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Subject: The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin-off of the original tv show and i have no control of what actually happens in there lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story obviously stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives

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Chapter 2- The boys of Charmed

( ) Personal Thoughts



The guys: We call upon the ancient power in this night and in this hour bring the demon Krieger near let him come and settle here! (In a glowing mist Krieger appears!)

Krieger: You dare summon me witches!

Chris: We dare!

Krieger: (Waving his hands the room is filled with demons!) Did you actually think I wouldnít be prepared for this?

Wyatt: Actually we were counting on it! Now Trevor!

Trevor: (I started throwing potions at the demons, causing them to explode on contact! Krieger started throwing fireballs, hitting some of the potions that flew in the air! Chris levitated into the air kicking two of the demons in the face sending them flying, Wyatt waved his hands causing some of them to blow up. As one of the demons shimmers in behind Trevor going to kill him, Tatum shimmers in and throws an energy ball killing him!)

Krieger: You treacherous Bastard, Iíll kill you myself! (Creates an Athema and throws it at Tatum hitting him in the chest!)

Trevor: NO! (Waves his hand sending Krieger flying!)

Wyatt: (Throws a potion at Krieger!) Come on guys now!

The Guys: Hear these words hear our cries spirits from the other side take this demon where he stands take him now never to return again. ( Krieger yells as he turns counter clock wise and smoke comes from under him he explodes and dissipates)

Trevor: (Looking at Tatum) Who are you?

Tatum: The one who saved your life again! (Shimmers out)

Trevor: Iím so confused!


The underworld-

Seer: (Tatum shimmers in and falls to the floor!) Tatum!

Tatum: That damned Krieger got me!

Seer: Just stay still, Iíll make something to heal you, but it will take a while!

Tatum: Thatís just great!

Seer: You saved the boys life?

Tatum: Twice, I thought Saajohn told him he wanted the boy unharmed?

Seer: Krieger was an idiot, out to satisfy his own desires! That is why they killed him so easily!

Tatum: I need to rest, I need to be better fast, if some demon goes after Trevor, I want to be there to protect him!

Seer: (Bringing a vile over) Drink this, it will make you as good as new! So he doesnít suspect a thing?

Tatum: Nothing! I have him right where I want him!

The Manor-

Piper: Why donít you guys ask him?

Wyatt: Mom, donít you think its just a little to soon, we only just met him!

Piper: You guys will be stronger if youíre here together!

Chris: Heís your son you ask him!

Piper: I just think he would be a little more comfortable if you two asked him! (Prue orbs in)

Prue: Well the elders want to congratulate you on your vanquish today!

Wyatt: Woo hoo!

Prue: The elders arenít that bad!

Wyatt: Tell that to my mom and dad, who have suffered most at their hands!

Prue: They donít know anything more on Tatum, then what you already know! But it reminds me of Balthazar all over again, so I would watch out for that one!

Piper: You do realize heís a guy and Trevor is a guy, so it really cant be that much like the Balthazar situation!

Prue: Still a demon helping a witch, it usually means the demon is after something!

Living room-

Trevor: (Calling Cory) Hello!

Cory: Cough, cough, hello!

Trevor: Hey, whatís wrong you sick?

Cory: Ya, just a little under the weather!

Trevor: Iíll make you some chicken soup!

Cory: No, thatís ok, look cough, cough, Iíll talk to you later, Iím just going to sleep!

Trevor: Oh, ok! Love..(Cory Hangs up the phone) Ok that was weird! (Gets up and walks to the kitchen!) Hey!

Piper: Everything alright?

Trevor: I guess!

Prue: Trevor, you have a lot of stuff to learn about the craft, we really need to get you caught up with the others!

Trevor: You mean thereís homework now!

Piper: Ha, ha, ha, if you donít mind, I would love to teach you!

Trevor: Sure that would be cool! So I have a question, you mentioned a magic school earlier! Is that like Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry?

Chris: Ya, only real! Dad is the head master there!

Trevor: Thatís cool! Alright, well if one of you wouldnít mind, Iíd like to get home!

Piper: Your not staying here?

Trevor: Iím meeting friends at P3 later, and I want to take a shower and stuff!

Piper: Well Chris and Wyatt will take you home!

Trevor: Ok, so Iíll see you later I guess!

Piper: (Walking over and hugging him!) Bye!

Trevorís Apt-

Trevor: (We orb in) Ok, well thanks!

Chris: Whatís that smell?

Trevor: (Face turning red) There is a slaughter house downstairs, but you get used to the smell after awhile!

Wyatt: (Looking around the small apt. the window is broken, the paint is peeling!) You actually live here! (Chris smacks Wyattís head)

Trevor: Iíve had to take care of myself, unlike you mister I love at home where my mom still cooks and cleans for me!

Wyatt: I didnít mean it in a bad way, I just meant like is it safe for you to before here!

Chris: Great CDís! You should make me a mix!

Trevor: Music is what I do, I actually promote clubs in the bay area!

Chris: Really, why havenít you ever tried to promote our club?

Trevor: Oddly enough I always felt a special connection with that place, that I just left it as my hang out rather than try to work it!

Wyatt: Well maybe now you can help us to promote the club, we both kind of suck in that area!

Trevor: That would be awesome, I could book some really hot bands!

Chris: Well, you want have a look at the books when you go by there tonight?

Trevor: Sure, so I take it you guys will be there?

Chris: Were always there! Maybe we can have a drink, if your not to busy for your brothers?

Trevor: I think I could fit you two into my schedule!

Wyatt: Then will see you there!


Trevor: (Iím dancing with my friends but I keep looking at Chris and Wyatt, wondering what theyíre thinking, I donít know why it matters, I shouldnít care, theyíre either going to like me or they donít, but I cant help but wondering if they think Iím gay, Iím not a queeny fag or anything, but still in the back of your head your always wondering if they know. Hell Iím wondering if my twin brother is gay, that would be really cool if he turned out to be. I should go over there and say hi, its not like these people are my real friends, there just people I know, I know a lot of people, comes with promoting! I just wish Cory would show up, I know he isnít feeling well, but still, one could hope!)

At a booth-

Wyatt: So are we going to tell him?

Chris: Iím sure he would find out eventually, and I would rather it came from us!

Wyatt: What happens if he freaks out, are you willing to risk the power of three?

Chris: He seems like a laid back kind of guy, I donít think heíll flip out, but we should probably wait awhile!

Wyatt: What if he has a big mouth and tells mom and dad?

Chris: Thatís true too! I donít want to think about it, its giving me a stomach ache!

Wyatt: So do you think heís purposely ignoring us?

Chris: Heís probably waiting for us to say hi to him!

Wyatt: (Waving the waiter over) Andy, do me a favor, take a corona with two limes to that guy right there!

Andy: Heís hottie!

Wyatt: Heís our brother!

Andy: Thatís good, less competition for me!

Chris: You know what I have an idea, naw forget it!

Wyatt: What is it?

Chris: What if Andy tries to pick him up and we see how he reacts?

Wyatt: What if he decks him?

Chris: Then weíd know for sure!

Andy: Donít I have a say in this?

Chris: No! You owe me!

Andy: How many times do I have to tell you Iím sorry, I swear I didnít know that was you date!

Chris: This will make us even, you harlot!

Wyatt: Your evil!

On the dance floor-

Trevor: (This waiter comes up to me and hands me a drink) Thanks but I didnít order this!

Andy: I know, I just remembered what kind of drink you drank last time you were here!

Trevor: Thatís cool of you bro!

Andy: Has anyone ever told you what a great smile you have?

Trevor: (My face turns bright red) My dentist tells me all the time!

Andy: Do you have a map by any chance?

Trevor: A map, no!

Andy: Damn, cause I keep getting lost in your eyes!

Trevor: Ha, ha, ha, does that actually work?

Andy: I donít know you tell me, that was my first time using it!

Trevor: Iíll give you a 6 out of 10 on that one!

Andy: Do you have a quarter?

Trevor: Yes why?

Andy: So I can go call my mom and tell her I met the man of my dreams, better yet so I can call your mom and thank her!

Trevor: Ha, ha, ha, what did you read a book?

Andy: Something like that! So Iím new in town, can you give me directions to your apartment?

Trevor: Now thatís a good one! (Next thing I knew Cory turned the guy around a punched him in the face knocking him back on the ground, his nose bleeding!) Cory, whatís wrong with you? (Helping the guy up) Are you ok?

Andy: Iím fine! (Walks away)

Trevor: What the hell!

Cory: Iím sorry, I just walk in to find you laughing and hear him giving you a cheesy pick up line, what would you have me do?

Trevor: He works here, he was being funny, he wasnít picking me up!

Cory: Are you that oblivious to when someone is hitting on you?

Trevor: Does it really matter if someone hits on me, you know I would never do anything behind your back!

Cory: Iím sorry, I just got jealous!

Trevor: You donít owe me a sorry, you owe him a sorry! (I walk away over to Chris and Wyatt)

Chris: What was that all about?

Trevor: I donít want to talk about it! Is that guy ok?

Wyatt: Andy, heís fine, heís used to getting hit!

Trevor: Could you tell him Iím sorry!

Chris: You didnít hit him!

Trevor: Its my friend that did, I feel bad!

Wyatt: You can tell him yourself! Andy come here! Andy this is our brother Trevor!

Trevor: Iím sorry about that Andy!

Andy: Iím used to it, Chris here gets me beat up once a week!

Trevor: Really, why is that?

Andy: He dares me to do crazy things to people and me being the idiot that I am I do it and wind up getting hit for it!

Trevor: Who knew there was so much going on behind the scenes!

Chris: What can I say, I need to be entertained!

Wyatt: At Andyís expense!

Trevor: Hey guys you think I could look at who you have booked tomorrow, I think Iím going to call it a night?

Chris: But you never even hung out with us!

Trevor: Ya sorry I should have come over sooner!

Wyatt: So have a drink with us and will take you home after!

Trevor: (Looking over to see that Cory is sitting there staring at him) I guess one drink wouldnít hurt!

Trevorís apt-

Trevor: (We orb in) Thanks guy!

Chris: Good thing you donít have to drive you look pretty plastered!

Trevor: Iím just a little drunk, hell Iím only seeing to of you right now!

Wyatt: Since youíre a little drunk, mind if I ask you a question?

Trevor: Ask away!

Wyatt: Who was that guy that hit Andy?

Trevor: Oh, um, oh, ya, a friend!

Wyatt: What kind of friend?

Trevor: The possessive kind!

Wyatt: He in love with you or something?

Trevor: Wow your not shy at all are you?

Wyatt: Not when I want to know something!

Trevor: (Thereís a knock at the door) Oh, who could that be! You guys better do the glowing thingy!

Wyatt: This conversation is to be continued!

Trevor: Bye! (They orb out, I answer the door) Cory!

Cory: Hey I couldnít leave things the way they were!

Trevor: Come in!

Cory: How did you get here so fast?

Trevor: Um, I took a short cut! I thought you were sick?

Cory: My mother gave me something healed me right up!

Trevor: Remind me to ask her for some the next time I donít feel good!

Cory: So would you mind if I stayed the night?

Trevor: Only if your planning on making up for what you did tonight?

Cory: You know I will!

Trevor: (Cory took of all my clothes and I laid on the bed, he went straight for my hard 9 inch cock, and swallowed it down. I was totally buzzing from drinking to much so the feeling of him mouth on my cock was mind blowing.) Fuck ya, suck my big cock! (He played with my balls as he worked my cock up and down!) Tonight I want you to ride my cock!

Cory: Fuck ya!

Trevor: (He took of his clothes and we went into a 69 position, I licked a finger and started finger fucking him while I sucked on his cock, after sometime he moved around and sat on my cock, he had his back to me, and I held his cheeks apart as he went up and down on my cock, I watched as he went down to the base and then up to the head, the feeling of my cock head popping in and out of his ass was more than I could handle) Iím going to shoot my load!

Cory: Fuck ya, Iím milking your cock juice out! Shoot that load!

Trevor: (I shot load after load, he turned around and started kissing me as he jacked his cock off. We kissed some more and then went to sleep)

10 Years ago-

Dominic: (I stand in an alley before my mother, afraid of what I must do and what I am. On my left hand there is a red birthmark in the shape of a phoenix! In a shaky voice) Mother do you feel anything when you kill someone?

Mother: (With sadness in her eyes) No, no you donít feel a thing!


Dominic: (I shimmer into a witches apartment as she is performing a ritual)

Witch: I call upon the powers of the north, east, south, west, ahhhh!

Dominic: (I shimmer in front of her and stick my hand into her chest and absorb her powers, I then create an athema in my hand and stab her with it! A tear runs down my face as I stare at her body laying there, I shimmer out.)

The University-

Chris: (I sat in class wondering where my lab partner was, we had a project due and I needed his half! His name was Dominic, a very hot guy, spiked blond hair with green eyes, that glowed when he smiled, he was pretty athletic and had the most adorable Italian accent! He just walked in) Late as usual!

Dom: Your on time as usual, do you ever do anything to get in trouble?

Chris: You donít know me that well Iím always in trouble!

Dom: What did you forget to put you pen in your pocket protector?

Chris: (I fake laugh) Your so funny, how long you been waiting to use that line? So do you have your half of the assignment?

Dom: Yes teachers pet, here! (Hands him a folder, his birthmark showing!)

Chris: (Noticing the birthmark) Cool Tattoo, I could swear Iíve seen it before! (He pulls his hand back quickly!)

Dom: itís a birthmark not a Tattoo!

Chris: Sorry didnít mean to make you uncomfortable!

Dom: Its fine can we just get back to work!

The Dead Witchís apt-

Andre: (Standing over the body of a woman, looks up and sees Wyatt walking up, my heart sinks into my stomach!) Wyatt Halliwell what brings you to my crime scene?

Wyatt: (Swallows hard) A-Andre, good to um see you!

Andre: Thatís not an answer, what are you doing here?

Wyatt: Filling in for a friend at the news paper!

Andre: I thought you took over for you aunt Phoebe?

Wyatt: I did, I mean I am, I mean yes its my column now!

Andre: Ask Wyatt! So you didnít stay in New York after all!

Wyatt: Some family stuff came up, and well, Iíve been meaning to stop by and see you!

Andre: You know what never mind, I donít want to know!

Wyatt: Donít be mad a lot happened and I wanted to tell you, it just..

Andre: Look Iím in the middle of a case here, I have to get back to work!

Wyatt: I hope youíll give me the chance to talk later! So what can you tell me?

Andre: 28-year-old female, stabbed in the back with a ritual blade called an athema. She also has some sort of red bruise on her chest above the left breast. I canít seem to figure out how she got that. However, itís consistent with the way the other three females were killed.

Wyatt: How do you know thatís an Athema?

Andre: I did my homework. All the murders are females who seam to be witch practitioners. Each was in the middle of a pentagram when they were killed. All where performing some kind of ritual. This is a serial killer hunting witches.

Wyatt: Do you believe in witches?

Andre: Doesnít matter what I believe, the point is they though they were witches and the killer knew that! (Phone rings) I have to take this call!

Wyatt: Ok, but I would like to talk to you later?

Andre: Only if its about the case Halliwell!

Wyatt: (I watch as he walks away, and I have a flash back to five years ago, the two of us on a beach, Iím holding him from behind!)

Flash back-

Wyatt: You know I love you more than anything!

Andre: If you love me how can you leave me?

Wyatt: I have to do this! Can you try to understand that my family has put a burden on me that only I can carry? One that Iím nowhere near ready to handle. If I donít leave now there will never be another chance. Iíll be stuck here having to fulfill a destiny I never chose, nor wanted.

Andre: Damn their destiny! Iím your destiny. We have been through so much Wyatt. I have loved you since the moment I saw you. (Laughing) Do you remember the first time we met? We were what, 7 years old? I fell off my swing and hurt my leg. I was crying so hard. It hurt so badly. You ran over to me and said;Ē Donít cry. Iíll take care of youĒ. Then you put your hand on my leg. It was as if the pain was gone, like magic. Canít you do that now? Canít you just tell me youíre not really going?

Wyatt: I wish I could, but I have to do this. Besides, itís just for 4 years. I will be back right after school. We donít have to end this here. I love you. I have always loved you. I always will.

Andre: Then just stay with me please. (Crying) We can face anything if were together. You just need to trust me. Tell me what this destiny is. Just let me help you! I feel like my heart is breaking. My chest is so heavy. I canít breathe Wyatt!

Wyatt: (Grabbing his face, he kisses him) Please, donít do this. Know that Iíll

always be watching over you. Iím always just a call away. Just shout out my name and I will be right there.

Andre: (Moving away from him still crying) I have always felt alone. But, not with you, you were like this light that shined on me and filled me up. Now itís as if Iím under a spell being broken. Something just isnít right. My soul feels like its ripping apart and youíre the one doing the ripping. (Runs away)

Wyatt: Andre, come back, Andre!


Wyatt: (I stand there looking at Andre, wishing I could have just told him everything, the greatest love of my life! I see the Athema on the floor and orb it into my pocket, I leave!)


The Manor-


Trevor: (Iím standing in the attic, floating two pillows and a lamp, when Wyatt comes in and scares the hell out of me and I drop everything) H-hey Wyatt!

Wyatt: Trevor what are you doing your suppose to be studying potion making?

Trevor: I am, I was, well its just I thought I should practice my other powers as well!

Wyatt: Look its just that we need you to know how to do these things, weíve been at this for a long time, your new to it!

Trevor: Iím learning as quickly as I can, Iím just distracted is all!

Wyatt: Distractions get people killed! (Chris orbs in) Iíll be back and we can go over stuff! (Walks out)

Chris: Is Wyatt giving you a hard time?

Trevor: He caught me not studying how to make potions!

Chris: He just wants you to be prepared for the things that go bump in the night!

Trevor: Iím actually not that bad at it!

Chris: Not that bad huh! (Prue orbs in)
Prue: Guys I have a job for you!

Chris: Aunt Prue do you ever come barring good news?

Prue: Someone is killing witches!

Chris: Magical witches?

Prue: Yes, they all had real powers!

Chris: So a warlock is killing them and stealing their powers!

Prue: It looks that way! (Wyatt walks in) There was an Athema left at the last murder!

Wyatt: Are you talking about the witches being killed?

Prue: How did you know?

Wyatt: I was at the crime scene earlier today!

Chris: Did you run into anyone in particular?

Wyatt: Will talk about that later! I took the athema from the scene (Holds out his hand) Athema! (Orbs into his hand) Chris see if you can get a premonition off it!

Chris: (I grab the athema and get a vision of the witch being killed I cant see the killers face, the only thing I see his a red mark on the left hand in the shape of a Phoenix! I tell them what I saw!) That really isnít much to go off of! (The door bell rings)

Trevor: (Looks out the window!) Some guy is down there!

Wyatt: (Looks out, Iíll get it, orbs downstairs, opens the door) Andre!

Andre: Donít act so surprised to see me! A funny thing happened today after you left the crime scene the murder weapon was no where to be found!

Wyatt: So you think I took it?

Andre: I just find it odd that one second its there and the minuet I walk away, leaving you standing there its gone and your gone!

Wyatt: So instead of calling you decide that you should drive all the way over here to ask me?

Andre: Look, lets just get this out of the way, you left me, it hurt for a while and now Iím over it!

Wyatt: Just like that huh!

Andre: No, not just like that, it hurt a lot, it took me a long time to get over you, but I am, your out of my system! (Chris comes walking down)

Chris: Wyatt, I foundÖOh, Andre, how are you!

Andre: (Walking over to Chris and hugging him) Good, its good to see you!

Wyatt: Ok, Andre it was nice of you to stop by, we have some stuff to do!

Andre: Just like old times, Chris comes running and I get kicked out, one day Halliwell Iíll find out your secret! (Leaves)

Chris: Nice going bro, subtle much!

Wyatt: What did you want me to tell him, Andre were working on the case only in a supernatural way!

Back in the Attic-

Trevor: (Still looking out the window) So who was that?

Wyatt: It doesnít matter, so what did you find out?

Chris: When I was looking through the book, I found the symbol that I saw on the killers hand. It belongs to the Phoenix clan, theyíre assassin witches, they have the ability to shimmer, throw fireballs, they create athema in their hands, basically witches for hire! Anyway when I touched the page I got a premonition of a guy getting tortured by a demon, the thing about it is, the guy had the mark of the Phoenix on his left hand just like the killer, and I think I know who the guy is!

Wyatt: What do you mean you think you know who he is?

Chris: Its my lab partner!


Dominic apt-

Dom: (Standing in front of a mirror) I cant keep doing this to myself. Damn you mother why did you have to lie to me!

Raven: (Shimmering in) Andre it is your birthright! Your mother had no control over your destiny, why do you fight whatís inside you?

Dom: In me! A killer is in me. Thatís my birthright! To kill? By day Iím in school studying to save lives, by night I take them away! That is the most morbid thing I have every heard of!

Raven: You only want to become a doctor to make you feel balanced about the killing that you do. You are an assassin, embrace it child!

Dom: Iíll do this for now, but donít think for a second that if I can find away out that I wont take it!

Raven: Many before you have tired and failed, you will be no different! Now back to the business at hand. Give me the powers you have collected! (Andre, puts his hand into Ravens chest and the powers flow into him!)

The Manor-

Wyatt: I donít like this, I donít like it at all!

Chris: Wyatt Iíll be fine, I have to at least give him the benefit of the doubt!

Wyatt: Your going in blind, you have no idea what could happen!

Chris: Your only an orb away!

Wyatt: What if he tries to kill you?

Trevor: Wyatt isnít it possible that he might not be evil! Look at Tatum, maybe he isnít as evil as we think he is!

Wyatt: Oh no, not you too, has everyone lost their minds here! We are good, we fight bad guys, end of story!

Trevor: I just donít think its that black and white! If heís being tortured by a demon doesnít that make him an innocent?

Chris: Yes! Now Iím going Iíll be back!

Dominic apt-

Chris: (I knock on the door) Andre its me, Chris! I know your in there!

Dom: Go away I donít have time for you right now!

Chris: I know your in trouble, I can help you!

Dom: (Opening the door) Youíre here to help me! Ha, ha, ha, what could you possibly do, your in way over your head!

Chris: Fine! (I orb from the hall into his apt!

Dom: What the hell, how is that possible!

Chris: I told you Iím here to help!

Dom: Who are you, and where is the nerd from school?

Chris: Iím far from a nerd, Iím half witch half white lighter, I know there is a demon after you, I cant help protect you! You just have to trust me!

Dom: Trust you, I cant trust anyone, look you have to leave, heíll be back soon and if he finds you here, Iíll be forced to kill you!

Chris: Who is this demon who has this much power over you?

Dom: His name is Raven you cant stop him, no one can!

Chris: My brothers and I can, your just going to have to trust me!

Dom: Your brothers,(Looking him up and down!) Youíre a charmed one, you donít look that powerful!

Chris: Looks can be deceiving, Iíve battled more demons than I can remember!

Dom: (Looking up as if he hears something) Heís coming you have to leave now! Please I donít want him to find you here!

Chris: (Grabbing him by the arms) Please come with me, will keep you safe! Will find a way to get you out of this!

Dom: No one can get me out of this, heíll never let me go, in some sick way Iím his favorite!

Chris: If something happens to you Iíll never forgive myself!

Dom: Go now, heís almost here!

Chris: Whoís your next victim?

Dom: (Grabs a pen and paper and writes down the address!) Here, save her before we get there!

Chris: Iíll get you out of this I promise!

Dom: Heís here!

Chris: (Orbs out)

Raven: (Shimmers in, and smells the air) Such power! Are you hiding a witch here?

Dom: N-No thereís no one here!

Raven: Someone was here child, do not deceive me, I can smell the power in the air!

Dom: No, I swear no one was here!

Raven: No matter, we have work to do!

The Manor-

Chris: (Orbs in and goes straight to the book) We have to move quickly. Here, this is him. Raven. He controls demons using mind control. An upper level demon. There is a potion and a spell. Trevor I need you to make the potion. Wyatt and I will go save Andre and this witch.

Trevor: You want me to make the potion?

Wyatt: Look, I know Iíve been hard on you all day, but I have faith in you, you can do this Trevor!

Trevor: Alright, I can do this!

Chris: This is important Trevor, and I trust you!

The Witches apt-

Dom: (Standing outside. Please Chris, whatever your planning to do, do it. Shimmers inside)

Witch: Who are you, what are you doing here!

Dom: Iím sorry, I have no choice, I have to do this! (Goes to stick his hand inside her chest! Chris and Wyatt orb in!)

Wyatt: Chris Iím orbing her to the manor! (Orbs out with the witch)

Dom: You have to fight me or heíll kill me, heís watching from outside!

Chris: I wont fight you, I cant hurt you!

Dom: Then Iím sorry this is going to hurt me more than it does you! (I look at him with sadness in my eyes and then I spin kick him sending him flying back! I run and jump on top of him!)

Chris: If you wanted to be on top you should have just said so!

Dom: If we get out of this alive, Iím so kicking your ass for saying that!

Chris: (Flips Andre over and is on top now!) But honey I love it when your ruff!

Dom: You havenít seen ruff yet! (I grab him and flip him over my head, he flips into a standing position, I slide step and knock him on his ass) Iím sorry Iím sure that hurt!

Chris: Not as much as this! (I kick my leg around and knock him off his feet!)

Raven: (Shimmers in) Enough! Dominic, finish him!

Chris: What fight are you watching, from where Iím standing Iím doing the ass kicking!

Raven: (Grabs Andre and shimmers out with him to his apt!) You failed me, you allowed them to take the girl, or is that what you wanted all along?

Dom: No, I swear, you saw me I fought him!

Raven: Your and assassin two witches should be no match for you! Your growing soft Dominic, maybe you need a little reminder of what happens to those that fail me! (Holds out his hands and encompasses Andre with fire!)

Dom: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

The Manor-

Chris: (Orbs in) How come you never came back, he has Dominic!

Wyatt: I thought you would be right behind me!

Chris: Is the potion done?

Trevor: Its done!

Chris: Then lets go, its night already, heís probably torturing him!

Dominic apt-

Chris: (We orb in as Raven is torturing Dominic) Get away from him you evil son of a bitch!

Raven: Fool do you know who you are dealing with! (Grabs Chris by the neck and lifts him up in the air)

Dom: No, please leave him alone its me that you want!

Raven: Donít worry his death shall be quick!

Wyatt: Trevor, throw the potion! (But before Trevor could, Dominic creates an Athema and stabs Raven in the back)

Raven: Ahhh! You chose him over me! (Throws a fireball at Dominic sending him flying back and throw Chris at his brothers knocking them over!)

Chris: Dominic! (Runs over to him)

Wyatt: Is he alright?

Chris: Heal now, Questions later!

Dom: I-I expect a rematch on our fight!

Chris: (Smiles) You can count on it!

Trevor: I hate to break this up but shouldnít we get back to the manor, he could be heading there now!

Wyatt: Heís right! (Grabs Trevor and orbs out)

Chris: Are you sure your ok? (Helping him to his feet)

Dom: Iím fine but I owe you my life!

Chris: Dinner and P3 Friday night, and will call it even!

Dom: If we live to see Friday, you have a deal!

Chris: Great than itís a date!

The manor-

Wyatt: Trevor why didnít you use the potion?

Trevor: For the same reason you didnít use your powers, I was afraid Chris would get hurt!

Wyatt: Your learning quickly!

Trevor: I just found you guys not ready to lose you!

Chris: (Orbs in with Andre) We need to get him here and end this once and for all!

Dom: If I use my powers heíll be able to sense me!

Chris: No thatís to dangerous!

Dom: I can take care of myself, Iíve been doing this for a long time you know!

Chris: Fine, you have the potion and the spell ready!

Trevor: Yup so Dominic do your thing! (As Dominic shimmers out and shimmers back in Raven appears)

Raven: Dominic, come home with me, I will forgive your trespasses!

Dom: I told you I would find a way to get out of this, and now I have!

Raven: No one leaves me, you are and always shall be a killer, it is who you are! I control you, you are under my mind control! You do as I bid you, (Waves his hand in front of Dominic face) Kill the witches!

Dom: (Has a blank face as he falls under the mind control. Shimmers in next to Trevor and kicks him sending him flying)

Trevor: Why am I always the first to get attacked!

Chris: No Dominic, fight it, you donít have to do this, your stronger than him!

Raven: Do you really think you can stop this, I have been controlling him since he was a little boy!

Chris: No, Dominic, you can do this, fight him, take back control!

Dom: (A tear rolls down his cheek as he looks at Chris, he shimmers out and in front of Wyatt, kicks his foot back over his head and hits Wyatt in the face!)

Wyatt: Chris whatever your going to do, do it now!

Chris: (Dominic walks towards him) Dominic, you donít want to hurt me, you donít want to be under his control for the rest of your life!

Dom: I-Iím s-sorry Chris! (Creates and Athema and stabs himself)

Chris: No!

Wyatt: Trevor throw the potion!

Trevor: (Throws the potion at Raven! Waves his hand and pulls the athema out of Dominic)

The Guys: Of sound body, of sound mind. Controlling demon-taking minds. Where spirits dwell no demons dare. Take the Raven through the air. Send him back where fires burn. Back to Hell never to return. (Black shadows appear around Raven he begins to whale his arms trying to get rid of them, they engulf him as he yells taking him into the ground)

Chris: (Runs over to Dominic, Wyatt follows and heals him) Are you ok?

Dom: Iím sorry I didnít want to hurt any of you! But I couldnít stop!

Chris: Its over, heís gone! (Trevor and Wyatt leave the room) I guess we have a lot to talk about!

Dom: We can save it for our date! (Leans in kisses Chris, looks into his eyes and shimmers out)

Chris: (Smiling) Well this out to be interesting!

Andres apt-

Wyatt: (Knocking on the door, Andre opens the door and stands there with a what do you want kind of face) Before you say anything I just want to say something to you! I know I hurt you badly and believe me it was no easier for me. I have never stopped loving you. I have never loved anyone else. I just want the chance to make it up to you. If you will just give me the chance, I know I can make things right between us. If you donít want to, I will understand completely.

Andre: Do you really think that after what you did to me, there would be a chance in hell, that I would ever let you back into my life like that again? Look, Halliwell, I am willing to give you a chance at some sort of friendship. We still have to work together. So, that much I am willing to do.

Wyatt: Well thatís a start!

Andre: No more lies Halliwell, if you really want a friendship your going to have to earn my trust!

Wyatt: I can do that!

Andre: Donít get cocky, its easier said than done, you have to many secrets in your family!

Wyatt: Alright, look will be at P3 tomorrow night, if you want to stop by and maybe just get a drink, Iíll be there! (I donít wait for an answer I just walk away!)

Andre: (I stand there watching him as he leaves and all I can do is let out a big sigh!)


Trevor: Now I understand just how important, knowing spells and potions really is!

Wyatt: I knew you had it in you! Iím sorry I was hard on you, but Iím the oldest brother someone has to keep you two in check! Ha, ha, ha!

Chris: I think everything worked out great, we kicked some demon ass, saved two innocents and I got the guy! (Big smile)

Wyatt: At least one of us got the guy!

Trevor: (I do a double take at both of them) Are you two saying what I think your saying?

Chris: Oh My God! I wasnít even thinking when I just said that!

Wyatt: Me either!

Chris: Trevor, were bonding to say the least! Were brothers, weather we grew up together or not!

Wyatt: So even though were just getting to know each other, your our family and we trust you!

Chris: Mom and dad donít know this, but weíre gay!

Trevor: I love you guy! (Leans on the sofa and gives them a hug) Group hug!

Wyatt: Wow I didnít know youíd be that happy that weíre gay!

Trevor: I am too!

Chris: We really are charmed!

Wyatt: Charmed and Fabulous!

Trevor: This is the greatest news, I was so scared to tell you guys!

Chris: Us too! We actually sent Andy over to try and see if you were gay! Till that guy punched him!

Trevor: Thatís my boyfriend!

Wyatt: I knew it! Thatís the guy from the car the other day!

Trevor: Yup!

Wyatt: Good taste!

Trevor: So you and Andre?

Wyatt: Ex!

Chris: That heís still in love with!

Trevor: And Dominic?

Chris: Hereís hoping!

Trevor: Iíll drink to that! Charmed and Dangerous! Watch out guys, here comes the Halliwell trio! Chris just be careful with Dominic, take it slow you know really get to know him!

Chris: I will trust me! Iíll keep my eye on him!

Wyatt: Iím sure you will! (Sees Dominic walking up) Speak of the devil, heís an eye full for you!

Chris: (Mouth open) And what an eye full he is! (Walks up to him) Hey, you look great!

Dom: Why thank you sir, you donít look so nerdy yourself!

Chris: Iíll show you nerdy, lets dance shall we!

Trevor: Wyatt your up!

Wyatt: Huh? (Looks behind him to see Andre standing there)

Andre: So what does a guy have to do to get a drink around here?

Wyatt: (Waving Andy over) Its all about who you know! Andy can I have a Martini, shaken not stirred! It is still a Martini?

Andre: Yes. (Sticking his hand out towards Trevor) Hi, Andre, Andre Wieland!

Trevor: Trevor Pruitt! Nice to meet you!

Wyatt: Actually, its Trevor Pruitt Halliwell!

Andre: Well the secrets just keep coming out of the closet, huh, Wyatt?

Wyatt: Not really a secret, we only just found him recently!

Trevor: Weíre still getting used to the brother thing!

In the backroom of P3-

Seer: Has your wound healed completely?

Tatum: Yes, mother the potion you gave me worked perfectly!

Seer: Does he suspect anything?

Tatum: No not at all!

Seer: I shall wait for you, remember Lord Saajohnís men are everywhere! They are always watching!

Tatum: Yes mother, now I have to go, heís waiting for me! (With a wave of his hand Tatum changes into a killer outfit, and his face changes into that of Cory)

Seer: Beautiful my son! Now go, when his trust!

Back on the couch-

Andre: Wow, simple plan, who got them a gig here?

Trevor: Its what I doÖ(I stop mid sentence because I see Cory walking over looking hot as hell) Damn I am so in love with that guy!

Andre: What guy?

Wyatt: (Pointing towards Cory) Thatís my lil bros guy!

Andre: Nice job you have good taste!

Cory: Is it just me or is everyone staring at me?

Trevor: (Looking at him up and down) Y-yes theyíre staring at the hottness that is you! How did I get so lucky?

Cory: Iím the lucky one! (leans in and kisses him) Iím in love with the sweetest hottess guy in all of San Francisco!

Trevor: Sweet talk will get you everywhere! (Simple plan starts singing ďIím Addicted to youĒ) I love this song lets go dance!

Wyatt: Crazy kids, huh, its all about love!

Andre: Till you get your heart ripped out!

Wyatt: (Making a puppy dog face) Lets go dance?

Andre: Only because I love this song!

(They make their way to the dance floor, the hole group starts dancing together to the song)

Seer: (We make our way from the dance floor to the seer, and close in on her smiling as she looks at Trevor and Cory, her eyes go white and her smile gets bigger)

End Chapter-