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Subject: The Charmed Sons

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The Charmed Sons-

Chapter 21- Brother who play together, stay together!


The Underworld-

"The time is now brothers! We've waited long enough, in silence. Now it's time to let the world feel the wrath of The Order of Rya!" a voice boomed.

In a dark room, only lit by a round, lit up, white floor, 8 demons appear. Daemon walked into the room, followed by Saajohn. Everyone put on black robes and formed a circle within the lit floor. They began chanting in unison. Two Demons carry DJ by the arms, stopping in front of the round lit up floor. They chain his arms up, leaving him kneeling on the ground. Daemon walks over, puts his hand on top of DJ's head. Daemon's hand begins to glow, DJ's eyes open, they are pure white. DJ's hands begin to glow, then his shields form around his hands and begin to spread out covering the circle.

Saajohn looks around the room, an evil smile forms on his face.


The Halliwell Manor-

Outside the Atrium doors-

Caleb stood outside the doors staring in, and listening.

"Alright, we have everything!" Trevor asked.

"Then let's get this show on the road!" Chris shouted.

"We go to Byrne, let him lead the way. Rescue DJ, Stop Saajohn and destroy the order!" Wyatt's voice was commanding.

"What about Byrne and the Seer?" Dominic asked.

"Byrne isn't our problem right now. We both have a common goal, let's focus on the hard part. As for the Seer, we made a promise to bring back Tatum, and right now, she's the only one that might have answers for that." Wyatt said.

"Chris, can I talk to you for a second?" Dominic asked.

They walk into the kitchen.

"What is it?" Chris asked.

"Look, that guy that was in my apartment earlier, I swear we weren't doing anything. He's from my past, someone who tried to kill me. My mom locked him away, but that spell broke when she died."

Chris grabbed Dominic and started kissing him.

In the Atrium-

"Wyatt, we're all going to make it out okay, right?" I asked.

"Trevor, I promise you, I won't let anything happen to anyone in this family!" Wyatt said, as he took me into his arms, and comforted me.

"I love you Wyatt! You really are the best older brother, I could have ever asked for. You're always so brave, and ready to protect this family. You have always put our needs over your own. And I have got to tell you bro, the sword, only makes you look like a hotter bad ass!" I said while hugging him, then grabbing his ass for effect.

"Thanks little bro! I've watched our parents sacrifice everything, for the sake of this family. All the hardships Mom had to endure as the oldest, it prepared me to what was expected from me. I wanted to make her proud." Wyatt started.

"You have made me proud Wyatt! The man you've become, is more than I ever could have hoped for. I'm the luckiest mother in the world. I have the best Charmed Sons!" Piper said as she walked in the room. She came over and started hugging us. Chris and Dominic walked in.

"Family hug, without me? That's just wrong, I already have middle child syndrome, don't make it worse." Chris pouted.

"Get over here!" I shouted. Then the Aunt's came in and everyone got in on the hug.

"Alright guys, it's time!" Wyatt said, as they orbed out.

Caleb comes walking in the door. He walks through the house and up to the attic.

"The Halliwell Attic! Wow!" Caleb said as he looked around, then walked up to the Book Of Shadows.

In a red shaped heart, Coop appears.

"Just what the hell do you think your doing?" Coop demanded.


The Underworld-

We orbed into the dark and dismal Underworld. My heart was pounding in my chest. This was the final showdown, I'd been in battles along side my brothers, but going up against the Order of Rya, was making me nervous. We didn't know much about them. Saajohn had been our biggest battle, and that ended with me dying, well sort of. But this would be different, so much depended on us stopping Saajohn, and taking care of the Order, before they came into their full power.

I was glad my Aunt's and Mother were with us, they had been in more battles than even they cared to remember. No one was saying anything, as we walked towards the entrance to Lord Byrne's lair. I couldn't blame them, I myself couldn't get the one person that means so much to me out of my mind. Tatum.

My fear is that we destroy Saajohn, we lose the only way to get Tatum back. Wyatt seems to think the Seer, will know how to bring Tatum back. But to me, that's her son, and she has done nothing to help him. Wouldn't she already have saved her son, if she could have?

I just hope Wyatt is right, I've lost so much already, I really don't want to lose the love of my life as well. Even if he is part Demon.

It seems to be a fifty/fifty shot in our family, you either fall in love with an Angel, like my mother falling for my Father. Or you fall in love with a Demon, like Aunt Phoebe and Cole.

It's not like I planed it or anything, can you really help who it is you fall in love with? Black, white, brown, red, we're all different in some way shape or form. Love is blind...Love is hard...

"It took you long enough, they've already begun!" Byrne snapped.

"Then let's go crash their party!" Chris teased.

"Do try and keep up!" Byrne said.

"Just so we're on the same page, Saajohn is mine!" I demanded.

"Then, I guess the two of us will be working together." Byrne responded.

"Fine, just don't get in my way!" I snapped.

He shimmered out, with us orbing behind him.

We orbed into another part of the Underworld.

"Through those guards, is the entrance to the thrown room of the Order. If we fail, no magical creature, good or evil, no human, will no free will again. If they succeed, they will control everyone and everything. We will be at their mercy, to control for ever." Byrne said.

"Thanks for the motivational speech!" Chris responded.

"This is it, we only have one chance, let's make this count." Wyatt said.

Wyatt and Piper went out first, with a wave of their hands, they blew the two guards up. Other guards began to coming running out of the room, at the sound of the demon's being vanquished. Dominic formed Athema's in each hand, and began to attack, killing the demons. I astral projected myself into two, and began waving my hands sending demons flying into the air.

Using his sword, Wyatt fought through the Demons, making his way towards the door.

<Chris Byrne is making his way into the chamber, take Dominic and follow him.>

<You got it bro, be careful.>

I didn't like the thought of separating, but DJ was in there, and who knows what Byrne's real plans are. I knew Dominic would protect Chris, with his life. The onslaught of demons continued, for everyone we vanquished, it seemed that two more appeared. This was getting us no where. They had been ready for us, ready to be attacked.

"Wyatt, we need to get inside, and we need to do it now!" I shouted.

"Mom, can you guys keep them busy, while Trevor and I orb inside?" he shouted.

"We've got this covered!" Piper answered.

Wyatt came over and touched my shoulder, orbing us inside. Dominic and Chris were fighting off demons of their own as we entered. There was DJ, kneeling on the ground, his eyes glowing white, as he created a force field around the ten hooded demons inside. I couldn't tell which one was Saajohn, but I could sense that he was here.

"DJ! Can you hear us?" I shouted. But he didn't even move, it was life he was in some sort of trance.

"Byrne how do we break the force field?" Wyatt asked.

"I don't know, I've tried everything I know. See if you can orb DJ out of there?" Byrne suggested.

"DJ!" Wyatt called for him, holding out his hand. But DJ didn't move, he remained in the painful position we had found him in.

Suddenly Saajohn waved his hand and the Seer appeared. She threw a potion into the center of the lit circle, smoke released from the potion, moving in the direction of eight of the Demons hitting them in the face. They froze where they stood, and began screaming in agony.

"Now Saajohn!" the Seer shouted.

Saajohn waved his hand sending Daemon flying into the wall head first, knocking him out.

"I call upon the power of the 1st true Demon, take their powers where they stand, make them mine, I demand! Seal their fates in this night, let all their powers become mine!" Saajohn shouted holding his hands into the sky. One by one the powers of the eight demons left there bodies, and began entering Saajohn.

"He's done it damn it, he's done it!" Byrne shouted.

"Wyatt, your sword, use your sword to break through the force field!" I shouted.

I don't know where the thought came from, but I suddenly knew it would work.

Wyatt spun around with the sword, and sliced right into the force field.

"Byrne, how do we break the hold they have on DJ?" Wyatt asked.

"Only Daemon can undue what he's done! We must kill Saajohn now, or he'll be to powerful! Focus all our powers together, it's the only chance we'll have!" Byrne shouted.

"The spell, Mom you and the Aunt's do it, while us brothers do it as well." Wyatt ordered.

In unison we all began chanting, while Byrne through fireball after fireball at Saajohn. Wyatt and Piper waved their hands trying to blow up Saajohn as well.

"Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda, Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace, Halliwell witches stand strong beside us, vanquish this evil from time and space. " We all repeated over and over again. The eight demons behind Saajohn, began exploding in a fiery flame.

Saajohn was being pushed back, he waved his hand around and around creating an energy ball unlike anything I had ever seen. He glowed a bright orange color and began growing and growing.

"Aunt Phoebe and Chris, channel your empathic powers, when he throws that energy ball, try to deflect it back. I'll use my telekinesis to send it back as well. It's going to take all of us to do this!" I shouted.

This was it, the final moment, Saajohn stared into my eyes, why he was focused on me, I didn't know. I didn't care, I stared back with such hatred, it was unlike anything I had ever felt before.

We continued chanting, each of us concentrating on using our different powers. Suddenly Wyatt started to glow, his entire body engulfed in a bright yellow light. Pointing his sword at Saajohn, the energy Wyatt was creating began shooting at Saajohn, through Wyatt's sword.

"Trevor, did you really think this was it for us? That you could vanquish me here and now, and I would be out of your system? Don't you know why I choose you? I will always be inside you, we are connected on a level no one can ever separate. I'm not done with you, you have no idea what's to come, what I have planned. You will never be free from me Trevor!" Saajohn laughed.

He waved his hand and Tatum appeared floating in the air.

"Wake up little boy!" Saajohn said. Tatum opened his eyes. His mother ran towards Saajohn.

"Please Saajohn, set my son free. You promised me!" The Seer begged.

"Trevor? What's happening, Trevor!" Tatum shouted confused.

I was thrown off guard, seeing Tatum like that. Alive. I couldn't concentrate on holding Saajohn's energy ball back. Saajohn began to push it towards us, and it was inches from Wyatt.

"Trevor, concentrate! Or your about to have barbeque brother on your hands!" Wyatt shouted.

Suddenly from behind Saajohn, Daemon came up, and stabbed an Atheme into Saajohn's back.

"Ahhhh!" Saajohn shouted.

"Now everyone!" Wyatt shouted.

The Seer held on to Tatum and shimmered out of the room. In the moment of weakness for Saajohn, we took the only chance we were likely to get.

"Prudence, Patricia, Penelope, Melinda, Astrid, Helena, Laura and Grace, Halliwell witches stand strong beside us, vanquish this evil from time and space. " In unison we all chanted.

The explosion lit up the room, sending all of us flying in all directions. It happened so fast, there was no chance to see what happened to anyone. I get out from under some rocks that had fallen on top of me. I began frantically searching for my brothers and family.

"Is everyone okay?" I asked.

"Cough, cough! I'm fine." Chris said.

"We're okay!" Mom and her sisters said.

Andre ran over to a knocked out DJ, and tried healing him.

"Where is Wyatt?" I asked.

"I see a hand!" Chris said as he raced over to move rocks that had fallen on Wyatt. I ran over to his side, Wyatt wasn't breathing.

"What do we do?" I cried.

"Aunt Paige, can you heal him?" Chris begged.

She came running over and tried healing him, but nothing was happening. Suddenly Wyatt's body disappeared in a red light.

"What the hell! What just happened, where's Wyatt?" Chris shouted.


"We don't have time for this!" Caleb said.

"If I ever catch you in here again, I will pull your wings! Understand?" Coop asked.

"Understood! It's time!" Caleb answered.

Suddenly Wyatt's body appeared on the floor of the attack. Caleb took his ring and held it to Wyatt's heart. Coop opened up a vile and pored it over Wyatt's body.

"Love to love I call to thee, return his soul back to me. I offer up this gift in time, make him whole, let him breath again!" Caleb and Coop chanted.

Wyatt's body began to glow red. His wounds all began healing.

"You need to go now! Don't forget, I'm watching you!" Coop threatened.

Caleb stood up and stared down at Wyatt, his eyes full of relief that Wyatt would be okay.

"Go! He's waking up!" Coop shouted. Caleb turned and walked out of the attic.

"Wh-what happened?" Wyatt asked confused.

"You're going to be okay, just take it easy!" Coop said.

"Uncle Coop? How did I get here?"

"Let's just say love brought you here!" Coop answered with a smile.

"I've got to get back to my brothers! They could be hurt. Whatever you did, thanks Uncle Coop!" Wyatt shouted as he orbed out.

Back in the Underworld-

I grabbed Daemon as he was about to escape.

"Free DJ's mind! Your plan didn't work, you don't need him anymore!" I demanded.

"I have no reason to help you, I'm evil remember!" Daemon retorted.

"How bout I give you a reason to help!" Wyatt said.

We all turned our heads around in disbelief.

"Wyatt? What happened, where did you go?" I asked.

Wyatt moved towards Daemon, and raised his sword to Daemon's neck.

"If you don't do it now, I will kill you!" Wyatt threatened.

Daemon moved over to DJ, and put his hand on his head. DJ's eye began to change back to his normal color.

"There! Now am I free to go?" Daemon asked.

"You can have a free pass this time, but the next time we meet!" Wyatt answered.

"I'd watch your backs if I were you, it might seem that you vanquished Saajohn, but I wouldn't be to sure." Daemon said, before he shimmered out.

"DJ are you alright?" I asked.

"Thanks to you guys! It was crazy, it was like I could see everything that was happening, but I had no control over what I was doing. The only thing I could do, was create the force field." DJ explained.

"It's over now! We won this battle, and everyone's alright!" Chris said excitedly.

"How can we be sure, I mean you heard Daemon?" I asked.

"We saw him explode, there is no way Saajohn lived through that." Chris answered.

"I saw him die before, and the next thing I know he was living in my body." I retorted.

"Honey, it's over. I've seen this kind of vanquish before, when we vanquished the Source. He's really gone." Piper spoke comfortingly.

"Can we get out of here now?" DJ asked.

"Let's go home and celebrate!" Phoebe shouted.

I stared around the room, not believing. Why did Saajohn say all those things? Is he really dead? Is this really over? Time would tell, but I would never let my guard down.

Hours later at the Manor-

The whole family was together, celebrating our victory. I stood off to the side, watching everyone. My family, they're okay. I'm okay. I should feel thrilled, but in the pit of my stomach something wasn't right. What happened to Byrne? Where did the Seer take Tatum? And how can I be sure Saajohn is really gone?

"Come on bro, it's a party, lighten up, have some fun!" Chris said.

"I'm enjoying watching all of you." I said.

"Look little brother, just let it go. We saved the day, it's time to celebrate, okay?" Chris said.

"You're right, it's over. I'm good!" I answered.

"I know how you can be better!" Chris said.

"How's that?" I asked.

"Over there!" Chris said pointing into the next room. There standing was Tatum. I ran over to him and jumped into his arms, hugging him for all I was worth.

"Tatum! I missed you so much!" I shouted, kissing him all over his face.

"I missed you too." he said kissing me back.

"Get a room!" Chris teased.

"Sounds like a great idea, thanks Chris!" I said, as I took Tatum by the hand and led him up to my bedroom.

"I can't believe it's really you! I never thought I'd be looking in your eyes again." I said, staring into his beautiful green eyes.

"I thought the same thing. My mother filled me in on everything that's happened. I'm so sorry for everything you've gone through."

"Tatum, it's over with. You're here with me again, and that's all I want to think about. So can you be kissing me now?" I asked. He leaned in and began a kiss that should be illegal.

He pushed me down on the bed, his hands roaming all over my body. I started pulling off his clothes, it had been so long, and I was so ready.

"Tatum, make love to me!" I begged.

"You don't know how long I've waited to hear those words!" he replied.

He kissed me deeply again, while his hands moved to remove my shirt. He moved down to my neck, kissing and licking me. I moaned in return.

(Knock, Knock)

"You've got to be kidding me!" Tatum said.

"Go away!" I shouted.

"Son, I want to talk with you." my dad said.

"Oh shit! Just one second Dad. Shimmer downstairs, will continue this later." I panicked. Tatum kissed me again, then shimmered out. I scrambled to get my shirt on.

"Come in dad!" I shouted.

"I noticed you disappeared, is everything alright?" he asked.

"Everything's peachy!" I answered, flushed.

"If you want to talk about it, I'm here!" He said.

"Thanks Dad, I know. Really I'm okay. Just want to get back to somewhat of a normal life." I said.

"I understand, but still if there are things you need to talk about, you should really let them out. Bottling them up is never good, when you're a Halliwell." he smiled.

"I remember." I laughed. I walked over and hugged my dad. Sure he had ruined the moment, but he was still the best dad. We walked back downstairs, where I found Chris and Wyatt looking and laughing at me. I walked over to them and punched them in the shoulder.

"You guys suck!" I said.

"Did he catch you?" Chris asked.

"The advantage of having a boyfriend who can shimmer in and out of your room, is that you don't get caught." I answered.

Chris grabbed my dick, which was still hard.

"Still hard I see!" Chris teased.

"More like you feel! I swear if I don't get some tonight, I'm coming into your room and raping you!" I threatened.

"Oh, don't make promises you can't keep! Remember, I haven't gotten any in a long ass time either!" Chris shot back.

"Okay, why are we standing her, when Dominic is right there, Tatum is next to him, and well, Wyatt, who is it you really want to be here?" I asked.

"What? Huh?" Wyatt said confused.

"Okay, where were you just now?" Chris asked.

"Something's bothering me! I died earlier, I know I did. And when I came too, Uncle Coop was standing above me, but he doesn't have the power to heal, or bring back the dead. Who helped him?" Wyatt asked.

"Those are very good question, which I don't have the answers to. So why don't you start with Uncle Coop?" I asked.

"Good point!"

There was a knocking at the door.

"But you might want to get that first!" Chris said.

"Who could that be at this time of night?" I asked.

"It would see, Wyatt didn't get rid of the trash after all!" Chris said sarcastically.

"Trash? Oh, Caleb! Chris be nice, maybe Wyatt likes him! How did you know it was Caleb/" I said as we watched Wyatt answer the door.

"I could sense him a mile a way." Chris answered.

I just nodded, as we watched Wyatt.

"Caleb? What are you doing here?" Wyatt asked shocked.

"Does that mean your happy to see me, or not?" Caleb asked.

"It depends on what your doing here!"

"Well you left in such a hurry, and I was just concerned. I called your cell phone a but it kept going to voicemail. But it looks like a party's going on, from where I'm standing." Caleb said.

"Thanks for your concern, but everything is fine. Just a family crisis that needed to be taken care of, so we're just having a little get together." Wyatt answered.

Chris walked over before I could stop him.

"F-A-M-I-L-Y get together! Family being the operative word!" Chris said sarcastically.

"It's a party, the more the merrier, right Chris?" I said, putting my arm around Chris and dragging him away.

"He really doesn't like me, does he?" Caleb asked.

"Chris doesn't like anybody." Wyatt answered.

"Well, I guess I'll be going, since I just wanted to see that you were okay." Caleb started.

"Your more than welcomed to stay." Wyatt said pulling Caleb towards Piper and Leo.

"Who's this?" Leo asked.

"Dad, Mom, this is Caleb, he's going to be ghost writing for me, at the paper." Wyatt said.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Leo, and this is my wife Piper!" Leo said.

Across the room, Andre and DJ stood watching Wyatt and Caleb.

"Who's that?" DJ asked.

"Some creep that's trying to weasel his way into Wyatt's life!" Andre said bitterly.

"Why don't you tell us how you really feel!" DJ joked.

"I guess Wyatt's just moved on, that was easy." Andre said angrily.

"Andre, it's your own fault. If you would just be honest with Wyatt, none of this would be happening. It's not to late, talk to him, tell him how you really feel. He might just surprise you!" DJ promised.

"Wyatt made it clear, he wants a normal life, I'm not normal anymore." Andre said.

"Wyatt will never have a normal relationship, he's not normal. You two are crazy, get over your hang ups, and just be together.

Coop looks over at Caleb and gives him a dirty look, that doesn't go unnoticed by Phoebe.

"Do you know him?" Phoebe asks.

"Huh? What?" Coop pretended he didn't understand.

"Coop, what's wrong with you? I just asked if you knew he was, you've been staring at him like he's evil!"

"Phoebe, honey, it's nothing. I just don't get a good vibe from him, that's all." Coop explained.

"Maybe I should go introduce myself, take his hand, and get a premonition off of him?" Phoebe said excitedly.

"No! I mean, Phoebe leave it alone, it's not right to use your powers for personal gain, remember?" Coop spoke anxiously.

"It's not for personal gain, it's to protect one of the Charmed Ones, and my nephew. Don't miss me to much!" Phoebe kissed Coop, and started walking away.

"Wait, Phoebe, don't!" Coop begged one last time, but she made her way over to Caleb and Wyatt.

"Hello, I'm Phoebe, and you are?" Phoebe asked, while holding her hand out to him. He took her hand and shook it.

"I'm Caleb Danvers, pleasure to meet the legendary Phoebe Halliwell." Caleb said with a smile.

As Phoebe took his hand, she had a premonition.

Through the white clouds emerged a winged man, she could not see his face. She saw long beautiful white wings flapping freely through the sky. When suddenly fireballs started being shot at him, he dodged left, then right. Then dove straight down, before coming back around, when a fireball hit his wing, sending him spiraling downward. The premonition ended.

"Whoa! I mean, Wow. Flattery will get you every where!" Phoebe said. Caleb looked at her oddly, not understanding what just happened. Wyatt, catching on, quickly drew Caleb's attention away.

"Caleb why don't we go into the backyard." Wyatt said, leading the way.

"So you have me all alone, what are you going to do now?" Caleb asked teasingly.

"Not what your thinking! It is getting pretty late, don't you have work in the morning?" Wyatt asked.

"Trying to get rid of me already? Fine, be that way, I'll just leave. I know when I'm not wanted." Caleb pouted.

"No, Caleb, it's not like that. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm enjoying your company very much." Wyatt said, blushing.

"I tend to grow on you!"

"Like white on rye. There are so many things I could say right now, but I cant. All I can say, is tonight a big burden has been lifted off my shoulders. For the first time in a long time I'm free, free to start a new chapter in my life..."Wyatt began.

"Then you wont mind starting with this..." Caleb said, as he grabbed Wyatt and began kissing him. Andre stood angrily watching from the window.

Wyatt grabbed Caleb and pushed him back.

"Wow. Um...Look Caleb, I just met you today, I really don't like to move this quickly. But I would like to get to know you better, that much I'm sure of." Wyatt said.

"Then that's a good start, on that note, I'm going to exit stage left. You've got my number, so give me a call." Caleb said.

"I'll think about it. Will be at P3 tomorrow night, if your in the mood." Wyatt said suggestively.

"Goodnight Wyatt. Bye the way, I know you can kiss better than that." Caleb said as he winked and walked through the backyard, down the driveway. Wyatt stood there with a smile on his face thinking to himself, payback is going to be a bitch.

The Underworld-

Daemon enters Byrne's lair, as Byrne is cleaning out his wounds.

"What did you think you were doing, bring the Charmed One's?" Daemon demanded.

"Quit your whining, you got what you wanted. The powers of the Order are now yours, and Saajohn is defeated." Byrne replied.

"What makes you so sure Saajohn is gone?" Daemon asked.

"We all saw the explosion, there is no way he survived their spell." Byrne answered.

"The explosion blinded us all, Saajohn could very well still be alive. Not only that, I wanted DJ's powers as well, and now it's too late for him. The time period is up, the powers remain his." Daemon said angrily.

"Saajohn is no longer a threat, your powers far exceed his. The Underworld is yours for the taking. As for DJ, let him have his powers, he's inconsequential to your plans. You have more than enough power to destroy anyone who stands in your way. The potion I switched out with the Seer's made sure of that. Just don't forget who helped you, I want to rule the factions under your power." Byrne demanded.

"Yes, yes. But I am not aiming for the Underworld alone, I want to continue Saajohn's plans, I want the world above. I'm tired of hiding in the shadows, it's time we Demons come out of hiding. It's time we rule the world! We must seek out the Grimwor, the white lighter Leo hid it after Cole tried to become the Source. It's time we have it back in its rightful place, with me. No one has had as much power as I, no one has been able to unlock the Grimwor's full potential. I shall rain down devastation, on the world above. The Charmed Ones have finally met their match, this time they all die!" Daemon shouted, excitedly.

"We must capture Leo in order to succeed. That will be no easy task, if we fail once, they will never let him out of their sights! If he hides as magic school, there is no way for us to enter. We must time this perfectly." Byrne explained.

"Then we must move quickly, while their guards are down. They are sure to be celebrating, they will be most vulnerable now." Daemon said.

The Manor-

The party was winding down, slowly everyone began leaving. Till just Wyatt, Chris, Piper, Leo and I, remained.

"Alright kids, we're going to head out, you have the house to yourselves." Piper said.

"And where are you two going, it's the middle of the night?" Chris asked.

"Chris, I think Mom and Dad, would like some alone time. Hint, hint." I teased.

"Gross! Aren't you guys to old for that?" Chris asked.

"Gutter! Gutter! Gutter! Wyatt, a little help please! We have a room at the Omni Hotel!" Piper said.

"Omni Hotel!" Wyatt shouted, as he waved his hand orbing them there.

"What a long day! I can't believe it's all over with!" I said.

"Me either. But what I really can't believe is Mom and Dad still getting it on!" Chris said.

"Chris they aren't that old, they still have needs." Wyatt said.

We moved over to the couch and sat on it.

"What do we do now that we don't have to watch over our shoulders anymore?" I asked.

"We're not that free, there are still many more Demons that want us dead. But in the mean time, we try to pick up the pieces of our broken lives, and try to get back to normal." Wyatt said.

"Normal! Such a strange word, to describe our lives. So Andre was giving you and Caleb the look of death! What are you going to do there?" I asked.

"I don't know, I mean Andre said it's over between us, after the last time we slept together. And Caleb, I just don't know about him, there is something there, I think." Wyatt explained.

"Yeah, there is something there, something that leaves a bad taste in my mouth." Chris said.

"Chris, you don't know him enough to not like him. Why don't you just try supporting whatever Wyatt wants to do, and not make this harder than it has to be." I said.

"Fine, but when it blows up in your face, I'm going to say I told you so!" Chris teased.

"Speaking of blowing up in your face, anybody plan on getting some tonight?" I teased.

"Not me, that's for sure. Although I'm sure Caleb wanted some of my sexy ass." Wyatt laughed.

"I'm glad Dominic came to help us, but we have so much to talk about. Like who this Demon from his past is. He said I have nothing to worry about, but that guy gives me the creeps. What about you Trevor, if Dad hadn't interrupted you, you'd a got some!" Chris asked.

"It was so good to see Tatum, alive and kicking. And thanks you jerk, I was right about to get my cock sucked, when Dad came knocking on the door. But really, I'd rather talk first with Tatum, see where his head is, and where we stand, before I go getting emotionally involved." I answered.

"So basically, none of us are getting any tonight. Boy for such hot guys, we sure don't get as much as we should." Chris said.

"Makes you wish for the days when Romeo was around, huh Chris?" I teased.

"Don't remind me, I had cock burn for a week afterwards." Chris laughed.

"Kissing brothers make great lovers! Shall we help each other out?" Wyatt teased.

We all started laughing, then suddenly stopped. We started staring at each other, then slowly our hands went onto each others laps.

"Alright, whoever comes first, has to clean this mess up in the morning." Chris said.

"Then let's move this up to the bedroom!" I said.

We all got up and started racing for the bed.

"Last one up is a rotten egg!" Chris shouted.

Then they both orbed up, leaving me to run up the stairs.

"That's cheating, no orbing!" I shouted, as I ran up the stairs.

I entered the room to find both my brothers laying naked on the bed, already hard as a rock. What a sight to see, their hard bodies on display, their long hard cocks waiting to be touched.

"Have I ever told you guys how hot you are? You both have such amazing bodies, and lucky for all of us, we are very well endowed." I said.

"Thanks bro, we feel the same way about you! Now to get rid of your...Clothes!" as Chris said this he held out his hands, and orbed my clothes off.

"My clothes? What did you do with my clothes, oh my goodness are you guys trying to rape me? I need to get out of here, somebody help me!" I shouted as I walked backwards, pretending to leave.

"Oh no you don't!" Chris said as he orbed out to the door way behind me. He grabbed my arms from behind, and pushed me towards Wyatt.

"Well lookie what we have here! Are you lost little boy?" Wyatt asked.

"I'm sorry sir, please, I'm just trying to get home, I made a wrong turn, please sir, just let me go home. I don`t even know where I`m at!" I begged.

Chris pushed me down on my knees in front of Wyatt.

"What do they call this place Chris, lovers lane?" Wyatt asked.

"That's right Wyatt, lovers lane! This boy sure looks like he can do some hot lovin!" Chris answered.

"I agree, look at those sexy ass full lips. I think he could give me so sweet ass loving with them!" Wyatt said sexily.

"Please, I...I'm a virgin, and I'm straight. Just let me go!" I begged.

"What do you think Chris, should we let this prime ass virgin straight boy go?" Wyatt asked.

"Straight boy, I think he's straight to the next mans bed! He's a virgin, we can't let something like slip through our fingers. I say we see what this boy is made of." Chris teased.

"I think you right Chris, I think we should see what he's made of, and from the looks of his cock, he might be a little curious too. He's already getting hard. Now remember boy, the more you fight, the rougher will be! If you bite my cock, we're just going to have to beat you to a bloody pulp!" Wyatt said.

"No please, don't make me suck that long, hard, thick dick! Please sir!" I begged.

Chris grabbed me by the hair and pushed my face down towards Wyatt's cock, I tried to push back acting like I didn't want to take the cock.

"Come on boy, swallow daddies cock" Wyatt said as he grabbed my head, and pulled me down his cock. I opened my mouth wide, and swallowed his cock down. He started moaning, as Chris pushed my head all the way down, then pulled it back up. He continued forcing me down on his cock.

"Damn boy, I think you were made for sucking cock! That's it you little faggot, work your tongue on my dick!" Wyatt egged me on.

I worked his cock over frantically, it had been a long time since I've tasted cock. Though this was a game, I was really happy to be playing it. I was so horny, swallowing my brothers cock, was just what the doctor order. I missed the feeling my tongue sliding up and down, on a sweet thick cock. My own cock was rock hard, we might have only planned on jacking off, but this was working out so much better.

"Damn bro, you don't know what your missing, he sucks dick like a hover vacuum." Wyatt said between moans.

"Give me a turn! I want to use this fag!" Chris demanded.

"Alright, I want to taste his virgin ass anyway! Why don't you get on the bed Chris, let him suck you off with his ass in the air!" Wyatt ordered.

Chris got up on the bed, and sat against the head board. I got on all fours and started sucking on Chris's dick, with my ass in the air. Wyatt got up behind me, and started slapping my ass.

"Will you look at this sweet bubble butt! I'm going to enjoy sliding my hard cock inside this baby! I'm going to use you good, I'm going to treat you like the whore you are!" Wyatt said as he slapped my ass again and again.

He spread my ass cheeks and blew on my hole, I began moaning in anticipation of what's to come.

"Fuck baby, your lips feel amazing around my cock. If I had known you sucked dick this good, I would have been using your lips every night!" Chris said excitedly.

I started moaning, as Wyatt buried his tongue deep inside my hole. He started licking with mad passion, licking from my balls all the way up the crack of my ass.

"Mmm, this faggot has a sweet tasting ass. But now I'm ready to go for the main course, get ready cause I'm about to show you what a real man's dick feels like, as I pound your ass!" Wyatt said, as he moved up closer behind me. He rubbed his cock up and down the crack of my ass, teasing my hole with the head of his cock. I wanted to much for him to slide deep inside me, I needed to feel his hard cock fucking my hole.

"Please don't tease me anymore, I can't take it! Fuck me Wyatt, pound my ass hard." I begged.

"You heard the him Wyatt, fuck your brother senseless! Let's do this, Halliwell style!" Chris said excitedly.

Unbeknownst to the boys, outside their door Caleb stood watching.

"So these are some kinky ass brothers! Why Wyatt Halliwell, where have you been hiding my whole life?" Caleb whispered to himself.

"Please Wyatt, I can't take it anymore, I need you inside me! Show me what you got big brother, give it to me hard!" I begged.

"You asked for little bro, get ready cause here it comes!" Wyatt said, as he slid his cock slowly inside my ass.

"OOOOHHHH FUCK ME! Wyatt, your huge ass cock, feels so fucking amazing!" I shouted.

That was all the encouragement he needed, he began ramming his cock in and out of my tight ass. I began moaning louder and louder, while I sucked vigorously on Chris's cock. Wyatt continued slapping my ass, as he pounded his cock in and out of me.

"Fuck Wyatt, fuck me harder, pound me good!" I begged.

"Fuck yeah little brother, I'm going to give it to you good. Damn your ass feels so good around my cock. I always wondered what your sweet ass would feel like, and I have to say it's been worth the wait." Wyatt said.

That really turned me on, I started pushing my ass back to meet his forward thrust. He grabbed my hips and started pounding harder, I could feel his cock throbbing inside my ass, I knew he was getting close.

"I'm so fucking close, I'm ready to blow my load down your throat, as Wyatt blows his in your tight ass." Chris said.

I tightened my lips around his cock, milking it for all I was worth.

"Get ready bro, I'm about to flood your ass! Come on Chris, blow your load at the same time!" Wyatt said.

"Oh, I'm so ready! Just say the word!" Chris said.

Wyatt started fucking my ass intensely.

"Here it comes, I'm fucking blowing my load inside you bro, I'm giving my baby brother my huge load. Take it Trevor, take my load!" Wyatt shouted as he began shooting his load deep inside me.

"Fuck yeah, swallow my load Trevor! Fuck yeah, taking both our loads at the same time, this is fucking hot!" Chris shouted as he shot his load down my throat.

The more I swallowed the more he shot. Wyatt continued pounding his load deep inside me. Finally he collapsed onto of me, completely spent. I cleaned Chris's cock completely, after draining his huge load.

Outside the room, Caleb begin shooting his load on the floor in front of him.

"Fuck yeah, that was so fucking hot. I'm going to have so much fun, with these Halliwell boys!" Caleb whispered to himself.

"Now that was fun, we really must do that again sometime!" I said.

"Oh, we're not finished yet little brother, we still need to take care of you!" Wyatt said, as he turned me around on my back. Wyatt started sucking on my cock, as Chris began licking on my balls. Chris started fingering my ass, as he gave my balls a tongue bath.

"Oh fuck, a Halliwell double header!" I shouted.

It wasn't going to take me long, I had been close the whole time, without even touching myself.

I tried my hardest to hold back from shooting my load, I wanted this to last as long as it could. But the way Wyatt was working my cock with his mouth and hand, and Chris fingering my ass, and sucking on my balls, it was very difficult.

"Oh, get ready guys, this is going to be a big one! Fuck yeah, I'm cumming, oh, oh, I'm fucking cumming!" I shouted.

Chris and Wyatt took turns sharing my load, milking every last drop out of my aching cock! After I was completely drained, they moved up closer to me, and we shared each others loads, in a hot three way kiss.

"I'm the luckiest guy on the planet, with the two hottest brothers, who know how to treat a guy right!" I said.

"Don't you forget it!" Chris said.

"We are pretty lucky, I mean what's the odds, three sons, all gay, and know how to play well with each other! It just doesn't happen!" Wyatt said.

We kissed some more, before they started to get up to leave.

"Wait, where are you going? Let's just sleep here in my bed, it's big enough, please, I don't want to sleep alone tonight!" I begged.

"Good, cause I really didn't want to go anywhere!" Chris said.

"Alright, Trevor your in the middle, that way I can slide my morning wood, straight into that hot hole of yours!" Wyatt said.

"No way, it's my turn next, I want my twins ass!" Chris said.

"Don't argue boys, there's enough of me to go around! We have all weekend! Mom and Dad are gone!" I laughed.

We kissed some more before falling asleep.


End Chapter-