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Subject: The Charmed Sons

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Chapter 20- The Charmed Family

Opening Credits Roll- A rainy day in San Francisco we see the statues of downtown, cars moving through the streets as "Sweet Sacrifice: by Evanescence plays in the background.



Wyatt's office-

Elyse: Wyatt, I want you to meet, Caleb, Caleb Danvers. He'll be ghost writing for you, while your on your sabbatical!

Wyatt: (Thinking to himself what a hot guy this is! Caleb stands at 6'2 180 pounds, green eyes, and dirty brown hair that's hangs just over his eyes!) Aren't you just a little to young to be writing for an advice column?

Caleb: I've got a masters in Psychology, with a minor in journalism! I'm a big fan of your work, I've never missed a single column of yours!

Wyatt: So, a woman writes in asking how she should handle her husbands constant mental abuse! How do you respond?

Caleb: I tell her to drop the loser and get back out there and search for a hero!

Wyatt: Elyse...

Caleb: I'm just kidding! I would tell her to first try talking to him about it, if that doesn't change anything, see if he would be willing to go to marriage counseling, if he refuses, then she should definitely try separation from him, in the hopes that he will get his act together, if all of the above fail, she should really reconsider staying with someone so abusive!

Elyse: Sounds good to me!

Wyatt: But Elyse!

Caleb: Wyatt, I can call you Wyatt?

Wyatt: Dr. Halliwell will be fine!

Caleb: Wyatt, I think you just need to let go of your baby for a moment, walk away, take care of your personal life, leave the column to me, if I have any problems you'll be the first person I call!

Wyatt: Your way to cocky!

Caleb: No, just confident!

Wyatt: I'll give this a temporary try out, and if I don't like what I'm reading, will go from there!

Caleb: Why don't we, meet for lunch or dinner and go over stuff!

Wyatt: Lunch! Dinner!

Caleb: You do have to eat don't you?

Wyatt: Yes!

Caleb: Great then tonight, 8pm, I'll pick you up!

Wyatt: But...

Caleb: Great it's a date! It will be magical! Later Wyatt! (Walks out, leaving Wyatt standing there, wondering what the hell just happened!)

DJ's apt-

Phoebe: So have you told your father anything about your powers?

DJ: No, he would freak out!

Phoebe: He's been around us long enough to be able to handle powers, as well as having been given powers by Paige one time! It was really funny she made him invincible, he broke everything he touched!

DJ: Ya, but I'm good, I'm just getting the hang of this whole power thing, I'm not ready to explain what happened!

Phoebe: Its your call babe! I just think, you were given this power for a reason, and he has a right to know.

DJ: I just need a little more time, to figure it all out, and who knows the ones that gave me these powers said they would be back to collect them back, I might not have them for very long!

Phoebe: That worries me, how do they plan to take them from you and what do they plan to do with you once they take them from you, we really need to figure this out and soon, because everything is about to go down. We need all the powers we can to fight off Byrne, the Seer, Saajohn and the Order...and remember this is a family thing and you are family!

DJ: Thanks aunt Phoebe!


The Manor-

Trevor: (Chris has been cooped up in his room for a while now, I think its time I find out what happened to him after we got back from the future or past or whatever. I knock on his door he doesn't answer, so I just walk in.) Chris we need to talk...

Chris: Hey, last time I checked this was my room..

Trevor: Chris what's going on talk to me...Its Dominic isn't it?

Chris: Ya, its Dominic...when I went to the future, my memories joined with the Chris of that time and well, Dominic and I were together there too, we worked together to bring me back in time to save Wyatt...but while I was there I asked him to marry me, the future Chris already had a ring and everything just felt so right, I couldn't help but go along with while we were sneaking into the manor to find a way to send me back to the past, well...we sort of you know did it..

Trevor: Did it? As in had sex did it!?

Chris: No we did each others hair, yes sex! Well I went to see Dominic when I got back, and I told him everything that happened...

Trevor: What, why would you tell him you had sex with him, I mean future him...

Chris: I didn't just come out and say it, he just knew, and when he asked I couldn't lie...and he just told me to leave, and now I just don't know what to do, what he's thinking...I mean did I really do something wrong, I was in my future body where we were together anyway, I was sharing the same emotions, and it just felt so right, but now by doing what I did in the future, I just ruined my past!

Trevor: Maybe he just needs sometime, I mean I lived through it all, and I still feel so confused about it all. I feel like a million different feelings, I don't even know how to start to process it all! Just give him sometime, if he really loves you he'll come around...and from you two being together in the future I'm pretty sure your going to work it all out!

Chris: You have a point there! (Pulling out a ring from his pocket!) I gave him this ring when we came back, and I woke up today and found it here on the night stand!

Trevor: I'm sorry!

Chris: No, its fine...I know what I need to do!

Trevor: Now will you come out of your room, we have a lot to do, before facing the forces of evil!

Chris: Maybe I'll just make a pit stop and see if he's willing to talk now!

Trevor: Alright, good luck!

Dominic's apt-

Dom: (Throwing fireballs at a man) What are you doing here! Your suppose to never come back here again, mother said she took care of you Joseph!

Joseph: Stop throwing fireballs at me, and we can talk!

Dom: Fine, just keep your distance or I will kill you!

Joseph: Sweet talk, you have such a way with words!

Dom: Don't start, now explain yourself!

Joseph: Well first I'm sorry to hear about your mother being killed!

Dom: The hell you are, she put you in that magical cell and you want tell me your sorry she's dead!

Joseph: When she was killed it broke her spell, freeing me from my jail cell...but the whole time I was in there you were the only thing I could think of, I've never stopped loving you!

Dom: Loving me, you tried to kill me again and again, if she didn't put you away, you would have succeeded, you tricked me, made me think you were really in love with me, and all you really wanted was to kill me, for her killing your father! So tell me, what do you want now, to finish what you started. Cause I'm not that naïve little boy that fell in love with you, I'm more powerful now.

Joseph: Yes I'm sure you are, you turned into quite a hot man, and I'm sure your more powerful now...but you need to know, I didn't want to kill you, I never did, I was ordered to, I had no choice, I had to do it, and I could have done it, but I didn't, because I really did fall in love with you, there was plenty of times I could have taken your life, but I would just look into your face and I couldn't bring myself to do it! But your mother found out what was really going on, and what I was sent to do and before she gave me a chance to explain myself, she locked me away!

Dom: And I'm just suppose to believe anything you have to say!?

Joseph: I'm going to do everything in my power to show you, that I do love you, and that I never stopped loving you, and that I would never hurt you..

Dom: You already did hurt me, you broke my heart, you were my first true love, and you ripped my heart out making me a cold hearted killer, after you I took on the role of the phoenix, and went on a killing spree, It turned me hard, evil, I lost myself, till...till someone found me and saved me!

Joseph: The Charmed Sons, I know all about it!

Dom: What, how would you know anything that's gone on!

Joseph: Oh, I was aware of everything that was going on in my absence! Especially when it came to you! Dominic, I know it will take sometime, but I want you back, and I'm going to prove myself to you!

Dom: It will be a cold day in hell before that will ever happen!

Joseph: We've both been orphaned, were all we have left of our past, we need each other, we need to stick together, something big is going to be happening, and everyone good and evil is in danger! (Moving closer to Dominic putting his hands on his shoulders as Chris orbs in) I can protect you, I know what's going down, and I wont stand by and let you get killed!

Chris: What the hell, Dominic, is this why you pushed me away, because you've got someone else!

Dom: No wait Chris its not what you think!!

Joseph: Its exactly what you think, ha, ha, ha, this is the guy, I expected someone...bigger, he's a charmed one, ha, ha, ha!

Chris: Yes I'm a charmed one and if you want to go at it, bring it on! (Taking a fighting stance)

Joseph: Little boy, your way out of your league!

Dom: Enough, Joseph get out of here now! Just go, you've caused enough damage in my life, I don't need you starting more now!

Chris: Ya, take a hike Jack!

Dom: Chris, you can leave too, I'm not ready to talk to you yet either!

Chris: Dominic, I'm about to face my darkest hour and I would have hoped you'd be by my side for it! But you know what, I'm over it, you want to be mad at me, fine be mad at me, you act as if I cheated on you, but I didn't, I was with you, I made love to you. You know what, I don't need this, I need my head in the game, and right now you've become a danger to me, you've got me...oh forget it, it doesn't matter (I pull the ring out of my pocket and throw it to him. He looks at it and then looks up at me, with sadness in his eyes, and then I orb out.)

Dom: Chris, wait!

Joseph: Let him go, you don't need him anymore, I'm here now!

Dom: (Shouting) Get out, get out of here right now!

Joseph: I'll be seeing you soon! (Shimmers out)

Dom: Damn it Dominic! Do I have to ruin the best thing that's ever happen to me!

The Manor-

Chris: (Orbing into the attic) Arrrr! Men, I swear you cant live with them, you cant live without them!

Wyatt: (Orbing in) Just were does he get off being so damn cocky!

Trevor: Wow, you both are singing the same tune! What happened!

Chris & Wyatt: I don't want to talk about it!

Trevor: Bite my head off, why don't you!

Wyatt: Sorry!

Chris: Me too!

Trevor: Its fine, but when you are ready to talk I want details! Now that I have you both here, I've been working on this new kick ass potion, that should be able to wipe out some powerful demons! The only left to do is for each of you to bless it, I've already done it! I also came up for a plan to go after Saajohn tonight!

Wyatt: I cant tonight, I have this stupid dinner I have to go to!

Trevor: Dinner! Wyatt, don't you think this is more important than a dinner date!

Wyatt: Its not a date, who said anything about a date!

Chris: By the way your face is getting all red, it would seem like a date to me!

Wyatt: I'm handing over my column to this cocky little wanna be, mister know it all, who talked me into dinner...

Trevor: Whoa, whoa hold up, sounds like he really had an effect on you!

Wyatt: He did, he made my stomach turn, and my head wanted to explode!

Chris: Sounds like you got hit my cupid's arrow!

Wyatt: Hardly! He's so not my type, and hello, we are about to have a battle we might not walk away from! I should just cancel this, I don't know how it even happened. One minuet I was saying no I don't want him ghost writing for me, the next second he has me going to dinner with him!

Trevor: Impressive, sounds like he's a challenge worth taking!

Wyatt: I have enough challenges in my life, and wait a second, how did we get started talking about Caleb! We have work to do, get your minds out of the gutters!

Chris: Well at least you have someone interested in you, I just threw an engagement ring at Dominic, after catching another man holding him, and telling him how safe he was going to keep him!

Trevor: What! That doesn't sound like Dominic!

Chris: He told me to leave, and the guy looked really comfortable with Dominic, and I've never seen him before!

Trevor: Well did you try to find out who he was?

Chris: No, I didn't stick around long enough! It doesn't matter, I've over it, we have bigger fish to fry!

Trevor: You have such a habit of jumping to the wrong conclusions Chris, don't be so sure of what you think you saw! Now if you two are done with your man problems!

Chris: Don't be jealous!

Wyatt: (Seeing the look on Trevor's face) Chris!

Chris: I'm sorry Trevor, I didn't mean...

Trevor: Forget it!

Wyatt: Trevor, we will find a way to save Tatum!

Trevor: I know we will, its just been really hard without him. Knowing what he went through because of me! I know I don't talk about him, and I'm sorry, its just...I thought if I didn't talk about him, it wouldn't make the fact that he's not around hurt so much! Its silly!

Wyatt: Baby brother, its not silly, I understand completely, but I promise you will do everything to get him back!

Trevor: Thanks! Now can we get onto what my plan is!

The underworld-

Seer: Saajohn, everything is in order!

Saajohn: Timing is everything now! We cant afford any room for error!

Seer: I have prepared everything as you have asked!

Saajohn: Then tonight I shall take in all the powers of the order!

Seer: And what of Tatum?

Saajohn: There is nothing I can do for him, he made his bed, now he must lie in it!

Seer: Please, he is my son!

Saajohn: You had as much a part to play in what happened to him, how can you now play the aggrieved mother?

Seer: Because I am his mother! My loyalty to you has been proven time and time again, I have never asked you for anything, please do not deny me my only child!

Saajohn: Very well, I am sure once I have the powers of the order within me, I will be able to return him to what he once was! Do not fail tonight!

Lord Byrne's lair-

Byrne: Mateo, it is time!

Mateo: Yes my Lord!

Byrne: Just keep the Charmed ones busy, while I go after DJ!

Mateo: Yes my Lord!

Byrne: Mateo, everything is riding on this, do not fail, I need to have DJ's powers if I am to stop them!

Mateo: I understand my Lord! I will not fail you!

Byrne: Mateo, don't come back here if you fail, flee as far as you can and hope that I never find you, for I shall rain down the most unspeakable torment on you!

Mateo: (Gulp)

The Manor-

Trevor: (The bell rings) I'll get it! (Opens the door) Can I help you?

Caleb: Hi, I'm here to pick up Wyatt!

Trevor: (Looking him up and down) So you must be Caleb!

Caleb: So Wyatt's talked about me huh, I must have made an impression!

Trevor: (Cough) Cocky much! (Cough)

Caleb: You must be brothers!

Trevor: And don't you forget it! (Shouting) Wyatt, you've got company! Come on in!

Chris: (Running down the stairs)

Trevor: I'm Trevor and this is Chris!

Caleb: Nice to meet you! (Holding out his hand to shake Chris's hand)

Chris: Charmed!

Caleb: I'm sure! (Looking around) This is a beautiful home! (Prue and Piper come walking out of the kitchen)

Prue: Hey guys we have a lot of demo...(Seeing Caleb)...demon-striations to prepare!

Caleb: (I'm sure you do!) Hi, I'm Caleb, I work with Wyatt!

Wyatt: (Coming down stairs) You mean work for Wyatt!

Caleb: (Wow he looks amazing)

Piper: Wyatt, where are you going?

Caleb: Oh, how cute, you still need to ask permission before you go out!

Chris: {I'm going to kick his ass!}

Trevor: {Chris! Be good!}

Wyatt: Caleb, put a sock in it! Mom can I talk to you in the other room! (Walks in to the next room) Mom, I have some things I need to get in order!

Piper: Is this really a good time for a date!?

Wyatt: Would everyone please stop calling this a date! I'm handing over my column to him, it's a business meeting!

Piper: Your wearing your lucky shirt, and the cologne you only wear when you go on a date!

Wyatt: Mom! Look, I'll be back in an hour, you guys can manage without me, I have to do this!

Piper: Fine, just make sure you keep your eyes open!

Wyatt: I will, and I'm just an orb away!

Piper: Good luck!

Wyatt: Mom!

Caleb: So do you all live here?

Chris: Yes, do you have a problem with that?

Caleb: Your pretty crabby, maybe your not getting enough fiber in your diet!

Trevor: (Grabbing Chris) Well it was nice meeting you, will be going now!

Wyatt: (Walking back in) You ready to go?

Caleb: I was born ready!

Wyatt: Goodbye everyone!

Chris: Don't forget to take the trash out with you!

Wyatt: What trash?

Chris: I was talking about...(Trevor covers my mouth before I could finish!)

Trevor: Later guys!

Chris: Just who does he think he is! What a jerk!

Trevor: Well there was some definite spark-age between the two of them!

Prue: This really isn't the time for Wyatt to be going on a date!

Trevor: Aunt Prue, this is something Wyatt just needs to do!

Prue: I know, its just the Elders have all white lighters on high alert! Whatever is going down, its going down tonight! We all need to be together, your strongest when your all together!

Chris: Then let me just go kick that guys ass and Wyatt can come home!

Trevor: Chris your projecting your own issues onto them!

Chris: There is no them, they just met!

Trevor: Where's dad?

Piper: Some place safe, he doesn't need to be around here right now!

Trevor: Good, and Phoebe and Paige?

Piper: Your aunts should be here shortly!

Prue: Do you guys have potions ready?

Trevor: I've made batches and batches of potions!

Prue: Lets go over everything!

A restaurant-

Wyatt: How did you get reservations here, there's like always a six month waiting list?

Caleb: I have connections!

Wyatt: Connections huh!

Caleb: Does it meet the Halliwell standards?

Wyatt: And just what do you know of the Halliwell standards?

Caleb: Oh, I know quite a few things! I know you favorite color is blue like your eyes, you like red wine, you own a club with your brothers, you care enough about people that it shows in your column, you hate seafood, love Italian! And that's just for starters!

Wyatt: Ok, I'm starting to get that stalker vibe!

Caleb: Elyse told me!

Wyatt: Note to self, remember to kill Elyse later!

Caleb: Oh come on, I just wanted to show you a good time, and she felt you were in need of a good time!

Wyatt: Just why do you want to see me have a good time?

Caleb: You're the great Wyatt Halliwell, named one San Francisco's top ten bachelors! Who wouldn't want the chance to be sitting where I am!

Wyatt: And what makes you think I'm in to men!?

Caleb: The fact that you checked me out from head to toe the second you laid eyes on me!

Wyatt: Your cocky mouth is really going to get you into trouble, if it hasn't already!

Caleb: That's what my mother always told me, but it still hasn't happened yet!

The Manor-

Trevor: Aunt Prue is really nervous!

Chris: Everyone's really nervous, hell I'm nervous!

Trevor: I guess, I've just been through so much this year, that I feel like everything I've done, everything I've learned was all to prepare me for this!

Chris: Trevor, I've been doing this my whole life, and I just feel I have more to lose now than I ever have! If anything where to happen to you or Wyatt, I just don't know what I would do!

Trevor: Chris, don't think like that, will be ok, we have to be ok!

Chris: I feel like I've lost enough already, and spending that time in the past, not knowing if I was ever going to see you guys again, I just don't want to ever feel that way again!

Trevor: Chris, I love you man, you guys are the best thing that's ever happened to me, you've given meaning to my life, I feel complete, I...(Just then we get surrounded by demons! Chris and I stand back to back!) Right on time!

Mateo: Tonight the Charmed Ones die! Attack!

Trevor: (I astral project myself into two, and begin to fight the demons! Shouting into the air) Aunt Prue, a little help up here! (She orbs in with mom)

Piper: Get away from my sons! (I start waving my hands and blowing up demons!)

DJ's apt-

DJ: Andre you shouldn't be here right now!

Andre: I'm your white lighter where else would I be!? If your not going to be with the brothers than I'm just going to have to stay here and help you!

DJ: To many people have died over these stupid powers, I'm not going to stand by and watch my best friend get hurt because of me!

Andre: DJ why do you have to be so stubborn, didn't you hear a word Phoebe said to you! Their your family you guys are safer together, there is strength in numbers!

Byrne: (Shimmering in) That is true, to bad there will be no one coming to rescue you!

DJ: Your early its not midnight yet!

Byrne: I was never much for details! (Waving his hand sending Andre flying against the wall)

DJ: Andre! You bastard, I'm so going to enjoy kicking your ass!

Byrne: You can try, but I'm afraid you haven't learned anything about your powers, you have no idea of what you can do, other than raising shields, and I'm afraid they will be of no use to you now!

DJ: (I could feel the anger raise in me, and then I felt a tingle in my arms and I felt power shooting out of my hands and the floor began to shake and then lift in line heading straight for Byrne like an earthquake sending him flying back into the wall) Wow, did I just do that!

Byrne: Well, well it looks like I've managed to release some of that power within you! (Waving my hand I send him flying across the room!) To little to late!

Daemon: (Appearing in a fiery blaze) To little to late for you! (Waving my hand I send him flying into the wall and hold him there) Byrne, I told you he would be mine, you have no power here!

Byrne: Then kill me, oh that's right you don't have the power to do that!

Daemon: Soon enough Byrne, soon enough you'll eat those words as the order sends you to the waste lands! (I put my hand on DJ and disappear in a fiery blaze)

Byrne: (Falling to the floor) Damn him! (Shimmers out)

Andre: (Coming too and looking around) DJ! (Orbs out)

A restaurant-

Andre: (Orbs in sees Wyatt and walks over)

Wyatt: (Laughing)

Caleb: Now tell me your not having a good time!?

Wyatt: Maybe just a little!

Caleb: Just a little!

Wyatt: Alright, so maybe this was a lot more fun than I thought it would be!

Caleb: Oh come on now, did you really think this was going to be that bad!

Wyatt: How about I don't answer that and just say I did!

Caleb: So does this mean there will be a second date!

Wyatt: Second really think this is a first date?

Andre: (Walking up) Date! Its good to know your on a date, when other people are counting on you!

Wyatt: Andre! I'm not on a date, and what are you doing here!

Andre: Wyatt, DJ's in trouble!

Wyatt: DJ! What do you mean?

Andre: Tonight was the night Wyatt, or did you forget! (Looking at Caleb)

Wyatt: Caleb, I'm sorry I have to go!

Caleb: I'll come with you!

Wyatt: No, you cant...

Caleb: I'm good in troublesome situations!

Andre: I'm sure you are!

Caleb: Look I don't know who you are, but why don't you just back off!

Wyatt: Look, Caleb, thanks for everything, but I really have to go! (Gets up and starts to walk away!)

Caleb: Wyatt! (Gets up to follow)

Wyatt: (As I make it into the corridor and make sure no one can see, I orb out)

Caleb: (I see a blue light coming from the corridor that Wyatt and his friend just went into, and when I get there, their no where to be seen!) So its begun!

The Manor-

Wyatt: (Orbing into the attic) What the hell!

Byrne: (Shimmering in. Shouting) Enough!

Wyatt: You have some nerve showing up here!

Andre: What did you do with DJ?

Byrne: Daemon has him, he's taken him to the order!

Andre: Why?

Byrne: They plan to use the powers I gave him for their plan to succeed!

Wyatt: Just why should we believe anything you have to say?

Byrne: Because as of this moment, I am the only one that can help you get your friend back!

Chris: Andre, is that really you?

Wyatt: What do you get out of helping us?

Byrne: I was a member of the order of Rya, when the avatars tried to make this world into a utopia, I joined them, knowing that nothing could stop them, until the original charmed ones and Xanku joined forces and defeated them. The order was left weakened, they allowed Saajohn to gain all the power he has in order for them to add him to their collective, the only problem is Saajohn has gotten more powerful then they imagined, now I fear he plans to overthrow the order and take all their powers into him! The order already planned for world domination, not just taking over the underworld, they aren't going to play by the rules of keeping magic a secret! They plan to enslave all mankind! Saajohn I fear will continue with their plan, only difference is he will rule alone! I cant let that happen!

Wyatt: What do they plan to do with DJ?

Byrne: Once they begin their ritual they will use DJ's shields to protect them from harm, they will be most vulnerable once they begin!

Wyatt: So its at that moment that Saajohn will take their powers from them!

Trevor: We have to stop him, Saajohn cant gain more power than he already has, I want him dead for what he's done to me!

Byrne: Now do you understand, we only have one chance to stop him, if we don't we are all doomed!

Wyatt: Do you know where this ritual is taking place?

Byrne: Of course I do!

Wyatt: Good then we will meet you at your lair!

Byrne: There isn't much time, we must move quickly!

Wyatt: Just go, will be there soon! (Byrne shimmers out)

Piper: Your not really planning to help him!?

Wyatt: No, just to use him to get to DJ! We need the aunts here! Its time to end this once and for all!

Piper: Then your going to need Excalibur! Prue!

Prue: (Orbs the sword in the stone into the attic) Pull the sword out Wyatt!

Trevor: The sword in the stone, you've got to be kidding me, its real!

Piper: Very real!

Wyatt: (Walks over to the sword, puts his hand around it and pulls it out, it shines with a yellow light as he holds it up into the air!) I have the power!

Trevor: Nice He-Man!

Wyatt: Sorry I couldn't resist!

Piper: (Shouting into the air) Paige, Paige!

Paige: (Orbs in with Phoebe!) What did we miss!?

Piper: a lot! Its time!

Phoebe: Andre! But I thought you were dead?

Andre: it's a long story!

Wyatt: The elders made him a white lighter after he sacrificed his life!

Andre: And maybe not so long a story!

Phoebe: That's good, cause were going to need all the help we can get!

Dom: (Shimmering in) Good then you can count me in!

Chris: Dominic!

Dom: You didn't think I would let you do this without me!

Chris: (Hugging him) I'm so glad you came!

Trevor: Now that everyone is here, lets go vanquish some demons, shall we!

Chris: They don't stand a chance against the charmed ones!

Wyatt: The Charmed Family!

The sisters: Lets go kick some demon ass!

The boys: Charmed and dangerous!

To be continued-