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Subject: The Charmed Sons

All rights to the Halliwells and Charmed go to The WB and Aaron Spelling and Brad Kern. This is a spin-off of the original tv show and i have no control of what actually happens in there lives. If it is illegal for you to be reading this story obviously stop reading it. This is a story involving sex between more than one male. This story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives

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Chapter 3- Aftermath


( ) Personal Thoughts


Trevor: (Cory, Wyatt and I are sitting at a table! Cory kisses me)

Wyatt: Hey, where is Chris and Dominic, they're suppose to meet us here?

Cory: Probably making out somewhere!

Trevor: No different than us!

Wyatt: Gag me already!

Trevor: (Jokingly hitting Wyatt) So what about you and Andre, anything new?

Wyatt: No, its like he's warm one minuet and cold the next! I don't know what I'm doing, anyway it doesn't really matter, who am I kidding, nothing is ever going to happen between us!

Trevor: You don't know that, you have to at least try!

Wyatt: Ya, will see what happens. Where is Chris!

In an Alley-

Chris: (Demons are attacking us, one shoots an energy ball its about to hit Dominic, so I orb it) Energy ball! (And send it flying back killing the demon)

Dom: Thanks for the save babe! (Kisses him and creates and athema and throws it at a demon coming behind Chris, Chris turns around and sees him explode!)

Chris: Four more coming lets finish this and get to the club my brothers are waiting.

(Dominic shimmers in behind two of the demons he kicks one and stabs the other killing him then flip kicks the other lands and stabs him while he's laying on the ground. He throws the athema to Chris and he spins and turns into the demon stabbing him in the chest, then ducks as an energy ball flies over his head runs towards the wall as the demon follows behind, Chris then runs up the wall and flips and lands behind the demon and stabs him in the back killing him)

Dom: Damn you look good when you fight!

Chris: Tell me something I don't already know!

Dom: (Rolling his eyes) Your to cocky for your own good!

Chris: I'm a Halliwell its in my blood. So how many does that make already 25 Demons?

Dom: Why you getting tired already

Chris: I'm not being funny, how many more are going to come after you?

Dom: Raven said it wouldn't be easy and I'm sure they wont stop till I'm dead!

Chris: That's not an option, will just have to kill them all. (Leans in and kisses him)


Chris: (We orb into the backroom) Wyatt's going to kill me if he finds out we were fighting demons!

Dom: So we don't tell him!

Chris: I know its just I hate lying to my brother it doesn't feel right!

Dom: So I will take the blame for it!

Chris: Well it really is your fault! Lets go! (Walk to join Trev and Wyatt!)

Trevor: Well look who decided to finally show up!

Chris: Sorry we kind of ran into a traffic jam!

Wyatt: (Picking a piece of paper out of Chris's hair) Traffic jam huh, looks to me like you ran into some trouble. Chris were you battling demons?

Chris: A little louder I don't think they heard you outside. It was just a few demons nothing we couldn't handle!

Dom: Sorry, it was all my fault!

Trevor: Shh, here comes Cory!

Chris: Saved by the...hey Cory!

Cory: Hey guys! If I have to dance by myself again, I'm going to find someone else to dance with me!

Trevor: No, I'll join you, Chris is here now, I can finally relax!

Chris: You guys don't have to worry about me I'm not 12!

Wyatt: That's what brothers do!

Dom: I have to go to the bathroom!

Cory: I'll go with you, I have to go too!

Wyatt: You cant keep going at this by yourself Chris!

Chris: I wasn't by myself, and I told you I have it covered!

Wyatt: You're putting Dominic and the power of three at risk!

Chris: What am I suppose to do I have to protect him, and they just keep coming!

Wyatt: We need to get them off her back and I really feel we can do that better if we were all together!

Chris: Fine if you come up with a plan will do it your way!

Trevor: What does mom say about all this?

Chris: I love hearing you call her mom! (Trevor rolls his eyes) Its strange when I told mom and dad about what happened its like they suddenly got quiet and didn't want to talk about it!

Trevor: Really I wonder what that's all about, you left out the gay stuff! (Chris nods)

Wyatt: You know them when it comes to you Chris they always seem to get worried!

Chris: Ya I wonder if it has something to do with future me going back in time?

Wyatt: Could be! They cant say anything it might change the future, which changes the past!

Trevor: Ok I'm getting a headache thinking about that. But you know what I wonder about is, what it would have been like to go back in time and meet our aunts, grandmother, and grams, I mean you guys have all these memories and you both have been back and met them and well I don't know any of them!

Wyatt: Ya that does suck really bad, and you would love grams she's a pistol that one!

Chris: Ya we have to have one of the coolest families!

In the Restroom-

Dom: (As I'm standing washing my hands, I look in the mirror and see Cory walking out of a stall, but it's the stall that I was just in, and he was in the one next to it!)

Cory: (Walking up I notice the way Dom is looking at me, damn it I shouldn't have risked shimmering out of here) Something wrong?

Dom: (Looking suspiciously) No, I don't think so! (We walk back to the table)

Chris: Took you long enough!

Dom: (Leaning in and whispering) We need to talk when you get a chance!

Chris: Sure, no problem!

Trevor: Hey guys I'm sorry but I think I'm going to call it a night, I'm not feeling well!

Cory: I'll take you home!

Trevor: No you're closer to the club, I'll take one of their cars and they can ride back together, if its cool with you guys! (Winking at Wyatt)

Wyatt: Y-ya, you can take my car, I'll get a ride with Chris!

Trevor: Thanks, I'll walk you out Cory!

Wyatt: Ok what's that all about?

Chris: Shit if I know! (Trevor comes back) So are you really not feeling well?

Trevor: Ya, I just didn't want him to make a big deal out of it, if he took me home he would have wanted to come in!

Chris: And that's a bad thing, you really aren't feeling well!

Trevor: (Making a fake laugh) Funny, so can one of you orb me back to the Manor?

Wyatt: Why you going back there?

Trevor: Now, I'm not allowed?

Wyatt: That's not what I meant! Here come on I'll orb you from the backroom! (They walk to the backroom, Wyatt waves his hand and orbs him home)

Trevor: (I get orbed into the living room, and walk up stairs to the attic) Alright I hope you know what your dong Trev! (I grab the book and suddenly if flips on its own, I step back and it stops, I move in closer to see) Perfect this should do! (I grab 5 candles and put them in a circle lighting each one) Hear these words hear my cry spirits from the other side come to me I summon thee cross now the great divide! (In a swirl of white lights a woman appears before me, I moves back and looks shocked at what I just did!)

Grams: Well its about time!

Trevor: Y-you were expecting me to do this?

Grams: Well I was hoping someone would bring me back so I could meet my great grandson!

Trevor: (Laughing nervously) Oh, so you must be the legendary Grams!

Grams: In the flesh, well (Steps out of the circle of candles) now I'm flesh!

Trevor: Wow you can do that?

Grams: Honey we're witches we can do anything. Now give me a hug! (We hug) So why did you call?

Trevor: Well I didn't actually know who I was calling, I just wanted to meet anyone from the family!

Grams: I'm the one who moved the pages like that so it would land on that spell!

Trevor: But how did you know what I was doing?

Grams: Well I like to peek down and check on my family!

Trevor: Oh (Looking guilty)

Grams: (Laughing) I don't watch when your having a privet moment!

Trevor: Good to know!

Grams: (Sitting down on the couch and patting the seat next to her) Please come sit with me and I will answer any questions you have!

Trevor: (Sitting down) Wow this is wild, I don't even know what to ask, how about you just tell me about yourself, how we became witches, everything really!

In a dark cave in the underworld-

Coronus: I want the witch killed! Who will step forward and bring me the head of the Phoenix?

Demon: I will! (Stepping forward and bowing his head)

Coronus: I want her dead or alive! Preferably alive. But do as you must!

Demon: And the Charmed ones, they have been seen aiding Dominic!

Coronus: Never use that name in my presence. Only fight them if you must!

Demon: Yes my Lord!




Wyatt: Do you think he's alright? I mean that was so sudden!

Chris: Ya I know, I think its cause we were talking about family! He tends to always be troubled every time we talk about our family!

Wyatt: Can you blame him, I mean he never met anyone and were always talking about past things and forgetting he wasn't there and he doesn't know anyone!

Chris: Maybe its time to introduce him to some family members?

Dom: You mean all this time and you are just thinking of that now. I mean if that was me I would feel like crap!

Wyatt: Thanks make me feel worse why don't you! I thought mom would have done that by now!

Chris: Come on we were just getting to know him its not like we want to throw everything in his face all at once, and we've been pretty busy with demons and stuff since we became charmed!

Dom: I'm sure its not easy for any of you guys, but he must really feel out of place going form being alone to having a family, and finding out about magic! We all grew up knowing magic really existed I cant even think what that might feel like, not to change the subject but how well do you guys know Cory?

Wyatt: Not that well, why do you ask?

Dom: You guys don't feel like there is something off about him?

Chris: See I told you Wyatt, I get a bad feeling about him!

Wyatt: Its not our place to say anything, Trevor has been with him since before we even met him and I'm not ready to test our brotherhood yet, especially when it comes to a guy. Anyone want another drink? (They nod their heads yes)

Dom: Chris, I'm not trying to put my nose in between you guys but when we were in the restroom earlier, I saw him go into one stall, and then he came out another one!

Chris: (Laughing) That's what your basing this off of?

Dom: I know what I saw!

Chris: I don't know, I'm with Wyatt on this one, lets just keep an eye on him for now!

Dom: I can sense power Chris, and I sense something coming from her its like there is a shield around her blocking my powers! (Wyatt walks over)

Wyatt: Here you go guys, after this I'm heading home!

Chris: We should too, big test tomorrow!

At the manor-

Trevor: Ya its powerful this feeling of being able to do what we can do, and also difficult not to be able to show or tell anyone especially someone that you love!

Grams: When you find that one true love, the person you will spend the rest of your life with you'll be able to share your secret!

Trevor: Someday, anyway, I loved hearing about Melinda Warren and all our ancestors there is just so much history behind out family!

Grams: You have many adventures ahead of you, and in them you will meet many of them and learn so much more than any story I could ever tell you!

Trevor: Meet them like what call them like I did you?

Grams: No, actually you do a little time traveling, don't think about it now, you'll find out when the time is right!

Trevor: This is so great, I feel like a whole new understanding of what we are, and what our destiny is really all about, thank you so much grams! (Wyatt and Chris walk in)

Chris: Grams! (Runs and gives her a hug) I missed you!

Wyatt: Me too! (Jumping in and hugging her too)

Grams: Oh boys I missed you guys too, but you know I'm only a spell away!

Chris: Sorry we have been so busy, how did you get here!

Trevor: That would be me!

Wyatt: How did you figure out how to do it?

Trevor: With a little help from grams anything is possible!

Wyatt: Well that saves us the trouble of doing it, we were just talking about doing this with you! (Just then three demons shimmer in)

Demon: Where is the girl?

Chris: Ah, don't know who your talking about there pal!

Demon: The Phoenix!

Chris: What's it going to take for you guys to stop coming after her? I'm mean come on now! We've killed how many of you already!

Demon: We will never give up! (Throws a fireball at Chris)

Chris: (Diving out of the way) You missed!

Grams: (Moving her hands she sends one demon flying into the other) Boys a spell would sound pretty good right about now, how about you Trevor?

Trevor: Me, (Going to the book) Which one?

Grams: Honey make it up you don't have to look in the book!

Trevor: (Nervously) Make one up, ok I can do this. In this hour and in this night I call upon the powers of light, make these demons burn so bright, and take away this frightening sight! That's never going to work! (Suddenly all the demons start to melt into the ground)

Grams: There you go, that was good for a first spell!

Trevor: I did it! I cant believe I did it, I thought for sure that would never work!

Chris: Way to go Trev, your improving by leaps and bounds I got to tell you!

Wyatt: Trevor it will just keep getting easier trust me and really, your really getting the hang of this!

Grams: So does someone want to tell me what that was all about?

In the lair of the Seer-

Seer: What trouble you my son?

Cory: I think this Dominic, will bring trouble for me!

Seer: Nothing must stand between Trevor and you! If he becomes a threat, we must deal with him!

Cory: It wont be that easy mother, he is apart of the Phoenix assassins!

Seer: (Eyes opening wide) Ah, than we shall use that to our advantage! Coronus is after the little witch, so there is a bounty on his head!

Cory: In the mean time what if she senses my powers?

Seer: No, that is impossible, I have shielded you from detection, not premonitions nor her abilities will be able to detect your true power!

Cory: So what will you do?

Seer: I will set a trap! (Shimmers out)

Coronus's cave-

Coronus: Seer, to what do I owe the honor of your presence?

Seer: You have a problem, I have the solution! Together we both get what we want!

Coronus: Finally, I thought for sure I would have to sacrifice all my men. So word of my problem has reached even the great Seer. So what is the soulution?

Seer: Have your men ready to attack the witch, I will take care of everything else!

Coronus: What of the charmed ones, they have interfered in all my attempts on her life!

Seer: They will have their hands full, and the witch will be ripe for the pickings!

Coronus: (Giving a bone chilling laugh) You will have my best men at your disposal!

The Manor-

Grams: I'm just saying you need to be careful Chris! Assassins don't just wake up one day and say, oh I think I'll stop being an assassin today! Didn't anyone learn anything from me, being married so many times? Its all about use and discard!

Wyatt: Grams, you're terrible!

Chris: Grams its not like that, he never wanted to kill anyone! Its not who he is. Look I had a long day and a big test tomorrow that I haven' even finished studying for! (Hugs grams and walks out) Goodnight!

Trevor: Well at least I know, no one is shy about their feelings in this family!

Grams: We cant afford to be, our powers are tied to our emotions, they'll be out of whack if we don't keep them in check!

Trevor: Good to know!

Wyatt: I'm going to call it a night too!

Grams: I think Its time I head back too, Patty will be waiting for me!

Trevor: Grandmother! This is just so unreal!

Grams: It's magic! (Getting up and hugging the boys she fades into spirit form) Take care of one another my darlings. Blessed be!

The Guys: Blessed Be! (In a swirl of lights she disappears!)

Trevor: She is wonderful! I learned so much, and we have so much in common!

Wyatt: Trev, you really did a great job today! I'm really proud of you!

Trevor: Thanks Wyatt that means a lot to me!

Wyatt: You want to stay the night?

Trevor: Sure!

Dominic apt-

Seer: (I'm standing outside Dominic apt, I wave my hand over my face and change my appearance to that of Chris, and knock on the door.)

Dom: (I wake up and look at my clock to see what time it is) This better be important! Who Is it?

Seer: It's me Chris I need your help!

Dom: (Rushes to the door and opens it) What is it? What's wrong?

Seer: My brother is in trouble, the demon that's after you, he came looking for you and took Trevor! I don't know what they did to me, I don't have any powers!

Dom: Where did they take him?

Seer: There is an abandon building in the warehouse district!

Dom: Let me change my clothes and I'll shimmer us there! (Changing his clothes the Seer throws a potion at him, Dominic feels dizzy!)

Seer: Are you ok?

Dom: Just a little dizzy, that was strange!

Seer: You ready we need to go!

Dom: Ya, ok I'm ready! (Just then Dominic passes out onto the floor! The seer shimmers out with him!)

The manor-

Chris: (I'm on my bed papers everywhere, as I sit back I sit on something, I pull it out from under me!) What the heck is that! (I get a premonition of Dominic being attacked in a warehouse!) Oh my God Dominic! (I yelled that as I orbed out)

Trevor: (I hear Chris yell as I'm coming out of the bathroom) Chris, are you ok? (I knock on the door then enter) Chris! (See that no one is there I run over to Wyatt's room and just enter it!) Wyatt, wake up Chris is gone!

Wyatt: (Grabbing my head) What time is it?

Trevor: Wyatt! Really something is wrong! Chris just yelled and when I went in he was gone!

Wyatt: If he went to fight some demons again, lets just say if they don't kill him I will! Let me see if I can sense him! (Close my eyes and try to sense him) Nothing!

Trevor: Should we do that scry thingy? (they go up to the attic and pull out the map and a crystal!)

Wyatt: (As the crystal spins really fast over the map it lands in the warehouse district!) I don't know what's up with this, he's either there or there is a big serge of evil there!

Trevor: So if he is there, he's in a lot of trouble. We got to go!

The Warehouse-

Seer: Perfect!

Cory: What will you do with him now?

Seer: What are you doing here?

Cory: I followed you, just in case you needed back up!

Seer: Change into Tatum if you must be here! (With a wave of his hand Cory changes into Tatum!) I will call for Coronus men! (Waving her hand 10 demons appear!) She will wake soon take him now! (Just then Dominic wakes up, he looks up and in blurred vision sees he is surrounded by demons)

Dom: (In a shaky voice) A party for me, and me without my party suit!

Seer: You are a feisty one aren't you! To bad you must die now!

Dom: All these demons for one little witch? (Creates an athema and throws it, the Seer waves her hand and it falls to the floor!)

Seer: (Waving her hand she creates a rope of light that tie Dominic's hands Together behind his back) Now that should keep you still! (Just then Chris comes barging in the door)

Chris: Let him go! (One of the demons throws a energy ball Chris holds out his hand and calls for the energy ball) Energy Ball! (It is sent back at the demon killing him) Tatum, what do you want with Dominic?

Seer: It is not Tatum! But Coronus that does, there is a large bounty on his head! (Just then she throws a potion knocking Chris out!) And there is nothing you can do!

Dominic: Chris! You bitch what have you done to him!


Trevor: There are so many buildings! How will we know which one? (Just then they here Dominic yell and head towards the sound)

Wyatt: Were here to rescue not fight! Ok Trev?

Trevor: Ok! (Inside the Seer stands over Chris!)

Seer: One of the charmed ones! Today must be my lucky day!

Tatum: Do you think it is wise to harm him?

Seer: I have no use for him, he plays no part in my plans!

Wyatt: (Coming inside) What plan is that?

Trevor: (waving his hand sending demons flying) Get away from them! Tatum, you save my life and then go after my brother?

Tatum: (Looking from the Seer to Trevor) I owe you no explanation witch!

Seer: Get them you fools!

Wyatt: Trevor free Dominic! I'll take care of these guys! (With a wave of his hands he starts blowing up demons)

Dom: Trevor, use a releasing spell!

Trevor: And what spell is that?

Dom: Ties that hold one together now release and free its prisoner!

Trevor: Ties that hold one together now release and free its prisoner! (Just then Dominic's hands are freed!) Why didn't it work when you said it?

Dom: I was in the ties so I couldn't say it, I'll get Chris out of here!

Trevor: (Turning and becoming face to face with Tatum) I thought you were different! But your just like all the other demons!

Tatum: I wanted no part in hurting your brother! It was Dominic we wanted!

Trevor: It makes no difference, if we hadn't come when we did you certainly would have killed him! I didn't want to vanquish you before but now all bets are off! (He waves his hand and Tatum is sent flying. Tatum looks up at him from the ground and shimmers out!)

Wyatt: (To the Seer) This isn't over! I will find out who you are, and when I do there will be hell to pay!

Seer: Another time then! (She smiles and shimmers out of there!)

Wyatt: Trevor are you alright?

Trevor: Ya, I'm just really confused. Dominic took Chris home lets go see if their alright!

The Manor-

Chris: (opening his eyes) Owe my head!

Dom: You're alright you crazy man! What were you thinking coming alone?

Wyatt: (Entering the living room) I would like to know the same thing! You both are getting reckless and if it continues someone is going to get killed!

Chris: I didn't have time to think! But we need to end this and I know how!

Dom: Coronus! I always wondered who was pulling the strings for Raven!

Wyatt: Then we finish this! But this is the last time I'm going to say this Chris, you go out into a dangerous situation without us knowing, or without back up, your in for a world of pain!

Chris: Fine!

Seer's Lair-

Seer: Why would you come Tatum! You could have ruined everything?

Tatum: Mother I had to go! I had to make sure you didn't get hurt, and that just in case the charmed ones found out, I could make sure nothing happened to Trevor!

Seer: Now we must hope that they deal with Coronus! For if they don't a trail will lead back to us, and Lord Saajohn will start to ask questions!

Tatum: What about Dominic?

Seer: Now you must be extra careful around him, give him no reason for alarm! And when another opportunity arises we will kill him!


The Manor-

Wyatt: (Handing Trevor bottles of potions) These replicate my blowing up power. Just throw them at every demon you can!

Trevor: Got It!

Chris: Alright, so Dominic will go in first, alone, to make sure Coronus calls out all his men, then we kill them all! This should stop anyone from coming after you again Dominic!

Dom: You know I really have to thank you guys for everything, I mean I have only know you two (Looking at Trevor and Wyatt) for a short time and you guys have done so much for me already!

Wyatt: You can thank us when we all get out of this safely!

Chris: You're an innocent its what we do! Alright so everyone ready? (Looking around and everyone nods yes) Then lets do this!

Coronus Lair-

Coronus: The Seer failed! One witch, one simple task and no one can complete it! That's it when you want something done you must do it yourself!

Dom: (Entering the cave) You sure are going through a lot of men, just to catch me!

Coronus: Finally! I knew you would eventually wind up before me, albeit I was hoping it would be your head body, but now I will have the pleasure of killing you myself!

Dom: What say you if I brought hmm, I don't know company with me?

Coronus: The charmed ones! Here, in the underworld to see me! If it's a battle you want, a battle you shall have! (Just then lines of men start to enter the cave standing in front Coronus)

Dom: Is that all you've got? Boys, its show time! (The guys enter)

Chris: If you want him you have to go through all of us!

Coronus: I wouldn't have it any other way! Kill them all, but save him for me! (Just then Trevor starts to throw bottles of potions blowing up demons as the bottles hit them. Wyatt waves his hands blowing up more. Chris and Dominic start to fight some, Dominic creates an athema does a spin into one of the demons and stabs his chest killing him, another one grabs him from behind, Dominic flips him over his shoulders and he lands on his back and he stabs him in the chest. A demon attacks Chris with an axe, Chris grabs the axe flips the guy around, slide kicks him knocking him off his feet and then brings the axe down on him. Coronus comes face to face with Dominic!)

Coronus: (Dominic tries to stab him but nothing happens) Did you think a little knife would kill me?

Dom: Wasn't sure, but I had to try!

Coronus: So witty, to bad you must die now! (He grabs Dominic's hand and turns the athema around and stabs him, Dominic's body is pressed against his as he jabs the athema all the way in) Night, night!

Chris: No! Dominic! (Trevor sees this and waves his hand sending Coronus flying against the cave wall)

Wyatt: (Blowing up two last demons) Come on guys the spell!

They Guys: Powers of us witches three, we ask that you come and set us free, take this demon from our midst, to a place of torture not bliss! (Coronus explodes in a dark cloud)

Chris: Dominic! Wyatt heal him please!

Wyatt: (Putting his hands on him heals his wound!) Its ok he's back in the land of the living!

Dom: Ok, I don't want to do that again!

Chris: I don't want you to either!

Trevor: Well its over now, can we go home now its nearly 6am and I've had enough excitement for one day! (Laughing)


Wyatt: Chris so how did you do on your test?

Chris: (Rubbing his hand on his shirt) I got an A of course!

Wyatt: Good for you! How is Dominic doing now that he's a free man?

Chris: He's great, he should be here any minuet!

Wyatt: You two getting pretty close huh?

Chris: It is what it is yo!

Trevor: (Comes walking up) Hey you guys I went over everything we have on Tatum and...

Chris: (Interrupting) Bro give it a rest! That's tomorrows problem lets just have some fun tonight!

Trevor: This is serious, we need to figure out who she was working with. I have a theory...

Wyatt: (Interrupting) Look Trev, I'm with Chris on this one, will start working on that tomorrow!

Trevor: (Looking annoyed) You know grams said not to keep anything bottled in, so I'm just going to say your both jerks! (Gets up to leave)

Wyatt: Trevor, stop listen we understand we want to get to the bottom of this too, But were worn out, and were pretty much useless when we're worn out!

Trevor: Well I'm not going to wait for one of you guys to get killed before I do something! All of these pieces are starting to connect, I think whoever was after me has something to do with the mystery woman, and Tatum. And I'm going to find the connection! (Walks away)

Wyatt: Trevor come back!

Chris: Let him go Wyatt, you know how we get when were on a mission!

Wyatt: Ya, but I don't want him acting like you and running off half cocked!

Chris: He doesn't even know how to get to the underworld. So he learns some stuff using the book, its better for him in the long run. We cant control everything he does!

Wyatt: Wow, you're really getting the hang of being a middle brother!

Chris: I'm still a brat so it all works out!

Dom: (Walking up) Hey guys, sorry I'm late, but for the first time in a long time, I could actually walk freely, not looking over my shoulders!

Chris: I like your rear view too!

Dom: Someone needs to teach you some manners!

Wyatt: Good luck with that!

Dom: Where's Trevor?

Chris: On a one man mission!

The Manor-

Trevor: Hear these words here my cry spirit from the other side come to me I summon thee cross now the great divide! (In a swirl of lights grams appears)

Grams: Hello my love!

Trevor: Hi grams, I'm sorry to bother you I just needed to talk!

Grams: Honey its no bother at all, I'm always here for you!

Trevor: Its just well, I know I'm new to this, but I have great instincts and they usually never let me down!

Grams: And you feel like your brothers are standing in the way!

Trevor: Exactly! It's like my opinion doesn't count because I don't have enough vanquishes under my belt!

Grams: Then trust your instincts, let them guide you. You know your mother and her sisters had to learn the hard way, just as you are, your brothers were born and raised magically. I'm really proud of the way your coming along. And don't think for a second they aren't!

Trevor: I know, really I do. But they cant keep acting like their the leaders and I'm the follower. Because I have always been in charge of myself, and there just suppressing me to the point that I feel like I don't even have a breath left!

Grams: Give them time, and talk to them, sometimes people cant see what their doing, they think there taking care of you when really their stopping you from moving forward. I promise you it will get better with time!

Trevor: Thanks grams, it's so nice to be able to talk to you, were just so much alike, you really get me!

Grams: Your mother was just like me it is no wonder you would be the same! Now, I have a question for you, why haven't you moved into the Manor yet?

Trevor: Honestly, no one has asked, and well, I feel like if they did ask it would be for all the wrong reasons!

Grams: They really want you to move in, your mother and father want that very badly! They want the chance to really have you be apart of their lives!

Trevor: Could have fooled me!

Grams: Trevor, what do you want?

Trevor: I want a life with them, free of just being about the charmed ones! One were I feel like they want me for me!

Grams: Honey, they do! I know this, I hear your mothers cries at night! You don't know this but your brothers have talked about this plenty of times already, their just afraid you think they are only asking for the reasons you have already said!

Trevor: Well, if one of them does ask me, maybe I will say yes! I really do want to be apart of this family, in more of a family way, than just a magical one!

Grams: Follow your heart honey! Trust in your family! Now, if there is nothing else I will be on my way, we have a great game of chess going on!

Trevor: (Laughing) That is just so weird to know, so I'm going to try not to think to much about it! Thanks for everything grams!

Grams: I love you sweetheart, Blessed be!

Trevor: Blessed be! (In a swirl of lights she disappears)

Piper: (Leo and Piper walk in from listening at the door way) Trevor, do you really feel that way?

Trevor: You heard!

Leo: Son, we love you, we want you here with us, living with us, not because you complete the power of three, but because you're our son!

Piper: We just didn't want to pressure you, we thought if we gave you a little room to get to know us better first, the rest would just fall into place!

Trevor: I'm sorry, I guess I'm just a bit sensitive, and read into things to much!

Piper: (Hugging him) I wish I knew exactly what were suppose to say, or do, but it isn't that simple!

Leo: But if you'll have us, we would love to have you move in!

Trevor: (Tears running down his face) I don't want to be apart from you guys again! I love the feelings I have now, you know, thinking of you guys, knowing you exist, actually having a family to worry about, all these feelings are new to me, I'm just scared I guess, that I'm the only one feeling them! (Chris and Wyatt walk in)

Chris and Wyatt: Your not the only one!

Chris: We love you bro!

Wyatt: We love having you as a brother, you're a tie breaker now, I don't have to do what Chris wants anymore!

Chris: Now Wyatt doesn't have to just ride my ass anymore, he has you!

Trevor: I wish you guys could have told me this before!

Wyatt: So are you going to move in or what?

Trevor: Only if you guys are going to help me move my stuff in!

Chris: Deal!

Piper: Finally all my boys in one house!

Leo: Curfew is at 11pm from now on!

The guys: Dad!

Next day at the Manor-

Trevor: That's the last box!

Chris: For a small apartment you sure do have a lot of stuff!

Trevor: I'm a compulsive pack rat, what can I say!

Piper: Hey guys come here and stand in front of the manor I want to take a picture of the three of you!

Wyatt: Mom!

Piper: Don't mom me, get your asses over here already! Wyatt in the middle, Chris you on the left of Wyatt and Trevor you on the Right! Stand closer, closer, perfect! (Snap) Thank you! I know exactly where I'm going to put this!

Trevor: Where?

Piper: Right in between the one of Prue and Phoebe and me, and the one with Paige, Phoebe and me! The three sets of charmed ones!

Chris: Did you make the lemonade mom?

Piper: Yes, lets go get some!

Wyatt: (Trevor, Chris and I walk into the house after my mother we stand in the door way!) This is once you enter there is no leaving!

Chris: You sure your ready for this?

Trevor: I cant think of anywhere else I would rather be! (They walk in and I walk in last, I stand in front of the open door and then wave my finger closing it!)


Later that day at the Manor-


Prue: Piper, if she had listen to me to begin with about Balthazar, she would have never went to the underworld and I wouldn't have died!

Piper: Your right, but we cant change the fact that she did! I'm just happy your back! Now please for me, just stay and see them when they get here!

Prue: I just don't want there to be this awkwardness, they're here to meet Trevor!

Piper: They're your sisters, they have a right to know you're alive!

Prue: Your so stubborn!

Piper: You taught me how to be! So your staying and that's final!

Prue: Fine!

Trevor's room-

Trevor: (Chris and I are laying in the bed as Chris orbs all of my clothes into drawers, and all the belongs in to different spots in the room) Doesn't that fall under the whole personal gain thingy!

Chris: I wont tell anyone if you don't!

Trevor: I get to lay down while my stuff gets put away, you actually think I'm going to tell anyone! (I wave my hand and move things around the room)

Wyatt: (Walking in) Hey guys...that's so personal gain!

Chris: He's practicing his powers!

Wyatt: (Jumping on the bed) This is going to be fun! Having you here!

Trevor: It already is starting to feel like home!

Wyatt: Good! Are you excited to meet the aunts?

Trevor: I am! So which aunt do you think each of us is more like?

Chris: Easy! Wyatt is just like Phoebe, your just like Prue, and I'm more like Paige!

Wyatt: No way, Trevor is like mom, your like phoebe, and I'm like Prue!

Trevor: I think I'm more like mom, but then again I don't know the aunts! So if no one knows about you know what, where do you guys have sex at?

Chris: Wyatt, used to always do it with Andre in his room. Used to say he was tutoring him!

Wyatt: Like your so innocent! Just remember always close your vent, cause you can hear everything through them, its how we always know when were in trouble!

Chris: Why you going to bring Cory here and do it?

Trevor: Well, I have never been to his place, and he never asks me to either! But I don't want to stop having sex!

Chris: So are you a top or a bottom?

Trevor: I've mostly been the top with him! What about you guys?

Chris: I can go both ways, depends on the mood I'm in!

Wyatt: I don't kiss and tell!

Chris: He's a top!

Trevor: I figured as much, he likes to be in control way to much not to!

Wyatt: Shut up before I top both of you!

Trevor: Ok don't get me horny now, don't want my pants tenting up!

Chris: One day Wyatt your going to use that threat and actually have to go through with it!

Wyatt: I just might!

Trevor: Hello, I said stop now look what you've done, I'm hard!

Prue: (Knocking on the half way open door) I don't even want to know what you guys were talking about!

Wyatt: Aunt Prue! Its just guy stuff, no big deal!

Prue: So your mom has been shouting for you guys to get down for ten minuets now!

Chris: She sent you to get us?

Prue: No, I got tired of hearing her yelling so I came up!


Trevor: Wow, I guess I'm officially a Halliwell now!

Prue: You guys better go!


Piper: (Fixing Chris's hair) I just want everything perfect!

Chris: Mom, cut it out, I'm not five!

Trevor: Now I know I'm just like her, that's exactly how I get when I want everything to go right! (Paige and Phoebe orb in)

Paige: How many times do I have to say sorry!

Phoebe: Piper! (Hugs her) Its so good to see you!

Piper: Phoebe, ok I did just see you yesterday! What are you to arguing about?

Paige: I accidentally orbed her into the bathroom while Henry was using it!

Phoebe: Can we just forget about it already! So, what's this emergency get together all about?

Piper: Guys come in here! (Chris and Wyatt walk in, they all hug) Trevor get your butt in here!

Trevor: (I was so nervous I couldn't move!)

Paige: Trevor?

Phoebe: Who's Trevor?

Piper: I want you to meet my son, Trevor!

Phoebe: What, your son?

Paige: Do we have another nephew coming from the future?

Piper: No actually this one is from the past! Guys go get your brother, I`ll fill them in!

Chris: (Walking into the next room) What's wrong with you?

Trevor: I cant move my legs!

Wyatt: Do you want us to carry you?

Trevor: No, its just, I'm shy I guess!

Chris: There not going to bite!

Trevor: What if they don't like me!

Wyatt: What's not to like!

Trevor: Your just saying that cause you're my brother!

Chris: They like me, and I'm your twin!

Trevor: Alright! Now, that I've acted like a drama queen!

Wyatt: All hail the queen is in the house!

Trevor: Thanks that makes me feel much better! (I walk into the next room, and these two woman run to me and hug me, it was the sweetest thing) Air, cant, breath!

Piper: Don't kill him!

Phoebe: I cant believe this, wow you really do look like grandpa!

Paige: If you ever need to talk, I'm here for you, I can relate to finding your siblings later in life!

Trevor: Thanks, I'll remember that!

Piper: I have one more surprise for you guys! (Shouting into the air) You can come down now! (Prue orbs in)

Phoebe: Oh, my God, is it really you! (Runs to her and hugs her) I cant believe this, Prue, I'm so sorry its all my fault you died, if I had just listened to you...

Prue: Everything happens for a reason, and look you never would have found Paige if I hadn't died! (Walks over and gives Paige a hug) Hi, Paige, its good to finally meet you!

Paige: Wow, now we've seen some magic in our time, but this tops it all!

Trevor: (We sat there talking for hours, hearing them tell stories of past experiences, they are an amazing bunch of people! My mind wondered in and out, thinking about Tatum and that woman, I knew I was on to something, and I wanted to see it through. I didn't want to spoil anyone's day, so I waited till they all left, I said my goodnights, went into my room) I hope this works! Aunt Prue! Prue!

Prue: What's the matter?

Trevor: I need you to orb me down to the underworld!

Prue: Ok! Where are your brothers?

Trevor: Its just me!

Prue: Do you think its wise for you to go down into the underworld alone?

Trevor: I'm not alone I have you!

Prue: That's a bad idea!

Trevor: Come on! I'm asking you as my white lighter, please, no better yet I'm asking you as my Aunt, the same way you would want to protect your sisters, I want to protect my brothers!

Prue: Fine, but one sign of trouble and were out of there!

End Chapter-