo: After we were attacked, I didnít wait to find out!

Byrne: No matter, we must find a way, my future self told me this might happen! We have to use the amulet on the witch, itís the only way, to prevent Saajohn from becoming a higher being and joining the order of Rya!

Mateo: What does the witch have to do with Saajohn gaining power?

Byrne: Saajohn, will use her heir, so by erasing her from history, so goes her heir!

Mateo: So what do we do now?

Byrne: Bring me your best men!


Trevor: (Trevor is standing outside the orphanage, Leo comes walking up behind him as Leo touches his shoulder, Trevor jumps) What are you doing here?

Leo: I can say the same thing to you!

Trevor: Just go back home!

Leo: I wont leave you here, anything you change could be catastrophic for the future!

Trevor: You donít understand!

Leo: Everything happens for a reason, the events of the past, pave the way of a persons future! If you mess with anything, you will not only mess up one persons life, youíll mess up all the good thatís been done and innocents lives will be at stake!

Trevor: Dad, please!

Leo: Dad?

Trevor: Damn it, I mean Leo!

Leo: I knew when I looked in your eyes, you were my son!

Trevor: Then please trust me, I need to do this!

Leo: Do what?

Trevor: Iím in this place, somewhere, right now, being tortured!

Leo: What, I donít understand!

Trevor: Look, I just have to rescue myself!

Leo: Well, Iím going to help you, I am your father!

Trevor: Thanks!

The Manor-

Kyle: (Wyatt, Chris and Piper are talking when Kyle orbs in) Where is everyone?

Wyatt: We donít now!

Kyle: What do you mean, you donít know?

Chris: Trevor, took off and dad ran after him!

Kyle: If he changes anything the future could be in jeopardy!

Chris: We know this!

Piper: I say, its time we go find them!

Wyatt: I think your right and I know the first place to look!


Trevor: (Trevor and Leo have snuck into the orphanage, there outside the door to young Trevorís room, they look inside and see the Seer standing over him, her hands are about his body, your Trevor is thrashing on the bed as electric like light is coming out of the Seerís hand and running up and down his body. Whispering) We have to stop her!

Leo: (Whispering) No, we should wait till she leaves!

Trevor: (Whispering) ButÖ

Leo: (Whispering) Trevor, now you have to trust me, will get you out of there! (Trevor, nods and they slowly walk into the room next door and watch for the Seer to leave, They finally see her exit and then walk into the room)

Trevor: Ok, we need to hurry! (Young Trevor opens his eyes)

Young Trevor: Who are you?

Trevor: Iím a friend!

Young Trevor: Iíve never seen you before!

Trevor: Remember how you always, dreamed your parents would come rescue you?

Young Trevor: Yes!

Trevor: Well, this is your dad! Weíve come to get you out of here!

Young Trevor: You have the same eyes as mine!

Trevor: Yes, I do, come on buddy, lets get you out of here! (They look to see if the coast is clear and make their way back outside. As they exit the building Wyatt, Chris, Kyle and Piper orb to them)

Wyatt: Trevor, what have you done?

Trevor: What I had to do, what you wouldnít do!

Piper: Leo, whatís going on?

Leo: Can we just get back to the manor?

Piper: No, who is this kid?

Leo: Piper, its our son!

Piper: (Shocked) What are you talking about?

Trevor: Mom, please, letís just get out of here, before the Seer comes!

Piper: Mom! (Just then the Seer appears behind them)

Seer: Unhand the child at once!

Leo: Over my dead body!

Seer: That can be arranged! (Ten demons surround them, as Mateo shimmers in with five demons as well)

Trevor: Youíll never hurt him again!

Seer: (Looking into Trevorís eyes) It cant be! How have you come to be here!

Trevor: You know who I am?

Seer: Your Trevor!

Trevor: Guys, now would be a good time to orb out! (With everyone standing next to each other, Kyle orbs them out)

Seer: No, I need the child!

Mateo: Than maybe we could work together?

Seer: What did you have in mind?

Mateo: Iíll help you get the boy back, but I want the charmed ones!

The Manor-

Wyatt: Trevor, how could you be so selfish?

Trevor: How can you even say that to me?

Chris: Look, Trevor I hate that you went through horrible things, but the future could be changed now and for the worst!

Leo: I donít care, heís out son! If you saw what the Seer was doing to him, you would never have left him there either!

Piper: I donít understand any of this, how is he our son?

Trevor: You know theyíll be coming, we need to get prepared!

Kyle: The elders say there has been a major disturbance in the time line!

Wyatt: Dad can explain everything to you, while you take him to magic school!

Leo: Where are the boys?

Piper: We dropped them off at school already!

Wyatt: Trevor, will talk about this later, for right now, you and Chris, go get as many potions as possible ready! (Trevor and Chris go up stairs)

Trevor: Chris, I had to do it, I mean how do we know, its not a good thing, maybe now Saajohn will never be able to come into power!

Chris: I understand, really I do and to tell you the truth if it was me, I would have done the same thing! Letís just hope the future is not changed!

Trevor: Chris, Iím so glad, youíre my brother! (As they finish making potions, they hear a crash coming from down stairs)

Chris: Come on! (They make their way down stairs to find Mateo and fifteen demons attacking Piper and Wyatt)

Wyatt: Donít let them get the amulet on mom! (Chris starts throwing potions killing four demons, Trevor sends two demons attacking Piper flying hitting the wall, Piper blows up three demons, Mateo shimmers in behind Piper and grabs her and is about to put the amulet on her) Get away from my mother you son of a bitch! (Wyatt dives onto Mateo grabbing the amulet out of his hand and knocking Mateo to the floor. Piper starts blowing up the demons that are left standing)

Piper: Everyone ok? (Everyone nods yes)

Wyatt: (Shouting into the air) Kyle! (Kyle orbs in with Leo and the kids)

Leo: Everyone ok?

Trevor: Were ok dad! (Leo looks at Trevor and smiles at him)

Chris: So what happens now?

Wyatt: We need to go back to the future, see whatís happened!

Piper: Wyatt, donít be mad its not fair!

Wyatt: I donít blame Trevor for what he did! Iím just worried, I have a really bad feeling!

Kyle: You guys need to be prepared for the worst! You might not be going back to the future you knew!

Trevor: Can it really be that bad?

Kyle: It can, if we were meant to change the past, everyone would be doing it!

Leo: (Walking over to Trevor) Whatever happens next, Iím glad you did what you did son! Saving you from the Seer and everything sheís done, and will do, so that we can raise you here were you belongÖ

Kyle: (Interrupting) Leo, how can you say that?

Piper: Back off! Magic has taken so much from all of us, heís out son, its not rightÖ(A large portal opens and sucks the boys out, Chris and Trevor land in there living room)

Chris: A little warning would be nice!

Trevor: Whereís Wyatt?

Chris: (Looking around the room) Why does the house look like this? (The house is set up like a museum. Shouting into the air) Prue! (Prue orbs in)

Prue: What the hell are you doing in here, heíll find you?

Chris: Who, will, what?

Prue: Come on follow me! (They orb out and Chris holds onto Trevor and orbs out, They orb into what looks like an underground sewer room. There are people everywhere children, there are tents, cots everyone looks dirty and tired)

Trevor: What is this place?

Prue: Chris, you should know better than to orb into the manor! (Pointing to Trevor) Is he a witch?

Chris: Prue, first I have no idea what your talking about, second its Trevor!

Prue: Trevor, your saying that like I should know him! Are you feeling ok?

Chris: Ok, wait, what is this place?

Prue: Chris, itís the resistance!

Trevor: Resistance! Resistance from what?

Prue: From, Wyatt of course!

Chris: Wyatt! What are you talking about? (Dominic shimmers in)

Dom: Chris, thank God! (Grabs him and hugs him) Iíve been so worried!

Chris: Dominic! Are you a sight for sore eyes!

Dom: I got everything you asked me too!

Chris: Huh?

Trevor: Chris, I think this is all my fault!

Chris: Ok, where are my parents?

Dom: Chris, you know their dead!

Chris: Oh my God, your not serious this cant be!

Trevor: Prue, this morning we were at the manor, we called for you and then the elders sent us back in time, do you remember?

Prue: I donít even know who you are!

Trevor: Iím Chrisís brother!

Prue: Thatís impossible!

Chris: Where is Wyatt?

Dom: At magic school!

Chris: Than, thatís were weíll go!

Dom: You cant go there, who know what heíll do to you, if he catches you!

Trevor: What are you trying to say, Wyattís evil?

Prue: Yes, its why were in hiding!

Chris: Prue, you go ask the elders, what happened, we need to see Wyatt!

Dom: Chris, please, Iím begging you, letís just follow your plan, to go back in time and save your brother, before he turns evil!

Chris: This is crazy, will be back, go Prue! (Chris grabs Trevor and they orb out, they arrive in magic school)

Trevor: This is all my fault, I should have listened to Wyatt!

Chris: We just need to get Wyatt, and than we can fix this! Why is the school so dark? (Just then demons shimmer in behind them and in front of them)

Demon: Well, well what do we have here?

Chris: Demons in magic school!

Trevor: I thought they werenít allowed? (Waves his hand, but nothing happens) Chris, I donít have any powers!

Demon: Lord Wyatt will be pleased, bring them inside!

Trevor: What do we do?

Chris: Lets just do what they say, till we can get to Wyatt! (They follow them into a big room, its dark, we see a figure standing)

Demon: My Lord!

Wyatt: I said I didnít want to be disturbed!

Demon: We have you brother, my Lord!

Wyatt: (Walking into the light, Wyatt is dressed in all black, his hair is shoulder length and has a sword hanging from his belt) Have you come to your senses brother!

Chris: Wyatt!

Wyatt: Leave us!

Demon: As you wish my Lord! (Shimmers out)

Wyatt: Who, is this?

Trevor: Wyatt its me Trevor!

Wyatt: Should that name mean something to me?

Trevor: Why is it, Iím always the forgotten one!

Chris: Wyatt, donít you remember anything that happened today, going to the past, saving mom, anything?

Wyatt: I donít have time for memory lane, now answer me, will you doing me, or die?

Chris: This is getting us no where! (Grabbing Trevor he tires to orb out, Wyatt holds out his hand and waves it down and Chris is unable to orb)

Trevor: Wyatt why are you doing this to us, were your brothers, you need to remember!

Wyatt: Brothers, the only other brother I had, died when we were kids!

Chris: Yes he is! (Saajohn shimmers in)

Saajohn: He speaks the truth!

Trevor: You, bastard, your behind this!

Saajohn: No actually, this is all your doing! (Waves his hand and images appear on the wall, like a movie) When you changed the past, you changed everything! (He sees the world in chaos, demons killing humans with fireballs, killing them with athemas buildings burning, humans chained other being whipped and finally a hooded figure sitting on a throne)

Chris: Thatís what I saw in my premonition!

Trevor: We have to get out of here! (Just then Dominic and DJ appear, Dominic throws a potion causing the room to turn all smoky she and DJ run in, Dominic starts to throw athemaís at Saajohn and Wyatt, Wyatt puts up a shield around himself, and Saajohn waves the athemaís back at them, Wyatt orbs out and back in again behind DJ, he grabs him by the neck)

Wyatt: You were suppose to be my best friend! Ok well! (He snaps his neck killing him)

Trevor: No! DJ! (Then Bianca shimmers out with Trevor and Chris, they shimmer into the underground sewer)

Dom: You were gone to long, I thought you could use some back up!

Chris: Thanks!

Trevor: I cant believe he killed DJ! We have to go back to change all of this!

Chris: I know! (Prue orbs in)

Prue: Good, your back!

Trevor: I just donít understand, how could saving younger me, have changed all of this?

Prue: Easily, the Seer, continued to try and take you back from our parents, on your 14th birthday, she killed your mother and her sisters! Your father tried to protect you, but having no powers, he was no match for them!

Chris: Well, what happened to Wyatt?

Prue: Saajohn happened, he used the shift in the time line, to change an event from the past to turn Wyatt evil!

Trevor: Than if we go back will everything turn back to the way it should be?

Prue: You have to go back and stop yourself, from changing the past!

Chris: What about me?

Prue: You have another mission, you must go back in time and save Wyatt from turning evil! Dominic knows what you must do, he will fill you in!

Trevor: Chris, I donít want to separate from you!

Chris: I know, but we have to do this!

Trevor: Iím sure I donít have to tell you, but do be careful!

Chris: You too! This is starting to make sense, if you think about it, mom and dad always talked about future me going to the past to save Wyatt from turning evil, this must be the time I went back!

Trevor: So this was meant to be?

Chris: I believe so!

Trevor: I love you Chris!

Chris: I love you too bro! (They hug)

End Chapter-