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Subject: The Charmed Sons

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The Charmed Sons


Chapter 24- Past. Present. Future



The Halliwell Manor-

"Can't you heal Trevor, isn't there anything you can do?" Chris asked frantically.

"He's drunk Chris; I can heal wounds, not someone in a drunken stupor. What about you, can't you get a premonition?" Wyatt shot back.

"You know it doesn't work like that, I've been touching everything of dads and Trevor. Nothing and I mean nothing is happening." Chris said.

"Boys, please, I can't take this right now. My husband is missing, and my son is in so much pain, he has turned to drinking to avoid dealing with his issues. I...I...I feel like...I feel like I'm losing my family, person by person, piece by piece. It's happening all over again, just like before, just like I lost Prue, Grams, Mom." Piper fell to her knees crying. Chris and Wyatt ran to her side, holding her.

"Mom, I promise you, we will find dad. We will help Trevor, and we'll keep this family together." Wyatt assured her.

" to help dad..." Trevor has thrashed his head, as he tried to speak.

"Trevor, it's me Wyatt and Chris. Mom is here too, we need your help. We need you to wake up, Dad's in trouble. Please Trevor, wake up, and snap out of it, please." Wyatt spoke softly, running his hand across Trevor's face.

Trevor continued to thrash around, trying desperately to clear the cobwebs from his mind. The images of demons attacking him and his father, raced through his mind. Panic rising within him, he wanted nothing more than to snap out of his drunken state. He needed to help his father, the man he only a short time ago came to know as his loving father.

The fragmented thoughts, scrambling through his mind were dizzying. His stomach churned, as he realized the words his father spoke to him right before they were attacked. He finally whipped his head around to puke; as he realized it was his felt, his father was taken.

Trevor vomited, and then dry heaved, as there was barley anything left in his stomach. His head throbbed, his muscles ached, his heart pounded in his chest but most of all his guilt over not being able to protect his father was eating away of his very being.

Trevor desperately fought the drunken stupor he was in, using the overwhelming need to save his father to snap out of it.

"They...took dad, Wyatt...they took's my entire fault. It's my entire fault, I'm so sorry...forgive me please...I'm so sorry." Trevor cried, as he fought to sit up.

"Trevor, honey, its mom, please calm down. Chris, go and get him some water, please. Trevor, we need you to tell us what happened. Everything and anything you can remember. It's the only way we can find your father, please can you try, for me?" Piper begged.

Wyatt helped Trevor to sit up slowly, tears streaming down Trevor cheeks. Chris helped Trevor to slowly sip some water, until he finished drinking the glass completely. Trevor finally looked up into the eyes of his family surrounding him, their eyes all staring at him, causing his guilt to rise to new levels.

With their eyes bearing into his soul, he realized he had been right with his earlier thoughts. He was a danger to his family, to the ones he loved more than life itself. He knew the conclusion he came to earlier in the night, that after he helps to save his father, he would need to leave. There was something wrong with him; he was a danger to his family, and himself. That the only way to keep the evil chasing after him, from harming his family, would be to disable the power of three. Their lives were better off before he came, before he came and brought upon them evil the likes of Saajohn and the others.

He knew now more than ever before, that the only way to save his family, to save the ones he loved, was to disappear.

First, he would have to save his father; it would be his one last gift to his family.

"Dad was talking to me...he was...he was..." Trevor choked up; as he remembered the last conversation, he had with his father.

"Trevor please, tell us everything you remember, anything you say might be able to help us, no matter how insignificant you think it might be." Wyatt put a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"He was comforting me, my father, something I never thought I would have. He was telling me how proud he was of me, why I do not know, look at me, this is my entire fault. The elders made a mistake, I am not charmed, and I am nothing. You two do not need me, I am a danger to you, and I am a danger to all of you. I'm sorry; this isn't the time for this." Trevor went on.

"Don't you talk like that, don't you ever talk like that. You are charmed we are the charmed ones. Trevor, you are the best thing that ever happened to us. Trevor we have been doing this all our lives, we know the risks, which is why we watch each other's backs. You came into this, knowing nothing, not knowing the world you were thrust into. Yet you did not run away, you stayed by our side. You have stepped up to the plate, and you have fought to protect us. You are Charmed, you are our brother, and we love you and need you. Therefore, don't you ever think you are a danger to us, that we do not know you, that you are not good enough for us. That's bull crap, we need you with us all the way, through thick and thin, we're in this together." tears rolled down Chris's cheeks, as he tried to desperately to make Trevor understand what he meant to them.

"Dad told me pretty much the same thing, trying to make me understand how much I was like him and mom. That that mixture of being like them is what helps to completely the three of us as brothers, as the Charmed Ones. He told me how much mom and he ached, for the life I had to lead, before we found each other. I told him everything, everything I was feeling, my fears, and my aches. How damaged I really am, and how no one could help me.

As some point, he held me and comforted me as I threw up. Then it all happened so fast, demons surround us. I was seeing double, I was so afraid; I was seeing double damn it. It look like there was an army, and I was to damn drunk to battle on my own. I could not think straight, dad was vulnerable and I wad drunk.

Goddamn it I was drunk.

They told me to leave, that their beef was not with me. That they needed dad, and if I did not want to get hurt, I should leave. I concentrated as hard as I could, fight through the fog that my mind was in, and I was finally able to astral project myself. However, there was just too many of them, my astral self could only do so much. I was trying to get away with dad, while I shouted for the two of you, but before I knew what happened, they had dad." I explained.

"Did you hear a name, or if you look through the book of shadows would you be able to point out what kind of demon we're dealing with?" Wyatt asked.

Trevor pressed his fingers hard against his temples, as he tried to remember anything else that would be of use.

"No, they never said a name, and there wasn't anything that stood out, so as to tell what kind of demon it was. I was screwed up, drunk off my ass, seeing doubles, freaking out. Dad was just trying to help me, to stop me from falling deeper into the bottomless pit of hell I am falling through. In addition, how do I pay him back, I let him be taken; I let those bastards take him. I have failed my family, I have failed you all.

I swore to myself I would never go through this again, that I would never do this again. But...but I...I did...I am...I...I...hate...myself, God...I hate myself...I hate my life..." Trevor began to sob uncontrollably.

"Trevor, I don't understand, what are you talking about? What happened before, what did you do, what did you go through?" Piper asked in a shaky voice, tears in her eyes over her son's pain.

Wyatt and Chris stared into each other eyes, sharing a look only brothers ever could. There were words in their eyes, which spoke volumes to each of them. They knew they had failed Trevor in all the important ways, only brothers could fail each other in. They had only scratched the surface of who Trevor was, before he entered their lives. In getting to know who Trevor was since they met him, they forgot to delve into who he truly was, and all he went through leading him to who he was today.

"You don't really want to hear about my past, you really don't want to know about whom I was, who I used to be." Trevor spoke angrily, as he sobbed.

"Trevor we do want to know Trevor, we do want to know. We want to know everything about you; we love you, all of you, the good, the bad, the ugly. At the beginning of the day, and at the end of the day, you are my son, and their brother. You are now, and always shall be a Halliwell." Piper cried.

"You'll never be able to look at me the same way, not that you will after tonight, so I guess it really doesn't make a difference. Not that I knew it at the time, but as we found out the Seer had been performing magic on me. Whatever it was that she was doing, it caused me to have nightmares. Everyday. Not just scary nightmares, someone chasing me, while I cannot run nightmares, but thrashing in my bed, waking up screaming, drenched in sweat, nightmares.

I did not know that demons were very real of course, but they haunted my dreams, as much as the Seer haunted my waking hours.

In my nightmares, I always had a family. I have never told anyone this, but I always had two brothers, and a mother and father. I could never see their faces, no matter how hard I tried; I just could never see their faces. The demons were always after them, and as hard as I tried, I could never save them. The demons always killed them in the most horrible ways possible. It was never the same, each time they killed; they found new and creative ways to do it, always holding me back forcing me to watch. They did everything from slicing their stomachs open, to setting them ablaze. I could smell their flesh burning, hear their piercing screams. Hear them begging me to help them, but never being able to fight off the big men.

The nightmares took over my life, I could not eat, I did not talk, and with what the Seer was doing to me, only caused me to withdraw deeper inside myself.

I was a mess, I was scared, alone, and I thought I was crazy, that I truly lost my mind, my sense of reality. I was sure my dream family was real, that they truly existed. Only they did not know about me, that the Demon's were keeping us apart. Nevertheless, I knew that had to be crazy. I knew my parents were dead, and that I did not have any siblings. That it was my mind trying to create what I wished to be true, a family that did love me, and were trying to get to me, but the demons were in the way.

This went on all the time I was in the shelter, so I had become so withdrawn, barley talking to anyone. The other kids began making fun of me, picking on me, torturing me. They would pull all kind of pranks on me, to catch me when no adults were around and beat on me. There were worse things; things that made my nightmares seem like fairytales...I would rather not say anything about them...not now anyway.

By the time I turned sixteen, I had begun finding ways to sneak out, trying to run away. I never knew how they found me before, but now, now knowing about magic, I know they used magic to find me. Other times...other times I was caught stealing...I was stealing alcohol, because I quickly learned that getting drunk, made me forget my real living hell that I called life. I began being arrested, only to be sent back to the orphanage, which I also now know that they must have used magic to make the cops forget. The reason I think that is because I was arrested a whole lot of times, by the same cops, but they never remembered who I was. They always acted like it was the first time they were arresting me, always..." tears streamed down Trevor's face, as the haunting memories flooded his mind.

"Trevor...oh baby...I'm so sorry, I never thought...I...honey you don't have to do this, if it's too hard to go on..." Piper cried hugging him to her.

"No, I need to do this, I have to do this, you need to know...It started becoming harder to steal, because I started needing more, needing to get higher, needed to get numb, needing to lose myself from reality. Whatever the Seer was doing to me, it started getting worse, more painful, even more mentally disturbing.

Bruises, marks, cuts amongst other things started appearing on my body. I began seeing shadows everywhere, being hunted in my waking hours. What I know now as shimmering, I simply thought then to be my nightmares hunting me in my waking hours. Everywhere I turned I was seeing monsters, demons with scales, demons with claw like knives, but the worst was a demon with a horribly disfigured face, a scare running down his eye, long black pointed fingernails, wearing a dark black cloak..." chills ran up and down Trevor's spine, the hairs on the back of his neck stood on end. His stomach twisted in agony, he fought to hold back the bile rising in his throat.

"The Source, my God, the Source of all evil was after you, and you saw him and lived to tell the tale." Piper's hands were trembling, her heart pounding in her chest. She grabbed the pail next to Trevor, and began vomiting. Wyatt pulling her hair back, while rubbing circles on her back with his free hand.

"I'm sorry mom, I knew I shouldn't have said anything...I just needed...I mean I'm sorry, I shouldn't say anything..." Trevor began to regret telling them, seeing the pain and concern in his mothers eyes.

"No, no baby, I want you to talk, I want you to tell us the pain you've been holding inside. You need to let it all out, you need to tell us everything, I need to know, I am just sorry I did not ask earlier. The Source killed Prue, and almost killed my sisters and me. We thought we killed him, but someone brought him back, we vanquished him three times before it finally took. At least we hope, God we hope. Please honey, go on tell us everything." Piper said, trying to compose herself, so she could be strong for her son. The son she felt she had failed, that she had let down for most of his life. Now Leo has been taken, he does not know the horrors of what Trevor has gone through, and she knew how much Leo would be better able to help Trevor, he always knew the right things to say. Leo always had the healing touch, the right look, and the right words. Leo always knew how to help her sister and her whenever they were in the toughest of spots, and the way he was with Wyatt and Chris...she needed Leo now, more than ever before. Trevor need his father, more than anything he needed both his parents.

"As if what I've told you so far isn't bad enough, it gets worse. I was caught up with other runaways, street hustlers if you will. They taught me of quicker fixes, hard-core drugs that took me out of the ugly reality I was living in, and left me without the nightmares I still live with to this day. First, they got me drunk, and after that, it was easy to get me to try Heroin. Please do not judge me, please, please, please, do not hate me. At first, they tricked me into doing it; I was to drunk to realize, though I do not know if I would have said no, I was in a bad way. I was in a hole so deep, there was no light for me; everything was black, dark, and blindingly dark. I could not see past the hate I felt, past the pain I felt, I was self destructive, with a death wish. I just wanted it all to end, I did not want to feel anything, I wanted nothing more then the hell I was in, the hell that was my life, to be over with. I was so alone; I had no one, nothing, just the nightmare of my waking hours, and my nightmares when I was asleep.

The first was a freebie; they sucked me in, made me feel like one of them. Wanted me to be a part of their family, something I always wanted but never had. I had nothing to compare it to, so even though, although I didn't think it at the time, they were the shadiest people, the cruelest, evilest people you would never want to run across in a dark alley, I was in need, and they were looking for another person to use to their own agenda.

They taught me to steal things, working as a team of course. Learning to con people, swindle them into giving up their money, one way or the other. Learning about when shipping trucks were coming in, and robbing them blind. The leader of the group, or quote, unquote father of the house. He was using us to do his dirty work, reaping the rewards, cashing in on our stolen goods, making him a whole lot of money, while supplying us with all kinds of drugs.

The others in my new little family, they were all good people, lost, scared and like me alone and in need. Some lost their parents; some was kicked out of their homes because they were gay. Others like me were running away from orphanages, or abusive households. Like me they were truly in need, and Damian, the father of the house, he was all to willing to pray on our pain, our vulnerabilities.

Heroin was a wonder drug, a mind-blowing escape that sent you into a world of bliss. A horrible lie, a fake substitute for happiness, an illusion that helped to create a false sense of control over the demons that were chasing after me, night and day.

The more I had, the more I wanted, the more I needed. I was willing to do anything for the escape, anything. Damian knew he had control over all of us, he would hold out on us, not giving us any, until we were shaking, coming down hard, so hard, we would do anything he wanted to get another fix. He was a mastermind, knowing exactly what to do, what to say, how to play us just so he would get us to work any of his master plans.

He found that I was smart, creative, a quick thinker. I became his number one, every plan he had, he used me as the key player.

At first, the swindles were only swindling others of their money, conning them in inventive ways. Although they lost their money, their life savings, their homes. They were never physically hurt, so in my drug induced state of mind, and miserable tortured soul, I tricked my mind into thinking it was okay, that we were stealing from the rich to give to us poor folk...Lying to myself, not that it was an excuse, but lying to yourself while on drugs is what we do, when we're using.

Damian started mixing the drugs he was using on us, from ecstasy, to GHB, to special K, just to name a few. It became so bad when he withheld the drugs from us, to the point that the desperation became so intense, there was not anything we would not do to get another fix. I mean anything; there was no limit to how low we would stoop. It was blind desperation, for the one thing that took away the pain. got bad, that he started setting us up...he started...he..." Trevor began to dry heave, as he could not take it anymore. The memory of what he had done the horrors of what he allowed to become of himself. What he allowed his drug addiction make him do, losing complete control over his willpower, and giving himself over to only the need for more.

He began sobbing uncontrollably, standing up unsteadily and trying to get away from the eyes of his family watching him. He did not want to see the look in their eyes, though the logical part of his brain was telling him they were not looking at him angrily, that truly they were looking at him with pained eyes. Nevertheless, he was so disgusted with himself; he hated himself and who he was, and what he allowed his drug addiction to turn him into.

He walked towards the doors to the backyard, wanting to escape, as if there was a way to escape, but his family came rushing after him.

"Trevor please, you've come this far, please talk to us, tell us everything. You need to do this, you have kept it buried inside you forever, and it is time to let it all out. We are your family, we love you, we accept you, we understand. We've all done things we're not proud of, it's your willingness to overcome everything that's happened in your life, and change for the better." Piper said.

"Really, is that what this is? Then why, damn it, why didn't you ever ask before, why didn't any of you ever ask before. Why did it take all this happening, for you to finally care enough for me to want to hear me out? I have felt so alone all my life, and finally having a real family, I still feel so alone. I feel like you people do not even know me, nor did you really want to know me. That is why you never cared enough to ask, never cared enough to find out what I have been through or who I really am, or what made me the way I am. I am sorry, I do love you all very much, but I cannot help feel like all I am good for his completing the prophecy of the Charmed Ones. That your only need for me is to complete the power of three." he cried ragging sobs of deep emotional pain, true or not, it's what he felt inside.

"Trevor, no, that's not true at all, and I know in your heat you know that's not true. You complete us, not for being Charmed, not for the power of three, but as our brother, as my twin, as their son. You are our blood; you have been the missing piece to this family. You have brought us together in so many ways. Trevor, I love you more than anything in this world, you are the other half of me, I have told you before you complete me, and you make me feel whole. I have never felt compete until you came into our lives. I need you Trevor, I need you like I need the very air we breath, please never forget that, never doubt that. I am sorry I never asked, I was selfish, I was selfish because I was so happy to find you, to find the missing part of me. The past did not matter because, I was now whole, and that filled me up. It filled me up so much that I selfishly forgot to discover the past I did not know about you, and just wanted to bask in the bliss of the future I have with you. You're my brother, my twin brother, and although I didn't know what was happening to you before, well I didn't know you before, but I swear I know this sounds crazy, but I always felt these strange things, had these strange nightmares, had these bizarre feelings growing up. Now, now after hearing what you said, it makes sense to me now, a part of being your twin was calling out to me, and I did not answer. I did not answer, I wish I had answered, I wished I had said something to mom or dad. I have failed you Trevor, I failed you as your twin, as your brother, please, please, please forgive me. I do not know how you can ever, but please forgive me. I love you, you mean everything to me, we are a family now, and I do not ever want to lose you, ever. I want to help you with all of this, help you work through the past, please give me the chance, please give us the chance. I'm so sorry, please forgive me, and please tell me you forgive me?" Chris begged, falling to his knees, clutching Trevor's legs.

Trevor bent down, and he wrapped his arms around Chris, hugging him for dear life. They both cried, cried as they had never cried before. Piper and Wyatt stood there with tears running down the cheeks, the pain this family has been through since the beginning of the Halliwell line, never seemed to end.

"Christopher Perry Halliwell, you may be older than me, but I swear I will kick your butt if you ever ask me to forgive you, for something you had no control over. No matter what I've told you, no matter what's happened to me, the only thing good that's come out of all of the horrors of life, have been my real family. I'm sorry I'm mad, I'm sorry I'm mad that you all didn't ask me about my past, but in my mind I know the truth, I know we've been chasing, fighting, living a fast pace life of Demon hunting. There has been no time, I know that, and my mind knows the truth of that, but my heart hurts, and that I cannot help.

However, that is on me, and has nothing to do with any of you. I do not need to forgive you, any of you, my pain is my pain, and you have done the best that you could, with the time that we have had together. I love you all very much, and I wouldn't chance being apart of this family for anything in the world." Trevor said, wiping tears from Chris's face, and then kissing his cheek.

"Trevor, please if you're ready, go on please. We really want to know, please." Chris begged.

Trevor turned away from his family, knowing that he had to finish what he started. Knowing that he had to finally free himself, of his tortured past. He could not look them in their faces, so he stayed staring the other way. Tears still streaming, as the haunting memories surfaced all over again. The ugly realities coming back to light, after being buried in the darkness of his mind.

He took a deep breath, ready to let the horrible truths come to light.

"Damien, that bastard used me most of all. He said that I was his prized possession, that I meant more to him than anyone. That there was no one as beautiful, as amazing looking, as handsome, outgoing, smart, dream like as me. Well, for someone who hated all that life was giving me, the horrors I was living through, the need to feel important to someone, to please someone, to have someone need me so much. To have someone say beautiful things to me, to make me, someone who felt like the ugliest, dirtiest, disgusting, sickening person that I believed myself to be, well, I felt special for the first time. So there was nothing I would not do for him, I wanted to please him, I wanted to make him happy. I wanted to be his number one, his most important person, the only person that mattered to him. I needed someone on my side, someone who lived for me. Where I counted, when I had no one who made me feel like I was important.

So needless to say, he had complete control over me, in everyway. Mentally, emotionally, physically, addictively..." I fell to my knees, sobbing, my hands on the ground, as I was about to puke. It was time to add more shame to myself, to tell the next step Damien took me to.

"Trevor, its okay honey, it doesn't matter. It is in the past, it is not who you are today, its not who you are anymore. Damien is the bastard who did these things to you, to use you, he played you. Hate him, not yourself, you did nothing wrong, he did everything wrong. It's okay baby boy, its okay." Piper said, putting a hand on his shoulders.

" started pimping us out, namely me. The first time...the first time was a trick; he threw a party, a party filled with rich men, dignitaries, congressional representatives, and people of very important positions. I have names of people, that I could ruin their lives with just one phone call, with just one picture, one video tape; you do not know the half of it.

Damian was a mastermind, the most evil, vilest, cruelest gold digging, criminal I have ever met in my life. I hate him; I hate him more than I hate anyone I have ever hated in my entire life.

We had this party, were Damian drugged us, his boys, putting us in the mood for the sex, if you know what I mean. Well, Damian bought me a very sexy outfit, something to make me stand out. I was so high; I could not feel anything but feeling good, feeling special.

Well, I became the bell of the ball, these men swooned over me, offering me lives filled with fast cars, penthouses, clothes, anything I wanted. However, Damian, knowing all to well what these men would want to do the second they laid eyes on me, so he stood guard, and watched me like a hawk. He never left my side, and was the dictionary definition of Pimp. As these men offered, Damian smoothly, charmingly, made it clear that I could only be sold to the highest bidder.

I made enemies that day, the other street boys, took a front to the way Damian made me his prize position, and them just left over's.

They started to plot against me, I did not know yet, but I would soon find out. Sorry, let us not get ahead of our selves here.

Damian, knew people in high places, and knew what he needed to do to blackmail them into getting what he wanted more than anything, well that is not completely true, he wanted two things more than anything, the money he would get from blackmailing them and the favors that comes with power he wanted to gain. He wanted to become untouchable, beyond law, beyond being touched or controlled; he wanted money, power, and control. He wanted to own, everyone and everything, and there was nothing that was going to get in his way. I...I was the key to his success, he made the clear through his actions, the way he used me, the way he controlled me, manipulated me. I was lost, torn between the world of horror, and the world of seduction. Seduced by the feeling of being high, being forgetful of the horrors and nightmares that was my life.

I felt sexy, desired, wanted, and I believed it was love, that finally someone was looking at me with loving eyes, that they cared about me. That I finally found someone to care about me, to care for me in everyway. Finally have someone protect me, be there for me in every way, finally, in all the horror, there was someone who loved me, and wanted the best for me.

The drugs made me forget the illusion I was under, that it was fake, not real, that I was simply being used, that although I thought I was the ugliest creation on earth that must have been the most horrible person in the world, to have all the horrors happening to me. That this man, this great man Damian, the devil incarnate, made me feel that I deserved everything great, that I was the sexiest thing alive. Having all these men drooling over me, desiring me, wanting me in ways I never felt. Was the most high I have ever had, it made me feel higher than any drug I was being given. Although it was pure evil, wrong, horribly wrong, I wanted it, I need it. For once in my life, I needed to feel these great things that normal people felt, regardless of the fact that it wasn't real, a fairytale, it was more than anything I was begging to do, cause I needed it. I needed to finally feel all the things that were not evil, were not mixed with horror, mixed with the loss of a family I thought to be dead.

So I let the drugs take me over, I fell into the world that somewhere in the back of my head I knew it was wrong, I gave in to what I thought was the lesser of the two horrors. My real reality, of demons and monsters, and the Seer using me for Saajohns master plan.

On the other hand, being used by someone, who although was using me, and lying to me, still managed to drug me, into feeling like a prince. So I took the prince roll, rather than the tortured monster the Seer was doing to me." I still had my back to them, but before I knew it, I began throwing up, puking even though there was not anything left inside. I felt Chris's hand on me; I put my hand over his, but still did not turn around.

"You don't have to go on; we get the picture, Trevor?" Chris said compassionately.

However, I knew better, if I was going to free myself of my past, to create a better future, than I had to reveal my horrid past.

I took as many deep breaths as I could, trying to regain control over myself.

"No, no, no, I have to do this, please, just let me get this out, and you can think what you want of me after words. Hate me, love me, be disgusted with me, but I have to finally tell someone, and I want it to be my family. After which, if you still want me around, great, and if you don't want to ever look at me again I'll understand..." as I started, Piper grabbed me by the shoulders, turning me to face her.

"Now you listen here young man, you are my son, my flesh and blood. I went through 13 hours of labor, and almost lost Chris, and did lose you. Nothing, and I mean nothing you could ever say to me, nothing you could have ever done, been forced to do, or anything otherwise, will ever change the fact that you are my son. All of you, from head to toe, to the cute little birthmark of a strawberry on your ass cheek. All of you belong to me; your apart of me, your blood runs through my veins as mine runs through yours.

I have loved you before I ever knew of you, I will love you all the days of your life, and I will love you in eternity. You are and always will be my son. Nothing you could ever say will change that, do you understand me?" Piper said holding his face in her hands.

Trevor nodded, tears rolling down hiss cheeks.

"The first was a Congressmen, he brought him into a private room of Damien's Penthouse. We were having drinks, to which I had not known was filled with GHB. We were laughing, talking, everything was great. Next thing I knew I was getting dizzy, this warm feeling washing over me. I began losing control over myself, horny, wild, crazy, but at the same time, Damien had step up a camera in the room. One the Congressmen and I had no idea, not that I was in a place to know anything at the time. I was out of my mind, I was lost, I had no idea who I was, or what I was doing. But...but the Congressmen, well...well he knew what he wanted, and knew what he was doing, the only thing he didn't know was that he was being played for a fool too.

I am not going to go into the horrors of the sick things the Congressmen did to me, or was into. Nor the rest of them, and believe me there was plenty more. Damien had it all worked out, and since I was his number, the most desired of all his boys he used me again and again, over and over.

He obtained so much material for blackmail against these men, all based off me and the things they did to me. There are tapes out there, pictures out there of all the horrible things that were done to me, which I allowed to happen.

I should have stopped it, I should have ran away, done something anything.

Even after a few of the other kids beat me to a bloody pulp, for being Damien's number one, putting me in hospital for over two weeks in intensive care. I still did not wake up and leave, trying to escape, do something, anything to get away from that bastard and what he was doing.

No, instead, Damien got even with them; he hurt them worse than they hurt me. He lost so much money with me being out of commotion. Being in the hospital all the time sobered me up, I was finally clear-headed, able to think straight, see straight. I was finally able to realize what I had been doing, what I got myself into, what I had allowed my life to become.

I should have found a solution, rather than focused on the problem.

Two weeks is a lot of time to think about your life, where you have come from, where you have been, where you are going, and how I should be living.

The life I was living was not mine, it belonged to a lost little boy, who was so scared of the world, that I choose to hide from reality in a world of drugs, abuse, a form of rape, and everything else you can think of.

That beating was a wake up call, it was a second chance at the right life, at making the right choices, at becoming the best kind of man I could ever be.

Some of those men offered me the world, a better life, a life outside of Damien, outside of being used as a whore, a sex slave, garbage. They would tell me of the potential I had, how smart I was, how beautiful I was in everyway. That I was wasting my life, letting Damien own me, as if I was property, and not a person. Then they would beg me to come away with them, to let them change my life for the better. That they would pay for school, because my brain should not go to waste, someone as smart as me. He promised me to pay full tuition, to any Ivy League I wanted to go to. An apartment, a car, anything I wanted, just as long as I got out of this life he knew I was stuck in.

He was my favorite, although I hated what I was doing and myself. He was the kindest man, he really cared for me. He treated me as if I was his son, albeit, a son with benefits, but he was always tender, always so kind. He never made me feel dirty; he never made me feel like trash. He made me feel like a person, he was in love with me, and wanted the best for me. He truly did, and I loved that about him. I would have done anything to please him, for he always made me feel like a man, beautiful, smart, that I truly did have so much to give to the world. That I was meant for more than the life I was living, that the world was my oyster, I simply needed to reach out and grab it.

We became close, so close I told him about the nightmares, about what was happening to me. All the demons, that at the time I did not know where demons and he would listen, hug me, and tell me that I created them in my head because of the horrible things that have happened in my life.

He promised me that if I just changed my life, left this ugliness behind, I would finally find the peace I deserved.

I believed him, not at first, but after many visits with him, and after the times we would spend together would be more about talking, and not about him using my body for his pleasure, I truly believed every word he said.

Therefore, after being in the hospital, I talked to him, and told him I was ready, that I did not want to hate myself anymore, that I did want more out of life, that I wanted to take him up on his offer.

I cried, cried harder than I am crying right now, and he swore he would help me, that he would keep his words to me. That he loved me, because I was special, so special that I was destined to do great things with my life. That people one day would be counting on me, to help them, to fight for those who could not fight back for themselves. He said things that did not make any sense at the time, but now, now, it all makes sense, he saw my life now. He saw me together with you, saving people, being Charmed.

I do not know how he knew, maybe he had powers, maybe he was a witch like us, I just do not know.

What I do know, is that Damien found out, he found out everything. As I said he had been gathering information to blackmail these men with, and like an idiot, I had forgotten. He had taped, took pictures, and recorded phone conversations. He knew everything; he knew everything and was not going to ever let me get away. He was not about to lose the greatest thing that ever came into his life, his bread and butter.

The man came to the hospital and picked me up; we rushed back to my place to pick up my stuff. My final goodbye, he did not want to go, he just wanted us to leave. However, I begged him to let me get the few knickknacks I owned, and he finally said yes, anything to please me.

He went there for me, just to make me happy, against his better judgment. He knew it was a mistake, he knew we should have just left. BHowever, he just wanted to make me happy, I hate myself for wanting to go back, for worthless, meaningless, trivial items.

I was a fool.

I knew Damien would never let me leave, I knew he was always listening to everything, always one-step ahead. However, I was so happy, I was finally getting out of the hellish life I had been living in, that I was so blind to everything else.

Before we went in, he stopped me, he held my face in his hands and he told me he loved me, no matter what, never forget he loved me.

He said Trevor, you can never blame yourself for what others do, and that is not your burden to carry. We each carry our own, and I must remember that.

He looked me in the eyes, a tear running down his cheek and he said, Trevor, there is evil in this world, real evil, darkness so real, that there must be the balance to it, a light to shine through that darkness. That light is you, and you will have to except your destiny, to one-day fight the darkness, save the souls of the innocent people of the world. You will find two others, and together you will complete a power, so powerful others will wish to destroy you. When you finally meet these two others, you must trust in them, it will seem wild and crazy, beyond anything your imagination could possibly believe, but everything they say to you will be the truth.

Without you they will lose, they will not be able to fulfill the destiny laid out for the three of you. You will gain everything your heart has ever desired, things you never thought possible will be real. A true family, people to love, cherish, respect you, and you them. However, you have to leave this life, no matter what, if you stay in this life, and do not fight to get out, you will die. If you die, others will never have the chance to live either, nor will those two I am speaking about.

The three of you are destined to do great things together, but without each other, none of you will succeed, and people will pay the price.

I asked him what he was talking about, how did he know all this, and why was he telling me this now?

He said it was his job, it is why he was sent here, to save me, to help me find the right path, to get out of this life that I was not meant for, one that would only lead to misery and death. The death of who I was, and what I would become. IE Saajohn.

He was sent for a mission, but instead fell in love, and that this was his last chance to give me his final gift. He was never meant to tell me, only to guide me. However, the wrong choice was made, and so he had nothing left to lose, he had to break the rules to give me the gift I deserved, the life I deserved.

He kissed me hard on lips, tears streaming. I was so scared; I did not understand none of it made sense. I mean who sent him, why was he sent, how did he know these things, and how did he know that this would be his last chance to give me a final gift?

He wiped the tears from my eyes, hugged me tightly, and kissed me in a way I have never been kissed before, or ever again.

He then told me, Trevor, I never knew what love was until I met you, nor did I ever think I would. You have given me a breath of life, with a sweet serenity, lighting a ray of hope for me, and I am free.

Thank you for those gifts, thank you for letting me feel love, life, and happiness. Thank you for letting me know what life is really about, and why the struggle I have lived has all been worth it.

Please remember, what happens next is not your fault, it is what is meant to be. Just remember, the day you spill a drink on someone, your life is going to forever change, it will scare you, it will make you want to run screaming your head off. However, remember me, and what I told you, and everything will turn out great. You will finally be free; you will finally have everything you ever wanted, and then some.

I love you Trevor Pruitt Hal...he did not finish the last name he was going to say, and I did not ask. I was already to blown away by everything he said, it did not make sense, yet there was such a comforting peace to it all.

I walked into the door first, with him following behind me. There was Damien standing in the center of the room, wearing an evil grin.

He began screaming did you really think you could escape me. Did you really think it would be that easy to get away from me, that I would just let my moneymaker leave just like that? You are not going anywhere, your mine, you belong to me, and you will always belong to me.

In addition, you, did you really think I would let you have him, save him, I am the Source of all Evil, and I have been waiting for revenge for years. I finally have the chance to ruin those three bitches' lives forever. Taking away something so precious to them, something they have never even known was missing all this time. Using him in everyway, I wanted, making him suffer unspeakable acts of horror the likes of which them bitches have never known. All under their very noses, using one of their very own elders to do my dirty work.

I have been working a long time on this one, planning, killing, waiting, all so I can have my revenge on the Sisters. Once he has been completely taken over, and my son fused with him, I will reveal to the Sisters the truth of what they have lost. The truth of what happened, and watch their world fall apart, watch them destroyed. To see the true suffering of the loss a mother feels, when she learns the truth of what was taken from her.

They took my chance of being reborn, my powers mixed with theirs; I will not let that happen again. Their Whitelighter my have hidden the book, but it wont be hard to find it, I've seen that much of the future.

They have burned me three times, sent me into the wasteland, in the worst way possible, in the worst pain possible. This is not even enough, I should do far worse, but I have grown to like this boy, I have grown to enjoy what he is willing to do in the name of the Source of all things evil.

I have chosen wisely, I will raise my son to a level of power, the likes of which the world has never seen. We will no longer hide in the shadows; we will run the world in the light, with darkness far beyond the likes of what some consider hell.

The time has come, and you were close, you could have gotten away, you could have saved Trevor, but instead you delivered him right to me. You have failed, and if I believe correctly, it will cost you your wings.

I did not understand what they were talking about, nothing made sense to me, and it was as if they were talking gibberish.

Please Damien, I have no idea what you are talking about, and I do not care. I have done everything you have said, I have sold my life to you, in every way. Demeaned myself, I became a person who hated myself, who wanted to be treated like trash, hoping to bring death upon myself as quickly as possible. Hoping the danger I put myself in everyday with you, would lead me to my death. However, it did not happen, I never died. Physically, mentally I died, a million times over. I am empty, there is nothing left of me, you have taken it all away. No, I have given it all away to you, I allowed you to take control of me, and I needed to escape the insanity that was my life. The nightmare that was my reality, I took the wrong road; I took your drugs, and let you control my life.

I've never asked you for anything, I've done everything you said, I beg of you, if you wont let me go, then please, please, please I beg of you let him go, just let him go, and I'll go anywhere with you, I'll do anything you say, anything you want. Please Damien, please, I beg of you, just do this one thing for me.

Trevor, you stupid boy, who do you think you are dealing with? You have no idea who I am, what you are, where you come from. You have no idea what plans I have for you, what I've had you do so far will be like a cake walk, compared to what I have in store for you next.

You have no idea what you mean to world. What was planned for you, I have changed, I have changed everything, and giving you the destiny that I have planned for over more years than you would ever believe.

You can ask until your hearts content, but I have no need to answer any of your wishes, for you belong to me, and I own you. The things you do not know, but will one day find out, will make this nightmare of a life you've been living seem like a fairytale.

I owe you nothing, and I it is time to put down another Angel. Next thing I knew, it was as if time froze, Damien was frozen in place, his mouth frozen open as the words he was about to speak, never came out.

Trevor listen to me, we do not have much time he will break free, I do not have time to explain how, but he has the power to do it. I am going to cover you with a spell that will block them from finding you, it will only last a couple of years. That should be long enough for you to bump into the two people I told you about, by then the spell should ware off.

It would last longer but...I am afraid, I only have one chance to give you a head start to run away. If I do not take it now, he will have you, and believe me if you truly knew what he had in store for you and his son, you would run to the farthest reaches of the world.

Then come with me, we can be together, you can keep me safe, I begged.

I am sorry Trevor it does not work that way, he will be able to locate me. I would be like a beacon calling him right to you. I am sorry Trevor; I am sorry you have had to face this life alone, and that it has been so hard on you. I am sorry for all the things you have been through, and all the times I have wanted to interfere, but were not allowed to. You will never know how hard it was, watching you suffer, watching you go through such hideous things, and not being allowed to do anything to save you from it all.

I swear one day you will understand, and I hope you will forgive me for not being able to protect you better. For only being allowed to guide, and not intervene.

The Source had big plans for you, and they are the epitome of your worst nightmares. I fear you will wake up in a cold sweat all the days of your life, with the remembrance of all that has been done to you.

Trevor you are going to be loved, by so many although you do not know them. One day you will know the feeling, the touch, the taste of that love, if you are willing to hear my words and embrace your destiny.

I am sorry I will not have the chance to get you out of this life, but I can still do this much for you.

With that said, he pulled out a wad of cash, and stuffed it into my pocket. I want you to take that, and head to the Bay area, where you can begin a new life, free from all of this, and hidden from all this evil as well. It is not much, but it will give you a start.

Find a building called the Baxter building, and ask for Ray. Tell him I sent you, and to remind him that he owes me. That should get you an apartment there, find a job, and believe me your true destiny will begin. There is a place called P3, which is the only place I want you hanging out in, you will be safe there. In addition, your true life will begin, once you start going there.

I love you Trevor, please be careful, and remember everything I told you. He then hugged me tight, and kissed me one last time, with tears in his eyes.

I begged him to go, but there was no changing his mind, he was determined to save me, and that is what he did.

I kissed him one more time, and grabbed a few things before running out of the door, and never seeing either of them again.

I moved to the Bay area, starting a new life, trying to forget my past. Everything was working out great, my little apartment. Working the clubs in the area, and hanging out in the special club P3, and just like that, I dumped my drink on a person, changing my life forever. Just as he said, just like he died giving me a chance to have all this. And what do I do, I blow it, I get let my dad get grabbed by Demons looking for some Grimwar?" I cried.

"We didn't know Trevor, please forgive us? We owe you such an apologize; I hope you can one day find it in your heart to forgive us all. I know we can never make up for the past, what you have gone through, and all that has happened. No less the fact that the Source used you, to take revenge on parents you did not even know you had. I'm so sorry Treovr, I'm so sorry." Piper cried hugging him tightly to him.

"I knew I felt a pain inside you Trevor, I just never assumed it was anything like this. I'm your twin I should have trusted my insticts and asked, I'm sorry Trevor, I love you bro, I really do..." Chris hugged him tightly.

"Wait a second, not to ruin the moment, because truly Trevor I'm sorry as well, and I promise we will deal with this all later. There is something you said, and I think it is a clue to where, or who has dad. You said the Grimwar, and there is only one person on the face of the planet that knows where it is hidden.

DAD!" Wyatt said.

"Oh my God, your right, Leo hid the Grimwar after we destroyed the Seer, and killed the Source when Phoebe was pregnant with him. Long story, for another time. We need help, and we need help now... PRUE! PRUE! Get your Whiter-Lighter ass down here right now!" Piper shouted into the air.

"Trevor, are you sure you're up to this, maybe you should sit this one out?" Chris asked putting a comforting hand on his shoulder. Treovr put his hand over Chris's hand, looked up into his eyes. They stared intently into each other, Chris using his powers to feel everything Trevor was feeling. It took him down to his knees, taking Trevor down with him. They held onto each other, both crying, Chris crying even harder as he felt the emotion of everything Trevor had been through.

Then something new, something Chris had never felt before, he felt the pain, each physical thing done to Treovr, Chris felt it, emotional, now that was common for his power, but to feel the physical, Chris's powers were growing, and he wasn't sure he was going to like this one at all.

"What is it Chris, what's wrong?" Wyatt asked panicked.

"I think I just got a power boost, and it didn't feel good. I could feel the physical effects of what Trevor had gone through, rather than just the emotional.

Trevor, my God, I do not know how you did it, hearing the story, does not give justice to the actual pain of what you went through. I do not even have words; sorry just does not seem to mean anything when it comes to what I just felt. I love you Treovr, that's all I can say, I love and respect you more than anyone I've ever known, to survive what you did." Chris said, as Wyatt helped the two of them up to their feet.

"I swear to you we are going to hunt down, and Vanquish every Demon involved in this, we're going to make them pay, in a way they've never paid before." Wyatt promised.

"It makes perfect sense, why didn't I think of it before?" Piper said hitting herself on the head.

"What are you guys talking about, I don't understand, what does my past have to do with dad being taken away?" Trevor asked confused.

"They've been planning this for years, before Chris and Trevor were even born. This makes perfect sense; the Source is Saajohn's father. They were looking for the perfect kind of revenge, and what better revenge then to take away my child, the way us killing the Sourse took him away from his son.

Ewww, that makes Phoebe the mother of the Source, and the grandmother of Saajohn, she is going to be very happy about that. Long story, we will explain later.

Prue! Prue!" Piper shouted into the air.

In white-blue orbs, Prue appeared.

"I'm not a dog; I can hear you the first time. Moreover, if you mention I was turned into a dog once I will orb you into a volcano. Now, what's going on, the Elders are under red alert." Prue asked.

"Prue, Leo's been kidnapped, and we know why. They want the Grimwar, and Leo is the only one that knows where it is, he is the one who hid it, after we defeated the Seer/Sourse. Only Leo had his powers when he hid it, and now without his powers, there will be no way for him to find the Grimwar. Who knows what they'll do to him, they'll probably torture him to try to get the information." Piper started panicking, walking back and forth.

"The Sourse, is dead, not before killing me I might add. But what makes you think they took Leo for the Grimwar?" Prue asked.

"Because Trevor heard them say Grimwar, before they took dad." Chris answered.

"Speaking of which, Trevor we need to have a little talk about what happens to witches that drink..." Prue started.

"Prue, not now, there are things you don't understand. Prue, orb up to the Elders and tell them you know what the red alert is all about. The Demons after the Grimwar, and they have the only person who knows where it is, although I'm pretty sure without his powers there is no way he'll be able to remember where he his it. Tell them it's all connected, Trevor being taken all those years ago, Saajohn is the son of the Sourse, this is revenge, they're not just trying to gain control of the world of Magic, they want control of the World." Piper spoke in a rush of words.

"Wait, Saajohn is the Sourses son? That means Phoebe is the grandmother of all evil...Sorry, I know bad timing but I could not resist. Something does not make sense then, if the Source was behind this originally, and we have thought him to be dead on more than one occasion. Then how do we know he's really dead, how do we know he's not really still alive?" Prue asked.

"That can't be, some witch tricked a young Wyatt into trusting her, and opening a portal to bring the Sourse back, but we stopped it, and he was vanquished again." Piper answered.

"Yeah, but that was a young Wyatt, I was still seeing the Sourse in the orphanage, so it's possible he still is alive. It is starting to make a lot of sense. The reason Saajohn wanted me so bad, would have to be because his father spent all his energy messing me up magically growing up. Preparing me, or my body, to create the ultimate power of evil. Mom, I think Aunt Prue is right, I think the Sourse is still alive." Trevor said.

"He may be right, it's not like the Sourse hasn't come back from the dead before. Either way, how do we find Leo, we can't scry for him, he doesn't have any powers?" Chris asked.

"Well, when Wyatt was a baby, Page was able to tap into Wyatt's powers to find Leo, when Chris sent him to Valhalla. Maybe the three of you together can use something of Leo's, and find a way to locate him?" Piper asked.

"Leo had powers back then Piper, he's mortal now, there's no way it will work." Prue said poignant.

"Damn it Prue, its Leo, he's my life, I have to try, we have to find him. I can't lose him, I won't lose him. I need him...I need him..." Piper cried.

"We'll find him Piper, I promise you, and we'll find him. I'll go talk to the Elders, and see what they know, and if they even know where Leo hid the Grimwar." Prue said about to orb out.

"Wait, Aunt Prue, can I ask you a question please?" Trevor said, motioning her away from the others.

"What is it, Honey?" she asked.

"I know as a Whitelighter you're able to hear us, even when you're not around. I know you heard what I was telling mom and the others, so I know you know everything that happened. I'm not mad, you're my Aunt, not some stranger..." he began.

"Thanks for saying that Trevor, I would never betray your trust, and I would never judge you for anything. I've made my fair share of mistakes in my life, wrong choices, things I wish I could change. As long as we evolve into better people, that's all that matters. Look at all the good you've done, all the lives you've saved, even your own family. I have nothing but respect for you, if everyway, I love you Trevor." she said hugging him.

"Thank you Aunt Prue, that means a lot to me. I need a favor, it's really important to me. After sharing my past with my family, I realized a lot of things. One of them being why I shouldn't be with a Demon lover, even if he is half Demon. That has to be what's been wrong with my feelings about him, why I haven't been able to connect with him fully. But it's more than that; I've never been able to be with anyone...well...since Sebastian. That's the guy who helped me get away from the Sourse, the one I was talking about, the Angel. Is there anyway you can find there anyway you can find out if he was a Whitelighter, or if he was sent by the Elders. Or who he was, or if he's still alive, or dead. Please I need to know what happened to him." I begged, speaking in a rush of words.

"I promise you Trevor, I will do my best to find some answers. But...I must warn you not to get your hopes up. It was a long time ago, and not only that the Elders way not want to tell me anything. But, I promise I will try, I really will." Prue said, grabing his head and kissing his forehead.

"Thank you Aunt Prue, that's all I can ask of you, is that you just try." Trevor said, a spark of hope igniting in his heart.

"I'll be back guys; I suggest you check out the book of Shadows while I'm gone." Prue said orbing out.

Chris walked over to Piper, putting his arms around her, as she cried into his chest.

"Don't worry mom, dad's still alive, he has to be. They need him alive; he's the only way to get to the Grimwar. We'll find him, I promise you mom." Chris said, trying to comfort her.

"I'm sorry, I'm the mom, and I'm supposed to be the strong one here. Plus my tears aren't just for your father, there for my son standing over there, and all that he's been through, and how I never even thought to ask him about his horrible childhood. I've failed as a mother, failed as a wife, failed as a witch..." Piper cried.

"Mom, please, don't feel that way, don't even feel that way. I didn't tell you my story to make you feel rotten, I told it because I finally needed to get it off my chest. I was falling in a hole so deep, I was starting to see black. I was heading back down the road I was on before, if I didn't go to the people that I now know are my family, then I would have no life preserver to hold onto. I need you guys; I need you guys so much right now, so please understand I told you everything, because I need you.

So let's forget everything I said right now, put it on the table for later, and go save dad." Trevor demanded.

Piper walked over to him and hugged him tightly, kissing him.

"Thank you Trevor, thank you." Piper said.

"Come on Halliwell's, let's go save Dad." Chris said.



The Underworld-


Leo strained pulling on the invisible chains holding his arms and his legs, but the harder he tried, the tighter the grip became on his arms and legs. Daemon, and Byron were working on an alter, trying to conjure up a potion.

"What are you doing over there? Because nothing you can do can make me remember where the book is." Leo shouted.

"Oh, don't worry your pretty little head Ex-Elder/Whiteligher/Avatar, your blood is flowing with magic, it won't be hard at all to get what we want." Byrne said.

"Since I'm all tied up, and there is nothing I can do about it, what's the harm in telling me what you're doing?" Leo egged them on.

"Simple, before you killed Gidion, we had him give us a powerful spell, a spell only Elders know about. We're going to make you an Elder all over again, and when you have your powers back, you'll be able to lead us right to the Grimwar. It's that simple, you should know that better than anyone, Leo." Daemon said.

Damn you Gidion, if I could kill you all over again, I would. Leo thought to himself. How do I get out of this, there is no way I can let them give me my powers back. Piper and I finally were having a normal life, and now, now if they give me my power back, who knows what Piper will think, what she'll feel. She'll be angry that's for sure, so much for the normal life she's always wanted.

Come on boy's, I know I can count on you, you can find a way to find me, please boys find me. Leo begged to himself.

Come on Leo, you've been in tighter situations then this, you've got to think, I've got to figure a way out of this. I can't let happen, I can't let these demons get their hands on the Grimwar, and they'll destroy the world. Everything we've been fighting for, Prue's death, everything that was lost, just to get rid of that damn book.

Now, now they have what it takes to give me my powers back, and get their hands on the most dangerous book in the whole world.

Think Leo, think...

Wait, he's just said something he shouldn't have. Magic still runs through my blood, he's right, I'm not completely free of magic.

Maybe, maybe if I concentrate hard enough, I can tap into that magic, and tap into the power of three.

Closing his eyes, Leo began concentrating really hard, trying to call upon any and all magic left within him. Focusing the energy he mustered, he called upon the power of three. He was weakening by the moment, but he pushed as hard as he could.

The Halliwell Manor Attic-

"I give up I've been through the whole book, and have come up with nothing. I don't even know what I'm looking for, I mean the closest thing I could find, was a summoning spell, but it only works on another witch." Chris said slamming the book shut.

Suddenly the book opened and the pages began to flap till they stopped on Prue's Astral Projection spell.

"Ok, I love when the book does that. It's Prue's Astral Projection spell." Chris said smiling.

"What's the point of showing us that spell, I already can Astral Project?" Trevor asked confused.

"Maybe...Maybe the three of us need to do the spell together, and it will take us to dad?" Wyatt said.

"That doesn't make any sense, you guys can orb, and that's so much more powerful than Astral Projection. It's taken me a really long time just to get my Astral self's powers to work at the same time. I think this is telling us something else." Trevor said adamantly.

They all looked at him skeptically, not sure how much his mind was cleared from what he told them earlier.

However, Trevor was determined now more than ever, to find his father, and continue with his original plan. To break up the power of three, to go out on his own and find himself.

"Trevor! Trevor!" the sound of Leo's voice was heard.

"Dad? Dad, where are you?" Trevor asked looking around the room.

"Trevor, don't worry we'll find him, just calm down." Chris said.

"No, don't you hear him? He's here right now, I can hear him." Trevor said angrily.

"Trevor, Astral Project yourself into the Astral Plane, hurry, I'll be able to talk to you." Leo said.

"Right, Okay dad, I'll do it." Trevor said.

"Trevor, do what? Who are you talking too, dad's not here?" Wyatt asked nervously.

"He's here, he needs me to Astral Project, he'll be able to talk to my Astral self. I have to hurry; I don't know how much time he has." Trevor said.

"Trevor, this could be a trap, I don't like it." Chris said.

"If someone has a better idea, put words to it. If not, then I'm doing this." he answered. No one said anything, so Trevor focused on Leo's voice.

"Trevor, just close your eyes, you must picture the Astral Plane. A place between worlds, this isn't like normal, where you just separate into two. You must move your Astral self, onto the Astral Plane. Now, concentrate, hurry, I haven't much time before they catch me." Leo said.

Trevor closed his eyes, picturing a world between worlds, the Astral Plane. Before he knew what was happening, his body fell to the ground, where Chris and Wyatt helped him to the couch.

Suddenly Trevor's Astral Self, found it's self in a void of a place, neither here, nor there. The only light coming off the form of his father, Treovr ran and hugged him.

"I'm so sorry Dad, this is my entire fault. If I wasn't drunk, they would have never gotten you." Trevor cried hugging him.

"Son, it's not your fault, one way or another they were going to get me. Now, listen to me, I can't hold on much longer. Call your Aunt Prue right away, have her tell the Elders; Gideon gave them a spell before he died. A spell that will change me back into an Elder, it will give me all my powers back, allowing me to lead them to the Grimwar. There has to be another part to the spell, because I'm sure they know if I were to have my Elder powers back, I would fight them before I would ever give them the location of the dark book.

So, they must have some way to control me. There has to be a way to stop their spell from working, the Elders must know something, someway. We can't let them take control of the Grimwar, the evil spells in that book, could bring the world to its knees.

Now listen, this is very important, you must tell your mother I love her that I loved every single moment with her. But if I must die, which is what I believe the Elders are going to say, then you must do what needs to be done. The greater good is what is most important; they can't be allowed to control the world, magical or mortal. You boys mean everything to me, I love you all dearly, but you have a job to do, and if that means taking me out of the equation, than that's what you must do.

I love you Trevor, you've had it so hard, harder than Chris or Wyatt, and I'm sorry I didn't have more time to be a better father to you. But never doubt for a second that I haven't always loved you, and respected you with everything that I am. You're the strongest person I've ever met, your just like your grandfather, my dad, who's name just so happens to be Trevor...I wanted to tell you before, I just wanted to give you time to adjust to a new family, and all the Wicca stuff. I love you son.

Now, Byrne, and Daemon are holding me in the underworld somewhere, I'm not sure, I never saw were they took me. So tell Prue what I said, tell your mother, and tell your brothers I love them.

Please do what I say, the fate of the world once again rest on the shoulders of the Charmed Ones." Leo explained.

"Dad, we'll find you, we'll stop them, I promise, I'll clean up my mess. I won't let you die, I won't. I love you dad, so much it hurts, you're the greatest thing that ever happened to me, and no one has ever understood me the way you have.

I need you, desperately. I will do everything within my power, even if it means my dying last breath to bring you back safe and sound. I swear on everything I am Dad, I will save you, we will save you." Trevor said tears running down his face.

"I know you will son, you three are the Twice blessed Charmed Ones. I know you will all do what you must, but please remember, the Greater Good...The Greater Good is the most important...thing...remember, I love you son...Blessed Be..." he said as he began fading away.

"Dad, NO, Dad, come back, please Dad!" Trevor begged, but Leo faded away.

Trevor's Astral Self returned to his body, still screaming for his father to return. He trashed around on the couch, as he reached out for his father. Wyatt and Chris tried holding him down trying to calm him down.

"Trevor, Trevor, snap out of it, please. Your back with us, Trevor snap out of it." Wyatt begged.

Trevor opened his eyes, feeling disoriented, lost, confused, and sad, staring into the face of his family.

"OMG, Dad, I just saw Dad. I just talked to him, I talked to him." Trevor said dramatically.

"Trevor, honey, what happened? Where did you go, did...did you talk to your father? Did you see him?" Piper asked, holding back the tears, and praying that it wasn't all a trick.

Trevor moved into a sitting position, trying to clear the strange feeling of being on the Astral Plane. He pulled himself together, took some deep breaths, and began to tell them everything that happened. Prue happened to orb down just as he got to the message for the Elders. Which Trevor was grateful for, he knew it was an important part of what Leo had told him to do, and knew she needed to know.

Trevor's heart was torn in half, seeing his father, hearing his words, hearing him talk about sacrificing himself for the Greater Good, and made him realize how much more of an amazing man his Father really was. Good through and through, still willing to die for what he believed in. Still willing to die, if it meant saving the lives of innocent people.

The burden Trevor felt, knowing that this was his entire fault, knowing now more than ever that all he did was hurt his family, more than help them. It only gave him more of a reason for the need to leave; he would never hurt his family again, never again.

This would be his final battle, he knew he would fight tooth and nail to save the man that mattered most in life, his father, his real father, the man he dreamed of his whole entire life, that turned out to be more than his wildest dreams ever made him out to be.

"How do we know that was Dad, how do we know that wasn't a trick? Dad doesn't have any powers, how would he be able to get to the Astral Plane?" Wyatt asked, skeptically.

"I swear on my life it was Dad, there was no else it could have been. I could smell him; it was dad, his scent. The things he knew, he told me that my name is his father's name. How would any demon know something like that?" I demanded.

"I didn't know that, mom is that true?" Chris asked.

"Yes, he wanted to tell Trevor, he just wanted to wait for the right time...there is a long story he wanted to tell Trevor about his Grandfather, and why Trevor reminded Leo of him so much. Prue, go find out what the Elders have to say, but I swear to you, on everything that I am, if they say we need to kill Leo..." Piper started.

"Piper, don't, we've been through threats with the Elders before. This time let's see if we can get them to work with us, rather than against us." Prue said.

"Aunt Prue, can you find us if we're in the underworld?" I asked.

"No, I can't sense you down there, there is no way to do. But...As Phoebe used tried, she used a cell phone, and was able to call from the Underworld, so we could do it that way, but why?" she asked.

"Because we haven't a moment to spare, I won't lose Dad. I don't know how long it will take for the Elders to answer you, and I'd rather be down there searching for Dad, before they finish whatever spell this is they're trying to perform on him." Trevor said.

"Trevor, we can't run down there half cocked. We need a plan, potions, and whatever information the Elders may have for us. If we want to save Dad's life, we have to do so with clear heads, and with as much information as we can gather." Wyatt said.

"Don't you understand, I did this, this is my fault? I wont let anything happened to Dad, I'll rip apart the underworld, I'll find him if I have to kill every Demon that get's in my way." Trevor shouted.

"That's what got you into trouble in the first place Trevor, you need to slow down, the only way we are going to be able to do anything, is being together. We're the Charmed Ones, Strongest when we're together, we have to be together on this, or we will risk Dad's life." Wyatt tried making Trevor understand.

Trevor thought to himself, `fine then I'll Astral Project myself into the Underworld and search for him, while my body is up here, no one will know.'

"I'll know Trevor, I heard that, don't forget you think that loudly and I can hear you. Trevor, you're still acting out of control, you need to slow down. We work as a team; we'll have a better chance of finding Dad, and stopping the Demons. Please, trust us, he's our father too, and I know you feel responsible, but we're all responsible, we're a family. What happens to one of us happens to all of us. I don't want to lose you either, so snap out of it, please for Dad." Chris grabbed Trevor by the shoulders, looking him in the eyes, trying to appeal to the logical side of Trevor's mind.

"You're right, okay, so potions, spells, and...wait, why didn't I think it about it before. Tatum, he's in the Underworld, he would have heard something, or maybe knows something. I need to talk to him; can you guys get started, while I talk to him?" Trevor asked.

"I don't know if he'll talk to you, I mean after what happened at P3, who could blame him." Chris said.

"I still have to try; I'll be back as soon as possible." Trevor said, running downstairs.

"Think he'll talk to Trevor, or even help him?" Chris asked.

"If he were human, I'd say Trevor stood a chance. Being that Tatum is half Demon, I don't think he stands a chance in hell." Wyatt answered.

"Can we please try and think positively, Trevor is trying really hard to make up for what happened. He's been through a lot in his young life, let's try and cut him some slack. He needs us now more than ever, and I really have a feeling we're losing him." Piper said, as tears ran down her cheeks.

"Mom, he'll be fine, we'll make sure, and we're brothers after all. If your sister and you could come together, why shouldn't we be able to do the same thing?" Chris asked.

"That's different; we all lived together our whole lives. Sure it took us a while, but it wasn't all that hard once we remembered what it was like growing up together. Trevor has only been with us a year, and as much as you have bonded, I just don't know if you guys have had enough time together." Piper answered sadly.

"I wasn't talking about in the beginning; I was talking about Aunt Paige." Chris said.

"Oh, yeah, I guess you do have a point there. Trevor is just very different than Paige; he's been a pawn of evil for all of his youth, then walks right into this life with us. How could he not feel like a chess piece, being used again and again throughout his life. Paige only had to accept that she was a witch, that we were her sisters. She was alone anyway, she was seeking us out, and Trevor wasn't. He was trying to start a new life, away from the pain and torture he'd been through from birth. None of us could know what it was like for him, none of us could ever imagine the damage his heart, and mind has been through. Paige had issues, but none the likes of Trevor.

We're losing him, I just know it." Piper said with finality.

"You have Premonitions now, Mom?" Chris said.

"No, Mothers intuition that's what I have, and I know I'm losing my son again, my husband, my life." She cried.

"Mom, please don't cry, we're not losing anyone, or anything, we'll save them all, Dad, Trevor, the world. We're the Charmed Ones, that's what we do." Wyatt said smiling, trying to cheer her up.

They all looked at each other, almost feeling defeated.

Trevor's Bedroom-

Please Tatum hear me, please I need you, this is important. Trevor grabbed a potion out of his bedroom drawer, as he thought of Tatum, threw the bottle on the floor, breaking it. In a whirlwind of smoke, Tatum appeared.

"Tatum...I'm sorry, I didn't mean to summon you like that, but I really need your help." Trevor practically begged.

Tatum swung his right arm, sending Trevor crashing against the wall landing on the bed.

"You've got to be kidding me; you dare summon me, after what you did to me tonight?" Tatum asked angrily.

Trevor rubbed his jaw, as he got up off the bed.

"I deserved that, and so much more. Sorry...sorry just doesn't cover my actions last night, and I don't accpect you to forgive me. But I really need you to put that aside, just for a moment. My father has been taken, he's been taken by Byrne and Daemon. They have him, and it's my entire fault. I have no idea what they're going to do with him, but my Dad fears he'll have to die, in order for us to stop them.

Tatum this is my entire fault, and I don't expect you to feel sorry for me, or even want to help me. But I'm begging you, if you ever loved me, cared about me, please help me save my father." Trevor begged.

"I know all about it what's happened to your father, and I'm sorry Trevor, I don't think there is anyway you're going to get him back." Tatum answered bitterly.

"Tatum, please, I messed up, I need to be punished, not my father. Please, isn't there anything you could, anyone you could go to too find information? There has to be a way to save him, please I will die if anything happens to him. Please I'll do anything, anything, just help me save my father." Trevor begged.

"So you're willing to do anything, anything at all? Because, this time there is a price, and it's the only way I'll give you any information." Tatum said.

"Tatum please, whatever you want, and you know I'll do it, what ever it takes to save my family. Please. I have no right asking you anything, but I'm begging you for my family, please, they've all done everything in their power to help you when you needed it, now I'm asking you for them, please just help us." Trevor got down on his hands and knees and begged.

Tatum turned away from Trevor, and a giant grin appeared on his face. Turning serious he turned to Trevor, looking him deep in the eyes, a look that turned Trevor's body weak, made his knees tremble, and caused his heart to pound.

"I might be able to help you, but this time, your going to owe me more than you can ever imagine. I'll only give you this offer once, it will have to be of your own freewill to decide, but this is the only chance you'll have." he said.

"Tell me; whatever it is I'll do it, I swear I'll do it." Trevor begged.

"I gave up everything, to help and save your ass a thousand times over. You broke my heart, tore it into pieces. I turned good for you, because I fell in love with you. I know how we can help your father, but this time there is going to be a price.

This time you will join me, come with me to the underworld, were you will be mine. I want you as mine forever, tied soul to half-soul, if you will. This time you must join me and my side in order to save your dad. I gave up everything for you, and you threw me to the dogs, this time it is you that must give up everything to save your father.

Believe me when I say, if you don't take this chance, your father will die. You have two seconds to think about it, so decide quickly. Your life to me eternally, or your father's death on your shoulders, for the rest of your life." he said bitterly.

"Why, Tatum, why? One stupid mistake, and it's brought you to all this. If you love me, why would you want to do this to me?" Trevor asked.

"I won't have a conversation on this; it's a choice, time to act like a big boy. Give yourself up, save your Dad, don't, and watch your Dad burn." He said in the most vilest voice ever.

Trevor began to cry, what choice did he really have, if there was a way to sacrifice myself to save his Dad, then he had to do what was needed.

This wasn't a choice, this was planned, and he knew Trevor would do anything to save his father.

"You win Tatum, you win. I'll do whatever you want, whatever it takes to save my father, because that's what love is all about, and if you knew anything about real love you would know that. But I'll do as you say, my father, for my life. You stood a chance before at us fixing what was wrong between us, know now, I will hate you forever." he said angrily.

"Eternity is a long time to learn to love someone again, and you will in time. This time, I won't lose you, you will belong to me, forever." he said coyly.

Trevor's heart pounded in his chest, wondering how he could ever have loved this Demon. But what choice did he have, he needed to do whatever it took to save his father. This was the only choice he had; this would be the choice he would take.

Father, forgive me! Trevor thought.

The path of the Charmed Ones has always been a path destined with saving innocence. One filled with hard choices, personal sacrifices, loss of family, heartache, joy, pain, sorrow.


The Halliwell line is filled with death and loss and pain, but most of all filled with a family bond, the likes of which powerful mountains can only represent. The foundation, of which the Halliwell family has stood, has been the belief in the fight of Good versus Evil.


The Halliwell line has been the defense against Evil from the start, as Prue, Piper, and phoebe learned going back in time on all Hallows Evil. Evil has searched them out, looking to destroy them.

For this powerful line of Witches, all that has ever mattered was protecting innocence, and keeping their family intact.

From the beginning Melinda Warren foresaw how powerful her family would become, she saw the struggle they would endure, how their hearts would lead them to saving the lives of so many innocent people. The joy that gave her filled her with hope, with prayers, blessings, and the creation of the Book of Shadows.

The Book of Shadows was her gift to her family, her way of ensuring that her premonition of the family line, and all that they would have to endure.

Melinda foresaw this moment in time, saw what would happen to the Halliwell line the moment Leo would be captured, and the fate and destiny Trevor's choice would do to the future of the Halliwell line, the lives of the innocence that would be lost, and the fate of the world in the fight against Good versus Evil.

With Melinda foreseeing what would have happen, with the only choice she knew Trevor would have to make. She cast a spell, a spell so powerful; it would give the Charmed Ones the only chance to be saved. If it failed, and her plan didn't work, all would be lost forever.

The Charmed Ones would be their most vulnerable, so vulnerable; she knew they would truly be facing the end of the Halliwell line.

She couldn't let that happen, she couldn't let her family be left so vulnerable, she couldn't let her family line end, and she wouldn't.

She worked night and day, working to create the most powerful spell she could never have imagined possible. With all she had learned, all she believed in, and the love of her family, and the belief in what the meaning of her family meant to the fate of innocent lives.

Melinda wound creating one of the most powerful spells of her time, a spell that would either save the Halliwell line, or fail losing the greatest, most powerful Witches to walk the face of the planet.

She knew what failure was not an option; there was only one option, save her family, save the Charmed Line, save the world.

"Time! Space! Life! Death! Good! Evil! The circle of life, with everyone, and everything connected. I beg of you of you Elders hear my call, empower my spell, give me this one chance to save the destiny of the future of my family line." Melinda began.

She lit six candles, in a circle around her alter, all of different colors. Creating a potion in her caldron, she added each part to the potion, with such preciseness, such passion, such care. There was no room for mistake, everything was on the line, this was the moment, the only moment to save the future of her family, and life itself.

"Outside of time, outside of space, I call upon all magic's grace. I beg of power, outside of mine, one given from Elders so high. Take me now through time and space; take me to the future time, where the Charmed Ones are on the line. I beg you please, hear this witch's words, send me to my Halliwell's home, where a chance to save us all." she spoke the words with tears in her eyes, bottling the potion at the same time. She stood up, her hands shaking, her heart pounding, her breathing heavy.

"Please oh wholly Elders, hear my words, hear my cries, and carry them through space and time. You work to save the lives of innocence, through my family line; I beg that you hear my cry.

With this potion, and my rhymes, I beg you please, carry me through space and time!" she shouted to the Elders, with all her heart, as she threw the potion on the ground. With a blinding light, which turned to swirls of light, Melinda was encased in the light and carried away into the air. Frozen in time, until the moment Trevor's choice would be made.

That fate of the future of the Charmed Ones has never been at stake, the way it was in this very moment.

Would Melinda make the difference?

Would Trevor be lost forever?

Would Leo's fate be sealed?

Would the Charmed Line end?

Everything you knew, everything you believed, everything you ever thought could never happen was now truly about to begin.

The past, present and future was now riding on all the choices made by everyone.

Would this be the end of the dream Melinda had for the future of her family, or would this be the beginning of a new era?

May the Charmed Ones find their way, May Melinda's plan help to save, May Trevor's deal be broken, and his father Leo returned home.

Blessed Be!