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Subject: The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to the WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin off of the original tv show and I have no control of what actually happens in their lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives.

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SAN FRANCISCO -(DJ Mystic's "The Power Of Goodbye. The scene is San Francisco in the Future. There are many buildings still there, but many are damaged, burned and still smoldering. A flying transport crosses the skies and disappears in the distance. The large video screen on the side of the building shows the latest entertainment.)

SAN FRANCISCO -- ARBORETUM - (With a damaged Golden Gate Bridge for a backdrop, the arboretum itself is also torn apart. Sirens and other emergency sounds fill the air.) (But amidst the gray, damaged and decaying world, the camera moves down to focus on two hands awash in color, life and love: One putting an engagement ring on the finger of the other.) (Dominic looks up from the ring on his finger and smiles, tears welling up in his eyes.)


CHRIS : Will you marry me?

Dom: You're asking me now?

CHRIS: (nods) Mm-hmm.

Dom: Here?

CHRIS : This is still our spot, Dominic, no matter what he's done to it. Marry me.

Dom: On one condition. You come back to me ... (CHRIS laughs) ... safely.

CHRIS: Have I ever let you down before? (They look at each other. Dominic reaches for CHRIS and they kiss.) (A whirring sounds in the distance. Dominic breaks the kiss. Pulling apart a bit, he glances around.)

Dom: What's that? (They look around and see a probe flying over the arboretum wall. It dives into their spot and starts to scan Dominic.)

Dom: Chris! (CHRIS waves his hand and orbs the probe into an old stone angel statue.) CHRIS: Uhh! (It explodes on impact.) (Dominic takes a couple of deep calming breaths.) CHRIS: Are you ok?

Dom: Yeah. Yeah. I don't think it had time to transmit. (CHRIS surges to his feet in frustration.)

CHRIS: (angry) I cannot believe he's sending probes after us now. I'm gonna kill that son of a bitch. (Dominic gets to his feet to calm him down.)

Dom: No. No, you're not. You're gonna stick to the plan.

CHRIS: But he knows.

Dom: No. If he knew, he wouldn't have sent the probe. You have to go back, Chris. It's the only way to stop him. It's the only way to change all this. (It's a hard responsibility for the young couple. CHRIS closes his eyes. Dominic lifts his hand and tenderly kisses his knuckles.)

The Manor-

TOUR GUIDE: (echoing. Welcome to the Halliwell Memorial Museum ... WHITE FLASH TO: MANOR - FOYER/MAIN HALL - (The Halliwell Manor is no longer a home, but a museum. A tour guide leads a tour group through the house.) TOUR GUIDE: ... a tribute to magic, and, of course, The Charmed Ones. Please remember there is no digi-capturing, no holographing, and most certainly, no magic allowed while inside the museum. That's a big one. Don't worry about those probes, folks. They are merely scanning for witches. (The TOUR GUIDE moves on. The probes scan the group as they follow her.) TOUR GUIDE: Now, as we pass through the foyer, note the family portraits hanging on the walls which date all the way back to the witch trials, including one of the grand matriarch herself, Melinda Warren, the woman who literally gave birth to the storied legacy... (After the main group walks by the probes, CHRIS and Dominic trail behind. With a wave of his hand, CHRIS moves the probes away from them to sca n the mannequin in the corner.)

Dom: Nicely done. (The Tour Continues into the SITTING ROOM. The furniture has been removed and various displays are set up with mannequins wearing costumes from past episodes such as 5X05-Witches in Tights and 5X01/02-A Witch's Tail.)

TOUR GUIDE: Around you, you'll notice just a few of the many mythological creatures the legendary sisters transformed into in their demon-fighting heyday. Actually, The Charmed Ones were responsible for well over 1,000 demon vanquishes before they were finally vanquished themselves. (The TOUR GUIDE hits a control and the lights dim.) TOUR GUIDE: Now, the time is 25 years ago. Imagine yourselves standing here on this very floor when The Charmed Ones were reborn. (A large holographic screen appears and a Scene from 4X01: Charmed Again (1) shows on screen. Bright lights from above the main hall shine down on PAIGE, PIPER and PHOEBE, consecrating them The Charmed Ones. When the light dies, PAIGE lets go of their hands.)

HOLOGRAPHIC PAIGE: (freaked out) Ok. What was that?

HOLOGRAPHIC LEO: I think that means you're supposed to be here. (The front door crashes open and a force enters the house, pushing the girls to the floor. SHAX materializes out of the winds.) (The sight of him on screen scares the people in the tour group. The TOUR GUIDE smiles, amused. She turns the hologram off.)

TOUR GUIDE: Scares 'em every time. Ok, let's head over to the kitchen where many of the sisters' classic potions were brewed. Some of which are available for purchase in the gift shop on the way out. (The TOUR GUIDE leads the group into the next room.)


TOUR GUIDE: Of course, the attic was the preferred spot for potion- making, principally, because that's where kept the famed Book of Shadows which is where we're headed next. (The TOUR GUIDE walks out of the kitchen. The group follows her.) TOUR GUIDE: A little background on the manor itself. It was actually destroyed in the earthquake in 1906, but ... (The group leaves. Dominic and CHRIS linger in the kitchen. A demon appears in the room.)

DEMON: Hey, you two, move along.

Dom: (to CHRIS) Wait for it. (The DEMON steps forward just as an athame appears in his grip.)

DEMON: Are you deaf? I sa-- (As soon as he speaks, Dominic knows that he's right behind him. He turns and lethally slashes the DEMON with the athame. He goes up in a wall of fire and smoke.) (For a moment, CHRIS has a stunned look on his face at the viciousness and efficiency of the kill.) (Without a further thought about it, Dominic walks past the vanquished DEMON and heads for the basement door. He opens the door and looks back at CHRIS.)

Dom: Come on.

BASEMENT - (Dominic runs down the stairs. When he reaches the bottom, he alertly looks around still clutching the athame in his hand. CHRIS walks down the stairs and sits on the steps near the bottom.) (The athame disappears from his grip.)

Dom: We should be safe here until the museum closes. (He sighs.) Then, we'll go get the book. (Dominic turns to look at CHRIS.)

Dom: What's the matter?

CHRIS: Nothing. It's just ... sometimes I forget who you really are. (His entire demeanor softens. For him.)

Dom: Hey. Come here. (He grabs his hand and pulls him to his feet. They stand there looking at each other.)You mean who I used to be, Chris, before I met you.

CHRIS: So ... what do we do now? (He looks at him thoughtfully.)

Dom: Hmm. We say good-bye. (He unsnaps his shirt and takes it off. CHRIS leans forward and they kiss. Slowly Chris starts kissing his neck making his way down Dominic`s broad chest, he makes his way to his bulging pecs and starts making out with Dominic`s nipples, biting, sucking, licking, kissing, and moving downwards, till he kneels before him unbuttoning his pants and pulling them down revealing Dominic`s thick 9 inches, his red shiny head glistening with pre-cum, Chris sticks his tongue out and laps up his sweet nectar, the more he licks, the more Dominic moans, the more he moans, the more he leaks Chris starts licking from the bottom of the shaft making his way up to the head collecting the falling juice, till Dominic finally grabs Chris's head and shoves his throbbing cock into his mouth, and starts a rhythmic motion of rocking his cock in and out of Chris warm mouth, Dominic cocks his head back moaning in pleasure as Chris slurps his cock, saliva poring out, the sid es of Chris's mouth, from the juicy cock he is swallowing, Dominic starts pounding his cock with more intensity, determined to give Chris the load he wants so bad, Chris takes his finger and starts sliding it in and out of Dominic's ass, the more Dominic moans, the harder Chris starts to finger fuck him, Chris knows what he wants, he wants Dominic to shoot his load down his throat, so that Chris can finally fuck Dominic, something he's waited so long to do, his firm bubble butt that is just begging for Chris's 10 inches to enter, Dominic starts moaning louder and forces his cock down Chris's throat and starts shooting load after load down Chris's throat, after Chris cleans Dominic's cock off leaving some of his Cum in his mouth he stands up and starts kissing Dominic sharing his sweet load with him, Dominic wastes no time stripping Chris of his clothes he grabs Chris's 10 inches and starts smacking it on his tongue and lips and face, pre-cum leaving trails all over Dominic's face, Dominic starts working Chris's cock up and down, trying to take as much of it as he can, Chris moaning begging him to let him fuck him, Dominic thinking about it, he's never done it before.) Chris, I'm a virgin down there!

Chris: All the more reason to let me have it, what if I never see you again?

Dom: Now that's just wrong, trying to guilt me into it!

Chris: Is it working?

Dom: If you hurt me, I'm so fucking your ass harder than you've ever been fucked before!

Chris: I'll take real good care of you! (With that Chris turns Dominic around and has him on all fours, he spreads his ass cheeks apart and starts to dive into his as starts making out with his pick puckered hole, Dominic moaning, as Chris's tongue darts in and out of his hole, licking up and down his crack, spitting on his hole then licking up and down, Chris uses his spit to get his cock nice and wet, adds more saliva to his ass hole, he moves his cock head closer to Dominic's hole, and slowly starts to enter the head in, pulls it out, puts it back in, pulls out, puts in back in, till Dominic starts to moan "Chris put more in" Chris new that once Dominic got a feel for it, so he leans over Dominic's back and starts biting his neck and back then his ear, as he slides his cock all the way into the base ever so slowly, as Dominic moans, Chris stop at the base and grabs Dominic's head "I love you" and starts to kiss him as he rocks his cock back and forth, till Dominic start s moving his ass back and forth on Chris's cock, Chris knows he's ready for it, so he starts sliding in and out slowly at first, the tightness of Dominic's hole, is amazing around Chris's 10 inches, Dominic starts pushing back to meet Chris's thrusts, till there like a well oiled machine Chris starts pounding harder and harder, moaning and moaning, Chris pulls out leaving Dominic feeling empty and wishing he hadn't pulled out of him, Chris turns Dominic around so that he can be face to face with him, he warps Dominic's legs around his waist and slides his cock back in to the base, Dominic moans, Chris moves in and starts to kiss him passionately as he fucks in and out of him with such a force, Dominic's cock rubbing between their naked chests, the harder Chris fucks him, the more rubbing Dominic's cock gets the closer they both are to shooting)

Dom: I'm fucking cumming I'm going to shoot my load between our bodies, fuck me Chris, tare my ass up!

Chris: I'm going to explode with you, im going to cream inside your virgin ass! Marking you as mine, this ass belongs to me, forever, you'll never forget it was me that took away your virginity baby! I love you, here it comes! (With that Dominic explodes between them, and Chris shoots his load into Dominic's tight ass, his ass muscles squeezing every drop of Chris's load out of him, Chris collapse on top of him and they make out!) I love you baby, always and forever!

Dom: I love you so much Chris, please come back to me, I'll be waiting for you! I love you!

MANOR - (The attic door opens slowly. Dominic peers inside to make sure it's safe.)

Dom: Don't tell them anything. (Like the other rooms in the manor/museum, the attic is cleared and roped off. Dominic walks into the attic followed closely behind by CHRIS.) Just stick to your cover story. The less they know about the future, the better.

CHRIS: Well, what if they find out who I really am? (Dominic opens the rope and walks into the restricted area.)

Dom: They won't ... not as long as you can pass yourself off as their White lighter.

CHRIS: And you're sure I won't lose my powers when I go back?

Dom: Yeah, not with this spell. That's why we need it. Look, just remember: Protect baby Wyatt, and you protect The Charmed Ones. Keep them alive for our future.

CHRIS: Great. No pressure there. (CHRIS steps forward toward Dominic, the loose floorboard creaking under his feet.)

Dom: Chris, you know you're the only one who can do this. You're the only one who can save us.

CHRI: If I make it back.

Dom: Baby, you have to make it back ... (smiling softly at him) ... if you want to marry me. (They kiss.)

CHRIS: You really know how to motivate a guy, you know that? (Dominic laughs.) (They both walk over to the Book of Shadows - the holographic display version of the book. He passes his hand clear through the image.)

Dom: Sure you can summon the real book?

CHRIS: Yeah.

Dom: Away from him?

CHRIS: Yeah. But we won't have much time once it gets here. His demons will be all over us.

Dom: We won't need much time. Just long enough to send you back to them. (Dominic digs into his pocket and walks over to the far attic wall. Using a thick piece of white chalk, Dominic starts to draw the triquetra on the wooden boards.)

CHRIS: Hurry ..(Dominic finishes drawing the triquetra on the attic wall. He turns around and sighs.)

Dom: It's time. (CHRIS looks at Dominic and walks straight for him.)

CHRIS: I don't want to go. I don't want to leave you. (Dominic removes his engagement ring and places it firmly in the middle of CHRIS' palm.)

Dom: Here. (He folds his fingers over the ring.)This'll remind you of why we're doing this, of what's waiting for you here. (This is hard for both of them. They move toward each other. Dominic wraps his arms around CHRIS' waist just as he holds him to him, their eyes closed. They're desperately running out of time.)

CHRIS: You just make sure you take care of the guards, ok? (He pulls away just enough so he can look at him.)

CHRIS: Then get out of here. Because if he finds you, if he knows you betrayed him ... he'll kill you.

Dom: Don't worry. Come on. I can take care of myself. (CHRIS nods. He leans forward and gently rests his forehead against his. After a moment, CHRIS moves away to take his place in front of the holographic Book of Shadows.) (He exhales and pulls a piece of paper out of his pocket. It's the incantation.)

CHRIS: I call upon the ancient power to help us in this darkest hour. Let the Book return to this place, claim refuge in its rightful space." (They both look up ... and wait.) (It only takes a moment before the real Book of Shadows falls from above onto its rightful place on the stand. Amazed it worked.)

Dom: The spell! Find the spell. (CHRIS opens the Book and starts turning pages rapidly looking for the spell. He finds it and starts the spell.)

CHRIS: Hear these words. Hear the rhyme. Heed the hope within my mind. Send me back to where I'll find What I wish in place and time." (CHRIS and Dominic's eyes meet for a moment. Then, the chalk-drawn triquetra on the attic wall flashes and glows white as the time portal opens.) (CHRIS and Dominic turn and look at each other. CHRIS walks toward the portal while Dominic remains behind. As he stands in the cusp of the doorway, CHRIS turns to look at him.) (A DEMON shimmers in behind Dominic and grabs him.) CHRIS PERRY: Dominic! (Dominic grabs the DEMON'S arm, turns and twists. He kicks the DEMON and knocks him down. He falls to the floor with a thud. Dominic looks at CHRIS.)

Dom: (yells) Go! Go! (The DEMON knocks Dominic on his feet out from under him, then stands to stomp on him. Dominic pulls the DEMON down to the floor.) (As they fight, CHRIS turns and walks in to the portal -- to the past -- leaving everything he loves behind so that he can save the future.) (The portal door closes behind him.)

MANOR - ATTIC - NIGHT --New FUTURE (The portal in the attic opens. Dominic and CHRIS walk out of the portal only to be greeted by a half dozen demons waiting for them.)

VOICE: Welcome home, Chris. (The DEMONS step away to reveal a young man standing in the shadows at the back of the attic. The Young Man steps forward into the light. He looks at CHRIS -- cold, confident and radiating dark power.)

CHRIS: Hello, Wyatt. (The two men glare at each other neither one backing down from the other. WYATT walks across the attic and steps on the squeaky floorboard. He walks directly toward CHRIS and Dominic.)

WYATT: (to his demons) They're no threat to me. (The DEMONS shimmer out of the room.) Et tu, Chris? (WYATT turns around and walks to the back of the attic.) Of all the people to betray me.

CHRIS: I didn't go back to betray you, Wyatt. I went back to save you. (WYATT looks at CHRIS.)

WYATT: (mocking) Save me? Ha. From what?

CHRIS: From whatever evil it was that turned you.

WYATT: That's always been your problem, Chris. Stuck in the old good-versus- evil morass. I'm so past that. It's all about power. It's as simple as that.

CHRIS: And whoever has the most power wins. Is that it?

WYATT: That's it. That's why I keep this museum intact. To remind everyone the power from which I was born and that which I possess. (CHRIS steps forward toward WYATT.)

CHRIS: Too bad the rest of the city isn't faring as well as your little shrine here. (WYATT steps forward toward CHRIS.)

WYATT: You know, if anyone else tried what you tried, I'd kill them on the spot. But you ... (His gaze shifts to CHRIS' side.) I've forgiven Dominic. I can forgive you, too, if you promise never to cross me again.

CHRIS: I think you know me better than that.

WYATT: (to Dominic) I thought you said you could talk some sense into him. (Dominic steps forward toward the two men.)

CHRIS: Leave him out of this. (WYATT raises his hand and slowly makes a fist, cutting off CHRIS' air supply. CHRIS starts to choke. Dominic gasps and glares angrily at WYATT. CHRIS slowly sinks to his knees, both hands clutching his throat as he gasps for air.)

WYATT: Pardon me? (CHRIS chokes. With a slice of his hand, WYATT tosses CHRIS aside and into the wall.)

Dom: Chris! (CHRIS hits the cabinet hard, breaking it. He yells out in pain. CHRIS crashes into the table in the attic. Without his powers, he's just vulnerable to do anything, but take the beating.) (Dominic angrily walks up to WYATT.)

Dom: You promised you wouldn't hurt him!

WYATT: And you promised you'd turn him, just like I turned you. At least, I thought I had. (Dominic runs to help CHRIS. He falls to his knees in front of him, tears running down his cheeks.)

Dom: (whispers) Chris ... please. I didn't bring you here to die. (CHRIS glances to the side.)

CHRIS: Don't worry. I know what I'm doing. (He looks at WYATT and at the floorboards on which he stands. As he shifts his weight, the floorboard creak under his feet.) I think. (CHRIS gets to his feet, lets out a raging war cry and runs to tackle WYATT. WYATT easily tosses CHRIS into the tables on the side.) Aah!

WYATT: Have you lost your mind? (CHRIS looks up at WYATT.) (Play time is over. WYATT raises his hand slowly lifting CHRIS telekinetically up off the floor toward the ceiling and choking him at the same time.) I don't ... need you. (In his other hand, WYATT powers up an energy ball. Unable to bear it any longer, Dominic gets to his feet and attacks WYATT from behind, his hand sinking deep into his back, paralyzing him where he stands. WYATT freezes, releasing his hold on CHRIS. CHRIS falls to the attic floor with a crash.)

Dom: (gasping) Whatever you're gonna do, do it fast. I can't hold him for long. (CHRIS gets to his feet and scrambles for the squeaky floorboard. He pushes the carpet aside and lifts up the board. Inside, as he knew it would be, is the spell. He unfolds it, dust and dirt falling from the aged paper.)

CHRIS: (reading) Power of witches rise, come to me from across the skies. Return my magic, give me back all that was taken from the attack! (CHRIS glows bluish-white as his power infuses back to him. Witch's Power. He takes a breath.) (At that moment, WYATT frees himself from Dominic's hold. Without turning around, he reverse kicks him sending him flying across the room toward the broken table.) (CHRIS sees Dominic impaled on the broken table leg and lashes out at WYATT.)

CHRIS: No! (The force of the blow sends WYATT crashing high up against the wall. WYATT falls to the floor out cold for the time being.) (Dominic takes short panting breaths, his eyes on his wound. CHRIS rushes to kneel by his side.) Dominic! No. No. No. No.

Dom: (smiles painfully) Haven't we been here before?

CHRIS: (sadly) Maybe we will be again.

Dom: (nods) Maybe. (CHRIS whimpers helplessly and rests his forehead on his shoulder.)

CHRIS: No. (Dominic reaches for his hand and hands his engagement ring back to him the one he removed from the coffee table in the past. He takes a shuddering breath.)

Dom: If you can finish what we started ... (His message is clear. CHRIS looks down at the ring in his hand. They hear WYATT stirring.) Hurry. (CHRIS glances back to see WYATT moving.) (thinking, instructing) Take the spell so he can't send anyone else. (CHRIS looks at Dominic.) Go! (CHRIS runs to the Book of Shadows. WYATT raises his head and sees CHRIS flipping through the Book.) (WYATT slowly gets up.)

CHRIS: Hear these words. Hear the rhyme. (With deadly intent, WYATT pulls back his hand and powers up an energy ball.) Heed the hope within my mind. (WYATT hurls the energy ball at CHRIS who looks up, sees the attack and quickly ducks to the side. The energy ball just misses him.) Send me back to where I'll find what I wish in place and time. (The triquetra on the attic wall glows and the portal opens. WYATT gets to his feet.) (CHRIS grabs the spell from the book, tearing it out from the binding and with everything that he is, dives into the portal.)

WYATT: No! (WYATT throws another energy ball, but it's too late. The portal closes and the energy ball hits the attic wall instead.) (CHRIS is gone.)

The Orphanage-

Trevor: (The Trevor from the bad future fades into his body, standing in front of the orphanage. Leo walks up and startles Trevor.) Whoa, I'm back!

Leo: What are you doing here?

Trevor: So we haven't been here before have we?

Leo: You just left the Manor upset, I followed you to bring you back home!

Trevor: (Staring at the orphanage, wanting so badly to just go in and rescue himself, but knows the outcome. Wyatt will be evil, DJ dies, as well as his parents and he knows the only thing to do is return with Leo. Tears run down his face.)

Leo: Trevor, what is it, why are you crying?

Trevor: Da, I mean Leo, if you only knew!

Leo: Tell me, maybe I can help?

Trevor: If I did tell you, the future would be ruined and in the worst ways possible, its just not fair!

Leo: I'm sorry!

Trevor: I'm sorry too! But I will just have to be satisfied with seeing you here and now!

Leo: Lets go home! (Trevor stands looking at the orphanage just a little while longer as the tears fall from him face, Leo stares at him, his heart breaking for the young man standing before him!)

The Manor-

Wyatt: Don't let them get the amulet on mom! (Chris starts throwing potions killing four demons, Trevor sends two demons attacking Piper flying hitting the wall, Piper blows up three demons, Mateo shimmers in behind Piper and grabs her and is about to put the amulet on her) Get away from my mother you son of a bitch! (Wyatt dives onto Mateo grabbing the amulet out of his hand and knocking Mateo to the floor. Piper starts blowing up the demons that are left standing)

Piper: Everyone ok? (Everyone nods yes)

Wyatt: (Shouting into the air) Kyle! (Kyle orbs in with Leo and the kids)

Leo: Everyone ok?

Trevor: As good as can be expected!

Wyatt: Here (Handing the amulet to Kyle) Take this as far away from any demon being able to try and use it again!

Chris: How do we get home! (A portal opens and sucks the guys out and spins them around)

The Manor Present Day-

Piper, Leo, and Faith are standing as a portal opens shooting Wyatt, Chris and Trevor out of it. They land on the floor on half on top of one another.

Chris: Someone needs to go on a diet!

Trevor: Are we back, I mean really back?

Piper: Yes, you guys did it!

Leo:(Grabbing Trevor and hugging him) I'm so sorry, Trevor, I know what you gave up!

Trevor: I had no choice, the future turns out so horrible, you and mom were dead, Wyatt's evil, demons at magic school, Chris had to go back in time to save Wyatt, DJ dies!

Wyatt: What are you talking about?

Trevor: Never mind, all that matters is were back!

Leo: Time travel is a tricky thing, and destiny always gets its way!

Chris: Not to cut this family reunion short, but I need to go see a guy, about a ring! (Chris orbs out)

Trevor: I'm going up to the attic, to check the book!

Wyatt: I'll go with you!

Int. Lord Byrne's lair. Day.

Lord Byrne: (is talking to Mateo.) Damn them! If they only knew what they have done!

Mateo: We should not be wasting are time, going after the charmed ones, we should focus on DJ instead!

Lord Byrne: The only chance I had against the charmed ones, was in the past! Now, I fear I will need there aid in stopping the order!

Mateo: If you had, DJ's powers before the order gets him, they wouldn't be able...

Lord Byrne:(Interrupting) I already have a plan, we need to keep the charmed ones busy, long enough to capture DJ!

Mateo: How do you plan, to keep them busy?

Lord Byrne: Prey on there individual weaknesses!

Int. Police station. Day.

DJ: (is walking into the Captains office.) Captain, is this your signature?

(Handing him the paper, it glows as he touches it)

Captain: No, ask Rodriguez! I don't understand, why are you still here, I told you, you have until midnight tonight to get something, to either clear, or incriminate Wyatt Halliwell?

DJ:I was on my way out!

Captain: Well than, get going, your time is running out! (DJ exit's the office closes the door behind him. Daemon shimmers in)

Daemon: No matter what, midnight tonight, we extract his powers!

Captain: I am sure, him and Wyatt are working together!

Daemon: Of course they are, did you actually think human loyalty, would not win?

Captain: But you said we could scare him into submission?

Daemon: I was hoping we could, but once again, were dealing with human emotions, which demons still have no understanding of! Midnight tonight, when he returns we take his powers!

Dominic's apt-

Chris: (knocking on the door. Dominic answers, Chris jumps into Dominic's arms and starts kissing him) I'm so glad your alive!

Dom: I didn't know I was dead!

Chris: You wouldn't believe what I've just been through, what I've just seen, everything that's happen over the last year! Well day for you, one year for me!

Dom: Ok, slow your roll, you want to start speaking English so maybe I can understand?

Chris: Short version, my brothers and I got sucked back into the past, Trevor changed the past, and when we came back to the future it was all messed up, Wyatt was evil, my family was all dead, you were apart of the resistance, and you helped me to go back in time to save Wyatt from turning evil! But not before I asked you to marry me! And then we came back!

Dom: Are you on drugs?

Chris: No, its just I watched evil Wyatt kill you, when you were saving my life! And I'm just so happy your alive! I realized just how much I love you!

Dom: So what did I say when you asked me to marry you?

Chris: Yes, of course! Well until you came back and stripped me of my power, and turned me into evil Wyatt! But when I realized you did it to save me, I knew just how much you really love me!

Dom: But was that me, I mean I know it was me, but that was a me from a different future!

Chris: So does that mean you don't want to marry me?

Dom: That's not what I'm saying at all!

Chris: Then what are you saying?

Dom: Did you sleep with the other me?

Chris: (Faces turns red)

Dom: That answers my question!

Chris: It was you! I mean, I came back to the future, although it changed you were still you!

Dom: Chris, I think its best of you leave right now, I have a lot to think about!

Chris: But...

Dom: Go!(Chris hands the ring to Dominic, and shimmers out!)

The Manor-

Trevor: Dad, I don't understand, how did you know what I gave up?

Leo: Its simple really, after I saw the look in your face and the tears that ran down your cheeks I know there was something going on in that place, so for years I would go there, I would watch the kids that played outside, wondering what was it about this place that got you so emotional, something had to be happening there, something that more to you than anything. Years and years later I saw you when you were about 17 and when we met you this year, you looked only a little older than the 17 year old I saw there, so you guys going back to the past and me learning of that place I realized what it was all about, and that's how I know about the sacrifice you made, and as sorry as I am that you were never raised with us, I'm so proud of the man that you've become, and the selfless act you've done! (Chris orbing in)

Chris: What about me, I died, literally saving Wyatt!

Leo: Chris, my heart broke the day I watched you die, I almost tore this attic apart, I almost lost myself to the pain of your death, your mother and I have lived in fear, not knowing, if one day in the future, you would actually go back to save Wyatt, and in turn really die and never come back to us. I don't know what happened I don't know how you came back to be alive, but I don't care I have all of you boys here, with me, together, no matter the struggles this family has seen or gone through, the one thing that remains is that we always stay together, the bond we have is unbreakable! I love my family, I love you Piper, and I love you boys!

Piper: (Crying she walks to Leo and hugs him and then kisses him) I knew the day I married an angel, I would be luckiest woman on the face of the planet, everything that tried to keep us apart, the elders, all the test and the trials, the many failed attempts at weddings, (Looking at Chris) the son that came back to the past and separated us, you becoming an elder, clipping your wings and falling from grace, losing your memories and still finding your way back to me, actually us always finding our way back to one another, and giving birth to the three most amazing young men a parent could ever wish to have, makes us the strongest family, a family I'm so proud to call my own! I love you Leo (kissing) I love you boys! (They all hug)

Wyatt: (Feeling a strange sense of being left out) So did I do anything other than turn evil?

Chris: Yes, you gave us a reason to fight for our family, to bond on levels beyond just magical and being Charmed! We our brothers, we complete one another!

Trevor: It was worth sacrificing my past, to save our future, to be together and find each other now, the bond I have with you guys, is as if we've been together all our lives, and I know now, I wouldn't want to change that for the world! You guys are the best brothers a guy could ever ask for!

Chris: Brothers to the end!

Wyatt: The Halliwell brothers are back and better than ever!

Piper: (Looking to Leo) We did good!

Leo: We did better than good!

Wyatt: Its time to end this, once and for all!

Chris: First Byrne!

Trevor: Then the Seer!

Wyatt: Then Saajohn and the Order!

Piper: This is a family affair! So your aunts and I will be joining in this, not a word, your mother has spoken!

The Guys: Yes, mother!

The End-