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Subject: The Charmed Sons

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Chapter 4- Halloween

( ) Personal thoughts




The underworld-

Trevor: (Prue and I are standing behind a rock looking over at 3 demons)

Prue: I cant believe I let you talk me into this!

Trevor: What are you worried about, you're already dead, so they cant kill you!

Prue: That's so not the point!

Trevor: I have it under control. This demon might be able to lead us to who Tatum is working for and or with!

Prue: You said that about the last three demons we went after!

Trevor: Would you rather us, wait to be attacked? Because if we don't do anything that's exactly what's gong to happen! (Just then 2 demons shimmer out leaving 1, I run from behind the rock raise my hand upwards, making the demon float in the air)

Credo: What is the meaning of this! Let me down!

Trevor: I don't think so! I have some questions for you!

Credo: What makes you think I would answer?

Trevor: Oh, I don't know how about this! (I wave my hand sending the demon against the wall hard, then wave my hand again taking the demon upwards and then again weave my hand bringing him down to the ground!) I can do this all day, I'm not even tired yet!

Credo: You'll get nothing out of me!

Trevor: That's not the only trick I have up my sleeve! (Two demons appear behind me one grabs me, Prue, grabs a good size rock and hit's the demon on the head) Lets get out of here now!

Trevor: Orb the demon with us Prue! (She touches Credo and me and orbs to the attic. I wave my hand and a box of crystals comes flying at me, I set them on the floor around Credo) Now you'll talk! (I use a crystal to zap Credo)

Credo: (Screams) Ok, ok what do you want to know?

Trevor: Who is Tatum working for?

Credo: I cant tell you that, I will be killed if I tell you!

Trevor: (I zap him again) I think you have more pressing things to worry about, like what I'm going to do to you!

Credo: (Breathing heavily) You don't understand what will happen to me!

Prue: Trevor, move on ask him something else!

Trevor: Fine, who is the woman working with Tatum?

Credo: She's just as bad, and she will know if I told you!

Trevor: (Zapping him for a longer period of time) I'm not playing with you, either talk or I will vanquish you myself!

Credo: Alright, (Breathing heavily) alright I will talk. Its Tatum's mother!

Trevor: His mother! (Just then Credo is engulfed in fire and explodes) What the hell was that? (Just then Wyatt comes in)

Wyatt: What were you doing?

Trevor: Nothing!

Wyatt: Aunt Prue, what's going on here?

Trevor: I said nothing! I was just following a lead is all!

Wyatt: How did that demon get here?

Prue: I orbed him here!

Wyatt: From where?

Trevor: Look, I had aunt Prue take me to the underworld! We followed some leads that led us to Credo!

Wyatt: Aunt Prue, what would you take him down to the underworld?

Trevor: Stop asking her questions, this was my idea! (Just then I so badly wanted to be in my room away from Wyatt, when suddenly I was)

Wyatt: Trevor, are you ok?

Prue: I think he just astral projected himself, that's exactly the way it used to happen to me!

Trevor: (I suddenly left my room and was back in the attic) Oh, oh, did I just orb?

Prue: No, but you did just astral project yourself!

Trevor: I am so going to love that power!

Prue: It was one of my favorites! I'll practice it with you!

Wyatt: Can we get back to what we were talking about!

Trevor: Whatever!

Wyatt: Trevor, I'm just worried about you!

Trevor: I cant take care of myself, plus I found out that the woman is Tatum's mother!

Wyatt: Why couldn't you just have one of us go with you guys? What if something happened to you or aunt Prue for that matter?

Trevor: I had it covered, and here we are all in one piece!

Wyatt: (Looking annoyed) That's not the point! We're a team, we do things together!

Trevor: Ya, cause you and Chris include me in everything you guys do! (Chris enters)

Chris: What's all the racket?

Wyatt: Trevor and Prue went down to the underworld, caught a demon and brought him back here! What's that you said Chris "he doesn't know how to get to the underworld"

Chris: Nice job Trev!

Wyatt: You guys, we said we would stick together, and now I have Chris running off by himself, and now you Trevor! It isn't the power of one, it's the power of three!

Trevor: You're right, but I wouldn't have done this if I thought it was more than I could handle, I took aunt Prue so if I needed to get out fast she would orb us out!

Wyatt: Look, I know you're use to doing things on your own, but now you have family, you need to learn to rely on us!

Trevor: And you guys need to learn to trust my instincts too, it's a two way street!

Wyatt: Alright, so we meet in the middle, just please let me know what your doing from now on!

Trevor: Deal, so let me show you what I have come up with!

Cory's apt-

Dom: (I followed Cory to his apt, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and sun glasses, so I could spy on him! Cory, leaves his apt. I follow behind, Cory turns into an alley, stops and turns around, so I keep walking by so as to go unseen. I turn back around and creep to the alley, look inside and Cory is no where to be seen, I go into the alley and stand in the middle looking all around) Damn it, I know he came in here, where the hell did he go!

Cory: (I shimmer in behind him) Why are you following me?

Dom: (Looking guilty) oh, Cory hey, I, um, I wasn't following you, I came to ask you if you wanted to get something to eat! I saw you leave your apartment and tried to catch up to you!

Cory: (Rolling his eye) I'm busy! (Starts to walk away)

Dom: Com on it will be fun, we can get to know each other better, we are dating brothers!

Cory: Fine!

In the underworld-

Troilus: (I stand with my hands held out in front of me, trying to push an invisible barrier) My hour is at hand! Do you have everything ready Manos?

Manos: Yes the spell is ready, and I have placed the medallions at the five points of the pentagram!

Troilus: Very good, the medallions will ensure that all white lighter powers no longer work!

Manos: Master is well prepared!

Troilus: The planets are aligning! We have one chance, on this Hollow's eve, everything must go right, and I shall be freed from this prison. I shall have my revenge on the white lighter that put me here! He shall pay, they all shall! (Laughing a sinister laugh)

Manos: It is time my master!

Troilus: (Taking an athema, he slices his left hand and allows the blood to run down into the center of the pentagram) I Troilus call upon the powers of the ancient ones, free me from this prison, grant me the power I need to open up the ground and let fear run its course so that I may become strong once again! On this auspicious day of all hollows eve, as the plants now align so brake this barrier that I may reek havoc on the mortals. (Shouting, as the ground starts to tremble) Give me the power! Set me free! (With a big bang the barrier explodes in a bright light) (San Francisco has an earth quake)

Manos: It worked master you are free again!

Troilus: So I am, now I shall begin my terror!

Fade out:

Fade in:

Opening Credits Roll.

We see different parts of San Francisco during the day while the song "Monster Mash" plays in the background. We see the front of the Halliwell manor!

Trevor: (I astral projected myself into two, I was trying to move a chair with my astral self) Come on move! (I wave my hand again and again, but nothing happens!)

Chris: (Entering the sunroom) When did we become triplets?

Trevor: (Laughing, I become one with my astral self) I'm trying to use my powers with my astral self, I figured we need the power boost!

Chris: Not working so well huh?

Trevor: I'll get it, I read this book that aunt Prue gave me on astral projecting, I just need to focus myself!

Chris: So what's up with you and Cory?

Trevor: I don't know he's been acting weird lately. I asked him about going on that double date with you and Dominic and he almost bit my head off. What's up with them?

Chris: (Looking guilty) Nothing that I know of! (Bury my head in one of my school books)
Trevor: Guilty, party of one your table is ready! (An earth quake happens, everything begins to shake, things fall over)

Chris: Are you alright?

Trevor: Ya, that was cool, I love earth quakes! (Wyatt enters)

Wyatt: You guys ok?

Chris: Ya, were fine, you?

Wyatt: Well I tried to orb something just now and my powers weren't working, try yours!

Trevor: (Waving my hand I send a pillow flying at Chris) Mine are fine!

Chris: (I call for a pillow) Pillow! What the hell is going on?

Wyatt: I think it has something to do with the earth quake! (Shouting into the air) Aunt Prue, Prue we need you!

Trevor: If you lost your powers, maybe she cant orb either?

Wyatt: Let's check the book! (As we walk up stairs there is a knock on the front door) Aunt Prue, this is your house too, since when do you need to knock?

Prue: Since I fell out of the sky on you're the front lawn!

Chris: (Laughing) I wish I could have saw that!

Prue: (Giving him a dirty look) All of our white lighter powers are gone! This Halloween, all of the plants align, which causes a shift in the planet, hence the earth quake!

Trevor: How long does that last?

Prue: Till midnight tonight! Which means were vulnerable till then!

Wyatt: So no healing powers, we are going to need to be ready for anything!

Prue: We should get potions ready, to be on the safe side!


Troilus's cave-

Troilus: Now to begin! (Raising my hands up and a misty black colored smoke comes out of them) Soon my mist shall make their worst nightmares come to be. Their fear shall become my strength, the more fear I have the more powerful I become! (Laughing a sinister laugh)
Manos: Master is very smart indeed! (Rubs his hands together)

Troilus: (Bring his hands down) Now let us watch as the nightmares begin! (They walk over to what looks like a well, but is filled to the top with water, images appear on the surface of a man having tarantulas crawling all over him. Then another of a woman in a room with snakes surrounding her, and then biting her and she falls to the floor. A misty red colored smoke comes into Troilus's body he breaths in heavily) Yes, yes more I need more!

The Manor-

Wyatt: (Looking through the book) There is nothing in here!

Trevor: Well, what are you looking for exactly?

Prue: Have you finished the potions Chris?

Wyatt: I'm looking for anything that can help us on this day, we never know what's in the book! Sometimes we add spells, sometimes the book does it on its own!

Chris: I think I have covered every base, freezing power, exploding power, a stun potion, and one that is so strong I don't even want to be holding it!

Prue: Good!

Trevor: Prue are you ok?

Prue: Something just feels really wrong and earth quakes are just bad omens!

Trevor: I love earth quakes!

Prue: That's because you didn't know things tend to be freed in them!

Trevor: Things freed?

Chris: Oh just some sort of apocalyptic demon, bent on mayhem and destruction!

Trevor: Oh! ( Leo come walking in. But just then Trevor sees Tatum shimmer in behind Chris, he snaps Chris's neck and laughs) Chris no! (He runs over to Chris's body puts his head on his lap) Wyatt, help him, do something!

(Everyone is just staring at me) Why aren't you doing anything, heal him!

Chris: Trevor what is wrong with you? (Smacks him on the face)

Trevor: Ow, what the hell did you do that for? (Looking up) Chris your ok, but that's not possible!

Chris: What just happened? You were yelling and acting like something happened to me!

Trevor: But something did! Tatum was here, he snapped your neck, I watched you die and neither of them would help me!

Wyatt: Ok, does anyone have any idea what's going on?

Prue: How should I know, I saw what you saw! (All of the sudden they hear yelling from outside and a car crash, they all run to the window!)

Wyatt: Its like a war zone out there!

Trevor: Maybe what just happened to me is happening to all of them! Look! (They see a werewolf chasing someone, a swarm of bee's attacking a girl!)

Leo: Oh no!

Chris: Oh no's are never good, spill it!

Leo: I have seen this before, but it cant be, he's trapped!

Wyatt: Who's trapped?

Leo: Troilus!

Chris: With a name like that how bad can he be!

Trevor: Which window did you look out of! Guys it looked and felt so real, if he's doing that to people we have a really big problem!

Wyatt: Who is this Troilus?

Leo: He's a powerful demon, feeds off the fears of others, by making their nightmares a reality. A long time ago, he had become so powerful, left cities in ruins, no witch could stop him, so me and a bunch of other white lighters trapped him in a cave in the underworld. We created a barrier that should have held him forever!

Chris: So forever is today!

Wyatt: So the earth quake today freed him?

Prue: No it has to be this day, with the planets aligned, he has to have found a way to get out!

Trevor: Ok so what do we do, how can we get a bunch of white lighters to trap him again?

Prue: There is no way, with white lighter powers down! (Just then Prue is standing in the middle of a field Wyatt, Chris and Trevor are being burned alive at the stake, and bodies upon bodies are all around her, the bodies are of all of her charges!) NO! (Crying and falling on her knees) It cant be, I failed you, I failed you all!

Wyatt: Prue, snap our of it! Its not real! Prue!

Chris: (Smacks her) Here this should do it!

Trevor: I think your enjoying that too much Chris!

Prue: Oh my God that was horrible!

Chris: What I didn't hit you that hard!

Wyatt: What did you see?

Prue: You guys were burning at the stake, I could smell your flesh, and all my charges were dead, my heart was about to stop!

Wyatt: We need to do something and quickly!

Downtown restaurant-

Dom: (We were leaving the restaurant when all these people started going crazy, running through the streets, a cop is about to shoot someone that is not really there!)
Cop: You were my best fried! How could you sleep with my wife? (Shoots)

Dom: What the hell is going on?

Cory: Did everyone take a crazy pill today? (I turn and see my reflection in the window of the restaurant behind me, I'm no longer Cory I've become Tatum) Oh my God, it cant be, how can this be? You'll never have the chance to tell! (I pick up Dominic and throw him on to a patio table)

Dom: Cory, what is wrong with you? And how the hell did you do that?

Cory: You bastard! You think your going to ruin everything for me! It will never happen! (I rush Dominic and land on top of him. I start wrestling, Dominic gets on top of me and starts to smack my face)

Dom: Cory, snap out of it!

Cory: W-what, you called me Cory!

Dom: Well that's your name!

Cory: (Getting up I look into the window and see that I'm me again, I pat my face) I'm me!

Dom: So you want to tell me who you thought you were?

Cory: Um, I turned into a monster!

Dom: What were you talking about, what did you think I was going to ruin?

Cory: I, I don't know everything happened so fast, it wasn't real, it was all just in my head!

Dom: Lets get you home, you'll be safer there!

Troilus's cave-

Troilus: Manos, I am almost at full power. Now go, find the white lighter bring him to me!

Manos: Yes master!

Troilus: (Looking in the well he sees Leo) Here he is, all scared. He will know the true meaning of being scared soon enough!

Manos: Master has big plans for him!

Troilus: Yes now go, bring him to me at once!


The manor-

Wyatt: I've checked and rechecked the book there is nothing on Troilus!

Prue: We need to find a way to stop him. Wyatt, if this goes on any longer..

Wyatt: It wont, will find a way!

Prue: If all the witches were unable to stop him last time!

Wyatt: But they didn't have the power of three before!

Prue: What if its not enough?

Wyatt: You have to have faith in us, your pretty shaken up, stay positive!

In the living room-

Trevor: Get in here Chris!

Chris: Its getting worse out there! (We hear a loud crash coming from upstairs)

Trevor: Wyatt! Chris upstairs, come on! (Manos has crashed through the window. Knocking Wyatt to the floor)

Manos: The master wants you white lighter!

Leo: I'm not a white lighter!

Prue: I'm the white lighter!

Leo: What are you doing?

Prue: (Manos grabs her and flies out the window)

Trevor: (Running to the window) Prue!

Chris: (Helping Wyatt up) Who was that?

Wyatt: He told her the master wants her. He must be working for Troilus!

Trevor: We have to save her! (Dominic shimmers in)

Dom: Ok, everyone is losing it out there!

Chris: Earthquake, freed demon, nightmares unleashed, kidnapped my aunt Prue! Did I leave anything out?

Dom: You have such a way with words!

Wyatt: Dad your going to magic school now! Mom is with the aunts so she should be fine!

Leo: I want to help!

Wyatt: Dad please!

Leo: Fine! (Walks out)

Chris: So how do we find this Troilus? (Just then a killer appears in the attic, wearing a mask, he is holding a machete.) AHHH, run!

Trevor: (Waves his hand at the killer) My powers aren't working on him! (everyone runs out of the attic)

Chris: (I run into my room, I look under the bed) No, not under the bed, that's the first place I would look! It would be so much easier if I could orb! (I hear foot steps outside my door) Damn! (I go into the closet. Whispering to myself) The closet, smart real smart, there is a killer in the house and now I'm trapped! (I hear them walking in the bedroom, I start to breath heavy, I see the door knob being turned, the door opens slowly I scream at the same time Dominic screams!) Oh my God!

Dom: Ok, you not suppose to be hiding in the closet screaming like a little girl!

Chris: I was here first! And didn't you see how scary he is. For an assassin you were yelling pretty loud yourself!


Trevor: (I'm looking for a place to hide, I go into the sunroom and hide behind the curtain.)

Wyatt: (I walk into the sunroom and see feet sticking out the bottom of the curtain, I walk over and grab the body)

Trevor: (Screaming) Y-you jerk, I thought I was dead!

Wyatt: (Laughing) Who hides behind a curtain?

Trevor: I had to think quickly!

Wyatt: Astral yourself and see where the killer is?

Trevor: What if he kills my astral self?

Wyatt: Just astral back into your real body!

Trevor: Fine, but if I get killed, I'm coming back to haunt you! (I astral project myself into two.) Here goes nothing! (I walk upstairs I enter my bedroom and look, no one is there, I walk over to Wyatt's room again no one is there. Over to Chris's room I enter I hear something so I walk in to see what it is as I get in front of the closet door, the killer comes into the room and comes straight at me, I move backwards till I'm up against the window, the killer raises his machete and moves at a fast pace to kill me, I put up my hands and scream and then astral back into my body. All of the sudden we hear a crash in the backyard. Chris and Dominic come running downstairs)

Chris: Is he dead?

Trevor: I think so!

Wyatt: What happened?

Trevor: He tried to cut me into bloody pieces! Instead he went flying out the window! While these two were hiding out in a closet playing kissing games!

Chris: Hey now, it was either under the bed or the closet!

Wyatt: How did we all see the same thing?

Trevor: Maybe Troilus made us all see the same thing, so we wouldn't be able to help aunt Prue!

Wyatt: Prue, how are we going to help her?

Troilus cave-

Prue: (I'm chained to the cave wall)

Troilus: Now, now don't struggle, first you will watch as I come to full power, then you will watch the ones you love die, and then I will imprison you here for eternity!

Prue: My family will stop you!

Troilus: As we speck your family is running for their lives!

Prue: What did you do?

Troilus: I just made their nightmares materialize!

Prue: How do you plan on keeping me trapped down here for eternity?

Troilus: I have had years thanks to Leo, to perfect a way to keep him trapped here, watching through my magic well, all the innocent lives doomed for his crimes!

Prue: You monster! His crimes, you killed so many people did you think he would just stand by and allow it?

Troilus: White lighter are suppose to be passive, instead he took it upon himself to keep me trapped like a rat in a cage!

Prue: How did you free yourself?

Troilus: Wouldn't you like to know!

Prue: What do you have to lose, your going to lock me away down here!

Troilus: How very right you are! No harm in telling you then!

The manor-

Wyatt: She has to be somewhere in the underworld!

Trevor: Then let's go, will search for her down there!

Dom: I can shimmer us one at a time, but what will we do when we find them?

Chris: We can tray all the potions we have, if that doesn't work I don't know!

Wyatt: Lets get Prue out first, see if she learned anything while she was with him!

Dom: Ok who's first! (One by one I shimmer them to the underworld)

Wyatt: We all need to be careful remember I don't have the power to heal! (We walk through cave upon cave looking when all of the sudden Tatum appear)

Trevor: Don't worry guys its not real see! (I put my hand on him to demonstrate that he isn't real, and then I'm shocked to learn it really is him) Oh, sorry didn't mean to put my hand on you! (Moving back quickly)

Dom: What are you doing here?

Tatum: I have come to help you!

Trevor: And why would you want to go and do something like that?

Tatum: Both our worlds are falling out of sink, demons have begun performing acts of kindness!

Trevor: Is that what your doing now, acting out a nightmare?

Tatum: Despite what you may think, I don't want any harm to come to you!

Chris: Why is that exactly?

Wyatt: It doesn't matter we can use all the help we can right now! Do you know where Troilus is?

Tatum: This way! (Turning to Trevor) Stay close to me! (We enter into a darker part of a cave with a little light showing from a room up ahead!) Through there!

Wyatt: Do you know how to stop him?

Tatum: No one knows how to stop him!

Trevor: We're not no one, we are the Charmed Ones!

Tatum: Maybe the power lies in you three!

Chris: That's it the power of three!

Wyatt: Just maybe that will be enough, lets go!

Tatum: This is as far as I go!

Trevor: I thought you were here to help?

Tatum: I can not take the chance of being caught helping the charmed ones!

Trevor: What are you so scared of?

Tatum: If you only knew, you would then understand! (Shimmers out)

Trevor: What is his deal!

Chris: Come on! (We slowly walk up and look into the cave, we see Prue in chains, and Manos taunting her with a stick)

Wyatt: Trevor, you distract him, while Dominic you shimmer Prue out of here!

Trevor: Ok! (I astral project myself behind Troilus) Hey nightmare man!

Troilus: How did you find me?

Trevor: I called 411 directory service!

Manos: No master! (Runs over)

Troilus: No, Manos, they are trying to free the white lighter! (I hold my hands so that a mist floats out towards each one of them! While trying to free Prue, everyone is hit with the mist and there nightmares start to come true)

Dom: (I start stabbing Chris, he falls into my arms, I start crying) What have I done? Chris please you cant die on me, I-I'm so sorry, they made me kill you, I thought I could get away from being the phoenix, but I wasn't strong enough!

Chris: (I see Wyatt, transform into an evil Wyatt, wearing all black, his hair is shoulder length. Evil Wyatt, uses his hands to magically grab Trevor sends him flying against the ceiling, hold him there and chokes him till his body falls limp to the floor) Why, he was out brother?

Evil Wyatt: He wouldn't join me, and if you don't I will do the same to you!

Chris: But you were saved from turning evil how is this possible!

Evil Wyatt: I was always evil little brother!

Wyatt: (I watch as everyone seems to have fallen under the spell of Troilus. I look on in horror as each one is either yelling or crying. I then see a hooded demon throwing fireballs at each of my brothers turning them to ashes) No! You killed them! (I run to the ashes of my brothers, I fall to my knees) I failed you both, I watched as you were killed and I couldn't protect you guys! (Screaming, my chest is heaving, my muscles are bulging) Ahhh! NO! (I stand to my feet) You will pay for killing them! (I raise my hands they begin to glow an orange color)

Troilus: How can this be, I am not apart of your nightmare!

Wyatt: DIE! (I hold my hands palm out facing Troilus, and my hands send out a burst of energy that incinerate Troilus and Manos.) AHH! (Trevor and Chris snap out of their nightmares and run over to Wyatt)

Chris: Its ok Wyatt!

Trevor: You did what you had to do!

Wyatt: That power, it came from a place of rage! I don't ever want to feel that way again!

Chris: (Holding onto Wyatt) What did you see?

Wyatt: I saw you two being killed and I was powerless to help! I wont ever let that happen!

Trevor: We're ok Wyatt, we're all safe!

P3- We see images of San Francisco at night, the golden gate bridge, downtown, and end outside P3.

Chris: (Dominic and I are sitting on a couch having a drink. The club is covered in a Halloween theme, People dressed in costumes!) Talk about a scary Halloween!

Dom: I have to tell you something!

Chris: Your married!

Dom: Chris! Listen, I followed Cory today, and at one point, he lost it, grabbed me threw me like I weighed nothing, he kept going on about not letting me ruin his plans!

Chris: Well we were all a little crazy today!

Dom: How do you explain his strength?

Chris: Who knows, it could have been an affect of the nightmare! (Trevor walks up)

Trevor: I never realized just how hard it is on Wyatt, being the older brother and all!

Chris: Me either! I get now why he is so hard on us!

Trevor: He is one powerful witch! I mean he just turned these guys to dust!

Dom: That power came from a dark part of him!

Chris: Ya, I wouldn't want to be on his bad side!

Trevor: Its kind of scary to know he has that in him!

Dom: That has to always have been there, and him watching you guys get killed released it!

Chris: What are you trying to say?

Dom: I know what its like to have such anger in you and to be able to use it, it can become addictive, its just so much raw power!

Chris: We just need to keep an eye on him!

Trevor: Wyatt is so well put together, he would never let it get out of control! (Cory comes walking up)

Cory: Hi guys! Hey Dominic, can I talk to you for a second!

Dom: Sure! (We step over to the side)

Cory: I'm sorry about earlier today, I don't know what came over me!

Dom: No problem, no one has been their selves today, its Halloween everyone deserves a good scare!

Cory: I guess! (Holds out hand) Friends! (They shake)

Trevor: Are you ever going to tell me what's going on with those two?

Chris: Their shaking hands so it looks like something good, lets just leave it at that!

Trevor: Fine! So do you think Wyatt will show?

Chris: Naw! I think he just needs sometime alone!

The Manor-

Wyatt: I guess we were both tested today!

Prue: I think that's an understatement!

Wyatt: I cant let myself lose control like that!

Prue: Don't be so hard on yourself! That rage was not you!

Wyatt: Isn't it! I mean, it came from a place within me!

Prue: But it doesn't dictate who you are! You're good Wyatt, you protect people everyday!

Wyatt: But that power came from a dark place, and I have to tell you it scares me, cause I really liked it! It was like I was free, no worries of personal gain, or consequences to my actions!

Prue: But it stemmed from the deaths of your brothers, and since their not dead they will keep you grounded! Look we all have a dark side, its what makes us human!

Wyatt: What if they cant always be there to keep me grounded? Then what?

Prue: Lets just hope it doesn't come to that! (A clock chimes singling midnight) Our powers should be back now. Thanks for everything today! You're a great leader Wyatt, and you're a strong young man, don't be so hard on yourself! Trust me learn from my mistakes, I was so hard on myself, always trying to protect my sisters, I forgot to live for me! You need to find a balance! I love you Wyatt! Goodnight! (Orbs out)

Wyatt: No problem there! (I walk over to the mirror, I look at myself, and for a second I see evil Wyatt in the mirror smiling at me)


Trevor: So are we cool?

Cory: Totally, why?

Trevor: I don't know, you've been acting pretty strange lately!

Cory: Sorry, a lot on my mind I guess!

Trevor: You want to go into the backroom and make out, there is a couch back there?

Cory: Wild horses couldn't drag me away!

Trevor: That was lame, but it will work! (We go to the backroom, I close the door and we get on the couch and he sits on my lap and we start kissing! I take off his shirt and start kissing and biting his nipples. He grabs my head and starts kissing me again! Then slides off the couch and takes down my pants, he grabs my cock and shakes it on his tongue, I moan, and grab his head and force my cock down his throat) I have a pent up load waiting for you! (He start sucking my cock, working it over from the head to the base, he grabs my balls and start squeezing and pulling on them, which makes me moan louder. I put my head back, when I feel like Chris is calling me, but this blow job feels amazing, but then I hear Chris again, suddenly I astral project into the hall way, I turn and look to make sure no one is there, oh shit, what the hell, I really need to learn to control that. Chris comes walking up) Chris!

Chris: Dude, you have no pants on!

Trevor: Oh shit! (I cover up my cock, well what could be covered with a hard on)

Chris: What are you doing, and there is no hiding that monster cock!

Trevor: Chris, I'm getting a blow job right now, and somehow I astral projected out here!

Chris: (Laughing) Well get back into your body!

Trevor: Your a lot of help! (I Astral back to my body. He's still working my cock, I shoot my load in his mouth) Fuck!

Cory: Cough, cough, a little warning next time!

Trevor: Sorry! (I get up and grab my pants and quickly put them on!)

Cory: What's the rush?

Trevor: I, um, I have to get back out there and help Chris is all!

Cory: Ok, way to make me feel used!

Trevor: I'm, um, I'm sorry, its not you, its me! (I walk out and rush to find Chris)

Chris: I thought your suppose to smile after you get some?

Trevor: If I could have been in my body enjoying it, I would be smiling!

Chris: (Laughing) You missed the whole thing?

Trevor: No, I was there for the finale! Then I just got up and left!

Chris: Smooth bro, now that's going to make him feel used!

Trevor: Chris, I heard you calling me, that's why I astral projected out!

Chris: Sorry bro, but it wasn't me!

Trevor: That's strange, but what the hell am I suppose to do about my power, I mean give me a break, that was one hot blow job, but I was looking to do a little humping!

Chris: It didn't look so little to me!

Trevor: Well its not little, but you know what I mean!

Chris: You want to know what I really think is going on?

Trevor: I wouldn't have come to you if I didn't!

Chris: I think you have a problem in your relationship, and that's why you astral projected out! I think one part of you didn't want to be there, while the horny part of you wanted to be there!

Trevor: Thanks Freud!

Chris: Exactly, like a Freudian slip! I think your crushing on someone else right now!

Trevor: What why would you say that?

Chris: You've been all about finding out who Tatum is, and what he wants, and why he's always helping you!

Trevor: So you think I'm developing a crush on him!

Chris: Could be little bro!

Trevor: But at the end of the day he's still a demon and Cory is a hot, sweet guy, that I've been with for a while now!

Chris: I don't know, this is something only you can figure out! My advice, you have a lot of change going on in our life, and maybe you'd be better off alone for a little while, just to get yourself together!

Trevor: Your probably right! I think about this all later, right now I'll help you clean up so we can go home!

End Chapter-







Chapter 5- Evil Games

( ) Personal thoughts


Saajohn's Lair-


Saajohn: Is everyone incompetent?

Seer: (Bowing her head) My Liege, all attempts on the lives of the charmed ones have been thwarted. They have become very powerful!

Saajohn: Then it is time I bring them down a notch! Summon the nights of Asmara!

Seer: Then Nights of Asmara?

Saajohn: Do you have a problem with that?

Seer: (Bowing her head) No my liege!

Saajohn: Order then to take out the Charmed ones no more games, I am running out of time!

Seer: As you wish! (Shimmers out)

Seer Lair-

Tatum: Mother! That was fast, what did he want?

Seer: This is bad, really bad!

Tatum: What is it mother, has he discovered us?

Seer: I would be dead if that was the case! No, he has ordered me to summon the nights of Asmara, to kill the Charmed ones!

Tatum: (Shocked) Mother, they are animals, they do not stop until their targets are taken out! Trevor doesn't stand a chance against them!

Seer: (Her eyes are white) Damn it, I know my son, I know! I cant see what happens to them, I have to summon the nights before Saajohn gets suspicious!

The Manor-


Trevor: (Sleeping, having a nightmare he's battling Tatum!) I wont let you harm my family! (Waving his hand, he sends him flying)

Tatum: (Picking himself off the floor) How about your little boyfriend? (He waves his hand and a cage appears next to her with Cory inside)

Trevor: Cory!

Cory: Trevor what is going on, what is he?

Trevor: Don't worry I'll get you out of this!

Tatum: How can you want this mortal man, over me?

Trevor: You! Do you think I could ever be with you, you've tried to hurt everyone in my family, you're a monster!

Tatum: I'll show you monster! (Holds out his hand)

Trevor: No! Stop I'll do anything!

Tatum: (Walking closer to him) Anything?

Trevor: Yes whatever you want!

Cory: Trevor, what are you doing?

Tatum: (Leaning in) Then kiss me! (Trevor leans in and kisses Tatum)

Trevor: (Waking up shocked!) NO!

Opening Credits roll- Images of San Francisco are seen, the ocean, downtown, the park. As Cry me a river by Justin Timberlake plays! End at the Front of the Halliwell Manor!

Chris: (Wyatt is at the kitchen table reading the news paper, eating a bowl of cereal, drinking a cup of coffee. I'm grabbing toast out of the toaster. I then spread butter on it. I take and pore coffee into a cup. While Trevor Walks in still in sweats and a tee shirt, hair messy, for he's just getting out of bed. He walks over to the coffee machine, pores a cup, grabs a bowl out of the cabinet, goes to the table and pores some cereal. I look over at Trevor) What's eating you? (He doesn't respond) Hello! Earth to Trevor!

Wyatt: (I look over my news paper) Someone woke on the wrong side of the bed!

Trevor: Huh! Are you guys talking to me?

Chris: Ok! I got five minuets, spill it!

Trevor: Nothing it was just a weird dream is all!

Chris: What's the matter, not getting any from Cory, so your dreaming about sex?

Trevor: (Looking guilty) No!

Chris: Oh my God you were, you pimp!

Wyatt: (Laughing) No really, what was your dream!

Trevor: You'll think I'm crazy!

Chris: We already do!

Trevor: Thanks a lot! I kissed Tatum! Are you happy? Go ahead Chris say something witty!

Chris: Trevor's cheating on Cory with a demon!

Trevor: I knew I shouldn't have said anything!

Wyatt: Most likely you had the dream, because you've been working 24 hours a day to try and figure out who he is!

Trevor: (Getting up to leave) Just forget I mentioned it!

Chris: How can I! Now I'm going to have this image in my head all day!

Trevor: I have one word for you Chris, Payback!

Wyatt: Hey, I talk to mom last night, I'm orbing them home after work!

Trevor: (Standing at the door) Good, Chris I'm telling on you! (He walks out)

Saajohn's lair-

Saajohn: It has come to my attention, that the phoenix has been seen with a charmed one!

Seer: (Shit) That is correct, my liege!

Saajohn: What am I finding out from someone other than you Seer?

Seer: My liege, I was handling the situation myself. So I felt there was no need to disturb you!

Saajohn: You try my patience! Bring the boy to me, immediately!

Seer: As you wish! (Shimmer out)

Saajohn: (Waving my hand a demon appears) Chameleon, follow her, I want to know every move she makes! (Chameleon turns invisible, and leaves)

Seer lair-

Seer: You must go and bring Dominic to me at once!

Tatum: Dominic? But why?

Seer: I don't know what Saajohn has planned! But he wants him now! (Tatum shimmers out. The seer waves her hand and the Chameleon turns visible) Did you actually think I, the Seer, would not know you were here?

Chameleon: (A long tongue coming out of his mouth) The master, has me following you!

Seer: I know, now (Grabs a vile off the table and throws it at him, a red color goes over his whole body) you will report only what I tell you!

Chameleon: Understood!


The Caribbean- On an island beach

Chris: What did I tell you, is this not the greatest place?

Dom: Its perfect!

Chris: (We are laying on a blanket and I'm feeding Dominic grapes) So now that I gave you a whole island to yourself, what are you going to give me?

Dom: (The clouds start to turn dark above us, and the rain starts to pour, thunder and lightning following) You didn't think to check the weather?

Chris: It was suppose to be clear skies!

Dom: (I grab kiss and start to kiss him as the rain drops fall soaking us!) I love you!

Chris: Not as much as I love you! I have wanted you for so long, you don't know what is was like being your lab partner everyday, being so close to you, unable to touch you, wanting you so much, smelling your sweet scent! Dominic, make love to me! (He lays on top of me, kissing me, his eyes glowing with excitement, his lips so soft, our tongues wrestling, he starts to kiss down my neck, as I grab his tank top, he lifts his hands up and I remove it, he pulls me up and takes my shirt off, the rain hitting our bodies, feels so good in the heat of the day, steam raising off of us! He starts to pinch my nipples, I begin to moan, he takes one in his mouth and starts to bite it, while he pinches the other, they start turning red, the mixture of pain and pleasure sends my body into overdrive, my cock throbbing in my shorts. He starts licking down my chest, kisses my bellybutton, as I raise my ass into the air, he removes my shorts, and frees my aching cock. Each rain drop that hit s my cock and balls, is like a million fingers running over them. He grabs it and holds up and then releases it, making it slap back against my stomach) Please Dominic, put it in your mouth! (He moves his head closer to my cock and starts to blow on it, tightening his grip on my shaft making the head turn red) Fuck, Dominic, please put it in your mouth! (He licks the head with his tongue as he breaths heavily on my cock, he grabs my balls with his other hand and starts to rub them, I moan and buck my hips, as he licks up and down the shaft, breathing heavily on my cock the whole time. The feel of his tongue and the drops of rain, are driving me insane) I cant take it anymore, please swallow my cock! (He looks up at me and then swallows my cock down to the base, he goes up and down and then pulls off)

Dom: Is that what you want?

Chris: Dominic, please its torture, your mouth feels so good on my cock I need it! (He sucks on just the head of my cock, as it oozes out pre-cum, he laps it up, he smacks my cock on his face again and again!) Fuck, your driving me insane! (He grabs my dick and swallows it down again, using a fierce suction on my aching cock, he takes his finger and slides it down my crack and sticks his finger inside my whole, I moan louder and louder, he starts fucking my ass with his finger, harder and harder, my cock leaking more and more pre-cum, he swallows it up eagerly, I cant take it anymore I'm getting to close to the edge, I grab his head and start to pound my cock in and out of this mouth, he takes two fingers and rams them in and out of my hole!) Fuck me, Dominic, I need you inside me! (I sit up and he stands up in front of me, I pull down his shorts, revealing his 8 inches of thick man meat! He grabs my head and just shoves his cock down my throat, he holds my head in place w hile he continues to fuck my mouth)

Dom: Fuck ya swallow my cock, I knew those hot lips would feel amazing on my cock, if you only knew how many times I just wanted to do this to you!

Chris: (I work my tongue on his cock as he assaults my mouth, I grab his balls and start to tug downwards, the more I pull on his balls the harder he pounds my face with his cock, he pulls his cock out of my mouth pushes me back down gets on top of me and starts passionately kissing me, I take my legs and wrap them around his waist, he grinds his cock against me, I pull on his ass cheeks pulling him into me, he continues kissing me as he takes his hand and guides his cock into my wanting hole! I moan through our kisses as his head starts to enter inside my warm tight hole!)

Dom: I do love you Chris, very much!

Chris: Show me how much you love me, make love to me Dominic! (He goes back to kissing me, as my hands roam his muscled back and tight round ass, he slides his cock all the way inside of me, my head goes back, I arch my ass back, at the sudden full feeling of his invading cock, he leaves it in there, while he continues to kiss me, my ass starts to twitch wanting him to fuck me, I grab his ass and pull him into me, I start moaning and he knows I'm ready, he know what I need, he pulls out and the rams it back in, then pulls all the way out and then back in, and continues just like that, he pulls me by my hair and kisses me so hard, the rain beating down harder and harder on us) This is a fantasy of mine, to make love in a tropical rain storm!

Dom: Now you'll never forget me for as long as you live, I was the one to fulfill your fantasy! Thank you Chris, for everything, you've given me the chance to feel free to love someone, and this day just makes, right now, making love to you in this storm, makes it all so perfect, I don't think I've ever been this happy, this high on life!

Chris: (His words melting my heart away. I grab his head and pull him back onto my lips our mouths making love to one another, the way his cock is making love to my ass, our bodies intertwined! My hard cock trapped between our bodies, rubbing up and down as he moves in and out of my hole, I don't think I'm going to last that much longer, his continued assault on my prostate has become to much!) Fuck, Dominic, I'm going to shoot between our bodies, pound my ass with your cock, make me shoot my load without touching my cock! I've never felt so connected to anyone before, our bodies fitting so perfectly together, your cock made for my hole! Kiss me as I shoot!

Dom: Fuck ya, baby, I love you, I'm going to shoot my load in you, as you cum between our bodies!

Chris: (He starts ramming his cock in and out of me with such a force, and kisses me with an equal intensity, it sends us both over the edge and I feel his cock throb inside me and his load shoots and shoots drowning my hole with his sweet load! My cock starts to throb between our bodies and I start to feel spurt after spurt of my jizz shooting between us, it becomes like a glue, gluing our bodies together like a symbol that we are suppose to be together! He falls on top of me, and we lay there as the rain washes over our bodies! He lifts his head and looks into my eyes, for a really long time neither of us say a word, we just stare into each others eyes, he kisses me again)

Dom: I don't ever want this moment to end!

Chris: Neither do I! I have never felt so complete, the way I do right now!

Dom: I feel like we were made for each other!

Chris: I know what you mean!

Dom: Lets never leave this island!

Chris: Me Tarzan, you Jane!

Dom: I was thinking more Blue lagoon!

Chris: That works for me!

Dom: Come on lets jump in the water and wash off!

Chris: (We run naked into the blue water swimming around washing ourselves off, and messing around. To bad this day has to end!

The Manor-

Chris: (Orbs into the kitchen goes to the fridge grabs the carton of OJ, and starts to drink it!)

Trevor: Ever heard of a cup!

Chris: (Whistling)

Trevor: Someone is in a good mood!

Wyatt: (Walking in) Who's in a good mood?

Trevor: Him!

Wyatt: Whistling, hmm, someone must have gotten laid!

Trevor: He whistles after he gets laid?

Wyatt: That and he always goes for a carton of OJ!

Trevor: He's done both!

Wyatt: He got laid, I want to hear all the details! Why are you soaking wet by the way!

Chris: I just had the most amazing experience of my entire life!

Trevor: Where you in a sling getting fucked in every hole while 12 jocks were standing around you taking turns?

Wyatt: Vivid imagination much!

Trevor: Personal fantasy!

Chris: I just made love in a tropical rain storm!

Wyatt: Made love, don't you have to be in love to make love?

Chris: We are in love, and he made love to me, like I've never been made love to before!

Trevor: Do tell, and don't leave out any of the good stuff!


Dominic's apt-


Tatum: (I stood hiding in Dominic's apt waiting for him to return. I really didn't want to do this, but my mothers life is at stake! He shimmered in) Dominic!

Dom: Tatum, what are you doing in here?

Tatum: I'm sorry!

Dom: Sorry?

Tatum: (I grabbed him and shimmered into Saajohn's lair)

Dom: (Pulling myself out of the hold that Tatum had on me) Who are you? What do you want with me?

Saajohn: I have big plans for you!

Dom: What makes you think I would be apart of any of your plans?

Saajohn: You have no choice, I hold all the cards!

Dom: (I try to shimmer out) What!

Saajohn: Oh don't try to shimmer it is useless!

Dom: What have you don't to me?

Saajohn: Oh just a little trick, so you would stay and listen to what I have to say!

Dom: Fine! Get to the point already!

Saajohn: Temper, temper, so like your mother!

Dom: My mother is dead! What do you know of her?

Saajohn: I know everything! You will do as your told! First I want you to break the heart of the boy you are so fond of!

Dom: You are mad, why would I do that?

Saajohn: That is only the first step! I have many things for you to do!

Dom: I would sooner die then do anything you ask of me!

Saajohn: Now we cant have that! But I will kill you mother if you don't do as I say!

Dom: (Laughing) She is already dead, I told you!

Saajohn: Really! (Waves his hand and a cage appears with a woman inside)

Dom: (In shock) Mother? But how can this be, it's a trick?

Saajohn: As you can see the death of your mother has been greatly exaggerated. She has been my prisoner all along!

Dom: You bastard! (I run over to the cage, when I touch it I get shocked and sent flying in the air and landing on my back)

Saajohn: Do as I say and your mother shall be set free!

Dom: (Putting his head down in defeat) What do I have to do!

The Manor-

Trevor: (I'm finishing straightening the house when the phone rings) Hello!

Chris: Hey, did Dominic call there by any chance?

Trevor: No one has called lover boy! Why?

Chris: Because he was suppose to meet me for a study group and never showed!

Trevor: Maybe you wore him out! But if he does call, I'll tell him your looking for him! (Suddenly a man jumps through the window) Chris, demon in the house! (I wave my hand) Ok he's immune to my powers, that's not good! (I run over and kick the demon while the demon is on his hands and knees. The Demon falls backwards, I look for something to kill him with) Great, all right, hey demon guy, follow me upstairs! (I run upstairs as I reach the attic Chris orbs into the attic.) Incoming!

Chris: What's going on?

Trevor: I don't know, he just came through the window and my powers don't work on him!

Chris: The athema, use the athema!

Trevor: (Behind Chris appears the demon, he lifts Chris up over his head and throws him across the room, I throw the athema at the chest of the demon, he blows up and a ring falls to the floor) Are you alright?

Chris: My ass hurts, but I'm fine!

Trevor: Well it looks like he left us a present! (I pick up the ring) It has some kind of marking on it, do you know what it means?

Chris: No, I've never seen it before! Prue, Aunt Prue, get your white lighter ass down here now!

Prue: (Orbs in) One of these days I'm going to smack that smile right off your face!

Chris: Sorry, but its important!

Prue: Chris, your not my only charge!

Chris: But I am your favorite nephew, and well we should be! (Handing her the ring) Do you know what that is?

Prue: Where did you get it?

Trevor: A demon attacked us and when I vanquished him, the ring fell to the floor!

Prue: I've seen this symbol before and I think this is something really bad! I'm going to go check with the elders! (She orbs out)

Trevor: You should get back to school! I'll let you know when I find out something!

Chris: Are you sure?

Trevor: Ya, go I'm fine! (Chris orbs out, and I go back down stairs) Look at this mess, Cant things just clean up by themselves!

Piper: (Walking in behind him) No, this isn't a Disney movie!

Trevor: (Turning around in excitement) Mom! (Walking over to give her a hug) I missed you so much!

Piper: Me to honey, so what happened here?

Trevor: Oh you know, a demon crashed through the window, nothing special. I did have the place cleaned, until that!

Piper: So your fighting demons on your own now?

Trevor: I think I got the whole witch thing down!

Piper: Been talking to grams?

Trevor: (Guilty look) Is that ok?

Piper: Of course its ok, I should have did that for you before we left!

Trevor: Where is dad?

Piper: Wyatt wanted to show him around the office. I'm starved lets get something to eat!

At the University-

Chris: (I'm sitting in class, the teacher is lecturing on stem cells. The bell rings. I get up to leave as I get to the door, Dominic walks up) What happened to you, you missed both classes!

Dom: (With an attitude) We need to talk!

Chris: Did something happen, where you attacked?

Dom: Chris! Stop! No one is after me anymore, I used you and now I'm done!

Chris: What are you talking about?

Dom: This, you and I, it was all a joke! I needed to get out, your apart of the charmed ones, so I used that to get what I wanted!

Chris: I don't believe you, I know what I feel, and I feel it when we kiss, when you made love to me, I have never felt anything like that, it couldn't of been fake!

Dom: Little boy, I just needed to make sure you would help me get Raven and the others off my back, and that's over, I'm free. So you can stop your whining and go back to your brothers and cry all you want to them, cause I'm over it!

Chris: How can you be such a bitch to me?

Dom: Easy, watch and learn! (A girl comes walking down the hall, he grabs her and kisses her Chris turns and walks away! Dominic throws the girl off of him and walks away, as he does he begins to cry)

Wyatt's office-

Wyatt: I just think it would be easier if I told this person!

Leo: Well, you know how I feel about using magic for personal gain, but why don't you try doing a truth spell on this person, it lasts 12 hours and after that the person wont remember a thing!

Wyatt: And what if I don't get the answer I want?

Leo: Then, at least you'll know now, rather than later!

Wyatt: I need to think about it! (Andre walks up) Andre! What are you doing here?

Andre: (Walking over to Leo shaking his hand) Hello mister Halliwell, long time no see!

Leo: Wow, look at you, you guys all grew up way too fast, so you're an Inspector, congratulations!

Andre: Thank you! Well I just wanted to stop by and say hi, I was passing the newspaper when I saw you coming in here!

Leo: Will we be seeing you at the manor at all, I know Piper would love to have you over for dinner?

Andre: Will see! I'm going to get going, tell Mrs. Halliwell I said hello!

Wyatt: Andre, I need to talk to you later!

Andre: You know where to find me!

Leo: Can you help me out and orb me home!

Wyatt: Sure dad!

Leo: Oh and son, I hope it works out between you and Andre!

Wyatt: (As I wave my hand orbing him home, my mouth hangs open in shock as he smiles and disappears in white orbs!

At the Manor-

Trevor: (I'm looking through the book when Tatum shimmers in) What do you want now?

Tatum: Its good to see you too!

Trevor: Spare me the pleasantries! Let me guess you want to warn me about something, cause you don't want anything to anything to happen to me, and then you disappear, right?

Tatum: I cant tell you everything, but you must know that I care!

Trevor: That's just it, why would you care about what happens to me?

Tatum: I cant tell you!

Trevor: Then what, what do you have that is so important you had to shimmer in to tell me?

Tatum: The nights of Asmara have been ordered to come after you and your brothers!

Trevor: Who ordered them?

Tatum: That doesn't matter!

Trevor: It matters to me! But I'm sure your not going to tell me who your working for! So just go, will handle these Asmara nights people!

Tatum: They're not to be taken lightly, these are vicious demons that will stop at nothing till they achieve what they want! They will show no mercy, to you or your brothers. They never stop coming do you understand what I'm saying?

Trevor: Demons, they wont stop, till they kill us, yada, yada!

Tatum: (Grabbing Trevor by the arms) Do you think this is some kind of joke? Please Trevor I beg of you leave this place, cast a spell to shield yourself from detection and go!

Trevor: Maybe if you knew what it was really like to care about someone, you would know that I would never leave my brothers in the face of danger!

Tatum: (Saddened, looking down) I do know what it is like!

Trevor: If you have any kind of feelings for me, just talk to me, tell me why you help me, and why you work for someone, although you don't want too?

Tatum: Trevor, please I cant someone I care about will die if I tell you anything, and I think that I have showed you how much I care by warning you time and time again!

Trevor: I don't know, you could be helping for your own reason, doesn't mean you care!

Tatum: (I grab him to kiss him as our heads get closer to a kiss.)

Piper: (I come into the attic, to see a demon grabbing Trevor) Demon! (I wave my hands to blow up the demon and instead he is just sent flying back!)

Trevor: Mom no don't! (Running over to him) Tatum, she didn't know, I'm sorry!

Tatum: Please Trevor, heed my warning, the nights will attack! (Shimmers out)

Piper: Ok mister you have a lot of explaining to do!


Andres apt-

Wyatt: (I knock on the door) HI!

Andre: Hey!

Wyatt: Can I come in?

Andre: Oh, ya, sorry!

Wyatt: (I walk in and as he closes the door I begin to chant) For those who want the truth revealed, open hearts and secrets unsealed, from now until its now again after which the memory ends!

Andre: What was I just saying?

Wyatt: There is something I need to tell you! (A demon bursts through the door, he throws daggers at Andre and Wyatt, Andre gets stabbed in the chest, Wyatt freezes the room with a wave of his hand, with another wave of his hand he unfreezes Andre, he falls into Wyatt's arms, he lays him on the couch) Try not to move!

Andre: How come he's not moving?

Wyatt: I'll explain everything, after I take care of this! (I pull out the knife, then put my hands over the wound and heal him.) There you go! Now let me get rid of this guy! (Just then the demon unfreezes and runs at Wyatt knocking him over, Andre gets up gets his gun and shoots the demon in the back!) Andre stay back!

Andre: Wyatt, he's still moving!

Wyatt: You cant kill him with a gun! (The demon grabs two knives and comes at Wyatt, Wyatt grabs his hands and they struggle, Wyatt turns one of the knives and stabs the demon in the stomach, he blows up in a ball of fire, and a ring drops to the floor. Looking at the shock on Andres face) We have a lot to talk about!

Andre: That's an understatement!

Wyatt: Surprise I'm a witch!

Andre: (Grabbing her head and sitting down) A Witch! Like Samantha Stevens?

Wyatt: Well I don't have to twitch my nose or anything!

Andre: Did you hit your head when you got knocked down!

Wyatt: No, really! (I orb from one side of the room to the other) see I have powers! Plus you just saw the demon explode!

Andre: (Freaking out) Ok this is crazy, so this is the secret you have been keeping from me all these years?

Wyatt: There has just never been a good time to tell you!

Andre: So was that guy a witch?

Wyatt: No a demon!

Andre: A demon, does your family know?

Wyatt: Their witches too! (I go to sit down next to him and he moves away)

Andre: Please just stay back!

Wyatt: Its still me, nothing has changed!

Andre: A lot has changed, what did you think if you told me I would be like, oh ok you're a witch lets throw you a coming out party!

Wyatt: (Laughing) No, I didn't think that, I just want you to understand why I have been so secretive!

Andre: So when those witches were being murdered, and you asked me if I believed in witches, its because you wanted to see if I could handle it!

Wyatt: Well I have wanted to tell you for a long time, I was just afraid of how you would react. Look my family are like the protectors of the innocent. All the things that go bump in the night, all the unsolved cases you have, that I've been apart of, a lot of them are demons that we vanquish!

Andre: So what you're like Clark Kent/Superman?

Wyatt: Without the tights! No really, I'm not invincible or anything, but ya something like that!

Andre: So why was that demon after you?

Wyatt: My brothers and I are the chosen three, The Charmed Ones, we're suppose to be the most powerful witches on earth, so demons tend to try and kill us on a weekly basis. (Grabbing the ring off the floor) Look I hate to leave you right now, but I really need to find out who that demon was, and maybe this ring will be in the book!

Andre: Book, you have a book on this stuff?

Wyatt: Something like that! Look are you going to be ok?

Andre: Oh yeah fine, I just found out the guy I'm in love, I mean my ex is a witch!

Wyatt: Andre, you cant tell anyone, the more people that know, the more dangerous it is for them and my family!

Andre: Who would believe me!

Wyatt: Look I will come back, I promise! (I orb out)

Andre: Ok he could have used the door!

The manor-

Piper: Look, I've been through this before with your aunt, it's a very dangerous game to play!

Leo: Piper its not the same! He already said he doesn't like him that way! (Just then Chris enters, Wyatt orbs in and Prue as well)

Wyatt: Good, your all here, I was just attacked by a demon who left this ring after I vanquished him!

Prue: I have news on that from the elders and its not good!

Chris: (Sitting down looking upset) Good who's ass do we get to kick!

Prue: You've all been attacked by a member of the nights of Asmara!

Piper: Well at least you know he wasn't lying Trevor!

Trevor: Mom, I never thought he was lying!

Prue: Who told you?

Trevor: Tatum, look its not important! What else did they say!

Prue: Someone has called them forth to kill the charmed ones. There is no reasoning with them and no way to know what they will do. They go after your loved ones, they study you, and wait for a perfect moment!

Chris: (Mumbling to himself) Good maybe they'll kill Dominic!

Trevor: What are you saying Chris? (Chris shrugs his shoulders)

Wyatt: Mom and dad, maybe you guys should stay at magic school!

Piper: Were not leaving you guys!

Trevor: But if you stay here, will have to worry about you guys and that could get one of us hurt!

Chris: (Mumbling to himself) Like anyone could hurt me more then I already am!

Trevor: Ok, that's it Chris what the hell are you mumbling on about?

Chris: Just how stupid I am, but I don't want to hear an I told you so from you, so lets just leave it at that!

Wyatt: Chris, if there is something wrong do you think it would be better if you told us!

Trevor: I would never say I told you so!

Chris: I'll tell you guys later, everyone doesn't need to know this!

Prue: There is no time for this now, you guys need to get prepared, potions and spells!

Wyatt: Mom, dad (I wave my hand) Magic school! (They orb out)

Trevor: She is going to be pissed!

Wyatt: We don't need distractions! (Hears knocking at the door) What now! (Opens the door)

Andre: Look you cant just drop a bomb like that and leave!

Wyatt: This isn't a good time!

Andre: When is there ever a good time with you!

Trevor: (I grab Chris and aunt Prue and walk upstairs) Wyatt will be up stairs!

Wyatt: Fine, look Andre I promise you we will talk about everything, but right now I need you to go home!

Andre: Your scared, are you in trouble?

Wyatt: Something big is going down right now!

Andre: Does it have to do with that demon from earlier?

Wyatt: Yes, now please can you go home were I know you'll be safe! (Just then the power in the house goes out, its completely dark) Andre grab on to my shoulders and don't let go! Not my hands I need my hands! (We orb up to the attic) You guys ok In here?

Trevor: What happened to the lights? (Lighting candles)

Wyatt: I think we have some uninvited guests! Look Andre, I'm going to have Prue take you home! (Just then I'm shot with an arrow) Ow, that's not good! (I fall to the floor, Andre grabs his head and sets it on his lap)

Trevor: Prue get them out of here, Chris and I will handle this!

Wyatt: (In a shaky voice) N-no I wont leave you guys!

Trevor: Chris you need to snap out of it, cause I might sound like I know what I'm doing but I don't!

Chris: I'm ready for them! (More arrows are shot into the room)

Trevor: Get down, I cant see where their coming from!

Prue: it's a dark lighter, Chris its dangerous for you to be here too!

Trevor: I don't understand?

Chris: These arrows are poison to a white lighter!

Then stay down! Prue, get them out of here! (I move over to the window and wave my hand knocking the crossbow of the dark lighters hands! The dark lighter orbs, black orb reappearing in the attic) Chris behind you!

Chris: I got this one! (I flip back kicking the dark lighter against the wall behind him. I shout) Athema! (The athema orbs to me, I throw it at the dark lighter and he explodes) Got him!

Trevor: Three more demons! (Waving my hand I send one flying into the other) Chris duck!

Chris: (I throw a potion at one of the demons and he explodes) Potion works!

Trevor: (Three more demons appear) Where getting slammed here! (I astral projected without meaning too.) OH no! Well lets see if this will even it up some! (I wave my hand sending two demons flying into my astral self, who flips backwards knocking the demons into the air. I grab some potions and begin to send them flying at the demons, each exploding on contact) Chris this is getting us no where!

Chris: Its like their multiplying. Make yourself one again! (After he does I orb us out)

Magic School-

Chris: I cant believe we were actually chased out of our own house!

Trevor: Its not like we had a choice!

Wyatt: You both got out ok!

Chris: It was crazy, every time either of us vanquished one another one appeared in its place!

Prue: Its far from over, they want blood!

Andre: Are you guys any safer here?

Wyatt: Magic school is blocked from demons!

Trevor: I thought we were suppose to keep being a witch a secret?

Wyatt: Its not like that! I was attacked in front of him by a demon!

Leo: Guys, lets get back to what are next move is!

Wyatt: Your next move is staying here! The three of us will go back and check out the manor!

Piper: I am not staying here, my boys are in danger, and I have a lot of fire power in these hands!

Trevor: Your adorable when your angry mom!

Leo: You guys need to find out who order them, it's the only way to take the bounty off your heads!

Trevor: Then we should start with Tatum!

Chris: Feigning for a fix of your demon lover!

Trevor: (Fake laugh) He knows more then he is letting on, I think he is the key to finding out who is pulling all the strings!

Wyatt: Sounds good to me! Mom please just stay here and trust that you have taught your boys how to take care of themselves!

Piper: Honey I do trust you guys, but this time its different!

Chris: Mom, we got this, will be ok!

Wyatt: Andre, Prue is going to take you home!

Andre: Maybe I can help!

Chris: What are you going to do, tickle the demon to death with your bullets!

Andre: Wyatt, you cant just let me see these things and then send me home!

Wyatt: It doesn't matter in a few minuets you wont remember a thing!

Andre: What are you talking about?

Wyatt: I cast a spell on you and at midnight it ends!

Andre: Halliwell how could you!

Wyatt: I just needed to see if you could handle me being a witch! Within seconds all I managed to do was put you in danger! This is exactly why I never told you before!

Andre: I fight bad guys all day long, is it really any different?

Wyatt: Its not the same, these are demons, monsters that kill at will!

Andre: (I pull him away from the rest of the group) I cant believe you would pull a stunt like this, casting a spell on me, that is so low, you violated my mind!

Wyatt: I'm sorry, I had to know, if there was anyway you could love me, knowing what I am!

Andre: (I grab him and kiss him) If I'm not going to remember! Be careful! (I walk back to Prue) Take me home please!

Piper: Ok go before I change my mind!

The guys: We love you mom and dad! (We orb out)

The manor-

Trevor: I'm sorry Wyatt!

Wyatt: Thanks, but I knew what would happen at the end of the spell! By the way, dad somehow knows about Andre and me!

Trevor: What!

Chris: Your kidding!

Trevor: Mom almost caught Tatum kissing me!

Wyatt: Ok! Maybe its time we came out of the closet!

Chris: Dominic dumped me, said he used me to use the power of three!

Trevor: I'm so sorry!

Chris: He even kissed a girl at school in front of me, after the great morning me had together!

Wyatt: I've said it before I'll say it again, were doomed!

Trevor: None of us will ever have a normal relationship!

Chris: But will have each other!

Wyatt: Ok that was so after school special!

Chris: Ok, so how do we get Trevor's boyfriend here!

Trevor: He's not my boyfriend!

Wyatt: Maybe try calling him, like you would call one of us!

Trevor: (Shouting into the air) Tatum, Tatum can you hear me! (Just then demons appear all over the sunroom) Look out! (A demon send me flying out the window)

Chris: Trevor! (A demon comes up behind me and grabs me, I levitate upwards with the demon hanging onto my back, I hit the ceiling and come down he falls off my back and crashes to the ground)

Wyatt: A little help here Chris! (I was trying to blow up as many demons as I can, when all of the sudden a white glowing net is thrown over me. Chris is pulled down by his legs and another net is thrown over him.)

Trevor: (I get up and go over to the window to see demons shimmering out with Wyatt and Chris. Tatum shimmers next to me and shimmers out with me) I have to go back, my brothers!

Tatum: There is nothing you can do for them now!

Trevor: This cant be happening!

To Be Continued

End Chapter-